Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Proposed 14 Core Principles of the Coalition of Independents for Reform

The Coalition of Independents for Reform enters into the following accord with the electorate:


1.    It will remain an alliance of independent candidates and does not aspire to become a political party. 

2.    It will permit candidates to champion their own policies subject to these not being in conflict with the core principles.

3.    It does not support block voting, advocating instead that voters should vote for their preferred candidates from any party, based on individual attributes rather than on party membership.

4.    It will seek that truth, justice and democracy prevails.

Constitution, International Status and Spain

5.    It will not be distracted from concentrating on local issues by pursuing constitutional advances or a change to Gibraltar’s international status. The reason is that it respects the results of the 2006 Constitutional referendum, despite it being misrepresented as being an exercise in self-determination; consequently, it accepts that the UK is unlikely to countenance any change for at least two generations. 

6.    It will pursue good neighbourly relations with Spain without compromising on sovereignty fundamentals.

Governmental Reforms

7.    It will champion democratic reform by increasing the number of MPs to 25 by the creation of 8 districts each of which will elect an MP.  These 8 can only be backbenchers representing constituents and not be appointed as Ministers.  In addition to these 8 there will continue to be 17 MPs, elected as at present by all voters in Gibraltar.  These 17 will be elected, by a reformed electoral system, on the basis of either proportional representation or an alternative vote system, as may be chosen, following advice sought from the Electoral Reform Society.  Only the latter 17 will be eligible to be appointed as Ministers,

8.    It will promote the passing of a Freedom of Information Act and  reforms to Parliament with a view to improving democracy and increasing accountability.  In this regard:

a.      It will seek a requirement for more frequent meetings;
b.      It will seek to have more frequent questioning of Ministers on specific days;
c.      It believes in the establishment of a Permanent Parliamentary Committee to hold the executive arm of government and the public administration to account;
d.     It will seek further systemic changes to increase the accountability and transparency of government;
e.      It will promote the installation of remote control cameras in Parliament to permit broadcasting on the Internet and/or GBC.

Empowerment of Public Administration

9.    It believes in empowering civil and public servants, including authorities, commissions and quangos, freeing them from centralised political control but ensuring their accountability consequent on being so empowered.


10. It advocates the creation of an independent Anti-Corruption Authority.  This authority will receive confidential reports about bribery and corruption.  It will have power to investigate these complaints.  It will be empowered also to investigate any other matters touching upon bribery and corruption of its own volition.

Civil Rights

11. It will promote fundamental rights and greater accessibility to enforcement of these rights by promoting the appointment of a Commissioner of Fundamental Rights.  The Commissioner will investigate any complaints of breaches of these rights.  If the Government refuses to comply with the opinion of the Commissioner, the Commissioner will issue and prosecute, at the expense and cost of the Government, a case before the Supreme Court as permitted by the 2006 Constitution.


12. It believes that to encourage revenue it does not need to reinvent the wheel.  It will continue with the generation’s old policies of promoting Gibraltar as a port, a tourist and shopping centre and a jurisdiction for financial services and gaming.  It will prioritise expenditure on

a.      Social services and the disadvantaged, including the mentally ill, reforming the system to make it more individualised and focused;
b.      Encourage and promote savings and efficiency throughout the public administration;
c.      Improve on the selection of government contractors and service providers;
d.     Reduce capital projects that unnecessarily increase recurring annual expenditure;
e.      Trim existing expenditure wherever possible.

Public Debt and Liabilities

13. It believes in reducing the public debt thus mitigating the possibility of a default.  This action will avoid adverse consequences to the economy, finance centre, and not put at risk British sovereignty.

14.  It will urge the engagement of experts to undertake an in depth study of the future long-term and contingent liabilities of Gibraltar to assess affordability and to provide advice on remedial action.

If you want to help in any way please email:


  1. Robert, well thought out and makes complete sense. How can Your core principals be objectionable. The main political parties if truly committed to enhancing our democratic values should support your initiative. Frankly, if they do not subscribe to these principals,in particular relating to briber,corruption, and accountability,se les veria el plumero.

    I just hope that these parties realise that Los llanitos demand this, at the end of the day they are elected to protect and run Gibraltar on our behalf, they should aspire to be be our servants not our leaders. We need to make this clear. They should be answerable on EVERYTHING they do, we vote them in just to do that.

  2. May I ask, why Civil rather Human Rights?

    What is the difference?

  3. LW really regret not having gone to your reunion, I just have a business and ......... Wish you best for our sake ! Irrespective of what party se lava el gato al agua.....

  4. Anonymous at 22:52

    I all honesty I use the words civil rights and human rights interchangeably. I neither make nor intend any distinction. Part 1 of the Constitution refers to fundamental rights and freedoms ... that is what I mean.

  5. Would you also enact a "Freedom of Information Act"?

  6. Anonymous at 09:18

    Yes, an oversight, thank you for the reminder.

  7. How about a Race Relations Act?

  8. Anonymous at 11:15

    Yes but this in my view comes within principle 11 already.

  9. If someone believes there is malpractice or wrongdoing/abuse happening in a workplace then he or she can ‘blow the whistle’ on the behaviour and you and your family could be protected from losing your job and/or being victimised by your employer.

    Would this be considered and or incorperated by the Coalition of Independents?

  10. Ghost says:

    Robert congrats on your reunion. I have it good authority that you were in your element...well done! I say this genuinely and although I do not agree with the extent of your experiment, I do believe (as I have said before) that LW / CIR has created a platform in which political thought for the betterment of our collective society can be achieved.

    I would argue that party politics not only works but is the only model at this stage in our political history that can provide the strong Govt that we deserve; having said this I agree that any type of check and balance is of benefit so long as it does lead to Govt by committee, which I fear may be a weakness in your model.

    My view and one which allows for all to feature, is that Henry Jackson society which you cunningly brought to the fore and in which intellectuals like yourself sin pelo en la lengua can legitimately and independently form opinion which drives Govts and political parties to adopt, based on merit and public opinion, which we all know to be freely and aggressively expressed in Gib.

    An LW society allows a proper medium supported with intellectual and educated thought from which to check, balance and hold to account and without prejudicing functionality of Govt.


  11. So can this be regarded as your election manifesto as the Chronic has termed it?

  12. Ghost:

    You ignore one major consideration which is that the quietly spoken about fear that exists in Gibraltar to speak ones mind. This is born of the intrusive power of governmen, so unless this is dealt with your idea simply does not work. You argument is only good fopr one thing to maintain a staus quo that is coercive of freedom of expression and politics. Let us deal with this and then forums like this one will really become a FURTHER useful check and balance not the ONLY one!

  13. Ghost says:

    Spoken like a true politician Robert..:) Its rubbing off quick.

    The independence of a society like HJS places a great deal more credibility and authority than CIR (in my opinion). There are many elements of your experiment that will no doubt be construed as party political and this in itself moves away from what you are essentially trying to achieve and create awareness of. The difference being is it best to fix it from the inside or the outside, you started with the latter and have evolved into the former.

    I strongly believe that your arguments well intentioned and of which I see great merit are best executed from the outside as they remain party neutral, and allows what I maintain is a political system that works in the best interests of strong Govt, to adopt ideas and political thought which are far more valuable as an independent and respected pressure group, than as yet another political arm.

    I have a feeling that this will be a case if agreeing to disagree, or maybe another bottle of wine is in order..:)


  14. Ghost

    I have never denied being a politician.

  15. Ghost says:
    I was joking you wally..:)Don't go all serious on me now.

  16. Dear RW,

    Your core principles sound like a book I wrote, where the animals took over the farm. Then the pigs took over the animals.

  17. Orwell

    Oh what little faith you have in voters that you call them animals! Next thing you will be clamouring for is a dictatorial takeover ... thank god that, at least, that is not possible without a unilateral declaration of independence!

  18. Orwell what an exceptional analogy, to the point and spot on. A little below the belt as I do not perceive Red Rob to be Pig like at all, though the principle of the experiment does indeed remind us of that classic you wrote.

  19. Rhodesia made a unilateral declaration of independence from the UK... Pity that the UK Government thought it better to hand the country back to Mugabe rather than back Smith in his endeavors!
    Food for thought:My question is: Is it better for us to go at it alone, or rely on our colonial masters to decide for us what is best for our future? Maybe they will impose the Andorra solution to get Gibraltar once and for all out of their hair and comply with any obligations under the UN resolution for decolonization.

  20. Orwell and Anonymous at 17:10

    I find it extraordinary that the very moderate reforms that I suggest to both the electoral system and to Parliament should elicit such a reactionary repsonse from anyone in 21st Century Gibraltar. Most of my suggestions are well more moderate in comparison to the type of democracy that is to be found in most democracies in the Western World.

    In all honesty I would rather be a pig than live in a society governed by persons who think like either of you. Were you both around when the frontier was closed and we were battling against this type of thinking in Franco's Spain? No wonder people think that they can go about in Gibraltar doing the things that they do!

  21. But Robert your experiment is essentially based around a Govt by comittee, this is all well and good until the pigs come along. Failing that we end up like Italy. But hey as long as we get those reforms in the name of democracy. You weren't part of a communist movement as a student were you?

  22. Some people are just non-believers, I guess they can't help it, or is it that they just can't be bothered?

    Are responses as seen above symptomatic of the state of the nation, or just some stray individuals?

    Gents, ladies, we need to believe that things are possible if we really want it.

    Remánguense y a trabajar así como lo está haciendo Robert.

  23. KJ and others,
    This thing of branding everyone who doesn't agree with you as 'GSD', 'GSLP' or 'del pish' is pathetic.
    Good luck RV, you must be commended for your efforts!

  24. Well done Robert,
    It takes a very brave and committed man to do what you are doing.

    Porfin we have someone who has the CO JONES to take on our corrupt system. It will not be an easy ride and you will have to fight against a GSD controlled media and all the GSD ENCHUFADOS, who will use every dirty trick to try and discredit you and your campaign.

    The only encouragement I can offer you is that you can count on my family's and friends votes(at least 30 votes already) and support.
    We will try our best to convince more people to your great cause.

  25. Best of luck Robert, we all need this debate precisely because pigs exist. I share you goals but not your game-plan.

  26. Anonymous at 18:00

    Where do you get that i am advocating government by committee? Totally wrong you could not be further from the truth. i am advocating government by democracy and consensus. I am advocating voting for persons and not parties to force individuals to work together for an improved Gibraltar.

    Yes I can proudly say that I was part of a communist movement as a student. It taught me a lot but life has moved on. Never criticise experience it is the best teacher.

  27. Well done Robert. What a pleasure to see someone of your intelligence and integrity come up with a plan that benefits the whole community. Thank you for giving of your time and energy. We are well behind you.

  28. I have just send this e-mail to talk about town (the none biased GBC programme)I bet my months wages they won't read it!!!
    To the panel,
    Why do the whole panel dismiss so quickly what Robert Vasquez is trying to do for Democracy in Gib. I and a lot of people support his Noble CAUSE!
    Instead of dismissing his NOBLE cause so quickly the panel should get on the internet and check out Robert's Blog LLANITOWORLD, they would be amazed about the amount of support he HAS. Check it out !!!

  29. Talk about town. Andlaw la caga otra vez. Quote or words to the effect " despite you are women, some of you are quite sensible"
    Que bueno, yet another week of new found feminists to have a field day.

  30. Entre the unbiased "Talk about (GSD)/ Town" y Susan "entrevisto como me da la gana y te corto para meter un advertorial de Gibtelecrap" Clifton Psiala estamos listos.

    40 pagas muertas mas.

  31. I can't believe que hay 40 employees in our "state of the art GBC"! They must be overworked and underpaid, we have to take into account that they produce 15 minutes of "news" and another 15 minutes of GSD News Plus a day and one weekly programe of talkabouttown &/or view point!

    Afuf los pobrecitos what a stressful environment it must be to work in.

    We should increase there wage budget so that we don't lose such excellent professional's to other international channels. (I have heard rumours that channel 4 news wants to replace Jon Snow with Stephen Neish).

  32. Vivandlaw!Abajo los politically correct bores!

  33. i sat through all of 5 minutes of TAT tonight until I could take no more and promptly changed channel.

    Putting aside their politically incorrect behaviour towards women (and others), its shamefully obvious, they are only there as a sort-of mouthpiece of the Government, well the GSD, to be exact, I doubt they would be as generous if a different party was at the helm.

    Perhaps the GoG should set them up properly with an office and rename them, 'The Department of Explanations'!

    Food for thought Robert? ;-)

  34. Well done Robert,
    Those who will try to ridicule you, are those who fear you because you have struct a political nerve and their parties will lose votes. Now there is someone that a silent significant minority have been waiting to vote for.

  35. Power2thepeople, I wonder if you have ANY actual idea of just how much some of those employees are paid and how hard they work or whether you're being facetious for the sake of being controversial.

    The GBC and its employees generally do the best they can with the limited resources at their disposal. If anything, because of the restrictive budget that's in place its harder and less cost efficient than it would otherwise be to just simply put together a news report.

    Before you jump to any conclusions I do not have a personal vested interest in the GBC (aside from being a local who would enjoy a higher standard of local programming), nor am I a GSD supporter. Whether you choose to believe that or not is your prerogative.

    I'm well acquainted with a couple of the individuals who work there and have a pretty thorough understanding of what goes on, and so I think it's sad that people are quick to point the finger at the GBC staff for the quality of their programming output when it's really the budget that they have been allocated within which they have to work that restricts and directly influences their ability to produce higher quality programming.

    By the by, I'm not a fan of Talk about Town, nor do I agree with many of the panelists views.

    However, I am a fan of Llanito World and your proposals Robert! I wish you the very best in the elections :)

  36. Power2thepeople:

    I must agree with anonymous at 00:22 on GBC staff and hard work. GBC could be better on local programming but not for want of trying by or eagerness from GBC staff.

  37. Anon 20:29

    Not quite as pathetic as your "brave" comments as an anon blogger.


  38. What Robert has achieved with LW is what Gibraltar needs so that issues, opinions and debates become open to everyone. Hopefully others will take the same initiative and provide equal opportunities for debate and expression of opinion.

    Having said this we should not put our blinkers on and passionately agree with everything. Policies, core principles, everything should be analysed so that constructive criticism and ideas should be brought forward to improve idea's such as Robert's that will only make them stronger.

    In relation to politics in Gibraltar, most people vote for a party/person and forget whether they agree with their policies and manifesto promises. Most people do so as they adopt such a party as their political 'belief' so to speak and blindly protect it without questioning it.

    Therefore my opinion is that if individuals run for election this will encourage our community to look at their individual policies and attributes instead of a party and will vote for who they believe will do best for Gibraltar.

  39. No birthday cards from your cousin this year,your experiments will no doubt help the gslp win the elections

    You have proved to be not only an intellectual professional lawyer but a true citizen who cares for Gibraltarians, your proposed 14 core principles should have been in place many years ago and many LLANITOS will vote for you and other individuals standing with you in order to overcome the dictatorial system we presently have either by replacing the government or forcing them to be HONOURABLE, introducing our laws in accordance with our constitution and Human Rights.
    We know the personal risk you and your family are taking and it’s commendable to say the least, it’s the most courageous act taken by any Gibraltarian in defending our citizen’s rights.
    Unfortunately I am one of those pass by date grandparent who fears for his family and hope the day will come when we can all express our views enjoy the freedom of speech without having to hide like criminals.


    Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country." -- President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908

    "This country belongs to the people and whenever they shall grow weary of their government they can exercise their constitutional right to amend it, or revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it." -- Abraham Lincoln

    "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." -- Thomas Jefferson

    "Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." -- Thomas Jefferson

    "When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property." -- Thomas Jefferson

    "Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have .... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases." -- Thomas Jefferson

    "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men". -- Abraham Lincoln

    "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
    -- Thomas Paine

    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." -- Voltaire

    "That's the difference between governments and individuals. Governments don't care, individuals do." -- Mark Twain

    "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. " -- Adolf Hitler

    "How fortunate for governments that men do not think." -- Adolf Hitler

    "Liberty has never come from government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of government. The history of liberty is the history of resistance." -- Woodrow Wilson

    "No man is wise enough, or good enough to be trusted with unlimited power." -- Charles Caleb Colton



  41. I too would like to add my congratulations Robert but would also like to remind everyone that the PDP issued their core Living Democracy 28 point policy in June 2006 that pledges parliamentary reform and if voted into government we can and will deliver this, unlike the GSD or the GSLP/LIBs - it is our core policy and the reason i joined the PDP in the first place.

  42. Gigi

    That the PDP came up with proposals on parliamentary and electoral reforms is true but so have all other parties, the GSLP and the GSD. None of them have actually enacted any.

    Your party leader was a member of the GSD and a senior Minister. Everyone knows he had serious aspiration and ambition to be the GSD party leader and so Chief Minister. There is no evidence that whilst he was in government he made any effort to push for these reforms. He was on the Parliamentary Committee that put forward the proposals for the 2006 Constitution and negotiated them with the UK Government. This was the ideal opportunity to include these reforms in the 2006 Constitution. They were not included.

    The PDP is another party seeking POWER, which does not guarantee that once elected they will give effect to the reforms. What trust can an electorate have in promises from a political party, which like all others before it, promises that which is not delivered especially under a leader who did not deliver whilst he had the power to do so? The PDP needs to create that trust in the electorate first before making promises.

  43. I was rather amused by Susan Clifton-Tucker and her "this is a news item" comment during the interview with Robert last night (a comment that was swiftly followed by an abrupt termination of the interview). Perhaps when Peter Caruana is next in the studio (not that he attends often, given that he likes to know the questions before he provides the answers) he will likewise be reminded that interviews are "news items" and will be cut off in his prime (so to speak). :)

  44. Robert did you nick my comments from the Gib politics page (joke)..."Not only electoral reform but no more than 2 terms as Chief Minister, the only solution is a group of like minded independents with enough local clout and charisma to do both the at home and external politics without the need to have the wheels oiled in some way shape or form. For reasons stated this cannot happen especially the block vote which should be outlawed as undemocratic. Monitor their performance through audit, published budgets and more open Government. This last is symptomatic of old politics that Uk is alsofalling foul of ... everyone is and should be accountable no one above the law. a tough road but perhaps it will mean we are taken more seriously as a nation."

  45. Frankie

    I detest the '2 terms as chief mionister' idea. It has all the ingredients of what I most dislike in Gibraltar politics: Presidential style government. Our system is a parliamentary system in which Parliament and not the Chief Minister is sovereign (in our cas with the constitutional limitation that our relationship with the UK bring).

    By empowering Parliament and abiding by the ruel of law the power of the Executive is checked amd balanced. It does not undermine the ability to have strong government as mandated by the people. It avoids the centralised autocratic style of government by chief minister that has historically persisted.

    When the GSD and others talk of strong government what they are actually saying is: we support centralised autocratic government by chief minister. I agree with strong government but it has to be democratic. It must not be autocrtaic or dictatorial subject to oversight solely on the basis of four yearly elections.

  46. In an article in today's Panorama David Eade has suggested (a) thta to increase the numbers in Parliament is bucking the trend in other jurisdictions and (b) I am suggesting the creation of two classes of MP's first and second class. I will reply in gretaer detail in the future as both these criticisms were pre-empted by me.

    First, both the GSD and PDD and indeed the 2006 Constitution envisage more MPs. So if I am bucking a trend it is a trend that is not seen to be the right one for Gibraltar. In any event my suggestion is equally applicable even if the size of Parliament is not increased. It is a matter of adjusting the ratio;

    Second, all MP's will have an equal vote in Parliament, so there will not be first and second class MPs, just MPs elected in different ways.

  47. Robert
    2 terms as CM why? Keeps the ambitions limited and it is an incentive for political parties to keep their membership and executive at a keen and interested level. A successor has to always be in the pipeline or else there will be nowhere for the party to go. Imagine the face of the GSLP post 96 if Joe Bossano had to step down as leader? Imagine the work the GSD would have had to do over the last 2 elections if the current CM had left and they wanted to remain in power, I would go so far as to say would Keith have ever left under these circumstances or Peter Montegriffo for that matter? If change is needed, and it is then change not just the soil but the whole garden or the weeds will still be there.

  48. Gigi Sene
    2011 02:41

    You say that PDP issued their core Living Democracy 28 point policy in June 2006 that pledges parliamentary reform if voted into government.

    They have been an inactive party, what have they been thinking about over the last 5 years get ready for the next election? Have they managed to input any of their 28 point pledges NO its time to decide if we continues with all party pledges that have got us nowhere or truthfully Say IT’S TIME FOR GHANGE DO AWAY WITH THE BLOCK VOTE AND VOTE WITH YOUR HEARTS.

  49. The way you wish Gibraltar to be govern, seems to me very similar to the old roman senate.

  50. Robert,

    A very good friend of mine tells me that we already have an independent with nine puppets why do we need more independents?


  51. Anonymous at 15:26

    Your knowledge of Roman history is appalling!

    Anonymous at 16:40

    Your friend has it wrong ... the person you describe as an independent is no independent but perhaps he is a puppet master!

  52. Robert,

    I was thinking of the answer you were going to give and at some point the puppet master thing did cross my mind.

    Expensive puppets though!!!!



  53. Ghost says:

    Its Friday people, clearly our obsession on this blog created by our very own Red Rob is unlikely to dwindle, likely because in my case I am subjected to either Scooby Doo prior to sunset and CSI after it; essentially my kids are working on how best to scare the shit out of me and my wife is working on how to get rid of me and get away with it, so I'm fecked on all sides ...:)

    But because its Friday and I’m in a cracking mood, I thought I would spare you my bull today and offer some famous and classic political quotes that quite frankly deserve the attention of us all, not least because its frightening to think that some of these characters had the fecking launch codes….:) good wknd to you all.

    Ronald Reagan
    I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.

    George W
    I think the American people - I hope the American - I don't think, let me - I hope the American people trust me.

    Ronald Reagan
    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

    Bill Clinton
    Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that

    George W
    ''Reading is the basics for all learning”

    Groucho Marx
    "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies."

    Dan Quayle
    "I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn't study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people."


  54. Benito Carmela

    I have read your core principles and in principle I agreed with all.
    I believe that we need reform but the one who has held up this reform has been Caruana himself,si el solito.
    I believe that the way forward is to have all members of the government advisory committees composed of people from all parties and independent members.
    Now we have all GSD cronies as we had all GSLP cronies before and AACR cronies before that.
    I believe in having parliamentary committees and if you look at the way our parliament is structured there is provision for this but again Caruana and all others previously have ignored this and Caruana has blocked this eg the select committee for reform which has only met once because HE (Caruana) is the only one that can call for meetings.
    I also believe that we should set up some sort of council systems in which people from different parts of Gib can put there concerns to ministers.
    And I think there should be collective responsibilty in government and that ministers should be answerable for the actions or inactions of their departments or ministries. Now we have (and its worse than ever) a one man band and the other ministers earning Nearly £80,000 for doing sweet FA. Only one Minister se gana la abichuela y ese es Reyes. I did not like the fact that he used the union to promote himself pero el tio aunque no toma un decision va a todos los functions.
    Now we see how they are promoting al Selwyn Y GBC le ayuda saliendo en el programma el domingo y a la Isobel con el charity y saliendo defending the GHA,The cancer study Y aqui no pasa na!!and she is also allowed to promote herself by being member of the GHA board. No wonder que aqui no pasa na!! the GSD did the same with Yvette del agua con el Voice of Gibraltar Y ella juraba que no estaba con el GSD.
    Oh does Isobel also have the same ideas as her father who was advocating in the 1970's and 80's an arrangement with Spain????
    Sorry for digressing from the subject:)
    But had to get it off my chest!!
    Just goes to show that all these boards and committees are full of people who are GSD party supporters (As it was before the GSD) who will only look after the party interest.
    Unfortunately I believe that we need to look at what the parties are saying now and lets not forget that as you have said on numerous ocassions the GSD promised this and have not delivered.
    So although I believe in your core principles if we do not rid ourselves of this GSD Government we will not have much in the future to look forward to. Having said this it would be great if you actually managed to get a seat in parliament in order to keep the Government at bay it would do good and mistakes that where made in the "Near and far" past will not be committed again.

  55. Wow, the PDP has made an appearance, this thing is gaining momentum!
    Do you reckon cousin Peter will make an appearance?

  56. Benito Carmela

    Reyes?? You must be joking.

    Furthermore I think it is pretty clear both Selwyn and Isobella are being groomed for the coming elections.

    I wish them luck, they are going to need it especially Selwyn.


  57. Firstly, Robert: well done on Wednesday night, I really enjoyed having attended.
    Secondly: I tend to agree with the 2 term principal... this basically stops anybody from getting to big for their boots.
    On another, seperate note, why do so many people get so uptight about the anachronistic comments made by basically a "nobody" on GBC? By a nobody I mean who has elected any of the presenters/guests in TAT to be spokespeople for the general public? At the end of the day we must take TAT for what it is... cheap gossip and mindless cheap entertainment produced by GBC.
    If people had a bit of common sense, they would completely ignore silly out of place remarks and get on with their lives. How can any self respecting Civil rights activist pay any attention the comments of a bunch of individuals wasting air time and money on GBC?
    I offer my full support to Robert in his endeavors as Gibraltar has not got any political party that offers any real form of accountable Government. They way things stand at the moment it is the classic case of "el mismo perro con diferente collar." By encouraging an alliance of independent candidates and increasing the number of MP's as suggested by Robert to include backbenchers and independents, this will put in place the checks and balances needed to ensure the right decisions are made. Proportional representation maybe?
    The Romans achieved their greatest glory during the time of the Republic under the Senate. It was when the Empire started that the decay and corruption commenced.
    Well done Robert.. you have my support.. I will be dropping in an e-mail shortly.

  58. Selwyn y Ellul, both characters respected in the community prior to their admittance to supporting the GSD. suddenly now it's all gone pear shaped.

    Aqui que pasa, if anyone sensible comes out in agreement of GSD policy which has taken gib to levels never witnessed before, we should now try and discredit them at the whim of political advantage which ironically benefits CIR whom manifests itself as not party political; but happens to have already gained support by those like K and Anon 20:15 who apparently accept gib is on good form but because the GSD is still in power and the GSLP are a comedy of errors we should suddenly kneel down and take up a political model offered by red rob that is a reflection of idealism.

  59. Anonymous at 02:26

    I believe both Selwyn and Isobel continue to be respected. The comment made is on the subject of the publicity that they are each undergoing in preparation for their speculated candidature in the GSd line up. I disagree with attributing Isobel with the policies of years long gone bu of her father.

    In the philosophy of the CIR each individual candidate should show their personal and individualistic characteristics and qualities so that voters can vote for people and not parties.

    The views expressed on this forum are the views of each individual person making the statement and not of CIR, which advocates the Core Principles only. CIR is me at present. Those many persons who volunteering to help will be meeting formally soon but have not yet met to coordinate the efforts of the alliance.

    There is no need to kneel down to anyone in Gibraltar. The Core Principles are not a reflection of idealism. They are hard nosed and specific principles. The reality and strength of the Core Principles is precisely that no mature and democratic politician can possibly argue about the principles, possibly just about some details. If you consider them to be idealism please support your statement with argument.

  60. What anon 02:26 fails to understand is that there is a significant difference between being a respected member of the community and being a respected politician.

    Personally I do not believe Selwyn has the political clout to run for office. Nor does Isobel for that matter, what Isobel does have though is something she can “bring” to the table. I state this not only because I am Anti GSD but also because I am fed up of seeing ambitious individuals who lack credentials being groomed for Parliament. These aforementioned individuals are easier to control and the CM knows it. Once these people get “in” they tend to do little more other than sit back and reap their rewards, whilst the master puppeteer proceeds to pull their strings at will.

    There are too many things going wrong and that CAN go wrong in OUR Gibraltar to have Ministers who are either too scared or to “clever” to speak up.

    Enough with the puppets and the YES men I want someone with some REAL substance and a pair of Coj*nes representing me and my people.


  61. Well,if Selwyn and Hammond are on their way to the semi helm of the GSD who is not standing from the present ones? Britto Del agua Netto Feetham Ladies and Gents your opinion please! D

  62. Este K es el no va mas. In his wisdom, he sees no one looking after HIS Gibraltar and is preaching to us on the merits or not of characters respected acting with all the best intentions and who quite clearly are nit blinded by the BS that the party ge dirs not support are putting out.
    Given Ks economic synopsis of the past and other radical nationalistic machinations, it seems that in his view only Picardo and Red Rob have the political integrity to get Gib out of this awful mess and chaos that we are in.

  63. Does k actually live in Gib or us he writing from Lybia or Egypt. These perceptions of his are frightening. Sick puppy man.

  64. People read too much into politics i.e. esha abajo a la gente sin tener por que. If Selwyn Figueras and Ms Hammond wish to stand for election let the people decide based on true facts and not on "hasheos" and lame opinions on whether they are up for it or not.

    These opinions are what make sheep...people blindly supporting one person/opinion and seek to destroy any other attempts by other people. These are the real dangers to our gente cerrada de mente sin pelo en las lengua y sin idea de lo que hablan!

  65. K should start his own blog and not corrupt this completely credible idea began by Robert that gets issues out into the light

  66. more MPs wont equal more chances of corruption?

  67. Anonymous at 20:50

    No because they cannot be Ministers. There is also the Anti-Corruption Authority.

  68. Realistically there are certain things that the Corruption Authority will never be able to prove if MPs are pressured/influenced into siding with a certain party.

    However, an authority would instil a sense of control that would drastically reduce any chances of corruption/bribery and deter both accusations and anyone considering it.

  69. K The only thing wrong in Gibraltar is attitudes like yours. I suggest you refrain from impailing your head further up Roberts blog and consider the true gibraltar that the rest of us live in and stop selling us short. Joe Bossano, Dr J y tu el nino Picardo have been tying to do that for 15 years, to date not much has gone their way, if it had we'd be in a substantially worse position than we are in today.

  70. Anon at 21:22

    Totally agree...attitudes like K are dangerous, lacking credibility, spiteful and worst of all contribute nothing to constructive talk and opinion sharing.

  71. Anonymous at 21:22

    Why do you feel free to be so moralistic when it comes to defending GSD supporters but consider it appropriate to use the sam standards and types of criticism of individuals in the GSLP? Arrogance exemplified ...

    Anonymous at 21:22

    You are right but it applies to all sides in the party political morass that we live in surely?

  72. Totally applies to all sides in the morass

  73. I tell you why Robert, because to date the GSD has done a job and succeeded. The GSLP has dine no such thing and to boot has delivered nothing but negativity in the hope that it may prevail and allow them a shot at power again. Power and control to the same guy who has lost 4 consecutive elections and who brought Gib go the brink the last time he was in power. I wont even start on Fabian as you are unlikely to publish.
    If you want to call that arrogance on my part so be it.

  74. Anonymous at 21:41

    The GSD ... you are joking! PRC maybe ... but it is precisely that which has to stop!

  75. Ohu Robert, ok if it pleases you PRC then. And yes of course your aim is to stop anyone with any obvious capability to lead, create wealth, afford us security, stability and deliver a Gibraltar unimaginable 15 years ago, so that you can offer us all a higher plaine of democracy in which we end up with lots of accountability and shit loads of opinions with even more egos, but no direction.
    It's a beauty!

  76. Anonymous at 21:54

    If you are not a democrat ... what can one say! It is just that I do not believe that only one person has that god given gift. I believe god was more generous when he gifted people and endowed intelligence and ability ... so if more people are attracted into government the results will greatly improve ... the failings of the GSD have been as great as their successes especially when it comes to spending our money ... if something goes wrong just throw more of OUR money at it.

    You know what really pisses me off ... those party political broadcasts that say look what the GSD has GIVEN us and then it shows all the GOOD not BAD projects that they have spent OUR money on. They have given us none of this WE have bought it. The GSD has taken the decisions ... and amongst them there are many BAD ones on which OUR money has been misspent.

  77. Low-Fat said...
    perfect word to describe our government = MISMANAGEMENT! Good intentions are there but decided and enforced at the wrong time resulting in errors that needs our money to be used to save face.

  78. Robert, give us a break. Are you really suggesting that democracy is not compatible with leadership by a President, a Prime Minister, a Cheif Minister? Come on man, most successful icons of democracy were arrogant bastards whose greatness was their unwavering confidence amongst other things. Churchill, Thatcher, and many others are perfect examples of my point, so please save us from this crusade of independent checks in the name of democracy which prevents functionality and strong Govt, which happens to be a must given our political status and history.

    The GSD have given us nothing? Dicelo a tu partners en Triays, tell the finance centre, bar council, tell that to the mostly all employed Llanitos who watch the news of unemployment fever across the world, tell that to the FTSEv100 companies here and looking to establish here, tell that to the debt ridden western economies in which public debt is at levels 2 / 3 / 4 times as much as ours and used for running costs as opposed to just infrastructure as is the case with Gib.

    I cannot accept that you are this arrogant or ignorant of the facts.

  79. Anonymous at 22:34

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear ... MORE PROPAGANDA.

    NOWHERE HAVE I SAID THAT THE GSD HAVE GIVEN US NOTHING ... where do you get this from?

    Of course one has leaders and leadership but not to the exclusion of the right of other ELECTED representatives or the RULE OF LAW! All the people that you mention respected their LEGISLATURES ... THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!

    Learn some constitutional theory and then lecture people. DICEY is a good start!

  80. Robert you are a master of suggestion. You clearly lean and in doing so create intentional expectation of what it us you are alluding to. It's a fine balance and I for one have you down for a closet GSD fan, oooops, sorry, a closet PRC fan.
    Como se te queda el cuerpo...;)

  81. Anonymous at 23:40

    Not at all ... you read too much into what I write. I tele it how it is ... if all politicians did that we would all be in a better place.

    I will always admit that which PRC has dome well ... that is why I have always voted PRC and all hi s merry men at every past election but, you know what, enough is enough!

    Hoy tengo el cuerpo dolido todo ... he estado en una regatta todo el dia :)

  82. .....;) y la semana que viene hay un par de viejos con mala leche que te van a pega un curro en el hoyo 15. El trofeo Vasquez seguro que no te lo lleva tu...:)

  83. Robert completely agrees with your proposed 14 core principles, it is attainable within our existing constitution system if those in power had had respect for the law and good faith.

    10. Bribery and Corruption controlled by the creation of an INDEPENDENT ANTI-CORRUPTION AUTHORITY.

    11. Civil Rights, to promote our fundamental civil rights by APPOINTING A COMMISSIONER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS

    The above 10 and 11 would only work if the UK allowed us to use their organization with unrelated influence from Gibraltar.

    Gibraltar has numerous committees’ authorities’ commissions, ombudsman you name it we’ve got them unfortunately none are independent they are controlled by Government Minister, business associates and friends.

    Many reports have been made re suspected money laundering to no avail and believe banks and other financial institutions have or are giving up.

    Could anyone give an explanation why government refuses to allow an (OFT) Office of Fair Trading requested by the Chamber of Commerce, Gibraltar Federation of Small Business and many other individual companies, and does anybody believe Government would allow 10 and 11 above unless they were convinced it could be controlled by them? This is simply one of many example of the Dictatorial Government we have.

    We are many and hope achieve your objective on behalf of democracy for all Gibraltarians.


  84. GSD Sycophant's R US

    Why the ANTI K brigade?

    Maybe you should take heed of their advice RV and BAN me from LLW altogether. Make our democratic society proud in the process.

    Who needs people like me anyways right? Straight talking, honest and to the point. Not really something politicians and wannabe politicians are used to is it?

    Please note that what I implied was the following…..
    That even though these individuals are indeed respected members of our community. In my humble opinion they do not have what it "takes" to be politicians. Nor do I perceive them to be capacitated to deal with a Chief Minister that micromanages y tiene fama de dictador. Under the pretense that he is dictator like (I don’t know him well so wouldn’t know) of course.

    This is my personal opinion. Whether I am right or not is another matter altogether.

    Far worse things have been posted on LLW! So WHY is this SUCH a BIG DEAL then?

    Could it be that maybe just maybe my postings DO carry weight? Why then this incessant and spiteful attack of character?

    Let me remind our fellow bloggers that people who post unfounded nonsense don’t get ridiculed and branded, they get IGNORED.

    Threatened are we? Nice to know ;)


  85. Anon 2231
    have a good look at the GSD manifesto,which is on their website........y ave como te se cai el cuerpo!
    El tune del aeropuerto......EL TUNE DEL TIEMPO.

  86. Anon 02:09

    Are you agreeing with me?

  87. Sigue Roda ndo: I believe that the anti-bribery and corruption campaign is sorely needed. Well done RV for including them in the Core Priciples. The implications are huge and many will not like the questions and answers which follow from this issue but I know RV has the guts to take this to the very end. Bribery and corruption undermine the entire economy. There is no point in coming up with an idea or a project if the favoured few are going to win every time. This will lead to the collapse of the economy since it is no longer based on the free market or even the command principles of communism or fascism. The police should be asked how many bribery and corruption files they have sent to the Atorney General. The answer may or may surprise you. The answers to questions arising will make your hair stand on end.

  88. K it's not an attack, it's personal opinion. This isn't some sort of premeditated collective crusade against you, you really ought not give yourself so many stars, it is individual reactions to statements which you make, which in my opinion are irresponsible, carry no weight and are completely unrepresentative of GibraltR today.
    In short you are walking talking liability doing yourself and Gib no favours. But that's my opinion.
    I will repeat, THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK, but a reaction to your collective comments. So before you start harping on about anonymity, know that it's your substance or lack of it that I and others are taking issue with, not you personally.

  89. Kaelan, calla ya shiquillo, quien ta creio quien ere?

    como va a tene tu un opinion con substance, por Dios? Ere un liability, de verdad, que si!

    Surely, you are not considering rising above your station, are you?

    Portate bien ya, que va a enfada a los Senioritos, whoever they may be or se han creido que son!!!!

  90. HOW UNDEMOCRATIC Fuuu Que mierdo!!
    Anon 11.17 and those who have commented against Kaelan (I do not know Kaelan from Adam)are dangerous, vicious, and very undemocratic because it goes to the core of freedom of speech.
    Robert these people are the ones that give themselves a bad name but as a democrat and I honestly believe in You being a democrat they should not be banned from participating, therefore the called from someone above that Kaelan is giving a bad name or diminishing this blog in anyway are scared, undemocratic, lacking substance and generally close to extreme right or even extreme left ie dictatorial in nature. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. The common denominator is that they are supportive of the GSD.
    Is it that they are trying hard to defend a government that has lot the plot?
    I can understand someone that has been critical of the GSLP but they never say the very good things they did. Now when people critise the GSD they are damned, labels and worse demonised just as the GSD have done with JOE BOSSANO. Yes he made mistakes but NOW its PETER CARUANA who is making big mistakes yet the sychophants do not allow descent. So Kaelan whether I agree with you or not I value your comments and if anyone has a problem with them its their problem!!
    Personal attacks have no place in democratic debate. So anon 11.17 either you do not know what you write or you are trying to mask your comments but I believe them to be personal and out of order.
    One thing is clear is that these GSD sychophants who do not believe in giving power to the people or that giving too much power to the people is bad (LOUIS MONTEGRIFFO ON VIEWPOINT AND OTHERS IN THIS BLOG)are the ones that will try to ridicule reform.
    I have said before in this blog that I believe in reform and accountability and that this has been held up by Caruana since there are provisions in this Parliament to have committees to hold government to account and that if you Robert manage to get a seat you can use.
    So Kaelan don't be deterred by these GSD sychophants who continue to show their "Credentials".
    Its frightening if these are the future candidates for the GSD which is what I suspect!!!

  91. Anon 11:17

    "K it's not an attack, it's personal opinion. This isn't some sort of premeditated collective crusade against you"

    Hmmm let me think. REALLY??

    5 or 6 anon bloggers “bravely” ganging up on ONE person and attempting to discredit his postings, does seem A LOT like a premeditated collective crusade to me.

    One even goes as far as branding me “corrupt” and another a “sick puppy”. Then it is implied on several occasions that I should not be allowed to post on LLW.

    Seems VERY PERSONAL to me.

    Furthermore I might indeed be delusional and as you so adequately put it “ought not” to give myself “so many stars”. Or maybe just maybe, I am not, not at all, not one bit. :)

    Anon 12:14

    How dare me indeed!! lolololol ;)

    Anon 12:20

    Not only undemocratic but dictatorial as well, I am just glad some people see past these "charades".


    Liability K

  92. Anon 12:20

    I am not a GSD/GSLP/PDP or supporter of anything. I believe in positive arguments with substance, opinions put forward to improve not to insult and if any facts are going to be put forward make sure they are backed with true substance and not threatening and dangerous comments of people.

    K is this type of person that has not once contributed a comment that puts forward a genuine issue all he does is insult, ridicule and undermine when he does not know what he is talking about....or so he thinks he does. He is another sheep blind to his opinion and does not remove his blinkers to the reality. Keep bickering!

  93. Anon 18:24

    You are not a GSD supporter? Or so you assertively claim behind the cloak of anonymity. Do us all a favor will ya? Cut the crap!

    Who are you? Go on then.......

    You are entitled to an opinion though and I respect your right to express it. Unlike you who seems adamant in “shutting me up”. That will not happen if this lifetime or the next for that matter.

    I always justify my postings with reasonable arguments and substance. If you fail to acknowledge this then so be it. My main objective is to get the TRUTH "out there" and not to make friends.


  94. Este K de verdad que tiene que esta en otro planeta.

  95. anon at 19:04

    wishful thinking on your part, i think, maybe then you could shut him up!

    keep it up K!

  96. I do not agree that the sections on the Economy and Public Debt should be among these principles.

    These views on the economy and public debt are perfectly reasonable, but if this a Coalition of Independents should allow independent candidates to hold different views on these issues.

    A centre-left independent might think that Gibraltar is at low risk of default, and so prioritise spending that supports the local economy and job market during the recession, instead of prioritising deficit reduction.

    You might disagree with this, but if an independent makes clear that this is what they stand for, it should not stop them being a CIR candidate.

  97. Matthew

    I accept that these two issues do not sit comfortably in the core principles but they are important issues on which consensus is necessary in any coalition.

    The central policy enunciated in these principles are more left than cntre left as they proritise spending on social issues. This principle does not envisage any reduction other than major efficiency savings that will improve our economy without undermining the local economy or the job market. The main reason for the latter is due to redirecting spending to areas that will enhance both these aims.

  98. Thanks anon 22:48 :)))