Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Buses and Alternative Public Transport

Energy and transport policies are kingpins of government and politics, in addition to foreign affairs, law and order, the economy, taxation, sport and culture. In Gibraltar energy policy boils down to the production of electricity and its cost. That is a debate for another day, especially the lack of a new power station and the cost of electricity.

What about transport? Putting the cable car to one side, the only means of transport in Gibraltar is its roads. This alone limits us to using our legs to walk or run with or with which to cycle, private means of transport i.e. cars or motorbikes or using the public bus service or taxis. Are these really the only affordable options? I believe there is another cheap and innovative means of transport that could be introduced but first a look at the raging debate about buses is of interest.

Recent events concerning the bus service have resulted in argument on two fronts; whether the experiment to run a "free" service is working is one, the effectiveness of the new bus routes is another. It seems there is much discontent on the subject of the new bus routes. I do not know enough about bus routes to comment on that debate. My view, however, is that the bus company should look at this issue again carefully, hear the complaints being aired and act to put right any criticims made by the public that are found to validly indicates that any aspect has gone wrong.

Public comment also indicates that the idea of having a "free" bus service has not worked well. We hear that tour operators are taking advantage of this service to provide tours for tourists free of charge. The result is that normal bus users are unable to take their daily and usual journeys. This, in turn, defeats much of the purpose of having a "free" service, which is to discourage the use of private transport by encouraging the use of public transport.

The idea to have "free" buses could be good but only if it can be made to work. I do not believe that simply having a free bus service will significantly reduce traffic. A "free" service will only be effective if at the same time the use of private means of transport is discouraged. It can be discouraged by congestion charges or by increasing the overall cost of parking in public spaces. It is unlikely that either of these options will be introduced due to the popularity of cars in Gibraltar and the consequent electoral unpopularity that will attach to any political party that introduces such charges.

If one accepts that  unpopular charges for the use of cars will not be introduced then one has to look at alternatives. One should look at a system that incentivises the use by residents of Gibraltar but does not do so for non-residents. How can this be achieved? Simple really, charge everyone to use the buses but have a system that reduces the cost to all without discrimination but in a manner that in practice only makes it cheaper for residents.

This system is called competiticvely priced non-transferable "season tickets" with photographic identification on its face. In this way locals can buy cheaper prepaid tickets for defined periods of time. Additionally, this system has the advantage that it will provide to the bus company income from both the sale of season tickets and sale of tickets per journey to visitors, which will ease the burden on the public purse without undermining the wish to encourage the usage of bus transportation. If this system is introduced the privileges for resident over 60s to travel should be reintroduced.

Turning to a cheap alternative means of transport, my solution is free robust public lifts as used e.g. in the London Underground. You may laugh but this is a form of transport used elsewhere e.g. in Monaco. The first step is to construct public lifts in stand alone towers at various points along the front of the fortifications that run along the Line Wall fortifications. This will mean that all buses can be re-routed out of the central town, thus helping, also, to decongest traffic in the  central town  area.

My second suggestion is to include public lifts in strategic buildings to facilitate acess to anf from the upper town e.g. in the proposed new multistory car park to be built in Engineer Lane. These public lifts could give access from certain parts of the upper town to Main Street  and surrounding area. It may also be possible to construct such lifts at various other strategic spots to connect the upper with the lower town but I will leave that to the technical people to determine viability.

The simple effect of this idea is to create access on the east/west axis of Gibraltar and from higher parts of the rock to lower parts and vice versa as opposed to the existing predominant requirement to gain access everywhere on the north/south axis. It may sound crazy but, simple ideas, like this one, are the ones that often work best. I leave it to technical people to tell me why it will not work. after all I am just a lawyer.


  1. Not a bad idea, I think there is such a system of free lift from the beach area in Torremolinos to the shopping area above. A lift from Casemates Square to Moorish Castle seria la bomba tio! It wound have to be a very large lift though!

  2. Robert,

    There is no such thing as a 'free bus' - we're all paying for it somehow....its simply an election gimmick, and a bad idea i.m.h.o.

  3. Anonymous at 02;29

    I agree npthing is free, Taxpayers pick up the cost which is to the detriment of funding other piblic sevices, I was simply using what has become generally used shorthand.

  4. RV,

    Gosh what a great idea! I'm impressed! (I must make a mental note to travel

    In fact if that idea was accepted I would suggest a lift down by the Naval grounds near the Leisure Centre.

    This would even allow disabled persons the opportunity to access Main Street bang in the centre of Town, rather than having to go all the way around to get to, for example, the Piazza.

    Another, say, by the carparks down by Queensway.

    Joder! (excuse my French) why hasn't the Authorities decided something like this already!

    On a lighter note...

    you wrote.... "piblic sevices" is something about this word that is beginning to sound like something come out from "Allo Allo" or perhaps simply a Freudian slip...hmmm!!

  5. The old bus routes were fine, perhaps an extra one or two to include the queensway areas and a round the rock one going both ways. The prices were also fine, over 60's went free & children had free fares at school times, maybe this could have been extended to all times, after all if we can help the elderly we van also help the families!
    The idea you suggest with a seasonal ticket is great, they even have the machine to print the tickets so no extra cost there.
    As for Government, this hasn't worked, and It's another costly experiment to the tax-payer, perhaps somebody should accept responsibility?

  6. Robert. El Joe Holliday tiene ma friends que tu en Facebook.

  7. Disciple X@10:23

    On an even lighter note it may have been a bout of parapraxis.

    Robert: I've read the news today, Oh Boy.

    What do you think of the proposed motion?

  8. Anonymous at 20:23

    Parapraxis? Not in dictionary! Did you mean parataxis? :)

    Give me a chance ... I will give my views on the Motion ... on Sunday!

  9. So Damon Bossino is a potential candidate for the GSD. Very credible character.

  10. Anon @ 21.23

    Are you being sarcastic?

  11. WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 2011
    Aubagne -- fare free streetcars -- a first.
    Carefree France
    French cities Aubagne will probably the first streetcar in the world completely free!

    Aubagne (France) never stops innovating. In 2009, the Urban Community of the Pays d'Aubagne and Etoile (100,000 inhabitants) introduced totally free public transport on the entire network for all users, whether residents the urban community of Aubagne and beyond. Today, Aubagne even start building a streetcar line!



    Total cost of this project? About 144 Million Euros For A Line Of 9 Km With 19 Stations (One Every 500 Meters); this is a very low price, the cost per kilometre is € 16 million, making the project the cheapest in France. The technical and financial decisions were approved by the French government, which granted the project a grant of € 13.76 million, as part of the "Grenelle de l’Environnement" and stating that the project "fully meets the challenges of sustainable mobility."

    The project will be funded by the State, the Region, the Department and a 35-year loan to be repaid by the "transport tax" annually paid by companies.

    So it is a world first, Aubagne will probably the first streetcar in the world completely free!

    Specialist required

  12. Discontinue the free bus service is the best plan, come on £0.60 for a bus ride is nothing. Although I think that now that foreign tour operators have become aware that they can now use the bus service for free a can of worms has been opened and that now even 60p or 1 euro is still cheaper than contracting the form of transport that they had only thought was available I.e. Taxis, Blands, Calypso, Persian Rose and Parodytur. It worries me that foreign tour operators are now aware of Gibraltar's public transport this could have crippling effects on the transport industry as a whole.

  13. Gibraltar Government announced a new initiative.

    Gibraltar Government announced a new initiative to abolish all bus fares for persons over 60 as from Thursday 10th June, 2010.
    This has come about after Manolo Ruiz, President of the Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association addressed the disparity in the fares being paid by men and women between the ages of 60 and 65.

    The new scheme should reduce confusion between those who do and do not qualify for the reduced pensioner rate, and is effective on all Gibraltar Bus Company routes except for Route 9 (from Market Place to the Frontier).

    Joe Holliday, Minister for Enterprise, Development, Technology and Transport said, “The Government is delighted to be able to give fair consideration to the pensioners. After many months of discussion we have seen it fair to be able to allow this initiative to be implemented.”

    The Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association was founded by Mr Ruiz in March 2000. The Association aims to ensure general well being of Gibraltar’s senior citizens and enhance their quality of life.
    After consultation with Manolo Ruiz?
    Locals have to walk buses full full with tourist
    old timers

  14. Joe Holliday more friends than LWRV on Facebook? Appears the GSD have belatedly discovered the impact that social media will have on this year's election but may be too late.

  15. Anon 00:02. I am not being sarcastic at all. I think Damon is credible and i think he offers the electorate a real prospect of integrity in politics. There is no question in my mind that Damin Bossino would add value to Gibraltar politics which ever party he chooses to stand with, although I think there's a great deal to be said about the fact that he's considering joining the GSD.

  16. RV


    A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ("dynamically repressed") wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

    Slips of the tongue and the pen are the classical parapraxes, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces such phenomena as misreadings, mishearings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.

    In general use, the term 'Freudian slip' has been debased to refer to any accidental verbal slips of the tongue.[1] Thus many examples are found in explanations and dictionaries which do not strictly fit the psychoanalytic definition.

    For example: He: 'What would you like — bread and butter, or cake?'
    She: 'Bed and butter... Whoops!'

  17. Free bus service to Gib residents only.
    How to apply? Simple, residents to apply to the Bus Company by producing their I D Cards and the Bus Company issues a Bus Card for a specific period.

  18. Anon@12:57

    Put simply then:

    Parapraxis is when you say one thing, but mean your mother.

    Robert mentioned the word "parataxis" I wonder whether it's like paramedics or paralegals.

    Apologies Robert I cannot take anything seriously until I read your views on the Motion on Sunday.

  19. RV,

    Anon 16:42


    Parataxis (from Greek for 'act of placing side by side'; fr. para, beside + tassein, to arrange; contrasted to syntaxis) is a literary technique, in writing or speaking, that favors short, simple sentences, with the use of coordinating rather than subordinating conjunctions.[1] It can be contrasted with hypotaxis.[2]

    What a deviation from the main topic! mind you, one just keeps on learning in LW.

  20. RV,

    Going back to the bus service.

    I must admit that when the free service was introduced I was also hoping that more buses and more routes would be introduced. My idea was that if there was a more routes then the public would eventually desist from using their own vehicles, we'd become the "Green City of the South" etc, etc.

    How wrong I was!

    Now it seems that most are clamouring to bring back fees for bus use for different reasons. We've also heard that the more savvy have started using the buses for tours.

    Es que somos de lo que no hay y parece enteramente que no hacemos nada bien!

  21. RV

    You said...

    "It can be discouraged by congestion charges or by increasing the overall cost of parking in public spaces."

    A true statement by all accounts but I remember visiting Mexico City (yes, come to think about it I too have travelled a bit)and I remember that private vehicles and hired cars are prohibited from the road on one day of the week! This is identified by the licence plate.

    I guess this could be tried here in Gib.

  22. Maybe not que no hacemo nada bien, disciple x, but that decisions should be taken by the experts in consultation with user-groups and affected parties, and not by the policy makers.

  23. Anonymous at 22;07

    Policy maker"S" or maker ... I think you are very optimistic :)

  24. RV, indeed! lol

  25. Anonymous at 11:37

    On my personal site but on Llanito World-Freedom of Speech Facebook site I have over 2300 friends :)

  26. Holliday has so many friends because he has sent so many friend requests out that people just automatically add him. Lo que no se a dao cuenta es ke L-W Facebook page, and some politicians also popular on FB, don't add, instead their friendship is requested... Slight difference, don't you think?

  27. Anon 22.07 hits the nail on the head which was the point I made earlier.

  28. would a simple questionnaire not have sufficed to obtain feedback on how the service could have been improved? These could have been obtained from bustops or even inside the buses so that those that use the service have their voice heard.

    I was a daily user of the great service we used to have...however i no longer do. Living in the south gives me a semi rock tour before i get to town and for those who havnt realised buses no longer go down rock hotel hill.

    Therefore, tourists staying at the hotel need to embarck on the following route:

    Cross the busy road with suitcases to get to the bustop (it is not inidacted that they have to do this);

    Catch a 'free bus' which makes them feel better...NAT!!! the top of the hill and get off at the top of south barrack road;

    then they wait for another bus (same number) to pick them up on the way down which gives them a semi-tour of the south district before dropping them off at market place;

    Once at market place they have to get off (with suitcases and all) and embarck on the mission of finding out what bus goes to the border/airport. Then once they find out then they realise the service is no longer free and have to pay.

    VENGA YA HOMBRE You call this a wonder beds are empty in hotels our tourist product stinks and the bus service is doing a big disservice to what many sections of our community are contributing towards. If you think this is a service...think again.

    key question is...who decided the routes? anothe consultant who doesnt catch the buses?


    The CHosen on 773! Al carajo!

  29. Damon should think very carefully which party he joins coz it would be an awful shame to get into politics as part of the GSD in the term they are thrown out and he ends up in opposition! There will be tough competition to get into the winning team though only a few seats left and many potential candidates to fill these. What do others think?

  30. Spanish elections announced for November 20th probably a PP victory how will this affect us? Tough times if the PP do as they propose they will!

  31. Catch a taxi! That's the solution! Who gets a bus to get to the airport anyway?

  32. Anonymous at 22:50

    The GSLP/Libs have not won the election ... do not fool yourself ... the GSD may be slipping but the GSLP/Libs are doing nothing to win it.

  33. What about the PDP factor?? Who will they be taking votes from? The dynamics will be very interesting! It will be down to Los cerimos and who has the most! Those who are fed up with the GSD and would throw themselves off the Rock before voting GSLP will be able to air their discontent by voting middle of the road!

  34. Anon 22:55

    your arrogance stinks...i assume you have a lovely car and a private parking space to get to town/work everyday...most of us dont!!!

    I used to catch the bus and would see tourists catch the bus and not a taxi to the airport/frontier as we could pride ourself on a good service. You obviously dont use the bus.

    Now, they leave the rock tour for the last day as the bus gives them a ride around all of gib...and guess what for FREE!!

    Please remove blinkers and leave your arrogance at home when debating genuine issues that affect everyday people MR!!

    AL carajo!

  35. Oooh how sensitive, just a comment in jest airing on sarcasm, no offence intended. By the way I don't have a private parking space and because of the horrendous parking problem where I live I can' use my car after 5pm or else I find having to walk home with shopping and yound children who need to be carried home after falling asleep in the car. We use the bus a little to get to the park or Casemates for summer nights. Many times we need to get a taxi home coz otherwise it's just impossible with the kids after an evening in town, summer nights etc.

  36. Many people use the bus to move around...why do we have to pay for r
    private services such as taxis when we have very good bus facilities but i believe the wrong people making decisions. I.e. those who dont use the service decide for those who do!

  37. Robert

    Am I the only one that thinks that the free bus rides that the tour operators are taking advantage of is:

    A) a case of unintended consequences?
    B) only likely to be a problem during the summer season?

    The free bus rides idea for Gibraltar residents only is absurd. Can you imagine the fuss that our neighbours would, quite justifiably, create if Spanish workers had to pay for internal travel whilst locals travelled free?

  38. Ghost says:,
    Mr Vasquez it's been a while. I have to say that this latest post of yours is weak. Not to say that you make some valid points, but the arrogance in your style and quest to try and show up anything that is a Govt initiative is light......have you lost your mojo? You also fail to mention the public bicycle project, the countless car parks projects, widening of roads and the general beautification of Gib which has encouraged many to already take up walking, all of which in my view will assist and are already having an impact in the decongestion of our streets and roads. Who knows we may even see you cycling to El Patio in the not to distant future..:)
    I agree that methods such as lifts and even public escalators in the upper town could be of use and I am sure that in your recent new found chilled mood, you will take note of the fact that Govt is making huge strides in it's refurbishment and beautification of the upper town, a project that includes many minin projects and will result in further parking areas, widening if roads, easier access and a greatly improved and user friendly environment; much like the already successful trafalgar exchange. Am I starting to annoy you yet?..:)
    My point, to date the existing and ongoing initiatives have been a milestone in Gibraltars quest to deliver a far more efficient way to travel and so far it works. The buses will need to be revised and as stated by Govt it is a "3 months trial" which will be analysed in Sept. But good going all round, although I fear that an onslaught will no doubt follow my first piece for.....oh so long.

  39. Anonymous at 09:51

    I agree, that is precisely why I suggested cheap season tickets.

  40. Ghost:

    Welcome back but you seem to have developed paranoia in your absence :) this blog was not intended as critical simply as a constructive reaction to views expressed. It was also not intended as a critique of overall GSD Government performance on traffic management, just a couple of suggestions for improvement. This blog is not intended as a propaganda toll for any political party. It is a medium for me to get things off my chest!

    It is for each of the parties to promote themselves, which they do very badly, except for the PDP who do a better job. All they need to do is put some enthusiasm behind it and, yes, SMILE!

    All the GSD does is boast about what it is has done. Sorry that is in the past. Voters have banked that. They want to know what else the GSD will do and criticise what it has not done in 16 years that it promised to do. Yes it gets more difficult the longer a party has been in power but that is the system.

    The GSLP/Libs doesn't know what it needs to do. Let me explain. Yes the GSD may be losing popularity. Yes it is on the cards that it could lose the election. But 2 important factors that the GSLP/libs do not have a focus on. It may be that an incumbent Government loses power but not without the successor doing nothing to WIN. The GSLP/Libs are doing nothing to WIN! It cannot boast about the past so it needs to employ 2 tactics: sell a vision and undermine the GSD Government.

    Issuing long, boring and complex press releases does nothing to WIN an election. The attention span of most people (including me) on press releases is one paragraph of 5 sentences, each of which is a sound bite.

    An example, Joe Bossano's recent press release could (from memory) have gone as follows:

    "The CM started with "gross" debt arguments and limited the public debt to a maximum of £200,000,000. He changed to "net" debt and to a flexible formula when he needed to borrow more. He has now borrowed more which we consider imprudent, as it is too much in an economy that is so susceptible to external circumstances and pressures. To make matters worse the CM has spent it on non-essential projects, leaving essential projects, like the power station and sewage treatment plant, unfunded. His self belief in his infallibility is detrimental to Gibraltar:time will tell."

    A simple message that has disproportionate effect.

  41. RV@10:37


    Would you classify a non resident worker as "local" and therefore able to buy cheaper prepaid tickets or "visitor".

  42. Anonymous at 11:07

    Season tickets should be available to all who want to buy them not just residents ... but tourists will simply not buy them as it would not be economic for them to buy them. That is why they need photos on them to ensure non-transferability.

  43. RV@11:01


    Your suggested JB press release ends with the paragraph:-

    "To make matters worse the CM has spent it on non-essential projects, leaving essential projects, like the power station and sewage treatment plant, unfunded. His self belief in his infallibility is detrimental to Gibraltar:time will tell."

    After reading it the first question that I would ask JB would be whether, given the current debt level, regardless of net or gross, would he abandon these projects. If not, would he increase the debt, cut other expenditure, increase taxes or all three?

  44. Anonymous T 11:49

    Surely that is the questtion that thr CM and GSD have to answer?

  45. Paco says:

    This is a good article, Robert, with some interesting suggestions.

    From my point of view, the quality of our public bus service is currently poor and it needs reorganisation as soon possible. Why wait until after the summer? It was obvious within the first few days of the changes in routes, fares and timetables that the new system isn’t great. It seems that we’ve needlessly created a rod for own backs with a new set up bereft of many of the advantages of the decent previous one.

    The bus service should just adopt a fare system similar to earlier in the year: pensioners and kids to ride free, everybody else should pay. It worked well. Some of the old routes need to be reinstated, e.g., the old number 3 route. Making all the routes stop at the Waterport “Plaza del reloj” central bus terminus may have seemed like a good idea on paper but in practice is impractical and just adds to the hassle of getting around. Bus drivers need to be allowed discretion as to when to depart if, say, the bus is full rather than idling for an extra quarter of an hour just because of the demands of the published time table.

    The tardiness of the new bus arrangements have simply had the effect of making many look for alternative means of transport out of sheer desperation. Some have resorted cramming into a shared taxi at the frontier or even, dare I say it, walking! The problems will however get worse with the onset of school associated traffic and inclement weather further inconveniencing those who have to swap routes at Waterport to get to their destinations.

    Regarding your lift suggestion, this would be of benefit to many. I would go further and suggest that perhaps Gibraltar should consider the type of escalator arrangement present in Hong Kong? This has opened up the upper levels of Hong Kong to tourism, business and residents that had previously lost out for years. I don’t think that it would be beyond the realms of impossibility to pedestrianise some parts of town like, say, City Mill Lane and Hospital Ramp to good effect in this manner. It would help revitalise our neglected old town and open things up for tourists beyond the typical stroll along Main Street.

    The new bicycle scheme is potentially of interest but I wonder if anyone has thought to make sure they are fitted with gears? We don’t live in Amsterdam after all. 

  46. RV@12:41


    Surely, if you say that it is up to the GSLP/Libs to WIN an election and you suggest a press release for Mr Bossano that would be a step towards achieving that aim it should be up to him to reply to the question that I posed @11:49 as a voter.

    No doubt the CM and GSD would reply to Mr Bossano's press release in the usual tone.

    Am I missing something here?

  47. RV,

    So much for my Mexican Idea... :(

  48. Off topic but important.

    14 months later, a Judge and the Police Commissioner tell the public there is a cocaine problem in Gibraltar.

    Let's go back 14 months in time to LLanito World: "Monday, 31 May 2010 Police Investigation Gaffes" and that discussion.

    Why's it taken 14 months?

    Is jail the only solution and longer prison sentences?

    How will Gibraltar deal with a big COCAINE ADDICTION PROBLEM in this community?

    So far not very well!

  49. Ghost says: Robert, I love it, paranoid I mean, its brilliant! Coming from you that is...:)
    I'm liking the almost cryptic support of the GSD or rather the very clear view that you take on the lack of anything from the GSLP.
    You refer to a vision and that banking on the success that has already been achieved ( thanks for pointing it out) is in the past. Surely Robert not even you can ignore the close to 60+ Govt projects currently on line?is this not vision? Our economy even by your reckoning is in masterfull shape by comparison to the rest if the world thanks a great many initiatives by this Govt, not least quality over quantity, our employment levels are the lowest in Europe.......the list is long Mr V - is this not what one calls vision. Have we not banked and are we not moving forward whilst the rest of the worrld retreats and we are left with an opposition desperate to tell us all about our position being one on the brink of economic disaster.

  50. DiscipleX@14:13

    If I were Robert I would say that the Mexican Idea is fine, however, it does not take into account that most Gib families have two, three and even four cars. Hay Chihuahua!!

    By the way, I am grateful that you noticed that the plural of parapraxis is parapraxes. So the plural of parataxis must be parataxes, hypotaxis is hypotaxes and syntaxis is a transport problem?

    I, like you, seek enlightenment in LW.

  51. Disciple X

    I apologise i did intend replying to your Mexican suggestion. I am told the rich buy two cars each with alternate number plate. So it worsens traffic and discriminates inordinately.

  52. Paco says-

    Another good measure to reduce traffic would be to impose hefty taxation on households with more than one car, regardless of number plate!

  53. Ghost

    I disagree that the success is attributable to the Government. It is down to the effort and success of the private sector. I have written on this subject already so i will not repeat myself,

  54. RV@16:25


    If you were to say that success is not entirely attributable to the Government I would agree with you. However, governments may or may not create the right environment for the private sector to flourish. The success of the private sector needs a sympathetic government that allows and encourages it to succeed by applying the right measures for it to do so.

    There is no doubt, however, that it is the taxes that the private sector generates on which everything depends.

  55. Anonymous at 18:13

    I agree with you fully the second aspect is wise spending by government.

  56. RV,

    Anon 14:54
    RV 16:18
    Paco 16:23

    The Mexican idea was meant as a starting position. Granted there will be those who own more than one car but I am sure that a combination of ideas (eg Paco's and a few others)could be arrived at that would ensure a reduction of cars on the road.

    Very Funny

  57. RV@19:07


    On wise spending I can only say that one man's meat is another man's poison.

    The electorate will judge.

  58. Disciple X and Anonymous at 19:28


  59. Anon 29th July 22:50. Yes maybe Damon should go to to GSLP. As opposed to joining the party that agrees with his ideology he should join the GSLP because you in your wisdom think they are going to win. Anyway how could Damin possibly compete with the crew if youthful genius' that you have. Never could he hope to spar and beat Marilou, Lionel or Norbert..

  60. anon @21.04

    Haha! spot on matey!! Anyway, de adonde salio Damon? Anyone know anything about him?


  61. Damon is an employee of a friend who works for a team of faithful lawyers who are also friends of you know who it’s become a big family of old and new friends. Damon is confident and ambitious a go getter it could be any of the three parties.


  62. Carbon Footprint!...

    Gibs a small place with a horrendous traffic problem!,every man,and his dog,has a car!.
    And throw the spanish/tourist cars into boot...

    Surley a foward thinking "environmentally aware" govt acting on behalf of the voters,has a duty to address the problem..?

    Free buses for all in a small city,would surely take hundreds/thousands off the road...
    thus reducing that all important Carbon Footprint.
    Think of our childrens health...

  63. Does anyone believe that No. 6 will decide to abolish the free bus service and begin to charge again? I doubt it.

    The buses will continue as they are and nothing will change...trial period???...who are they kidding...the GSD is too stubborn to accept when they are wrong.

    election gimmick thats all.

    However, i would be glad to see a revamp in the poor system!!!

    Al carajo

  64. After waiting in a queue for a bus, with 30 odd other people including families with young children, under a blazing sun without any shade for what seemed like AGES only to have a number 5 bus finally arrive with room for only half of those of us waiting (it was already almost full when it arrived) I have to ask WHO is responsible for the decisions taken on the new bus system? Whoever took these decisions OBVIOUSLY is not a regular bus user - and just as we have all the lovely photos taken of Ministers and the CM shaking hands with people and opening all sorts of new wonderful projects, WHO will take responsiblility for this fiasco? Whoever takes decisions at this level must be accountable for the bad as well as for the good!! PLEASE bring back our old routes and avoid the chaos of having hundreds of people having to go through 'La Plaza del Reloj' come rain or shine!