Sunday, 13 November 2011

Trust, Change, Real or Fictitious?

It is over a week since the 2011 Election was called. The period for campaigning is the minimum possible under the 2006 Constitution, yet the campaigning has not started. The initiative on policies has been taken by the GSLP/Liberals but not on the announcement of its candidature. The Alliance has for various weeks been issuing press releases setting out its stall on governmental reforms and good governance. Thus it has been filling a massive void left during the 16 years of GSD Government. A void that exists despite the GSD manifesto promises to tackle this central and important subject. The GSD promised to do this in 1996. They have failed, so KEEP TRUSTING?

Let us have a quick tour of party bylines. The GSD's is "Keep Trusting". The GSD site is full of boasts of what it considers to be its achievements over 16 years. Its glossy publication, distributed recently, also does the same. This strategy is weak. It is paternalistic. The slogan says it all. We know what is best for you, so just vote for us, go home and do not worry, we will deliver, but deliver what? That is the core question that the GSD needs to answer if voters are to flock to vote for the GSD. In this regard, the GSD have greater difficulties than the other two parties. It has been in government for 16 years. Elections are about the future not the past. What is the GSD going to do in the next 4 years? Why has it not done it in the past 16 years, especially those policies that it promised to do in its past manifestos?

The GSD manifesto at the last election promised everything but has it delivered? In my view, it has not delivered on many fronts. I list a few, wrongly prioritising capital expenditure, i.e. a beautiful (cannot be denied) but expensive to run, man, illuminate and cool air terminal in preference to an essential power station and sewage treatment plant. Additionally throwing money at social services without a root and branch review of the system to tailor make it for Gibraltar, which should be possible due to its size. The GSD's failure to deliver democratic and governmental reforms. The centralisation of power under the GSD conjoined with the scant regard it pays to Parliament. The lack of regard paid by the GSD to fairness in the grant of contracts, employment and promotion and in appointments and removal from public positions. These are all breaches of central promises made by the GSD in 1996 and subsequently.

One interesting development manifested itself on Main Street on Saturday. One constant criticism of the GSLP by GSD diehards is that the GSLP has extremist (and in GSD eyes unsavoury) elements amongst its supporters. Well is the GSD immune from this? Clearly not, Mr John Culatto, a self-confessed GSD supporter, has taken it upon himself to make the most outrageous and extreme assertions about the GSLP/Liberals. I will not waste words by repeating what he is preaching, most of you will know already.

Mr Culatto's views may be an extreme manifestation of GSD religious and reactionary beliefs. However, I am not prepared to accept that, in slightly moderated terms, it does not reflect, in part, the religious thinking of many GSD supporters. This extreme Christian influence within the GSD was very evident from the stance of the GSD on the gay rights issue. Whatever one's religious beliefs might be, the only place these should have in lay government is as a guide to moral standards. Such beliefs are not the holy grail of religious sectarian politics. Criminalising certain acts is not a solution. Criminalisation can be the cause of much hardship and suffering. Let us not forget the English Catholic martyrs who were put to death due to a bad law.

The slogan for the GSLP/Liberals is "Change you can Trust". The retort from the GSD is no change for the sake of change. I agree with this retort. Change has to be because it is needed and it is right. Right because there is a need to re-invigorate government. Right because complacency and security in office has led to failures of implementing manifesto promise. Right because the manner of government requires those who govern us to be reminded that we live in a democracy. Right because the policies it espouses will improve Gibraltar. Right because the candidates that a party fields promise more than those of another and all candidates promise delivery of policies. It is not for me to tell anyone what is right. I can but suggest what type of factor, in my opinion only, should be looked at before voters decide who to vote for.

The matter of candidature is important for the GSLP/Liberals, so I will proffer an opinion on this subject. There is a danger that we may fall into the trap of criticising that the GSD Government is too centralised in one person, Peter Caruana, and yet shying away from voting for the Alliance because of personality politics arising from a prejudiced view of its leader, Fabian Picardo. This is hypocrisy at its best. It is visiting the sins of the GSD upon the Alliance, without evidence or giving them a chance. Simultaneously the sin of the GSD are forgiven because of a negative perception that the GSD is an evil but the lessor of two. If this is the state of democratic politics in Gibraltar, it is an unbearably sad state for Gibraltar to be in, after it fought so bravely for democracy during the closed frontier years 

One should and must take a holistic view. The Alliance is promising wholesale governmental reforms. It is promising Cabinet government. Yes it is possible that the Alliance will not deliver this but that failure will not be down to one person, Fabian Picardo. It will be down to a collective failure of the entire candidature of the Alliance. It is this failure that has manifested itself in the GSD. In order to avoid a repeat with the GSLP, one has to look at its individual candidates. If they come through as strong characters, that is the greatest safeguard to, first, avoiding rule by Fabian Picardo (so the issue of personal mistrust is mitigated) and secondly ensuring that those policies that are promised are actually delivered.

The slogan chosen by the PDP is "The Real Change". Unfortunately, a highly optimistic slogan for two reasons. First, its policies do not sufficiently distinguish it from the GSD to actually make it the real change. Secondly, the current electoral system does not militate towards that type of change becoming a reality. So does having the PDP with a full candidature improve democracy? Undoubtedly, in my mind, it does. It does because, in the worst scenario, it stimulates debate and ideas and so agitates innovation in the other two parties. It does so, further, because the PDP provides a home for voters who are disillusioned with the GSD but cannot find a home in the Alliance. It does so because the PDP increases the choice of individual candidates for those of us who wish to vote for persons and not parties. It does so because it shows that our democracy is vibrant. I have nothing but praise and respect for those who are standing as candidates for the PDP in the knowledge that the party's and each candidate's chances of success under the present electoral system is minimal.

So there we are, keep trusting, change real or fictitious? That is what the parties think is the core of the forthcoming election. Keep the past or trust in the future? Well bring on those party manifestos, so that we can decide on policies and not solely on personalities, rumour and innuendo. Gibraltar deserves to be governed by the best of the available choice. Gibraltar deserves a better electoral and parliamentary system and to be governed by the Rule of Law. I want to vote for the people who, I believe, will deliver that. I do not believe the GSD has delivered on democracy despite its promises in 1996 to do so. It is sad for them because it should have delivered on this promise. If it had it would not be faced with the nigh on impossible task of having to convince the electorate that it will do so in the next 4 years. The evidence is that the GSD cannot be trusted on this core and centrally important issue for Gibraltar. I make no apologies for being a democrat. I am repelled by the use of that word in a party name , if in practice it fails to deliver democracy, especially after it has so fervently promised to do so.


  1. Good reading Robert. Taken all on board

  2. Tyrone Duarte says:


    I cannot vote in Gibraltar because I have not properly lived there since 1998, but look forward to the manifestos too. However, I'd like them to be concise and in tight prose, rather than endless reams of twaddle.

    I agree with your comments about prioritisation of expenditure. I note your ideas about social services and to my mind it is not the only part of the civil services that needs a systemic review; much of our system is not technocratic enough.



  3. Robert seriously, your obsession with the GSD is becoming comical now. Are you honestly suggesting that the GSD has failed to deliver anything in 16 years? Are you really that bereft of any logic, sense and capacity to acknowledge the quantum leap that Gibraltar has taken in the past 15 years and can you really stand by your suggestion (as stated in past blogs) that the reason we are in such a good state economically is because of the policies implemented by the GSLP. Your mention of Culatto as if he represents or speaks for the GSD is like suggesting that Sardena, Joyce or even you, speak for the GSLP, be serious Robert.
    Here are some links that may help you in your journey to finding the truth....:)

  4. Anonymous at 12:14

    Distortion is the worst form of propaganda.

    I have never suggested that the GSD has failed to deliver anything in 16 years. I have acknowledged frequently that it has and that I have voted for them at all last 4 elections for that reason. I write about what it promised to do and has failed to do. That is fair and reasonable criticism especially if it is a subject that is core like delivering democracy. Do you deny that the GSD promised that? I asked that very question at the packed John Mackintosh Hall of PRC he promised it in his reply to me, The GSD promised it in its manifesto. It has not been delivered... so a massive failure in my eyes.

    I have never said that we are in such a good economic state because of the policies implemented by the GSLP. I have said that the GSD has built on the foundations of economic policy laid down by the GSLP. This is so in the finance centre, in tourism, in gambling and in bunkering and port services. Please list for me what new economic sector has been innovated by the GSD. I have acknowledged frequently and still do (even in this blog, which in your propagandist fashion you choose to ignore) that the GSD has brought about the stability that was required for the private sector to flourish. This is now being jeopardised by cross-frontier tobacco trade.

    You do the GSD no favours by disseminating. Your links are to the truth according to the GSD and not to an absolute truth. I will make my own judgments and come to my own views, thank you very much.

    Have a good Sunday :) and anyway i enjoy being comical ... thank you for the complement :)

  5. God I love it when you talk dirty Robert - deep down I'm crtain you are a closet GSD supporter, eventually you'll come out. Oh and you are welcome....:) One more thing, on the debt podacst, would you agree that Picardo is lying, misleading, scaremongering or simply has not got a clue about debt? Surely these issues will have an impact on your views that he should be the next CM of Gibraltar.

  6. Anonymous at 12:42

    I have given my views on the public debt at

    Those are my vieews. It is for fabian Picardo to defend his statements on it. Not for me to defend them.

    I believe that Gibraltar is too vulnerable to international factors over which we have no control to have no reserves and to rely so heavily on borrowings that do not take into account required and compulsory future (e.g. power station and sewage treatment plant) huge expenditure and the mega increase on recurrent expenditure due to past public projects that have no earning capability.

  7. I am totally disillusioned with the anti GSD stance that Llanito World is taking


    This block has now turned into another GSLP satelitte.

    Let me make it clear that I have never nor will I ever belong to any politicaL party.


    It is sad tha this is so clearly a GSD led attempt to discredit this blog but no problem. I believe in exercising my freedom to speak my views and they are MY views. I do not belong to any party either for what that statement means and whatever truth can be attributed to it.

    I will simply reply to an exact similar comment in my previous blog I(I guess it was also you) to which I replied as follows:


    I have explained this issue of independence before. Independence is born of my publishing here my honestly held opinion and not those of others. This is what I do. Sometimes they favour one party other times another. Sometimes one party adopts my views in whole or in modified form. Sometimes another party adopts them.

    There can be no other form of independence when what one is writing is ones opinion. Your accusation of "se me ve el plumero" is the very superficial tribal type of analysis that leads nowhere.

    Of course the electorate will decide. You state a truism. That truism is underpinned by each voters own opinion not whether or not "se me ve el plumero' as you childishly allege."

  9. But surely Robert with the consistent budget surplus', the increase in Govt tax revenues (now forecasted at 30% of GDP £1b) continuous growth, the fact that our debt is geared only on capital projects and investment, low unemployment, etc etc etc, plus the fact that we have survived a global economic depression; does all of this not compute in your mind as pretty spectacular. Power Plant is a PFI and will cost £130m, air terminal is already 50% paid, not sure where your concerns lie, even LSE leftists like you are in ore of our economy.

  10. Oh God Robert, are you rallying for support on Facebook now too? Maybe your mates Joyce and Sardena will jump in and offer some sensible arguments hahahahahah.

  11. Anonymous at 13:14

    Llanito World Page was the first on FB ... it has been there for well over a year :) and I do not need support: I am not standing for election. I just write my opinions :)

  12. 'silent majority' que es el silent majority del GSD who don't like the new line-up, are dismayed with the total loss of control on the pre-election spending spree and accept that little by little we are being given away to Spain but need somebody like Robert to justify your continued allegiance to the GSD despite your better judgement to vote otherwise next month?

  13. Rockhard/Silent Majority13 November 2011 at 13:24

    There you are again ! Assuming that my comments are a GSD led attack !!!

    It is not an attack on your blog in any shape or form.

    I have no links to the GSD nor any other political party nor will I ever have !

    But credit must be given where it is due.

    You have created the only blog in Gibraltar where citizens can freely express their ideas.
    For that I salute you.

  14. and we love'm Rob! You go for it dude. What are your views on the fact that the GSLP will likely end up with a team with an average age of 62 against the GSD with an average of mid 40's? GSLP the party of Ch ch ch change. Maybe you should stand, you'd reduce the average for them..:)

  15. Interesting to note the majority of GSD fanatics here are choosing to attack Robert’s perceived allegiance rather than addressing the content of his blog piece.

    Perhaps they’ve been instructed to stop trying to defend the indefensible and to instead adopt the tried and tested approach of character assassination.

    As Robert has reiterated on many occasions the GSLP have adopted the forward thinking proposals that he put forward first here in his blog, not the other way around. The GSD’s inexcusable failure to do so date is entirely their fault.

    Gents, the writing’s on the wall insofar as the election outcome is concerned...but there’s no need to throw the toys out of the pram!

    The Angry Friar

  16. Dear Robert

    The GSD has done more for Gibraltar than any other political party in Gibraltar's modern history. The facts speak for themselves. It is all there.

    I would like to say that unlike the GSLP the GSD do not call around houses saying that each member of the household owes £16000. My granny was so upset that she even went to the bank to pay back what she was told she owed. That is shameful.

    As for you Robert on the 9th December 2011 the silent majority will vote GSD and we wont here of you for another 40 months.

    Keep Trusting...

  17. okay everybody, the truth is indeed out there and you can all find it at honest its all true, no need to question anything there... otherwise you will truly go to hell as Culatto is warning.

  18. I see I have been missed.

    One cannot help but smile after reading the latest blog comments. Thank you I was having a bad day until now. :)

    I find it highly amusing to see the large amount of "apolitical" but pro-GSD (and conveniently anonymous) bloggers that have been ‘popping’ out of nowhere these days.

    I wonder if their incessant propaganda ploys are finally starting to pay off.

    Thousands spent on glossy booklets and media technology. I guess the GSD have finally started to realise that the weakest line up in the history of local politics need all the help they can get.

    PS- RV we get mentioned in the same sentence as Culatto (a religious nut) and Sardena (a person who walks around town with Anti-Caruana placards). Surely a great backhanded compliment.


  19. this special K guy is truly inspirational. se me ponen los vellos de punta. You go cornflakes, have your say.

  20. I Have to say Robert I am disappointed withe direction of this blog over recent posts.
    I cannot help but feel that u are increasingly siding withe GSLP. It's not for your criticism of the GSD that I say this. You make points, particularly on transparency of Government, that cannot be defended by them.
    However it disappoints me when you associate the beliefs of a party with those of an individual who, other than being a declared supporter you say, has no obvious or formal links withe the party. By your logic I am entitled to look to Kaylan Joyce for an indication on GSLP policy and style.
    Also I am disappointed that u have not turned your pen to consider two GSLP related matters. 1: if the debt is too big why have they not promised to cut it- all the indications are so far that the GSLP will promise substantial spend ing increases. Can I really trust a party that says one thing and does another? 2: it concerns me that a party with 7 people paid to sit in the house and read bills ., with three lawyers in their number, ALL of them failed to realise that their party had issued a press release calling for the introduction of a law that did not exist.
    It's not your place to defend a party Robert. But when such substantial failures fail to pique your interest I tell you it makes me consider your blog in different light

  21. On another note, seeing as everyone is posting their video links on LLW.

    I shall now follow suit -

    Nearly 700 hits now (in barely 4 weeks) :)

    Hate mail welcomed.


  22. Robert

    It's happened again.

    You have missed one of KJ's offensive comments yet again.

    Please note the comment he makes about Mr Cullato in brackets.

    It is totally unacceptable.

    A person's dignity must be respected above all else.

  23. Anon@14:24

    I could not agree with you more.

    Although, and I am being pedantic...:) the 7 people failed to realise that the Crimes Act included the Bribery Section 24 had already been enacted.

    As for the National Debt who are we to believe; Mr Picardo's £500.2m or Mr Bossano's £217m.

    As for GSLP spending on additional resources for the Civil Service, Commissions and Authorities etc etc without a single significant comment on the expansion of the economy OMG.

    The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same.

  24. RV,

    As usual, a good morning report and one which deserves a reply, at least on few points of view.…I will try and not spoil anyone’s Sunday Roast ;)… I must say that when I first started this comment of mine there were no other comments in place except for one. My apologies if I “re-comment” on some issues already posted. But my draft was there before others! :)

    To start off with, my apologies if I seem critical on issues and I appreciate the fact as you have well said that it is not your role to convince one way or another. Nevertheless LW provides us all, thankfully, with the platform to discuss, criticize and comment without fear, not of the establishment, but for other reasons. It also serves us well, in order to clear our mind and thoughts and even engage with others of opposing views.

    That said, my first few points are:


    “Clearly not, Mr John Culatto, a self-confessed GSD supporter, has taken it upon himself to make the most outrageous and extreme assertions. I will not waste words by repeating what he is preaching, most of you will know already.”

    Yes that is true. Mind you, to pick on this person as an example of radicalism who is completely outside the mainstream voice of the GSD party and who is unlikely to influence GSD policy is both impish and teasing whilst at the same time baiting the public into believing untruths. Quite the contrary with the GSLP of “old” where radical elements (and not necessarily ideological ones), allegedly, did have a say and did influence.

    “The Alliance is promising wholesale governmental reforms. It is promising Cabinet government. Yes it is possible that the Alliance will not deliver this but that will not be down to one person, Fabian Picardo. It will be down to a collective failure of the entire candidature of the Alliance.”

    Even now you harbour a concern and doubt that it may not deliver! Nevertheless I disagree on the point of collective failure. Yes the party will have failed if indeed it does fail. But more importantly a strong leader must be seen to exist. There must be a focal point or a figurehead that must be identified and yes blamed if things do go wrong. There also has to be a deciding vote in the collective (unless I’ve got my maths all wrong) or are we to believe that they all (I mean two different parties) sing from the same hymn sheet “all the time”. Now that is worrying! To whitewash this as a collective mistake is IMHO to abdicate responsibility.


    “If they come through as strong characters, that is the greatest safeguard to, first, avoiding rule by Fabian Picardo (so the issue of personal mistrust is mitigated) and secondly ensuring that those policies that are promised are actually delivered.”

    I have my doubts. But what if they don’t deliver or if there are differences within? The public would then be entitled to be informed who opposes the majority view within the Government. It will be after all a case of transparency and good governance!!


    “So does having the PDP with a full candidature improve democracy? Undoubtedly, in my mind, it does. ……. I have nothing but praise and respect for those who are standing as candidates for the PDP in the knowledge that the party's and each candidate's chances of success under the present electoral system is minimal.”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  25. RV,

    RV 12:55

    You mention in your reply that "we have no reserves".

    Hmmm....Surely as a statement this is not true.

    Reserves and Public Debt are two completely different things even though they are both intrisincally connected.

    Willing to debate this point with facts.

  26. Rob, you said "bring on those party manifestos, so that we can decide on policies and not solely on personalities, rumour and innuendo". Difficult to vote for individuals if we're looking at policy, which is dictated by the party - and there are sadly no individual candidates after you pulled out. I invariably agree with you on most things but think block voting will be the order of the day again.

    Anon 14:24

    "7 people paid to sit in the house and read bills with three lawyers in their number..."

    Wrong. The GSLP have two lawyers in the house, not three (the Libs also have two).

    "ALL of them failed to realise that their party had issued a press release calling for the introduction of a law that did not exist"

    Wrong again. The law did exist in the Crimes Act 2011 (hadn't been commenced) but is not a stand-alone act as it is in the UK.

  27. Anonymous at 14:23

    First I took the term as meaning fanatic. Second to be respected one must respect. Mr Culatto's pronouncement include no respect and are offensive by any standard you may wish to apply even that preached by Christ.

  28. Anonymous at 14:24

    How can you even say that. it is a bizarre view to say the least. MY blog contains MY views. It is not taking a turn anywhere. Its called freedom of expression. You need not agree with me. Could it not be that the GSLP have increasingly sided with me by adopting many of my views publicly? Think about it.

    On the subjects that you say i have not commented, you are wrong I have expressed my views in the past on all those comments. It is for the GSLP to defend its own position on them.

  29. Robert,

    So far your blog is a reflection of what politics should be,different points of view a variety of political affiliations and a constructive outlook on Gibraltar Politics.

    In recent days for some unkown reason I get the feeling that a certain group of activists from a political party running this election , are trying to undermine you and your blog.

    I believe that a variety of opinions written in a responsible and constructive manner,with respect to everyone should prevail .

    In this blog there are writters that I wholeheartly agree with and some that I completely disagree with,but mud slinging should be left to another Blog on FB.

    Unfortunalety I belive that due to your success in LLanito World a faction of activists are intent on disrupting your blog.

    I am sure your moderation will prevent this becoming " un patio de vecinos".

    Rock Ape!

    PS What did MR Cullatto say?

  30. RV,

    Ok..I will. Always willing to learn! :)

  31. RV,

    I can only go by what I read:

    "The Government’s Cash Reserves are forecast to total over £263 million at 31 March 2011"

    Net Estimated Net Public debt stood at nearly £217 million as at 31 March 2011.

    And not £500M as FP commented. Perhaps FP does need JB after all!!!

  32. RV,

    Rock Ape,

    Hear hear....

  33. As has been said umpteen times the PDP is the GSD "lite" It lacks "salero" They have completely misjudged the public mood. In the midst of everything that is happening in Gib and the world the people want change alright but not change a lo pimpi REAL CHANGE con cojones and intelligence is what we want. The whole political debate has moved and left tyhe PDP looking like a hopelessly out dated option. A week is a long time in politics and the PDP has not come up with a single new idea in 5 years.Even the GSD is undergoing an internal revolution with the removal of a number of ministers thought to be ineffective.

  34. Ano @ 14:24 says

    Yeah sorry it was a typo - I obviously meant to write that the three lawyers in the opposition (not GSLP like wow that is such an important point...not) who are paid to read the bills by the tax payer failed to do this as did the rest of the opposition. THe bill in question being just the small matter of the most important and substantial change in our criminal law for more than 40 years...."yeah Fabio think I'll just take a rain check on that one".

    Whatever you think of the GSD the DEBT question and the FAILURE to pick up the Bribery parts of the Crimes Act raise serious questions about how bothered our opposition are about doing the job they are paid to do by the tax payer.

    And you know what, that leads me into this whole question of "CHANGE". You know what there are alot ALOT of things about this GSD Government that I do not like - things they have done, things they haven't etc etc. But you know what? I think the opposition have done a far worse job.

    Flip flop on the age of consent, on the constitution - making a meal out of the public debt (perhaps GSLP you should check YOU OWN MANIFESTO FOR 2007 which is on your own website which shows that you would have increased public spending from the £220 million it is today to £360 milllion). SO WHY THE FCUK are you trying to make out that Government spending is like off the scale crazy? It PISSES ME OFF THAT YOU THINK I AM SO STUPID

    SERIOUSLY I can't trust a party that is so sneaky, is capable of trying to turn any situation for political benefit...

    Also I have heard that the opposition basically ignored Danny Feetham in parliament for 4 this true? If it is does it not MAJORLY undermine this "policy not personality" line they are not taking?

  35. Disciple X

    Those are CASH Reserves so include the unspent element of borrowings of £480,000,000, which is then double counted to tell investors in GOG Debentures that most of their money is lying safely in banks... sorry mate!

    Net debt is not a correct measure the correct measure is TOTAL debt which is £480,000,000 ... sorry mate!

    Do a simple calculation £217,000,000 plus £263,000,000 equals ... yes you guessed it .... £480,00,000 QED ...

  36. Anon 16:49

    Stupid es lo que el GSD se creen que son la gente.

    After opting to add to a novice in life (politics aside) to their line up, instead of a popular and proven minister.

    Capable and safe hands? Yes and pigs fly.


  37. "...lack of regard to fairness in the grant of ... promotion and appointments/removal from public positions". You're dead right there, Robert. This is the latest crisis to rock the GSD Government: outrage among public servants over the meteoric rise of one individual in barely five years from Grade 2 Museum PR Officer to Grade 5 / SEO on Caruana's floor at No. 6, allegedly bypassing established procedures. Even further promotion for another individual in No 6, also allegedly. Civil Servants up in arms at Caruana's interference in human resources issues.

  38. And the debentures liability is likely to have grown substantially since GoG debentures were opened out to corporates and trusts. Should have left it at individuals only. Cost us £9 million in interest payments last year. How much will it cost us next year?

  39. Nicely edited, Robert. Guess it's not admissible to mention names or family ties.

  40. What is the PeeDeePees view on the national debt issue? I think they not only do not have a clue but they have not even thought of this. Really they should stop playing politics which is a serious business.

  41. How do salary rates for an EO, HEO and the PEO compare with those of equivalent positions in the private sector?

  42. Anonymous at 17:16

    I have to be circumspect for legal reasons ... unless you can provide me with proof ...

  43. Robert@17:07


    So what you are saying is that Mr Caruana and Mr Bossano got the debt wrong at £217m and Mr Picardo also got it wrong at £500.2m.

    The £480m debt that you mention would require every depositor to withdraw their total deposit at the same time. Even then the crystalised debt would then be £480m less the £263m not spent which equals the £217m already spent.

    Mr Bossano and Mr Caruana are correct.

    Mr Picardo is wrong.

  44. Anonymous at 17:59

    Yes Fabian was wrong when he said £500,000,000.

    Mr Caruana agrees that GROSS debt is £480,000,000 but for spin purposes only refers to NET debt at £217,000,000.

    No for the £480,000,000 to be debt does NOT require every depositor to withdraw deposits. The fact that the deposits are OWED to every depositor makes it DEBT. It is not an issue of crystallised debt, not that I understand that term.

    What should NOT be done is talk of NET debt at the same time talk of having enough to pay back all pensioners with savings invested in government and use that same money to say that the NET debt is £217,000,000 ... that is double counting ... not permitted for private companies to do that.

  45. RV,

    Hmmmm.... still on my book for dummies...

    Ok... then FP is correct and JB is wrong....surprising!

    But I am confused...I did say that your comment on "Reserves" was not quite true, but you do admit that there are reserves in your own statement! I guess, that what you are more intent on is the Public Debt, which is another debate altogether.

    As regards your comment, your analysis, IMHO, is I think far too simplistic and your statement that:
    "that most of their money is lying safely in banks... sorry mate!" as if that were not the case is both patronizing to myself with a tad of scaremongering built in for small measure. But I will desist from arguing, especially with you :)

    I am for getting the full facts and arriving at my own conclusion.

    The way I see it (and I speak in simple terms because I am not an economist) I have come up with the following:

    Many of us have a mortgage which equates to Gross Public Debt.

    Some/Many of us have savings, possessions, etc which equates to reserves both in stock and cash.

    The Net Value is one minus the other. Which leaves us all with a Personal Net Debt or in Government terms is Net Public Debt.

    For the purpose of my example (and I appreciate that there are exceptions), does that stop the vast majority from going on holiday, buying the latest plasma TV, the latest mobile phone etc etc…? Hardly. The bank just wants you to meet its monthly payments. It does so because when we were given the loan the Bank will have checked our own personal recurrent income and expenditure accounts and decided we have enough surplus to pay of the loan repayments.

    In the case of the government, I imagine, there are far stricter rules before it offers big loans and I would imagine that no lending institution would go as far as lending money if it felt the Government could not afford the repayments. Equally the servicing of the Public Debt has conditions which you well expounded on in a different article and as far as I have heard or read, everything above board unless of course your suggestion is that this is not so.

    But I am sure your debate goes further than that. My perception of your comments and articles is that your main concern is the prioritisation of capital projects is and whether this Government has been over ambitious with many of its capital projects and whether that is untenable.

  46. RV,

    Gosh! its been a long day.... :)

    Time to shut up shop and crack open a nice bottel of wine... tu que dice?

    Until tomorrow....

  47. Robert@17:59


    So there it is then Mr Picardo got the debt wrong and Mr Bossano appears to have colluded with Mr Caruana for spin purposes by referring to net debt only.

  48. Disciple X

    Not trying to scaremonger. The simple poit is that the money in the bank cannot be counted both as "reserves" and and as being available as "cash cover" for pensioners' investments in Debentures. If it is "available" for the latter, it is not "available" and so should not be booked as "reserves". So, its all about how you look at it not about who is right or wrong.

    Mine is a bottle of cider ...

  49. 18:29

    where do you live? how can you say "that no lending institution would go as far as lending money if it felt the Government could not afford the repayments." do you not watch the news and heard what is happening throughout europe...maybe you only watch gsdlive!!!!

  50. Careful Vasquez you know what they say about cider and the dreaded scrumper's droop.

  51. Robert,

    The reality that Mr. Caruana did not name the airport after Sir Joshua Hassan, father of ALL OF US Gibraltarians speaks volumes about him!! A man like Mr. Caruana who will not recognise the efforts and achievements of his predecessors shows his arrogance and personal greed.

    On the other hand, what goes around comes around, and this way he can be sure no-one will ever see fit to name anything after him or his achievements either!

  52. RV,

    Anon: 00:23

    No...I have not watched GSDlive at all, believe it or not (pero ahora que lo dice, I might have a look around). I must say that I have checked out the GSLP website, if that’s any consolation!
    Might even have a look around the PDP's website.

    As regards the make a good point.

    However we are looking at our local Public Debt and not at countries which have borrowed massively (France and Germany) and overly extended credit (at a cost) to Countries out of greed and self interest.

    By the way Greece, cooked its books to show less of a deficit than what they really had in order to receive more credit.

    “In January, an EU report condemns "severe irregularities" in Greek accounting procedures. Greece's budget deficit in 2009 is revised upwards to 12.7%, from 3.7%, and more than four times the maximum allowed by EU rules.”

    And now Italy: check out

    My understanding therefore is, and my economics is rather poor, that Italy too had a very high level of Debt.

    This is not the case in Gibraltar, as far as I can tell unless you know otherwise. The level of the Public Debt is still low in relative terms and so far manageable.

    The main issue that has been raised here in LW so far, is whether GoG can service the Public Debt repayments and/or whether the Public Debt is this amount or that amount. So far we seem to have come to the conclusion, that it is a matter of interpretation and that neither is wrong (RV’s last comment I think).

    Another matter is whether GoG is entitled to raise the level of Debt for the purposes of its projects and whether those projects are warranted or needed.

  53. RV 17:33 Just call the GGCA on 76930 or email and they will confirm.

  54. If the FB Politics group is anything to go by there seems to be a lot of p1ssed off GSLP'ers out there following selection rumours for the GSLP lineup.

    I guess this is what happens if you go around promising EVERYONE the moon and the sun - inevitably you end up not delivering and you annoy people.

    ALso to the commentator above that was hinting that the comments on this blog are orchestrated. I think you are wrong. I think what happens is that as we approach the election people start to divide down party lines and become more polarised.
    People they didn't feel at all GSD sympathetic 6 months ago start to know what, its not that bad and/or I hate it when people make socially bankrupt promises like "jobs-for-all-no-matter-how-useless-you-are"...

  55. Not a good GSLP line up Bruzon, Balban and Sacramento are light weights. Me thinks that the machiavellic Picardo and Licudi.

  56. TERRIBLE decisions by the GSLP executive!!! What are they thinking?

    Balban has no place in the line-up especially not over Marilou borge and Joe cortes.

  57. What a disappointment it would be if the fb rumours about the gslp line up are true, the GSLP have shot themselves in the foot if these people are really going to be the line up. My GSLP dream team would be Picardo, Licudi, Cortes, Guerrero, Bruzon, Borg and Torres, the 3 members of the liberals which are standing provide enough experience to balance things out and allow for a few more newbie candidates who are very respected in our community to be standing with the GSLP.

  58. RV,

    In a nutshell!

    Sentado en su trono mirando y vigilando
    Hacienda su trabajo, con mucho cautela.
    Preocupado recibe a su agente, que le dice,
    “Senor senor la gente se rebela”.

    Con gesto sombrio y mirada atenta,
    Pregunta con interes de manera clara.
    “¿Porque gritan y gritan sin cesar
    a caso les dado razon para llorar?”

    “No Senor, es que piden mas y mejor,
    porque aquel joven y ilustre senor,
    ofrece caramelos de intenso sabor
    Y ofertas coloridas con mucho amor”.

    “Es mas, aquel otro ofrece licor,
    diciendo que lo suyo es mejor.
    ¿Que debo hacer ilustre senor,
    para acabar con esto y tanto rencor?”

    “Dirles que lo que ofrezco es bueno,
    de sabor delicioso y duradero.
    Dirles que confien en mi pasado
    y no en promesas que aparentan falso”.

  59. Anonymous at 13:01

    If rumours are true what I warned against in my piece has indeed happened. Dear oh dera words like kamikaze and grasping defeat from the jaws of victory come to mind.

    When will the GSLP learn it is not about THEM it is about GIBRALTAR!

    It could not be worse ...

  60. In my excitement I forgot to finish my post of 12.12 which should have read "Not a good GSLP line up Bruzon, Balban and Sacramento are light weights. Me thinks that the machiavellic Picardo and Licudi WANT TO LOSE" Sorry.

  61. What a joke.

    I hope the rumours are not true.



  62. RV,

    Can someone enlighten me as to the GSLP lineup?

    or direct me to a website....missing my radio now :(

  63. I am fuming Robert!!

    Talk about messing it up!!

    I hope the rumours are not true.


  64. RV,

    GBC....the announcement is tonight.

    Are you all getting ahead of yourselves? o sabeis mas que los ratones colorados?

  65. What are the rumours you guys are talking about?

  66. Anyone care to tell us what the rumours are?

  67. THE GSLP better stop using their 'how could they get rid of Vinet when he was the 2nd most popular' card pronto!

    How could THEY put BALBAN back in when HE was left out been one of the least popular candidates at the 2007 elections? I don't get it.

    Oro y Moro

  68. An Ominibus says:

    If these unconfirmed reports are true then I despair of our politicians' capabilities to make wise decisions. First Vinet, now Guerrero ? Madness. Absolute madness.

  69. Anything the GSLP/libs puts forward must be better than the Caruana misspend misspend misspend one man show.

    Caruana v Mickey Mouse - the latter gets my vote.

  70. There are many smiling faces ;) among the high earning lawyers in the Alliance candidature today. Caruana is set to win his 5th election and even the Peedeepee is now in with a chance. Picardo could not have thrown in the towel with less style :)I disagree with anon at 13.11 this is not Machiavelli it is vintage Black Adder.

  71. 14:06 I used to think the same when it seemed the GSLP was going to be about genuine change this time around. Now not so much.



  72. I really dont think it makes a difference who Picardo puts in his line up, ya puede poner a 9 monos que they will ALL get in.Gibraltar will never change people never win elections here the other guy loses them and if you go around Gib and speak to eveyone (like I do) they will all tell you that Caruana has had it.
    The Airport was supposed to be the clincher for Caruana but it has really turned out to be the last nail in the coffin.If they switch it on , as they tried twice last week, Gib loses its lights!The undecided majority want change and if after everything the GSD have done in the past 12 months they still cannot get ahead or even in the polls it tells you.... que se acabo, these are the last days of the GSD Caruana reign.

  73. RV,

    Any chance of someone letting the rest know who the lineup is?

  74. 14:46

    As one of the undecided, my friends and I are in agreement when we say that it seems the GSLP intends to be offering...more of the same.

    As lamentable as some of the decisions the GSD have made during this last term of office are, I and others don't feel the need to take the risk of electing "the old guard" back into office.



  75. I am a proud Gibraltarian and like many of my compatriots am fed up with Peter Caruana but Fabian Picardo had the opportunity of presenting a credible line up and he has blown it sky high. It is not fair to say that his team are Mickey Mouse characters or comparing them to monos but they are not the best that the GSLP could have come up with. For may reasons I have always doubted that Fabian Picardo really wanted to be Chief Minister. He inhabits a world of high level international multi million $ legal business which most of us have no idea of. I agree with the person who wrote that the line up is a sign that FP does not want the office at 6 Convent Place. Anyone who does not read the signs is a wilfully blind and sells the Gibraltarian people cheap. Today is a bad day for democracy. Cynicism has prevailed over political honesty. I feel sorry for those of us who had intended to vote for the Alliance. What a disgrace!

  76. Rumours are unconfirmed , will wait till tonight for the final outcome. But the Gslp should be aiming at the undecided voter with candidates that are strong .

    We will still have to wait a bit more,

    Rock Ape!

    Desciple x wats up with the poem in Spanish. An answer to mine?

  77. RV

    Rockape 15:10 esta tan bien como el tuyo....anyway just hought I'd lighten the mood a bit....que te parecio?

  78. Robert

    I have said it before: "The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same".

  79. If the rumours are true,the gslp still have time to correct what appears to be a decision taken by the executive,through a democratic process.
    If the decision has to be ratified by the membership,I hope the member have the sense to think about the greater picture and not what appears to be a " voto por mis colegas" del executive approach.
    ..................y al mismo tiempo.........carry the liberals!

  80. " If you change the way you look at things,you change the way they look "

  81. The difference with this election and previous elections is that throughout the early years of the GSD the preoccupation was with the joint sovereignty threat. Remember that the GSD won the last election by a whisker. The electorate is pondering and focusing on the domestic affairs and the stifling style of the PRC government.

    The economy - change is necessary because of the way the economy is being MISMANAGED. More of the same heavens forbid!

    PRC has made some dodgy decisions in wasting millions as has been said ad nauseam but let us not forget - the theatre royal, the hospital that costs millions of pounds a year TO RENT with no provision for extra beds, the airport (and running costs), mismanagement of housing projects, not providing the “additional residential home” at the old St Bernard’s hospital which has not materialized - another broken promise. How can anyone trust PRC que no hace mas que meter la pata una y otra vez??!!!

    Need I go on stating the obvious - in fact it’s quite frightening to think of what FP might “inherit” with so much left undone.

    PRC style of government – if citizens live in fear of retribution isn’t that dictatorship?

    Someone has commented previously on “a sense of ease that the GSD has provided” - what to be oppressed?? Glad to see that someone at least has not been at the receiving end of the PRC style of government.

    And there are still the millions the airport tunnel will cost. Are we going to entrust another spanish firm, to ingratiate ourselves with the spaniards with yet another project when everything they’ve built has leaked.

    Que miedo

    Change for the sake of it – you bet.

  82. Ay Ay Ay the GSD misinformation bureau at it again.

    The line up for the GSLP has not been selected yet.

  83. I just cannot see Caruana gettiing in again the elctorate really really want to punish his ROBUST arrogance and his mismanagement of our economy.
    He has failed on Spain, losing our waters during his watch and agreeing to Joint-Use of the airport, he has failed with the UK realationship wanting to be officially above the Governor and even asking people to stand up for him and he has failed democratically creating a Gibraltar, that is now that they see the end of him, standing up to be counted.
    If I am right we are going to see a hammering with Holiday, Azopardi and Figueras out of Parlaiment y Caruana trailing ALL the fully elected 10 GSLP candidates si no...ya veras!

  84. anon at 16.54 I hope you are right because I was about to start writing Fab's poltical epitaph and one for the series of the world's shortest books: "The political career of Fabian "Piki" Picardo".

  85. It looks as if the newly formed GSD online stormtroopers are out if force, there must be a lot of worried people in the GSD College Lane Headquarters.I can understand it thou, the moment the line-up is announced by the GSLP you are looking at the people who are going to be jointly governing Gibraltar for us.Gone will be the days of everything being clogged up at Number 6 for MR Decision Man to approve and in comes a democratic process with Chief Minister Picardo at the helm.

  86. Anon 16:54, it has. Please do not insult our intelligence.Parading them in front of a crowd of GSLP members too afraid to speak out against the executive doesn't mean that others (like Marilou confirmed) have already been told they have not been chosen.Many are unhappy, many will not speak out. The world continues to turn.

    It's a stupid decision and there's no going back for the GSLP. Bad move.

  87. RV,

    Well I suppose I will have to wait since no one seems to want to volunteer any info!

    Anyway RV, without wanting to antagonize anyone nor yourself, I'm wondering whether you may have let something slip by saying:-

    "When will the GSLP learn it is not about THEM it is about GIBRALTAR!

    Maybe its nothing.... but I have heard that before.

  88. Disgruntled GSLP supporter14 November 2011 at 17:39

    Bad would be the understatement of the century pisha!!! anon 17:16

  89. Actually comparing the Executive process of the GSD and GSLP commitee tells us a lot about both parties.The GSD executive meet discuss the selection process oust the second most voted man and then suddenly, so the rumour goes, there is no recount and Caruana walks away ith the votes in his hand!.The GSLP democratically select their candidates, do not sware to secrecy those who have not been selected and then offer their membership the opportunity to support or object to the particular candidate.
    Give me the democratic process in the GSLP any day and keep the one man and his band approach of the GSD.
    The good thing about it is that the whole of Gib can tell the difference and thus the GSD cannot compete because the whole Party has been kidnapped by Caruana for too long and once he lets go le va a pasar lo que le paso al AACR it will desintegrate and the biggest beneficiary will be Azzopardi si se quita a Arrogant Nick del medio thou.

  90. Desciple X ,

    Amazed we could write a poem in spanish of that calibre when our spanish education was prior to the Instituto Cervantes.
    Imagine what we could come up with should we enroll in courses at the Instituto.

    Rock Ape!

    PS Today is not over yet!

  91. For f*ck's sake it is not a stupid decision. It is the only decision that Piki and Liquid could have come to to ensure that they are not elected to goveernment. Wake up guys!

  92. Just been sent a copy of the flyer Mr Cullato was handing out on Saturday in Main Street.
    I would gladly copy his political manifesto(to call it something)
    Could any GSD supporter in this blog inform me if those are the reasons why I should vote GSD???

    Rock Ape!

    Its worth a read for a laugh LOL

  93. RV,

    Rock Ape habia pensao en

    Maybe we could get an Anthology going on LW.. y un competition con premio incluido... o empezar un partido nuevo.... GPP (Gibraltar Poetic Party).....Mind you RV may not approve!! Lleva una cruz con esto de la politica que vaya ;)

  94. Anon @18.15 "Could any GSD supporter in this blog inform me if those are the reasons why I should vote GSD???" Just look at the GSLP line up Bruzon, Balban, &&&& Ms. Sacramento!!! LOL

  95. RV,

    Rock Ape

    Pointless and a vain attempt at cynicism. Nobody really believes that guy.

    Sometimes even believers have to tolerate non-believers. Happens with all parties.

    (Before I'm jumped upon que se sepa que hasta ahora I am undecided, despite what some may want to believe. Mind you, como RV, un voto se lo lleva Isobel)

  96. Dear Robert

    I have heard today that the GSLP have elected, Paul Balban, Samantha Sacramento and John Cortes as their 3 remaining candidates.

    For my part I was until today an undecided voter, however, after learning of the GSLP line up I will be voting GSLP save that (the same as the 2007 election) I will not be voting AGAIN for Paul Balban.

    I am happy to see Samantha Sacramento and John Cortes. I was dreadiing to see Brenda Torres. Well done GSLP executive my 9 votes go to you.

  97. "It looks as if the newly formed GSD online stormtroopers are out in force. There must be a lot of worried people in the GSD College Lane Headquarters." Actually, they're meeting daily at an undisclosed private office outside the town area, not College Lane HQ. The GBC cameras haven't discovered where they're meeting yet.

  98. I am also an undecided voter but to frank to everyone the GSD line-up is not very encouraging and offers more of the same, young impressionable inexperienced poiticians being dictated to by Peter Caruana.
    If it is true that the two Cortes brothers and a Dietician called Balban have been selected I would prefer these three to the GSD three in a time of crisis, at least they are mature individuals who have had an effect on Gibraltar whilst the GSD three are unknown, young and inexperienced.There can only be one choice for a brighter Gibraltar...GSLP.

  99. Disciple X@18:40

    Until the GSLP line up is officially announced on GBC at 8.30 tonight could you not publish the tasting notes on the Chablis that you imbibed a few nights ago.

    If you do, I promise to publish my tasting notes on the bottle of Chateaux Latour 1961 that I casually knocked back yesterday; as I tend to do every Sunday.


    If you do not post this comment I can understand. You are a mere cider drinker.

  100. As per usual it makes no diffrence to me nor indeed most of Gibraltar who is selected in the GSLP line-up, this election is about characters and style of government and there are really only two characters to deal with.Do we want Caruana or Picardo to lead Gibraltar.Block voting will kick in and because Carauna and Holiday have become so unpopular their count will affect the GSD line-up and the GSLP with their traditional block vote will kick in and give the elections to Picardo. We will soon see the Panorama Poll and I am sure it will reflect a 10 or 15% lead for the GSLP, a lead that will leave no room for mistakes as the swing will be too big for the GSD to surmount.

  101. I do not know what the GSLP line up is but if they have left out people like Mariluz Guerrero good for them, that makes them more trustworthy in my eyes.


    People have very short memory in this Gibraltar of ours. In her role as Chairperson of Small Business she was certainly not very much in favour of workers rights.

    A Socialist.

    PS. I am off to the GSLP meeting.

  102. Can any GSD supporter confirm that the Airport has suitable electricity supply? Can he/she also confirm that if the airport is switched on to max capacity Gibraltar will not loose its power?.Another rushed project with disastrous consequences worthy of a Monty Python Sketch.
    The people of Gibraltar are not stupid they may be complacent but not stupid, the airport and the Gibi bykes are blatant attepmts at deluding everyone into a sense of well being that dosent exist.
    The Chronic meanwhile in true Chronic Style reports today that the response has been overwhelming to the Gibi Bykes or words to that effect and then mentiions that 300 people have signed on! 300 GSD supporters I am sure but how can 300 out of a population of 30.000 be a success? wake up Dominiques Serle lets have some objective reporting and well balanced letter writing.

  103. Is Culatto a member of the GSD Executive? IN what capacity does he represent the GSD? is he allowed to campiagn for Peter Caruana?

  104. The close-up on the picture of Bossano in GBC's current broadcast whilst the reporter was talking about the leader of the opposition "Fabian Picardo" was incredible.

  105. Anonymous at 20:45

    I noticed that ... it begs a question. Mistake or purposeful propaganda in favour of the GSD and the PDP? Sorry GBC you cannot afford to make such fundamental mistakes ...

  106. Entre el GBCy la Chronic estamos listo , ya lo que falta es que el moderator de el leaders debateon GBC sea Paquito Oliva !El GSD esta listo y no lo salva nadie bro.

  107. I liked the bit in the news on remembrance Sunday, when the Governor arrives and pushes PRC to one side. Check out the look in his face. Priceless...!!!

  108. Explains the line up though RV.


  109. Its seems as if the rumours were true, Caruana must be rubbing his hands together with delight, he is back in the game. Well done Picardo and the GSLP executive, you have just thrown away an election, the PDP are looking more and more appealing every day.

  110. Paul Balban got 30 votes less than Linares of the Liberals. He did not get elected because the PDP passed on their surpluss votes to the Liberals.

    He drives a taxi, but and a big BUT has two degrees.

    Why does he drive a taxi?

    Because in this Gibraltar of ours jobs are taken by outsiders and our local youth when they come back from university find that they are unable to exercise their professions.

    I will certainly vote for Balban. He is an honest, hardworking lad, who drives a taxi to maintain his family. What more can I ask of an MP if he gets elected.

  111. It's been confirmed now.

    A complete and utter disaster. The GSLP were hard pressed to mess up their line-up in a bigger way than the GSD had with theirs, but somehow they managed to pull it off.

    They deserve to lose.

  112. I am appalled by the choice of GSLP candidates. Picardo what the hell are you playing at!

  113. Same ol same ol

    2 new candidates and the same losing team.


    Were not that stupid piki.

  114. RV,

    Anon 19:36

    Lol...I'm impressed and I applaud you.... But you tease me unkindly... A bottle of Chateaux Latour 1961. Wow!!! And to boot, you say you casually knocked it back yesterday, as you tend to do every Sunday.

    How can I possibly notes would fair unsatisfactory with your own.

    Enjoy :)

  115. No objections and no complaints to the line-up?


  116. This election is quickly turning into a joke. Just seeing the lineups its sad that the electorate doesnt have a proper selection from which to choose the people to govern Gibraltar.

    More lawyers, glorified assistants, taxi drivers, ex teachers, the unemployed .... YAWN ....

    From the 30 candidates I can safely say that not more than 4 or 5 have the required skills or experience as managers to handle a ministry. How many have had any work experience outside the sheltered environment of Gibraltar?

    We need the best to take Gibraltar forward not those either looking to feed their ego or those waiting for the 80k (or even better the 20k in opposition). Gibraltar deserves better than this.

    Sad days.

  117. Panorama online had breaking news earlier tonight that GSLP executive selected John Cortes, Balban and Sacramento.

  118. Please reconsider your decision not to stand as an independent Robert, the line-ups for all the major parties leave a lot to be desired and it seems unlikely that whoever gets voted in will bring a real change to Gib politics.

  119. RV,

    The Bar Council might just as well put up team the way things are going...

    Gosh! I dread to think what Parliament is going to sound like! Will they ever agree on anything?

    JK.... :)

  120. Robert

    Can i just say for all on your blog to read that 'Xorris Miveras' is the BEST pseudonym EVER put on this blog. It cracks me up!!!

    Xorris I salute you. Following this blog, your choice of name has carried me through bad Mondays and bankrupt Fridays. Your name isvingenious hahaahahaha

  121. It seems Anon 22:08 is right I'm afraid.

    The odds of Picardo having his way with a cabinet driven government are slim to none considering the seemingly pervading influence of the old guard in the GSLP.

    The Angry Friar

  122. Yes Robert PLEASE STAND Gibraltar needs you!

  123. Robert

    I am sure I speak on behalf of silent Gibraltar, please reconsider and form a party of national unity to oust both the gsd and gslp/libs. Only someone of your calibre together with 9 other like minded individuals can you present a challenge to the parties contesting this election.

    We await your decision...

  124. If Picardo and the GSLP have taken this long to come up with this team of change I feel I've been taken for a ride, big time.... Que cachundeo ! They haven't been able to be a decent opposition CHANGE was Picardo talking about ? He raised expectations big time, for this........ Ohoo

  125. We need a change. We cannot see change with the PDP or GSLP/LIBS. Robert would you form a party of like minded persons to contest this election.

    Food for thought

  126. Can anyone confirm but wasnt ms sacamento involved with the PDP as was John "green fingers" Cortes ?

  127. Robert, your blog has been constructive to Gibraltar Politics... It has pushed the GSD to change, and I thought that Picardo would have used his great opportunity to come up with a good and refreshing lineup of competent people with a new way of politics.... What on earth are they thinking ??? What a joke !

  128. RV,

    Had enough.....Going back to my Muga 2006(discounted in Morrison's by the way...Bless them!!)

  129. Anon at 22.00 - since you seem to be so clever why haven't YOU put your name forward as a candidate.

    All of those who have put themselves in the firing line of politics have already earned my respect.

    If lineups are anything to go by surely the GSLP/Libs have the stronger team.

    Roll on election day - a block vote for change

  130. A good outcome would be the FP & co in government and PDP in opposition.

  131. To all those who are asking me to reconsider and find 9 like-minded persons to stand for election, I am afraid it is impossible when everyone remains anonymous ... but if I am contacted there are 3 days to get it together ...

  132. Anon 23.05 - Stronger team? At least half of the GSD are "electable" from the GSLP-Panorama team solo Licudi se salva. The GSLP had the chance to elect a leader to take it to the future, they missed that chance, now they have missed the chance to select an electable slate.

  133. Now that all the line ups are known , could we please stop bickering on individuals and concentrate on the important issues. Issues that really matter to the electorate and policies that will either win or lose elections.
    I for one, don`t care if a candidate is likeable , goodlooking or goes to work in a bicycle.
    I am not surprised to see the increase in traffic on this blog since the GSLP line up was unofficially announced on the net.
    I belive that under the anonymity this blog provides to the writers, many are hiding behind this to try and gain political points for their prefered party in this election.

    Rock Ape! is off to sleep after a rollercoaster day in gibraltar politics.

  134. Anon 23.46 - In Gibraltar we vote for individuals. We have 10 votes to votes for ten people. We don't vote for political parties, therefore it is vital that we discuss the candidates not the parties. Not everyone is going to be brainwashed with the "vote for the ten" rubbish.

  135. People vote for people and not policies.

    It is what it is Rock Ape.


  136. Rob what do you think:
    Picardo, Bossano, Licudi, Garcia, Costa, Caruana, Feetham, Ellul, Reyes, Azopardi.

  137. I cannot believe what the GSLP membership has rubber stamped tonight. Talk about laughing in the face of the electorate.

    Are we supposed to believe that this line up is the best that the GSLP can offer the people of Gibraltar? Why have the high calibre candidates (Dr Cortes excepted) that made themselves available for selection been totally ignored? Why has the GSLP persisted with candidates who have made little to no impression in this last Parliament?

    It looks to me as if the GSLP is taking the outcome of the coming General Election for granted. Instead of genuinely going for the strongest possible "Dream Team" line up from an enviable pool of high quality candidates they have instead settled on relative mediocrity.

  138. Change. Real Change. Short Changed.

  139. anda como esta el GSD tonight!

    Feeling threatened perhaps?

    Somebody said (too many posts to remember which one) that the GSLP would be "Parading them in front of a crowd of GSLP members too afraid to speak out", that's hilarious... you have obviously never been to a GSLP meeting before, have you?

    If there was any doubt, and I say if because a few comments on facebook fuelled by the Hermanisima and her side-kick the apolitical union representative does not a revolt make, as to the line-up, the moment each candidate got up and individually addressed the members, all doubts were removed and the party was united and strong behind Fabian and his team.

    So, I am very sorry GSD gang, it is a great line-up and you underestimate them at your peril, but feel free to do so because when you meet them in debate, your ineptness will be all the funnier to watch.

  140. Changing two candidates doesn't seem to match up to Change hype we have been feed for the last 6 months. But having decided to keep all current MPs I guess there was only three places to play with. So who won the day? Not who are the candidates but who won Bossano or Picardo? Well - seems clear to me ir was Bossano.
    Balban, GSLP stalwart very much the Bossano boy, part of 2007 Bossano led line up, back in despite failing at the polls last time round.
    Sam Sacramento, granddaughter of one of the founders of the GSLP, from a traditional GSLP family and barely on speaking terms with PIcardo.
    Cortes. Supposedly the vanguard of the new GsLP lite, still wiping PDP off his shirt, now looking like the remnants of GSLP lite.
    Summary PIcardo 1 Bossano 2

    Of Course its more likely Bossano 8 PIcardo 2 if u count the fact that the remainder
    Of the GSLP boys are Bossano men.

  141. Anon 23:46
    Speak for yourself,I still remember on the leaders debate, night before the 2007 election.A GSD executive member in the audience telling MR Martinez, who so bravely fought his corner,that he would vote for him,but the block voting did not allow him to do so.
    I do however agree that a high % of the electorate vote mostly block but reserve a few votes for the considered best.
    Man for man or woman to woman,as the PDP has put it........ the GSLP still tops the options,and this will be apparent on the GBC debates,who in his right mind would sit opposite DR John Cortes and debate the environment?
    Selwyn? chance......Nick?.....que no sabe ni donde esta Laguna estate.
    Feetham con Licudi.......esa seria una buena!
    Look forward to debating the manifestos here on LW.
    Just occured to me that the spanish media will now start calling Dr John................EL CORTE INGLES.hahahahah
    Don't know why Cullato is worked up;the 8th December is a holly day of obligation,a day when Angel Farrel will announce the birth of a new government and we shall all have a happy christmas!

  142. Robert, you disappoint me.

    You have spent months and months telling us that it is all about the policies and not the personalities.

    Si? o No?

    and then the first thing you go and do when you hear the GSLP line-up is to give up on them without even hearing them out.

    I think you should give them a chance before judging them so harshly. Maybe you should wait for the manifestos and for their performances in debates, etc and then give you can give an informed opinion on them.

  143. First let me congratulate you Robert for having the conviction to speak your mind on this blog, it is a breath of fresh air. It's what we needed in our self-imposed 4-year dictatorship!

    I say self-imposed because a people deserve the politicians they elect. And yet people are afraid of change, it's human nature, but change has to take place for any society to develop. We have to take this opportunity to make that change. When we decide how to vote, it's not the people but the policies that should sway our judgement. The GSD have no policies, they never had, who are their party members, when do they hold AGM's, when do they elect their executive? they got elected because the GSLP lost the elections and have been lucky since to barely hold on to power. But the real power lies in each one of us that holds a vote to make that change.

    A lot has been said about substance, or the lack of it, what have the GSD done, what have they failed to do, this is indeed important, but more importantly is the style of governance, what is the style that the GSD have developed in 15 years? shouldn't we care about transparency, accountability, independence of the judiciary, proper financial management, relations with UK, appeasement of Spain, nepotism and cronyism, stifling of civil-servants, brow-beating of heads of departments, macro-management down to the colour of chairs in Casemates, these are the issues that should be put on the balance. I will put my trust in FP to deliver, and to prove that he will lead a government of cabinet decisions, and if he lets me down in four short years he will be answerable, and to those who think PRC is indispensable I will remind of the poem by S W Kessinger

    "Sometime when you’re feeling important;
    Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
    Sometime when you take it for granted
    You’re the best qualified in the room,

    Sometime when you feel that your going
    Would leave an unfillable hole,
    Just follow these simple instructions
    And see how they humble your soul;

    Take a bucket and fill it with water,
    Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
    Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining
    Is a measure of how you’ll be missed.

    You can splash all you wish when you enter,
    You may stir up the water galore,
    But stop and you’ll find that in no time
    It looks quite the same as before.

    The moral of this quaint example
    Is do just the best that you can,
    Be proud of yourself but remember,
    There’s no indispensable man."

    Come polling day we'll see what the electorate decide, whether it will be each ones self-serving interests or a vote for the greater good of Gibraltar, if you believe like me in the latter then in this case style must prevail over substance.

  144. Many candidates at this election recall the people who turn up in the early rounds of the X Factor . The big beasts of politics the law and business have given up from standing for poltical office. Piki and Lucidi are working hard not to get into govt. At this rate JJ Holliday will become the elder statesman of Gib politics. Think about it Gibraltar finally twinned with Hicksville Tenessee and Lepe.

  145. Dr John "let the apes breed" cortes .....

    If we had issues with the apes now tu ya veras, we will be seeing them at morrisons soon.

    Lets Go Ape!

  146. Anon 01.25- Elections should indeed be about policies and not individuals. The problem is that Gibraltar requires the best possible candidates for policies to be executed efficiently, fairly and correctly over the long term.

    This particular GSLP line up is a rehash of previously failed slates. It therefore does not represent the best that the party could have offered Gibraltar and is merely a repeat of what has been rejected previously.

  147. if anyone thought that the GSLP had left the bad old days behind, think again. this was an opportunity to break away from the past, to prove to the electorate that the GSLP had learnt its lessons, had moved on, modernised and progressed by bringing in new faces- people with experience and clout unconnected to bad policy decisions. But no, same slate as before! what a disappointment. Robert you must be feeling totally let down. you wanted change, and inspired us into believing it was within reach...and now?

    Have the GSLP with their lineup forced us back to the block voting we all love to hate?

  148. Anon 01:02

    If it pleases you to believe that I am a GSD supporter then go right ahead, sleep well, don’t toss and turn any longer.

    The reality is that I am an undecided voter.

    I am an undecided voter who would NEVER contemplate voting for Bossano or his henchmen, but yet I was also fed up of Caruana’s autocratic style of running things. I was ready to pull the trigger on the PDP in this election but then…

    …along comes Fabian Picardo, now the bold leader of the GSLP! Promising real chage, real reforms, a cabinet driven government made up of “the best candidates the party has to offer”! I unashamedly bought into the hype based on the standard of candidature that was seemingly on offer.

    What followed yesterday was a monumental let down.

    Paul Balban is one of the best candidates the party has to offer? With all due respect to the man comparing him to some of the other possible names considering his poor effort in the last election is frankly insulting to the electorate as a whole.

    To this voter, and others, it smacks of the same GSLP old boys club attitude wherein Bossano has all the power and has all the say in the party. It seems Picardo’s role is that of a figure-head spouting “change” so as to try and charm the undecided voter. Bossano knew full well that his GSLP block vote would remain unabashedly loyal.

    I know EXACTLY how GSLP meetings work, especially the one where the executive does indeed parade their chosen candidates to the GSLP members whilst giving their spiel about how these candidates are the best of the best. I know for a fact that there were MANY who did not approve of the line-up, and it was even picked up on by the GBC reporters outside John McIntosh Hall. Why then didn’t they speak up in the meeting? The same reason they asked for their identities to be kept anonymous.

    They are afraid of the consequences of speaking out against the executive’s decision in the event that Bossano and HIS gang do get into power.

    If you want to believe I am a GSD supporter who is trying to play deceptive games, again, go right ahead. The reality is though that there are MANY who are let down with this transparent display of authority by Bossano and there are MANY who are no longer buying into Picardo’s assertion that the GSLP is now being run by him.

    It is with GREAT reluctance that I will be voting for Caruana. The man for all his faults has steered Gibraltar in a respectable manner, even if he is an autocratic so and so. I would like to vote PDP but I see now that the risk in my eyes of going back to the way in which Gibraltar was run by Bossano is too great (there’s no way things will go back to the Winston era, but I have no doubt that Bossano will have his say in MANY matters). Voting PDP is unfortunately a wasted vote.

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

    Bossano came close to succeeding in that regard.

  149. Rob, any reaction by you to Mr E Teuma's letter in Saturday's Chronic (12.11.11; 'A question of lights') where he refers to you as "illuminated" / "illuminati"?

  150. Picardo - Caruana
    Bossano - Feetham
    Garcia - Holliday
    Licudi - Bossino
    Bruzon - Netto
    Linares - Reyes
    Costa - Figueras
    Sacramento - Azzopardi
    Cortes - Ellul - Hammond
    Balban - Del Agua

    Put them up in debate and see who wins the rounds.....As far as I can see the GSD are not even in the races. What is refreshing to see that even the GSD hardcore admit that many of the GSLP candidates that did not make the final line-up were quality material, that must mean that even the GSLP 'B' Team is better than what the GSD has to offer. Surprising that no-one has even cared to mention who was left out of the GSD line up except of course Fabian Vinent. Who were the others?, does anyone know?, does anyone care?

    Knowing that we have the likes of Marie-lou Guerrero, Brenda Torres, Joe Cortes, Norbert Borge, Alan Asquez and many others behind the decision making of the executive shows the real depth and strength of the party....Something that is obviously lacking in the one man egocentric show which the GSD sadly represent.

    Food for thought!

  151. Highly amusing to see all the flops (family’s/loved ones of politicians) squabbling about the line-ups of facebook last night, fingers crossed that soon the character assassinations will be over and policies can begin to be properly discussed.

  152. It makes no sense to complain about the line-up if Fabian P had imposed his choice of candidated to the Party we would have a mark 2 Caruana in our hands which no one wants instead we have a line up selected by the Executive and then ratified by the Party members in an open meeting of the Party.Is Balban the right man? maybe not, but all the GSLP need to get into Govt is 9 people so my view is still that the GSLP will form the next Govt.I am still undecided on how to vote so until I have a good read of the Manifestos I will not make up my mind.

  153. Being analytical about the oncoming Elections we have the GSLP with their dedicated block vote of memebers and cronies, add to these people the Caruana haters and its a huge amount of people, the GSD with its smaller block vote and hangers on with financial muscle thou and now the PDP with a full slate.The PDP carry at least two ex pats so no family ties there, the PDP also carry three members whose families etc would have voted in a PDP-less world for the GSD , Keith, Nick and Gigi the rest of the PDP candidates ? no idea.
    End result the PDP will hurt the GSD more than it will hurt the GSLP and may even be the cause of the GSLP getting their 10 Candidiates into Govt.

  154. watch out there are some very sharp political 'knives' online.

    europe's finances are the worst since ww2 and here we spend every penny. where's the healthy return from all these huge public projects?

    what's the master economic plan to repay £500, 000 of public debt? haven't we wasted enough? where has priority spending gone?

    have all the economic eggs hatched? what's next?

    why put personalities above critical issues?

    & TO WIN AT ANY COST (!!!)?

    are there any serious voters in this town?

    do they want serious answers to serious questions from serious politicians?

    or is it happy go lucky or happy hour yet again with obliging political personalities?

  155. PDP expats? - that really annoys me. Did they close the door on being Gibraltarian in 1969? Everyone in Gibraltar came from somewhere - 2 years ago, or 200 years ago. Some of those who turned up 200 years ago, rule us from Sotolandia - what do you prefer a GiriGibo who lives (physically and metaphorically) in Gib - or a LlaniPosho who lives in Soto?

    To those people who are saying the GSLP line up still wins when compared man to man with the GSD. Maybe it does / maybe it doesn't. I think the POINT is that when somebody harps on about CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE for 6 months and then it turns out he doesn't even control the party he "leads" then you think weno, what does CHANGE actually mean? Bossano still rules the roost. That's not to say the GSLP can't win - they almost did in 2007 with pretty much the same team. But its goodbye landslide ...

  156. Anon 10:50

    The line-up was blatantly chosen by Caruana Version 1.0.


  157. You sound like a blunt knife Anon 11:04.

    There's a reason the GSLP have not touched the economic side of Gibraltar in any debate aside from Picardo's embarrassing scaremongering podcast with regards to the debt.

    It's because we're doing incredibly well.

  158. Yes we are doing incedibly well and:

    we have a £100 Million Airport which we dont need
    We have Bicycles that are rotting in the rain
    We have spain boasting of the fact they now have Joint-use of the airport
    We have Spain officialy claiming our waters and the EU accepting this
    We have a Chief Minister who has lost touch with reality
    BUT we are doing incredibly well,come on wake up its all about to change for the better.

  159. I agree Paco.

    Furthermore I believe the not so new line up has completely destroyed Picardos credbility as a leader.

    I think those with an objective mindset will see the very obvious.

    Change what change exactly? 2 new members and one of them a Bossano fan. The old guard seems to be very much alive.

    The thought of Bossano and Perez at Gibraltar helm makes me quiver. I am not sure if I want to swap one dictatorship for another. But if Peter gets in again he will have nothing to lose. Either way Gibraltar loses.

    The GSLP had my vote but they just lost it.

  160. Although I was one of those that asked yu to change your mind about cancelling the blog while the ellections were on, I now see what you were trying to avoid! Es una verguenza the amount of stuff that is being posted that is so obviously propaganda or counter-propaganda for the parties - and, I'm sorry to say, your original idea of having a 'safe' place for genuine political commentary has deteriorated (or been hi-jacked!) to the lowest possible level, a 'patio de vecinos' slanging match! Shame on those who have injected the blog with their own brand of gutter politics (if you can call throwing insults at anyone who disagrees with you 'politics'!) - please a little respect for each individual's human dignity and their right to express their opinion. After all, isn't that what democracy is all about?

  161. If all the above were true, why then haven't the GSLP addressed Gibraltar's dire economic situation?

    Again, is it not because we are in fact doing incredibly well?

  162. If I were Joe Garcia the editor of Panorama I would commission a new poll. Last week I returned a slip saying that I would vote GSLP. After last night's selection I have changed ny mind. I refuse to vote for a party which does not want to be in government. I will vote for a few people I like but not block vote GSLP as I had intended. A lot of people think like me and the results of last weeks panorama poll will now not be accurate.

  163. Anyone know why GBC have "cancelled" the Special Viewpoint that was scheduled for tonight at 930pm???? Has it been moved to the traditional Thursday night slot instead????

  164. When Picardo meant change , he meant it in the way that Gibraltar is run. Those that write in this blog that change meant changing the full Gslp line up are mearly trying to pull the wool over the electorates eyes.
    It is amusing to read comments from people that would have voted for a change in government but because of the Gslp line up will vote GSD. I am sure you can't be taken seriously .

    Rock Ape !

    Ps as a rock ape Cortes has my vote.....

  165. I find it amazing how the GSDites have gone into overdrive trying to discredit FP and anyone else for that matter.
    I presume that no matter what the GSLP line-up would have been they would have criticised it to get some heavily needed points for the GSD side.
    I don't want to get into a slinging match with anyone but judging by the feeling I got tody around Gibraltar the people are with the GSLP and it is not that they have not considered the PDP in particular it is just that people want a can feel it.

  166. You really have to laugh at the extent that the GSD camp is going online to try to discredit the GSLP.The fact of the matter is that we all know that this election is about whether you want Caruana to carry on or not...lets call a spade a spade....the vast majority of Gibraltar DO NOT want Caruana to continue so Picardo will get in and i think Azopardi may snatch a seat from the GSD to make it into Parlaiment.

  167. After what has happened the last few weeks with the pathetic lineups being presented by all parties cant people see that the only change we need is a change of political system? Lets get rid of the parties, vote in a town council with the most voted being the chief. Its really quite simple and democratic.

  168. Whatever helps you sleep at night gents!

    Fact of the matter is the GSLP line-up is much weaker than it could have been and more importantly it suggests that Bossano is the one that still calls the shots in the party, which is coincidentally the greatest concern of most undecided voters when they think about voting for the GSLP.



  169. Robert

    I feel that the Alliance's promise of Cabinet Government is going to be difficult to keep. With 3 new MPs and 7 with experience in opposition only? I have an awful feeling that it would be Mr Bossano, the only one with previous experience in government, who would lead.

    The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same.

  170. I have no idea why the GSD fear Bossano so much, had it not been for the Fast Launch fiasco he would probably still be in power, but he did do a lot of good things for Gib and is still to this day the most experienced guy in Parliament.
    The truth of the matter is that he fell out with the Foreign Office and just as Caruana is being ousted now he was ousted then.Picardo has guts for Caruana and for Bossano.Since becoming Leader Picardo has been assertive,confident extremely diplomatic with the GSD onslaught and most importantly he has shown that he can lead this Rock into the 21st Century Politics which is what we all want.
    Somehow I cannot see Picardo asking the public to stand up when he enters! That is the difference, choosing between the humble yet assertive way of Picardo or Caruana's arrogant and dismissive manner.Who would you prefer to work for?.Exactly, I rest my case!.

  171. And Caruana is guaranteed not to change in any way shape or form MORE MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.

    Everything Caruana criticized of Bossano he has become Himself ten times over!!

    Change Change Change

    I can sense panic and desperation in all this nit picking of the GSLP line up. hahaha

  172. I suppose we all see things from different angles.

    It never occurred to me that change would be interpreted as a change of the actual format of a party which has slowly crept up in this blog, but change of the way we are governed which has been the basis of all the arguments about the democratic deficit and/or proportional representation etc.

    It's the electoral reforms stupid!

  173. As Private Frazer used to say "you are all mad!" Cannae you get it through your thick skulls that the party "leaders" have such little respect for the electorate that they do not even try to present slates of credible candidates? This is because Fabian Peter and even dry old Keith think that they are suoperior to you That you are thick and they certainly know that you are gullible. Of the candiates I respectfully :) I think that only the follwing would merit even middle management posts Feetham, Garcia, Licudi, Bossino, Azzopardi, and Cortes. The others are about to board the gravy train of a Parliament for which they are woefully underqualified and will be scandalously over paid.

  174. I suppose we are quite entitled to see things from different angles.

    It never occurred to me that all this talk of change which has slowly crept into this blog would be interpreted as change of the format of a party.

    Unless I am an alien all the talk about change has been to do with a democratic deficit, lack of transparency and accountability or the way the electoral system forces us to block vote and style of government. The GSLP and PDP have made clear commitments. The GSD missed the boat.

    Change - It's electoral reforms and how we are governed stupid!

  175. Xorris

    A government has to be elected.

    What constructive suggestions do you have?

  176. Que rollo los GSD deseperados can only pick on Balban pero no se enteran que hay 17 seats in Parliament ellos tienen 3 o 4 candidates flojo y el GSLP nada mas que tiene a Balban..chiquillo simple arithmetics entran los GSLP boys con 9 o con 10 y el Azzopardi puede que le robe un seat a Caruana, it would be lovely to see them together again even if it is in the opposition benches porfavor!

  177. Anon@19:54

    You say:-

    Picardo has guts for Caruana and for Bossano.

    I for one am still waiting for a reply from Mr Picardo to Mr Caruana's onslaught after his feeble response to the Budget Speech.

    It was Mr Bossano that responded.

    He may have guts for Mr Caruana and Mr Bossano but he hasn't shown them yet.

  178. Watching GBC...

    Samantha and John are promising candidates. Paul "Erm" Balban sticks out like a sore thumb.

    It's refreshing to see that Fabian readily admits that the GSLP didn't pick the best candidates.

  179. RV,

    How the pendulum swings!!!

    One moment it's about policies, the need for transparency and accountability and then in one clean sweep, it's all about the choice of candidates, their frailties and weaknesses.

    Amazing how fickle we all are.

    Here's me hoping that we can soon discuss manifestos and yes.... the dreaded Public Debt :)

  180. How could they possibly leave out Borge or Joe Cortes for Balban and the lady lawyer?

  181. Disciple X

    Of course it is about policies primarily but also about those who can deliver those policies and achieve success at the election, so a party MUST always choose the best candidates. I quote from my blog piece above:

    "One should and must take a holistic view. The Alliance is promising wholesale governmental reforms. It is promising Cabinet government. Yes it is possible that the Alliance will not deliver this but that failure will not be down to one person, Fabian Picardo. It will be down to a collective failure of the entire candidature of the Alliance. It is this failure that has manifested itself in the GSD. In order to avoid a repeat with the GSLP, one has to look at its individual candidates. If they come through as strong characters, that is the greatest safeguard to, first, avoiding rule by Fabian Picardo (so the issue of personal mistrust is mitigated) and secondly ensuring that those policies that are promised are actually delivered."

  182. Disciple X- Do you not agree though that regardless of any party's given policies (or lack thereof), Gibraltar needs elected representatives of suitable quality to run their Ministries?

  183. Spot on RV.

    I find it highly amusing to see how people just do not understand something so relatively simple.

    Of course it’s about the policies (or at least it should be) but we also need to look at those who will be responsible for implementing such stated policies.

    It is what it is.


  184. Picardo needs to demonstrate that he is the Leader quick, otherwise it will seem that Bossano is the Leader in all but in name.

  185. Anon @ 20.24 I am being constructive. Most MPs are useless yet they strut around as if they own the place. I say call a spade a spade and if an MP or candidate is too much up his own arse he should be told. It might even do them good.

  186. 21;39 -Picardo made it very clear tonight on NW, the executive did not select the best candidates they selected the ones who were the most representative of the community, tampoco quiere tener a todo el mundo igual.The ones who have no forgiveness are the GSD who left out Fabian Vinet for Lianna Azopardi! Eso si que es un fallo tecnico.

  187. Disciple X ,

    I couldn`t have put it better myself.Policies policies policies

    Rock Ape!

  188. RV,

    Given the lull in the pre-election frenzy which we experienced last night, it would be interesting to discuss now one particular aspect of a particular issue that I think you have alluded to in some other blog. I am referring to the idea of a Cabinet having collective reponsibility.

    I have managed to extract this description from Wikipedia:-
    Cabinet collective responsibility is constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System that members of the Cabinet must publicly support all governmental decisions made in Cabinet, even if they do not privately agree with them. This support includes voting for the government in the legislature."

    If we were to apply his principle, we would never know where each MP stood in relation to his own view and dissident cracks and fissures would therefore be pasted over. There would, in my opinion never be transparency of opinions.

    I can hear you now say that, that is why a Party needs strong, brave and principled candidates. But I think that is too much of an idealistic position to take because which Government Minister would risk breaking Party lines with the consequences this could entail.

    I appreciate that "conscience voting" may exist but takes place quite rarely.

    Your idea of collective failure is, IMHO, also flawed. Your perception that the team is always responsible is a noble intent but one which in the "real world" is hardly ever the case.

  189. Anon 22:40

    "Most representative of the community"?

    Think about that comment a little. There's 5 lawyers in the GSLP/Liberal line up for a start! Very poor excuse. The fact that Fabian admitted the executive hadn't picked the best candidates is incredible for all the wrong reasons.

  190. RV,

    Paco 21:54

    Define quality...

  191. Disciple X

    An interesting and valid point but not a good argument. The concept of collective responsibility is indeed one that applies to the CABINET. The check and balance in a Westminster style parliamentary system is that the CABINET is the EXECUTIVE arm of Government and is composed of fewer MP's than constitute the majority in Parliament. The Majority in Parliament are not in the CABINET they are backbenchers, so the pronciple of collective responsibility does not apply to them. In theory they are entitled to rebel and defeat the EXECUTIVE i.e. the CABINET. It happens rarely but it does happen. It is the fear of this happening that acts as a check and balance to the EXECUTIVE arm or CABINET. In sharp contrast Gibraltar's CABINET equates to the same number of MPs that sit on the Government benches. Therefore the system is fl;awed as Parliament does not provide a valid or effective check on the EXECUTIVE or CABINET. That is what I have written about so frequently and referred to as the democratic deficit that exists in Gibraltar.

    I hope I am making myself understood.

  192. RV,

    I have just read the other comments....

    Anon 20:40

    "Picardo made it very clear tonight on NW, the executive did not select the best candidates they selected the ones who were the most representative of the community...."

    It would seem that FP has therefore not heeded your advice. Hmmmm... can he be trusted on other issues that he has promised regarding your other proposals!!!

  193. RV,

    Thanks :) yes I remember that blog well. Forgive me for persisting on this interesting point.

    But I think I may not have expressed myself clearly.

    My point is that collective decision making or collective responsibility is at the expense of personal accountibility and blame for any failures is a collective issue.

    This is in stark contrast to blaming the leader of Government for its collective failings.

    So my question is, what is the main difference between a leader led team as opposed to a collective team.

    I hope I'm making sense...not too inspired tonight :(

  194. RV,

    Put another way....

    Will there be a Chief Minister's Clinic for the public if FP is elected as CM?

    Or will it be Cabinet Clinic for the public?

    Will it be a case of FP (as CM) meeting members of the public and him telling them.."Ok, Ok..Let me discuss your grievances with the Cabinet and we'll get back to you".

    Because if that is the "collective" idea that we are being sold, eso no se lo creer ni quien!!

    I know it is not for you to answer but I just thought I'd raise it....(for it to be shot down :)

  195. Disciple X

    Yes collective responsibility means all Ministers support Cabinet decisions. Cabinet decisions are not decisions of the Leader. They are the decisions of the Majority of the Cabinet. I agree if there is Cabinet decision making it is not down to the Leader necessarily but as Leader he takes ultimate responsibility. The theory is that governing my majority Cabinet decision reduces the chance of error. I think that is the difference ...

  196. RV,


    What makes you think that that will be the case if the GSLP get in power? and what makes this team different?

    I have to say, having heard FP tonight, all this talk makes for wonderful sound bites but its all too idealistic for my liking.

  197. So FP now assumes that even though "these arent the best candidates" they could have chosen we should vote for them anyway? Does anyone else find this insulting?

  198. Robert, I fully agree with you that it is not only about policies but about the calibre of the people who are going to deliver these policies. And I also believe you need not just a wide representation of the community but a wide representation in the abilities they bring in different areas.
    So, why have 5 lawyers in a line up and leave out candidates with proven medical or business experience which is obviously missing in the team?
    And surely, it should be about choosing the best people for the job and not keeping the party loyals happy by fielding, what the leader has admitted to be, an inferior team?
    Just does not make anyone concerned about the best interests of Gib????