Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Basic Philosophy of CIR Explained

Over the next few weeks it is my intention to enlarge on the 14 Core Principles, explain them and reply to any criticism that may have been made.  I will do so by issuing regular press releases and in this blog.  

I do not expect much criticism from either the GSD or the GSLP initially. Each of these parties are so convinced of their respective right to govern Gibraltar that neither will engage with an upstart like me and/or the CIR.  They think that it gives credibility and raises us to the same heady heights that, in their respective delusion, they consider that they occupy. This delusional state comes about because they consider that they have attained that special status of having been elected to our Parliament. The arrogance of adopting this position is demonstrable. It ignores one basic element of democracy. They are there because voters have elected them but ignore that the electorate may reject them in future. Treating putative candidates in this fashion is an insult to democracy and so to each and every voter who has to decide who to vote for. 

CIR’s central principle is that it seeks that truth justice and democracy should always prevail. This principle has led to the circulation by email of a wonderful cartoon of me dressed as superman and surrounded by all the super heros, which I enjoyed no end. That cartoon illustrates beautifully the high hopes that I have. Without high hopes, there is no chance of any improvement. Aiming high will always deliver results even if the results fall short of the objective.

The core principles that I have published represent an accord that each CIR candidate will enter into with the voters of Gibraltar. The accord is to give Gibraltar greater democracy, social justice and in which the truth must always prevail. The first casualty in Gibraltar’s existing political system, when politicians are in government or in the opposition, is the truth. 

The CIR is an alliance of independents, free of the constraints that come about and are imposed on politicians by the self-serving existing bipartisan party political system.  This system that forces the good people of Gibraltar, election after election every four years, to choose between the better of two evils, rather than to elect the best candidates from amongst ALL the individual candidates that put themselves forward for election whether within or outside a political party. The best candidates will deliver the strongest government.

Each CIR candidate, a human being that each is, will be aware that each may have or has made mistakes in their respective private and professional lives. No doubt the “dirty tricks departments” of the dominant political parties will seize upon these. They will do so to discredit the CIR’s attempt to profoundly reform the present reigning political system that leads to a choice of the better of two evils.

Gibraltar has been held for generations in the stranglehold that is enjoyed by elected politicians, which produces a choice of the worst of two evils. Gibraltar cannot afford a continuation of this spiral or at least should not put up with it any longer. The rot that many of us complain of so frequently has to be stopped. The CIR intends to provide to voters an alternative choice of individuals to break a political system that forces voters constantly to choose between the lesser of evils.

The CIR will not campaign for a block vote, nor will it deter voters from voting for their preferred candidates from all the other main parties.  The CIR will campaign for voters to break the block vote so that each will truly use her/his 10 votes.  The objective is that the 17 elected individuals, who voter will have chosen as being the best of the candidature at the election, are forced to choose, from amongst themselves, who will provide the excellent government that Gibraltar deserves. Thus, by its very philosophy, CIR has already adopted, within its fold, the best and most capable candidates of each party.

There has been criticism, which is the mainstay of existing parties, that not voting for a party will not deliver strong government.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The present system delivers government by ONE strong person, the leader of a party.  The leader invariably dominates the weaker elected candidates and undermines the ability of that party's stronger elected candidates from influencing the course that the one strong leader wishes to steer.  Breaking the block vote system elects the more capable and stronger candidates.  This will force leaders to seek consensus from amongst these.  The consensus government that results will always be stronger as a unity and take better and more informed decisions than one individual, however intelligent and capable that person is.

CIR candidates will adhere to CIR's core principles.  Each candidate will retain full freedom, outside the core principles, to campaign for their own preferred policies, including campaigning for minorities in our society.  They will have no obligation to become Ministers and will have a free vote in Parliament.  This is one important factor that detracts from CIR being a party.

Vote for people and not parties it is people and not parties that deliver good government.


  1. Vindaloo: In 2007 Charles Gomez stood for election on a message that the political parties were selling Gibraltar short. He presented what I thought was a very well argued case and I remember well his TV intervention when he disclosed a document showing that the government had given the OEM company a discount of £3,000,000 for a land deal. we all know what happened to OEM (or do we?????)Anyway Charles Gomez got over 1,000 votes including mine and those of many people in my family and sevearl of my friends. Others said they would have voted for him but at the last moment were taken in by the BLOCK VOTE CON. I understand that Charles Gomez will not be standing for election this time although it would be good if you could convince him to do so. Whether he does or not I will vote for Robert Vasquez and any other candidates of quality that join the COALITION of INDEPENDENTS for REFORM- enough is enough.

  2. "The present system delivers government by ONE strong person, the leader of a party. The leader invariably dominates the weaker elected candidates and undermines the ability of that party's stronger elected candidates from influencing the course that the one strong leader wishes to steer." I think that sums up our stultifying political system pretty well. We definitely need change and Robert seems to be the only one who is genuinely attempting to deliver it. We need Robert in Parliament now.

  3. In an ideal world scenario you would have many individuals contesting parliamentary seats. These individuals would be leaders in their particular fields, successful business entrepreneurs/magnates, artists, healthcare professionals, etc.

    The electorate would then choose the best of those individuals to attempt to form Government for the greater good.

    It's a shame that the nature of the bigger parties implies that the individuals that are put on the party line are not necessarily the better equipped individuals, only those that their respective executives feel might be better for a wide variety of reasons. In essence, parties might limit the quality of the candidates by voting down the lines of rhetoric, passivity and ideology rather than ability.

    Therefore my questions to the CIR is:

    "In a hypothetical situation where for arguments sake 20 independents contest Parliamentary seats, when would they become individuals associated with the CIR? Before the vote, or after the vote? Would they ALL be affiliated to the CIR if they wished to? If it's before the vote, how would the CIR decide which Independents to endorse?"



  4. OEM...great choice of topic...touchy for the government i believe.

    It went bust, taxpayers saves the day as JBS has had to finish and the man who started it still gets government deals and contracts? Are we in Congo or in Gibraltar?

  5. Robert, I sincerely hope you the best of success, por ti, por mi y por todo Gibraltar.

    It makes sense!

    Gibraltar is talking about LW and what this may represent... so far, success.

    Well done

  6. On of the problems with parties is that the elected MPs are bound by a party whip. This means they are expected to vote a particular way even though they may disagree. There are occasions when they are allowed a "free" vote, but shouldn't all votes be free. In the UK it is common for MPs to rebel against the whip, but I do not think this happens in Gibraltar.

    Voting for independents is a solution to this, but not the only solution. What is needed is for ALL MPs to be independent, whether standing on a party ticket or not. This way we get real scrutiny of legislation rather than a rubber stamp process.

  7. F:

    The difficulty is getting one volunteer let alone 10 or 20 but the answer is simple if a person agrees to the core principles he is welcome and the more the merrier. It is for the electorate to decide who are the best candidates for election based on their individual performances and their individual issues and campaigns.

  8. LWRV at 19:22

    Let the electorate decide who is of value...the only way to achieve this is to "educate" the electorate to look at intentions (i.e. policies, attributes, manifesto's and causes) that will truly help Gibraltar.

  9. I think Kaelan should stand in favour of a quota system for Gibraltarians.

  10. Robert why do you say that CIR candidates would have no obligation to become Ministers? When would they qualify to become backbenchers and when would they become Ministers? Would it depend just on the votes they received?

  11. Anonymous at 20:22

    "obligation" in the sense of being forced to be. It is not an issue of qualification. First it is a matter of having the ability to form government, secondly it is for the candidate to volunteer to be a minister once she/he has been elected as an MP. This will become clearer when I explain the principle on reform of the electoral system.

  12. Robert, I support all you are doing and you are assured of my vote. However, won't the extra MPs you are proposing cost us even more, surely they will expect to be paid a salary?

  13. Anonymous at 21:39

    Yes MPs would get paid but not the salary of a Minister. I will be enlarging on this issue when explain this principle. The increased number is not an essential element, more important is that a proportion of MPs be elected by districts, so the number is open to discussion and final decision.

  14. Gomez esta muy callao algo se estara tramando.Dicen que esta hablando con Bossano.

  15. CIR will ensure that the GSD will loose the election. GSLP (or should I say Bossano) voters will always vote Bossano come what may. Its actually a very cunning plan.

  16. Anon 19:57

    It is not quite as simple as it seems, but I do thank you for the thought :)


  17. What nonsense Bossano is an atheist and Gomez is one of the pope's bother boys.

  18. Anonymous at 22:26 and 22:44

    Fantasyland ... come down to earth ...

  19. Just read GSD's manifesto for the lase election at What a joke most of the things either they havn't done or have only done very recently.
    Will the CIR have a manifesto?
    And... RV are there any consequences for not fulfilling a manifesto pledge in legal terms? Do you think there should be?

  20. DM

    CIR will have only the Core Principles each individual Independent candidate will have his own campaign.

    No there are no consequences in law for not fulfilling a manifesto pledge, just the political consequence that an electorate may not vote for that party again.

  21. Just seen another Gibraltar super heroe on GBC, "In camera" with Willy Chamberland.

    Well done Willy our good friend, you have done us all proud, spoke the truth sin pelos en la lengua and have shown that Gibraltar has independents that are priceless.

  22. Gomez, allegedly, one of the Pope's bovver boyz? How ludicrous! You'll be accusing P C of the same soon! Next step on your path to enlightenment must be who wears the ephod y de enterarse si se shua con el chinito negro o el chinito blanco! Moreover, why not linger around the confessionals and see who pops down on their knees?!

    James Mason.

  23. Some while back I complained when someone said that I was like a pit bull dog. Now I am referred to as "one of the Pope's bother boys". I am not sure that the latter reference is offensive but fear that it may have been intended to be so.
    May I suggest that we concentrate on the issues that affect Gibraltar and its future beginning with the economy and then the various issues that Robert Vasquez and other contributors highlight on Llanito World on a daily basis.

  24. Anon 19:57 says. I was joking K, your perception of life in Gib could not be further from the truth and it is worrying to think that there are those who might actually agree with. Thank god it's a limited number otherwise we would end up with the call to the streets that you so allude to and have intimated on si many occasions in the past.

  25. The economy I hear you say Mr Gomez? Please enlighten us con your thoughts.
    I take the view that by pure comparable to any modern democratic economy we are in great shape. I am almost certain that you do not take this view and have some fascinating Bossano theories that you'd like to explore further with us?
    Then again maybe on this occasion you agree with Caruanas principles.

  26. Mr Gomez do you at present have any intention to stand for election, either as an independent or with a political party?

  27. In today’s Chronicle?

    It seems the the Union has gone ALL political. Openly campaigning against the GSLP. Personally I never thought much of the present union crowd in the first place but this really does take the biscuit.

    Another front page article headlines as such "JUVENILE DELINQUENCY IN GIB ROCKETS", erm........No Sh*t Sherlock. About time they noticed!! I have been stating this on LLW for the past 6 months!

    Then my Tobacco smuggling (stating it was more rampant and stronger than ever) comments were also verified by GBC and the Chronic.

    I can't understand how some people have the cheek to (anonymously) state that I am a “blind sheep”. Or that I have “not once contributed a comment that puts forward a genuine issue”. Apparently all I do “ is insult, ridicule and undermine” when I do “not know what I am talking about”.


    Most of my postings on LLW have been backed up by either GBC or the Chronicle, furthermore most of these issues are common public knowledge.

    There a definitely a lot of people “blogging” on LLW with hidden agendas of some sort. Constantly attempting to discredit my accurate and well supported assessments. I do wonder why this is. Seems some people are set on “shutting me up” and in the process making sure the TRUTH is not exposed.

    I won’t be having any of that though, I want to show everyone the REAL Gibraltar! Awareness is the key!!!

    PS - Charles the only reason you get "stick" is because you are viewed as a threat.


  28. K you are aware that we live in a boarder community in which our neighbours are topping nearly 40% unemployment. Just let you in to a little secret when unemployment is high it leads to crime, it leads to more tobacco smuggling (not by Llanitos in nappies driving fast launches) but by these very unemployed seeking wealth from other areas where there is wealth. Unless we close the boarder I am afraid that we are open to these elements. I am sure you will be delighted to hear that the offenders in most if not all cases are Not Llanitos as was the case I'm 1995.

  29. anon @ 21:49

    so, you have no problem with these gangs of lowlife streaming in through the frontier every day?

    Are you happy to see them queueing up in all the many tobacco kiosks that are cropping up?

    Have you been through Laguna Estate lately? (do you know where it is?) or along Fish Market Road, Ocean Heights, opposite the airport, the rotunda, glacis, irish town, even Main Street? Are you not scared by what you see? I am!

    Is it ok, because they are not Gibraltarian?

    Have you any idea how dangerous this could be? I know of residents in Laguna, especially vulnerable old women, who are petrified at the types of people queueing up outside her block buying up tobacco. They live in fear with permanent locked windows and doors? Is this ok with you?

    Perhaps this has passed you by? or it hasn't dawned on you?

    This situation is a tragedy waiting to happen and when it does, how are we going to react?

    Will we say, 'Los pobres, estaban unemployed, we couldn't help it'!

    Don't be so blind, the launches were inexcusable but this is inexcusable too!

  30. Charles Gomez.1 March 2011 at 08:41

    Dear Anon at 19.45: seeing as you ask, I do not know what Mr. Bossano's economic theories are; correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think that he has articulated any since he left government in 1996; then he was into privitisation of government departments and trying to increase the tax paying population to fund long term plans. I am not aware of Mr. Caruana's economic principles or plans - perhaps someone could enlighten us. The point that I tried to make yesterday is that no poltical party seems to have an economic policy that they are willing to divulge. In my humble view, any economic policy for Gibraltar must involve savings in the public sector to reflect the current world wide situation and a wide as opposed to sectarian plan to consult, counsel and support ALL areas of the private sector. If I stand for election again on my own I will set out my thoughts in great detail and maybe even with statistics, pie and flow charts etc etc Thank you.

  31. RV why is it when you alter my postings my comments appear as Anonymous?? lolol At least you left the K signature!! lololol

    Anon 21:49

    Your seem to be clearly blinded.

    The "Perfect" Gibraltar propaganda ploy that the party that you "do not" support (el GSD), seems so adamantly set on portraying does not exist.

    LOCAL teen arrests by the RGP have escalated from 18 to nearly 170 in the past 5 years alone. There figures have NOTHING to do with our Spanish neighbours. Please proceed to take the blinkers of. Or please proceed to read yesterday’s chronicle were these aforementioned statistics were very clearly illustrated in a table like format.

    Furthermore you mock my set quota theory but many others don't. I would even go as far as to state that someone in the GSD elite has even agreed (god forbid!) with such a notion. This same person even went on to state "15% eso poko! 25% AT LEAST!", when I personally proposed my theory to him/her.

    There is a NEED for the implementation of set quotas for the amount of locals that should be should be employed by private firms. Even the “BIG” boys recognise such a need, be it the GSD, GSLP/LIBS or PDP. I have been led to believe by a few (elite) members of the two main parties that they agree with such a theory.

    Additionally I presume they concede there is such a need, because unlike you they are VERY aware of what is happening in our Gibraltar.

    For example I think we can all recall the outrage expressed by one young individual on GBC over a year ago, when he was handed a “work” certification on camera. Apparently (or so this young man stated on GBC) our local youths were being trained by certain private companies, their apprenticeship partly subsided by the Government. But once these individuals who had invested a lot of their time and effort had passed their respective courses and were therefore qualified they were then “let go”. In their place cheap foreign labour took their place.

    Please think for one second and imagine getting trained for nothing, then being replaced by someone who wasn’t even from Gibraltar. This is happening!!!!

    I will now and always advocate preferential treatment for OUR PEOPLE in OUR LAND. Regardless of what you or others might state.

    My people, OUR people are getting treated like second hand citizens in their own land.

    Enough is enough.

    We need to make a stand for the sake of future generations.

    Charles sums it up nicely with these comments:

    “In my humble view, any economic policy for Gibraltar must involve savings in the public sector to reflect the current world wide situation and a wide as opposed to sectarian plan to consult, counsel and support ALL areas of the private sector”

    On a final note Anon 21:40 I perceive you to be either extremely deluded or a wealthy individual with a hidden agenda of some sort.


  32. Kaelan, dont be blinded by the slogan,

    heres a little insight, the reason that the "crime figures" are such may not necessarily be because there is more crime. it may be that more people are being charged which is a huge difference.

    a little example, I was called to act for a juvenile who had been charged with insulting a a girl in the school playground. Ask your parents but 15/20 years ago these type of offences would never have been dealt with in this way!

    the point is that figures may show something, but reality is different!

  33. My word is anon 12:12 referring to a higher accountability from our police force, is this a good thing or not. Surely our independent super heroes will refute this notion with the help of Special K of course. Any attempt to enlighten this K character of how lucky we are to enjoy this successful Gibraltar that we live in clearly goes on deaf ears I'm afraid, for it seems that there is a preference to impose their own delusions on a falsely conceived premiss that Gibraltar is falling to pieces. And that voting the party he does not support with Fab as leader will result in new found success for Gibraltar. Oh no, wait a minute, I think he's moving on now and is all in with Red Rob and Chirpy Charlie the economic saviour.

    One final thing young k walker, I seriously doubt that any elite GSD character would have intimated anything that resembles quota systems and beyond your 15% no less. Anyway you with a GSD elite, surely not.

  34. Let me "enlighten" Charles Gomez as to Peter Caruana's economic philosophy. It is the exact opposite of Charles' own idea. Peter is intent on maintaining a bloated civil service at the expense of private sector that is being squeezed dry. The reason is simple and that is the GSD vote among public sector workers i.e. short term electoralism, pure and simple. But then I suppose Charles knows this and his question was rhetorical. Of course at some point the private sector will be pushed past the point of no return and then there will be no money for anyone not even civil service pensions. Ironically, the upper ranks of the civil service know this and are "lobbying" against this government's fools' paradise. The trades unions still have n't clicked.

  35. Anonymous at 14:00

    I must admit that I really do enjoy this type of comment. It illustartes so well the total misunderstanding of what opponents to what is happening are actually saying.

    I and most of us are not saying all is bad waht we are saying is that it could be better if the system were to be changesd AS PROMISED! The succes could be enjoyed by so many more rather than the CHOSEN few!

    I am overjoyed that my, together with all those who are volunteering to help me, attempts at improving things are likened to the super heroes. The super heroes suceeded we have every intention of also succeeding, wait and see and kkeep your eyes closed!

  36. Rankapino 12:12

    What a coincidence that you state such things anonymously. The veracity of your statements is extremely questionable. Personally I find them hard to believe.

    Furthermore here is a “little” insight for you, crime rates are at an ALL TIME HIGH and RISING no matter how you try and justify it!

    Reality is different? Says who? YOU who hides behind the cloak of a anonymity?

    Those of us who do not live in bubble know otherwise.


  37. The constant talk of economic success in Gib reminds me of the situation in Eire. The Celtic Tiger was the toast of all (especially the smarmy government in Dublin) a great success until suddenly it turned out that the success was based on thin air and the Irish economy collapsed like a pack of cards - for the first time in 30 years the Irish have had trto start emigrating again! We need a bit more debate on the Gibraltarian economy; the stock GSD phrase: " how lucky we are to enjoy this successful Gibraltar" (anonymous at 14.00) has the awful ring of pride before the fall or tempting fate.

  38. Anon 14:00’s post is the very embodiment of the worst of the GSD. The arrogance, condescending tone, and the refusal to make even the smallest concession in an argument, (or heaven forbid, an admission of fault) are the exact same character traits which, perhaps more than any other factor, will cause the GSD to lose this upcoming election.

    Thankfully the vast majority of GSD supporters that I know and respect (family/friends) do not demonstrate such an unpleasant mindset, and therefore do not fall into this disappointing category of supporter.

    Nonetheless, this vocal minority (or so it would seem) manages to tarnish the party image nonetheless. I imagine it goes a long way towards explaining the shift in the electorate as demonstrated by the Panorama poll, but that might only be naive conjecture on my part.

  39. Tempting fate with a public debt that only applies to infrastructure works and represents 15% of GDP, continues to post GDP growth of 6% + annually, the lowest unemployment in Europe, no bank reposesions! Tax reforms that are totally against the principles of what Ireland chose, a focus on quality not quantity (unlike Ireland)..,,,,the list is long and by comparison lightyears away from your Irish example anon 15:46.

  40. Never a truer word said, Anon 14:46. But the GSD stock phrases such as "how lucky we are to enjoy this successful Gibraltar" represent something alot worse than pride. It is a blatant attempt to align party with country (in this case, the GSD and Gibraltar) in such a way that the two become indivisible.

    Using this as a propaganda mechanism, only the GSD can manage a successful Gibraltar, and therefore to question or oppose the GSD becomes tantamount to wanting Gibraltar to fail or, worse, to being anti-Gibraltarian. The GSLP suffered from the same disease after the landslide victory of 1992, before the fall came in 1996. There may be a salutory lesson there for the fanatics.

    Regardless of which side uses it, that kind of language is dangerous, is a symptom of democractic deficit and is sadly inherent in our political system.

  41. WE?

    who're the "we"?

  42. Paddy O'Reilly writes from the banks of the Liffy: Thank you Anon at 16.32. What is the cost of public services and associated pension rights in terms of GDP in Gibrailter? You go tell those doubting Thomases! What is the growth in GDP at 6% based on (gaming companies land sales and tobacco, I'll wager! Have you any hidden industies that we don't know about? ). Here in Ireland we reduced corporate tax to 12% you clever Gilertariones to 10% - ah the magic 2% begorrah!How did you get it so right and us so wrong? The leprechauns are on your side and you can't go wrong with that genius of the lamp you've got there Pete Canarrua (But are you sure that there are no bank repossessions in Gibrailther. I have heard otherwise and you've also got a few companies going into liquidation and laying off staff but that is probably a smoke screen you clever beggers!!!!)

  43. Oh so according to capletano Gibraltar and the realities surrounding our successful Gibraltar which he is clearly admitting to, is now nothing to do with the principles of an economic model steered by this Govt. Calpetanos likening to the GSLP during their landslide election and his reference to this disease where the GSD aligns itself with success is quite amusing given that by comparisson the GSLP had taken us close to the brink of direct rule and steered our economy to levels really not worth mention by 1996.
    For those of you like Calpetano who prefer to ignore facts and realities, I suspect that you are now looking for an apology from the GSD because they have endevoured to create, success, wealth, prosperity, employment, low taxes, an economy with no repossessions, low unemployment, low personal and public debt (by comparison to any economy in the world), free quality education, economic principles driven by quality and not quantity, positive relationships with unions, pressure groups, and much more. And yes of course there are mistakes, like delays driven by planning, reforms promised and still to be implemented (I hear red Rob cheering already), but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water in the name of change, when transformations continue and growth continues and particularly whilst Joe Bissano and Fabian Picardo continue.

  44. Anon 14:00

    Seems this “blind sheep”, who has “not once contributed a comment that puts forward a genuine issue” that “insults, ridicules and undermines” and does “not know what he is talking about". Speaks more sense and has been noticed by more influential people then you care to acknowledge.


  45. Special K and young k walker really do make me laugh!! jokes aside.

    K put your feet on the ground and stop tlkin crap.

    Lets keep to true grass-root issues.

    What you can't do is rely on GBC and the Chronicle mate keep to the reality.

  46. To all those in this blog who are trying to make us believe the GSD propaganda line "HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO LIVE IN THIS SUCCESSFUL AND PROSPEROUS GIB" I Wonder if they Live in the same Gib as me, my friends and family live in.
    Below i will state my reality based on facts (No Manipulation of figures included)
    Fact: I work in the private sector.
    Fact: Take home wage £220pw.
    Fact: Weekly shopping £120-150pw (at Morrisons only) and rising.
    Fact: Rent £20pw (Luckily I am one of those rare breed that lives in a Council Flat - (BY THE WAY NOT GIVEN BY THE GSD).
    Fact: Water/Electricity (when not cut-off) £25-£30pw which incidentally has been rising at about 10-12% in the last three years.
    Fact: Telephone (Luxury with internet) £15pw.

    So I should feel lucky, I am after all one of the best paid in my work-place (which by the way are all locals).



  47. Zombie: Dear Paddy, I am glad that you people have realised how superior we are in Gibraltar compared to the rest of the world. Our economy is more efficient than that of Germany and much much more that that of La Linea or the comunidad de proietarios of Santa Margarita. For this we have Peter Caruana (which is how you spell Our Dear Leader's name)to THANK. What is our secret: well we never ask Our Dear Govenment to open up the books or explain anything but have blind faith in everything that we are told. Our press and TV do not pry into the anals of the economy. We learnt thisb from the one time Spanish dictatorship. The Opposition steers well clear of any discussion of the economy. So, in Gibraltar we have success, wealth, prosperity, employment, low taxes, an economy with no repossessions, low unemployment, low personal and public debt (by comparison to any economy in the world), free quality education, economic principles driven by quality and not quantity, positive relationships with unions, pressure groups, success, wealth, prosperity, employment, low taxes, an economy with no repossessions.....

  48. Paddy, best leave if the Guiness lad. Ireland ain't a pretty story and as much as I love the green green grass, you really can't compare with gib.

  49. Zombie...success, wealth, prosperity, employment, low taxes, an economy with no repossessions..... and I do not believe that Power2the People is a real person. Here in Gibraltar we are all succesful, wealthy. prosperous people in full employment, paying low taxes. If (and I emphasis IF) there is such a person he does not belong here in this land of wealthy lawyers, bankers, developers, accountants, trust managers, civil servants and tobacco retailers and assorted Mr. 10%s GO AWAY!

  50. Power2thepeople. I am sorry to hear your plight and in my quest to show that Gib is indded in good shape I have offended you, for this I am sorry. I sincerely hope that your circumstances improve. I will refrain from politicising this comment.

  51. Anonymous 20:49,
    Does not believe i am a real person and that i don't belong here!!

    I assure you I am REAL and 100% born and bred LLanito and the facts that I state are also very REAL and you are very wrong to believe that I am in a 10% minority.IN FACT MY REALITY IS THE REALITY OF THE WORKING CLASS (in the private sector) IN GIB.

    It is people people like you who do not belong in this City of ours.

  52. Power2thepeople 21:25

    Nicely put!! :)


  53. Power2thepeople

    I agree with you entirely, i was also aerning £170 per week about 5 years ago working saturdays and sundays.luckily circumstances changed but not because of anyone giving me anything but because i had spent a few years in UK studying and could get a sort of decent job.

    There are many people struggling in Gibraltar and i sympathize with them all as charity starts at home and i would employ a llanito before anyone else anytime!

    The good jobs need to be for the llanitos!


  54. Power2thepeople,
    Who do you define as being Llanito??
    Is there any consensus as who is actually Llanito??

  55. To those Anons who claim that practically every aspect of Gibraltar is perfect, or as close to being as perfect as it could ever hope to be whilst having been under the care of the GSD Government:

    Why has there been such a dramatic change in electoral behaviour (as reflected in the Panorama Poll) in such a relatively small amount of time? (putting to one side the much beloved “a week is a long time in politics” quote)

    Alleged GSLP ‘scaremongering tactics’? I consider this to be a weak argument as the GSLP in my own estimation could only be said to have gathered any serious momentum and credibility in the last couple of months. If it has indeed come about, even in part, because of alleged ‘scaremongering tactics’, why do these claims now carry weight and substance in the public eye as opposed to similar claims that must have been raised in the past? Is it because they now resonate with the electorate as being true and factual?

    Has the electorate shift away from the current government towards the opposition come about because the majority of people have a genuine gripe for whatever reason, and upon expressing their troubles they are generally told “But everything is so going so well here! All things considered, things have never been better! Don’t you see? Do you really want to go back to what we had, BEFORE? ”.

    Maybe they thought these statements held more merit eight years ago, when the troubles surrounding Gibraltar in 1996 weren’t such a distant memory, maybe a few of them thought the same four years ago? Maybe they appreciate the troubles they’re facing now are real, and issues which need to be tackled now, by WHICHEVER government that’s prepared to do so? That it needs to be done by whichever government that’s able to justify their own actions without relying on the crutch of what happened more than 15 years ago under completely different circumstances to what Gibraltar faces today?

    Why are people so disenchanted and disillusioned with the Government and Gibraltar as a whole if it’s as close to being perfect as it’s made out to be by the current administration and some of its supporters? Do people like to complain for the sake of complaining? Perhaps it is because the majority of Gibraltarians have encountered significant difficulties in their lives in one form or another as a result of the GSD’s failings or poor prioritisation? It would seem that the general consensus appears to be that this last electoral term was the last opportunity they were prepared to give the current government to turns itself around and admit failure in respect of a number of mistakes and miscalculations they had made before having to instead resort to the opposition, even if it is reluctantly? Perhaps many people had been happy and content with the way the GSD have been running Gibraltar before this last electoral term, in that case, what’s gone so wrong?

    I think it’s impossible to attribute the significant decline in the GSD to only one thing, and so I put it you, wisecracking Anons: why have the majority of Gibraltarians turned their back on them?

  56. In answer to ANON @ 12.02: Success, wealth, prosperity, employment, low taxes, an economy with no repossessions, low unemployment, low personal and public debt (by comparison to any economy in the world), free quality education, economic principles driven by quality and not quantity, positive relationships with unions, pressure groups, no corruption, no nepotism. What part of that do you not understand?

  57. Ghost Says:

    Anon 12:02. You fail to point out the most obvious reason on why the GSD is down 9 pts from the GSLP, something which only months ago was the reverse. DEMOCRATIC INSTINCTS!...... 15 years is a long time and in a democracy in which the electorate is highly influential, with public opinion almost verging on assimilating an upper house, and where democratic instincts are geared by such an active political society, not to mention an opposition that's been siting on the fence soo long, we now have a society righty asking questions that any other active democracy would be asking.

    The reality is that the 9 pt difference makes a mockery out if the opposition, the GSLP should be aspiring to a landslide win, as it stands the election will be closer than ever. This may be due to a successful longterm Govt or a bad show on the part of Joe, Fabian and DJ, or a bit of both.

    I for one am grateful for the CIR who have In one stride done more for accountability in politics than a stagnant GSLP have done in 15 years. So wisecracks aside hard as it is, the reason that polls are close is not a failing of a party and leader in power for 15 years and counting, but the disastrous catastrophe that the GSLP is as an effective opposition and Govt in waiting.

    So the next election may just be played out on much needed reforms, new ideas but in my view the ability that parties have to regenerate and show youtfulness and energy. I fear at this stage the GSLP are lagging fourth on this score, but hey that panorama poll wiil do wonders for their morale I'm sure.


  58. Anonymous DP @11:53
    I dont know what the point of your question is!! But I will answer it anyway.

    In my opinion a LLanito is a person who has either been born and bred here or works,lives and spends his hard-earned cash here and not abroad. I also consider LLanito any person (who no matter were they come from) consider Gibraltar their home,and care for our beloved City!!
    I hope that answers your question.

    Now answer me this question WHO DO YOU DEFINE AS A LLANITO??

  59. Anon 13:34, I don't understand how you managed to interpret Anon 12:02's questions so poorly.

    Try again.

  60. Good point Anon 18:13, I don't understand either.

    One word does come to mind though, SYCOPHANT.


  61. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 13.34

    Examine the following definition of rhetoric.The art of rhetoric is the art of persuasion with words, whether written or spoken. When the words are persuasive but the content meaningless the response can be: 'That is mere rhetoric.'

    You fail to answer anonymous at 12.02 completely. Your comment is no answer as to the question as to why the GSD are lagging in the poll. Please answer the question posed in the last paragraph. We are all very tired of rhetoric and demagoguery.

  62. Anonymous said.....

    Power2the People, I congratulate you on your position. I agree with your definition 100%. There are lots of people out there like us.

  63. Wearing Yet Another Hat: The Great Mute in the economic debate is the PDP. In fact the PDP seems to have very little to say on anything other than its own intrinsic lack and absence of electoralistical chances. I am coming around to the notion, idea and theory expounded elsewhere in these august paginations that the illustrious Mr. Keith Azopardi is about to clinch a merger with one of the 2 big boy parties and so does not want to dissemble anything that will compromise his chances of a return to a ministerial portfolio with all the pomp, ceremony, dignity, position, title, honour, empowerment, augustness and consitabulation which are naturally accoutrement to such high office.

  64. Dear Robert,
    I would like to know what your opinion is on our future "State of the Art" Airport Terminal?

  65. Still waiting for an answer to my question from anonymous DP @11:53!

  66. Ghost, my understanding is that the poll that took place months before the Panorama's poll that you make reference to in your post was published by the Chronicle in November 2010, and not the Panorama.

    The Panorama's election poll has been correct on every previous occasion.

  67. Anon 19:08

    That it has indeed!

    Facts are facts Mr.Ghost no matter how you try and twist them! ;)


  68. Power2People

    I agree that Gibraltar needed a new air terminal. I do not believe that there was any need to build it so large or at such a great cost. The fact that in future there might be a need for a larger air terminal could have been catered by designing in the ability to enlarge it at a future date. I am concerned that aside from the money spent to build it the cost of maintaining such a large air terminal will be substantially more than the present one. There will be no significant increase in income from the air terminal to cover this increased cost. It will need to be funded from tax revenues to the detriment of other more needed and worthy heads on which such moneys could and should be spent.

    It is also odd that all airlines should be suggesting that the new air terminal has influenced decisions to increase flights. Clearly the driver for increasing flights is not the size or attraction of an air terminal. Air lines are rather hard nosed businesses. Decisions of this type are based on demand and ability to fill seats for money. It seems that once that decision is taken they agree to highlight the air terminal as a factor but difficult to believe that ift is a deciding factor of any import at all.

  69. RV thanks for your answer.
    I totally agree with you. I am no economic expert,but to me this seems like a waste of our TAXES!

  70. Ghost says:

    I do not believe that I suggested otherwise re the poll's anon19:08.

    Neither have I suggested that the Panorama Poll is innacuarate. I am merely pointing out my perception on why there may be swing in the political circuit.
    Overriding in all if this is the electorates intintcts at election time which is currently driven by two issues, first the length of time that the GSD has been in power, hence the genius slogan we hear from the GSLP...."time for change" and second the fact that the opposition is virtually steered by the same person and to date has shown no willingness to truly show policy ( I believe Robert wrote a piece about this last year) hence the reason why the opposition is unable to truly make headway in the polls which would otherwise be the case.

    This begs the question, change to what exactly.

    Fact is that the GSD is alive because it has policy, it has direction (some may like it and others will not), it has consistantly offered socioeconomic progress (again there is opinion as to what level), it has positioned Gibraltar to a level most would have deemed unrealistic only a decade ago and it has created policy within the finance centre (our main stay in the economy) spearheaded by quality not quantity, the proof here is most definitely in the pudding.

    The realisation is that old the GSD is, but older still and without vision remains the GSLP. The next election will as most other elections, be fought on who the electorate feels is best able to continue to take Gibraltar forward and who has shown and us showing that it can.

    Roberts CIR will no doubt have impact, but it will be reforms and new ideas together with the ability of the parties to regenerate that will define the future political climate.

    Unlike Robert though I seriously doubt whether a £50m investment in a new air terminal should be considered ott when one considers the fact that fixing Harbour Views and Montagu totals a similar amount and when our economy with budget surplus' of £30+ is forecasted to grow further as is the airline industry. Just my opinion


  71. LW/RV @20:43

    Surely the increase in flights, mentioned in the latter half of your comment (regardless of the reason why there has been increase) should provide a greater income (by way of landing fees, refueling, and any other charges), than at present.


  72. Anonymous at 20:43

    Yes, but not enough for such a large air terminal. If a smaller one had been constructed with enlargement designed in, then these small increases would have gone further to meet the reduced costs of running smaller air terminal.

  73. Ghost, thank you for your response.

    Yes, I appreciate and agree that what you highlighted in your first response may indeed be one of the reasons why people have started to lose faith in the GSD (perhaps even the most influential factor).

    The fact is the GSD has lost support in significant numbers, and it is my belief as I mentioned earlier that the GSLP has only began to gather substantial momentum in the last few months, and that they continue to do so. I feel that with a clear vision and a solid, credible line-up in the upcoming election that things can only get better for them as they attract more former GSD supporters on the basis of being a viable and genuinely reinvigorated option, as opposed to being the only realistic alternative to the current GSD administration that they may be unhappy with for whatever reason.

    Thank you again for offering an explanation as to why the GSD’s numbers have dwindled since the last election. It’s interesting to note that other GSD supporters are reluctant to do the same.

    I guess 'Red Rob' and 'Special K' jabs repeated ad nauseam are their idea of profound and rewarding political discourse.

  74. Anonymous at 23:04

    "Red Rob" has not jabbed ... he rarely mentions the GSD or indeed any party preferring to concentrate his pieces on issues and alternatives but if that is what you think so be it. Ghost has the decency to acknowledge that I have done and do rather more :)

  75. I apologise if my last post was not clear Robert. I was making light of the fact that some GSD supporters would rather make jokes/jabs at the expense of yourself and Kaelan by referring you and him respectively by those names. Rather than have some calm and reasoned discussion, without having to resort to name calling.

  76. Anonymous at 23:16

    No problem ... my fault for missing your sarcasm!

  77. :)

    I'd also like to set out that the comment wasn't addressed to Ghost either. Although I don't agree with a lot of his views, I do consider him to be one of the most level headed posters on the blog, and he always brings something substantial to the table in terms of debate!

  78. kaelan, i posted this reply yesterday but it hasnt appeared...

    your reply to my comment amuses and shocks me. how dare you pull the "hiding beehind anonymity" card to question my authenticity...

    firstly let me tell you that juvenile matters in court are closed and thats one reason for not revealing my identity..

    apart from that there are many other legitimate reasons...for example my employer may not be as lax about my use of Llanito World as yoursappears to be!! after all you do seem to spend a huge amount of time here!

    that cleared i was stating facts! the tendency to charge with smaller offences is now greater amongst the RGP and AG, i know because i see it day in and day out in the magistrates court, where incidentaly i have not seen you once, so dont talk to me about living in a bubble, because my feet are firmly on the ground.

  79. Ghost says:

    I am flattered anon23:04. But I gotta say Red Rob, Special K, Independent Super Heroes and other comments do a have a ring to them...:)And I have it on good authority that Red Rob loves the attention..:)

    Just one more point you misinterpret intentionally or not, possibly the former (here's another propagandist Robert)in your summary of my post. Losing faith on the GSD is driven by time in power not substance or achievement; you forget to factor in the loss of faith in the GSLP who have misrepresented opposition in GIb for the sometime and are yet to show the policy and proactivness in politics that Robert has shown in one year. The strategy for the GSLP will need far more than just new characters if it is to re-invent itself as a strong viable Govt, which to date it has not shown.


  80. Anon 10:19,

    Please share these facts with everyone.

    Assuming they're in the form of documented statistics.

    I have a great amount of respect for the RGP and the often thankless work that they do, but from what I have experienced and from what others have told me (all hearsay), crime does appear to have increased significantly, and not because there may be a higher rate of accountability that is portraying a false increase in crime statistics.

    I greatly suspect that the above has come about through no fault of the RGP itself, and the excellent work that they do, but instead it has been as a result of our society as a whole’s failings.

  81. Rankapino.

    Here we go again with the scaremonging tactics.

    My employeer has nothing to do with my thoughts.

    Furthermore I post usually AFTER working hours or during my lunch break. I DO NOT tend to post during WORKING HOURS. Please note that if I have done so in the past (very rarely) they are short replies (like this one) that barely take up 5 minutes or my time.

    What I do in MY OWN TIME has nothing to do with YOUR or anyone for that matter.

    On a different note of COURSE I question your authenticity, why shouldn't I??? You are posting as an anon after all. How do I/we know your postings are legit and that you have no personal agenda as such?

    Your every post lacks substance when you post anonymously. It is not personal it just is what it is :)

    Ps - Not having seen me once at the magistrates court is supposed to be a good thing right? hahah :P


  82. I agree with Anonymous at 16:33 on the good work done by the RGP.

  83. El special K este es el no va mas. Substance special one is yet to be bestowed on your comments. To date the only thing you argue for with any conviction and thought is your support of CIR.

  84. Ghost, I agree good humoured remarks and nicknames have their place in a discussion. But when a post amounts to nothing more than a poorly written vehicle in which a person is able to deliver their “hilarious” witticism at the expense of actually answering a question that’s been put to them, it is then that I think the person writing that post should really try a little harder to be taken seriously and contribute to the discussion at hand.

    I consider myself to be a propagandist insofar as the next person on Llanitoworld : ) I initially put forward the question to those wisecracking GSD supporters asking why the GSD have lost a significant amount of support since the last election as set out in my 12:02 post. I’m disappointed that aside from yourself, no one has been able to provide any explanation or justification, of any kind, despite having been quick in the past to comment and arrogantly advocate the many ways in which they consider Gibraltar to be prosperous and successful.

    Again, to those anons I ask the following: In your opinion why have the GSD lost the majority of the electorate's support as indicated in the Panorama poll? (the accuracy of which has already been established and generally agreed upon)

    I agree with your assessment that the GSLP will need more than new credible candidates in order to definitely succeed (despite the fact that it seems that the majority of Gibraltarians would rather vote for the GSLP as opposed to the GSD at the time of the Panorama election poll a little over a week ago) but it is my personal belief that with a strong and credible line-up (made up of new as well as existing faces), that the GSLP will be a reinvigorated party prepared to introduce sound policy based on the momentum they have recently been gathering.

  85. Anon 19:24. For someone who writes as eloquently as you do, I find it odd that you can interpret a recent poll suggesting a 9 point swing as significant given. Add to this that fact that only months ago the Chronicle had almost the reverse picture. But hey if this sits well with you, so be it.
    On wisecracking, i think it might well be that the GSD has learned about wisecracks given the 15 year onslought by the GSLP. Surely it works both ways and delivers harmless fun with substance I night add. If you want to highlight more serious attack, I would direct you to the New People, or better still The Key.

  86. Thank you for the kind words.

    I'm not suggesting the Panorama's poll is the be all and end all of the election (merely that it has been right on every previous occasion), I understand a lot can change between now and then.

    I'm just genuinely curious as to why and what GSD supporters believe is the reason why the party has lost support as indicated by the poll.

    I concede the 'wisecracking stuff' is a storm in a teacup, and something I shouldn't have placed too much significance on. It's just something that had been grating on me for a while, and I finally decided to voice my dislike for them.

    I dislike New People, The Key and 7 Days for obvious reasons.

    I'm very thankful that Robert continues to run his blog in the manner in which he chooses to do so, without any outside influence.

  87. Bueno po no te enfundas con el tema it's only in jest and no harm us meant. How do GSD fans feel? Well I think that they are about as cautious in there optimism or concern as the GSLP are.

  88. ANOM 21:30, ANOM 21:16 didn't ask GSD supporters about how they felt about the poll result, he asked why they thought they were lagging behind in the poll and why they had lost support since the last election.

  89. Anon 23:45. Refer to Ghost above, I think he puts it perfectly well.

  90. Anon 07:36,

    Are you suggesting Ghost's explanation is the (obviously) unofficial party consensus on the result of the poll?

    The GSD have lost support, as indicated by the poll, through no fault of their own, but instead it is solely a byproduct of having been in office for so long?

    Interesting, but not suprising considering the blind arrogance that is prevalent in the ranks of the GSD 'elite'.

  91. Kaelan, its like bashing against a brick wall with you...

    on your basis, the only people with substance on this blog are:
    Charles Gomez and of course
    Robert Vasquez..

    all us mere mortals who choose to remain anonymous for a million reasons have no substance!!

    and what scaremonging tactics? I was simply making a point that sometimes statistics may be infuluenced by other factors, such as in this case, the tendency to charge with offences which before would not have been charged with.

    its something that cant be denied! anonymous or not!

    and yes its a good thing that your not a defendant in the mags court...but you paint this picture of a violence ridden gibraltar so please, i would ask you to actually sit there one of these days and see for yourself what type of offences are actually before the court day to day!!

    then you can better judge!

  92. Rankapino, any luck with those facts you alluded to in your earlier post?

  93. Anon 16:36

    I very doubt much Rankapino will provide such facts.

    It is very easy to make bold statements from the comforts of one home, but quite another to back them up with substance.

    I rest my case.


  94. Anonymous said...
    Anon10:45. That's a bit strong! If you are looking for blind arrogance look no further than a political party in opposition and with four lost elections in the bag with the same leader for the past 40 years...:) Support is won and lost throughout every electoral term, the election will be won or lost on the parties ability to show leadership. It will be a tough call for a 72 year old man, it may be tougher for a 40 year old. I do not speak for Ghost, but agree with his perspective. Have a good weekend...:)

  95. Anon 22:15, I maintain that it is blind arrogance that allows a party that has lost a significant amount of its support to solely attribute that loss to the fact that it has been in office for 16 years as opposed to any failings in its administration of government.

    Support is indeed won and lost throughout every electoral term, but the question was why have the majority of voters not voted in favour of the GSD since the last election/election poll? It would seem that because there has been no argument to the contrary that the party consensus is what I have already set out above.

    I agree that the election will be won on the parties' ability to show leadership, but it would seem that again, the majority of people as of a little over a week ago would be prepared to vote for a government with a 72 year old at the helm as opposed to a 54 year old (despite the fact it is all but a given that the 40 year old will be handed the reins in this coming election). I am basing this on a poll that has set a historic precedent for having always been correct in previous elections, indicative of an accurate poll sampling methodology. I am not taking into consideration any other polls which do not benefit from that the same privilege that may set out anything to the contrary.

    For the record, many GSLP supporters (and obviously detractors), including myself, have long held the view that the 72 year old should have voluntarily relinquished his position as leader of the opposition long before this coming election (putting to one side the fact that GSLP leaders are democratically elected every two years as opposed to other alternatives that may and do exist).

    To have suggested anything to the contrary would have been... blind arrogance. Mr. Bossano’s legacy has been tarnished somewhat for obvious reasons, but he is still a great man who did a lot of good for Gibraltar and I personally believe that he would have an important role to play in the GSLP party moving forwards, just not as its leader.

    As reflected by the poll, the electorate again seems to be displaying a reluctance to dwell on what happened more than 15 years ago in respect on what it feels it is best for Gibraltar TODAY. Will the GSLP’s lead increase even further when it is made common knowledge that a reinvigorated party with the 40 year old at its helm have taken the place of the ‘old’ GSLP status quo? That remains to be seen.

    Have a good weekend all the same. :)

  96. Anon 11:31. I could not agree more. A reinvigorated party with a 40 year old at the helm would at the least be a positive and under normal circumstances where a 15 year old Govt prevails it would be senseless not to aspire to a young envigorating party with energy and new policy, aswell as a strong team full of drive. unfortunately ( in my opinion) the GSLP with or without Bossano has none of the above (your ref to the democratic party election was good btw).

    You seem quite chuffed with the Panorama poll and I am genuinely pleased you. I am a supporter of good Govt and value visible progress and tangible evidence of this prosperity that ivorrsonally and Gib in it's entireity has enjoyed. I prefer to use the above as a base line on how one might want to vote at election time.

    It concerns me when an opposition of 15 years has shown no visible substance or desire to lead and show leadership and seems only to have a will to wait for it's turn.

    To date Gib has had some exceptional leaders including Joe. None however are a patch on PRC and Fabian I am afraid is out of his depth, in addition I fear there are well, let's just leave it at that.

  97. ANON 21:30:

    Again, if Gib in its entirety has supposedly enjoyed the good governing skills of the current administration to date, why aren't the GSD leading in the election poll?

    Stop skirting around the issue.

  98. Anon22:59. No skirting, it is what it is. You seem to think that the poll is a forgone conclusion, if it were i would say that the GSD had 16 years exceptional years and the electorate had chosen to trade old for new. I believe this is what Ghost was allerting us to and i agree.
    I also believe and agree that if a more appropriate successor (individual or party) were out there, your poll would necked the chart and I revert again to the marginal difference which tells me that you have a democratic free thinking and intelligent electorate who may understandably want change under it's natural democratic instinct, but where quite obviously it is insecure and uncertain about the ability if your opposition.
    Again no skirting, just reality.

  99. ANON 22:22

    The reality is you haven't provided any explanation as to why the GSD have lost support as indicated by the poll (aside from the aforementioned 16 years in power issue).

    I maintain that it's an arrogant frame of mind to believe the electorate would want to simply trade "the old for the new" if the current administration hadn't been under-performing in some way, and the 'entirety of Gib' was prospering in the manner in which you described it to be.

    It's as simple as that.

    (A 9% swing is hardly marginal)

  100. Kaelan, you are the king of lacking substance. i have made no bold statement, i have stated something which is obvious to those who work in the judicial system!

    yet again you ignore the issues you yourself raise re anonymity!

    anda hombre you are a waste of time!

  101. Rankapino

    The boldness of your statements is open to interepretation.

    Furthermore if I am indeed such a "waste of time" why do you insist in discrediting my every post?

    Food for thought....

    Finally as Anon 4th 16:36 previously asked, where are those facts you alluded to in your earlier post? Please feel free to share.


  102. Rankapino,

    It seems you are the one wasting everyone's time by making unsubstantiated claims which you attempt to pass off as facts.

    Practice what you preach.