Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gibraltar- An Elective Dictatorship?

The GSD persist in advertising how well they have done over the last 16 years. The GSLP/Liberals and PDP, in stark contrast are taking the election, in part, to one place where it should be: the issue of good governance. Good governance is not about trusting who governs us, although that does come into play. Good governance is about many things. Primordially it is about systems built into the machinery of government that prevent or, usually, reduce abuse

Lord Hailsham, Lord Chancellor of England and Wales, in his 1976 Dimbleby lecture famously described the system of government in the UK as an "elective dictatorship". I believe that there is some truth in that statement but it exaggerates the reality, probably purposefully for effect. The UK has  democratic checks and balances, for example an element of separation of powers, an independent Civil Service and the truly free and very incisive press. Gibraltar has virtually none. The fundamental safeguard, namely the separation of powers simply does not exist. The phrase "elective dictatorship" is a perfect description of Gibraltar's system of government.

The one and only check on government that presently exists in Gibraltar is an election every 4 years. We are now at that juncture. Is re-electing the GSD a real option? I do not believe it is because the GSD is truly and exclusively at fault for Gibraltar's democratic deficit. In 1996 it promised reforms to improve democracy, accountability and transparency of and in government. It promised these reforms ostensibly to counteract the strong feelings, then running, against the GSLP administration. The GSLP at that time had failed to provide good governance. It seems to have been an election gimmick on the part of the GSD: the GSD has given us the exact opposite. We have been given no democratic reforms. Instead, we have been subjected to a form of centralised and authoritarian government that is not acceptable in a Western Democracy. 

The only brake on bad government in Gibraltar is the fear of losing an election. This brake will no longer work for the GSD if it is re-elected at the forthcoming election. The reason is simple: Peter Caruana has indicated that this will be his last election as leader of the GSD. The GSD has governed Gibraltar exclusively by and through Peter Caruana. Each reader can and will assess his manner of government over the past recent years. I believe it has been unchecked. It can only get worse, if he knows that he will not be contesting the next election, as the brake of fear of losing an election will no longer apply to him. It will not be a good place for Gibraltar to be at.

It is impossible to believe that the GSD will keep any promise about democratic reforms. It has promised these for 16 years and not delivered any at all. Why should it do so now when Peter Caruana will not need to face the electorate again? He has no incentive to do so. The argument that he will be forced to do so by his party is sterile. When has Peter Caruana been forced by his party to do anything? Not even his Ministers have ever succeeded on this front.

On the other hand the GSLP/Liberals and the PDP have grasped the issue of democratic reforms fully and are committing to major policies on this front. Will either deliver, if elected? Well, that is a risk that we all take on all promises by all parties when we elect one into government. What can certainly be said is that history shows that the likelihood that the GSD will deliver is very low. Not only has it not delivered in 16 years but Peter Caruana, if he does not stand again, does not have to fear being punished at the polls in 4 years time. On the other hand if either the GSLP/Liberals or the PDP get elected, then, they both do have to fear an election in 4 years time. Not delivering on central promises during a first term in office is frequently punished.

The argument for change in order to achieve greater democracy in Gibraltar is inviolable by the GSD's own making, namely, its omission to undertake any reforms on this front in 16 years. The counter-argument that we hear is the GSD boasting about how well it has done for Gibraltar during its time in Government. There is no doubt about this on several fronts, mainly providing stability within which the private sector has prospered. The private sector has provided the wherewithal by which the GSD has been able to do much of what it now boasts about: money. 

The issue is has it spent this money properly? Well I heard Peter Caruana on GBC rubbishing criticisms about the Theatre Royal, the electricity generating station and the sewage treatment plant, as though these were minor failings. This either shows that he has a total loss of perspective and judgment or that he needs to diminishing the importance of these failures precisely because these failures are so huge. The amount spent on the Theatre Royal was massive. The lack of a power station undermines the entirety of Gibraltar's economy and provision of power by skid generators is harmful to the environment. This failure adds to the possibility of having to resolve Gibraltar's energy needs by connecting to the European grid. The lack of a sewage treatment plant, aside from its adverse environmental impact, breaches international obligations. 

I want to know from the GSD what, steps, if it is re-elected, it will take, or has in mind to take, to find the money required to fund the construction of the power station and a sewage treatment plant. I want to know from the GSD in what time span it will resolve these huge problems for Gibraltar. The GSD has been in power for 16 years, so it has a duty to provide the electorate with these explanations, if it wishes to be re-elected. The GSLP/Liberals and the PDP do not have the same obligation. However, if elected, one or other of them will be left with a massive legacy problem to resolve, caused by GSD misspending. They both need to give these issues much thought.  If either is elected, it will fall on one or other of them to resolve these problems, despite that they have been caused by GSD failures.


  1. Morning Robert-

    Another good blog. If I may, I'd like to post this on this blog as opposed to the tail end of the last one :)

    "Divided we fall"

    An open question: At what point did Gibraltar degenerate into an established "them and us" tribal mentality? When was sight lost of the greater picture of politics working for the people as opposed to politics working for individual parties?

    I despair of the adversarial and confrontational style of politics which has gripped Gibraltar. Looking past all the party political tub thumping, why do we persist with a system that allows mediocrity to prosper? Gib should instead be run by a streamlined and effective leadership in keeping with the demands of running a small town in the 21st century. Gibraltar would function better with candidates standing on an individual basis and competing for specific positions. We would be more likely to end up with the best brains and those most suited to defined roles in charge of Gib's interests.

  2. To say that all Gib Governments have been 'elected dictatorships'is highly questionable,but I respect your opinion.

    However,if that were the case,the present administration(whether elected dictatorship or not) must be given credit for cleaning Gib's international image.

    Let us never forget the disastrous final years of the Bossano led administration with the infamous fast launches and the riots,deaths at sea and a whole generation of our youths'future ruined.

    As one of the many families affected I will never ever vote for the GSLP as long as those who were responsible for that dark era in our recent history are still active ! NEVER !

  3. Tyrone Duarte:


    If whoever gets in does not deliver on political and administrative reform there will be disappontment, but people will be cowed into submission by the likes of PRC.

    My concerns are that the GSD will not reform anything and will continue with form over substance, and GSLP will be influenced by the older elements, such as Joe Bossano or Juan Carlos Perez to go in a direction not intended by Fabian Picardo.

    Gibraltar does not have a resilient or adequate infrastructure, and the attitude to enviromental issues is shockingly bad. The electricity question is ridiculous for a place that relies on IT, the broad band speeds are laughable for a financial centre, the sewage question is a disgrace, transport policy is dominated by the car, etc. etc.

    Time for change... change you can trust... keep on trusting... yaddy-yaddy-yadda... y una mierda pa' todos nosotros.

  4. Great article RV as per usual, unfortunately these elections will not be decided on policies or candidates but rather on the amount of people the CM has managed to piss off(or so I believe). We are back to negative voting again :(

    Anyway' it just me or has anyone else noticed how clever the CM has been in planning out his "hustling" strategy? Leaving the least liked candidates at base and using the highly rated feetham as well as the well spoken (by trade) bossino and figueras as his wing men. Not sure why hammond has been left out though as she is certainly a vote catcher, its impossible not to like her.

    The GSD will be banking on the whole recession thing to get them floating votes and the GSLP will be banking on people willing to give bossano a second chance, or simply wanting change after 16 years of being told what to do by the same person.

    My sentiments mimic those of one LLW anon, Caruana is indeed the GSD's biggest liability especially after what happened to Vinet.

    As for the whole Lianne "debacle" it was harmless and slightly humorous in my opinion and will probably do her more good than harm for obvious reasons. The british media though would have had her head on a plate. She should consider herself lucky.

    Additionally I was shocked to see the ultra religious CM and Gomez come to her rescue, one would think they would both frown upon such behaviour. I bet Culatto is going bananas though! Lololol
    Knight in shinning armour syndrome? Or more like tin man in foil? I guess time will tell.



  5. Plato says:
    LW, you say ‘The lack of a power station undermines the entirety of Gibraltar’s economy and provision of power by skid generators is harmful to the environment. This failure adds to the possibility of having to resolve Gibraltar’s energy needs by connecting to the European grid’. ‘
    For the moment park the impact of insufficiently reliable electricity with respect to the inhabitants, finance centre etc. As well park the hugely expensive emergency generators alias skid generators.
    Are you suggesting that the GSD government does not have money in the piggy bank to fund the new station and has not budgeted for this? What facts do you have? It would be of interest to know.
    What is worrying is your suggestion that Gibraltar may have to connect with Europe (Spain) for its electricity. This is worrying not only with respect of the ‘osmosis’ taking place under this GSD government with respect to Gibraltar and Spain integration. I refer to the theoretical but effective process that is already taken place very subtly. But however forgetting this point, Gibraltar would be at the mercy of Spain, and all it would need is for a simple ‘accidental’ switch- off by Sevillana and Gibraltar would come to a halt. Gibraltar would be held at ransom whenever Spain wished to pressure us.
    Please reassure me that this possibility is only your own personal hypothesis and not one voiced by the electricity experts in Gibraltar. I agree that this hypothesis is possible.
    Is there a blogger who is knowledgeable on electricity matters? I would be grateful for their opinion on the viability of this hypothesis.

  6. Steady on Kaelan! I do not think that I deserve to be called "ultra religious". True it is that I am a humble Christian and member of the Roman Catholic Church. As the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel show Roman Catholicism is far from averse to the beauty of humanity, created in God's own image and so there is no reason why a Christian should have any problem with a candidate for election having taken part in a perfectly decent fashion photo shoot. It seems to me that the detractors of Christianity are more prissy that Christians. Let us now train our minds on the real issues of the General Election because as politicians have been saying for centuries (although each time they say it it appears that they believe that they are being original !) "what matters are the policies and not the personalities." Also as you know today the anti-Gibraltarisn PP is going to take over the government of Spain and very soon we are going to have to focus on that as well as the economy.

  7. RV,

    Good article with its own slant as per usual but nonetheless thought provoking which will I'm sure bring in the same medley of comments from BoB's faithful.

    I have to say that I totally agree with some of the comments so far:

    Tyrone Duarte:
    "My concerns are that the GSD will not reform anything and will continue with form over substance, and GSLP will be influenced by the older elements, such as Joe Bossano or Juan Carlos Perez to go in a direction not intended by Fabian Picardo."

    "...unfortunately these elections will not be decided on policies or candidates but rather on the amount of people the CM has managed to piss off(or so I believe)."

    Interesting...fifteen years in power is a long time and I would suspect that many "enemies" will have been made for a variety of reasons.

    The alternative i.e. the Alliance will undoubtedly be influenced by "older elements".

    Change? Hmmmm...maybe PDP is the change!!

  8. Half the people will not change just for the fun of it.
    I believe that most of the non-party straight thinking electorate prefer stability and a good economy rather than risk it.
    Caruana has many faults but in general has a good proven record. THAT is what most people will judge him on and NOT his personality. Me thinks.

  9. Gibraltar General Election Political Survey.
    PLease allow this link to be shared Robert if you dont mind?

  10. Dear Robert,

    I would be grateful if you could please allow this link to be placed on your blog, regarding a survey that is currently been undertaken.

  11. No harm intended Charles was not meant in a derogatory manner, I just thought you were :)

    I also concur with your thoughts regarding the PP, the right-est right wing formation in the whole of europe will be giving us many headaches in the not so distant future.

    Fortunately for us not as many as they would have if Spain was economically stable. We employ and sustain far too many Spaniards for the PP to push their luck. Ya veras :)


  12. Good piece Robert but I am sure the GSDites who are honed into every word you write will criticze it.I have done a lot of research on the election and the characters involved and it really all boils down to one crucial question:
    Do we want Peter Caruana to carry on governing Gibraltar?
    The majority of the people do NOT want Peter back and I think it really is down to the style of Government and the lack of separation of powers which we have in Gibraltar.
    There is no clear line between the govt, the Police, the civil Service etc it is all a big family with no fences separating any of these institutions and this does not work in a community such as ours.
    The new Constitution did go down the road of making Gib more independent but all those colonial powers ended up being vested in one man, the Chief Minister, a dangerous situation that causes the maxim of "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" come to mind, not that I am stating that the Govt is corrupt but the present lack of separation of powers does cause that perception and that is not good in a democracy.
    And then who can you complain to if you want to complain against the CM , the Ombudsman has no powers to investigate him because the CM needs to vet these complaints , again another piece of defective legislation.
    I think that if after the GSD have done ( rushed jobs,glossy brochures etc) they still cannot get ANY poll to state that they are in with a chance to get in it shows that the Party is over for them,the PDP will definitely hurt the GSD but somehow I cannot see people voting for Cruz because he really comes accross as very arrogant and reminds the electorate of everything which was wrong with the GSD, Keith,Eliot and Gigi have the best chance to grab some seats from the GSD.
    AS from tomorrow get ready for the new GSD tactic of "..we are the only ones who can fight a PP govt in Spain!", needless to say the spanish side of the airport will be,once again,on hold.

  13. Plato

    Going by figures published y the Government in the budget there is no money unless the Government uses the difference between the Net Public Debt and the Gross Public Debt to pay for the power station but isn't this what PRC has told pensioners and debenture holders is in the bank so that they do not need to worry about their investment in government debentures? I just do not understand ... It is for the GSD to explain how it intends to pay for the power station. I do not see any money with which to do it in the immediate future. Relying on budget surpluses means we have to wait several years ... but are these not committed to repaying existing debt? I do not know but those who aspire to govern us need to explain surely?

  14. The idea of obtaining electrical power from Spain has been mooted behind the scenes since the 80's (when the Waterport generating station came online). But politically it is a non-starter which is why it has never been seriously proposed by anyone, especially no right thinking local politician as it would constitute political suicide...

    That said the MOD has recently given up its generators for local use and actually the total voltage from this station surpasses what Waterport can provide so there might not be a need for skips in the not to distant future (although they will probably be kept as backup anyway).

    Basically the MOD generators (although old) will probably function as a stopgap measure until a new generating station can be built. How this will be financed escapes my expertise. Needless to say all these existing generators are not particularly compliant with European directives on clean air. But there you go.

    Hope this helps a tad Plato.


  15. RV,

    Charles Gomez,

    You have my third vote....

    Only because your love for art ("the beauty of humanity, created in God's own image") is proving to be so appealing!

  16. Anonymous at 11:18

    No where have I said that all governments of Gibraltar are elected dictatorships. What I have said is that

    "The phrase "elected dictatorship" is a perfect description of Gibraltar's system of government."

    "SYSTEM" is the word that you conveniently omt!

  17. Sorry forgot to add:

    As to the logistics of setting a power supply from Spain. It is extremely easy, a high tension cable, a couple of substations to convert it to Gibraltar's standard and hook onto the mainframe and Bob's your uncle... It is significantly cheaper than a new powerstation...


  18. RV,

    For the sake of a good debate, what published accounts are you referring to? 09/10 or 10/11?

  19. Plato says
    Thanks.I take it then there is no money available!
    Thanks. I can count on my Xmas turkey on the 25th.
    Worse day of the year for electricity consumption.

  20. Isn't it a bit rich of Nick Cruz to claim the credit for the introduction of the 10% tax rate when as Chairman of ATCOM he was largely responsible for pushing the Government to seek clearance from Brussels for the notified regime instead - effectively the tax-exempt regime, thinly disguised - which has cost us all a small fortune in legal fees? In yesterday's Chronic Nick "gave the example of PDP proposal back in 2007 for the reduction of corporate taxation to 10% which the Government had finally applied in 2010 resulting in increased tax revenue"! The accountants wanted a flat-rate tax of 10% or so from the very beginning but Nick as Chairman of ATCOM strongly opposed it. We could have had the increased tax revenue for much longer if you and ATCOM hadn't opposed the flat-rate tax - and we would have saved an awful lot of money in legal fees. Now we also have to pay Spain's legal costs resulting from the appeal to boot. Venga ya, Nick!

  21. Plato

    Not necessarily but it is for the GSD to explain where the funds to build a power station and a sewage plant will be found.

    Disciple X

    The figures are those debated in the last budget session and referred to in my blog:

    and my blog:

    and in many more blogs and comments ...

  22. RV,


    You seem to be in the know...are you suggesting that we should, as a stop gap, purchase our electricity from Spain for the sake of prudency?

    I wonder whether that would be politically acceptable to all and sundry?

    Mind you, many of us purchase "some" of our groceries, entire kitchens, bedrooms, etc, etc from Spain... would an extra bit of Electricity really harm us?

    Before I'm shot down...for political heresy, we (I mean politicians et al) should consider all options. I'm certain that if the Alliance gets into "power" they are going to have to consider this political unsavoury option for the simple reason that if their dire prediction of our economy is such that there is no money, then FP/JB, if elected, will need to seriously consider this without increasing the Public Debt.

    Pero eso, sin apagar la luces del Airport ! :)

    Unless, of course, there is a Master Plan, that we still don't know about!!!

    Maybe some transparency will be required when the manifestos are disseminated (and not only from the GSD. All other parties will have to really do their maths before they offer us the Sun, the Moon and the Stars).

    Promises will have to be matched with some meticulous planning...

    Maybe now, I'll be able to put my "economics for dummies" book to good use.

    Afooo, a ver por donde ma salen ahora.... :)

  23. Talking of ghost airports check out the CNN report on their website today on El Aeropuerto de Ciudad Real, a state of the art Airport that is hardly used as is costing a bomb to run.It reminds me of our own state of the art airport and what we are in for thanks to Caruana's "vision thing".

  24. Robert

    Gibraltar's westside area suffered yesterday yet another power cut. Whether it was due to technical overloading or electrical under supply I am non the wiser, however what I do know is that the current electrical infrastructure cannot sustain the rate of growth unless a new power station is built.

    On another subject, Peter Caruana told us that this would be his last term if re elected Chief Minister for a 5th Term. Am I correct in suggesting that the electorate will not be able to hold him to account if re elected? Will we see a despotic dictator for 4 years?

    A Dictator for 4 years and 480 million on the red...a receipe for disaster...Fabian Picardo help us

  25. RV,

    Anon: 20:41

    Wow! Building a billion dollar airport in such an economic climate that Spain is in, partly financed with Government funds takes some imagination.

  26. Cornflakes be careful with Gomez. Calpetano tried to tussle with him and got thrashed now we don't hear Calpetano any more. The late Eddie Campello used to say that Gomez used his pen like a deadly weapon.

  27. RV,

    Anon, 20:54

    We are not 480 million in the red! Possibly in the region of 260/80 million.

    In the process of investigating it :)

  28. Whatever the election results the electricity issue is a serious one which affects all of us.The government,whoever,should start taking practical measures,in other european countries,they have encouraged the use of low wattage energy bulbs,by significantly reducing their cost and even handing them out for free.They encourage the use of LED and have even installed LED\battery operated street lamps.
    The electricity issue was also an issue when the GSLP first came into power,and here we are in 2011 with the same power issues.
    One wonder who will power the Spanish side of the airport when it's built?
    The fact is that if we all turn our 2kw heater y la cafetera during the leader debate,we will blackout Gibraltar......perhaps the undecided will get the message.
    Serous lack of planning,vision and priorities.......and ignoring the reports and advice from the professionals.
    Tanto ecconomy when all you need is simple pyhsics......el conejito de Duracell tambien se para!
    Let pray for a mild winter.

  29. My goodness! This blog's 'commentaries' are all over the place! Focus, focus, focus! PLEASE! As usual, primito Roberto, you have given in the nail! I opine that the GSD has finally declined into deviationism, (not that one ever believed that that was not the case from the beginning anyway), simply because, como la leche escaldada, se escurrira, i.e. leach [sic] everywhere. I am convinced that it will take any non-GSD Government more than a full four-year term to winkle out all the seeming arrogances and excesses of the past 16 years. There is not one single jot or tittle on any aspect of our lives over the past one-and-an-half decades which fails to have Primo Pititi's imprimatur all over it. I believe we've 'trusted' too long and that that 'trust' has been so irreparably damaged in so many areas of our everyday Gibraltarian lives, both here and abroad, that it is going to be hugely difficult for us to start trusting again. Where have all the promises of political transparency, in ALL our dealings, gone? These were much trumpeted and much vaunted for FOUR CONSECUTIVE terms of office, for goodness sake! Take the word 'vaunted',(f'rinstance!), 14th. century from the Latin, 'vanitare', from 'vanus', vain! Bulls-eye! My eye, more like. I have come across more transparency in a chain-mail curtain! Keep trusting? There's a better chance of Mariano Rajoy becoming a Morris Dancer! I am convinced that Primo Pititi stands in front of a mirror several times a day, rubs his hands in glee and chants "Suckers!", even at himself. Whatever wrongs were perpetrated by the previous administration I have come to the conclusion that the present one has got away with much more because they've done it with a 'touch of class'. (Mind you I would draw the line at sticking packets of fags down my knickers behind St. Theresa's six times a day!!!) Our Society here in Gib cannot afford to be del Partido de Don Majaron de la Palma. We need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into the task at hand. We need to do that shoulder to shoulder, knowing that each one of us respects the other and is willing to sully our hands with good, honest to goodness work for our mutual benefit. There's no more room for any Mr. or M/s 10%, however cleverly the paper-trail is laid. We needs realize that our smallness is our greatness: that our tenacity as a people is our strength and that we are 'beyond reproach' in all we say and do. Let's reclaim for ourselves the nomenclature of a "Nation to be trusted." Manifestos and glossy magazines are printed on paper. Our politics and the transparency of our lives need to be engraved within and worked on without. As for the supply of electricity, pues mira. Yo, a dos velas. Total, un echufe mas o menos! Que mas me da? What would we all give for a bunch of honest folk who are truly willing to lay aside personal gain, vain pomp and glory and give their all to Montis Insignia Calpe without fear or favour? Me apunto!

  30. anonymous 20.41 The airport you mention cannot be compared to Gibs in any way. Ya estan un poquito pesaito repitiendo lo del new air terminal parrot fashion.
    Seem to remember that the same thing happened with the new buses. The same orchestrated campaign also happened at the time; the buses were too big,the buses would delay traffic,the bridge would collapse......for gods sake lets be a bit more original and positive.

  31. Anon at 17.14 : "Keith,Eliot and Gigi have the best chance to grab some seats from the GSD" what a load of b*ll*cks.

  32. Anonymous at 21:37

    Ok, so why do you not answer the substantive criticism rather than make accusations of orchestrated campaigns? Even if it is an orchestrated campaign there is nothing wrong with that if the substance of the campaign is right. All campaigns are orchestrated even the "smoking causes cancer campaign" ...

  33. Anonymous @ 21.35 is right, Mr 10% se cargo a Bosano y se va a cargar a Caruana. There is none so blind as he will not see.

  34. Quill
    I can see the light!Halleluya I can see the light! Pity NO politician has in over 25 years...since Waterport Power Station was built. Anda que estamos apanado con todos ellos!

  35. I cannot agree that the Airport issue is an orchestrated campaign in fact it was your darling Peter Caruana who made the Airport a central issue in the election campaign by rushing it through and then exhibiting it to all and sundry who wished to visit his pharaonic dream.
    I have looked at the launch of some of our UK airports and cannot find any reference to these airports being opened for the public to view before they became operational.
    Caruana made a huge mistake in relying so heavily on the airport as his talisman that would win him the elections.He brought it in as a Camapign Issue and caused everyone in Gibraltar to scrutinize what we are getting for OUR money.
    The comparison to Ciudad Real is not that far off, what they have there is an under operated Airport and what we are going to have for the next 5 to 10 years at least is another under operated airport.
    This Airport fiasco has come about because it is only Peter who makes the decisions no-one else so the result is that el seneca de Peter gets it wrong and we pay the bill! Great Keep trusting, no thanks let freedom and democracy re-enter our lives and let us all see the back of what can only be described as a Party that lost its was due to the arrogance of its leader.

  36. Anon 21:37
    We can never have an orchestrated campaign because we simply haven't got an orchestra!
    To have an orchestra you need musicians.....y adonde estan los musicos!
    In 16 years the government you support has paid lip service to culture,el Edwin,world record holder for having the biggest number of photos en la chronica!................le ha comido el coco a todos and kept a few psuedo "artist and musicians" contento.
    Now they are talking of a starting a music for all!
    16 years too late for many of our youth.
    If you were 2 years old when the GSD first came into power,then YOU are going to be casting your votes for the first time in this election.
    If you think you could have been a musician in our orchestra because you had an inate talent.....TOO LATE! missed the boat....think before you vote.
    If anyone deserves a knighthood it's not Peter,it's someone like Karel Chichon who has and is making music history y sin deja al pueblo abajo!
    Gone are the days when Gibraltar had it's own orchestra.........and it will take just as long to have one.
    We have just as much talent in Gib as anywhere else..........the difference,anywhere else including LA LINEA............they know how important culture is to society and harvest their talent.............aqui,que se salve quien pueda y cada un a su rollo..........y siguimos con ministers of cultures who censors the artist's works.......y venga fotos en la chronica.
    pero claro.

  37. Xorris pishon no compares el atun al bacalao!

    Jokes aside, Gomez is well aware I think highly of him but its normal to disagree at times :)

    Ps- Keep trusting! Oh wait I would if we didn't have power cut issues synonymous with the likes of third world countries. Why do we keep pretending to be something we are not?


  38. anonymous 22.14 First of all,Peter is not my darling,far from it. The Ciudad Real airport terminal cannot be compared to Gib Airport. Firstly it cost 1,000 million euros and secondly there were only two flights a week!
    Putting politics apart the Gib terminal is impressive,it gives visitors a good first impression of our city.

  39. My laptop anti virus just detected a virus on the www. anyone had the same problems?

  40. Why do the GSDites think that the PDP is a joke? these PDP candidates will,i am sure,do their utmost to get their Candidiates into Parliament and just as Peter got in with a by-election Keith or Gigi could get in this time round at the expense of the a GSD opposition candidate.Then we are going to have Mr, I cannot make my mind up Feetham, and Azzopardi competing at firing shots at Fabian, will make for a very interesting parliament.

  41. Two points of power..... and an airport that’s up in the air.

    I agree that segregation of powers is an essential component of a democratic and a corrupt free system; free press would also strengthen democracy. But let’s not forget that a wisely run opposition could also improve democracy. I’m not convinced the current opposition’s strategy of making a mountain out of every molehill is helping their stance when significant issues are to be challenged. Llanito World’s blog is also a welcomed display of democracy in Gibraltar politics that comes through our semi effective freedom of speech.

    With a PP government coming into power in the morning in Spain, I don’t think we should risk depending on a connection to the European grid via Spain. I suspect that this Governments lack of initiative/foresight to tackle our energy demands could be interconnected with their preference to solve this problem by connecting to the grid via Spain, which they will not be able to convince us to do until it is our last resort. As reliant as Gibraltar’s economy is on electricity, how could live with Spain’s hand on the switch?!? Even if only to be used ‘at first’, during peak times of the year. I hope that's where Gib would draw the line in putting up with our 'elected dictatorship'.

    Surely I’m only one of many Gibraltarians that are experiencing mixed feelings about wanting the airport to succeed. I want it to succeed for Gib Plc and because we needed a new/improved airport, albeit not as big and beautiful.... But part of me wants it to fail, mainly because (like half of Gib) I have to pause the TV every time a flight lands or takes off. Not sure it’s worth it considering all pros and cons to Gib Plc. This government has done many things right, not sure the airport should be used as their legacy for the upcoming elections.

    Great blog Mr V. Hope all parties are taking note of your topics of choice for their manifestos.

  42. Is there any chance of one of the electoral protagonists producing a manifesto before the election ? How do they have the arrogance to ask for our vote without doing this ? It's not as if the election is a surprise. Why do the parties have the arrogance to campaign for our vote without setting out what they intend to do ?

    Obviously the GSLP have set out their policy for providing jobs for the 'youth'. Without a statement of what else they propose, this just appears a vote-purchasing idea.

    Come on Robin, publish my comments, I'm resident here, why do you censor my comments ?

  43. RV,

    May I please address a fellow commentator who previously recommended me not to live in the past.

    To him, you are right one cannot and should not live in the past. But the past is not there to be forgotten or taken lightly. The past should act as a constant reminder lest we should commit the same mistakes from back then. To recall and remind is not my reason or intention to put the frighteners on anyone. My reason, as a neutral or should I say as a non-militant, who lived during those unpleasant years, is simply to remind those who now stand for election that the vast majority of the non-affiliated public of any party, desire above anything else a peaceful existence in this small place of ours.

    RV in one of his uncharacteristic slips or should I say literary faux pas, alluded to my greatest concern when he wrote in one of his comments when hearing of the GSLP lineup:-

    “When will the GSLP learn it is not about THEM it is about GIBRALTAR! It could not be worse.”

    That was damning indictment of the GSLP’s past and it is the constant nagging feeling I continue to have with a Party which has changed but not re-invented itself and in doing so failed to release itself from the shackles of the past.

    But as I have said all along, I am a reasonable being and I recognise a need for change.

    Charles Darwin famously once said that:
    “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change.”

    Change is therefore inevitable and change is invariably constant. As I write (and irrespective whether I write or not) our lives our changing, perhaps in ways which we unaware of but it continues because change is constant and because time waits for no one.

    This election, in keeping with your theme, will thus offer change. The issue here is how much change we are willing to accept or indeed expect as opposed to change which will naturally occur.

    Lo que hace una botella de Protus del 2009!! y ahora a dormir.

  44. Someone said before that Keith or Gigi could get in this time round at the expense of the a GSD opposition candidate. How could they possibly get in when neither of those 2 PDP candidates has been tested in any debates since the PDP was formed 5 years ago? My money is on Nick Cruz and Rebeccah Faller.

  45. The arrogance of the riff raff who want to see party manifestos so soon after the election was called is disgusting. 13 of the 30 candidates are high earning lawyers did you think that they were going to use time that they can bill at £350 per hour to come up with policies for you unlearned unwashed capullos to read? The manifestos will be ready when they are ready. Period.

  46. Robert

    May I remind you that we had a £28.3 Budget Surplus in 2010/11.

    The cost of the new generating station or treatment plant is not going to arrive in one massive invoice for payment within 30 or 90 days.

    The payments will be phased over a number of years during construction.

    I have just finished reading Economics for Dummies :)

  47. Goodmorning Gibraltar the Tirpartite Forum is now officially dead thanks to the incoming PDP, after all the time and energy we he put into this we are back to square one and only the GSLP know how to handle the Spansih question.
    During Caruana's reign we:
    1) Lost part of our Sovereign waters,
    2) Allowed spanish policemen to play Starsky & Hutch on our sovereign territory and
    3) Gave into Joint-use of the Airport.
    With the GSLP there will be none of the above I am sure.
    p.s. good to see LW is reported in The Panorama today, the fifth column is growing in recognition!.

  48. "It now transpires that David Parody claims to be the photographer. He is also the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Commission," says today's Panorama. The FSC just can't keep out of the headlines.

  49. RV,

    Anon: 11:01

    You are stealing my thunder :)

    But its good to see that you too are polishing up on your economics!!

  50. I have checked it out on the internet and The United Convention on the Law of the Seas Article 111 Part 8 is specific in that HOT PURSUIT at sea ONLY applies to Warships or Military Aircraft therefore the incursion by Spanish Policemen was unlawful.
    The question is who allowed for the law of our land to be broken, who is above the law? need for an enquiry on this one.
    Either Caruana or Wink need to be brought before a Board of Enquiry and they need to reply to this.
    Be you never so high the law is above you!!!

  51. 5. The right of hot pursuit may be exercised only by warships or military aircraft, "or other ships or aircraft clearly marked and identifiable as being on government service and authorized to that effect."

    Read the law!!!!

  52. Disciple X

    Why do you think that I am stealing your thunder? Is it because I finished reading Economics for Dummies before you did? :)

    And now I shall settle down and polish off my last bottle of Chateaux Petrus 1996.

    None of that Protus (sic) plonk that you seem to enjoy so much :)

  53. REF 14.20- The Law applies to Aircraft or Ships and Ships are defined in the recitals as "Large Sea Going Vessels".The incursion was effected by a Police Launch NOT a Ship within the definition of the UNLAW OF The Seas, so sorry mate it was an illegal act not to arrest them and let hem go.
    Maybe ,as a GSDite, you should consult the eminent Danny Feetham for his Opinion, I am sure HE knows the law.
    Its not a question of reading the law its a question of knowing it too!!.

  54. How ridiculous can it get,the Deputy Financial Services Commissioner of Gibraltar coming out to ostensibly defend the GSD by crying out that his photo has been used without his authorisation.
    The FSC really needs a shake up.We need rules to ensure Killick dosent socialise with the people he is supposed to be regulating and other rules to ensure that the likes of snappy Parody dont get involved in Politics.

  55. I don't know who is right or wrong on hot pursuit pero como el del GSD tenga razon at 14.20 hasta la patera de la guardia civil puede entra en la caleta cuando le de la gana con el cachondeo del hot pursuit, surely that cannot be the law!.

  56. Anon@0032 talks about 'remembering the past' to avoid the pitfalls in the future. Why are people's selective memories so short then? Do people not remember the names that were bandied about in connection with the fast launches and how quite a few of them have 're-morfed' and are now at the heart of the GSD? For those of us who WERE there at the start of the anti-fast launch movement how offensive is it to now see the same people who raked it in at "our youth's expense" to have crossed the divide and now be pointing fingers and asking us to remember the 'bad old days'! Please don't insult us or our memories!

  57. Anon 17 09

    Ma verda que eso ay poca cosa! AMEN to that.

    People of Gibraltar open your eyes que socially los vamos de culo.

    Day light stabbing's?? Kids selling drugs to kids? Crime rates at an all time high?

    These people make the winston boys look like the bradey bunch.


  58. Will Robert V , Disciple x or K be attending tonites public meeting at MacHall?
    Rock Ape!

  59. Anon@13:06

    Maybe we should also hold an open investigation into why Spanish Aduanera helicopters were allowed to fly deep into Gibraltar waters chasing fast launches.

    I have seen them hovering, unchallenged, over the Gun Wharf Shed.

    Is it that, in those days, it was not the fault of the GoG but that of the unruly Spaniards?

    Correct me if am wrong but I can not remember the GoG making any representations to the Foreign Office requesting that an official complaint be made to the Spanish Government.

    It was the GSLP the created the precedent.

  60. I suppose that anon @ 13.36 takes the side of drugs smugglers against Vigilancia aduanera. What a disgusting person anion @ 13.36 is.

  61. Unfortunately if we want to combat the drug trafficking which ocurrs across the straits,we have to put up with these inccursions;which happen on a daily basis and more than once a day.
    It's important to equip our law enforcing officers with adequate resources and have a more active role in the ever lossing battle against the drug barons.
    WE have failed to accept the increase in hard drugs comsumption in Gib,which has even infiltrated our schools........much to the Government's denial!
    No one likes to see the Guardia Civil in our waters on their helicopters chasing fast launches.
    But we cannot turn a blind eyes as if it wasn't happening and it's is not our problem......y que se joan los span.
    If we want to help wipe out drugs.....give our men the resources and let's take an active part together with the Guardia Civil to wipe out a problem which is not foreign to us.
    How can we justify arresting law enforcing officers from another country for doing their job,and wanting to intercept drug smuggler!
    If Fabian or Keith would have been in power they would have taken the same views and supported the Commisioner's decision.

  62. RV,

    Anon 14:25

    lolol......My thunder... hmmm... I guess your more of the lightening kind!!

    I must say that your upscale choice of life's nectar is certainly to be applauded but to denigrate my affordable young wine, Protos 2009, to the realms of plonk is somewhat unfair!

  63. Rock Ape

    I would but I am currently in Austria. Just polishing off my main course (goose breast with lentils) and savouring what's left of the 2002 bottle of Rioja that I ordered.

    Ps - Disciple X Protos 2009 is a very decent and pocket friendly wine, good call ;)


  64. RV,


    I'm afraid not. I/we do not attend political rallies of any party. I/We avoid the influence of the mob mentality that can easily surface in this kind of meetings.

    Nevertheless, I/we wish you a peaceful and calm reunion with your brothers.

    I am sure we will hear some good news from

  65. RV,

    I have to say my spelling and grammar is going down the drain, the more I write!!!

    My apologies.


  66. RV,

    Anon 14:25

    I too have checked some facts...estimated surplus for 2011/12 will be in the region of 21 million.

    Admittedly there is no mention of funds for the payment of the Generating Station which like you say will surely be paid for in instalments.

    This reminds me, does anyone know what was the cost of the now forgotten and gigantic Incinerator plant by the lighthouse.

    It seems to me that governments come and go but their white elephants remain for all to see.

  67. It makes me laugh how the GSDites try to justify the inaction of Wink/Caruana on the Spanish Policemen incursion by saying we were fighting drug smugglers.Well guess what in the 300 year of British Gibraltar we have never had Spanish Policemen running riot in our Sovereign Terrirtory(there was an incident in the past where the election agent of the PAG acted as the lawyer of the spanish Policemen and these left,the lawyer was Caruana of course) but apart from that we have NEVER alllowed Spanish armed police to run wild in Gib, not even in the famous Winston Boys days!
    And for the record there has been smuggling of drugs and tobacco etc since Gibraltar became British.The truth of the Matter is that Caruana and Wink let these guys off the hook con el cachondeo del Tripartite Dream.
    Talking of Drugs what happened to the Kilos of Cocaine that went missing in the Police Station? eso si que es un cachondeo, the Attorney General orders the Drugs to be destroyed , Wink no sabe nada y los llanitos sin un enquiry of the whole affair.
    Imagine if that had happened in Scotland Yard!

  68. Anon 21:41
    You've got it wrong.I'm not a GSDites as you call me,quite the opposite.......don't forget "assumption is the mother of all fu.k ups"
    Surely you don't put the fight against drugs before our Sovereign Territory which sometimes overtake common sense......or haven't you seen the effect drugs is having on our population.
    I agree with you however that the loss of the cocaine would have prompted some resignations had it happened elsewhere.

  69. Just returned fom the Mac Hall, what a turnout guys, the GSLP have really got it together and the avalanche is now impossible to stop.No mention of Hewitt for the record so please Peter Caruana don't panic.
    Saw Newswatch tonight and had to laugh at the turnout of the GSD at Varyl Begg, half of the audience were Beltran y la familia de Caruana...the Party is over for the GSD party.

  70. After 16 years in power you kind of expect that sooner or later the run has to end, Caruana retire, change at the head of the party which has already regenerated itself. It would be the natural thing....

    I don't think that many people have given any thought what would happen if the GSLP lost. Its quite clear that Bossano won't last forever but his power over the party seems to. Will FP "live to fight another day" or will the old guard push him out, doesnt seem they have ever given him their full support, to be replaced by their prefered candidate? Will this be enough to bring the party to this century? Will FP find himself alone with a crumbling party? Will the end of the GSLP and the last elections of PC bring a much needed change in our political system where we move away from our "football team politics" and our blind support for either the blue or red team regardless of who the candidates are to a proper political landscape where we have capable and skilled individuals working together to the benefit of Gibraltar. Will we see the end of the goody bag politics? Promise the earth to buy votes to as many people as possible?

    Gibraltar needs change but the change is a change in our political system.


  71. Yes, I put the fight against drugs above everything else but if Police enter Gibraltar from another sovereign country and shoot their guns in Gibraltar we have to enforce the law of our land.They should have been arrested and then bailed to appear another day and then we could have imposed a fine on them BUT we have to uphold the law.There are no exceptions for the offences of carrying an offensive weapon,entering Gibraltar illegally etc, sorry.
    Yes the Cocaine case and the role of the Attorney General and the police in the Affair needs a FULL enquiry, maybe we should start an online petition asking for an enquiry because the AG and Wink cannot believe that its all been forgotten about so quickly.
    Worthy of a Monty Python sketch entitled "The AG the Com of Police and the misssing Cocaine...I know nothing!."

  72. I just cannot see the GSLP not getting in, the PDP have really sealed that for the GSLP.The mood at the JM Hall tonight was intense and victorious and the Hustings are going extremely well.Meanwhile the people have forgotten about the differences of opinion with regards to the line-up and everyone is united in presenting a block vote to win the elections.

  73. Anon 23:10
    Keep dreaming!...........los toros se ven muy bien desde la vareras!
    Sorry to say but we generally lack cojones!.....a la hora de la verdad.......caqi!

    ps.el old guard just fire blanks!

  74. An Election Thought for YOU Mr. Vasquez. Without the tobacco trade would the bloated public sector and all the new and existing departments and agencies that all parties are committed to be affordable? Is the GSLP's reckless promise to create jobs without real economic purpose for all unemployed "residents" a possibility without tobacco duty?

  75. Anonymous

    The party faithful may have forgotten about the differences in the line up but the undecided voters will not easily forgive the GSLP for depriving them of new, strong candidates who had the potential of being good ministers and fielding the old guard instead.

    Nothing changes, does it?

  76. Anon@07:39

    Don't worry I am sure that Mr Bossano has another "Master Plan" up his sleeve.

  77. The line-up of the GSLP is still the most convincing and solid of the lot, try putting Lianna against Samantha, Selwyn against Balban and Damon against Cortes, the three GSLP candidates are the strongest.
    Intereting to read a letter in todays Panorama on the Spanish Police incursion into Gib, an illegal act whichever one looks at it but who allowed it to happen, who assisted or condoned the commission of a criminal act in our territory?.

  78. Anon 09:43

    What you forget is that it works both ways, or doesn't it?

    The GSLP line up is far from what it could have and I for was furious at first, BUT the GSD line up is just as bad or even worse (depends who you ask).

    the GSD keeping telling us what they have done and how grateful we should all be, whilst both the GSLP/libs and the PDP are focusing on what can be done.

    In my humble opinion the GSD are approaching these elections in the wrong manner. The masses are fickle and unforgiving, we do not want to be reminded of what we already have. We want to know what else we will be getting!

    Let me remind you that the elected ministers are the lucky ones and not us!! They will be on 85 000 a year salaries!! Y no quiero ni sabe cuanto gana el CM!

    Valiente cara dura.


  79. Sorry about the typos guys lolol my BB ta flakeando!! Lol


  80. Hi Robert ,

    Recently some of the writers in your blog have posted links to youtube in relation to the current election campain.
    Desciple X offered us Monty Pythons ...What have the Romans Done for us....
    I belive a bit of light hearted humor at this tense time of electioneering does not harm any one , so I have attached a clip from the hit series The Simpsons....

    Enjoy Desciple X over a glass of Campillo

    Rock Ape!

  81. Disciple X,

    I am sure you are glad hear that I came out unscathed from last nights Alliance public meeting.
    I am not sure about the mob mentality you refer to but I can assure you that last nights meeting had nothing to do with mob mentallity.
    It is true that most of the attendees were voters that are faithful to the Alliances` cause but I can assure you that I saw people of all walks of life and not necessarily politically inclined to the GSLP /LIBS.
    I am sure that had you gone to the ralley you would have heard positive ideas on Gibraltars future , jobs for our youth , green areas , housing projects etc....NO insults or derogatory remarks to anyone.
    A truly enjoyable night for all.

    Rock Ape!

  82. RV you state the following:"we have been subjected to a form of centralised and authoritarian government that is not acceptable in a Western Democracy".
    WHY? Authoritarianism and democracy are not fundamentally opposed to one another, it is thus perfectly possible for democracies to possess strong authoritarian elements, for both feature a form of submission to authority.The authoritarian order may have facilitated economic growth, ... They realize that political stability made it easier to carry out reforms and attract foreign investment.

  83. I was there and so many new faces and even those who had previously nailed their flags to the GSD mast...Everyone was welcome and the atmosphere electric especially towards the end when the video was shown......Full to busrting point, even the Charles Hunt room and people having to sit on the very floor to listen to all the candidates......Time to put the people of Gibraltar first...

  84. Stephen Linares highlights the GSLP strategy on education on radio just now "if someone wants to go to UK to do whatever they want they will be allowed to" ... No veas Stephen really thought that one through .....

  85. RV,


    Thanks for the reassurance that you came out unscathed and your sanity intact. Mind you, none was required :) but still....thanks anyway.

    It's also good to hear that the party faithful (from all walks of life)have heard the good news from the man himself. I hope that us lesser mortals, will get to hear these same promises in the next few days.

    I have to say all three parties are dragging their feet on the question of spreading the good news in paper format, but I suppose its a case of LOFI (last out, first in).

    As regards you snippet of the Simpsons....eso estaba fantastico...lolol!!

    Mind you, I can see that happening on both sides i.e. GSLP/Lib Alliance and the GSD. Not quite with the PDP.....

    PS. me alegra saber que me brinda con un vinillo :)

  86. What will happen if after the GSLP voters use their votes to elect the alliance there is a bust up between Dr Jo and the GSLP and he decides to line up with the GSD or not at all? 7 Seats for the GSLP, 7 for the GSD, 3 for the GLP? No veas que lio. This would be excellent news for democracy in Gibraltar. Interesting times.

  87. The thing that really and truly worries me and gives me the shakes and sleepless nights about this election is

    Que va a hacer el ex mayor ex GSD disciple Momy Levy if the GSD wins???

    Ha puesto el gobierno a parir con lo del placard de la reina.

    Oh boy I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes!!!!

  88. Looks as if dissent has finally arrived in the GSD family with some thinking that the line-up is wrong and others thinking that not enough is being done to get round Gibraltar.Could be a great opportunity for Danny feetham to have a go at the Leadership.The Polls could not be worse and the Panorama Poll is going to stun the Electorate, so go for it Danny!.

  89. Plato says

    your video on was excellent. You state the facts.

  90. Anon@13:33

    You say:-

    "Time to put the people of Gibraltar first.."

    What?!! After what Mr Vasquez commented after he learned about the GSLP line up?

    You also stated:-

    "and so many new faces"

    So many new faces since when?

    When was the last time that the GSLP called a similar type of meeting?

    I beg you, nevertheless, pleas tell me; what did the speakers say about how the economy is going to cope with the promises that the GSLP makes.

    The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same.

    It's the Economy, Stupid.

  91. Anon@17:37

    What, on earth, are you on about?

    Mr Feetham at the leadership?

    The "Panorama Poll" is going to "stun" the electorate?

    Please make sense, express yourself.

    Let me explain, the GSD is not a family, it is a Political Party contesting an election.

    The more the GSLP changes the more it stays the same.

  92. Anon 19:41
    According to St Peter our economy is better than it is.
    Enough funds to cope with all the GSLP promises,or do you think our economy is not as bright as St Peter is preaching?

  93. La Abuelita pregunta:

    It is true that if you don't vote your vote automatically goes to the government in power?

  94. La Abuelita

    No that is totally untrue ... if you do not vote there is no vote to count, Who invented that stupid belief?


    I disagree with you but fine if the manner that authoritarian rule is democratic. If democracy flies out of the window then authoritarian government becomes wrong. I will be writing about this on Sunday and about the lack of the Rule of Law in the manner of government of Gibraltar i.e. the lack of legislative authority permitting the Government to do many things it does like build a new Air Terminal ... that is what I refer to ... wait till Sunday and all will be revealed ....


  97. Robert Why dont you present a political programme in GBC??

  98. RV,

    Anon 21:43

    PRC says economy is ok. (We either believe him or not)
    FP/JB, on the other hand, say that the economy is far worse and untenable, yet from what I am hearing, FP/JP are wanting to spend lots in order to do, it is not a question whether PRC is lying, the question is whether FP/JB are misleading us into believing that they are capable of doing some cute miracles...i.e. hacer algo de la nada!!

    Last time I heard, the guy doing the miracles got crucified!

    Pero mira si pueden hacerlo que nos digan como.... A nadie le amarga un dulce!

  99. RV,

    No not a political programme...I have a better idea.....

  100. Anonymous at 23:07

    Simple really ... I have not been invited to do so ... we have Louis Andlaw, David Bentata and Odette Benatar to do it for us :)

  101. RV,

    I propose an enhancement of Llanito World...

  102. RV,

    Nobody seems to be interested!!....pues nada me, off to bed to read....

  103. Disciple x
    Yep! you're right ,the guy doing the miracles got crucified.............but thanks to him you became his tenth disciple.........and now also drinking all his wine......y na de don simon!

  104. I propose that after the elections the anonymous get together and invite Robert for a meal.

  105. Robert @ 23:10, you forgot Cartwright, he too is one of the four independents on TAT

  106. Gibraltar goes to political suicide if, as seems, is influenced by these extremists do not want to see, or global position and prestige that currently has the Rock. No more deceive the people with the fable of the change. The change will be worse, no doubt. And the future black. Rajoy is here and Gibraltar will need an experienced politician like Caruana, who can deal with skill, as it did in Algeciras Landaluce that changed after an hour of conversation I got the mayor of Algeciras Caruana out supporting and advocating for dialogue and understanding and not confrontation he had against Gibraltar. Now is when we most need to Caruana

    The real one hundred percent Llanito

  107. Braveheart says:

    Impossible is Nothing.....Time 4 Change.....Just Do It

  108. Braveheart says...

    Disciple X if you have to remind us of the past please do not forget to include the PAG and who belonged to that cherry picking please!

  109. I have to confess that the GSLP idea of a town centre green area means that I will find it very difficult not to vote for them but I still have a worry that will not go away about Picardo. He still has not explained his involvement in the Banco Popular scandal and other court cases. I know that after the GSD's possibly premature exposure of these things some think that there should be no more mention of Blue Prime etc in the election campaign. I disagree I want to know whether a chief minister's involvement in international financial litigation could damage Gibraltar not just in terms of reputation but also exposure to blackmail. This is not meant to be a dirty Caruanaite tilt at Picardo but a legitimate question in an election campaign.

  110. RV,
    In todays comment in the Gib Chronic ,the second sentence states" How many ex pat residents will vote?".This brings me to the question ,isn`t it time a review of voting rights in Gibraltar is carried out?
    If all you need is six months residence to be able to vote ,someone only on a one years contract can vote in Gibraltar and then leave. Isn`t this unfair on the Gibraltarian voter ?

    On a similar point , I wonder if this year I will have to give directions to another English couple with spanish a registered car on were their polling station is even if they are actually outside the said station?
    YES this actually happened to me at the last General Election ex pats from spain also vote in gib.....

    Time For Change???

    Rock Ape!
    PS As to the party they were going to vote...

  111. Robert you must be doing something right , two letters in todays Chronin about R Vazquez, at this rate LW is going global!.
    Do you need an agent?.

  112. I hear that the GSD is disentigrating and all eyes are on Fabian Vinet to make some kind of Political Broadcast to try and retrieve some votes, yet not much enthusiasm from FV to do this as Isabel has taken his place it appears.
    I agree with 17.37 above I have also heard thru the grapevine that there is infighting and panic in the GSD ranks.

  113. K, it's now closer to £100,000. It was approximately £85,000 several years ago.

    Meanwhile, in today's Pano:

    "Phantom Photographer- No less than Top Financial Services Executive.

    "What about the other piece to the photograph saga when Panorama exposed that Mr. David Parody who is no less than the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Commission, a senior position in Gibraltar’s independent financial regulatory commission who also regulate the government. Mr. Parody one would have presumed should have kept well away from a highly politically charged issue, even if he was the unknown photographer. Instead what Mr. Parody was doing was sending notices to the press denouncing Panorama, demanding money or threatening legal action because of alleged copyright claims, yet keeping his name hidden from public view. Is this how a person in such a high and delicate public position should be acting, involving himself in the middle of an election campaign and appearing to sway to one side?"

  114. Looks like the Chronic and Panorama cannot get enough of LW, congratulations Robert, EAT YOUR HEART OUT Facebook Fans!

  115. It is official the majority of the Hospital, the Education Establishment,the Police,Customs/the Jewish and Indian Communities/the Firemen/the small boat owners assoc/the fishing people,/heritage/the civil service/the Pensioners/and the youth to include the UK students are all with the GSLP...the writing is on the WALL!.

  116. Seeing as there seems to be such interest in the photo of Lianne Azopardi taken by the 'anonymous' photographer, I thought it might be a good idea to post this article Panorama published as a defence to the press release he sent out.

    David Parody claims he is the photographer of Lianne photo

    Peter Caruana has descended to a new low, taking his electoral diatribe to the depths of attacking family connections in the context of describing a party as the 'nasty' party. Panorama does not indulge in such manner, if we did, we could, for example, refer to Mr Caruana's sister who is a political activist on the internet married to the acting Chief Secretary, who is thus the Chief Minister's brother-in-law. This family arrangement at the very top of Government may be unprecedented, but we do not like to indulge in Caruana-like behaviour.

    He has now referred to his youngest female candidate as having been photographed in a 'sexist' pose.
    It should be clear that that is his perception.

    It should also be understood that the photograph was NOT taken by Panorama, but was freely available in the public domain without any attribution to copyright.
    It now transpires that David Parody claims to be the photographer. He is also the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Commission.

    It is not known who circulated the photograph on the internet, what is known is that it is of a GSD candidate and that David Parody claims to be the photographer. Can he elucidate further as to the dissemination of that and other photographs of the same subject that may also be in circulation?

  117. I have always said that the Financial Services Commission needs a major overhaul.

    As for Parody it just shows what a circus the FSC is, I think Killick, as his boss, owes the People of Gibraltar a Press Release, at the very minimum, distancing himself from the actions of Parody and confirming to all that the FSC is apolitical.

    Maybe we should have a look at the Employment Contract of Parody, does it not have a clause forbidding him from jumping into the Political arena, if it does not, it should.

    Time for explanations Killick because the buck stops with you and your employee has gone wild!.

  118. Does anyone remember Peter Caruana full in the flush of his very narrow victory at the last election, promising to work much more closely with the opposition?
    His promises this time will last even less if he wins.

  119. The 6 month voting rule is an absolute joke and does a great injustice to every single Gibraltarian out there.

    Which party will promise to abolish it? Something tells me neither the PDP or the GSD will do so.

    Just a humble thought though :)


  120. I agree that Mr M Killick should come out distancing himself from the partisan actions of his Deputy but somehow I think he will retreat to his cushy office and his mega salary and hope that it all blows over.
    Maybe the Chronic or the Panorama should follow this one up seeing that they adulate you Robert.

  121. David Parody is the person that took the picture of Lyanne Azzopardi.
    I know for a fact that Mr Parody posted it in his Flikr page open for everyone to see;I have seen the folder.
    Since all this has happened he has REMOVED the folder containing not only this picture but others that had Ms Azzopardi and another namless female model in a more that a friendly pose on a motorbike.
    By the way the infamouse photo folder has been removed from his library and replaced by photos of the Airport Terminal.

    Please comment.....

    Rock Ape!

  122. Having residents who have only been in Gib for six months is a joke and insulting to native born Gibraltarians!

  123. Time for change ! Time to change the opposition now !

  124. Does anyone know when the Panorama opinion poll is due?

  125. anon@14:09, I agree... its time to change the opposition and replace it with the GSD and PDP, with the Alliance in Government.

  126. I have to say that all this talk AGAIN about Lianne's photographs and how upset the GSD and in particular the CM have got about the 'nasty' people who have published such a sexist picture leaves me feeling this is yet another bit of 'silly season'! Surely the photos were taken with the model's consent and were in the public domain - if they ARE sexist or in bad taste they were taken and put out in the public domain with Ms Azzopardi's approval, so, where's the problem? I know of several people who had seen the pictures on Facebook anyway - where SHE had placed them!

  127. The very same photographer embroiled in Azopardi-gate has now presented, this very week, two weeks before an election, a collection of beautiful photos about life in Gibraltar over the course of one year.

    One hopes this is not a subliminal attempt at providing the GSD bible, issued just before the election was called, with a second instalment.

  128. It may be time for Robert to write a piece on Marcus Killick the FSC, the procedure for appointing people to the FSC Board, the conflicts of Interests that we are seeing with the Parody scandal and the lack of transparency that the body enjoys.
    We are, after all, paying for this crew at the FSC so we should be entitled to criticize them in order to improve the product.
    How long has Killick held on to his Job and for long is he there?.
    I think Snappy Parody has opened a can of worms and I agree Killick should come out with a Press Release on this or risk losing credibility in the eyes of the Gibralatarian people.
    Nothing wrong with taking photographs BUT in the middle of an election campaign a person in Parody's post should not come out supporting one Party or the other, there are other ways of dealing with the matter which would have produced a better and less dramatic response from everyone.

  129. I believe Panorama is still collating data.I stand to be corrected but I think the closing date is next week.

  130. Can someone please explain why GBC held last nights programme?
    Everything seems to be ok.
    Am I becoming psychotic or was everyone a bit scared to criticize the present Caretaker Goverment.
    As for Charlie, Unites leader final remark ....Pathetic...I would have expected him to say that what he wanted from the next goverment is full employment and an increase in minimum wage...
    Charlie se te ve el plumera yet again.

    Rock Ape!

  131. Everyone I have spoken to about the Programme says the same thing that non-one had the ba--s to criticize the Government, the reign of terror will end soon and Gibraltar will go back to being a Democracy porque esto no puede ser!.
    As for Charlie, not much to say he is clearly pro Caruana but then again with the precedent that he has of Montiel and Netto joining the GSD gravy train en lo bueno tiempo he probably thinks he can also hitch a ride in a future GSD. For now he better read the writing on the Wall because el GSD chollo se acaba pronto el 8/12/11.

  132. All Charlie needs to do is wear a BIG GSD badge and he would be a completely visible GSD man because he is a blatant supporter of the loosing team this time round.
    Funny really because it was apparently Bossano who got him his job, but there you go a very grateful person to have in mind.
    When the GSLP get into Govt I am sure he will come back home where he started and all will be forgiven sino ya veras!.

  133. Dont you think all three parties are taking the p*ss out of all of us, not one of them has published a manifesto yet. Do they all have such little regard for the electorate. Shame on the lot of them.

  134. Im watching the PDP phone in on GCB and IM nodding off! Que poco dynamic el programa, el moderator y el PDP team! They all in fact look and sound a bit lost and overwhemlmed!

  135. Anon 22:01
    Esta todo el mundo viendo el Barcelona!

  136. The phone in's are a waste of time............we want debates with all three parties.
    Thank god we don't pay the TV licences.

  137. PDP.........POR DIOS PARA.

  138. Y mañana el debate en GBC es del environment. Si que estan pesaditos con el environment este election! I think I heard it all when el tal Scott in yesterday's panel on GBC stated that he would like a ban on mopeds in Gb cos they are harlmful to the environment! Ya puesto we will allgo and live in caves, walk around naked and only eat plants, and that is if we don't breach plant rights!

  139. Why do the GSD and the PDP keep attacking the GSLP? Could it be because they know that they are the only ones with a real chance of winning the Election?.
    Yvette Del Agua's Political Broadcast was laughable tonight I get the impression that she knows that she is a spent politician who no-one believes in any longer.

  140. The PDP phone in must surely class as the Most boring hour of TV ever in the entire planet! I agree with the previous comment that the programme and panel lacked any dynamic or energy! They all did seem a bit lost and not very familiarised with their manifesto! Doesn't make me feel very confident about the PDP which is disappointing - I was hoping to be able to have a proper choice at this election!

  141. Anon 2232 Agree, the debates are a waste of time for telly - better suited for radio. GBC should have put the phone ins on Radio, concentrated on debates for TV and have included phone ins if need be in the discussion programmes. I really hope they don't just have short 60 minute debates like they do with Viewpoint during the rest of the year as they barely allow for any proper discussion! 90 - 120 minute programmes are best for this.

  142. Anon 22:45
    Mr Scott said,that we should stop importing two stroke mopeds.........what he didn't have time to say was,that we should import four stroke mopeds ,which are less pollutants.
    Eso del walking naked tampoco suena mal!

  143. It is time now that we are getting to the anniversary of the Seville Forum Europa Talk (25/11/10) by Caruana for him to explain what he meant when he said to the audience that a possible solution to the Gib problem (I dont have a problem Spain does) is an Andorra type deal, and that he would put it to the Gibraltarians in a Referendum and RECOMMEND it.Look at the YOUTUBE clip towards the end of it (dont liten to everything as Caruana's accent and spanish is dreadful).
    Pero que cara, have just seen it and I am sick,how can this man say he recommends that we have two flags (one spanish) and two co-princes (one spanish) at the Convent in Gib, por menos in the Palomos days they were threatening to burn houses down.Wake up Gib, he is dangerous to our sovereignty, what a safe pair of hands, no thanks.

  144. Thank god I bought a 46" flatscreen........otherwise, el Navas se queda a fuera..............who the hell designed the set?
    y el de te digo na!
    Ave si algien saca el investment en GBC in the debates...........basic set design flaws......que verguensa!

  145. I think the PDP, although slightly dull, came across as fair-minded, honest individuals who make, and have made for some time, the promise to truly change government's ability to act without accountability. It is clear that it is not the potential power trip of government that motivates them. This is something the GSLP , however, can be accused of.

  146. RV,

    Braveheart 00:31

    “Braveheart says...

    Disciple X if you have to remind us of the past please do not forget to include the PAG and who belonged to that cherry picking please!”

    It may seem cherry picking to you but not to me. Equally I haven't forgotten nor do I allow it to cloud my mind. As far as I’m concerned PRC has already given a clear indication as to why he did it. To see beyond this in search of some ulterior motive, one would have to look into a magical crystal ball which I don’t have!

    This irrelevant detail is therefore of no consequence. Yes I can agree with those who may find it an unpalatable issue but personally I see this as an invidious attempt to smear his persona for the sake of perpetuating a nonsensical point. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion, albeit regretfully, that that sort of talk is meant simply to cause major impact on innocent minds.

    This may all seem laughable to you, but you see, I think that this “minor indiscretion” for want of a better phrase is insignificant to me when I look at the bigger picture. Gibraltar today is not the Gibraltar of yesteryear and even though I am prepared to admit, that the GSLP is looking a far more attractive proposition than the GSLP of the past it still retains some disagreeable remnants. (Note that I have not included the Liberals since that is another story). The fact that even RV has not commented on this issue, especially given the weight that that would carry with the anti-PRC brigade, one can only surmise that the PAG issue was a non-event. (I stand to be corrected if RV disagrees).

    I know certain folk don’t like me to bore them with the past but when you consider this minor PAG issue with the goings on that took place back then it simply pales into insignificance. Obviously I am not blind to several issues which IMHO have gone wrong with the GSD administration, badly wrong, but even then it still doesn’t compare to that unhealthy period.

    For what its worth I still retain my political neutrality and impartiality. This in essence allows me to see things as they are and not through the rose-coloured glasses that others want me to.

    I simply judge for myself.

  147. Anon 2310 I agree entirely. The PDP came across as very dull and a little bit lost (maybe didn't have much time to memorise their manifesto) but I agree that they do come across as a group of very hardworking genuine people whose fuel is wanting to contribute to a better Gibraltar and not the power that seems to motivate the other two parties.

  148. Se le deberia caer las caras de verguenza al GSLP de hablar de nuestro gobierno como hablan. Habeis escuchado a Yvette de Agua o to lo que ha dicho ella es mentira??! Me da asco de la politica petty de los llanitos. El colmo tiene que haber sido cuando el GSLP fue a la prensa espanola pa alimeta el fuego de los slopis con lenya seca. This was the ultimate betrayal al llanito, lest we forget.
    El unico fresh idea que me a gustao es que el PDP le vas da mas poder al pueblo para prevenir las sanguiguellas que salen en todo los partidos. Con todo este back-stabbing and forked tongues me da bastante verguenza que gente de afuera que vivan aqui vean el poco carinyo entre llanitos. Es vergonyoso.

  149. El power to the people aka disciple x no se calla leche!


  151. What disappoints me the most is that despite all the independent-minded people in Gib there is not a single independent candidate at this election. I feel sorely disappointed and let down. Robert I have to say I had hoped you would stand as an independent. There are three parties, so we are being forced into a situation where we feel compelled to block vote. I would love to see this party system abolished, it does Gibraltar a massive disservice. It is divisive and negative. It becomes an us and them system with no space for the all-inclusive WE. A return to the City Council of old PLEASE!!!!

  152. Yvette Del Agua's political broadcast tonight was brilliant. Ha dicho un pilon de verdades.
    No me acordaba de la maldad del GSLP de traer a Gib a un team de Spanish TV team to investigate Dr Giraldi Home. Disgusting !

  153. Robert why aren't you posting my comments?! Rumour has it that you are pro-GSLP, are my comments not suited to the GSLP propaganda machine?!

  154. I was also hoping that Robert would stand as an independent. Que malaje !

  155. Back from the GFSB leaders debate at the Mac Hall. PRC gave a total hammering to FP and KA who looked totally out of their depth. Very clear and realistic policies from PRC. I think the business community saw who can lead Gibraltar and who can't. Excellent Debate.

  156. "problems cannot be solved by the same minds who created them"


  157. In the GSLP days there was only one old ambulance which kept on breaking down. The RN ambulances had to come to our rescue on countless occasions. And they have the cheek to complain about the ambulace service ! Valiente cara dura !

  158. Mrs Del Agua read the script well but why does she always look so unhappy.
    Smile que la vida es muy corta.
    ME TOO. and Anon 23:36
    Tv team came from Andorra!..........como el vino que vendia el Anglo........medio medio.

  159. We should all block vote for the PDP and really show the warring 'main' parties that we in Gibraltar really want and DESERVE CHANGE. A change in the manner that we are served by our government and candidates that are close to the people and are not there for the power trip. As Kenneth Navas said, a government that is FOR the people and not OF the people.
    A Parliamentary Ombudsman is a very good ides given Gibraltar's historical political leeches.
    The PDP are putting the people FIRST! This is the change we WANT and NEED in Gibraltar -the rest is the same old same old.

  160. braveheart says....

    I'm glad discipleX has reacted to my PAG/PRC verdad we say around here!!! But what you should do is look forward and give the gslp a chance to change the 'nice looking' mess we are in.

    time for change

  161. After last nights leader's debate it was evident that Caruana is light years ahead in every way. What a brain !

  162. el gslp no va a cambia na
    o no te entera

  163. Robert

    After having attended the GFSB Debate I can now assure you that the impression given by Mr Picardo did not reflect the GSLP/Liberal that you are promoting.

    His posing did not help. He used more interventions agreeing with Mr Caruana's past performance and future promises than promoting his party's projects.

    Not to mention his cynical smiles and laughter while the other two were addressing the assembled.

    The highlight of the event was when the Moderator told Mr Picardo to shut up.

    As for the looks as though he has yet to finish reading the "book". Frightening when one thinks that he may be our next Minister of Finance.

  164. Yvette del Agua boring boring boring. In denial as always and talking about the old guard - that's a good one.

    What more old guard than an authoritarian, I know everything and you are a dunce style of government that PRC offers. Obedience is what he wants not trust. Trust PRC to misspend and take years to finish anything.

    The more the GSD stays the same the digger they deep their own grave.

  165. The PDP does not think things through. A parliamentary ombudsman for a parliament of 17 and a population of 30,000 is cuckoo land stuff.More insane expense

  166. I have it from a good source that Bryan Zammitt, founder of the Gib Politics group put his name down for election to the GSD..

  167. ME

    Que pesao/a eres.

    Del Agua the "great"? Tu estas igual de deluded que el Cu..... Lol

    The GHA is falling to bits. Did you know over 40 percent of the workforce is non local? Mostly Spanish nationals or locums from diverse parts of the world, who get their taxes reimbursed and accommodation paid for amongst other perks. And don't get me started on Mount Alvernia please.

    I know many local qualified doctors, dentists etc who are forced to work abroad for these same reasons.

    What I fail to understand is why spend the tax payers hard earned monies training these people up (degrees etc)if they then fail to create adequate job opportunities for them. Or worse still employ external labour in their place instead.

    I am aware we need to abide to EU law (freedom of workers act y todo eso), but why spend thousands of pounds of our money training these ppl up for nothing then? Tanto dinero tenemo? Can I have some then please? :)

    Furthermore the service provided at the GHA is poorer than ever in my opinion. Un-emotional and detached which seems fitting of people who only come here to earn their "bread" and spend it elsewhere. Not that this is always the case but it does seem to be the recurring theme these days.

    As for the ambulances I think natural progression would dictate an increase in ambulance numbers, any GOG administration would have provided these in my opinion. An increase in our population would lead to extra facilities right? No comprendo por que el GSD se sige poniendo la velita acosta de esto. Its a no brainer.

    On a final note let us remember that in Gibraltar we have limited size which equates to limited capability. Ante lo nuestro y despue lo dema. EU law was stipulated by countries such as Spain who have enormous populations (30 million fasi no?). I think we need to put things into context, que charity starts at home muchacho/a!


  168. How can anyone rely on Stan James to predict anything on Gibraltar Politice, que le hablaron a la gente en el Casemates , en Main Street y a los monos en el upper rock, I will not make a decision on who to vote for until I get the Manifestos(Que es ridiculo lo que estan tardando) pero lo de Stan James es un cachondeo.
    Anyway I thought these calculations were made calculating an average of how many people had put money down on the bet,el GSD tiene que tener mas peras que nadie because they or their supporters are the biggest punters or is it that Stan James are happy with the Govt that gave them their Licence and prefer not to see change.
    The next thing we will hear is the odds on who spots Vinet is not on the ballot paper, come on, un pouqito de seriedad senores y senoras , como dice Caruana the science behind these and those polls in all wrong the vote on the day is the vote that counts.

  169. Last nights GSD Election broadcast was absolutely dull and lack lustered.
    Out of the 10 mins allocated Mrs Del Agua spent 6min critisizing the GSLP and 4 min on all the equipment they have bought .
    This brings me to the point what about the future....0 mins on that....
    We should look to the future....

    A party out of ideas will look to the past Gibraltar need to move into the future.

    Next please!

    Rock Ape!

  170. How can anyone really say that Del Agua was good last night si no se lo creia ni ella lo que estaba diciendo.The GSD should have dropped her from the line-up because after the cock-up with the Ambulances and the backdating of Minutes people do not want to see nor hear of her.
    You could read defeat in her face last night and not even the extremely glossy brochure she has produced on the year ending DEC 2010 BUT released this year (a year later almost, done for campaigning purposes) will save her now.
    I understand that the people at the hospital cannot wait to see John Cortes walk in on the 9th December 2011.

  171. Robert,Good letter in the Chronic on that insignificant renaguajo character Andlaw, next time round send him to the kitchen which is where he should be.He should have done the honourable thing and resgn from "Talk About GSD Town" when all the mess broke out but he obviously craves the limelight too much.

  172. 23;09. I agree that PRC has not explained himself properly on his proposal to recommend the Andorra solution for Gibraltar, I think that he was trying to play the friendly character in Seville and the words just came out without him giving a second thought to it (language barrier).The worrying thing however is that he is on record as saying it and if the PP decide to take it further we have had our Caretaker Chief Minister publicly agree to it.
    Worrying thought whichever party you belong to.

  173. I agree braveheart it is time for change and the streets are screaming for it.Don't place any bets with Stan James or you are going to loose a lot of cash and Stan James will be laughing all the way to the Bank!.

  174. Time for change indeed. Bossano and the old guard must go.

  175. What J Mac Hall meeting did the above GSD supporter attend? Keith and Fabian made a lot of sense and there was Mr P Caruana offering to do all the things that he has not even dreamt about doing for the past 15 years.Thought it was a well balanced debate but the GSD loooked ridiculous offering to do every thing the PDP and the GSLP are offering to do when in Government, begs the question, why has it taken you 15 years to have to commit, with a lost election in your sights, that you intend to set up an Office of Fair Trading? too late too little GSD!.

  176. If Yvette del Agua thinks she can pull the wool over our eyes on Health/Hospital she has another thing coming.We have all seen the mess up with the Ambulances, the state of demoralised personnel at the hospital, the Conitinuos mismanagement of Consultants in the hospital at an enormous amount of money to the Taxpayer.Yes things may be better than what they were 15 years ago but the amount of money spent on the product and the mismanagement of the health services is atrocious.I cannot see anyone with an ounce of a brain falling for Yvette and her desparate marketing tricks,ie GHA Brochure.El llanito wants change, as they say in the London underground, "...ALL CHANGE...".

  177. Just been listening to the Feetham and Netto show and had to ask myself what the point was of having Azzopardi there. She hardly spoke at all, seems like there is nothing remarkable about her apart from the Azzopardi-gate affair, the executive must be regretting the decision to exclude Vinet more and more every day. At least she can read out scripted podcasts porque parece que no vale pa mucho mas.

  178. U.N. Decided Voter24 November 2011 at 15:08

    Just heard the GSD 3 candidates on radio. Feetham wiped the floor with the ringers... and his other team members too! Lianne better had stayed home and tidied her playroom!!!

  179. It appears that Danny Feetham was holding back from putting his name forward for the Line-up because he was insisting that he would have to be the Deputy whatever happened in the Elections.It appears that Danny had enough ammunition on Holiday to convince Caruana (who didnt need much convincing) that it was either him as Deputy or he would not stand.
    Part of the deal entailed the scenario that if in opposition Caruana would step down after the first year as Leader of the Oppositionand Danny will take over.
    This is ALL from the horses mouth, looks as if the GSD is implouding with different candidates thinking different things about which is the best strategy in campaigning.
    Que lio chiquillo,all they need is infighting and they have realy really PDP had it.

  180. "The phone ins are a waste of time............we want debates with all three parties."

    I would endorse that. Debates - but only on TV. Most of us are rushing around during our short lunch breaks. No time to listen to the radio.

    "Thank god I bought a 46" flatscreen........otherwise, el Navas se queda a fuera.............."!


  181. Have just seen the PDP Azzopardi Election Broadcast, how dissapointing I really thought Keith was going to stand on his own and fight the GSLP and the GSD, instead he produced a Broadcast full of adulation for Caruana! what is going on Keith? you have let us all down! I am exercising the right NOT to vote! So much for the great PDP its just the second division GSD in disguise...que pena.

  182. John Cortes is getting a little hot under the collar! OMG! Every time I have seen him speaking since he entered politics he loses his cool - come on man you have to develop a thick skin pretty pronto!

  183. I must disagree with Anon's 23:48 comment of 23rd Nov reference the leaders' performance in the GFSB pre-election debate (unless of course the person in question is simply trying to bolster Peter's performance for political gian, which is entirely legitimate). I was there as well and, together with a significant majority of the persons i spoke to, the consensus seemed to be that Peter seemed somewhat 'relaxed' about it all and that the only real zest came from Fabian. I may not necessarily agree with all that was saidd but his performance was the strongest of all. In my view, it is the vitality, presence of mind and perhaps youthful vigour that Gibraltar should want from its CM.


  185. Dr John Cortes' plain talking on GBC tonight, from a position of comprehensive knowledge, was refreshing to hear from an aspiring MP. It is clear that it is not a prerequisite for a successful Gibraltarian politician to be qualified as a lawyer.

  186. FP " vitality, presence of mind and perhaps youthful vigour " you must be kidding me. He had no policies apart from "we must have an e govt" for someone preparing this election exclusivly for the last 6mths he didnt seem prepared at all. He even had to be shut up by the presenter coz he didn't have the decency to abide by the rules. Other than undermining Keith at every opportunity "you have no chance, di lo que quieras you wont have to implement it".

    Gibraltar needs to find a replacement for PC but those two guys at the table were far from it.

  187. It was embarrrasing to see Selwyn Figueras in the debate last night,he had NO IDEA what he was talking about , got caught out many times by Cortes and did not even know what the basics of environmental law were.He just showed the whole of Gibraltar that he is a puppet of Caruana who like a parrot just repeats the usual line to Cortes that he cares more for plants than people.
    I am still undecided on how to vote until I receive the Manifestos but for now it is certainly GSLP 1 and GSD 0.The environment is in better hands with Cortes than with Figueras that's for sure.

  188. 23;44- Porfavor en que Planeta vives tu, Figueras hizo el ridiculo delante de todo Gibraltar.La verdad es que el arrogancia de Caruana knows no limits mira que mandar a Figueras, que no tiene ni idea, a un debate con John Cortes, bueno at least Faller agreed with the GSLP line on everything because Figueras was out of his depths.Se le vio el plumero de incompetencia en el Sacarello Talk pero ya esta el tema confirmado el Figueras no tiene ni idea de lo que habla ni lo que dice, el ideal candidate de Caruana un Yes Man who he can order around!.Keep Trusting no thanks, TIME for CHANGE.

  189. 13;41-The Sheer desparation of the GSDites they have gone from the Attack on Picardo (that Backfired) to the Fast Launches(that evryone sees as history) to the fear of the PP ( counter balanced by the Andorra solution Caruana offered a year to the day today) and now, as none of these ploys have worked, they have gone to the ridiculous argument of the old guard runs the GSLP...oh well just shows that the GSD has past its sell by date.

  190. Having seen the Debate last night on the Environment it is quite clear that the PDP are wll intentioned but too inexperienced to trust, the GSD Candidate was frankly ill prepared and too busy making personal attacks on the GSLP Candidate and the latter was extremely competent and elocuent.This is the First debate I have watched and I must admit that the Calibre of Dr John Cortes was there for all to see. If we are going to have these type of Debates I think the relevant Candidates should be prepared and know what they are talking about,Mr S Figueras was unfortunately devoid of any knowledge in the basic principles of the law of the Environment and was lucky that he did not get completely shredded to pieces by Dr J Cortes.
    Good viewing, keep it up GBC.

  191. Poor Selwyn. What a mauling he received from Dr John (and to a lesser extent also from Rebecca). At least he didn't say "I'm not on the executive so I can only give my personal opinion" as he repeatedly did in the 'How livable is Gibraltar' debate at Sacarellos'. However, at one stage I was slightly worried he might be reduced to tears on air! Fabian Vinet would have put on a much better show - surely.

  192. It's a great shame that Davina interrupted Danny when he was about to tell us yesterday on the lunchtime GBC Radio phone-in whether or not Spaniards will start to receive Community Care and HCA from 2012 - and wouldn't let him continue due to lack of time. We are eagerly awaiting confirmation.


  194. The quality of interviews on GBC is very poor again and the viewers are left with politicians cut off in mid sentence and whenever one makes a good point he / she is interrupted. Yesterday's debate on the environment was a case in point. There was talk of a legal challenge to the power station but I had never heard of this. Was it brought by the GONHS? What happened?

  195. Danny said yesterday that the GSD want to create a new civil service grade of Director, above that of Senior Officer, pero venga ya Danny; the motive should be to enable them to provide a better service to the public - not just to enable them to gain further promotion and boost their already generous remuneration even further, as you stated.

  196. I agree you could tell Selwyn was completely lost and confused when he went on and on about the buses he was just counting the minutes for his nightmare appearance to be over, not a good choice as a Candidate Peter, much damage caused.Selwyn go back to Isolas whilst you have time because politics ain't for you.

  197. The truth of the matter is that Caruana has no credible rival at this moment in time. People vote for Chief Ministers not ministers y eso es lo que hay.
    The silent majority cannot be fooled by the GSLP activists no matter what.

  198. Caruana has more than proved that he is a true Gibraltarian.
    Let us not forget the joint sovereinty deal. The fantastic way in which he fought relentlessly against the done-deal. That historic appearance before the Foreign Affairs Committee where he outshone all the MPs. A proud moment in the history of Gibraltar.

  199. RV,

    Why havent some of my replies been posted?

  200. Never thought I would see the day that Isobel was outshined on GBC. Well done Neil Costa brilliant on the radio debate, seems like the PDP candidates are happy to take a back seat and watch the other 2 fight it out, they did last night in the televised debate and again now on radio. Robert you even got a mention in the debate lol I’m surprised that you have not been arrested yet for being in possession of a deadly weapon because your pen is far mightier than any sword.