Sunday, 6 November 2011

Caruana, Lights, Shadows and Picardomania

On Thursday 1st November 2011, coincidentally just days before the election was called for the 8th December 2011, the Chronic, which publishes under the banner "The Independent Daily", printed F. Oliva's opinion about each of Peter Caruana (Caruana: Lights and Shadows) and Fabian Picardo (Picardomania). His views merit some comment. Both of Paco's pieces, in my opinion, contain bland conclusions without sufficient analysis or argument. I will provide as examples a critique of the opening sentences of each piece. One should bear in mind that, importantly, opening sentences of any publication set the tone.

About Peter Caruana he opens his piece with praise. "The lights speak for themselves" referring to what Paco views as Peter's successes. Well, actually, the "lights" do not speak for themselves. For there to be "lights" they must be switched on. For the credit for switching them on to be attributed to someone, there must be evidence that it is that particular person that switched them on. It is not enough to say there are "lights" in Gibraltar as Paco seems to do.  According to Paco, it seems that it has been Peter Caruana and his GSD Government who switched those "lights" on. However, he does not show by argument that that is the case. It may have been others or events beyond government's control or just inevitable circumstances that switched on those "lights" or contributed to them coming alight.

Paco goes on to write, "Gibraltar is more stable, prosperous and overwhelmingly, residents enjoy higher standards of living than at any other previous time in our history ... ' I agree with all of that. However, he then goes on to write, "This is an achievement that has not happened by coincidence and should not be underestimated.I do not agree with this statement, if that comment is intended as an allusion to all the successes he mentions being exclusively or primarily due to the works of Peter Caruana and his GSD Government. In making this broad brush statement, Mr Oliva has not asked himself and so does not answer a fundamental question: what factors have led to all this happening? He implies that the successes that he alludes to are entirely down to Peter Caruana and his GSD Government.

It would be churlish not to admit that the ending of the fast launch saga set the background for the success of the private sector. It is also true that, albeit forced to by public opinion, the legislation that brought this about was enacted by the Bosanno GSLP administration in 1996. I just hope and pray that the present day cross-border tobacco trade, that is now so rampant, does not have the same adverse effect on Gibraltar and switches off the "lights" that Mr Oliva attributes to Mr Caruana having turned on. It must also be said and emphasised that stability provided to date by the GSD Government has been fundamental to Gibraltar's success and the success of its economy. It is for this reason that I have voted at all elections for the GSD, sadly no more.

However, I would like and would challenge Paco to tell us what specifically Peter Caruana and his GSD Government has done to give rise to the "new" Gibraltar that he refers to? It is only if he can answer this question that he may be able to convince readers that Peter Caruana did, indeed, switch the 'lights" on. His bland and unsupported by argument writings are not convincing enough for me. I actually believe that Gibraltar's turnaround has been achieved down to the efforts and innovative activities of the private sector. This has been based on an economic model the foundations of which were laid by the 1988-1996 GSLP administration. It has been the success of the private sector that has resulted in Gibraltar creating jobs and wealth. In turn this increased employment and wealth has resulted in higher tax revenues to the government. Once there is more revenue, governments have the necessary wealth to spend more extravagantly. 

Thereafter the analysis has to be, has this revenue been properly spent by the incumbent GSD Government led by Peter Caruana? I have argued in past blogs that much of our money has not been spent or prioritised properly by Peter Caruana and his GSD Government. It has been spent primarily on projects that were perceived to be electorally advantageous, especially in the months leading up to the election.

Much has been spent on projects that substantially increase recurrent government expenditure. I dread to think what, for example, will be the annual recurring expenditure required to run the new air terminal. A terminal that is unlikely to generate much income for the government. Additionally, how much will it cost to maintain all the new housing (rentals being decidedly low and an opportunity to increase, the Mid Harbours Estate, having been missed by reason of electoral opportunism) and all the new playgrounds etc etc? I dread to think but know that the resultant recurring public expenditure, together with the cost servicing the public debt that has mostly paid for the GSD Government's largesse, will over time reduce ability of future governments to undertake essential projects.

One important such essential project is the electricity generating station. All economies rely on the ability of each to provide energy to its businesses and people and Gibraltar is no exception. Gibraltar's longterm energy needs have not been catered for at all by Peter Caruana's GSD Government. Gibraltar is reliant on what, in a home or business, would be classified as "emergency" generators, for spin purposes called "skid" generators. Without power Gibraltar has no economy. I would like to be told by all political parties what they will do to provide Gibraltar with a sufficiently large electricity production capacity. I want all the parties to tell me how Gibraltar will pay for it too. 

The GSD (and so Peter Caruana) has the prime responsibility to explain itself on this core policy failure during its 16 years in government. This omission could have disastrous consequences on Gibraltar and its economy. We may even be forced to connect to the European Electrical Grid, via Spain, (not that I personally object to that but most do) as a result of this act of negligence by the GSD Government. The environmental excuse used by it is no excuse at all. The "skid" generators are far more environmentally unfriendly than any power station that might have been built, whilst money was available to do so.

The sewage treatment plant, which is a EU requirement, is a further failure. I would like to know from all the parties, how each intend to fund the construction of such a plant. I specifically want to know this from the GSD. It is Peter Caruana's GSD Government that has failed, over many years, to provide such a plant despite it being required by law and for environmental and health reasons,

It is all very well for the GSD to boast in glossy brochures about everything that it has spent our tax money on. However, what is important is not what it has spent it all on but rather what it should have spent our money on and has not. So Paco, what "lights" has Peter Caruana's GSD Government switched on in regard to electricity production and the treatment of sewerage? I fear none but he has left a massive legacy problem for Gibraltar. I sincerely hope it can be resolved in the best interests of Gibraltar. Government is about issues like energy and environmental policies not simply about projects that are considered, subjectively, to be electorally opportunistic.

So what does Paco have to say about Fabian Picardo? Well his opening paragraph sets the tone of antipathy:"He [Fabian Picardo] has long realised that the GSLP in its current format was unelectable" This about a party that in the 2007 election failed to get elected by approximately just 600 votes. This differential means that if 300 voters had shifted their allegiance from the GSD to the GSLP/Liberals then we would have had a completely different government.

Paco goes on to make his dislike known, "With Bosanno having become a type of Michael Foot of local politics leading a sclerotic party that had its roots in the Gibraltar of the 1960's with outdated dogmatic intransigence with Spain and a style of government as centralised and authoritarian as anything ever seen locally ..." All UK parties and those of most democracies were founded scores of years ago and have their roots moons ago. The depth that comes with years of political experience within parties is widely considered to be beneficial and a sign of a developed democracy, not a ground for adverse criticism. The nub of Paco's issue with the GSLP it seems is its policy on Spain, which is expressed by Paco in judgmental and pejorative language. But hey Paco, open your eyes, it may not be what some of us advocate but it is the wish of the vast majority of Gibraltarians. To cap it all he then accuses the GSLP of having exercised centralised and authoritarian government. It may be a justified criticism of the GSLP but, hey Paco, where have you been over the last 16 years or even since the 1968 Constitution?

Mr Oliva is then, very early on in his piece, churlish of his praise of Fabian Picardo, he writes "[including Joe Bosanno in the GSLP/Liberal candidature] ... would ultimately turn out to be too unpalatable, even costly in political terms, given that the inescapable paradox for the champion of change, who may have voluntarily planted his own combustible Trojan Horse right at the core of his message for renovation. Clearly Bossano's eagerness for acting as a 'hand-break' [sic, Paco it is "brake"!] since ousted from office in 1996 could in this context begin to acquire a new political meaning, whatever the outcome of the election." Well, well, well, Paco, already condemning Fabian to failure due to your speculation of a schism between him and Joe? Well some consistency, please, I thought that one major criticism was that Fabian was Joe's chosen successor? Maybe I have got that wrong! Your condemnation that Fabian will fail to deliver change is unsupported supposition and speculation on your part. There is no extrinsic evidence whatsoever to justify that criticism. The relevant policies have been publicly announced and, certainly, Joe has not voiced any opposition to them whatsoever. In addition you fail to factor in that the GSLP, both in and out of Parliament, consists of more people than just Joe. The paradox may only be in your mind, Paco.

It is possible to go on and on analysing the two pieces written by Paco but I believe that by commenting on the opening few sentences of each piece I make a strong point and argument. I would commend all readers of this blog to re-read Paco's pieces again. The conclusion, of subjective influences having come into play, that I came to is, I believe, inescapable. "The Independent Daily", I wonder? Fortunately, no newspaper that publishes more than just facts can be independent. I approve of editorial policies. I approve of full freedom of speech. I therefore agree that the "Chronic" should publish opinions but readers must be circumspect when reading opinions and come to their own conclusions and views. My reservation is that those who read a newspaper should be very aware of those realities, especially when a staff journalist writes an opinion. 


  1. Robert

    Don't you think that you should publish this article as your Opinion on Mr Oliva's inequitable comparison in the Gibraltar Chronicle?

  2. Anonymous at 14:38

    The Chronicle is free to publish it if it wishes.

  3. Robert

    Don't you have to submit it?

  4. anonymous at 14:44

    Can do but read the banner at the top of the blog.

  5. Robert

    If I believed as strongly as you do that the journalist of a newspaper claiming to be independent had published such a politically biased comparison I would submit my response and expect it to be published.

    I respect your reason, however, not to do so.

  6. This blog has been submitted to the Editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle for publication

  7. el pobre Robert, estara nerviosito!

  8. Disciple X

    Apologies if I have misread you, but seeing that you wish to engage in debate let me put my points across and perhaps you can reply. Given the state of the world we live in, I personally have very little faith in political leaders generally, particularly those that harness too much power. Historically, those who have gone down the road of self minded individual control with maximum authority have tragically oppressed the people that they serve before driving their nations, and in some cases others around it, into all sorts of problems. Ironically, when some of your leaders do have the power they tend to use it in very strange ways, like recently trying to sell submarines and war hardware to debt laden Greece or not tackling the fundamental issues like addressing the greed with the bankers who pay themselves ludicrous bonuses in the current financial climate. Locally, as an example, our politicians have failed to narrow the gap between those who rent or buy from Government housing stock and deals, and those that have to go solo and buy in the open market. Local students and your professionals coming back to Gibraltar are therefore finding it tough. They have also failed in taking many other important political decisions for fear of becoming unpopular and being ejected from power, like the pepper corn rental situation with pre war housing which is fast leaving our inner town areas in ruins. So you see for me it is not just about the economy, it is not about the line ups of each political party, it is not even about the policies. It is about removing an individual from such a powerful position so that the rest of society can start functioning again. Artists can reasonably express themselves the way that they would like to without the ministry of culture being ever present and vetting the material, the civil services trained professionals can start doing their jobs for which they are paid a handsome package to do anyway, Doctors and trained GHA managers can start to take a leading role in the proper running of the health service, the RGP can do their jobs without any political interference, the fire crews can decide how best to manage important life saving resources, Customs can decide how best to run their departments, and the people of Gibraltar, through a properly functioning planning department, can decide how to shape our city for the future. Politicians should generally be concerned with setting out policies, drafting out the laws that should be respected by the community that elects them, managing the nation’s budget and dealing with wider issues affecting the international community. They should not be running around controlling how professionals should deal with individual social cases, deciding what colour our buildings and carpets should be, or making direct appointments for high level jobs in order to channel control. The way the current governor was received, the incident with the Channel 4 program, being asked to stand up at parades when the CM arrives, the relationship with the ousted chief justice who despite his ill reputation now holds a very important post in the UK and many other similar examples have convinced me that we badly need to remove this person from power, particularly given the lack of transparency, checks and balances. Therefore anything that improves the chances of deselecting just one man, I will vote for. If I knew that voting for 10 Barbary apes meant getting rid of the constant political manipulation and unjust interference in people’s personal lives then they have my vote. How can a nation accept keeping somebody in power because they fear change, or they believe there is nobody better to do the job? As I have known for a very long time nobody is indispensable and the world will keep turning, with or without them, no matter what they say to try and convince you otherwise. It is for the collective people of Gibraltar to carve out our destiny and not for a single person to decide.

    Anon@22.00 5.11.11

  9. Since Paco has no problem in criticising others perhaps he could be advised to get out a bit more and do a bit of investigative journalism. Most people seem to know more about what happens behind the scenes than Paco yet Paco is a professional journalist. Only in Gibraltar...

  10. To Desciple X,

    Rock ape salutes you,

    To Robert,

    Try printing your excellent piece in the 7days,remember you must date it and clearly print your name.

    Rock ape!

  11. Robert, while we must all accept your criticism of Paco's political bias, we must also accept that you yourself are biased as a result of your own personal (and possibly family) experiences of the CM. Its a pity since you are a bright fellow.

    For example you ask whether it is right to credit the CM for switching the lights back on? You may have a point there, but not the way you meant it. You see the one thing we Gibraltarians have shown throughout the years is a remarkable ability to do well, If (and its a big if) we are allowed to get on with it.

    Sometimes it is Spain that doesn't allow us to get on with it, for example border harassment, queues, telephones etc etc, but equally, it can be our own politicians who one way or another get in the way of our society's progress.

    One can say that Caurana has not needed to do much for the lights to be turned on. All that was needed was for a dysfunctional joke of a political party that was the GSLP of old to have been swept out of Government in 96 for the lights to have come back on....all on their own.

    OK but the GSLP of today is not the GSLP of old, I hear you mutter - it is democratic, modern, and has cast aside the old guard. It is a form of "New" GSLP (borrowing from New Labour) . But is it? While the GSD have got rid of their second best performing candidate at the polls, the GSLP, or better put, Joe Bossano, has just handed the baton of power over to Fabian Picardo.

    Is this the democracy you are looking for Robert in a new GSLP Government? remember you like to judge opinions based on opening sentences, maybe you should focus on opening actions as well!

    However the biggest issue which you fail to address is the fact that on a closer look of the GSLP, the old GLP Guard are still there - it is widely understood that at least 7 of the "old guard" are standing, with a few more mature candidates thrown in for "freshness". in fact Robert, this is no change at all, and nowhere else in the world would this be acceptable in a political party who have kept losing election after election after election, and who ended their last term in office as an unmitigated disgrace.

    For a man who openly admitted that he has not voted GSLP so far, presumably because you were as disgusted with the GSLPs style of Government the last time around as most upstanding members of society were, I am surprised that because of your own personal experiences you have been blinkered or even hoodwinked into campaigning against the GSD and your perceived support for the GSLP.

    Are you that easily led to allow yourself to put your own personal pique before the good of Gibraltar, or are you saying that a simple reversal of roles between Picardo and Bossano is enough of a change to take a massive gamble on the GSLP, with none other than, wait for it... Joe Bossano himself tasked with applying the Picardo hand-break!

  12. The gibraltar chronicle and the rest of the local media need a good old shake up. For too long they have got away with produciong little of quality and in the case of the chronicle and GBC living on subsidies. Shame on them,!

  13. anon at 20.46 if you want freshness (C)you will find it in the PDP. I will certainly vote for them. I think that it is a disgrace that Paco Oliva should have written long essays about Mr. Caruana and Mr. Picardo and ignored Keith Azopardi. Call that democracy?

  14. RV,

    Rock Ape

    I salute you too :)


  15. RV,

    Caught between answering yourself and anon 20:06..

    Be back in a mo.....scintillating stuff :)

  16. Anonymous at 20:46

    At last the attempt at an intellectual reply by the GSD, HOORAY! I shall reply very easily.

    First you have obviously not been following my blog closely. I am opinionated yes. Opinion has biased inbuilt. I do not criticise Paco for bias. I praise him for independent thought and the exercise of freedom of speech. I criticise the banner of the Chronicle "The Independent Daily".

    Second, how can you possibly comment of how I mean something! Believe me, I always mean what I write and o more. You make the exact same point as me. We Llanitos are experts at doing well. We can agree on that.

    Third, I agree that Spain does not let us get on with it sometimes. That is a fact of life that we have to live with. I also agree that sometimes it is out politicians who hinder progress.

    Fourth, I agree that in 1996 we needed to get a dysfunctional GSLP out of government. It happens in the UK but does not mean that the party ousted never gets back into government.

    Fifth, I will judge what you say about the "old guard" of the GSLP when the candidature is announced. If by the "old guard" you mean those who were ousted in 1996, I beg to differ. Only 1 remains. It is Joe Bosanno.

    Sixth, you assume that I have changed because of my own personal experiences. I am ot sure exactly what you allude to but certainly i do not ever succumb to bullying from any source however powerful.

    Seventh, you allude to my perceived support of the GSLP. You assume much by that statement. I support my ideas and policies. It so happens that the GSLP have been wise enough to adopt them ( and all of them are old hat in lost democracies and not revolutionary). The GSD could equally have adopted my ideas. They were non-partisan when published and continue to be so, despite that the GSLP have adopted the large majority. I believe non-adoption by the GSD speaks volumes of them and PRC and no one else.

    Eighth, by referring to personal pique you assume much again. You do not know how I am going to vote beyond what I have admitted in thos blog which is tha i will vote for individual candidates for their personal attributes, I do ot mind declaring these will include Danny Feetham and Isobel Ellul Hammond. You insult me by assuming that I do not put the good of Gibraltar first, that is precisely what I have always doen in this blog. YOU and the GSD should examine YOUR own consciences on this front.

    Ninth, all the policies so far announced by the GSLP/Liberals do not lead me to believe that there is any gamble in voting for them. The gamble is concreting in the GSD for another 4 years and really destroying democracy in gibraltar once and for all.

    Tenth, it is not hand break damn it it is hand brake as in a car!!!

  17. Anonymous at 20:46

    ... and BTW don't be so patronising, you remind me of PRC ... maybe you are!

  18. Ay! Ay! Ay!Ay! Ay! I like it very much!Et cetera. I'm so glad that Robert has opened up discussion about el pico de Paco! Editor indeed! As Robert has pointed out so superbly, by guiding the focus of our unpacking and undressing the opening gambits in Paco's relentless 'Opinions', querido Paquito seems not to be able to follow a reasoned argument and take it to a positive end game. I believe that, very soon, he'll begin to hope that it might have served him better to follow the Chronic's much-vaunted chess championships and to have learned a few moves prior to December the 8th!(Quien con infantes...)Investigative journalist? At best he may investigate what's left in the end of his aged and shrunken winkle-pickers! I am astonished and appalled at an honest and upright politician, Fabian V being 'replaced' in favour of a bunch of non-entities, who seem to be of the 'all fur coat and no knickers' brigade! More fops with sops and forelock-tugging yes-persons to feed cousin Pititi's gargantuan ego. The last paragraph in Anon @22.00 5.11.11,on this blog, focuses on so much of what has raised our ire of late. His singular aptitude is to rant, rather than reason. One wonders quite what went on at public school to make it rear its ugly head time and again and make Pititi appear like a dysfunctional loon. There's a wonderful North Yorkshire phrase, often used in that part of England, which would liberally apply to our ex-Chief Minister. "Eee! 'Im! 'Ee's so full of p*ss an 'is own importance! Ee's all wind 'n water!" As every true, British Gibraltarian, I stand for Her Majesty the Queen or Her representative, which, in our case, is Sir Adrian Johns, our Governor. I kneel in prayer and to receive the Blessed Sacrament. We elect our government. The Chief Minister and his government are our representatives and our servants. To demand a fanfare and attendant 'up-rising' by any CM is nothing short of despotic! How did that one slip by Col. Risso without him raising an objection, or, at least, 'protocol' guidance? Maybe it has something to do with what some are calling the "Buena Vista Paella" and the size of its portions! Maybe the Regt. Sgt. Major has already been up there with his pacing stick! Que pena que quitaron al GDF! I'm so glad that the G.S.L.P. has stated that it intends to continue to respect and hold in high esteem not just the Civil Service but senior civil servants. That, despite the ramblings and rantings of the senior Civil Servant's wife on Facebook!That is scandalous! We all need a jolly good shake-up. We need to be out and about, sharing the truth and highlighting the wrongs. We need to be promised the kind of transparency to which we can all have access, without fear or favour. The GSD doesn't need campaigning against. It has done, and keeps doing a jolly good job of it all on His Little Own-some! I'd rather be in the position of deciding what I choose to gamble on, rather than having a gambled fait accompli shoved down my throat by a seemly callous, supercilious, egotistical hood-winker, as has been the case hithertofore and whose van has run away with him. (No handbrake!) See you at the MOT!

  19. Tranquilo Robert a ver si te da un pepinaso!

  20. If the old guard dog and the GSLP had any sense they would not present joe bossano as a candidate. The GSLP has their best chance of getting elected since ’96 and despite having his faithful followers many disgruntled GSD voters would not even consider giving the GSLP a vote while Bossano is in the line-up. Bossano should have taken a back seat in the GSLP a long time ago and maybe if he had the emperors reign would have been a lot shorter. The GSLP imo should make the most off the dissatisfaction among the GSD faithful over the exclusion of a popular minister in favour of a young nobody who’s known for a very public FB dispute, Miss Gib, a calentita night stall and ohh so very recently being one of the faces of the YGSD, not exactly the kind of credentials that would have you dashing to the voting booth to cast your vote in their favour.

  21. Hear Hear Anon 22:45! Tell it as it is!

    I do not agree with your Bossano assessment but know many who do.


  22. FB? que co*o es eso?

  23. I enjoy Paco's opinons,the problem with opinons is that it's a reflection of who you are.
    I like the one on Pope Benedict and the sans culotte,14th september 2011 (can read it on line )......don't know when he reffered to " us the atheist" he was talking about himself......his last paragraph says it all!
    Le sale el cabrreo que tiene por dentro y al ataque.
    But his views on music are the best.

    His idea of music is well advanced,why play with tuned instruments of sing in tune.
    Looking forward to his next one on the 9th Dec....ave que musica canta.....el ave maria o se va el caiman!

  24. Anon 23:22

    Facebook lol

  25. RV,

    Anon 20:06.

    Your histrionic diatribe touches on many different issues which is both appealing and engaging. But if I am reading you well, it would seem that your post is more about your mistrust, not only in politicians in general but more to the point this particular CM.

    There are however some issues that I do not agree with you because I have had the unpleasant experience of living under a previous GSLP and believe you me, all that glittered was not gold. To cut a long story short and without wanting to rake "old" practices of that Government which I have witnessed first hand, I can safely say that I find it difficult to accept the Almighty Trumpeted Change if the change I am seeking is not there. Like RV and many others, I lived through times when one had to be careful what one said, care of what one did without being accused of anti this or anti that… Perhaps I was weak then, perhaps many of us chose to keep our heads in the sand for fear of reprisal but thankfully thousands eventually ousted the GSLP, in a democratic process, for failing its very own people that they had been entrusted to protect.

    Yes, I can hear many say, that that was many moons ago. True but a remnant of the past remains and I find it difficult to reconcile the fact that those who even criticised the GSLP leadership then now find it acceptable, not only to stand shoulder to shoulder but also to find it in their hearts to forgive and forget. That is all well and good, and dare I say commendable but for some, even though we are in a minority, still consider that many of those wounds have not yet healed.

    I like to think that I am a very reasonable and a forgiving person at that, who is not averse to change, but I also look to the future with renewed hope, continued prosperity and without the ghosts of the social unease that pervaded our society back then. Honestly I would never forgive myself if out of an act of magnanimity I voted in the one person that nearly took us to the brink of disaster out of sheer bloody mindedness and under the notion of misguided patriotism.

    If that was not enough let me remind you that even in opposition that same person was still intent of performing despicable acts as testified by the infamous recordings of the telephone conversations, say no more. There is, I am sure, a legal name for that kind of plotting.

    Nevertheless you raise some valid points as regards allowing the professionals to do their work uninhibited and I certainly agree with you about it not being solely about the economy but …

    I hope that in your honest attempt to remove the very essence of why you think change is necessary that you be careful what you wish what you may regret.

  26. disciple x, the legal name for the plotting is phone-hacking and its against the law, ask Rupert Murdoch, he can tell you all about it.

  27. Disciple X- But what would you have Gibraltar do instead? Our town finds itself at an important crossroads once again: either to continue with the perpetuation of one man's demonstrably flawed "vision" for our town vs a golden opportunity for Gibraltar to blossom under the stewardship of a group of high calibre individuals? Opting for the status quo out of fear is not the way to go. As I'm sure you know, the last few years have had a few "ghosts of social unease" of their own, let alone the more obvious issues of 17 years ago.

  28. Excellent thought provoking critique robert,!! Though id have applied it a bit more simply as regards "The lights going on".

    16 years of darkness would be more apt!,16 long years the GSD had to do something about the "Lack of power"....

    What did they achieve ?.... Jack ****
    They made gib look like fools,by not addressing the problem....

    Its a sorry state of affairs when staff writers conveinently overlook such important "Grass roots issues"...

    "Yee shall know there fruits!,or lack of lights in this case.

    Hat tip sir!

  29. There are many calling for our airport to be marketed in Spain to attract the business from the nearby area.

    Shouldn't this have been done already?

    Shouldn't we have 3 or 4 new carriers getting ready to start up over the next few months and shouldn't they be marketing our airport as the bees-knees that we are being told it is?

    All we've heard up to now is Easy Jet resuming its Summer 2009 schedule next summer.

    Aqui hay algo mal!

    Barbary Wine

  30. Disciple X
    Thanks for getting back. You describe yourself as being reasonable and forgiving, but state that you would not re-vote the GSLP again because of what happened 15years ago. I think, and therefore agree with you, that what happened 15 years ago with the fast launches was deplorable and no doubt there was favouritism and unsavoury deals going on under the control of JB. But then, when the GSD came in to power they promised to put an end to all that but they have continually failed to do so. Lack of transparency in Government, despotism and favouritism is rife and clear for all to see. An astute leader can break up the masses and keep them under control by feeding them enough work and favours to keep them faithful, with the threat that by speaking out of turn they risk losing out completely. The Joanna Hernandez case comes to mind. The constant buzzing around of motorbikes discarding empty cigarette wrappers as they dash over to pile up in the frontier queue, narrowly missing pedestrians and young families as they try and cross the roads, is a very worrying hazard indeed. Individuals carting cigarette boxes and throwing them over the frontier fence is still happening and to me, all this is just as bad as the fast launches. So you see the GSD government is no better than the previous government and that is why I have little faith in politicians generally. However, once again at this election promises are being made by an aspiring new team within the GSLP, which may perhaps include some of the old school brigade including JB. Now, even though JB did get some things very badly wrong I am still willing to put some trust in him, on the basis that the man has dedicated his life fighting for Gibraltar in whatever way he has been able to, including ~15 years in opposition, and for that I respect him. If he does make it onto the list of possible candidates for this election I hope he can carry on serving Gibraltar in his capacity as a ‘Hand-brake’ if necessary, but no doubt new people and new leaders will eventually come through and life will carry on. It will then be up to us, the people of Gibraltar, to judge their performance and if we are not satisfied with their actions, vote them out again in 4 years time in favour of the next wave of aspiring political leaders [who may even be the PDP] until we eventually get one with the right calibre who will change things for the better. Good leaders do come up from time to time, with principles and strong beliefs in the well being of the whole community they represent. We cannot focus all our hopes on just one man and put all our faith and future well being in him. What might happen, theoretically speaking, if overnight he was incapable of being our leader anymore? What happens then? Are we all doomed? Should there not be more collective responsibility for us to prosper as a nation? So you see harping on about the bad old days with the GSLP and putting the fear of the devil himself into the people of Gibraltar at the thought of a new PP government in Spain does not sway me in my resolve. Promoting the state of the economy [which incidentally I personally do not think is as rosy as we are told, bearing in mind the recent over expenditure in all the unsustainable projects - airport terminal for instance, and failing to fulfil some on which our future depends – power station], is not the type of campaigning I am looking for. I know where the path of the GSD will take us, and frankly I do not like it, but I do not know where the path of the alternative may lead to. I can only hope that standing shoulder to shoulder with a well educated and open minded society of Gibraltarians, we are able to convey to our elected leaders through an independent media and other forms of representations how collectively we wish to move forwards as a people, and they inturn can manage our affairs to do so. RV has been an invaluable tool for this to happen and hopefully it will continue for many years to come.

    Anon@22.00 5.11.11

  31. RV,

    Paco 1:10

    Thank you for replying. Let me say that I have not pinned my colours to any mast nor am I advocating for "one" or "another" or yet "another". In fact, like RV, I am finding it increasingly difficult to block vote this time round too :)

    My biggest gripe as I have to explained above is the presence of a particular candidate who has not had the decency to publicly admit the failings of the past. Lets be clear. I refer to him because he still to this day represents the old guard of the GSLP and because he was its leader back then. Lets not delude ourselves everything, went through him. So there are no excuses. But I should like to stress the point, to avoid misunderstandings :) that my biggest complaint is and was with the GSLP of back then for having allowed Gibraltar slide into an unnecessary level of unease and pain for so many people. If and when I hear an apology of sorts by the man himself and I hear less of the frivolous excuses by FP as if the past was merely a mirage, will I even contemplate GSLP as a block.

    In the meantime whilst some may argue of the need for change, as is their right, in a normal and healthy democracy, true change (even if the GSLP is handed the stewardship of Gibraltar) will not have taken place until the past is finally put to rest.

    Call me what you will, but only then will I forgive but never forget.

  32. It looks very bad for The Chronicle , which we all know was saved from bankruptcy by the generosity of the GSD government with OUR money, to have a Journalist of theirs reflect his personal views in such a partisan manner.I don't blame Paquito for it, he is clearly a GSD fanatic, he has never made any secrets that his symapathies for Spain and all the country represnts are ad idem with the GSD philosophy, but where is good old Dominique Serle, the Editor of our Independent Newspaper? It is his job to ensure that the Newspaper is not used and abused to promote one's own doctirnes.
    Serle keep an eye on Paquito because at this rate we are going to have to change the name of your newspaper to 8 Days because 7 Days is already taken as a name!.

  33. I cannot believe that you are still blaming JB for whatever happened 16 plus years ago,guess what? time goes by people do mistakes and then they learn and carry on, he has done more good than bad in the past thats for sure.Talking of forgiving but not forgetting, what about PCR acting as election agent of PAG , a Party that advocated that we should join Spain all those years ago that my friend we should forgive but NOT forget ever....keep a watchful eye because during PRC'S tenure we have lost part of our sovereign waters,allowed spanish police to play Miami Vice in our streets and even agreed to quasi-share our airport.

  34. A day in politics is a long time....or so its said.
    It is interesting to see how much the pendulum of Gibraltars forthcomming election is swaying,the talk of the town at the moment has moved from the inexperience of the GSD line up , to the Axing of FV, the electoral gimmic of the Air terminal (with patriotic tours included eg "...this terminal makes me feel proud to be a Gibraltarian"as a guide told me during my tour)to lets see what the GSLP line up is going to be.
    This brings me to the million dollar question"should Bossano stand or not for election"
    I think its a "Dammed if you do ,dammed if you don`t" situation the GSLP will always have its critics whatever the final decision.

    Rock Ape!

  35. RV,

    Anon: 12:30


    Reading through your comment I've recognised the fact that we agree that fifteen years ago all was not well and that perhaps you are a more forgiving person than me.

    However what I find so baffling in your account is that in your desire for change, you are once again pinning your hopes in a party which in the past did us IMHO greater harm than good.

    So why, in your desire for change, do you not consider PDP a viable alternative. You highlight the fact that FP is "a well educated" man but so is KA as far as I can tell. What makes FP so special?

    You speak of JB in his capacity as a ‘Hand-brake’. Please! Are you saying that FP is incapable of handling difficult situations and requires the man at the back to restrain him. I am sure you don't mean that (see I am reasonable). Did JH, BP, JB, PC have "handbrakes". I don't think so. They were their own men with their own convictions. There lies my big question mark.

    As regards scaremongering, you read me wrong, unfortunately!

    I have not mentioned the PP at all nor have I said that I would not vote GSLP. Please read my post again if you so wish. As regards the past, I merely remind hence we should forget.

    In your own attempt to interpret what I did not say you have inadvertently descended to scaremongering by insinuating that all is not well with the economy. All the information that I read is that it is ok, but then again I am not an economist. But I would be keen to learn if the facts say otherwise. Do you have the facts to support this?

    Never mind, JB if elected will tell us that we are in the doldrums.

    I accept that sometimes we all want to believe what we want to believe. It is called faith. Personally, so far, I have lost faith in one man, perhaps maybe more as the weeks go by.

  36. I am afraid that, at the possible risk of re-raking the mistakes of the tobacco launches in the 1990s, anyone who thinks that this 'trade' is finished should head to 'la Atunara' beach of an evening and watch the launches packed with boxes of cigarettes being unloaded. The boats are bigger and more sophisticated, so someone is obviously funding them, but the 'descaro' with which they are unloaded totally unphased or worried about being caught is sickening! Surely the GSD cannot excuse this or turn a blind eye to it just because it is bringing them in a vast revenue and how can we sell an 'International Airport' to the world with the disgusting show of disorder with the cigarette trade at the door step.
    PS By the way how come our side of the Air Terminal cost 76 million euros and counting and the Spanish side is going to cost a bare 6 million?!

  37. power station maybe not, but enchufes plenty!

  38. I second anon @ 17.30's indictment: "By the way how come our side of the Air Terminal cost 76 million euros and counting and the Spanish side is going to cost a bare 6 million?!" If the people of Gibraltar do not bellow that question down Peter Caruana's ear and if they do not get answer but vote the Geeessdee back into power then all that I can say is that the Gibraltarians are morons.

  39. Apparently there is a lot of commotion going on at 6 convent Place and Staff are being told that they should prepare for a change of Government......que chico es Gibraltar!!!

  40. Shame you have to experience the wrath of the FB moderator Robert.

    Heaven forbid anyone speaks out against out glorious leader.

  41. Gibraltaians do not accept insults, you are not morons. Keep trusting ;)

  42. I understand that the GSLP is going to do a Vinet on Linares to make room for the delectable Brenda Torres. This is shaping up as the election of the long knives.

  43. What's with Airport Tour staff and their patriotic remarks??????? WTF!

    I reall do not understand why they have to make patriotic remarks every few words??? They are there to show the public the airport...a building, so I really do not understand the link between the Airport and Being a proud Gibraltarian.

    Judging by the fact that ALL staff are making these remarks..have they been instructed to do so by Govt?? It does really come across as "psychological tactic" / manipulation on behalf of the GSD! And it is also very patronising!!!

    It was funny to see that MOST staff at the airport involved in the tours are well known GSD Supporters and even activists!

  44. 76 million spent on the air terminal and not a single disabled parking space!!!!...vaya planning! y paquito?....what can one say de paguito? del gsd ni del gslp ni de na.......his only concern is 'friendship' with spain......just hope he went to see el Cervantes film of the week 'Bienvenido Mr Marshall'

  45. Gibraltar's been appropiated and it's time to set it free

  46. Anon@21:00

    Get a grip.

    Vinet is the MP who got the second most votes in the last election.

    Linares is the MP who got the least votes in the last election.

    The GSLP "doing a Vinet" would involve Fabian not being chosen by the GSLP executive as he was the opposition MP who received the second most votes in the last election.

  47. Am I the only person in Gibraltar who thinks that Brenda Torres would make a much more appealing Chief minister than Fabian Picardo? In our TV and internet era looks count and when this is added to Brenda's brains for she is a finance centre lawyer you have a winning combination. I think that Gibraltar has had its fill of receding hairlines and thatches (PRC & JB), slight podginess and grecian 2000 (FP), whacky hairstyles (KA) and sqeaky voices (SJH and Dr. JG) I SAY BRING ON BRENDA.

  48. cusha ke el heritage sa liao eh? ave if the culsha minister is going to say lo ke dice el panorama and as if el chif is going to give them less floosh.

    we have no problem con el governata launching the book pero pega ma el culsha minister porke este book es culsha rollo and not governata rollo.

    P A Mastic

    p.s. a mosquera ya se la pasao lo temblike, okay?

  49. Our poor policemen are expected to carry out their duties in a RHIB alongside the Spanish Guardia's vessels.

    This morning's incident shows how ill-prepared our essential services are.

    Three young men have risked their lives and this incident shouldn't be dismissed on the premise that alls well that ends well, this could have ended disastrously.

    Its time civil servants earned their salaries and took responsibility for the short-comings of their departments.

  50. I agree with anon at 17.30 as I too have seen the unloading boats, these boats must be 'loading' somewhere, how come they are not seen? As far as cost of Terminal goes, yes, why 76 million for us and 6 million for them. Does the fact I would rather have had a good generator than an oversized, underused terminal 'waiting' for the extra flights to appear (as if the better terminal is going to attract more flights, PLEASE)make me less a patriotic Gibraltarian - I don't think so. So tell the tour guides to tell those visiting the airport that it makes them proud to be a Gibraltarian to see the airport at the expense of the power station and other urgent requirements sacrifieced for the GSD's 'vision'.

  51. What are the PDP about , now they jump on the GSLP badwagon on the Airport and Arrogant Nick tries to play the card that the GSD are out of their depths.Have no idea what Azzopardi is doing having that Deputy but the Election will show that they do not have the personnel to become a third party.
    Good one in the Chronic Robert thou Dominique's final comments were a bit naughy!>

  52. Just seen your blog in the Chronicle - very interesting!!

  53. Devils Advocate

    RV excellent review of F.Olivas My Opinion

    Perhaps the chronic would gain more respect if they included journalistic opinions of a higher calibre that werent tainted by personal party political inclinations.

    Personally I'm not interested in Paco Olivers opinion and never will be.

  54. Seems the Nu GSLP wont be announcing the lineup till Next week nearly 2 weeks after the election was announced. Are they a little bit cocky and too confident because of the recent polls or have they been totally outplayed by the GSD? If the PDP had their lineup within 24 hrs of the election being called it seems very strange that the GSLP take 2 weeks.


  55. Anonymous said...

    I understand that the GSLP is going to do a Vinet on Linares to make room for the delectable Brenda Torres. This is shaping up as the election of the long knives.
    7 November 2011 21:00

    How can that be since Linares is a Liberals candidate and Brenda Torres a possible candidate for the GSLP.....Get your facts right before making such sweeping statements....Add to that the Bossano being unelectable argument and you can see just how desperately the GSD are clutching at straws in order to try to rock the Alliance election campaign. Bossano will be in the Alliance line-up whatever dirt you want to dish out, and his popularity and political influence will be there for all to see when he receives the most individual votes this time round....You just wait and see...In the meantime let's sit back and enjoy the GSD shooting themselves in the foot daily drama, they simply can't seem capable of getting anything right at the moment despite £500 million spent on publicity stunts...What a carry on!

  56. Yes very interesting the article on Panorama today regarding the Heritage Trust. Just goes to show that GSD politicians have to get their grubby paws into everything very much as pointed out in the post ANON 6th nov 20.06

  57. "Apparently there is a lot of commotion going on at 6 convent Place and Staff are being told that they should prepare for a change of Government......que chico es Gibraltar!!!" Yes, that's why PRC rushed promotions for his Private Secretaries as well as the brother of one of his PSs, even though the latter had barely been at NO. 6 for 5 years (but is allegedly openly a GSD supporter).

  58. Anon@16:31

    Why should the CM promote someone that he knows is already a GSD supporter? Unless, of course, he fears that, should the GSLP get in, the chances of promotion for any known GSD supporter would be zilch.

  59. ....and then there were 12.

    4MPs + Perez,Guerrero,Cortes,Cortes,Borge,Jones,Torres,Asquez and counting.

    Little room left for the Alliance at this rate!

  60. What is most worrying about the Heritage Trust is the threat the Govt allegedly made (as reported in Panorama today) that the annual funding approx £60.000 per annum was going to be reviewed.That is an open threat to a bunch of Trustees who are volunteers, what is going on in Gib? time for a change of govt, the reign of GSD terrror has to end!

  61. The excuse form the GSDites on why there are no fingers at the airport (that is the all weather tunnels that allow passengers to go from airplane directly to terminal) is that they are going to have buses with expandable awnings and when a plane arrives the stairs and the awning will protect the passengers until they get to the bus. Nearly £130 million to complete the airport and we are going to have third world approach to all weather arrivals...wake up Gib we are being taken for a ride in the airport and guess what its our money they have negligently spent already.

  62. Anon@19:27

    More like little room for the size of the brains of the leader of the Liberals.

    For a party/ies that has been calling for an election "now" for so long it makes me wonder why the electorate has not been told who will be representing them at this stage.

    There's trouble at'mill.

  63. Robert

    Well done. The publication of your article in the Gibraltar Chronicle today has beaten the GSLP/Liberals'.

    I can not wait for their response to be published.

  64. RV,

    Editor not too happy with your play with words, i.e. "Chronic" to mean chronic.
    I have to admit that I did not spot it when I first read it. Silly me, I thought you were trying to sound French :)

    Y despues dice que no ere mischievous...

  65. RV,

    Out of curiosity, what did you mean by:-

    "This has been based on an economic model the foundations of which were laid by the 1988-1996 GSLP administration."

  66. Robert, why dont you invite Paquito Oliva to explain his irrational desire to please all things GSD? better still ask Dominique Serle to explain his closing comments to your article in todays Chronic and then you can have the last word!.No, on a more serious note, the Editor needs to take care that he is objective or people may think that he is blatantly pro-GSD because Caruana did not close the Paper down and did a deal on their arrears-perception that is what it is all about and people who have received favourable gestures from reigning Govts need to 100% above board and show they are objective through and through!.

  67. anon @ 20:29 wishful thinking "trouble at'mill".

    From your lovely comment "More like little room for the size of the brains of the leader of the Liberals", I take it you haven't heard your newbies telling the electorate how you're not getting involved in gutter politics.

    I suggest you take a look at your party's website and perhaps take note of the message they are pretending to sell to the world.

    and for the record, mas quisieran any of your ministers to have the brains that Dr Joe Garcia has.

    there's trouble at'coven!

  68. Anon 21:18

    How callous. Try explaining that to the men and women (and families) who have worked at the Chronicle and Printing Works for many years!

  69. That's a ridiculous argument what about all the arrears in Haymills and all the other companies that have been closed down by Govt because they have been in arrears? ...why were they closed down, did the employees not have real families? The Chronic has to face reality, they are a quasi-public organ that has been left off the hook by a generous GSD Govt who are interested in keeping it going, what the newspaper cannot do is bend towards the GSD as it not only looks bad but it cheats all the electorate who have subsidised the Newspaper from taxpayers money!Sorry the truth sometimes hurt but in this day and age one has to be frank and call a spade a spade.The PDP and the GSLP/Liberals should be afforded the same coverage in the Chronic as the GSD get punto.

  70. Sad to see the scaremongering on Facebook Politics about the GSLP line-up.

    Seems like a few GSD fanatics are concerned about the great potential quality of the GSLP/Lib line-up...

  71. nobody at the time wanted the Chronicle closed down. it was considered, if I recall correctly, an institution. many wanted to retain it just as many wanted to retain a television station, radio station etc...

  72. Paco Oliva, if you frequent this blog check out the BBC or Sky News and see how the UK works and what true reporting journalism is about [or perhaps someone who reads this and knows him can convey the message]. This is in relation to Paco’s article about Fabian Picardo in which he critises him for basing his ideas on the UK as a model that, in his opinion, does not work. Here we have a top civil servant in the Boarders Agency in dispute with the Home secretary, and guess what someone 's head is going to roll. Or perhaps as explained by the news reader, if Theresa May is found to have mislead Parliament she is as good as 'Toast'. A few weeks back another top gun in the UK cabinet, Liam Fox, was dishonourably discharged for stepping out of line also. When was the last time that a Gibraltar Minister has been held to public account, and has had to make a departure or public apology, despite their continued short comings?? How many times have we seen local government ministers misleading parliament and trying to sweep things under the carpet, or even force their ill conceived and unchallenged opinions on the public through insults and threats, and where has Paco been to cover these stories and really put pressure on our elected representatives to put things right?? Mr Netto with Social Cases and Mrs Del Agua with the ambulances for instance, and they still have the cheek to stand up for re-elction again in favour of poor old Mr Vinet who was probably the most respectable sole of the lot!!! I am really troubled as to how the GSD has handled our finances, particularly in recent times, and since PRC is both CM and minister for finance it seems that there is little ministerial overlapping responsibility there, now is there?? FP has promised that if elected into power he will undertake a forensic audit of the OEM/Haymills saga and seeing that Paco is not going to report on this I really do hope that the opposition does, and if there is evidence of wrong doing, hold those responsible to account. In fact it is important to keep reminding them of that, because in this way future governments may be more open, prudent and less arrogant in how they execute their powers on behalf of the people of Gibraltar. In UK the public’s mind would have already been put at rest over this matter: Either the Government has acted reasonably effectively and in good faith [which if they had done they would have no cause to worry and would have released all the relevant information by now], or they have f@<ked up big time, in which case they are probably hoping the matter will get forgotten and go away for ever. People of Gibraltar you have a right to know. Paco see if you can find out for us, please??

    Anon@22.00 5.11.11

  73. A PDP government would ensure that the things brought up about Caruana's shades and Picomedia were abolished from Gib politics. A young fresh approach is needed and this is what Keith & co can bring to the scene. I WILL CERTAINLY VOTE FOR THE PDP!

  74. Anon 18:24 - to reward them, of course. It is certainly highly unusual within the civil service for someone to be moved up from entry-level AO equivalent to the very senior SEO level in barely five years.

  75. PDP with arrogant Cruz will go nowhere, he reminds people too much about everything that is wrong with the Caruana stlye of Government...sorry, maybe Keith could keep him out of sight.

  76. The problem in Gibraltar is that there is no transparency as such and the people's in general are way too apathetic or scared to speak out.

    Every time I write anything remotely Anti-GOG I get the usual "quedate callao", "te la estas buscando", or the classic "no te van quere emplea en ningun lao".

    If a business does not want to employ me because I have the audacity to stand by my convictions then so be .

    Life is way too short to live in fear.


  77. Anon @ 8.46, may your vote prosper and be fruitful, may it bring you many off-spring!

  78. I am concerned about the constant banging on about the PDP being young and fresh. It seems to me that they are all well over 40 and some much older. In fact if the average of ages of all parties is calculated I think that the PDP may on average be older than the rest! It is true though that they come across as inexperienced (which is not the same as youthful) and young Eddie Philips certainly has a cute baby face xxx I WILL CERTAINLY NOT VOTE FOR THE PDP!(but good luck to them anyway!)

  79. Yes it is ironic that Keith and Cruz are like Caruana because they cut their political teeth with the Old Ogre of number 6. Yet they are standing for election on the basis of openness and change from the Ole Og! Fact is that Cruz & Keith have many of the defects of the OO6 but none of his qualities e.g.flair, guts, sharpness and a formidable stamina. Sorry but I cannot see K&C lasting 2 minutes in a tussle with the Brits or the PP. My advice to the PDP is to call it a day.

  80. While it is refreshing that many are articulating political views on social media, in my humble opinion there aren't many considered critiques doing the rounds. So, I've read RV's piece with interest + some others after that. After making the case that Paco did not evidence whether or how PRC has achieved his 'lights', RV claims that the GSLP laid the foundations for much of the recent prosperity with their economic model, which encouraged innovation in the private sector. As someone who is too young to remember, I'd be interested in reading your views on why you think Gibraltar's 'turnaround' was largely due to the Bossano government and their economic model.

  81. The PDP? Venga ya!

    I respect them as very nice, amiable fellow citizens who have their heart in the right place but the young, fresh approach you are trying to sell us should carry a warning that spines are not included.

  82. Anon 1824h everyone knows the story behind that AO who has recently been promoted to SEO (and all in under 5 years). The problem / sad thing is that everyone complains but nobody has officially complained or done anything about it.

  83. Regarding the recent promotions (or not) at No.6 , Anon 15:01 would be well advised to check out the facts before complaining otherwise spill the beans.

  84. RV,

    Without wanting to stir the embers and accidently ignite a fiery response, would it be too forward of me for asking what you made of the Editor's reply in the Chronicle.

    Frankly I thought that his comment regarding the separation of an "Opinion" and Fact was reasonable and understandable.

  85. Its been nearly a week since the announcement of a general election.So far we have had the GSD and PDP line ups ,but thats it, no manifestos and no campaigning as yet from these two parties. I wonder if the GSD and PDP are waiting for the GSLP/LIBS to announce their line up before unleashing the " dogs of war".

    All I can say is " what a waste of 7 Days".

    P.S no reference to the weekly newspaper.

    P.s.s on second thoughts... that weekly newspaper is also a waste....

    Rock Ape!

  86. novea con el GSD y el PP,our biggest enemy has alway been within the city walls,el foreign office.
    The PP are no fools,they know we are the heart of el campo,and employ enough EU citizen from the kingdom of spain.They have always had the solution to the frontier problems......ave si el PP tiene los coj..s pa quitarle el pan de su casa!
    Que no se coman a ese Salvador y a su padre.
    Peter,que los llani no le temen al PP!

  87. Personally I think PRCs argument that we need him in relation to the incoming Spanish Govt are an insult to Gibraltarians! We HAVE NEVER FEARED nor will we fear Spain! We have nothing to fear and our resistence and "edge" over the last 300 years is more than proof!

    Peter, in terms of Spain we have looked after ourselves well for over 3 centuries even when you weren't around. Nowadays we even have more SAFEGUARDS to prevent any change in our circumstances...on the contrary, you spoke in Spain about an Andorra style status for us! so rather than fear the Spanish and what they might come up with next to pressurise us, it is you whom we should fear, especially when you then try to fool us by saying you didn't say this or that.....your tongue is not golden and you cannot fool everyone with your gift of the gab!

  88. Robert

    It appears as though, all things considered, our prosperity is due to one main factor and that is that, collectively, we seem to do things well.

    Do you not think that it includes our adeptness when it comes to electing a group of people that will create and/or maintain the infrastructure that enables us to prosper?

  89. RV,

    True, the last seven days has been particularly quiet. I suspect that the turmoil and deliberations going on at GSLP HQ which is keeping us all on tenterhook must surely be causing a few headaches.

    I am still surprised that following the announcement of the elections,the GSLP have still not got their act together. You would have thought that with all banging of the drums, pre the election announcement, everything would have been sorted out, yet surprisingly we are now engulfed in an eerily silence that bodes unease.

    Somehow I am expecting a wild fanfare when finally the successful 10 (well 7)are named. Inside indications are that FP has insisted that the Allianace is solid and is prepared to affirm that there was never any doubt that the GSLP and Libs would not produce a combined slate.

    I just wonder if this is going to be their first little white lie?

  90. Como alquien dijo somewhere....El pueblo de Gibraltar parece que quiere quitar a un gobierno por hacer las cosas muy bien. Que locura !
    Hay que admitir que ahora mismo no hay nadie como Caruana para defender and to lead Gibraltar. Absolutely nobody !

  91. Anon 22:12
    Churchill was the hero of world war 2,and you no what!...................he lost the first elections after the war!
    Gibraltar has to be lead by it's people,not one person.......look up the definition of DEMOCRAT

    Not Caruana!

  92. anon @ 15:01

    not everyone knows, do tell...

  93. anon @ 22:12 no sera Geraldo, no? lol

  94. Anon 22:12

    Very true!!

    How dare we question our leader’s vision?? Especially after advocating an Andorra type "solution"!

    Such audacity does perplex :/

    Or does it now?


  95. Anon 22:12

    I totally concur with you "no hay nadie como Caruana..."his autocratic style of Goverment,and his Self-righteousness has devided Gibraltar like no other politician.

    Rock Ape!

    Y lo de Hacer las cosas bien.....?

  96. El pueblo de Gibraltar quiere quitarse de encima a un Gobierno que ha perdido el contacto con el pueblo, que no tiene direccion y que esta liderado por el lider mas arrogante que nunca esmos tenido y que propone ofrecerle a Espana una solucion a lo Andorra para Gibraltar....forget it , Caruana has lost our sovereign waters, given Joint-Use of OUR Airport to Spain and even let Spanish Police play shooting games in our land without obeying thr Rule of Law, you want this man for another 4 thank you.

  97. Disciple X 21:29,

    I do not know if there is a turmoil within the GSLP HQ as you refere to and if PB has a headache or not .What I do know is that the turmoils and headaches did arise in the GSD HQ after the Vinet affair.

    As for that eerily silence .......good things come to those that wait.......

    Rock Ape!

  98. ref rock ape23.28

    replace PB with FP......its my mind that is in turmoil,,,,
    rock Ape!

  99. Turmoil where?
    Check Picardos podcast on the candidate selection......mas tranquilo que una lechuga......
    What's the hurry?
    La cosa hay que hacerla bien.....con democracia.

  100. Dear All,
    We should be proud of the achievement of having completed our airport with such haste to make it to the election. I would have loved for the same enthusiasm to have been thrown at the new mental health hospital and the care home at old naval hospital but this is for the poor souls that lie well hidden of a majestic glass and concrete structure.

    Apolotical atheist.

  101. The GSD rumour-mill is hard at work, unfortunately nobody believes them anymore and their discrediting attempts are questioned and shot down immediately. So much for not going down the road of gutter politics, etc.

    Si no tuvieran tanta mala leche, serian dignos de lastima!

  102. More power cuts??? pero esto que es Gibraltar or Somalia??

    Why do we pretend to be doing so well when we are having power cut issues synonymous with the likes of third world countries?

  103. 1:02 am
    Just had a power cut!........let's get our priorities right!
    Keep trusting and strat buying candles for winter.

  104. one question, it seems to me that a lot of power is yielded in this election y the Executive Committees of the GSD and the GSLP since they effectivly choose who we can and cant vote for.
    Everyone talks about transparency BUT do we know who sits on the Executives of each party? the party websites are shtum about this...

  105. Han encendio el areopuerto y ya se fu to a toma por c@l* otra vez. A paga el aeropuerto hombre, o pon unas velitas que no gano pa bombillas leche!!!

  106. Have had two power cuts in the past few days and they really cause havoc with all electronics in the home, can someone tell me what is going on? The Airport has not been completely switched on yet I am told (full capacity with air-cons etc going)so what is going on are we going to have a great Airport but no electricity in the whole of gib except for the gaming companies of course who can afford their own back-ups....shame on you Caruana, so much for your vision thing at this rate there will be no light for any vision and the GSLP are going to have to prioritise the Power Station as an Emergency when elected soon.

  107. Power cut in town last Saturday morning and agai last night! Y el Airport terminal encendido toda la santa noche!

  108. RV

    Now that the airport terminal is virtually complete and the public have had a chance to view the building, it is fair to say that it is truly an impressive accomplishment. The site chosen for the new building also seems to work well both in terms of the possibility of linking on to Spain [for those who think this may be a good thing] , and its relationship with the runway in practical terms. The dynamic design of the building against the backdrop of the Rock generates very dynamic views. I am also of the opinion that to build from scratch on another site was the correct solution, as opposed to refurbishing the existing building, as this has allowed aircraft operations to continue virtually uninterrupted during the construction.

    I am however troubled about the sustainability of this building with regards to its potential operational capacity. For this, to my mind, leaves the local inhabitant in what I think is a lose > lose situation. If on the one hand the expected substantial increase in flights does not occur, we are left with an expensive to maintain sculpture, but if on the other hand we do have the building working to its, full or near, design capacity then we shall be facing even far worse implications.

    It is common knowledge that airports are one of the worst causes of both toxic and noise pollution, and most countries have gone through a painful process of relocating their airports away from urban areas. We already have a much polluted environment with the nearby refinery and the busy working harbour, and this is simply going to compound the problem. Not to mention the congestion and traffic fumes that will also be created to what is already an over burdened north district. Issues like these have prevented the UK from expanding their airports for years, resisted by the public outcry! Potentially this could amount to a real threat to family life in Gibraltar and I am surprised that local environmentalist groups have not been more outspoken on this front?

    Gibraltar is ranked the 5th most dangerous landing strip in the world. Check it out on . Perhaps the most important reason for this is due to wind sheer caused by the profile of the Rock under certain weather and wind conditions. At the moment the 3 or 4 flights that arrive daily get diverted to Malaga airport during adverse weather conditions, but what will happen when we have 25 [or more] scheduled flights?? Will Malaga [and Gibraltar] be able to cope with the logistics, or are pilots going to be put under pressure to make riskier landings to safe guard economic and political interests?? The airstrip in Gibraltar has primarily served and has therefore been controlled under MOD guidelines for military aircrafts which are more versatile and able to manoeuvre. Higher numbers of take offs and landings will no doubt exponentially increase the incidence of possible accidents. Added to this is the problem of the out of control avian population and the potential risk of bird strike. I am not sure whether a seagull culling program will be enough to keep this problem at bay.

    It is therefore my opinion that perhaps a 50 or even 100% increase in flights to Gibraltar is as much as this airstrip can take, and more importantly the local inhabitants will be able to tolerate, and this would have been sufficient to serve Gibraltar well into the future. Developing better connections, like a dedicated shuttle service, with nearby airports like Malaga and Jerez for other world wide destinations would have been a more sustainable alternative. The building could also have been designed with a dual purpose in mind, like for instance integrating it with a new coach terminal, or large shopping mall and in this way the building would have become more sustainable despite its gigantic size.

  109. I am very impressed by anon@16.14's logic! I have heard a lot of arguements about cost and 'the vision' but this is the first time that anyone has really pointed out the cost to the quality of our lives in Gibraltar of having a REALLY successful Airport and very rightly asks the question "Do we want it?". This really is food for thought and a whole new ball game! Thank you for this.

  110. Robert

    I have an 18 year old son in a scheme and is being paid around £400 per month.

    He assures me that he has been told and that the buzz is that if the GSLP gets in he will be paid £900 per month.

    Robert, you are giving the GSLP dignity that it does not deserve.

    The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same.

  111. This is all very confusing:

    We want tourism but we dont want to make improvements.

    If the planes dont come or the ships dont berth in Gib are we going to still complain about the Airport??

    Just read comments that payments at the DSS were not paid because of the Airport.

    Vaya, at this rate it'll be amazing to see what tourism we get if the GSLP come back into power.

    I just hope we don't get FLOKS backs to fix our eyes. Bueno maybe yes porque otherwise vamos tener que ver los turistas con lupas.

    PS, I just hope que los hairbrain ideas of bringing los chinese and vietnam pa se los dubious joint venture aka money laundering.

  112. All these GSD promoted lies flying around that the GSLP will be all things to all men is pure desperation of behalf of GSDites who are aware that Caruana is not electable anymore.
    His latest personal attack on Jimmy Ellul is ludicrous so close to the elections but you know what, when you as arrogant as Caruana is you are just not in touch with reality anymore!.

  113. What personal attack on Jimmy Ellul? Who is Jimmy Ellul? Where can I find more info on that?

  114. Anon@19:47

    Absolutely brilliant and humorous post and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    Lest we forget!!

  115. Anon 19:47
    No one has said anthing about the cruise ships and terminal.....see.....there,we are on a win win win situation as the average passenger will spend at least £10 and on an average cruise ship of 2000,thats £20,000,minimum a day.
    A high percentage of the passenger coming in by plane are not tourist,and if they are the total expenditure whilst her will not cover one days salary of the.....15 security guards,at least that is how many were present when I visted the airport.Plus all the other cost which the airport will generate.
    It's true that it is a fantastic building,but can we afford it?
    When some schools are in need of repair,mental home,power station,sewage plant..........and don't forget our ROADS.....the WORST ROADS IN EUROPE!
    The road tax was abolished and the petrol went up by 9 pence......what for?.....el trajin mas grande del mundo.
    Don't know about the chinese,but the poor Moroccans who saved the day when the frontier closed are slowly becoming obsolete in our Keep trusting society.

  116. In so far as the Cruise Ships is concerned its a huge market which has experienced tremendous growth worlwide over the past 15 years, if we didnt have the Cruise Ship calling at Gibraltar as a destination it would have been a major fiasco....the GSD has got this nearly right by default.But then again speak to the traders in Main Street and there isn't one that will tell you how great things are with a GSD administartion...not one!.

  117. Crusie Ships? the whole world has experienced a boom in Cruise ships calls if Gibraltar hadn't jumped in on the act it would have been suicide.You dont need a huge brain to work that one out thou in Main Street non-one thinks that business is booming so maybe the biggest beneficiary of the Cruise ships are MH Bland.No comment.

  118. Anon@20:34

    Now that is what I call an incoherent rant.

  119. Anon@21:57

    If no one in Main Street thinks that business is booming why are the commercial rents so high?

    By the way, there are countries, like Bolivia for example, that have not experienced a boom from cruise liners.

  120. Rents have always been high in Main Street and will always be regardelss of the economic situation because the Landlords on Main Street tend to be people who can afford to rent at the right price or not at all.
    Look up Jimmy Ellul on the news today la ultima de Caruana!

  121. I thought I would bring this matter up to see if anyone can shed light upon it.

    I have been told and later confirmed that some of the tenants who lived in the Med Hotel in eastern beach have been relocated to Nelson's View.

    Why is this wrong? Firstly, the Government have bypassed the proper application process so as to silence the public display by these tenants (remember Med Hotel is a private building and government not obliged to re-house them), secondly they are not eligible to take up residence in Gibraltar, thirdly this does not do any justice to the plight of the tenants at Nelson's View who are paying mortgages and service charges and these people don't pay a penny.

    Probably all of this is for the account of the taxpayer. This also takes the piss out of gibraltarian families who need a home and have nowhere to live or are not allocated a property.

    These houses were empty when allocated i.e. not even flooring or tiling in the bathroom...who has made the properties habitable for these foreign families? Taxpayer again?

    Keep trusting...

  122. Have just recived a Leaflet from the GSD, como estan los nervios, shame that instead of the second most voted candidate they have a lovely blonde and a couple of young kids.No-one is getting the message and no-one wants to get it it really, it is as if the Electorate are immune to GSD propaganda so keep the Leaflets and lovely blondes coming but they are going straight into the bin.

  123. It is not surprising to read from the GSD supporters in your blog the same rhetoric on the GSLP.They are blinded by their faith in their Almighty Political Deity .(PRC)
    They "spin" their forgone conclusions that should the GSLP / Libs form the next Goverment , Gibraltar will be sent into a spiral of destruction, an absolutely pathetic argument to say the least.
    What they should be doing is constructive political criticism not hot air politics.

    The GSD I believe are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Rock Ape!

  124. Robert ,

    I can see your blog getting into election fever,the temperature is rising.
    I would be grateful if you could post my attached poem called "Ode To Politics" it will sure act as a soothing read if that ever existed.

    En su trono sentado echado para atras,
    Con los pies en la mesa ,para eso es el mandamas,
    Mirando al vacio, pensando, largo y tendido ,
    Que grande soy con lo que he constuido.

    De su obra faraonica habia venido,
    Y al pueblo creia que se lo habia vendido,
    Su egocentismo y arrogancia no era nada para envidiar,
    Como su siguiente presa iba a aberiguar.

    Un hombre con talante y charismatico en sus haceres,
    Nervioso e inquieto en el corredor esperaba ,
    Una simple reunion sobre su futuro,
    Que solo el todo poderoso se lo pondria muy oscuro.

    Entraba la presa en esa gran oficina,
    Mirando hacia adelante al hombre que respetaba por su talante,
    Al sentarse en la silla , inquieto estaba,
    Una sorpresa a el le seperaba.

    El faraon, frio y tendido,su vista el la presa algo perdido
    le dijo que para las eleciones no lo habian elejido.

    La presa pregunta.
    "Pero que he hecho?"
    "Porques me has vendido?"
    El Faraon le contesta.....
    "Ha sido la ejecutiva que no te ha querido.."

    La presa herida de ese quarto salia,
    Con lagrimas en los ojos ,y la moral destruida,

    Mientras tanto el faraon en su trono seguia,
    Sin saber quanto tiempo su poder duraria.

    Rock Ape!

  125. Anon@22:56

    There are very few empty shops in Main Street.

    Main Street traders have always complained about the level of trade. The usual complaints are, not enough tourists or lots of tourists but that they don't spend.

  126. Kaelan Joyce, glad to see that you have the courage to speak out and hold your ground. Well done, I resemble your remarks. Must be awful to be an "establishment poodle" or "un estomago agradecido" of any administration.

    Despite what others might tell you, if you are not afraid of speaking out, have the courage of your convictions and are prepared to stand up for just causes and fair play, you'll never be unemployed. There will always be an employer who will value your determination, strong caracter and views,which sadly are so lacking these days. I speak from experience.

    As you rightly say life is way too short to live in fear.

  127. to anon @ 11.07

    but who is on the GSD Executive or the GSLP one for that matter...?

  128. Joe Bishop

    Thanks for the kind words :)


  129. Judging by the amount of GSLP flags flying outside peoples windows it looks as if the GSD reign of terror is coming to an end.Good to see belief in Democracy now lets monitor the Sotogrande residents exercising their right to vote, even with this little trick the margin for the GSLP will in my opinion be too wide for the GSD to close.

  130. Robert

    I could not help noticing the respective CVs of the Liberal line up as published in today's Chronicle.

    Mr Linares is a former teacher and practicing lawyer.

    Mr Costa is a barrister.

    Dr Garcia has been involved in politics for over twenty years etc etc.

    As someone who is very sceptical of career politicians can you tell me what sort of experience Dr Garcia has outside politics?

  131. Anon@17:19

    Another incoherent rant.

  132. Robert

    What an uninspiring presentation of the line up by the PDP!!!

    The article in today's Gibraltar Chronicle's is headed:


    A hackneyed phrase if I ever heard one.

    Of the line up he (I suppose it referred to the party leader) called on the voters to match them with the other political formations to decide who has the better team by comparing "man to man and woman to woman".

    That has to be the clumsiest gender statement ever made by an aspiring politician.

  133. RV,

    Anon 17:19

    Reign of terror!

    RV allowing that kind of post is, IMHO, as insulting to you as it is to the rest of your readership. (You may not agree).

    I have accepted your judgements without fail, but this kind of comment is inapproriate. One can accept an allegiance for any party or individual or group of individuals. One can accept, from all sides, many of the inaccurate facts, the twisted logic and personal antipathy towards certain individuals but to categorise the last 15 years as a reign of terror is going a bit too far.

    You only have to watch the global news on the many news channels we have access to, to appreciate the maliciousness that this comment is trying to convey.

    I just hope that as we move forward that we show restraint and that over the top and unsubstantiated comments are not published.

    Y ahora para los tiros... :)

    PS. Good on yer K...Life is certainly too short!

  134. Disciple X

    You are right this one got through the net! I am human :) my apologies! I have had problems with internet at home for a few days so have been using my Iphone, which works but sometimes reading comments is difficult, so perhaps I have not been as careful as at other times. I shall improve my moderation now that I am back online at home.

  135. Rob, you must have received the GSD's 'Think about it' leaflet at home. Note that the election agents are Terry, Billie and Eric. No Nigel this time round. Is that because he would finally be forced to resign from the FSC - or because there's no-one left from the former Labour Party that 'merged' with the GSD to act as co-election agent or agents?

  136. RV,

    Change for the sake of change. Perhaps!

    I am slowly coming to the conclusion that change is necessary simply because of the need to revamp, rejuvenate and reinvigorate the political impetus that an election expects and is essentially designed for. But the problem, for me at least, is how much change do I want?

    • Do I want to be speculative and ambitious (if that is at all possible) and decide for the PDP?

    • Do I want to be forgiving, experimental and radical (in my mind) and choose the GSLP?

    • Or do I seek solace in the knowledge that GSD have provided me a sense of ease which I did not hitherto appreciate until they got into power?

    A lot has been said, especially in this blog, about the supposed failings of the present government which to date, as far I can really tell from the goings on in blogs and forums, relates to electoral and parliamentary reforms, the economy (including the prioritisation of expenditures) and the new hot potato which is the airport. Everything else has been a matter of subjective appraisals, opinions and conjecture.

    After fifteen years I can imagine anyone in power can make plenty of unpleasant decisions which can impact on many individuals who may have wanted or indeed expected favours as a result of their loyalty. Equally those in the opposing camps have wanted to capitalise on these and other minor issues by magnifying these out of proportion. A case in point (and there are many others) is the de-selection of FV from the GSD election line-up. This is hardly an important point in the grand scheme of things but apparently used as a huge smokescreen to deflect attention on other more important issues. I suppose it is to be expected as parties try to capture the electorate’s imagination as they manoeuvre their campaign in the manner that they want rather than the other way around.

    Accusations of arrogance, self importance imperiousness, smugness, snobbery, etc, etc. are all adjectives which IMHO, are bandied about recklessly in an obvious attempt to dent the GSD’s campaign and of PC of being re-elected. This is all very entertaining, but the worrying aspect, if I can call it that, is that the ugly head of the mob mentality together with vociferous disgruntled noises is slowly rearing its head.

    I only hope that each party’s manifesto is disseminated as soon as possible. Only then will we really have some meat to get our teeth into!

    This brings me to my original three questions. Should I choose the PDP?

    In all fairness PDP brings a refreshing slate of faces. KA looks to be a serious politician but unfortunately, save for a few other faces this party is still in the throes of evolution and requires a few more high profile names. Only then will it grab the public’s attention.

    The New GSLP provides a new chapter in local politics. IMHO, FP should have asked JB to stand down in the manner that DF challenged JB. This is a contentious issue but by having retained the services of JB, FP may not have weakened his party’s chances but has certainly undermined his own stature. This new chapter is therefore fraught with uncertainty that doesn’t sit well with me. Unfortunately potentially skilful candidates will therefore remain in the shadow of the “old man” whose old, tried and dubious practices could easily and surreptitiously emerge.

    This brings me to my original dilemma and the more I wrestle with my thoughts I come back to the huge number of things that have been done and achieved in the last fifteen years. Should I change for the sake of it and jump into a new uncertain chapter, bank for the middle of the road or simply trust?

    Still uncertain.

  137. The great disappointment of this election is again the PDP. Granted its candidates are mostly good folk but what do they stand for? After 5 years the PDP comes across as contrived and its statements stale. In 2007 the battle lines were set by the populist lawyer Charles Gomez who eloquently complained of lack of transparency in the way the GSD governs Gib and that is now the issue on which the 2 main parties are sloggong it out but the PDP has added nothing to the debate. Its focus on "style" of govermnet is nonsense. The problem is not the GSD's style but the way that it actually operates. The only time that the PDP have come up with something slightly controversial is in its attack on Fabian Picardo for wanting to set up a bribery commission. In doing so the PDP shot
    itself in the foot and now comes across as the party that wants to sweep things under the carpet. The political scene has shifted and the PDP now look even more tired and bereft of ideas than the revamped main parties.

  138. Anon at 20.11. I did not agree with Charles Gomez sometimes anti-liberal stances but I have to say that at least he is an original thinker and that is what the PDP is lacking. In this election the main parties have come up with people like John Cortes and Damon Bossino who match Mr. Gomez and so for the first time in many years the house of assembly / parliament will not be the intellectual desert that it has been for so long.

  139. RV

    Social Libralism?

    It seems a convergence of two dissimilar ideologies is slowly taking place in our own political scene.

    Textbook definitions of both Socialism and Liberalism indicate a vast difference. The essence of Socialism in its purest form advocates that all property should be controlled collectively. Liberalism on the other hand espouses the use of government power to solve social problems.

    Locally our own Liberal Party is now fast approaching and becoming too close to Socialism to really qualify as true or modern Liberalism. But I wonder if that is true? After researching the subject, quite superficially it has to be said, I have come to my simple conclusion that those who call themselves "liberals" are in essence no different from socialists in what they are advocating. In fact IMHO it seems that Liberalism is a flawed ideology that inevitably leads to socialism. This in effect is what we are seeing locally.

    This leads me to the notion that the well intentioned Liberal philosophy is either being slowly diluted or assimilated into the new type of Socialism being advocated in Gibraltar. The type that brought us, too much unease many years ago. (My apologies if I harp on with this).

    This local Alliance, as did the GSLP many moons ago, advocates social programs in order to create a dependent class of voters that will ensure their election to power and if possible into perpetuity, for example with the new initiative for job seekers! They also use, more worryingly, “class” envy to turn one group against another and in doing so exacerbate social tensions in order to stifle free speech and to obfuscate any argument against them.

    IMHO this new brand and complex mixture of ideologies is perhaps innovative but certainly one to keep an eye out for.

  140. disciple x
    I've checked the register of electors and your not there!
    ni GSD,ni GSLP,ni el PDP,ni na!
    but your contributions are good.
    Joking apart,this morning I saw two of the new GSD candidates,Selwyn and Damon in Main street Selwyn didn't look confident,almost a tragame tierra look,Damon was Ok.
    Then saw the boss, Peter who took part in the blue walk and he didn't look too comfortable either.....his body language was not right, wasn't his usual self.
    Then saw Keith at Morrisons............for a guy who aspires to be the big boss and a man of the people,it wouldn't do him any harm to smile!............or make the effort.

  141. Anonymous at 00:32

    I consider your definition of socialism too superficial to be applicable in today's world, my example is New Labour in the UK. It is a sterile debate in my view to analyse politics by labels. It is best analysed by intent and policies. The Alliance has adopted all the policies that I have advocated in this blog. The GSD has singularly failed to redefine itself. The PDP has espoused some of the policies but come out forcefully against an anti-corruption authority, which, coming from a party led by an ex-GSD Deputy Chief Minister, worries me. Your criticism that the GSLP uses the creation of dependent classes and class envy is a criticism of the size of, electoral and parliamentary system of Gibraltar. It is a ploy that has been used by ALL parties to date including the AACR and the GSD. There is only one solution wholesale reforms. Only the Alliance offers any hope of this.

  142. Mr Azopardi says:"We very much look forward to the campaign and debating the issues that matter. We hope to persuade as many people as possible to support us so we can carry out the changes that are necessary. I ask people to look at the candidates who are actually coming forward and evaluate the teams and the specific candidates. It is important to use each and every of your ten votes in a positive way. It is important to vote for people that you want rather than for people who may keep somebody else out of office. In many ways the choice for the governance of the political future of Gibraltar is between the PDP and the GSLP and we urge voters take a position in that debate now" WHAT ISSUES KEITH & WHAT IS YOUR POSITION ON THESE "ISSUES THAT MATTER"? In 2007 you avoided the TV debates. Why? Is it because in 2011 you still cannot think of what to say? It seems to me that being a hot shot in the GSD as you were is not a measure of political savvy after all look at what hapened to Fabian Vinet.Hanging on the coat tails of Big Pete is not the same as trying to instil enthusiasm in the electorate on your own is it?

  143. Disciple X asked on 8th@21:10


    Out of curiosity, what did you mean by:-

    "This has been based on an economic model the foundations of which were laid by the 1988-1996 GSLP administration."

    You have said that in previous blogs and I too wonder what you mean by that.

    Any chance of an explanation.

  144. y Culatto que?

    is the GSD going to come out publicly and disassociate themselves from him?

  145. RV,

    Yes I agree. My research is somewhat superficial. Even my economics book for dummies is not proving too useful so far. May have to purchase the Government’s own published Annual Accounts to make inroads with my knowledge.

    Anyway …you raise a good point in relation to the fact that intent and policies is paramount. But so far we have nothing! Nothing on paper, at the very least, upon which we can adhere to.

    Blogs, podcasts, conversations in private etc. are all well and good but what is important is the substance. Proper meat which we can feast on rather than outdated meat which has been kept in the fridge and now put out as fresh!

    I still need a lot of convincing that the meat I am being given is not only new and fresh but that is being served by a new trained staff. Both in my opinion (as far as the election goes) go hand in hand. The analogy, like all analogies naturally breakdown if taken too far but I am sure you understand point.

    In your reply you say:

    “Your criticism that the GSLP uses the creation of dependent classes and class envy is a criticism of the size of, electoral and parliamentary system of Gibraltar. It is a ploy that has been used by ALL parties to date including the AACR and the GSD.”

    That may be so but you will agree with me that pre- GSD it was simply out of control to the extent that their aggressive style (and please lets not shy away from this fact) caused a lot of unease. To deny this fact is simply to put one’s head in the sand and live in cuckoo land. In the last fifteen years despite what anyone says the level of unease, if indeed there has been, can hardly be compared to the those unfortunate years.

    As far as I am concerned, JB’s politics (and please note for the sake of clarification that I have not spoken of the man but rather his politics) has always been one of divide and conquer, for example, (this is just one example).

    The previous GSLP dismantled the whole fabric of the Civil Service and replaced it with Joint Venture Companies, etc. They also undid the all important Audit Department which was and is the watchdog of the Civil Service and the Public in General and gave the reins to a private auditor. So much for transparency!

    Hence why now FP is now pandering to the Civil Servants and promising everything to all and sundry.

    So you see, it is all very well to espouse electoral, parliamentary reforms and policies (heck if its needed lets go for it!) but if by doing so you create a visible divide you are not only defrauding your own people but also insulting them.

    I need more convincing.

  146. RV,

    Anon 01:57

    Your curiosity unnerves me/us slightly :)

    Surely you are not trying to find out who I/we am/are? You want more? You want names and addresses?

    Hmmmm....I/we rely on my/our anonymity and the good RV to publish my/our comments if indeed they are worthy.

    Don't look me/us in the list of electors. I/we are simply part of BoB.

  147. Disciple X

    It is not for me to convince you, that is not my task or mission in this blog. It is for those standing for election to convince you. I just explain my views and write about my ideas and the ... in the words of the immortal song, let it be :)

    I do not believe divisive politics can be measured or rated. Call me an idealist but I believe in a small jurisdiction like Gibraltar it can only be mitigated by systemic checks and balances. I have always advocated that view.

  148. What did I mean by the GSLP laid the foundations for our economic success? I have written at length about this in the past. The GSLP administration came into power at one of the most difficult junctures of Gibraltar's economic history. Swinging defece cuts and recent dockyard closure.

    The GSLP set about reclaiming land to increase Gibraltar's ability to expand housing and the private sector, attracting foreign investment (some good some went wrong), liberalising the finance sector from strict UK led strictures whilst ensuring a proper regulatory regime, laying the foundations for the gambling industry by granting initial licences to appropriate persons, allowing an expansion of bunker and port services and taking steps to encourage the success of a privatised dockyard (Ok afterwards we have the tapes incident before you all remind me of it).

    The GSD has not innovated. It has built on and improved this model. It has also provided for a period (i have doubts now) stable government that has permitted the growth of the private sector. It is this that has funded GSD profligacy on wrongly prioritised projects. I hope my brief explanation is sufficient.

  149. In my humble opinion a Robertito se le ha visto el plumero. Frankly when he started this blog I thought por fin ! A Truly independent blog without the predicable comments from party activists! Que desilusion !
    At the end of the day it's not what Paco,nor Robert nor anybody else writes ITS THE ELECTORATE WHO WILL VOTE FREELY !

  150. Rockhard

    I have explained this issue of independence before. Independence is born of my publishing here my honestly held opinion and not those of others. This is what I do. Sometimes they favour one party other times another. Sometimes one party adopts my views in whole or in modified form. Sometimes another party adopts them.

    There can be no other form of independence when what one is writing is ones opinion. Your accusation of "se me ve el plumero" is the very superficial tribal type of analysis that leads nowhere.

    Of course the electorate will decide. You state a truism. That truism is underpinned by each voters own opinion not whether or not "se me ve el plumero' as you childishly allege.

  151. In my opinion se te ha visto el plumero. Like it or not THAT is MY OPINION. I take offence that you describe my comment as superficial and tribal ! Un poquito mas de respeto please !


    Respeto works in two directions, you insult me and expect it back, when you stop jumping to unsupported conclusions about me and not hide behind anonymity you may deserve respeto until then eso es lo que hay ... :)

  153. Robert@10:43

    Firstly, please don't tell me that the GSLP invented land reclamation. As for the housing that was built on it, well the cost of putting them right could be a substantial part of our debt.

    Secondly, the FSC was imposed on us as otherwise Gibraltar could not attract nor maintain the existing financial institutions. We, simply, could not compete with other offshore centres such as the IoM which had a regulatory body since 1983.

    Thirdly, on line gaming websites first appeared on the internet in the mid 1990s.

    I do remember one so called gaming company way back then owned by a very "inappropriate" person caught in his country of origin for money laundering. I can not remember any reputable operator in Gib prior to 1996.

    When it comes to offshore business one could say that the GSLP built on the foundations laid by the AACR.

  154. anon@13:51

    I think you are confusing the £10M rumoured over-budget of Waterport Terraces and the cost of replacing all those doors and windows and rescuing the project from the bankrupt Haymills at Cumberland, Bayview and Nelson's View that may be a substancial part of our debt.

    Harbour Views' problems were financed by the developer not by the Government.

  155. Robert aparte de todo you deserve praise for creating a blog where citizens may express their views.
    I give credit where it is due.

  156. Diciple X 12 November 2011 13:29

    You have a knack for reinventing history.

    DF challenged JB?

    Are you privy to celestial information as a deciple we meer mortals are not?


  157. RV,

    Gabriel: 13:29

    lol... I do remeber DF wanting to become leader of the GSLP ...or have I got it wrong?

    I stand to be corrected if that was not so!!

  158. Luis para de pegarle a Los tuyo chicillo!

  159. what DF told JB was if you lose third election in a row you should go. Nothing else.

  160. I dont think Danny Feetham will go very far in opposition especially if PRC refuses to let go, in a way it is ironic that PRC has becomes as much of a liability to the GSD as Bossano was to the GSLP in the last election...PRC has made too many enemies and people just dont care about glossy brochures and high tech aiports, they just cannot stand PRC so I wouldnt be surprised if PRC scores a dismal amount of votes in the oncoming election.

  161. Chris..... 13th November 2011 20:10

    For a second I thought I had read Christ and I said to myself not another celestial intervention! but it was just my eyes getting tired from looking at the screen.

    But Chris you have also got it wrong. DF said to JB, step down and PASS on the leadership to me because of my Feetham pedigree.

    When told to put his name down for the next leadership election he refused claiming he would loose it.

    The guy wanted to inherit the post. He was too power hungry too soon.


  162. DF must be kicking himself, had he waited it out, the Labour party would be bigger than the PDP and close on the heels of the GSLP and today he would be his own boss and not a puppet on a string.

  163. I agreee Danny plays the "I am not really interested " card but is thirsting for power,especially because he wants to show the GSLP that he did it his way.He seems to forget that his father had a lot of support in the GSLP during the rumour mongering days that went on in those days so Danny Feetham should have done his time in the GSLP ranks and he would have done better than changing his colours like a chameleon to join the very same people who ran all those rumours against his family.
    As he can now smell success as Leader of the opposition he will stick it out and wait for PRC to resign as Leader of the opposition soon so that he can take over.
    In 8 years time he will have a go at being Chief Minister ...then again a week in politics is a long time!.

  164. 'Obfuscate'!?! Anon@00.32 on the 13th November who ARE you? You are beginning to sound an AWFUL lot like our present 'Chief' who doesn't use any small, normal words that his 'subjects' understand, instead he uses only BIG, WEIRD sounding ones that mistify and impress! PLEASE!!!!

  165. RV,

    Anon 13:24

    My apologies if I have confused you... ;)

    But no, I am not PRC but a humble being inhabiting this blog. But perhaps we are more!!!

  166. Gabriel the only power hungry individual is your friend Picardo who was in the Liberal party until 2003 and played a central role in the resignations from the GSLP just to jump into the void when they left. Since 2003, when he jumped from the liberal party to the GSLP he has been content to wound from the shadows but afraid to openly strike out at his opponents (in and out of his party). Even now you can see he is all things to all men but with no underlying principle.

  167. El Disciple X tiene el mismo style que Ghost. GSD knifing GSD. Very clever.

  168. What nonsense, I was there. DF's letter to JB is on the panorama website under archive. He told him if he lost a third election he should step down and that he (DF) would not stand for the general election let alone the leadership so that JB did not lose face. FP did not want that letter to go out. He wanted resignations with no attempt at reconciliation. FP also drafted the resignation letters of some of those who left the GSLP and said he would resign from the liberal party 24 hours after DF. Gabriel you have obviously fallen for the trap laid out by disciple x I am sorry.

  169. How tiring can we get on politics in all honesty don't think we've developed the right cross section of politicians or the framework to do whats best for Gibraltar. All is not wrong and all is not right we have to stand outside our partisan mentalities and do what's best for Gibraltar. I'm coming to the conclusion that we should vote for change and my protest vote will be an abstension.
    The luggage on either side of the divides is like a bad day at Heathrow and the mud slinging from politicians, non-politicians and political wannabees is insulting to us all.
    How sad can it be that for 30000 inhabitants we politicise every bloody thing.


    One Abstainee

  170. vasquez and his codswallop independence, the new messiah! arf arf!