Thursday, 5 May 2011

All I See is Sea but Whose Is It?

The Chief Minister has again called on Spain to resolve the  British Gibraltar Territorial Waters ("BGTW") issue in the International Court of Justice ("ICJ"). Personally I am not one to favour resolution of international disputes in a court. It is, however. difficult to see how else this issue might be resolved by any alternative means. The positions of each sovereign state are so opposed that negotiations would seem impossible, especially as compromise on the fundamental issue of sovereignty is simply not within the realms of reality. The received wisdom, both within informed circles in Spain and both the UK and Gibraltar, is that the UK's case before the ICJ to support BGTW is inviolable.

One cannot but agree with the Chief Minister when he describes the actions of the Government of Spain, through the agency of its Navy, as unacceptable and not being the manner in which EU members should treat each other in the 21st century. The Chief Minister's offer of co-existence with Spain despite such aggravated provocation is a brave political statement, safeguarded by his express view that in the Trilateral Process Spain cannot expect from Gibraltar what it is not itself predisposed to concede. It is also clear that, whilst the Trilateral Process may be the correct forum to agree law enforcement cooperation, it is not the forum for the discussion of issues of sovereignty. The Chief Minister has categorically stated, now, that he is not prepared to talk about "the sovereignty of [his] homeland with Spain or any other country, inside or outside the Tripartite Forum".

Talk about buying larger boats for the RGP by both Peter Caruana and Fabian Picardo is no solution. It could be an escalation. The purchase of bigger boats does nothing to resolve the issue that Spain has brought to the fore by its actions within BGTW. That the RGP should be bought better boats and equipment to fight crime and/or to protect themselves from injury or death are both good reasons for incurring this expense. If those are the reasons then so be it, let us certainly spend the money.

Why, then is Spain behaving in this way? One can but speculate in order to answer this question. I would suggest two possible reasons, which are not alternative but rather cumulative. The first is that there is some truth in reports that Trinidad Jimenez, the Spanish Foreign Minister, does want to put the Trilateral Process into the deep freeze. Secondly, that she and her government want to provoke bilateral discussions on sovereignty with the UK.

It seems odd and awkward that Spain should want to do escalate the dispute over BGTW at this juncture whilst there is much unrest and upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East. It is a time to promote cooperation and not divisiveness to ensure that security in this part of the world is not compromised. The alternative could be that Spain believes that it is its primary responsibility to protect this region against any violent uprising in Morocco. Could it be that the UK recognises it has other geographical areas further into the Mediterranean that it is responsible for, which it has to cater for within its military capability and so it needs Spain to take on responsibility for the security of this part of the globe? Is Spain acting opportunistically at this juncture to force issues that might turn out to have wider favourable consequences in its quest for sovereignty concessions over Gibraltar from the UK?

Gibraltar needs to act carefully and vigilantly at this juncture placing continued reliance on the UK's undertakings in the 2006 Constitution. Gibraltar needs to work closely with the UK to ensure that the BGTW dispute does not escalate but rather subsides, so that greater adverse consequences do not flow to Gibraltar from the events being so overtly and purposely perpetrated by the Spanish State. Gunboat diplomacy is not the way to achieve this but undoubtedly it is a difficult diplomatic problem to resolve. I have no magic solution for it. It seems unlikely that Spain will submit the issue to judicial scrutiny by the ICJ.


  1. the problem has been getting progressively worse over the years but lately, it seems to have noticeably increased. Something does not feel right here.

    Here's a thought, could the CM have been giving Spain the wrong signals over the last few years. Could his willingness to impress as a statesman of the same standing as the Spanish & UK foreign secretaries have made him suggest or accept certain ideas behind closed doors. Could he have been trying to gauge local reaction by dropping the bombshell in Seville and when that didn't go down well in Gibraltar, he denied it and the spin-doctors did their best to cover it up, but could he have already given Spain a different impression, and now that he's back-tracking to save his political career, could Spain have had enough and is now fighting back.

    food for thought!

  2. Close one Robert, luckily I'd left the word processor on!

    "Money is the root of all evil". Could it be that Spain continues to muddy the issue of our coastal waters not because of any archaic sovereignty claim but more because it wishes to strenghten its claim over the coins brought up from the deep by the Odyssey marine company?

    Perhaps Gib should seriously give some thought of extending our current 3 mile marine jurisdiction to the maximum 12 miles?

  3. i've seen an interesting letter which ties in the timing of oil/mineral exploration by Spanish licensed speculators off the Coast of Mijas with Spain strengthening its claim over our waters! Perhaps their venture extends further afield? it might be public knowledge for all i know, but nontheless it made good reading.

    Paca Garse

  4. As far as I am concerned, this latest incursion/invasion is an act of hostility, provocation, harassment, aggression. The only way to deal with such violence, for that is what it is, violence, it to confront it directly.
    As Tito once said, "El valiente es valiente hasta que el cobarde quiere". Let’s take this lot of hooligans to task and have them prosecuted.
    Otherwise they will continue to walk all over us.

    As I know well, one of the bully's greatest fears is exposure, let’s expose this in the public interest and transparency or we run the risk of becoming an accomplice by default.

    Ya está bien, ¿no?

  5. L.E.F. says,

    I agree that gunboat diplomacy is not the way forward as I always believe in dialogue and logic as the means to solve disputes.

    Unfortunately ,what happens when a larger country does not respect the rights of a people and tries to usurp a much smaller neighbour through force and pressure?

    We are facing an attack against our integrity as a people. Our existence is being put to the test.

    What do we do ? Wait for the British to defend our and their territory.? Events seem to confirm that they are not up to the task or they are not willing to do so.

    Do we just sit back and let the Spaniards assert control of our waters ? Events seem to confirm that they are up to the task and are more than willing to do so.

    Lets be realistic about this last incursion and lets protect ourselves. Incidents at sea are more frequent and something must be done.

    If the British cannot afford to patrol Gibraltar Waters the Government of Gibraltar should pay for such service.

    We need a continuous presence at sea to defend and demarcate our waters. We need to start acting now before it is too late.

    If we are not adequately protected by the British Government, do we just sit idly and watch events unfold ,like we have no say
    in the matter.

    One day in the future we Gibraltarians will have to take control of all our affairs inluding the defence of our homeland.

    If we are united as a people we can overcome the injustices perpetrated on us by both our British Masters and our Spanish Invaders.

    I do not advocate looking for trouble or stirring the pot as I believe in the brotherhood of humanity .

    We must however defend our waters and now if the UK does not. If not the Spanish Navy or Guardia Civil will arrest us Llanitos for swimming in our own waters this summer.

    One day David took on Goliath and won.

  6. I cease to be amazed by the British Government.

    They just sit back and do nothing, whilst these blatant incursions continue to take place. I bet if we had oil here things would be very different.

    Can't they see that the Spanish don't get along with anyone???

    They hate us, the Moroccans and most of all the FRENCH!! There is certainly a pattern here. The PROBLEM is them and their FACIST ways.

    But wasn't Franco dead?? ............


  7. Calm down dears! K's appeal to the British government is embarrassing - Franco died in 1975 but you would be hard put to find a handful of people in the de-educated dumbed down UK who know who Franco was! The UK is in a state of serious decline and Nelson's navy here is on flexi hours. I think that Caruana's approach is working (see today's on-line edition of La Razon). And no you blinkered twits I am not a GSD supporter let alone a GSD psychofan but I am a Gibraltar first supporter and Caruana has shown that when it comes to dealing with the clowns and assorted onanists in London & madrid he is our best asset. Y toma! and whilst I am at it I think that the Oxford University smoothy Fabian wouuld be made picadillo by the F&CO if Jaimito & Joe ever got him into No6!

  8. STOP PRESS: Today's Daily Telegraph on line: "John Galliano, 50, the former chief designer at the Dior label, accuses his former lawyer Stephane Zerbib of embezzling nearly three million euros (£2.6 million) from his own account and one of his companies, a source close to the case said." Zerbib is counter suing our John (bad boy, naughty boy) for defamation. Clients accounts clients accounts! Or comptes de clients should I say? Obviously an international problem and we thought these issues only happened here!Phew!

  9. Two very good and thought-provoking questions by RV:

    1) "Could it be that the UK recognises it has other geographical areas further into the Mediterranean that it is responsible for, which it has to cater for within its military capability and so it needs Spain to take on responsibility for the security of this part of the globe?"

    2) "Is Spain acting opportunistically at this juncture to force issues that might turn out to have wider favourable consequences in its quest for sovereignty concessions over Gibraltar from the UK?"

    And an interesting comment from Anon:

    "And no you blinkered twits I am not a GSD supporter let alone a GSD psychofan but I am a Gibraltar first supporter and Caruana has shown that when it comes to dealing with the clowns and assorted onanists in London & madrid he is our best asset. Y toma! and whilst I am at it I think that the Oxford University smoothy Fabian wouuld be made picadillo by the F&CO if Jaimito & Joe ever got him into No6!"

    Dale con "psychofan". Se escribe "sycophant"! Y Fabian has to start somewhere surely.

  10. Anon 09:29

    What plea?

    Yes you are right all HAIL Caruana the man with no vested interests in Spain and Gibraltar's saviour to the ongoing Spanish saga.........NOT!


  11. I agree Mark, Fabian has to start somewhere, everybody does, including our CM, and I feel better knowing Fabian's roots lie with Jaimito, Joe, and his youth in the National Party, than Caruana's in the PAG.

    Anna Conda

  12. @ Anna Conda

    Que pesao con lo del PAG, and you guys say the GSD are backward looking???

    The CM was the election agent for the PAG when he was 18 years old. He has been Chief Minister of Gibraltar for 15 years and an elected member of Pariament for 19 I believe. He has been returned to office by the people of Gibraltar on four occasions. I think we can safely say that the majority of Gibraltarians trust Peter Caruana and not the rumours put out by the GSLP over the last 15 years. The proof is in the day to day actions of the CM. His staunch defence of Gibraltar at every level... there is no doubt that he is his own man and a statesman at an international level.

    I am afraid to say, that while Fabian Picardo is in the stable of such a powerful law firm & in the shadows behind him stands Joe Bossano "in case he does anything crazy". While this is the case, I for one cannot trush his agenda or his loyalties.

  13. Anna Conda dear, Caruana may have had his roots in the awful and dreary PAG but he has since defended Gibraltar's interests with Bossanite zeal and his own "chutzpah" and "chochem" (yiddish for good luck). Would it not be an irony if the opposite happened with Fabian Piqui? Caruana is an overbearing insufferable snob but he has been good for Gib. I say that if it ain't broke don't fix it. Piqui's roots with Jaimito and Bossanito and Dr. Garciita, are very nice but I am more interested in what else he has been doing since. Finally I will let you in on a secret: I do not think that Fabian really has the stomach for government.

  14. Sorry meant Anon 09:05 and not 09:29.

    Anna Conda what does the PAG stand for? If I may ask. :)


  15. Braveheart says:

    Why not take the case of our waters to ICJ? The outcome would be favourable to us. Why are we always so scared to stand up our ground? They wouldn't hesitate a second to take us to court if they had to. Dialogue y darle con el dichoso dialogue!! Hasta cuando?

    And by the way a favourable outcome in the ICJ would also have a bearing on the validity of the Treaty of Utrecht....o no?

    Maybe that is why our Chief is so willing to sort this out over un finito y unas lonchitas de jamon con musiquita de Manolo Escobar!!!

  16. anon @13:50
    you are right, after all this time, his membership of the PAG shouldn't be dragged up, but you cannot have it both ways, you cannot run down Fabian, but get offended when Peter gets the same treatment. If you want a clean a fair debate, stick to the facts, because we can all get the dirty laundry out, not just you.
    Speaking of facts, I don't think you can say that the 'majority of Gibraltarians trust Peter Caruana'. You can speak for yourself and Peter Caruana can speak for 49.33% of Gibraltarians (at the last official count), but the other 50.66% had a different idea, so officially, the majority of Gibraltarians DON'T trust Caruana.
    As for Fabian's stables, does he not share them with the likes of Nigel Feetham, GSD executive member and election agent. Does this mean that Nigel's views are tainted, and that their Boss controls his actions too? Remember, if you want to play fairly, you can't have one but not the other.

    Anon @ 16:02, you say that Caruana defends Gibraltar with a 'Bossanite zeal'. I think only Bossano can defend Gibraltar with a Bossanite Zeal. Caruana, after his Andorra slip, realises that the people (please refer to the aforementioned majority) want to be defended with the same conviction and coraje (for want of a better word, which I think is too rude for a forum such as this one) that only people like Bossano can muster, and so, he plays to the gallery & attempts to imitate in a bid to reassure the majority that he can be trusted. This zeal, however, is not particular to Bossano, but comes easily to those who care, not only for the interests of Gibraltar, but also for that of the ordinary Gibraltarian. That is why it comes naturally to Bossano and his successor Fabian , and why Caruana finds he needs to adopt it for himself instead of producing a Caruana-ite zeal all of his own.
    I will let you into a secret too, anon @ 16:02, your secret is your opinion, and however much you have a right to hold it, there are many who don't agree with you (don't forget the majority), so your scaremongering warnings are futile here.

    Kaelan, PAG - Partido Andalucista de Gibraltar

    Anna Conda

  17. anon 09:05 you are not a "psychofan" but a GSD sychophant. Caruana was good in TV3 programme but that is to be expected. Fabian would have been better. Even with Jaimito and Joe.
    To anon 13:50 it means Partido Autonomico de Gibraltar and Caruana was electoral agent and was 23 at the time and was already a graduate LLB and should have known better.
    At least Picardo was never of that incline. Caruana has also advocated an Andorra solution in Sevilla and has given the wrong message and one can easily say that our ills on the BGTW issues is because Caruana says one thing one day and then something else the other.
    He says things like we need to buy Gunboats in Parliament then he accuses the opposition of wanting Gunboat diplomacy.
    Are we safe with him? I think not.
    By The Way will the GSD Sychophants come out with substance instead of just knocking the opposition?? again I think not.
    As to the issue at hand it is important to have our RGP well resourced to be in a position to tackle the BGTW problem which has been created by not being clear with Spain since appeasement does not work.
    To Anon 16:02 It is of no good to Gibraltar to be appeasing Spain for three years and then on election year defend Gibraltar.
    This is not good enough.
    Gibraltar's defence is a 24 7 thing.

  18. Cornflakes I live for the day you will admit to being a GSLP (what's your favourite adjective, oh yes) sycophant.

    The opposition has done nothing to show they deserve to win the next election. Their policy is destructive not constructive. Their leader is untrustworthy. And they are simply banking on Caruana losing the election.

    When they have been called for to show leadership they always fail and will do so again.

  19. If Picardo is such a good leader why did he wait so long to exert himself within the GSLP? He has left it until three months before an election. Esta dominao por Bossano.

  20. Picardo will win because he has learnt at the feet of the master, James Levy and is everything to everyone.

  21. sorry Kaelan, my mistake, Party for the Autonomy of Gibraltar

    Anna Conda

  22. Braveheart

    Spain has to agree to submit before the ICJ has jurisdiction to hear the BGTW case/

  23. To both Anon 20:23 and 20:54 Who i believe to be the same person SUBSTANCE PLEASE not HASHEO.
    ONE thing I agree that is that Caruana himself is doing a good job at losing the election.
    Above I put "By The Way will the GSD Sychophants come out with substance instead of just knocking the opposition?? again I think not".
    I can claim to be correct:)
    rest my case!!!

  24. Has anyone ever heard any policy statements from Picardo, other than he agrees with Caruana on the most fundamental issues like constitution, tripartite and waters. Besides this all he does is toe the party line and dies what the GSLP does best and attacks in the name of the people and the workers of Gibraltar. Only problem I see (other than lack of policy) with this strategy is that even the core GSLP voter which historically stems from blue collar workers, civil servants, unions and socialists can hardly identify themselves with a party that did so little for them whilst in power against a party that has done so much for the plight of workers, civil sevants, employment and prosperity for all in Gibraltar.
    Picardo better start coming up with vision and policy and he better be convincing about it, because towing the party line will not be enough.

  25. we can't afford Picardo to start publicising his policy ideas, because if he does, the GSD will do what they usually do and copy them, and try and implement them before the elections are announced, y ese antojo lo pagamo el tax-payer!

  26. FYI

    The Party for the Autonomy of Gibraltar (PAG) was a minority right-wing political party in Gibraltar founded on 7 September 1977. It asked for a rapprochement with Spain and contended the 1980 election, without success.

    It asked for a settlement with Spain, with an autonomous status for Gibraltar under Spanish sovereignty (following the Autonomies approach in the territorial structure of Spain made possible by the Spanish Constitution of 1978). It argued that it was pro-Gibraltarian and nationalist, and against the British colonial presence, seen as obstructing the development of the territory. On the other hand, its opponents labelled it as pro-Spanish and the sell-out party.

    I certainly feel at ease now that Caruana is dealing with Spain!! NOT!!! I'd be lucky if I get any sleep 2nite!!!

    Thanks Anna very useful bit of information :)


  27. Kaelan, te lo he dicho ya, dejate de esto tio y llama a scooby doo, so much mystery to solve with the gang dude.

  28. Gosh that's the most camp GSLP line ever: we cannot say what we stand for because the GSD will copy it, hahahahahaha......

  29. Anon 23:01

    I take it you are then “comfortable” with Caruana's past ties to the aforementioned political formation?

    Scooby Joyce

  30. Anon 22:42. What tree did you fall off man. The GSD copy policy from the GSLP? If they had we'd have pensioners driving Ferrari's and more small boats marinas than parking spaces. Give us a break. Having said that if you want a clue on picardos policies, pick up a copy if the Key. For the hard stuff you can always read Perez's New People and get a real jist of the future if Gibraltar.
    Valiente Problema, pero ta cool, porque it's " change we can trust". Llama Jaimito anda.

  31. Actually yes because I judge people on their actions and he has been the most effective defender of Gibraltarian national identity we have had.

  32. I guess someone posting as PEDRO would say that, wouldn't he :)

  33. Scooby, you are right, Caruana is a wild genius and lulled us into a false sense of security to now sell Gib to Spain after 16 years of furiously defending our rights and taking us to diplomatic levels unimaginable only a decade ago.
    Keep at it though scoobs, it makes for entertaining stuff - woof woof.

  34. Pedro en ke planeta vive?

    Was he defending Gibraltarian national identity in Seville? O alomejo te gusta la idea de joint sovereignty at ti tambien.

  35. Anon 23:16

    So in your opinion advocating and Andorra type "solution" for Gibraltar in Seville doesn't seem like we are being (as you so adequately put it) lulled into a false sense of security then?

    Someones got the blinkers on.


  36. Kaelan,
    the founder member of PAG, was a former member of 'The Doves', hence the term 'Los Palomos', whose suggestions in 1968 included the raising of both the Spanish & Gibraltar flags alongside the Union flag.

    Sounds familiar?

    This led to the riots... no, not the ones the GSD like to bring up every so often, the other ones, the original ones the GSD would rather forget about.

    K, my apologies if I've given you nightmares!

    Anna Conda

  37. Kaelan who delivered a new constitution for Gibraltar? Who persuaded the British gov to go beyond the preamble and state in parliament in he uk that not only would their not be any change in our status without our consent but they would nor even enter into discussions on sovereignty without our consent? Hassan, peliza, isola, xiberras would never have dreamt of such a guarantee. And at the same time he has steered a difficult course on relations with Spain getting them to agree to talks on cooperation directly with Gibraltar, which was also unthinkable even in the 1990s. It is his policy that has consigned the Brussels process to the confines of history. This is not spin. It's fact. You would be more effective on behalf of your party if you were not as fanatical. Just some friendly advice.

  38. Cornflakes que culpa tengo yo si mi madre me nombro pedro?

  39. Ohu picha - you guys still harping on about Andorra. Is this the GSLP plan? Let's make Andorra stick and sell the Caruana Palomo song again. It's like a bad movie man, don't you get it, the guy has defended Gib to levels beyond Pocardos imagination let alone yours Kaelan.

  40. pedro you can add to that unblocking of telephone numbers, all those aviation measures, the superb defence of Gibraltar at the UN and before the Foreign affairs committee. The foreign office regret deeply that so much was given away by the new constitution and the Spanish government regret giving us so much of a say in the tripartite. That is also fact but well done. What you say is true.

  41. So, Pedro(!), you voted for the constitution, well I voted against, and as for the talks with Spain, esta listo ya their side of the terminal? se acabaron las colas? are they infringing in our waters? and this is not spin either, this is most certainly fact!

  42. Well I don't know because Kaelan has very little imagination lol.

  43. Pedro

    It's called "evolution" mate, we live in the 21st Century. The UK of today is no longer the colonial dictators of yesterday. You give Caruana far too much credit for things that natural progression would surely have provided regardless of the CM of choice.

    As for the Spanish relations in my humble opinion all Caruana has done is conceded far too much ground to a very hostile neighbour.

    Let us remember that the new airport will give Spain the largest foothold they have ever had in OUR Gibraltar. Did you know the new airport is 50% owned by a Spanish firm?

    Ps - did she REALLY call you Pedro?


  44. According to Picardo only Hassan and Bosano are worthy of exceptional status as great leaders. This guy is shrewd ah. Que talento.
    Ahora, he agrees with Caruana in almost all fundamentals that have brought us to where we are. And we are told his policies are............emmmmm.

  45. .........emmmmmmm running out of ideas?

  46. Chiquillo hasta me quiere quitar el nombre. The airport is not 50 per cent owned. There was nothing evolutionary about the achievement of the new constitution. As anon 23.31 says the FCO regret it. You forget that as late ad 2003 the uk government was trying to hatch a joint sov agreement. How can you argue like this, with blind, fanatical fury. I hope you don't box like this. You would quickly walk into a sucker punch.

  47. Anon 23:37

    Who Pedro?

  48. How unfair these anti-GSD dissenters are, please stop mentioning Andorra & the PAG! Its just not cricket, you know!
    Let's stick to Peter's defence of Gibraltar in all the latest TV appearances he's made all of a sudden on Spanish TV. Isn't this what you all wanted? a bit of Yanito flying the flag? Now don't you dare say you want something more, because until that silly man Picardo starts spilling the beans, one is quite stuck for ideas.
    So please stop all this nonsense at once

    Pish-pie de Watermelon

  49. Bueno me voy que mi novia me llama a la cama! Ciao.

  50. The FCO regret it? Says who? The GSD diras! And you have the CHEEK to brand me blind and fanatical??? hahaha Crack!

    The Airport is not 50% owned, tu ta seguroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo???

    How can you tie the thoughts of UK to what dumb, dumber and dumberer tried to do? The UK under Labor and more importantly BLAIR was in complete disarray. They screwed up their own country no wonder they tried to screw us over to!!

    Anna I knew about the PAG I was only playing along ;)

    Ps- Pedro they say I dance better than what I box, imaginate si ta shunga la cosa :P jajaja


  51. Kaelan, anon @ 23:35 running out of ideas

  52. Kaelan, I was sure you knew, but I couldn't waste the opportunity! lol

    Anna Conda

  53. Pedro's not playing anymore, maybe he's run out ideas!

  54. Ya Anna I gathered :)

    Pedro eres un party pooper :( lololol


  55. ANON @ 7 May 2011 20:56 paints a familiar picture saying "Picardo will win because he has learnt at the feet of the master, James Levy and is everything to everyone". This is something that really worries me. When you are building up on the legal practice of your Chief Minister uncle it is OK to be all things to all men and make no mistake Jaimito QC is a genius at this although he is not perfect and has slipped and tripped a couple of times. But back to Fabian. Peter Montegriffo is also from the Hassans stable of lawyers but you would never picture him at Jaimito QCs size 6s, Peter has always come across as very much his own man. Nobody seems to have forgotten that Peter Caruana is the son in law and used to be the partner of JETriay the founder of the Spanish leaning PAG whose law practice is nearly as big as Hassans but since leaving his teenage years no one thinks of Caruana as Triays lap dog learning at the old man's guccis. The problem with fabian is that at 39 years old he comes across as wet behind the hears and not quite his own man.

  56. I think there's a lot of tonterias going on here.

    The sobrino reference would be great for anybody else but as its for Picardo, hay ke busquarle la quinta pata al gato porque ya no sabemo en que mas cojernos.

    When Peter Montegriffo first came on the scene, the fact that he came from those very same stables, was one of his best assets.

    If however, as you say, el sobrino is trying to ensure he has a puppet at No 6, then by implication, you mean for the last 16 years he hasn't, and yet, over the last 16 years 'the stables' has seen extraordinary growth and expansion.
    Somehow, it doesn't look he needs the money!

    So could it be then that he wants to be part of the behind the scenes moving and shaking of the next Government? Frankly, if we consider all the muppets currently associated with the behind the scenes moving and shaking of this present Government, give me el sobrino anyday, in fact the sooner he gets there, the better!

    Anna Conda

  57. Anon 23:37. I meant Picardo you wally.
    Pag and Andorra can freely be discussed if you wish, but surely the last 16 years are not a figment of our imagination, they are a true reflection of what this Govt has done and the very capable defence that PRC has delivered. But hey you guys might be on to something, this might be all a ploy and we are witnessing the execution of Evil Caruanas plan to transfer our sovereignty to Spain. Menos mal que tenemo a Sccoby K y el equipo A. Well done lads you foiled the plan. Corre llama a Picardo y que se lo diga a Perez y Bossano. Then maybe Jaimito can go to Madrid and take it all back.

  58. The word nepotism is from the Latin word nepos, nepotis (m. "nephew")SOBRINO. So if I were Anna Conda I would be careful with my choice of words. I say that if Anna is right, which I doubt, and El Sobrinisimo wants to "move and shake" the government of Gibraltar let him do it openly and not through proxies. I for one do not want to substitute the Caruana clique for another ready made coterie. And Anna when Montegriffo came into the scene his main asset was not that he was a lawyer at Hassans but that he was the great man's political protege plus he has immense carisma; but even then Monty was then in his early 20s so entitled to tag along but Piqui is nearly 40 - older than Blair or Clinton when they erre elected to lead the UK and the US. I am very uncomfortable about a man nearing middle age who aspires to lead Gibraltar so obviously hanging by the coat tails of Big Joe Bossano and Jaimito.

  59. People seem to forget that Danny Feetham al so came from Hassans but I really do not think any of this matters this debate is sterile and boring! Politicians have their own minds but are also influenced by other persons like all human beings. Influence is not a bad thing it is one manner by which each of us measure how cogent any idea or policy is. It is more dangerous to ignore all opinion and rely on one's own alone. It leads to mistakes being made. At least Fabian has promised CABINET government as opposed to government by one individual.

  60. Anonymous said...
    It is now! Dannny Feetham was at Hassans for a brief period previously he was at isolas and for many years practiced in Manchester so not really a member of the "stable".

  61. I agree Robert, se contradicen all the the time, Montegriffo was a 'great man's prodigy' but Picardo is his nephew's and another great man's puppet! Ley pa uno, ley pa todo!

    Anna Conda

  62. Once again I hope the GSD will appreciate that this election isn’t going to be won (if in fact it’s going to be won by them at all) on whether they can portray Fabian as an uncertain character to the electorate.

    People are fed up with Peter and the GSD “elite” across the board, even if they have reservations about Fabian they are going to vote for him nonetheless simply because he’s a viable alternative to what many of us have had to put with during this last electoral term (las cosas come son before the last elections I thought the GSD as a whole was doing brilliantly, even if it was a one man show most of the time). We’re fed up with promises not being delivered and the condescending and dismissive tone that goes hand in hand with talking about these broken promises. “The opposition never did this, the opposition would never have implemented such a scheme had they been in power” the point is the opposition is the opposition and the onus is on the government of the day to deliver on their manifesto and election promises. They don’t get a free pass because they’ve done a lot of good things and the preceding 12 years were a prosperous time for Gibraltar. If Fabian does muck up in whatever way we as a people reserve the right to vote him out from office when the elections roll round again in four years, that is the power we have as a people, we don’t have to be complacent and put up with what we have because the alternative is trying something new.

    The GSD needs to justify and explain to the electorate why they have failed to keep their promises, be honest and frank about it as opposed to trying to spin it in whatever way they deem appropriate. If on election day they have placed the emphasis of their campaign on trying to plant seeds of doubt into the minds of voters with regards to Fabian than they are going to be left wanting in a big way.

  63. but Nigel Feetham is a member of the stable and he is an executive member of the GSD, on the FSC board, election agent for the GSD, etc.
    Is he also influenced? or does he have his own mind?
    I'm sure Nigel makes his own decisions, as I am also sure Picardo does too.

    Anna Conda

  64. The brilliant logic so far: Nigel Feetham has a mind of his own and works at Hassans. Picardo works at Hassans so it must follow that he also has a mind of his own. Peter Montegriffo is a carismatic independant minded politician and works at Hassans. Picardo works at Hassans so it must follow that he also is a carismatic independant minded politician. Daniel Feetham did a brief stint as a lawyer at Hassans and no one could accuse him of being Jaimito QCs puppet. Picardo has done a very very long stint at Hassans so it must follow that he is also NOT Jaimito's puppet. As Mr. Vasquez astutely points out at least Fabian has promised CABINET government as opposed to government by one individual, huzzah!. My question to Mr. V is will the CABINET be the other duly elected MPs of the GSLP / Liberal alliance or will it include others outside Parliament? Simple question should not take the mind of an Albert Einstein to work out the answer and it certainly should not get anyone into a strop! That is what democracy is about - good old debate and testing potential leaders before they are entrusted with the reins of power. Or, as we say in latin necora puber.

  65. Anonymous at 18:30

    Cabinet is made up of MINISTERS who are chosen from ELECTED MPs.

  66. How can you be sure?

  67. Anonymous at 18:36

    The only way to be sure is to keep a beady eye out and if it is not like that to boot them out at the next election but without electoral and parliamentary reform we cannot be sure ... now we are governed by one person, so what is there to lose?

  68. Mr. Vasquez you ask :"what is there to lose?" in my analysis there is everything to lose. This is not about parliamentary reform it is about a battle to the end of very narrowly defined vested interests. Out of the frying into the fire, cutting nose to spite face, pot calling kettle black, banking on popularity or necora puber etc. Frankly some of the people involved are much more ruthless than you think. It's all quite scary.

  69. Anonymous at 19:11
    So what do you propose other than electoral and parliamentary reform, direct rule?

  70. Robert you are asking people to vote GSLP?

  71. Anonymous at 19:51

    I write what I mean ... read my new article just published ...

  72. Playing devil's advocate and talking to yourself, aren't you ?

  73. Valiente mana de shalaura estan escribiendo los del GSD.
    They are very very desperate!!

  74. ¿Dónde está las llaves? se dicen todos por Santa Cruz.

  75. Hi I did not know that it took the Royal navy an hour to get out to sea,are they still running on steam engine.That means that gibraltar cannot depend on the Royal Navy because by the time they stoke there boilers when they set sail every thing finish hurah

  76. Cucumber Bear says to you all...

    All this is obvious but I am not surprised the majority cannot see it.
    Half the Bay is Gib airspace. Everybody is aware of the steep banking turns aircraft have to make when landing and taking off from North Front. Agreed ?
    What about a seaplane skimming the surface of half the bay by a clearnce of one quarter of an inch ? Is this seaplane still in Gib airspace ? The answer must be yes.
    So how can Spain argue that the water below Gib airspace should be under their control ?
    Que estamos shalao o que nos pasa ?

  77. Now Cucumberbear makes another observation...

    Why is it that the Govt has asked for only part of the designation by Spain over the territorial waters of Gibraltar to be struck off, annuled, instead of the whole lot ?

    Why would the Govt not go for the jugular and ask for the whole lot to be annuled in the case filed in The General Court of The European Court ?

    It does not appear to make sense.

    But it would make sense if there was hidden vested interest involved.

    Let me give you one possible scenario....

    Recently there was a case of a US company specialising in treasure recovery being forced by Spain to share the booty recovered from a wreck that Spain alleged was in Spanish waters.

    Supposing there is another valuable wreck nearby worth millions and millions and millions in gold coins....just suppose...

    Supposing this US company, before the Territorial Waters Fiasco blew up, had registered a company in Gibraltar for the purpose of wreck exploration and the recovery of treasure to operate from Gib.

    Supposing the US company would now find it "easier" to deal with a Spanish claim than otherwise.

    Now suppose that appointed as directors of that company are relatives of key players in the Gib political scene.

    Now suppose that as a consequence of the fiasco mentioned above, the new registered company has made an agreement with its parent in the US not to participate in any claim or search for treasure in waters considered to be politically sensitive, and, in exchange for that abstention will reward it handsomely in lieu.

    Suppose that this hypothesis is fiction and nonsense.

    Now consider it is not.

  78. Cucumberbear now asks...

    The question of Airspace and the Sea Below it as postulated in the previous post but one...

    Let us return to this topic.

    Now why would the Spain try to move Merchant ships at anchor in what the chart designates as Gib Territorial Waters ?

    If we follow the same argument referring to the seaplane and its relationship with the water under it on the western side, why is there no airspace restriction on the Eastern Side of the Rock as there is on the Western?

    Why does the airspace on the Eastern side extend unconditionally for miles and miles ?

    Why suddenly is the water under it important to Spain but not the airspace above it ?

    Are you getting my drift ?

  79. Now Cucumberbear asks again...

    Now let's see...

    Are we being told the truth about the matter of the claim by Spain with regard to territorial waters ?

    It seems we are not being told anything.

    As usual, the Govt is not forthcoming with open and truthful release of information.

    Why ?

    What is being hidden from the electorate, and why ?

  80. Cucumberbear now says...

    You are finding this hypothesis interesting so far, aren't you Robert ? Good.

    Now let's see...

    Money, vast amounts of wealth, have the ability to corrupt, even to turn lies into truth.

    Supposing there is a consideration that as part of an agenda hidden from the electorate, out of priviledged hidden vested interest, this has to be protected in favour of powerful hidden vested interest and against the public interest...

    Who is to stop it ?

    The Royal Navy is not the police in trying to stamp out hidden vested interest, is it ?

    Then why the reluctance on the part of the govt to beef up our marine police resources to deal with seemingly unwarranted incursions into our territorial waters ?

    Why ?

    It seems the govt is curiously reluctant now on two fronts to act in the interest of the electorate.

    One, by not applying to have the whole claim squashed, and two, previous to this development, not to beef up marine police assets ?

    Why ?

    What is the government trying NOT to achieve, to the puzzlement of the whole electorate ?

    What could be the answer ?

    When you eliminate all that makesw sense, that which at first appears not to make sense, THAT could be the truth.