Friday, 22 April 2011

Does Picardo's Leadership of the GSLP Really Herald Political Change?

The change of GSLP leader and consequent change in Leader of the Opposition has now been cemented. That transfer of leadership alone marks a sea change in politics in Gibraltar. The new leader foretells more fundamental changes if one goes by the press reports of Fabian Picardo's acceptance speech. He has drawn the election lines in the sand by signaling a reversal of roles. The GSLP have taken the political initiative. The GSD now have to prove their collective political acumen and not rely on the perceived reputation and ability of a single individual, Peter Caruana.

There is clearly a reversal of positions.The GSLP, once seen as the pariah of the UK, now becomes the party that confidently proclaims "The GSLP values the relationship with the British Crown. And this GSLP Chief Minister will extend a hand of partnership and deep friendship to the UK." Conversely Mr Picardo has picked up on an issue highlighted in this blog, in my last piece, that there is evidence, following the recent visit of the Minister for Europe, that relations between the GSD Government, i.e. Peter Caruana, and the UK seem strained. Mr Picardo put it in terms that "... the state of relations with the UK is not as rosy as Mr Caruana would have us believe."

The continuation of the trilateral process on the basis that it is without any sovereignty price accurately reflects the thinking of the vast majority of Gibraltar, as does the principle that the issue of sovereignty is a unilateral issue. This is recognised in the Despatch and Preamble to the 2006 Constitution. The unknown is the reaction to this reality from Spain. It should be pleased with a continuation of the trilateral process. That process has brought benefits to the immediate hinterland, which is suffering economically massively. Spain's reaction cannot be surprise. Spain is well aware of the views of Gibraltar as reflected in Mr Picardo's speech. It is Spain's actions that will determine the longer term feelings of the people of Gibraltar. Impatience on their part is simply it scoring an own goal. Spain should ponder long and hard before instigating any aggressive moves against Gibraltar, any such action will prove counterproductive to it.

The announcement of the pursuit by the GSLP of real democracy is to be welcomed but falls short of what is needed. Mr Picardo asserts cabinet government, which would be a huge improvement on the rule by one person of today. That is half the picture, dealing only with the executive side of government. The other half is the separation of powers between executive and parliamentary government and adherence to the rule of law.  Separation of powers is only achievable with electoral and parliamentary reforms. I know Mr Picardo has plans on these fronts but I am not sure whether those plans will go as far as I am espousing. Hopefully they will be included in the GSLP/Libs manifesto and will be sufficiently radical.

Another breath of fresh air on the democratisation  front is his statement that " GSLP MInisters will not be heads of department - they will be ministers in charge of policy". This statement is the very essence of the philosophy of empowerment of the civil service that I have written about in this blog. Mr Picardo joins up this promise with the promise of support for training and development of public servants to provide the best public service possible. These two issues go hand in hand, the former will not work without immediate and attentive application of the latter.

Many of these announcements by Mr Picardo are policies espoused and pushed by the GSD in the 1996 election (but quickly forgotten and not implemented by them) now they have been adapted and modernised by the GSLP. They have been adopted, thankfully and become the property of and bedrock of the GSLP's election campaign: good relations with the UK, fair, open and transparent government, collective responsibility, political freedom and extending a hand of friendship to Spain whilst retaining the unilateral right to decide on the issue of sovereignty.

I really do hope that Mr Picardo's prediction of a dirty campaign is not the tactic that the GSD will adopt. Gibraltar deserves better. Even if the GSD react as predicted, I would hope the GSLP will stick to what Mr Picardo has said "... policies and ideas" resorting only to a defence by them of any accusations made by the GSD. This is not to say that any provable issues of bad governance by the GSD should be buried. Bad governance is an issue of public interest and importance that politicians have a duty to voters to reveal and stop.

Also, any cynical policy or acts of the GSD Government, such as handing out goodies, at our expense as taxpayers, for their selfish electoral advantage just before an election, should be seen by voters as just that, cynical. Any government in power can do that.  It is not good governance. It does not benefit the commonweal of Gibraltar. Any such behaviour is not a reason to re-elect the same party, presently the GSD, into Government. The GSLP or any other party could play the same cynical game were they to be in or get into power. It is not a factor that should be weighed by voters as favouring an incumbent government, today the GSD. The question that needs to be asked is, if they can give away "goodies" just before an election, why have they deprived voters of the benefit of all those "goodies" during the rest of the time that the pertinent party, today the GSD, has been in government?

The GSD have to find political clear blue water between themselves and the GSLP. Based on the manner in which the GSD have governed and on the policies that they have in fact implemented (not the ones that they have preached and not given effect to) they have a difficult political task finding clear blue water that will convince the electorate that they should be returned to Government. Where did their promise of good relations with the UK go? Where did their promise of open and transparent  government go? Where did their promise of democratic reforms go? Where did their promise of no fear and no repercussions for expressing political views and preferences go?

Ask me, I am no longer a member of the Financial Services Commission, for expressing political views, and despite his denial on GBC, Mr Caruana did play his part in the circumstances that led to my resignation. I have confirmation that, prior to the consultation on participation in politics that led to my resignation, the Chief Minister wrote to the Financial Services Commission on that subject. I have requested but have been denied a copy of this letter, by the the Financial Services Commission (despite this Commission preaching open and transparent good governance for their licensees) and also by the Data Protection Commissioner (I wonder why, might it be because my request involves the Chief Minster?).

I am told by the independent  Data Protection Commissioner that Mr Caruana's letter exists but that he will not take steps to have it disclosed to me despite that it is "personal data". It refers to and concerns me in my capacity as a member of the Financial Services Commission. I have asked Mr Caruana in writing for a copy of the letter also. Two weeks on from my written request, I am still waiting to receive even an acknowledgment.

This letter must be critical of me, otherwise why the reticence to disclose it? Might it compromise the Chief Minister's statements that he made on GBC shortly after my resignation on the subject of "cousin Robert's" (me for those who do not know) right to freedom of speech and the independence of the Financial Services Commission? There again, surely that cannot be the reason, both the Financial Services Commission and the Data Protection Commissioner are independent of the Chief Minister and act independently. I wonder why they are all so shy of giving me a copy of the Chief Ministers letter?

I have voted GSD in every election since 1996. I cannot bring myself to vote GSD again. I wil be standing as an Independent candidate but I will have 9 other votes. I will use them in the manner that I am urging all voters to use their votes, namely, to vote for strong individual candidates irrespective of which party each such candidate is standing for. If you value democracy, if you want real change and you want to force consensus government in order to improve democracy in and for Gibraltar do not "block vote" for one party. Use each of your 10 votes wisely to pick and vote for the best and strongest candidates, whatever their individual party allegiances. Force real change by voting for good strong candidates and thus force them to work together for the best interests of Gibraltar.

My conclusion is that Fabian Picardo is another and long awaited catalyst for much needed political change in Gibraltar. He and his party's candidature, conjoined with that of the Liberals, will give the electorate added and good choices. The reality is that if the electorate does not flex its democratic muscle by voting for individuals, there is a real risk that no substantive electoral change or reform of Parliament will be enacted in the next term of Parliament. This is what has always happened in the past. We should learn this lesson from history. If these fundamental changes, to deliver greater democracy, are not forced on our politicians by voters splitting their vote and thus sending a message to our politicians, even if the GSLP are elected into Government in two terms of Parliament, Gibraltar politically and democratically is likely to be back where it is today, with presidential government by Chief Minister. That said, a change of government for two terms of Parliament, with the promise and hope of some reform, is a better option right now than no change at all.


  1. Your conclusion is ridiculous and has no foundation or basis whatsoever. Picardo, the liberals have sat on a fence and in 16 years shown no will to stick there political necks out other than to attack and on most occasions been caught out as backing the wrong horse of convenience.

  2. Anonymous at 21:48

    I can only assume that the rest of my piece is agreed :)

  3. anda, Robert, mira que tu! y nada menos que ridiculous!

    la que te espera con esta!

  4. Your seem to promote Picardo only because he seems to be echoing a more diluted version of your appeals for democratic change. You fail to question his character and credibility as a politician since he first entered politics, (both of which fall short in my opinion).

    Are you massaging your own ego by any chance Robert?

  5. The rest of your piece shows some promise....:)
    But please spare me the Picardo Liberal salvation. After 16 years in opposition I have not seen anything that shows any brilliance at all.

  6. Anonymous at 21:58

    Once again personalised attacks ... answer the substantive arguments.

    Yes, I want and have wanted for 40 years more democracy for Gibraltar, that is one major reason why I have voted for the GSD. They have failed me and Gibraltar on this front and others. It is my right to see if I can achieve my democratic vision for Gibraltar with another party. I do not want the GSd even to promise it to me because I will not even believe them. They have taken Gibraltar in exactly the opposite direction.

  7. Undoubtly fabian picardo is a powerful political tool in gib. which will positively revamp the gslp,at the same time it boils down to a good strategic move by the gslp architect joe bossano who now just needs and is one step away from the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Robert you highlight the gslp change of heart reference The GSLP, once seen as the pariah of the UK now offers a hand of friendship when dealing with the UK.whats the difference between gsd rosy approach or gslp pariah ? at the end of the day both approaches ended "en malo pañales con UK".my own personal opinion is that the shrewd,highly diplomatic,highly skilled negotiator uk politician faces pariah and rosy politicians all the time.fabian should forget being very rosy and the extreme left pariah when handling the UK.The correct approach i would not know exactly but definitely a touch of pariah is needed " o te comen por sopa" and am sure thats what joe bossano never wanted specially knowing to well a los ingleses like joe bossano knows them.

  8. Picardo might have to adopt a rosy approach if he is to undo Caruana's 'strained' relations with UK.

  9. Anonymous said...
    Picardo is a nice enough guy and has over 1500 friends on facebook. Does he have the character to be a statesman? This is what Gib requires most of all particularly when considering external politics and foreign affairs. For starters it was el sovrino in Madrid and not him, secondly Fabian as a leader in waiting actually waited through 3 lost elections and never once said, hang on this is not right and therefore showing us all his true skills of leadership and vision.

  10. Anonymous at 22:23

    I do not publish certain comments for 2 very precise reasons one I have explained in the past, I will not prejudge anyone in ongoing litigation and the second one is that I am not going to be involved in any gutter or dirty campaigning.

  11. Great piece Robert digan lo que digan.

    I have long publicly stated that Fabian should be at the GSLP's helm, hence the “kafab” moniker.

    Furthermore I have always perceived there to be synergies between your ideology and his.

    It seems that what the GSD supporters have failed to acknowledge is that Fabian can relate to our people (ALL of them) something that in my humble opinion Caruana can no longer do.

    Let us remember that the CM was put there by the people FOR the people, ALL OF THEM.


  12. I suppose, Fabian, instead of working with the GSLP, could have started his own party, then perhaps merged with another, and now his character and leadership skills would not be in question!

  13. Actually Fabian started his career by taking Bossano to pieces in Boys Comp in the mid 90's, then he set up the liberal party with DrJ and Damon Bossino, then transferred to the gslp and waited, waited, waited......

  14. Well Robert,
    It's obvious that Fabian's predictions are being proved right.The GSD are trying, by all means possible, to take these elections down into the gutter, y todavia PRC no ha dao permiso de empesa!
    Like Winston Churchill once said "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on"
    Ni porke sea Vierne Santo!

    Paca Garse

  15. Paca, great one. The only problem is that Fabian, The Key and many others over the years have taken gutter politics to a new level, one in which reality takes a new shape at least for team blind. We have had 16 years of pure diatribe from the gslp spin doctors and now Fabian wants a clean slate. Give us a break.

  16. Anon 22:57

    That story sounds very familar.

    Very much like Feetham has done but with the GSD right?


  17. annon 23.08
    i thought it was great as well!
    Pity you fail to mention the 7 Days and the Vox - with Eddie's close relationship with Joe H - as the GSD's gutter politics machinery.
    Gibraltar needs a clean slate and a fresh approach to politics. If we continue to adopt " an eye for an eye" we're all going to end up blind.

    Paca Garse

  18. anon @ 22:57
    Good for Fabian in Bayside, we wouldn't want the next generation to blindly follow, now would we.

    He was obviously looking for the party that he could best identify with. Azzopardi was there too in the beginning of the National Party, he went on to join the GSD, and later form the PDP. Feetham also tested the waters, as did Britto, and even Caruana, if we count his days in the PAG.

  19. When the GSD were in opposition it was them who pounded the GSLP all the time discrediting them and stating that Gibraltar was on the verge of bankruptcy.Joe Bossano kept quiet about the fact that he had millions of pounds in the kitty.He could have refuted these allegations by the GSD but did not, as he knew that if the British Govt had known they would have made Gibraltar pay the Spanish pensioners.He did this for the good of Gibraltar.He has ALWAYS had Gibraltar's best interests at heart. Julie Gonzalez

  20. Devils Advocate.....

    I believe the GSLP have undertaken a great initiative by allowing Mr Picardo to take the helm.

    Unfortunately the same cant be said for the GSD who over these last 14 years have proved that their promises mean nothing.

    People in Gibraltar have realised that goodies dangled by Mr Caruana over these last few years have as result burdened Gibraltar with a large financial debt.

    I for one am concerned that although Governmental change appears to be on the horizon, the financial burden still remains.
    It will take an astute Government to control and limit this debt with little to no effect on the working class people, not to mention public services.

  21. The reason why Fabian Predicts that the GSD will go for him at the next election is that he has been doing just that over the last 8 years against his political opponents and now realises de que tiene el cull de paja. Anywhere else in the world he would have been torn to pieces by now. In Gibraltar even this blog shies away from it under the guise of "no gutter" politics but the reality is people are entitled to judge those who would lead them in the light of the facts. Unfortunately the facts suggest he is not someone who should lead Gibraltar by any stretch of the imagination and time will prove me right.

  22. Devils Advocate...

    Dear Robert,

    Out of curiosity do you think the Chief Minister reads and or contributes to this forum?

  23. The most significant comment made by Picardo is that Bossano is still there but in a different role. Well let's hope Bossano steps in if the youngster does something outrageous as he said he would lol. Backstreet driver?

  24. Devils Advocate

    he claimed on GBC that he does not read this blog. I guess we need to believe him no?

  25. Devils Advocate..

    Anon 23.59 at least there is a veteran politician avaiable for Mr Picardo to consult in times of need.

    Its quite obvious that such arrangements don't appear to exist within the GSD Government. Perhaps the comments made by the Chief Minister on Andorra could be viewed as an outrageous example.

  26. devil's advocate, of course he dosen't read this blog... lo que el ojo no ve, el corazon no siente!

  27. Not only that Anon 00:15 but even more worrying was the fact that after the CM's Seville "fiasco", none of the GSD ministers spoke out.

    SILENCE OF THE LAMBS?? lolololol


  28. anon @ 23:57

    don't make empty accusations, if you have no evidence, and are just going on hearsay or gossip, then perhaps its better if you remain quiet until you do have something to back you up

  29. I remember once in Parliment the Chief Mnister saying "Mr Picardo didn't have the balls" with regards a particular issue.

    Now that the gauntlet has been thrown by Mr Picardo reference holding an early election. I wonder if Mr Caruana has "the balls" to take up the challenge.

    Such terminology used in Parliment is no joke and true. In fact Mr Picardo complained to the speaker of the house during that session about the Chief Minister making reference to parts of his anatomy.

    Local politics what fun!!

  30. Braveheart says....
    Great piece Robert!! i wonder if GBC or the Chronic will pick up on the story of the FSC 'mystery' letter. Seguro que no!! It all goes to show how 'independent' the FSC are.
    I think that Fabian, un yanito de verdad, brings a breath of fresh air and I am sure that he will be backed by many of us who don't agree with the current regime....I can only say the following...Carruanistas prepararse que vienen curvas!!!

  31. Braveheart

    This is just my opening salvo on the "mystery letter". I think everyone has behaved disgracefully towards me on that saga. I am not one to back down. I seek to know what is in the letter and more. If there have been shenanigans, as I believe there have, let those who have been involved worry because I do not play games.

  32. K,

    I'm failing to understand your silence of the lambs similie.

    "Silence of the lambs" as in the film refers to the fact that there was a deathly silence once the lambs had been slaughtered and had stopped screaming.
    And the film refers to a fictional mass murderer who used to eat his victims.

    What has either of those got to do with the voiceless incompetence of the GSD ministers?

  33. Anon 01:13

    You read way TOO much into my comments.

    I don't know whether to laugh or be VERY worried!!! Did you wait until it was precisely 01: (13) to post? lolololol

    The comment was meant in jest.

    From my perspective I believe Caruana to be the shepherd (the leader) and his ministers to be the "lambs".

    Silence of the lambs....

    Need I explain?

    I hope my comments now make sense :)

    Buena noche,


  34. Excellent piece Robert, you’ve been on quite a roll lately.

    Similarly to Braveheart I’d like to see and hear more about this mystery letter. I imagine it’s a frayed string that if pulled further will unravel and reveal a great deal concerning the current administration’s machinations and style of governing, both of which I imagine dear Peter would rather remain publically undisclosed in this election year for obvious reasons.

  35. I think it's time for people to remember who actually founded the GSD and whether the rumours of him to the party are true ;)

  36. Incompetence in our political arena is (in my opinion) best described by the entirety of the GSLP. Bossano for staying on after loosing four elections in a row, Picardo for standing idly by and allowing our democratic deficiency to continue whilst showing no leadership skills.

    Dr J is in a league if his own here, he still lives in the hope that Gibraltar is doomed to fail so that he can proove his theories, Costa? Ohu! then Bruzon and Linares who believe that coffee mornings are part and parcel of work and finally Licudi, who quite clearly wants to be as far away from Piacrdo as possible for obvious reasons and I would suspect is the only credible future GSLP leader.

    There's incompetence for you.

    And we have not even looked at the constitution, plus the fact that the GSLP's game play is based on no confidence in Gib. We can explore that further....

  37. Yes, the Chief Minister does read this blog.

  38. To anon at 01:05

    You said "......Fabian, un yanito de verdad,......"

    What in your mind makes un yanito de verdad?

    Are you siggesting that Cariana isn't "un yanito de verdad"? What short memories people have.

    All our past Chief Ministers have defended Gibraltar to the hilt. There has been no difference.

  39. I think the fact that Mr. Picardo taking over the helm of the GSLP has to been seen as a move 12 years too late. Joe Bossano has been selfish as far as the majority of the electorate is concerned. If Mr. Bossano truly had his party’s best interest at heart he would have resigned after his first defeat or at the very latest his second defeat. I think everyone has (just like food), a sell by date. Mr Picardo was very popular 10 possibly 15 years ago. I have to say that, he to me and many others of the silent majority is just another lawyer on a big wage packet playing politics, ‘Y si mi votan mi votan, si no, no pasa nada’. As I think Mr Caruana once called Mr. Picardo a “Champagne Socialist” I for one will not fall for his latest speech crying out as though he’s Mr clean and innocent, and never gone into gutter politics. Who are you trying to kid Mr. Picardo. As for Mr Caruana, I have to agree with Mr. Vasquez, it’s been from day one and still is, a one man party. Mr. Caruana is the GSD. How on earth can he justify having 7 ministers receiving the wage packet they are receiving? For doing what, basically turning up for work and having tea and biscuits. Then all the rumours about corruption both now and during the last GSLP administration, where are the RGP investigations? And we wonder why Gibraltar has been compared to banana republics in the past. And finally there’s the PDP. Mr Azopardi and his gang of, well, not really sure what to call them. I think puppets could be the best word. Mr Azopardi seems to want the electorate to think that by leaving the GSD and creating his own team of puppets he will fall in grace. Well unfortunately you didn’t have the cojones to cross the floor or even better, confront Mr Caruana publically while in power, that’s when you could have made a difference and got a massive amount of the electorate on your side, not creating your own party thinking you’re going to get elected. You just don’t cut the mustard Keith.

    You see the bottom line is we have a f***ed up political system and to top it all off we now have massive wages for so called politicians that are more than happy to suck up to whatever leader/party they need to suck up to, just to get elected (whether into power or parliament, both are a win win situation) and get that wage for doing nothing.

    Bottom line for me and many of the silent majority, a new dynamic team needs to be created, a team of ten individuals that stand out in every way, shape and form, intellectual, respectful people that the electorate will know that they are not puppets, they are members of our community that have substance and integrity. We all know who they are they just need a catalyst and a visionary like you Robert to get them all together.

  40. Robert I truly think you could be one of those persons I am talking about. The unfortunate reality is that what you’re trying to do is never going to work. We are going to get the same old block vote. Those that like the GSD those that like the GSLP and then there’s those that don’t want the GSD voting for the GSLP, and those that don’t want the GSLP voting for the GSD. I know you’re going to say if you don’t try and get a group of like minded individuals together to break the block vote then it will never be broken. Well even if you manage to get people mentioned in your previous blogs, like Marilou Guerro and Bryan Zammit and many others of the calibre of those two. (Both of which I think would be great candidates for a new party but also to the best of my knowledge none have made even the slightest indication of stepping up and joining you as individual candidates, in fact Mrs. Guerro has over the past 12 months been seen several times in meetings with Mr Picardo, and was even seen at the GSLP recent meeting, so you might have lost one possible candidate to the GSLP already). you will still have the impossible task of breaking the block vote.

    Robert, I really would like to see and I don’t think I speak for myself but for a large percentage of the voters in Gib, a new party, (that would include the list of policies that you have outlined in here) which could be on the lines of what Real Madrid did when they created the Galaticos. A real dream team of Gibraltarian’s to run Gibraltar’s affairs. Then and only then will the GSD and the GSLP have something to think about and most probably you would also achieve the split parliament you have been advocating as it would seriously give the electorate a true choice, not just who do we want to call CM the next 4 years PC or FP. Both of which, have more that passed their sell by date. Gibraltar needs a new dynamic political team on the scene, the electorate really is crying out for new blood.
    The bottom line is Peter Caruana got in on default. He got in as CM because Peter Montegriffo was standing with him, in fact Montegriffo got 4 more votes than Caruana in the 1996 election, just going to show that the block vote that got Caruana in as CM was thanks to Montegriffo. The unfortunate reality is that Montegriffo was just like Azopardi, no cojones to confront Caruana. The other elections that the GSD won was because of my first comments, Bossano was too selfish to stand down and the people of Gibraltar didn’t want Bossano as CM ever again. So Caruana has been in power through sheer luck. No new party have come on the seen that have threatened the GSD. OH!!! Hang on, yes there was a party called the Labour Party. They were making slight headway, but Caruana like most of us that follow politics knew how power hungry Daniel Feetham was/is and with just a couple of meetings convinced Daniel Feetham to dissolve his party and left all his team hung out to dry.

    Your polices of changing the voting system can be achieved, (once and only in power) but only if you are prepared to have the gumption and commitment to spend some time phoning and arranging to meet with the individuals that would hopefully stand with you as candidates and create a new dominant and dynamic party that will really shake up Gibraltar politics and the so called politicians, once and for all.

    P.S. I have never commented in this blog before. Just a note, as I don't want to be confused with other's that go by the Anonymos title

  41. Anon 10:41, who are "they" you refer to in your last paragraph?

    Genuinely curious.

  42. Caruana does not read this blog. He is informed of content if considered important.

  43. Just a thought: what one man calls "dirty politics" may in fact be democracy's way of exposing dirty politicians. Given the state that Gibraltar is in I sincerely hope that we have the dirtiest election campaign ever. It will be good for Gibraltar. At the moment I do not think that 90% of the people have a clue as to what is really happening.

  44. "un llanito de verdad" ~ someone who would never consider an Andorra solution to Gibraltar's Sovereignty issue, (and if he did have a mad moment and actually thought about it, he certainly wouldn't announce it in a press conference in Seville to Spanish journalists)!

  45. Caruana should read this blog, perhaps like that he would have a publics perception of his downfalls.

    Under the umbrella of anonymity he could possibly contribute and explain decisions he has made in the past.

    I once was a GSD supporter however I have reverted to the GSLP. Why because I see graduates without work, spaniards occupying local jobs, a sense of fear with regards freedom of expression, a finacial noose around our necks, jobs for the boys, and a person who used all his powers to subdue a single mother (ie Joanna Hernandez) when all this was attempting to do was highlight issues related to the most vulnerable of our society.

    My pereception with all his entourage, bodyguards, flashy cars is that he will never achieve the respect he wishes granted to politicians such as Sir Joshua Hassan and or even Joe Bossano.

    His devotion to Gibraltar politics will be measured if and when he is ousted from office.I wonder whether he will still remain in politics as Mr Bossano has done for the last 37 years whether in Governemet or not.

  46. anon @ 9:23
    perhaps you should carry out the same exercise on the GSD ministers as you have on the GSLP, y empiesa con Montiel!

  47. Looks like Gibraltar could be replacing a Chief Minister with an Oxford accent, for a true Oxford graduate.

    Change for the better.

  48. After reading all the post up to now I can see that they (GSD PSYCHOS)are openly saying that they want a dirty campaign.
    Others above have mentioned all members of the opposition and tried to ridicule them.
    Why Not criticise your ministers who do NOTHING for the £80,000 they earn.
    Others have tried to diminish the importance of the changes that is happening on the political scene.
    To all of you, some who I think have vested interest and others who simply are blinded by Caruana I say that the sooner we see the back of this type of politics the better.
    Anon23:57 why don't you also judge CARUANA. Or is it that you cannot for fear of retribuiton.

    I just wish Robert that you can get to the bottom of the letter and all the under hand issues that have taken place with yuor resignation of the FSC so that all that are currently criticising the opposition and the new revived GSLP/lib Alliance eat humble pie.

  49. So there was more to it then! Robert I hope you manage to find out everything behind your FSC episode. In the end we were all right in suspecting there was more to it! I wonder if the local "media" will pick up on the story! Todo esto da miedo, but we all know that similar things have happened across the board in Gibraltar! scary to think that One man has so much power and no-one dares go aganst him or unmask him - on the contrary, he has a group of hard core fanatics who would readily sell their family off just to keep in the CMs good books!

    Perhaps if the local "media" are afraid we should involve outside journos! Maybe that guy from Channel4 who mentioned some of the "corruption" on his Ch4 documentary about the Queen's Visit??

  50. anon @ 10:41
    you seem to be displeased with every single active politician of the day, however, you like the idea of being represented by Brian Zammit.

    Why is that? Has he ever entered the political arena before?

  51. anon 17:47. The only reason I chose to describe incompetence in the GSLP was because one of the GSLP radicals (special k) had initially described the GSD ministers already. I thought it best to come up with some substance.
    With regards to this fair fight or gutter politics, please note that it is all the GSLP have done in 16 years, to try and fool all into believing you want a clean campaign is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. I tell you what, maybe if you get rid of "the key" it would show some form or integrity, intelligence and political will, even a vision and maybe you might then discover policy.

  52. anon @ 18:50, you need the GSLP to discover policy? Can't think up any of your own?

    The Key? you're feeling threatened with the Key? Wow, things are desperate! lol

  53. Anon 13:34

    Good points.

    What you also forget to mention is the fact that locums get their taxes reimbursed and accommodation paid for amongst other perks, whilst the majority of our qualified locals are forced to work aboard or in dead end jobs.

    It seems to be that the GSD Government has long forgotten that charity starts at home first.

    Personally I am fed up of being patronized by the GSD. They keep telling us (via their incessant propaganda ploys) that we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe. Which is true (even though they are only 30 000 of us) but what they fail to mention is that the average wage in Gibraltar for Gibraltarians is 20k. Whilst for non locals........

    It seems to me that most of the high paying job posts in the private and public sectors and occupied by either non locals or enchufao’s with clear ties to the current GSD possy.

    Furthermore many of my friends “estan hasta el cuello” paying mortgages for the inadequately labeled “affordable flats”. Whilst there are HUNDREDS of empty flats in Gibraltar, purchased by “investors” who have only done so because of tax related purposes. Yet Gibraltar’s concrete Jungle keeps expanding and more and more of our public land keeps getting sold off to private investors. Incidentally to the SAME private investors over and over again.

    I have a lot of respect for the Minister of Justice Mr Feetham, but one cannot help and wonder if our laws have been molded and altered to cater for the public in general or just the RICH.

    Anon 18:50

    Me rey for the umpteenth time, I am NOT part of the GSLP network.

    Radical? Well maybe yes. I have in the past pushed for radical reforms in our current parliamentary system.

    Additionally my adherence to liberal nationalism might have been perceived as such (by those with little knowledge of this political philosophy).

    As for my comments in regards to the GSD ministers, I was merely making reference to their lack of opinions (at least publicly) during the CM’s Seville outburst. You might be referring to potential minister’s right? Please don’t get me started on that one :) lol


  54. Anon18:50 Either you are too young to remember or just would like to forget the past.
    Do you remember that GSD rag the Gibraltarian? Bueno the Gibraltarian deja al Key en panale.
    But as you seem to be sooo blinded it will not be possible to have a sensible debate.
    The Gibraltarian was editored by people in the GSD executive and it went to the disgusting heights of wanting someone explode into thin air.
    That GSD Rag spelt the beginning of gutter poltics.
    Anyway I would like to know what is so objectionable about the Key. If it's libellious que tome accion el Feetham o Caruana o fabian Vinet que son abogaos!!against it like some took against the Gibraltarian at the time and they had to give apologies for the kind of malicious and vicious attacks against some people who where then supporters of the GSLP.
    Pero claro como eran gente que tenian supuesta "educacion" !!!!:)
    So lets leave all that to one side and I would appreciate if you could give me something that the KEY has published that is so objectionable??

  55. Anon @ 18:26

    I mentioned Bryan Zammit and Marilou Guerro as two people that I think would be great in a new team alongside Robert Vasquez. It is also a known fact within political circles that the two names I mention have been on the edge of politics for many years now and have even been approached by parties in the past. Marilou, was the head of the GFSB for many years and even took the plunge with the PDP but found that she couldn’t be a puppet thus resigned, Bryan, well its well known he was the spin doctor that got the GSD in power in 1996 (in my opinion the best campaign seen in Gib ever) and has also spoken twice at the UN in New York fighting for Gib’s right to self determination, also going head to head against the CM and doing a pretty good job of it. I still have the recording. He was also on a TV debate with the present infamous Alcalde of La Linea and ripped him to shreds. Not to mention his on going campaign to ban smoking in enclosed public places, which I think has got him a lot of followers. Robert has just recently come out into the political arena and I think he would do well with people of their calibre alongside him. I am sure he can find another 7 to make up a great team I could mention more names but those are two that seem to stand out. That’s all no hidden meanings behind my suggestions, just think they are people who can stand their own ground, are clean as far as politics is concerned and would bring in the votes.

    There isn’t always hidden meanings in posts you know lol

  56. I dont trust Fabian as much as i dislike Mr. Caruana! I mean what new leader makes a statement like 'we want good relations with Spain as long as sovereignty not discussed'.... EMMM isn't that blatantly obvious? He's not exactly a rocket scientist now is he?

    Plus, it is a known fact that the new GSLP leader has his own 'potinges' to deal with and i dont think thats anything for you to refrain from publishing Robert- its public information after all.

    So in effect, we are all aping to oust our CM because he is 'antipatico' albeit safe, for a power hungry and greedy individual with poor judgment and a couple of law suits in his pocket. Great!

    I look forward to the future.....

  57. Bryan or is it Brian Zammitt and Marilou Guerro (sic Guerrero). I ain't never heard of BZ but I agree that Marilou Guerrero has real talent. Talking of talent it is good to recall that Fabian is a working class boy who made it to Oxford straight from the Boys comprehensive and over the heads of the many public school boys in politics and business: Caruana, Vasquez, Cruz, the Triays, the Stagnettos, the Isolas, the Russos, the Pardo etc. Now roll that up in Rizla and smoke it boys!

  58. Anon 20:16

    I concur with your thoughts regarding Bryan and Marilou BUT stating that the 1996 GSD campaign was/is the "best" you have ever seen is bang out of order.

    In 1996 the people of Gibraltar were so ticked off with the Winston boys’ debacle ANYONE STANDING stood a GREAT chance of getting in.

    Greatest ever campaign......YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! lololol

    It was hard NOT to win the election! Back on those days for the GSD.

    Thankfully for us the GSLP (libs) of today is a totally different animal.


  59. Anon @ 20:57

    I think it’s spelt Bryan Zammit. Well it is according to his Facebook account, which is where I found how to spell his name. It’s also quite funny that Anon@ 20:57 has never heard of BZ. I know he is a lot more low profile these days (even though he’s leading the none smoking camping) The only reason I can think is that you are quiet young, Bryan and Marilou are just two names that come to mind together with Robert V. Nothing else other than I think they are both charismatic enough to attract the voters. If you haven’t heard of BZ you haven’t seen the news over the last 12 months lol. I am sure there are many others in here that have heard of him and by the looks of his FB account he’s got over 1,600 friend ( a couple of hundred more than Fabian) not that, that stands for anything, just trying to figure out how on earth have you never heard of that guy lol
    P.S. I don’t want to keep talking about if we know BZ or not and having to justify something that doesn’t even make sense having to justify. By your comments of Fabian and his oxford education, I can see you’re a GSLP supporter Anon 20:57 so I think its best to just leave it at that, especially when BZ nor FP are here to defend themselves. All I want is to see Robert set up a new dream team of politicians in Gib, something Gib is crying out for.

  60. An ideal coalition Government..

    Fabian Picardo
    Joe Bossano
    Gilbrt Licudi
    Daniel Feetham
    Marie Lou Guerrero
    Joseph Garcia
    Robert Vasquez

  61. What do you think the list Robert?

  62. I think the list is interesting but a very difficult ask because of the way politics in Gibraltar has evolved. It is inclined toward the part system and block vote, unfortunately. You are missing 3 people. One needs 10 or 9 to form government today.

  63. Add into the equation...

    Keth Azzopardi
    Peter Caruana
    Steven Linares

  64. ... and it all becomes a joke ... great thanks!

  65. Peter Montegriffo would be a good inclusion if he decided to return to politics.

  66. No dream team could be complete without Bryan Zammit aman of such carisma that he has many more facebook friends than even Fabian. So my dream team:Fabian Picardo Oxon
    Mr. Bryan Zammit
    Joe Bossano
    Gilbert Licudi
    Daniel Feetham
    Marie Lou Guerro
    Joseph Garcia
    Robert Vasquez
    Steven Linares
    Selwyn Figueras
    James Levy QC

  67. Come on Robert...

    Im sure you could mould the persona into contributing element.

    Debate would certainly exist amongst yourselves?


  68. Debate there would be and that would be good for Gibraltar.

  69. Fabian Picardo
    Robert Vasquez
    Mari lou Guerrero
    Joe Bossano
    Bryan Zammitt
    Gilbert Licudi
    Peter Montegriffo
    James Levy QC
    Danny Feetham
    Maribel Chellerham

    The dream team?

  70. Anonymous.....23rd April 2011 10.41

    You are calling Mr.Bossano selfish, and by implication you are calling half of the electorate of Gibraltar selfish,because they voted for him.

    You say "That as far as the majority of the electorate is concerned" What majority? Are you not aware that the GSLP lost the last elections by 300 odd votes!!!!

    You may not not like Joe Bossano but that does not give you the right to be disrespectful to a man who has dedicated his life to Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians. If there is a selfless man in Gibraltar politics, its him.

    He has been the leader of the GSLP for the last 35 years, because WE the party members have so wished, and it is us and nobody else but us who have the right to decide who is our leader.

    He is no longer our leader because he has decided not to stand if he had stood once again for the post of leader of the party he would today still be our leader.

    He has personally made sure that the party is stronger than ever to support our new leader.

    He has ensured a smooth transition.

    He has stood down when we are ahead in the polls. Are those the actions of a selfish man?

    We will give our new leader Fabian Picardo our support and our loyalty.

    We will help him to win the next elections and become the next Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

    But our love he will have to earn as Joe did.


  71. Aristei...

    Even though I am a GSD supporter, nobody can say that Mr Bossano has not been a contributing factor of local politics.

    One has to admire his devotion throughout these years, and one hopes that he will remain a contributing factor of local politics for years to come.

  72. Its quite funny the way we have gone from talking about the initial topic, which was ‘Does Picardo’s leadership of the GSLP really herald political change to what Robert has been advocating from the start, a political dream team for Gibraltar of a really good assortment of charismatic individuals. Bottom line is yes we want political change but I don’t think we want to keep seeing GSD/GSLP governments in power. Bring on the dream team. Mine would be:

    James Levy (Nephew of Sir Joshua Hassan, political animal)
    Robert Vasquez (well known Political revolutionary, political animal)
    Bryan Zammit (President of the United Nations in Gib and stop smoking enclosed places campaigner, political animal)
    Marilou Guerrero (ex president GFSB and ex PDP candidate,political animal)
    Peter Montegriffo (Ex leader of GSD and ex minister, political animal)
    Steven Bossino (excellent litigation lawyer, popular, well liked and keen observer of local politics, political animal)
    Willy Serfaty (ex leader of the SDGG, son of Ex well respected minister, politics in his blood, political animal)
    George Desoiza Jnr (well known local business man, well spoken, educated and respected individual)
    Janet Hewitt (Green activist, can hold her own corner, respected and on edge of politics many years)
    Charles Gomez (local lawyer, political animal, had the gumption to enter an election on his own)

    Now that’s a team I would vote in any day of the week before voting in the GSD or GSLP. Are you up to getting all those people to stand with you Robert as a political party?

  73. Anonymous at 23:03

    They would all be welcome in my proposed Coalition but would they agree? They all know how to contact me ...

  74. however much I respect & like Peter Montegriffo, his ideas on 'un arreglito' with Spain are very dangerous for Gibraltar. Sadly, because I think he is a great person, he wouldn't get my vote.

  75. Robert I think if someone wants something they have to go out and get what they want. I really do think that the list I presented is a great list and one that would be respected throughout Gib as a party, and one that the present party’s would seriously fear. I don’t think (with all due respect) that anyone would give 10 votes to an assortment of individuals, yet those same 10 individuals would get a block vote as a political party. Robert I really believe you need to think a little outside the box. Get a political team together, one if possible of the standard of that in my previous post, get into power and change what needs changing. Unfortunately you can only change once in power. You need to get on the phone, emails, facebook contacting etc etc and start to meet individuals one on one at first, get your feelers out on how they feel about joining you and your policies and hopefully you will have a line up of 10 to present to the electorate in the next elections. Worse case scenario would be not getting into parliament but at least this way you stand a much better chance than going it alone. I can’t express myself enough, wanting to see you succeed. Start contacting the above list, nothing to lose, everything to gain. You just said yourself that they would all be welcome in your proposed coalition, so you must also like the list I have put together. And I am sure there are a few more decent candidates out there in case people from the initial list get cold feet.

  76. Anonymous at 23:29

    I assure you I am doing all that you suggest and more but there are so many hours in the day and I have a day job too! It is not easy to convince people to stand for election. Each has his/her own home/work related issues. It becomes much easier if success is on offer :) Especially as fears of consequences/repercussions diminish.

  77. Then I stand to be corrected. Sorry Robert, I didn’t know that you had been contacting people personally. Is it ok to ask who you have contacted and what their reaction has been? Also who are willing to take the plunge with you if any at this stage? Have you contacted those on the list I created above?

  78. Would you be coming out as a group or each individual come out? Would also like to know if it would be before the elections are called or after? Do you have people supporting you that would be willing to canvas and work the estates etc during electioneering? Don’t get paranoid please from my questions; I am not associated to any political party, just interested to see your progress. I think many others are also interested.

  79. Is Mr Zammit really the president of the United Nations in Gib? Does that title even exist? I will make sure to ask him next time I see him! Doesn't seem quite right! lol

    Linares and Montegriffo in the SAME line up? That will be the day!! LOL

    Furthermore how can someone find it upon themselves to state that politics is in "their blood"??? I am sorry but I strongly disagree I don't believe there is such a thing.

    I recently read comments posted by this 23 year old kid on facebook. This aforementioned individual implied that his assessments carried weight and not because he had backed them up with any substance but because someone in his family was a former (half decent) politican. What a load of utter diatribe. Some people are just plain delusional. Blue blood syndrome? I think so indeed!

    Ps – Facebook friend numbers account for nothing, what world do you people live in?


  80. For me a team is;

    Fabian picardo
    Peter caruana
    Joe bosano
    Danny feetham
    Charles gomez
    Peter montegriffo
    Robert vasquez
    Felix alvarez
    Joseph Garcia
    Brenda torres

  81. A TEAM: a number of people organised to work together interdependently, and function cooperatively as a group, by accomplishing a purpose and goals for the common good.

    within a team, you have many types of characters with complementary skills that combine to produce a whole.We are human, and we have to take into consideration some will be team-leaders, while others will be team-players, then you have the brave ones that encourage and enthuse the bold steps forward, the more compassionate and empathic ones who deal with the sensibilities of others and we mustn't forget those who stand at the back & ensure nobody gets left behind. Add to that the necessary expert qualifications needed to deal with each particular field, like education, justice and even health.

    Most importantly, they also have to like each other!

    I don't think you can stick 10 random people in a room and expect them to work together efficiently.

    “It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together.”

    we can get the best minds in the world, and yet, if they can't agree on a single thing, nothing will ever be accomplished!

    So a 'dream team' might need something more than the 10 people we think could do well individually!

    Anna Conda

  82. DREAM TEAM!!!!

    Peter Pan
    Willy because his father was a poitician?
    Mariluz of the Royal I? I did this I did that.
    ect. ect. ect.
    Are we serious?

    Think, think.......
    What should we want from a politician?




    No pomposity.

    No arrogance.

    Humility, because after all he or she is there to serve us.

    That he or she says the same before an election, during and after.

    That he or she looks after all our people, specially the most vulnerable.

    Forget grandeous schemes that you want to be remembered by, at the expense of much needed things in other areas eg. looking after our people with mental health problems.

    Guarantee me that in my old age I will be well looked after whether I just have old age or DEMENTIA. Eventually we all get there.

    Guarantee jobs for my children or grand children.

    Fairness in tenders in housing allocation ect. ect. have we not seen how some government houses are allocated to people who claim to be ill and spend their evenings old time dancing or in spain, at the expense of some biddy old lady with a stroke who has no quality of life because she lives in upper town and can not even make her way to Main Street.

    I want a Politician with a heart, who if he ever looks at me sees me as an idividual and not a number, I want a politician that is approachable that feels comfortable with all the members of our community.

    I want a politician with a pedigree of fighting and caring for his people even if he is young.

    Politicians should not not just spring out of the wilderness and say "I want to be a politician,I have a lot to offer." I know you have to start some where but at least have a background.

    Most of all I want a politician who will nnever waiver in the defence of Gibraltar and his people and that I would never trust to any Tom, Dick, and Harry.

    Oscar la Mosca.

  83. Here Here Oscar!

    If only..........


  84. Anon 12:19. After reading your post I can only assume that you will most definitely not be voting Picardo and Co.
    But look you make very valid examples of what we ought to seek out in our politicians. With respect almost all are relevant to the GSD and Peter Caruana, all bar the grandiose shemes which on my view are also required as they identify who we are as a people and what aspirations we have. You might also argue that a level of arrogance is a symptom required in strong leadership and how it's displayed will also reveal the many other elements of good character and judgement that a politician should have and which you wisely highlight.

  85. As most people with 1/2 a brain or more know Gibraltar is rife with political dirt and trafico de influencias. Bring it out and bring it on do not let the cynical men of the GSLP and the GSD hide it from us. Time for a change a change from the baristocrats in the main parties.

  86. The reality is that no Dream Team exists, and even when we have a great leader we will with time undermine his work as the team leader, what to do we are humans and all have ego hidden inside us. Se la vi......

  87. Anon 1:34 I think the team you have written is a dream team as it would only happen in your dreams. LOL You’re missing the point of a dream team. I think the original person that wrote about a dream team was in the context of creating a dream team to contest the next elections against the GSD and GSLP, hence having fabian picardo, peter caruana, joe bossano and Daniel feetham all in the same team is really more of a nightmare than a dream. And who is Brenda torres Note for Kaelan: Yes I believe that Mr. Zammit is still the President of the UN in Gib, has held that title apparently for the best part of 15 years, just never been recognised locally as he went against Peter Caruana’s wishes and spoke at the UN in New York (twice) fighting Gibraltar’s right to self determination. That’s where the massive bust up between Bryan Zammit and Peter Caruana came from. Bryan Zammit also lowered the Spanish flag at the European Parliament in Brussels. Something else that didn’t go down too well with the GSD Hierarchy, and was keep really quiet by Caruana as Zammit was perceived as someone from the GSD at the time, and the GSD thought it shameful that Zammit lowered the Spanish flag in protest. and the funny part of this story. The GSLP kept it quiet also as they thought Zammit would become more popular, and wasn’t sure if he was still GSD. lol How do I know all this you may ask. Well at the time I was a GSLP activist and it became a real talking point within political circles, the battles between Peter Caruana and his once spin doctor (Zammit was also perceived as a possible GSD candidate at the time, so you can imagine at the GSLP we were all loving what happened) and there was even a great article published about it in the New People by ‘El Tio del Capote’. The shit really hit the fan in those days. It was when Caruana showed his true colours and went against two of the people that got him into power Bryan Zammit and Peter Montegriffo.

  88. Anon @ 13:45, you honestly think Oscar is describing Caruana?
    Did you not read the bit about 'the letter' in Robert's blog?
    Please share your thoughts on this matter with us, I'd love to read them!

    Polly Ticks

  89. Anon 05:00

    I was well aware that Bryan had lowered the Spanish flag etc. Just did not know that (UN president) was his official title! Thank you for enlighting me. :)

    Furthermore I know Bryan personally and think highly of him. Even invited him to RV's CIR meeting (which he could not make). :)

    No me comas I was merely curious :) LOL


  90. Who is a member of the UN Association? When do they hold meetings? Who is in the executive? When and where do they meet? When do they hold elections? How many elections has Brian Zammit stood for as leader of the UN Ass in 15 Yrs? Another self elected self proclaimed individual? At least the politicians expose themselves to public scrutiny. In Gibraltar we have people who form groups or purport to lead groups and probably can't even muster basic quorums at their meetings even if they have them.

  91. Anonymous..........24th April 13:45.

    With all due respect to those people who suffer from Dementia. My grandmother suffered from dementia and I loved and respected her until the day she died.

    My grandmother suffered from dementia but you have pseudo dementia.

    Do leopards change their spots?
    Do you believe that because people change colours they have all that I have mentioned in my above post?

    You must be kidding!!!!!!!

    Of the Caruana team I would only retain Fabian Vinet and Bernard Linares if he was still there.

    Oscar la Mosca.

  92. Vinet you must be kidding. Where has he been in four years?

  93. anon 15:47


  94. Vinet and the civil servants in charge of his department are regular visitors to No 6.

    They are summoned and instructed how to pursue their jobs for the next few weeks, until summoned again.

    He takes no decision without clearing it first with The Chief.

    We need ministers with the ability to act and think all by themselves, and a chief minister who will let them!

  95. Anonymous.............25th April 15:47

    I am trying to be fair

    If being there means that they do not waste an opportunity to appear in a photograph, then we are talking about saomething different and we all know where they have been.

    Edwin Reyes and Danny Feetham top the bill.

    Ni que 7 days fuera de alguin de la familia.

    Oscar la Mosca.

  96. Braveheart says:

    Oscar la mosca you were right in your original analysis pero retaining some of the gsd ministers? ya te estas pasando!!

    What we need for our future is leaders and not followers (silent lambs)...ya me entiendes no?

  97. hi robert,on the 22/4/11,i posted a comment and requested your opinion but still waiting. on the following you highlight the gslp change of heart reference The GSLP, once seen as the pariah of the UK now offers a hand of friendship when dealing with the UK.whats the difference between gsd rosy approach or gslp pariah ? at the end of the day both looked to have failed. my comment gives you my opinion.


  98. Anon 12:10 Personally I don’t give a crap if the UN in Gib holds meetings or elect a committee etc. At the end of the day I was part of the GSLP machinery for over 12 years and I know for a fact that no one dare challenge Bossano when he was leader because between him, his wife and Juan Carlos Perez they had all the ‘Voters’ covered. The GSLP call themselves the only democratic party in Gib, yet they forget those of us that was faithful to the party for many years, calling internally for a new leader to get rid of Caruana, yet Joe Bossano with his wife would never let go until they really wanted to. Anyone that tried to stand against them would be black balled, we all knew that, not even the oxford graduate Fabian Picardo with James Levy behind him would have even dared to challenge for the leadership. So lets not get into petty discussions about Bryan Zammit and his UN credentials as leader or not in Gib, when we have the GSD with their leader and no one opposing (ok he’s never lost an election so cant really expect him to stand down) Joe Bossano self proclaimed king of the GSLP even though he lost 4 elections in a row. Anyway why keep on bringing Bryan into this debate. He’s not even involved in any political party (as much as I would like to see him step up. I think he’s got the integrity, intelligence and political savvy to be part of a good team running Gib) The bottom line here is, MANY PEOPLE IN GIB WANT TO SEE A NEW DAYNAMIC POLITICAL TEAM, AND WE WANT IT NOW ROBERT, HINT HINT ;-) Please form a team Robert, don’t wait to try and get people to form a coalition of independents, I really don’t think (unfortunately) it would break the block vote.

  99. anon @ 21:09

    pity the Labour party didn't have the metal to stand up and fight the fight, after all was it not formed because they met with the very same opposition from the GSLP executive you describe?

    were you around then too?

  100. Spandau

    Failure? Possibly because they each followed policies that led to a confrontation with the UK. Gibraltar cannot demand continued British sovereignty without acceptance that with this demand comes duties, obligations and responsibilities as the UK retains ultimate responsibility on several fronts. It is imperative to seek harmony on that front and harmony comes with give and take save and except on the fundamental wish of the vast majority of Gibraltar: British sovereignty.

  101. Anon 21:16

    I agree the Labour Party was formed because Daniel Feetham knew he didn’t stand a chance if he entered a head to head against Joe Bossano in the GSLP because of the so called Democratic hold they had/have on the party.

    I also think that DF was making headways until he sold himself to the devil. Power for powers sake. So called high moral values Mr Feetham lol

    No I wasn't part of the Labour Party (thank God) I saw through Mr. Feetham and I was proven right. I am now advocating Robert to form a new Political Party

  102. Only two people could have wriiten anon 21:09
    Bryan himself or someone I know who was in the GSLP and has an axe to grind because he did not have what it takes to challenge the people he mentioned in the GSLP.
    Y el que tenga el culo paja que se le queme!!

  103. Anon 21:16

    I agree the Labour Party was formed because Daniel Feetham knew he didn’t stand a chance if he entered a head to head against Joe Bossano in the GSLP because of the so called Democratic hold they had/have on the party.

    I also think that DF was making headways until he joined the GSD. Power for powers sake.

    No I wasn't part of the Labour Party (thank God) I saw through Mr. Feetham and I was proven right. I am now advocating Robert to form a new Political Party

  104. anon @ 22:21

    I disagree about DF not being able to advance in the GSLP. If he had put his name forward in a Leadership election of the GSLP which is held every 2 years at the AGM, then he would have shown he was willing to go the distance.
    He would never have beaten Bossano, simply because the party have always supported him personally, hence his popularity at the general elections despite actually losing them. Like it or not, the core GSLP were always going to follow Bosanno.

    DF came back with a dream to save us all from both Bosanno & Caruana, and imagined the GSLP would hand itself over to him, no questions asked. He was in for a surprise. I agree with you that DF wanted power for power's sake.

    A party like the GSLP needed to be convinced that switching their allegiance from one leader to the another was in Gibraltar's interest, and DF didn't have the patience, or even respect, for this group of individuals.

    FP has shown the opposite to the GSLP membership, and as a result, at the AGM last week, they were unanimous in switching their allegiance to him.

  105. it shows by reading certain comments in this blog. In gib we shall never get rid of personality or party politics,with so many individual names being branded about. robert you have a massive bordering the impossible, if your intentions are of getting rid of the 2 p's mentality.

  106. Anon 22:50

    Lets just say that F Picardo has been groomed for many years by James Levy and I think it was more ‘picardia’, from picardo than wanting the GSLP faithful to want him as leader.
    And as for the GSLP faithful being unanimous the other night in voting Mr. Picardo in as leader. Errrrr was there another choice. Now that would have been funny, don’t vote FP in as leader. Keep going Joe. PC would have been laughing even more than he is now lol

    Lets not kid ourselves here please. most people in this blog are too long in the tooth to be blinded by activists from any party my friend :-)

  107. anon @23:06, so Caruana is laughing? I'm not surprised, he has little respect for the lesser mortals of this world especially those that make up the other half of the electorate.

    Or maybe he's laughing because he knows where Cousin Robert's letter is hidden, and he knows no one will dare divulge the secret, or maybe they will... will he still be laughing then?

    If Cousin Robert is anything, he is determined. I'd stop laughing, if I was him!

  108. Actually how do you know what DF wanted or planned. I was there at a meeting when FP was saying Bossano's leadership could not b trusted and we all had to leave. DF was arguing the contrary and that JB should be challenged from within if he lost the 2003 election. It was put to a vote and FP prevailed. It wad then agreed DF would go and and FP would follow in 24 hours. FP instead jumped from the liberals to the GSLP a year later. So don't talk about what you don't know.

  109. Cucumberbear says....

    He will have more to say later but for now....

    The question here is very simple. What we have here is a dictatorship in everything but name.
    Arrogant, insulting, demeaning, inflexible, obsessed, and morally bankrupt are descriptions that come to mind.

    Additionally periodic hobby horses are made to appear from time to time as objects of waste and contention with total disregard to the public purse.

    No apologies or explanations are offered that will properly satisfy the legitimately interested parties which are the people of Gibraltar when such blunders escalate.

    Nor are reasons offered when these escalted blunders are ignored and set aside in the hope, like when an ostrich buries its head in the sand, that these grevious blunders and their aggravated results fade and disappear.

    Instead they remain like untreated open sores to haunt the perpetrators who then attempt to divert the attention of the electorate by other means.

    The public ought to wake up and see things for what they are and decide to put to an end this cult of government by decree and vote to replace it by a government of consensus and answerable to the public that elected it instead of continuing and intensifying its recklessness in spending with less regard for money than a drunken sailor at the expense of all of us and condemning future generations to the dreadful treadmill of enormous and pointless DEBT.

    Such conduct cannot be allowed to continue, and if it does, the electorate will only have itself to blame.

  110. Cucumberbear now has an opinion...

    The Letter...

    is not likely to be kept in govt offices.
    To keep it there is too risky because...
    his treatment of those around him is so dictatorial and rude that one of his pronouncements could trigger its release...LOL..I "KNOW"...LOL..

    Therefore, faced with thios risk, the safest deposit for the letter is either at a stong box at the bank, or at his residence, under lock and key...LOL..

  111. I have been offered to be shown the letter but on the basis that I cannot reveal That I have seen it, reveal its content or use it publicly ... I obviously refused this offer. ..

  112. An interesting offer you have been made there, Robert. I would hazard a guess that it is not the original letter. What you would be shown is a doctored copy, a fraud, in fact. This can be the only reason for the prohibitions imposed on the proposal. You are wise not to fall for it and reject it.

    You would not be allowed to admit you have seen it because you would not have seen it. You would have been shown a letter purporting to be the letter. It cannot be allowed with hindsight for it to be proved so.

    You would not be allowed to reveal its content. Why ?
    Despite it being doctored, the subject matter contained therein would give the clue to an astute reader that something nasty is being withheld, screened, but not totally invisible. It could be intent, or consequence as part of a hidden agenda detrimental to the public intertest, or a variant, or a crib that would unlock what the writer does not wish to unlock and protect and the holder is instructed to comply with.
    You would not be allowed to use it publicly.
    Why ?
    Because from the opposite perspective to yours as a decent citizen, the letter and its contents are against the public interest, both the wider and the narrower.
    This sort of behaviour is reminiscent of the Holy Inquisition in which victims were not allowed to know what exactly they were accused of, who had accused them, and for what reason, only to find themselves on the rack.
    This is not an acceptable way for an elected government to behave in what is described as a democratic politican system. It is not worthy of an elected government.They just have to be got rid of, simple. The amusing current scenario is they are currently transfixed in their inability to deliver, rather like a stray deer in the middle of the tracks transfixed by the headlights of an oncoming train. LOL.