Tuesday, 27 April 2010


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  1. Brown Cow says;
    1) Can I suggest that you start categorising your blogs by topic so that past blogs are more easily accessed / change your blog to three columns or similar
    2) post all comments in edited form even if this simply means having comments that say "Anon said...deleted by moderator"
    3) consider accepting guest writers contributions – if as you say this blog is attracting a lot of attention it would be good to snowball that – set criteria let people blog away
    4) write something on planning? the pictures in today's chronicle demonstrate why proper public consultation is important in planning matters. Despite substantial manifesto commitments to the contrary the GSD have steam rolled ahead with several major building projects without any consultation what-so-ever - ruining eastern beach in the process. despite being "decolonised" "small country" "blah blah" we have less control/influence/oversight of these matters than most people in the UK through their local councils.

  2. Hi Brown Cow: I take all your suggestions on board. I will do my best to implement them, save 3) for the present because for legal reasons I need to control content. My problem is my lack of computer/internet knowledge but I will see what I can achieve over the long weekend.

    I take on board your suggestion on doing a blog on "Planning". I would need to research this a little more so need a little time. i am researching a blog on racial discrimination issues. The starting point is that tolerance of other races/religion, which is what Gibraltar prides itself on is itself a symptom of discrimination. what is required is more i.e. full acceptance and integration ... more to come soon.

    Thank you for your help and support.

  3. UNO

    LLanito World, de buena tinta, Caruana is directing his attention to this blog in the forthcoming sessions of the 'governments' parliament'. Let's 'play' close attention. Que lujo 4 dis blog no?

  4. Hi UNO:

    If this blog achieves attention from Caruana in Parliament, it would be an honour and a privelege.

    More importantly this blogs attempt at democratising Gibraltar on the internet would have started to succeed. The blog will have achieved the status of backbencher! The downside for this blog, which Caruana could take advantage of, is that he would be covered by Parliamentary privelege whilst this blog is not.

    I doubt he will give the blog a mention but, if he does, it will give this blog more credibility and more publicity too.

  5. Dear Llanito World,

    Even this short blog entitled 'Comment' which is really just a useful guideline to us who wish to comment is attaracting comment. How amazing is that? It just goes to show how starved Gibraltar really is of 'comment'...

    Keep up the excellent work.

  6. I'm sure Caruana's minions have already alerted him to the existence of this highly subversive blog. Indeed, it would appear some are already present amongst us, disseminating the One And Only Truth from College Lane.

    After all, is there anything in this little country of ours that escapes the tentacles of the King?


  7. Gibcrier

    You are right: this is not even a blog; just information on the rules of the game and yet many of us are commenting on the comment. Shows how desperately we need an independent media.

    Anyone know why the New People didn't appear on Wednesday evening as is now usual? It's published each Thursday now but usually available at Ramson's at approximately 7 pm on a Wednesday evening.

    Not independent, I know, but we do get to find out quite a lot of what's really going on thanks to the NP. That's why it's been my favourite read for a long time - although Llanito World is now a close second.

  8. Dear Llanito World...has Peter Caruana approved the contents of this blog?

    I have heard there is a new spin doctor at 6 Convent Place....Capt Flower...is this true?

  9. I read the informative seven days (7 Days) on a weekly basis. I dont read the New People as it is tainted with anti GSD articles. Perhaps this blog should take a leaf from the editor of the seven days.

  10. The last Anonymous:

    You are welcome to read anything you want including 7 Days but your GSD centric world will not open your eyes to free speech which is not limited to the views of the GSD or Danny Feetham.

  11. UNO

    We should read widely but discern wisely against the cheap propaganda and heavy spin. Any guesses?

  12. UNO

    Llanito World why don't you publish all your articles and all blog comments in a book? Let the wider public debate and decide.

  13. Anon 21.02

    You find the 7 Days paper "informative"? Are you kidding us? It costs taxpayers an awful lot of money and is not worth the paper it's written on. Shameful that the Government should finance it's publication to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds of our money.

    Anon 20.48

    Yes, Major Gareth Flower starts Tuesday. Post hasn't been advertised so must be a political appointment. Now, come on: the Governor has an ADC so why can't our Chief Minister have one too?

  14. Anon 20:48 - Yes, you are right, Capt Flower is moving in to 6 Convent Place.

    The King now has an Equiry.

  15. I'm not too sure taxpayer money should be used to fund (i.e. pay the salaries of) political appointments. After all, I've not seen the official job description, but if memory serves me correct the Press Officer fully participates in the cut and thrust of party political exchanges and will similarly be involved in the GSD's forthcoming election campaign in some form or other.

    Now, if his salary were paid out of GSD coffers, then that would be fine. But government funds being used to pay for a political appointment? Hmm...not sure, sounds a bit dodge to me.

  16. Anyone see Viewpoint last night?

    An absolute disgrace.

    Its a disgrace that our gutless politicians don't have the balls to defend their views before their public.

    And GBC - talk about missing the point!

    One of the worst Viewpoints ever, and that is saying something.

  17. No, missed two consecutive Viewpoints and one Talk About Town because they coincided with the Three Leaders' Debates in the UK. Allan King should have thought of rescheduling (no couldn't see the repeats on a Saturday either because they clashed with Britain's Got Talent).

  18. Why didn't GBC invite some minister or other instead of the GGR?

    A referendum on this issue - what a load of rubbish and waste of our money?!

    No one should turn out to vote if there is one.

  19. I found last week's Viewpoint on the Age of Consent refreshing because none of the 3 guests resorted to platitudes. Why did GGR not turn up? What is it afraid of?

  20. Why not a government minister?