Monday, 25 April 2011

Elections, My Blog, My Election Candidature and some Bits and Bobs

Its the Easter Long Weekend and so news is limited. It is a good time to ponder and write about a few ideas, thoughts and possibilities, especially as it is looking more and more likely that the election will be in the Autumn, not late spring or early summer as some had speculated. This has not come as a surprise to me. I was the person who on GBC's "Viewpoint" opted for an October election.

If the election is in October, the only available date is the 27th because the two weeks immediately preceding that date are jewish holidays that, I believe, fall on Thursdays  Thursday is the favoured day for elections. It could be the first Thursday of November but unlikely to be much later because under the Constitution Parliament is dissolved mid-November. If the Chief Minister delays too much it would take away his advantage of surprise. Surprise that will not in fact advantage his party, the GSD, too much because everyone seems ready and poised for an election at any time. The main issue for the Chief Minister, as I see it, on timing is assessing if and when the GSD's  "goodies", which would include his favoured projects being completed, might help the GSD at the ballot box.

Some have suggested to me that my declaration that I will stand for election has undermined the authority and credibility of what I write on this blog. I would beg to differ. I will be standing as an Independent, which is the first argument against that criticism. Also, I have published the Core Principles upon which I will base my election campaign. These Core Principles are focussed on but, more importantly, they directly reflect the views that I have expressed (and continue to express) on this blog. I do not believe that anyone is non-political in a partisan way, each have either more conservative or, as is my case, more liberal leanings. My politics are clearly reflected in what I write on this blog and what I have written long before even deciding to stand for election, so what I write is not and cannot be compromised by my election candidature. My election candidature does not, therefore, reduce the impact of what I write or make it more partial. The opposite is true. It shows my openness, frankness and transparency.

Others have suggested that tactically it would be better for me to stand at the election alone. Others have commented exactly the opposite that breaking the "Block Vote" alone is an impossibility. I have been pondering this conundrum long and hard. I am beginning to be convinced by the former rather than the latter camp. There are various reasons for this. First and importantly it is massively difficult to get people to openly declare themselves as candidates for a group that has only a speculative chance of success. Candidates for the GSD and GSLP are incentivised and, indeed, protected in their personal and work lives, by both the prospect of success and the collective power of each of those parties. The PDP gathers together many of the dissidents of both the GSD and GSLP who are prepared to openly stand for election. That leaves a very small or even non-existent pool of people from which to find 10 candidates to field at an election.

The choice one has is either to field 10 candidates or to go it alone, any lesser number diminishes the chances of successfully breaking the "block vote" because one is not offering an alternative government. The reason is that one individual candidate with a well aimed campaign can mop up votes from both the GSD and the GSLP. The strategy would be to target the weakest candidate from each of these parties. At the same time promoting the reality that one Independent candidate in Parliament, whilst a lone voice, would be a dissident voice that can be a catalyst for major change in Gibraltar politics and democracy. The mathematically possible best result is 8 GSD, 8 GSLP and me! However it is statistically highly improbable and, probably, also politically so because of the "presidential" style of electing a Chief Minister by "block voting" for the 10 candidates of one party, thus converting 10 votes into 1. That result, however, would ensure a democratic revolution in Gibraltar.

I have been asked whether I have people to help in an election campaign. The answer to that is that I have many volunteers whom I would like to thank immediately. I also wish to apologise to them because I still need to organise a meeting. I have been under extreme pressure at work for the last 8 weeks, aside from writing and moderating this blog. I have a relatively busy schedule after Easter but I have to and will make time to organise that meeting. It is important because I will then not be alone, at the very least, from an organisational position. I would hope that a small group would be assigned certain responsibilities which would be a great help and relief to me.

As for any campaign, obviously an individual Independent candidate is at an enormous disadvantage. He  or she gets less air time on GBC and less newsprint in the written press, importantly the Chronic and Panorama. The internet is the important new media that can counteract this disadvantage, not to call it a democratic deficit. In this matter the PDP are right. Gibraltar's election system is one of individual voters yet the press treat the contest as exclusively a party one.

There is no point fighting that, it is the way it is, so one has to attempt to get ones message out in alternative media and by preempting an election and getting as much coverage as possible in the traditional press well before the election campaign. I have done both so far thanks to this blog. This blog spawned a very successful Facebook page with over 2200  adherents with whom I can communicate instantaneously. That will make a difference because they will become my campaigners by stimulating interest and discussion within their families, friends, clubs bars and restaurants. Lets see what happens ...

I cannot be more open, frank and transparent. I have laid bear all my thoughts and plans for the next election. I am sure that I will receive many differing views and opinions following this piece. They are all welcome, will be looked at, considered and put into the melting pot. I believe that change is on the card but is going from the GSD to the GSLP sufficiently radical? I believe it is not. Electing catalysts into Parliament will make the change that so many want. The only way to achieve it is to break the "Block Vote".


  1. You can count on me for support RV. My I.T skills are at your disposable.

    The enemy of my enemy..... is my friend :)


  2. L.E.F. says,

    We Llanitos have a wonderful opportunity to try and change the way we are governed at the coming elections.

    Each voter will have 10 votes with which we will each exercise our democratic right and duty to vote. We just have to use each single vote wisely.

    This is our chance as a people to assert a certain control over our politicians,seeing that both parties are happy to continue this type of gutter politics which reflects and affects us so adversely as a people.

    We vote as an oppressed people ,with fear.
    The fear with which we have been brainwashed.

    Unfortunately this election will again be dominated with this fear and reasoning used by both GSD or GSLP parties that there is no alternative to the block vote.

    Both parties will demand from their faithful no less than the 10 votes from each. They will remind them that the consequences of not doing so will be giving there vote to the opposing party.

    This argument does not hold water any more.

    We do have alternatives. In fact we have an alternative which could be acceptable to any Gibraltarian, dare I say, even the party faithful from both sides.

    I would urge each single voter to give Mr Vasquez 1 vote. For us who want change, the other 9 votes to be used as the voter wishes.

    For GSD supporters vote Mr Vasquez and the first 9 candidates in alphabetical order from the GSD.

    For GSLP supporters vote Mr Vasquez and the first 9 GSLP candidates also in alphabetical order.

    Any group or party can form government with 9 seats ,so we effectively have a spare vote each.

    If the GSD or GSLP can form a majority Government with just 9 candidates why do they have to present 10 candidates and demand 10 votes.

    Why do we have to waste that extra vote on a useless minister brought in to just make up the numbers, when by giving that vote to Mr Vasquez we can bring once and for all real change in our democracy.

    We can take that all important first step forward towards the democratic changes that so many of us Llanitos yearn for and all of us deserve.

    To the scaremongerers on both sides(GSD GSLP) I would remind you that one of the 2 parties will fail in getting elected into government, so if Mr Vasquez is elected into Parliament on a high vote will be able to command certain political weight to question and demand more than any opposition.

    If Mr Vasquez were to get more votes than the top elected member of the majority party who will form Government, he will carry the weight of the people even though he would not be a part of Government.

    I believe such an outcome possible because every GSD and GSLP supporters could realistically vote for Mr Vasquez without affecting their party block vote strategy.

    I would appeal to each side to just present 9 candidates because we do not need an extra government minister just fo show. Its our money paying for these extravagant yet useless puppets posing as ministers.

    If that is not the case, all we have to is decide who is politically expendable from either side(not a hard decision) or revert to alphabetical order.

    The time for change is upon us. Let us vote wisely and let us progress as a people.

    Mr Vasquez offers hope to all Gibraltarians regardless of party colours. We are all in it together .Lets seize the opportunity to break once and for all ,the us and them, metality which has divided our people for the past 20 years.

    'We must become the change we want to see in the world'(Gandhi)

    I personally will vote for Mr Vasquez because he offers all us Llanitos a way forward to break this d

  3. Dream 17 that would make a change to the way Gibraltar is run: GSLP x 10, GSD x 6, RV x 1.

    I strongly believe the GSLP can and will work together with RV, leaving the GSD Leader of the Opposition to hurl abuse in parliament, and the other 5 GSD opposition members to wander aimlessly.

    In time these GSD 5 will either leave politics, cross the floor or start another party, whilst the Leader of the Opposition will resign and disappear quietly to the hinterland.

    In these by-elections, more independents might get a chance to join RV, the PDP might get lucky, or who knows, we might see the re-emergence of the Labour Party!

  4. If the last 15 years are anything to go by, Gibraltar is unlikely to be ready for the type of mind numbing change that the GSLP are likely to present. Do you think they'll come off the fence and actually present policy and vision?

  5. Irrespective of which party wins the next general elections the reality is that nothing will change this is all a big business my blog friends. Companies are already doing their business plans in the event the GSLP wins the elections... Hahaha esto es todo £££. As one grows older one realises that money will win over principals here and in Peking, and we should truly value independents like Robert and Charles, failure to do so simply confirms that people are just interested in getting their mates get into power and activate their business plan, pity but bloody true...

  6. annon 22.17

    below is an extract from Fabian's speech, which is available on the GSLP's website:

    "And for that reason I say to all our citizens: we will not allow favoritism of the
    type we see today.
    Gibraltar is listening and our party’s message is simple, clear and fair:
    We will not grant any lucrative concessions or contracts based on party
    And similarly, under a GSLP administration, no-one will lose a contract
    because they are supporters of our political opponents.
    No-one will be discriminated against because they are supporters of our
    political opponents.
    No-one will be appointed to any post just because they are our political
    We are a political party committed to fairness and equality of opportunity.
    We are not a clique that favors their own.
    If you want to enjoy political privilege, jobs for the boys and consultancy
    agreements for the brothers-in-law, join another party."

    He does not mince his words and I applaud him for tha!

    Paca Garse

  7. Anon 21:45
    Watch this space!!!for policy and vision.

  8. and what about the GSD's present policy & vision?

    up to know, whenever we catch wind of it, they've either 'borrowed' it from somebody else, or presented us with a fait acompli, either after its already taken place or just as its about to start, refusing us the chance to plan around it or comment and complain about it.

  9. If you consider the last 16 years are void of vision, policy, growth, strength of leadership and prosperity you will no doubt be a believer in magical spin brought to you care of the Picardo circus.

  10. The reality is that an independent is not that an independent. Is the GSLP leader independent or is he the front man of the boss and I don't mean Bossano. Come-on let's open our eyes and not be so innocent, this is a business power struggle. If we want true democracy vote for people that have earned their living independently like Robert or Charles... I for one will vote for Robert with the hope that he will live to his world... But then what chance do I have of this materialising ?

  11. disposal!! not disposable!! D*MN spell check!!! lololol


  12. another incident at sea between RGP and Guardia Civil. Caruana has lost los papeles con los slops y las aguas!

  13. Congratulations to Mr. Picardo on his election as GSLP leader. Some years ago Mr. Picardo left Hassan & Partners and formed his own law firm. This was to distance himself from Hassans so that neither he nor Hassans could be accused of impropriety if Mr. Picardo was elected to government. Inside government information is a very valuable commodity and in Gibraltar's highly competitive legal profession it can be worth literally milions. So chinese walls have to be built between government ministers and their business interests. The GSD has been criticised for the opaqueness of the award of lucrative tenders and consultancies but in 1995 Peter Caruana left Triay & Triay and set up his own practice. This was greatly to the credit of Mr. Caruana and Triay & Triay and the arms length relationship betweeen the two has never been in doubt. Mr. Picardo followed this example. My worry is that Mr. Picardo's law firm did not last long and he has been a partner of Hassan now again for many years and not only that but a prominent partner apprently leading on multi million pound commercial work. I was delighted to read Paca Garse quote from the GSLP web site Mr. Picardo give assurances like: "We will not grant any lucrative concessions or contracts based on party affiliations" but many are very uneasy about Mr. Picardo still being a partner in Gibraltar's most influential law firm. It would be easy for Mr. Picardo now to go on a sabbatical from Hassans but I think that it is too late for that and many would welcome his clear statement that he and his professional partner and party colleage Gilbert Licudi will put in place a transparent mechanism to ensure that there is absolutely no seepage of information or influences between a Picardo 6 Convent Place and 57 Line Wall Road. I think that the establishment of an independent Commmission to oversee links between business and politics would be most welcome. Thanks.

  14. We await for the statement the anointed one prepares for the RGP today, or maybe we shouldn't bother, Spain has produced a few of those already since the incident 2 days ago, anything Caruana/the RGP have to say today will just look like a carefully prepared and planned cover-up. You lose the edge, when you take 2 days to come up with an explanation!

  15. Anon 23:08
    The only magical spin I don't believe is the one you are trying to sell. As to the Picardo circus I believe that there is a vacancy in his attraction which can easily be filled by your good self. He needs a clown!!!

  16. We read of an incident at sea between the Civil Guard and local official boats and not a word in the Chronicle. The Gibraltar Chronicle is the 2nd oldest English lanuage news paper is it also the most useless? Similarly GBC. Gibraltar va de culo.

  17. anon 8.23

    From what one reads online, Hassan's offers wide ranging legal expertise recognised and praised by the legal fraternity worldwide.

    They have worked on many high profile issues, both for and against Government. At least one of its partners has close family links to the current regime. I don't for a second believe that any of the work they receive from Government is as a result of this.

    There is no reason why this should change if the GSLP get in at the next elections.
    The volume of work chaneled through them in the past can perhaps be used as a yardstick for the future? An independent commission overseeing potential conflicts between business politics? RV has covered this extensively, and agree with it wholeheartedly.

    Paca Garse

  18. i think the chief will have to comment on the incident before the chronicle does . the second oldest daily , INDEPENDANT and yes as stated above USELESS

  19. same goes for GBC .incredible

  20. For those who didn't already know, this weekend will serve to highlight it. Gibraltar is devoid journalists or media during holidays.

    No media entity has spoken until today in relation to the incident at Sea. The Media seems to be waiting for the CM to make a statement having become accustomed to repeating verbatim what he says since 1996.

    Why don't they show initiative and investigate, probe, ask. There was an interview on Radio at lunchtime which i got the end of, no doubt repeated tonight on NW and N+, with Louis Wink - possibly the CM will have authorised this and given him the parameters.

    Why haven't the GBC or the Comical phoned up the Convent for a reaction from the Governor! After all this undermines Sovereignty and that is the remit of the Governor. Why mention on Radio that perhaps the Governor's Office should issue a statement - why do they not do the work themselves and knock at his door and ask why he has not reacted publicly???

    Nos la damos de muy modenros, state of the art this and that, latest this and that, at the same level as top nations......y sin embargo we lack inquisitive journalism and media! Lo de "Media Circus" seguro ke lo invento un llanito no doubt!

  21. Anonymous at 15:51

    I am sure the Governor is doing all he is responsible for under the Constitution. This issue involves, external affairs, defence and the police (subject to the Police Authority involvement so long as it does not prejudice HM's service), which all fall under his jurisdiction. There is a constitutional requirement to consult the Chief Minister on external affairs. In this sense and on issues of external affairs (not the police) the involvement of the Chief Minister in consultations is envisaged and correct.

  22. Dear Robert,

    I am a great believer that the way forward with regards local politics is a reform in the electoral process; allowing for coalition Governments and or independants.

    Unfortunately the current process does not cater for this.

    I would therefore be interested in determining how one should best utilise his/her votes in your eyes.

    Should one adopt the stratedgy of block voting GSLP to ensure the removal of the GSD with possible voting reform occuring in the future, or alternatively utilising his/her votes in order to select the most appropiate candidates to represent Government with the advent risk of the GSD being reelected; and a further four years to the detriment of Gibraltar.

    I personally would consider the former with the hope that the GSLP may undertake the initiative of such reform, which in turn could gain electoral respect.

    My greatest fear for adopting the latter is that this may increase the GSD chances of relection.

    Stuck betwen the devil and the deep blue sea...

    Your views?

  23. Robert your assessment on how you would like to see the vote go in the next election worries a little. You mention and I quote “The mathematically possible best result is 8 GSD, 8 GSLP and me!” This sounds all well and good if you advocate that you alone are going to stand as an independent, but the fact that you have been all along asking other like minded individuals to join you in your quest of a “Collation of Independents” doesn’t inspire much hope to other possible hopefuls. You are making it blatantly obvious that either:
    1. You are alone and have no hope of others joining you. In which case you should change the wording “Collation of Independents” to “An independent Candidate trying to break the block vote”
    2. Even if others join you, your main objective is for you to get in and good luck to whomever else takes the plunge, but it’s not really of your concern.

    Sorry but that’s the way it reads to me. Bottom line, yet another person hungry to get into parliament at any cost. Hope you don’t edit this and enter it into your blog in its entirety, hopefully with some sort of explanation on your wises to how you would like to see the next elections pan out?

  24. Anonymous at 16:44

    The foundation of your argument assumes that a voter needs to cast all 10 votes for the GSLP to oust the GSD government. This is not in fact true. Either the GSLP or the GSD can form government with 9 candidates. This means that if GSLP voters drop 1 candidate and give that vote to me the GSLP electorate will get two results. First that it would be possible to oust the GSD from government and elect a GSLP government. Second they can drop the weakest candidate and give one vote to me, if they agree with my Core Principles. This will mean that they will be represented in Parliament by someone who will lobby tirelessly for democratic reforms that you and many others want. The best of two worlds? I think so. The same goes for GSD voters who agree with my Core Principles. If I get massive electoral support (and I do not fool myself that this is extremely difficult, in fact nigh on impossible) then my voice in Parliament will carry the weight of all who voted for me.

    Nigh on impossible and difficult but if the word gets around and, for this, I rely on the internet and word of mouth because the media is difficult for a single independent candidate then it may be achievable and a peaceful revolution in favour of greater democracy will have commenced.

  25. Anonymous at 16:49

    You have very obviously either not read all that I have written in my piece or not picked up on the argument. All the points that you raise are answered in my piece. I do not want to bore other readers by repeating them. May I politely ask you to re-read what I wrote

  26. Dear Robert,

    I dont believe that you will get nigh with regards electoral support.

    If as you say 9 votes are rquired in order to oust the GSD whilst at the same time introducing an independent for electoral reform, logically this is appealing to me and others who i assume suffer the same dilemma.

    If anything I think that your chances have greatly improved. You can count on this persons vote during the election.

    I,ll photograph my ballot paper using my phone and send it to you on polling day as proof.


  27. Use Andrex: I would find the eulogy / pre-emptive defence of Hassans more persuasive if it did not come from someone called Paca Garse (is she bullshitting us?. Anyway, anon @ 8.23 does not seem to be cricising Hassans who as a highly succesful commercial entity exists to make money, but questions the wisdom / judgment of a future Chief Minister still being an active senior partner in such an omnipresent business / professional entity. Caruana left Triays to avoid misinterpretations of his involvement in that firm but even if we eschew anything Caruana did or does as irrelevant, the fact is that years ago Picardo himself wisely sought to distance himself from Hassans when he merely aspired to being an MP, surely the same logic applies now but moreso that he aspires to be the next incumbent / new broom at No 6. I am not liking this. It does not sit well with the claim to want to change Gibraltarian politics for the better. I do not know whether Paca Garse is a lawyer, the name is certainly redolent of the legal profession, but if she is, she should know that the real issue is not the hogging of legal work by favoured legal practices but the much more lucrative possibility of obtaining licenses, preferences and benefits for clients and having insider information. I have no doubt that neither Picardo nor Hassans would want to be put in a position where their undoubted standing as upright honest lawyers could be even remotely put in doubt. Picardo's continuation at Hassans will inevitably raise concerns. Surely as an astute politician Picardo realises this.

  28. Not being in the legal profession I had not thought of the point made by Anon at 8.23 but it makes sense. I think that we need to get rid of Peter Caruana and that Fabian would bring a fresh new approach to politics but I am now suddenly down hearted. Fabian needs to explain to us how he can aim to run the government when he is a partner in Gibraltar's most influential business entity. If he left Hassans to start on his political career, as apprently Peter Caruana also did, how come Fabian is now back in the partnership? In today's world conflicts of interest not only have to be avoided they must be seen to be avoided. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. It is a very bad start for the new Gibraltar that we all want. Over to Fabian. we need an explanation staright from the horses mouth.

  29. If Ms. Paca Garse is the spearhead of the Picardo / GSLP propaganda machine it looks, sounds and smells bad. You really must do better boys. UN POCO DE RESPECT QUE LOS LLANIS NO SOMOS TONTOS!!!!!!

  30. Being a partner in any law firm is not a bar to standing for election and aspiring to be Chief Minister anymore than having any other business interests or employment. Potentially ALL these situations create potential for conflicts of interests. If you exclude candidature on the basis suggested no one would be eligible for election. `The issue of conflicts of interests have to be managed but bot in the manner that you suggest. They need to be manages by the Civil Service and by Independent Commissions and bodies as suggested in my Core Principles. I know that Fabian Picardo is acutely aware of the potential for conflicts. I believe that he has plans and policies that will ensure the transparent, open, fair and impartial government that is being promised, which ws promised by the GSD but has it been delivered?

  31. anon 19.08

    Killo chill out vratha or sister, y no te sofoque!! the use of the pseudonym Paca Garse should not detract from what i am trying to put across. Also, i am neither female nor come from the legal fraternity (no por dios que ya tenemo bastante de ello lol).
    Like both you and anon 20.03 have pointed out it is Fabian that can answer your question you pose.
    Yo me mantengo en que Hassans has so many connections with every conceivable political party/affiliation that whether Fabian remains there till the very end carries very little consequence.

    Y adema conosiendo los de legal fraternity, se buscarian un shangui pa irse del practice en practice, pero en verda no irse ;)

    Paca Garse

  32. annon 21.09

    No, i am not spearheading anybody's campaign but merely trying to point things the way i see them.

    Vamo, ahora nos va a preocupa los potential conflicts that a future GSLP Chief Minister might have y no vemo whats happening around us day in day out! Y pa conflict of interests hay pa escribi un livro.

    Let us hope indeed que los Llanis no estemos tonto and we learn from our mistakes

    Paca Garse nee Ensima

  33. Paca, are you suggesting nepotism & cronyism already exists here in our Gibraltar?

    never! not at all! aqui? te esta segura? adonde?

  34. Paca Garse and others I would advise caution on where you take this argument because the logical conclusion of such an argument is that Gibraltar is too small for self-government and so self-determination. Is that where you all want to go just to bitch about one or other persons? I thik we should stop this type of debate and discuss how to manage the situation that is a mature argument of a political entity that demands self government and determination. Please think it through before continuing.

  35. Robert

    I hear what you say and take it on board.

    In my defence your Honour lol, i did finish off in my original thread of 13.32 agreeing with your proposal on establishing an independant commission to oversee such conflicts of interest.

    Of course, no matter how small we may be, we are capable of governing ourselves appropriately.

    I hope ur enjoying the Big Apple ;)

    Paca Garse

  36. With respect Robert a mature democracy allows for full debate which more often than not is uncomfortable but which results in improvements in society. Fabian Picardo's professional / business connections are a matter of public interest as are Peter Caruana's e.g. his 11th minister. Do not stifle open debate Robert, Please :)

  37. I find non-GSLP afficionados are very intent on second-guessing Fabian's next move.

    He's been accused of not being fit to lead, then not having enough leadership skills because he wasn't leading, then leading by default because he was unopposed, then questioning his vision & policy 2 minutes into the job, and now they want to know when he's going to leave work and concentrate fulltime on the mission...

    Could it be, that the need for fresh and vibrant ideas is so great, that they need him to get cracking and start sharing?

    Anna Conda

  38. Anonymous at 22:06

    I do not stifle debate what I did was issue a warning and suggest that a more constructive debate might be in order like for example taking up the suggestions made by me in my Core Principles to manage potential conflicts of interests. These are not unique to Gibraltar and in other jurisdictions objective safeguards and systems are put in place to avoid these conflicts of interests undermining good governance ... lets be positive and do that shall we?

  39. But whilst we are all being nice and positive could we be taken for a ride by the wise guys (yet again)?

  40. Anon 22:07 I agree with you in that GSD sychophant have changed tack in that they are now trying to concentrate on Fabian.
    Why haven't they questioned Feetham who is apparently still linked to Hassans and is the Minister for justice.
    Does anyone know what will be the vision, policies and Ideas coming from the GSD??
    When will the election for the GSD leadership/ executive (if they have any elections at all)be?
    By the Way where is Selwyn and Isobel now?
    Are they still around or have they been called to order by Caruana?
    Pero mira they are definitly getting desperate and it is clearly showing.

  41. L.E.F. says,

    All these posts regarding conflict of interest (no matter from which side)just reinforces the argument that we need the checks and balances that Mr Vasquez advocates.

    That is why we need to break the block vote mentality at the coming elections so that all us Llanitos ,including GSD and GSLP followers, can benefit from a more transparent and accountable form of government.

    At present either party can win or lose the election so it makes sense for us all to at least try to correct the democratic deficiencies which plague our present system, so that no matter whoever achieves a majority government will be subject to correct and proper conduct at all times. Be it Mr Caruana,Mr Picardo, Mr Vasquez or whoever.

    Our elected leaders have a duty to lead by example. They should all be whiter than white in all conflicting issues or at least be accountable to the concerns of the electorate when rumours abound like flies round shit.

    We deserve more than these patio politics which govern us at present. If we want to aspire to being a people who can responsibly sort there own affairs we must improve all that we know is wrong and implement the highest level of accountability possible of each elected representatives.

    Enough of party politics. Cannot we see that our politicians are laughing in our faces and we will not change that if no one is made accountable.

    We need reforms and we need them now.

    Vote Change.Vote Mr Vasquez and use your other 9 votes wisely.

  42. well, they've had a few ideas. They built an airport & a tunnel, and there's the toilets, and the parks.

    Don't you just love the parks? the latest one in europa point is a great idea. Such an accessible place and so protected from the storms, after all its not as if the salt water will spray it every time there's a levante fuerte, and there's no fear of young children getting sunburnt either. A perfect place for a park!

    And the adventure playground one, can wait - I mean who's going to use that one anyway!

  43. A letter in the Vox online caught my eye today. Its from the son of a customs officer who was present at Sunday's incident with the Guardia Civil. The seventeen year old is asking for his father to be equipped appropriately, if he is expected to take on the Spanish, whilst defending the integrity of our territorial waters.

    Customs and Police Officers have been placed between a Rock and a hard place. If they act, the risk their lives, should matters escalate, and tempers flare. If they fail to act, the Spanish will take advantage and take the proverbial miles instead of the inches available.

    It is not good enough for Commissioner Wink to come out on tv, 2 days later, and attempt to sweep this incident under the carpet, by playing it down, and insisting the officers involved are suitably equipped.

    Who will take responsibility for their lives, should a fatal accident be caused by a repeat of Sunday's attempt to ram the flimsy Gibraltarian rubber boat by the Spanish larger and stronger vessel?

    Who will explain it to their families?

    Anna Conda

  44. I think Caruana explained our position very well on News Plus. He is taking the fight to the UK on a matter which requires there input and he is not afraid to say it the way it is. To suggest that the RGP should be at it with Gun Boats is ridiculous and seems relevant only to the likes of Dr G.
    I guess that the reaction from the gslp sycophants will be to criticise the 7min plus that PRC had of airtime. Oh and not forgetting that they are likely to get upset with PRC having a diplomatic go at the FCO who apparently are Picardos chums since declaring his new and the GSLPs new found love for Britain.

  45. Caruana was superb today on TV. He has steered a reasonable but difficult course over a number of years but when he needs to get tough he is never found wanting. A1 interview.

  46. What do you suggest Anna Conda we buy a warship and escort Rgp vessels?

  47. El Caruana was again choreando. Why? because he now is contradicting himself. HE was the one that said that he was going to acquire two GUNBOATS to fight the Spaniards. Now he says it's the responsibility of the Navy.
    Which one is it??
    We also heard two days later from the incident a Commissioner of Police playing down the incident and Caruana saying it was serious. Which one is it??
    Se nota day by day that we are getting into a mess or should I say, Caruana is getting us into a mess because he says one thing one day then something else the next.
    One thing is clear his relations with the British is getting worse by the day.
    Reference to "Europe Minister's Visit Reveals GSD Government Difference..."
    It is getting worse.

  48. te ve el independent no tienes ni un pelo!!! Standing for the GSLP? i hear they are recruting? ....y dejate tanto Core Principles...que si entras en Parliament porque has cojido todo el mundo harto de whiskey...los core principles saldrian por la ventana y no sabrias que camisa ponerte!!!

    Pae conderse

  49. Anonymous at 01:13

    Que plumero? ... si hubiera querido lo hubiera echo ya ... no lo pienso hacer ... soy demasiado radical y independiente hasta para el GSLP ...

  50. Anon @ 23:17
    I am not suggesting a gunboat at all, but I am highlighting the fact that our police & customs officers are risking their lives and, because we are reactive as opposed to proactive, this situation will continue ignored, in the hope it will go away, until a tragedy occurs in BGT waters.
    Your Caruana is now taking the fight to UK and 'telling it like it is'? Why? No more back-slapping hugs with the likes of Moratinios? Don't tell me the Spanish can't be trusted after all! Now, that we've gone and spent our children's inheritance on a huge airport way beyond out needs, just so that the Spanish can NOT build their bit, but instead, they have been able to benefit indirectly with the jobs created on our side!
    Venga ya, the situation with the FCO & Spain is getting worse.
    Could it be that over the last few years, they have both given us plenty of rope, and we are being hanged in arrogance and illusions of self-grandeur?
    Pero a todo esto, un dia se nos mata uno de Los nuestros, pero eso no importa!
    Anna Conda

  51. “Safe and successful political leadership of Gibraltar in these challenging times is about the leader’s good judgement and the peoples’ confident trust in the leader. It is important that anyone offering themselves to the people of Gibraltar as a potential Chief Minister should be a safe pair of hands and thus have demonstrable good judgement and reliability. At the time that the GSD last changed its leader he was rightly subjected to stringent and public scrutiny by the GSLP of his judgement, trustworthiness and leadership credentials. Mr Picardo should expect to undergo the same scrutiny and not abuse the mantra of ‘character assassination’ to hide relevant judgement issues from the people of Gibraltar.”. This is an extract from today's GSD press release. Are you going to censure this too because it dares to challenge Picardo to explain his lapse of judgment issues?

  52. Si pero te las sabes jugar con Picardin...:) Esta claro que con tu primo la tiene de muerte, pero con Fabulous fab te la juegas my requetebien. Ya que te gusta tanto la democracia, porque no te dejas de tantas pajas mentales y consideras las realidades y la desgracia de el cachondeo que se han montado Picardo y Bossano.....esque en ninguna democracia en el mundo se ha visto esto.

  53. Anonymous at 12:08

    You have great vision my dear chap! No podria ser alreves lo de mis feelings hacia mi primo? I have never made any personal attacks on him. I have kept entirely to political comment and criticism. I am not sure that the same goes for him towards me.I tell things how I see them. I do not believe PRC is infallible nor Picardo. I have said what I want to achieve in my Core Principles and if that is delivered I go away ... simple ... especially as the GSD promised to deliver it 16 years ago and have not done so. If you go back you will see that I have been critical of Picardo also, see for example "GSLP Leader could Win or Lose them the next Election ... Choose Wisely" published on the 19th September 2010 . Its just easy to be partisan and read what I write partially.

  54. does anybody know of any small country,small population and i mean a gib size approx were personality or party block voting has ever changed.In gib the block vote is passed down through generations,in my opinion this will never change.block vote does not mean its bad for the system what makes it bad are the politicians themselves up to now its not happened.The problem will come when we start getting a wind of change WITHIN the population and starts to blow on the opposite direction hence towards spain an example is shown at a sporting levels were the spanish flag are waved about as never seen in gib before, this are used as sporting excuse for timebeing,then would an independent candidate(i don't mean RV) be a good idea to have or not to have?