Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bust the Myth ... Caruana: God or Comedian?

There are those blind supporters, usually of great religious faith and fervour, which is a significant character trait, that believe that Peter Caruana can do no wrong.  He is the infallible mind, body and soul of Gibraltar to them.  It is surprising that he was so insistent on re-introducing the commercially doomed Algeciras ferry, when he could so easily have walked on water and crossed the bay!  These people are so set in their ways that it is pointless to even cross swords with them in an argument on the issue.

Thankfully, Gibraltar is blessed (and it is Gibraltar that has to be blessed not Caruana or any other past or future Chief Minister) with many open minded and free thinking voters who can and, this blogger is convinced,  will make a wise decision for change at the next election.  We do not need to put up with self styled "gods". Thankfully the power of the ballot box (because the power of the press is so stifled, see blog "Independent News Media?"  of  20th April 2010) allows us to disavow those who think that they  are "gods" of that idea.  It is this myth about Caruana that needs to be shattered at the next election.  Anyone else cannot be any worse and guess what!  4 years later the electorate can chuck out that new lot, were they also to grow too big for their boots.

Let us consider one or two issues that help to bust the "Caruana deity myth" (in addition to the age of consent fracas of Caruana's making, which does so, so admirably and is already the subject matter of earlier blogs) .

We all know what has been spent on the theatre that never was or will be: the Theatre Royal. Did he not for one moment think how the world has changed since the original theatre was built?  At that time, performers, sets, equipment, musical instruments were likely delivered by mule and ox drawn cart.  That all this now gets delivered by travelling companies in articulated lorries that cannot navigate the road to the Theatre Royal site seems to have been one fact that was never considered by Caruana or his ministers; or was it just that the concrete mixer lorries could not get there, so it could not be built economically? Thankfully (for small mercies) that mistake cost a few million pounds but, what about the tens of millions spent on the new Air Terminal?

Caruana has justified this expenditure on the ground that it is an investment for the future, for 50 years, he says.  Not only god but now Nostradamus? Lets see, consider, for a moment, what form of transport was in general use  in 1910 in this part of the world, mule and ox drawn carts perhaps, and how the world of transport, especially air transport, changed  in 50 years from 1910? Having done so, give a moments thought to what the main form of transport might be in 50 years time, will it be air travel and will Gibraltar be a suitable hub for it? Possibly, but there again the changes between now and 2060 might be as great or greater than those that took place between 1910 and 1960.

Of course we needed a new air terminal but did it have to be so big and expensive without there being use for it now or in the foreseeable future?  Could the future not have been catered for by planning for a second and even a third phase?  Or is its size down to the air terminal being a political sop to Spain?  Is it that the size of the air terminal was dictated, not by need,  but by the political desire to have it adjoining the border fence in order that Spain could attach its own terminal to it ? Now that there are no flights to Madrid, will Spain build one at all, certainly Spain has yet to lay a brick?

A god or something else ... a comedian to perform in the non-existent theatre maybe, or perhaps we could convert part of the new Air Terminal into a joint use theatre? Certainly he spends our money now for the benefit of our grand and great grand children whilst more worthwhile and immediate social needs go unfunded, like housing for the Moroccan community and social services generally.


  1. Dear Llanito World

    Gibtaltar as a whole should petition Her Majesty the Queen to grant upon our Peter Caruana the Most Honourable Order of the Bath for all his efforts and achievements. By the way for your audience this means knighthood!

  2. Anonymous, how magnanimous, you credit my readers with intelligence! Your attitude stinks and is an perfect example of the disdain with which typical GSD supporters hold the large majority of Gibraltarians.

    You do the GSD no favours with the final sentence of your comment!

    Of course Caruana has done much good but his time is up ... that is how democracy works. I agree he should be honoured. Do you suggest the Order of the Bath so that he can carry on walking on water?

  3. Plato says:

    LLanito World, I am not sure whether you were serious when you said that Mr Caruana should be knighted. No politician deserves any honour, they have had enough personal satisfaction by serving the people of Gibraltar whether well or poorly. Honour Mr Caruana, honour all the Ministers, honour all the Oppoistion, honour all previous House of Assembly members. No!!!!!!!!. Honour the ordinary man in the street who collects rubbish, those who work in the sewers, our policemen, our nursing staff, hospital attendants etc etc. They are just as meritorious or more than Mr Caruana or anyone who aspires to 'politics'. Of the top of my head, I can think of one or two hundred individuals who deserve an honour before any politician.

  4. Lol writes: Thanks the first Anonymous for telling us what a knightood is, most people under 60 in Gibraltar have been through years of mandatory education and a large proportion of us have university degrees but it is always amusing to be talked down to by the GSD illuminati (some of who bought their education dear and others have earned their positions in life via the ancient art of brown nosing) . It is true that Chief Ministers should be considered for knighthoods and, once forensic audits have been carried out into OEM, Haymills, and a number of much talked about tender awards and contracts Her Majesty will no doubt be pleased to oblige.

  5. Llanito World,

    I note from this article that you have fallen into the trap of complaining but providing no answers, basically not helping out at all. You hype the reader up after having read the first few paragraphs into believing that you are going to offer some sort of alternative to Caruana and his GSD but instead end the article with no substitute for the “celestial” Caruana. You are no better than the other parties on show who just oppose the GSD for the sake of opposing.

    Surely your sycophancy for the Gibraltarian people contradicts your argument after all if there are so many free thinkers in Gibraltar then they must agree with the GSD after all they have been in office for over 13 years now.

    I would like to pose the following question in relation to your assumption that the next 50 years will hold such a drastic change that an air terminal will be rendered useless. Do you know of any other manner of which to travel through which isn’t by land, air or sea? Unless you are purporting that there is some other element by which people can travel through then you have to admit that flying is the quickest mode of transport.

    You also purport democracy and free thinking and yet from the reply you directed towards the anonymous that thought Caruana should be knighted you belittled his opinion and responded with sarcasm. Surely this is contrary to free thinking since you condemn someone for having a different opinion and ideology to yours. I hope that you yourself never get into power for the power trip might be too much, and we may find ourselves in an autocracy and we all know how those pan out..

  6. Thank you Orwell for our comments and support. I can detect sour grapes from llanitoworld.

  7. Dear Llanito World

    I am the author of the first comment and I find it quite offensive that despite you promulgating freedom of speech you launch into a vicious attach on me on the basis that I believe that our Chief Minister should be knighted. Peter Caruana sometimes gets things wrong but on a whole he has shown to the people of Gibraltar that he is a safe pair of hands. At present there is no one out there who could steer the ship like Peter Caruana does. Fabian Picardo cannot even keep his house in order let alone keep Gibraltar’s economy afloat.

  8. First Anonymous commentator:

    Welcome to the real world of a free press! Your freedom of expression has not been curtailed. ALL your comments have been published. Disagreement is not a suppression of this freedom. Its about time people in Gibraltar (and I am a Gibraltarian) realised this. We can all hold different views and express them!

    I only attacked your presumptive and unnecessary explanation that the Order of the Bath is a knighthood ... credit readers with intelligence please.

    You will see that I agreed that Peter Caruana deserves an honour and have been criticised for that by Plato.

    And you know what, this blog is beginning to work. People are getting angry, coming out of themselves and commenting. That makes me very happy whether they agree with me or not.

  9. Goodness me..could it be?! Once again I find myself agreeing with you Llanito World and having to praise yet another excellent article.

    I must disagree with the Anonymous poster advocating a knighthood for Caruana. Surely given his "successes" vis-a-vis relations with Spain, a prize from King Juan Carlos would be more appropriate? If the Anonymous poster could hand me that petition, I would only be too pleased to sign it (once I've managed to establish what "knighthood" means, of course). ;)

  10. Orwell, Orwell, were you never told to pay more attention? If change is suggested it can only mean the GSLP/Libs or the PDP. You should read the blog of 22nd April 2010 "GSD Supporters Mutiny" in which the GSLP/libs are suggested as the only other alternative.

    It is not FOR ME or any journalist or blogger to provide the alternative it is for politicians to do so. Just because I write a blog does not necessarily demonstrate a political ambition. Where are all the television and newspaper journalists or bloggers in political line ups anywhere in the democratic world? There are not many and the free press continues to function. You fall for the godhood of Caruana by describing him as "celestial" OH DEAR!

    Success at the poll equals respect not necessarily a diktat to agree. Gibraltar fought a Spain governed by a dictator to protect the level of democracy that Gibraltar can aspire to. You seem to preach a single party state without room for disent. I respect the views of the electorate and their choice of the GSD. In fact believe it or not I have voted for the GSD at every election that they have won so far. Times and circumstances change and are changed by people. Caruana has become intolerable and bigger than the electorate. At that stage it is time for change to show that it is the people who rule.

    Nowhere does the blog say that the air terminal will be rendered useless. It also includes the possibility that air travel will well survive but the air terminal in Gibraltar may in time be rendered otiose , e.g. if Malaga makes it uncompetitive with improved local transport to and from Malaga.

    You choose to miss the point as in past comments by you. I suggest you re-read the blog. Perhaps then, you can answer the substance of the argument in the blog and not react with the emotions that the truth of the substance has awoken in you.

    My response is MY exercise of that same freedom that the "anonymous" that you refer to has exercised and is free to exercise. By the same right that he has suggested that the level of intelligence of readers of this blog is such that he has to clarify (with seeming sarcasm) that the Order of the Bath is a knighthood, I choose to reply to bot in the manner that I have, because YOU fall foul of your own criticism of me, the prevention of freedom of expression. Your hypocrisy assures me that you are one of the GSD supporters that I refer to in the first paragraph of this blog.

    No one can restrict FREE THOUGHT unless you have invented the THOUGHT POLICE. God help all of us if you or people like you have.

    Your conclusions about my character on the basis of what I write in exercise of my right of free speech is unbelievable. Your arguments are ill thought out,naive and may I recommend that you develop them a bit before publishing them (although my editorial control will never be used to censor their publication save in the event of them transgressing the law).

    As to "sour grapes anonymous" please express your own views!

    Thanks Calpetano but please read the last paragraph again ... I had left out the coup de grace!

  11. Fred says:

    As a loyal servant of Her Majesty I am at a loss to understand why the f**k she would tarnish her reputation by granting a fundementalist (or any other Gibraltarian politician for that matter) a Knighthood - Plato is right, serving us should be honour enough! Have I missed something?! Are we also knighting the Taliban?!

    In any case, and regretably, the honours system is run by a discredited Westminster. Oops, I've just argued against myself - give them knighthoods, but because we all know that only a very few are actually worth anything!

    As for the comment made by "anonymous" about Mr Picardo not being able to keep order in his own home - shame on you. I am critical of Mr Picardo because of his arrogance, but what happens in his own home is his business, and his alone.

    But then again i forget that this is the same GSD that will seek to regulate what we do with each other as adults in private. Perhaps they would have us film ourselves whilst we are at "it" so that then they can pass judgement.

    By the way, what is the law as it relates to a woman buggering a man?

  12. The main point I can deduce from LW's latest article is that he is advocating change. The question is: change to what? Remember Fred's words in the previous forum:

    "Mr Caruana is seen as arrogant, absolutist and moralistic;

    Mr Picardo shares an undiluted arrogance with Mr Caruana, and some of his behaviour in and out of politics has raised eyebrows;

    Mr Azopardi is seen as bland and aloof, and tainted by GSD baggage;

    Mr Bossano is seen as ethically discredited (although Llanitoworld's point about living in the past is noted), and unnecessarily confrontational;

    Mr Feetham is seems a rampant opportunist;

    Mr Garcia is not really rated;

    Mr Montegriffo - overrated;"

    Gibcrier's suggestion of Gib being run by a Committe comprising Peter Montegriffo, Robert Vasquez, Henry Pinna, Tony Welsh and James Levy is a very interesting proposition - bit it won't fly under the present constitution.

    Judging from the consistently poor ratings of the PDP - and barring an inspirational Nick Clegg moment for Keith - change can only mean one thing: GSLP Libs in power next year with Fabian Picardo (Gilbert Licudi only an outside chance) as Chief Minister.

    But if the GSLP Libs were to win would Fabian step aside and let Joe Bossano be Chief Minister again one last time? Joe has repeatedly stated publicly that he will not stand for GSLP leader again - but he has not ruled out being Chief Minister again.

  13. Dear Llanito Mundo,

    I agree with Mark's last paragraph. In 1996 Joe was booted out as Gibraltar's 4th Chief Minister. Is this Joe's new method to clinch his spot at 6 Convent Place! As far as Picardo is concerned he will dance at every tune played by Joe Bossano given that Picardo wants Joe's backing at the GSLP leadership contest.

  14. I heard that the gslp have committed to a complete forensic study of the OEM and Bruesa scandals. Perhaps it is a bath for Mr Caruana that should be ordered!!

  15. All parties in Gibraltar should be envious and learn from the efforts of Joe Bossano to ensure his party's continuing presence in our political arena. Although I am not a Bossanista, I am a socialist and I am proud to say that I am proven wrong by this man.

    Let this be a lesson to all who thought that conspiracy and betrayal could be justified in their quest for power, or those that after failing to create an impact within the GSD ranks in their good days, now advocate more of the same shallow politics.
    We need politicians to come real. It is not about fooling people into believing. It is about getting people to believe in themselves and the pursuit of principles that will guarrantee the success of our community.

    Restore these principles, let us care more for each other. Stop the lies and half truths that shame some of the elected members.

    The gslp is beginning to show signs of true leadership, I for one will be watching their space with interest. The others I am afraid seem unable to offer anything except more of the same either with the same colours or in a different guise.

  16. Fred says:

    Mr Searle of the Chronic: "...more worthwhile and immediate social needs go unfunded, like housing for the Moroccan community and social services generally."

    LlanitoWorld: "Upper Town [...] many homes there can still only be classed as slums."

    This is the social conscience that I for one want to see in politics.

    All I hear these days is that Gibraltar is governed from Sotogrande and that a lot of foreigners (and some lawyers) are making money.

    True, we have to combat a sense of entitlement and "panzismo" even within these virtually marginalised communities. However, this will only happen if we educate children and open the world up to them. For example, why are not our Moroccan-Gibraltarians spearheading a business drive into Africa? It is because our own prejudices block their development.

    Let's get on to the real issues.

  17. Audiencia Nacional: Y del Banco Popular por que no se dice nada???????? Free press but not too free eh, LlW?/

  18. Fred: whose prejudices block local Moroccans' development? Be careful about creating in Gibraltar the sort of obsession with racism that has brought race relations to its knees in the UK. Who are you including in the phrase "our prejudice"? Do you mean working class Gibraltarians? Are you referring to the generality of the population who have always got on well with Moroccan immigrants? Do you refer to Christain and Jewish leaders whose relations with their Muslim counterparts is an example to Europe and especially the Muslim world? Explain the prejudice to which you refer - or if, as I think you have got carried away and are imagining thinks, think before you write again; you could be causing trouble where there is none. I have many long term Moroccan friends and they are all happy to be here. In Morocco Gibraltar is highly regarded because of our sense of fairness and equality...

  19. Interesting comment, Fred: "All I hear these days is that Gibraltar is governed from Sotogrande and that a lot of foreigners (and some lawyers) are making money."

    A hue and cry is raised whenever contracts go to foreign companies but if the contracts are granted to local companies, the latter are likely to use a lot of foreign labour anyway and the local directors / owners will plough profits into their homes and lifestyles in Sotogrande or nearby Guadiaro.

    So buying local invariably means more funds being invested in Spain, rather than here. I suspect that this trend can only increase and there isn't very much that can be done about it.

    I understand that Mr Bossano doesn't go to Spain at all. Indeed he goes to his office in Watergardens even on Sunday. I think we need a happy medium between those who life in Sotogrande permanently and locals like Mr Bossano who will rarely set foot in Spain.

  20. Audiencia Nacional? ... Banco Popular? Haven't got a clue what you are on about!! But you are welcome to say so long as it is not defamatory!

  21. Government of Gibraltar not prejudiced against Moroccans? On housing, can they get a house? On being with their wives and children, can they bring them over to live with them? On naturalisation, how many of them and how often. I am sure the list goes on .. so anonymous on this subject: I suggest you open your eyes and ears!

  22. Mark ... and those who live in Sotogrande are not even meant to be on the electoral register so should not even vote!

  23. LW

    You haven't heard about the Banco Popular affair? Widely publicised by the 7 Days GSD rag on its front page in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Fabian P. General election isn't until next year but already got quite dirty.

    There is also the issue of scurrilous anti-Fabian P. articles from the website of a local law firm being reproduced as 7 Days editorial under the pseudonym, 'GG'.

    Sure is going to be a dirty fight next year.

  24. Sorry no, I do not read party rags like 7 days, I have no respect for them!

    If the local law firm is Benzaquen, then again I do not use up my time on pointless pursuits.

    What I find interesting and shows such enormous weakness is that GSD supporters attack the blog with all sorts of comments but do not challenge or criticise the substance of it.

    I am ashamed to have voted GSD so many times!

  25. I don't read the 7 Days rag either but I see many copies - produced at our expense - strewn around all over Gib and I occasionally pick one up and glance at it (just glance - don't bother to read, of course) if I'm not in a hurry.

    Printed in Spain, not worth the paper it's written on, and costing us a lot of money.

    Which reminds me: whatever happened to El Faro de Gibraltar? Feel sorry for Susana Perez-Custodio (daughter of well-known and respected retired Area journalist Pepe Martinez). She diligently produced this Gibraltar Spanish-language paper for which there was never a demand for several years at the suggestion of you know who.

    A lot of work on her part for a number of years, producing a weekly paper almost single-handedly but even she had to give up.

    Wonder whether The Gibraltarian will resurface if the GSD lose next year's election. I would imagine the New People
    will cease publication after a while. The Chronic will continue to churn out Govt and Opposition press releases.

    Only hope for change in the local media is GBC.

  26. LW: If you have not heard about the Banco Popular affair, your investigative journalism leaves a great deal to be desired. Google Banco Popular and Blueprime to find out. I agree 7 Days is s**t but that does not mean you should follow the "Chronic" in ignoring Blueprime. LW, with respect, it seems to me that you are too dogmatic to be a ground breaking blogger, but I suppose that your intentions are good and if you strive for an open mind you coudl improve.

  27. Isn't the point of the original piece that Peter Caruana is arrogant, and that his arrogance has led to mistakes that have cost Gibraltar money?

    One doesn't have to be GSLP supporter, or a ssuuporter of any other party, to recongise that. Even a dyed-in-the-wool GSD supporter could privately or anonymously admit as much.

    It would be surprising if, having been in power for so long, PC had not made mistakes, and in politics mistakes will often cost the people money. But isn't the point of the original piece that PC's arrogance means that mistakes are likely to continue so long as he remains Chief Minister?

    To say that is not necesssarily an endorsement of any other potential CM.

  28. firmly agree that with LW that Benzaquen is pointless. what's his gripe? can someone pls explain? as to Picardo, don'w know him too well but do know of many ppl whom he has helped without charge and without publicity

  29. AAAAA- haaaaaaa; so you voted for the GSD not oncen not twice but many times!!!!!! Mon Dieu; zut alors;donner und blitzen, caramaba y andale! LW voted for the great Beelzebub!!!

  30. Not la Bombi: I am sure that Fabian helps many people without charging. That is the Christian thing to do. Big Joe Bossano (a closet Christian)has never charged anyone. I say that we peition her Majesty to knight Joe B.

  31. I have not said I have not heard of the Banco Popular matter. The original comment was very cryptic. In any event it does not touch on any matter contained in this blog. I have moderated out another similar post for irrelevance and also potentially touching on defamation. This blog is a COMMENTARY not an INVESTIGATIVE blog so that criticism falls on deaf ears!

    The main point of this blog is being missed by all those commentators who seem to have GSD leanings Anonymous of 20.36 has got it ... answer the substance and do not fall back on slur as a defence.

    I am NOT prepared to enter into a debate on matters that I do not have first hand knowledge of. You will not take me down to that level. I leave that to the GSD adherents many of whom I think are good Christians, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Moslem and of other faiths that would not approve of such gutter politics.

    Attack the substance of the issues.

  32. My dear L. World, sir, At 18.52 you say that you did not not have a clue about the Banco Popular affaire. At 21.17 pm you now say that you had heard about it after all and then go on to say that there are Christians, Catholics (as if the latter were not Christians), Jews etc in the GSD. You have certainly lost me, sir, what are you talking about? Yours sincerely, Anon.

  33. I said I did not have a clue what that commentator was talking about because the first reference was out of context and so a little cryptic. When put in context and explained i understood what the reference was to.

    I suggest that you read again and try and understand. It really is very clear. I cannot spend all my time explaining the obvious, reference to the religions is in the context of these persons NOT approving the GUTTER POLITICS comments made by some who are so obviously GSD adherents.

    SIR, I am sorry that you fail to understand but read a few more times the message might well dawn on you.

  34. As a Roman Catholic I resent the suggestion that I am not a Christian. I demand an apology. If the Banco Popular thing is about religion why are you afraid of dealing with it?


  36. Ahu! Como esta el patio hoy!

    Hands up all those who have had enough of the local politics scene. Come on, they (the politicians) are not about Gibraltar, they (or at least most of them) are about their egos.

    Haven't we all really just had enough? Enough of Caruana and most of his eight ministers (yes 8, don't forget the unelected one with more power than those we elected).

    The sad sad sad reality is that there is no one in the current political scene that I would vote for.

  37. ... and on the subject of the Moroccans why doesn't one (or a few) of Gibraltar's lawyers jump in and help them out. Surely there is a good strong case there somewhere (like the age of consent). Why dont some of you hot shot lawyers take on their case for them and go all the way to the European Courts. You know you will win but unfortunately there isn't much mone in it is there?

  38. to Gibcrier:

    Do you know how much it costs to take a case to the European Court of Justice? Millions. I therefore applaud the comments criticising the government for spending taxpayers monies (including Moroccan-Gibraltarians) recklessly and wholly inappropriately. The current government has been consumed by capitalism. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Who's catering to the middle class working people of Gibraltar?

    Finally, I think it is disgraceful to bring the personal life of politicians into the debate. Whilst I do not know Picardo well, I can say that, at least, from what I hear, he is a socialist and is known to help people without charging them or seeking praise. If the latter is arrogance, surely, the term has been ill-defined in this blog...

  39. I agree that personal lives should not be brought into the debate but it is not this blog that ill-defines arrogance, perhaps you mean some of the persons posting comments.

  40. ...."Gibcrier", what do you do for a living?? i am curious to know before i reply to your post!

  41. Hi Gibcrier and Mark.

    If the person that is being referred to as an "unelected" memeber is who I think it is then I do not wish to publish anything. The simple reason is that a distinction must be drawn between thos ewho have power to change the direction of a government i.e. elected members and those who are simply engaged to carry out he policies/instructions of the elected govermnet.

    As to lawyers helping out the Morroccan nationals in Gibraltar: it is for them to instruct a lawyer and find one who may be will ing to take the case on pro bono. There are organisations that represent these nationals who could do this. I can think of a few lawyers who might be willing to help.

  42. To Carlito: What has how I make my living got to do with your reply? If you want to reply to my post "just do it"...

  43. To Annonymous 22.49 -

    Millions? Millions is what it costs to take a case to the European Court of justice?

    There are men and women who have and are still paying with their lives so that you and I can enjoy the freedoms we have and you are putting a monetary value on their rights!


    PUBLIC DEBT 2004 - £88 MILLION


  45. 80 million on a new terminal, but is government actually buying the airstrip itself?. as i understand it it is owned by the mod and hence the exorbitant landing charges. surely the first port of call would be for government to buy the damn thing then reduce landing charges thus attracting more flights. or does that just make TOO much sense??!

  46. I must agree with Gibcrier, Carlito, what he does for a living is irrelevnat to any reply that you may wish to post.

  47. Dear Llanito World

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your excellent blog which I follow with interest. However I disagree entirely with the generalisation you make in your conclusion, namely your criticism of Mr Caruana for "spending our money now for the benefit of our grand and great grand children". Contrary to your view, I believe that Mr Caruana ought to be commended for his forward thinking policies which I am certain have the best interests of the future of Gibraltar at heart(or at least what Mr Caruana believes them to be!) Surely you would have to agree that forward-thinking is one of the most important attributes which any politician should possess. However I fear that he may have gambled too much of Gibraltar's money on this occasion!
    In relation to comments made above in connection to Mr Picardo's personal life I do not see why this should not be brought into debate. He is a figure who has chosen to stand in the public eye and his personal life is therefore open to criticism. It is another thing to make defamatory remarks which have no substance behind them!!

  48. Thank you for your support and congratulations, Paisano.

    The comment on spending money now is directed at the mistaken expenditure on the new air terminal. Of course a politician must be forward thinking. He must also be moderate in this regard and wise.

    I do not question or doubt that Mr Caruana is motivated by having the best interests of Gibraltar's future at heart. This motive does not excuse mistakes though. Forward thinking would have led to a decision to phase the construction and expenditure on the air terminal.

    You admit that on this ocassion he may have GAMBLED (your word) too much. Gambling is not what a leader is elected to do.

    If politicians wish to attack Mr Picardo on his personal life that is a decision for them. This blog is about POLITICAL commentary. I will avoid venturing into personal matters of any politician, if at all possible.

  49. OK, so we won't name the eleventh (unelected) 'Minister' who is much more powerful than all of the others put together. He has been named in the local weekly media so no prizes for guessing. Wonder whether he will stand for election. No, probably too much to lose.

    It is interesting to see the contrast between the UK media, where the slightest (alleged) misdemeanour by a politician becomes front page news. Not so much as a squeak in the local media here about the personal goings on in the life of a certain politician in 2003 and nothing about a certain other politician now.

    Probably just as well because even though, like Llanito World, I advocate freedom of speech, I don't think we want to reach the advanced stage of almost-no-holds-barred press freedom espoused by the red-top tabloids in the UK.

  50. Is public debt not in the region of £350 million or more? Is this not what Llanito World is really attacking and not just that new stupid air terminal?

  51. So forward thinking that PEDRITO Caruana has now travelled 50 years into the future para justificar el new airport terminal!

    Venga ya hombre y comele el coco a otro...y de paisanos muy pocos ya en este pueblo y con este gobierno menos...'terminal' va a ser para el y su partido.

    Gross Spectacular Decline
    Great Spending Debacle
    Give Spain Dividends
    Gibraltar's Social Disaster
    Gibraltar's Senseless Debit
    Gibraltar's Swift Destruction
    Great Shit Deliverers

    Seguimos o esta claro ya despues de 14 anos (never better spelt or said)?

    Y se quejaban de Bossano...un boy scout comparao a este papagallos con tanta prosa antipatica y de grandes brotes malajes y majaronadas.

    Poca verguenza y mucha cara dura is his ONE AND ONLY POLICY

  52. £350 million or more? Where are you getting these figures from Anonymous?

  53. Well, the latest audited public debt figures (as at end-March 2009) were published in Panorama on 9 April 2010. Public debt stood at £191.5 million, though is likely to be higher now (unaudited). Most interesting thing is that the majority of public debt was funded by pensioners through their purchases of pensioner debentures.

    Another interesting feature was that a special-issue debenture to the value of £9.5 million was issued to Gib Community Care Ltd, paying 6% interest. Is that how Caruana is meeting GCC payments (seeing as Bossano is saying that there's no money left in the GCC kitty and has challenged Caruana to produce accounts)?

  54. Notes on Quotes says

    Peter Caruana on Newswatch 15th April 2010

    “First of all the question of the new Air Terminal Project has got to be separated from the Cordoba Agreement. Gibraltar needs a new air terminal with or without the Cordoba Agreement”

    Note on quote: The GSD manifesto for the 2003 election does not propose building a new airport terminal. Indeed between the 2003 election and 18th September 2006 (date of the Cordoba Agreement) the GSD did not once suggest or propose a new airport for Gibraltar. The Cordoba Agreement and the new airport terminal are intrinsically linked and it is the primary reason why the airport project was started.

    “At the moment the Terminal handles around 300,000 passengers per year…this terminal is designed for 1,000,000 passengers … of course we will have more passengers than we have now. We have no doubt whatsoever that this air terminal … is the right size…that it will be needed…”

    Note on quote: The Government has carried out no empirical studies on the likely future use of the Gibraltar airport. Meanwhile the Gibraltar Airport has bucked worldwide trends with flight numbers remaining almost static for twenty years, whilst the rest of Europe, including competing regional airports like Jerez and Malaga, have enjoyed huge growth in air traffic.

    “Look, let me just give you a little anecdote, this airport terminal for all that the opposition want to criticise the cost of it, is more or less the same cost as the projects that the GSLP botched up and which we are now having to fix and the cost of it Harbour Views, Westside”

    Note on quote: Didn’t a certain Nigel Pardo take the leading role of developer in the botched GSLP projects? and isn’t the same Nigel Pardo playing the leading role in the Government’s current projects including affordable housing and … the airport?

  55. This Blog has become dull and boring since the Blog meister blew a gasket on the 25th inst @21.38. It is now full of self righteous waffle once more. If you don't liven things up soon LW I propose that a more fun person should take over. What do the other contributors think?

  56. You are welcome to try and take over but its MINE ... LOL ... so put up with it or don't bother! LOL

  57. Dear Llanito World

    There is little credit in stating that Peter Caruana has spent recklessly and that Gibraltar has a public debt of over 190 million. Under the GSD regime Gibraltar's economy has grown 3 to 4 points above our EU partners. Gibraltar has a vibriant economy and all thanks to Peter Caruana and his economic policies.

    Gibraltar is now better of financially than it was in 1996. Our economy has grown 150 percentage points since where has Peter gone wrong?

    Independant Thinker

  58. Dear Independent Thinker:

    Llanito World has not said anything about the public debt. It has been said by a person who has made a comment. Llanito World has said that Peter Caruana has misspent money on the Theatre Royal and the new air terminal.

    Irrespective of the growth in the economy or that Gibraltar is financially better off, bad application of public funds is a legitimate criticism of a government.

    Your clarification is very welcome, however, thank you.

  59. To the "Anonymous" poster who reckons the blog has become "dull and boring" - this blog and it's independent thought and analysis is a hell of alot better than the controlled media to which we are subjected every day.

    At least there are elements of analysis and commentary here which don't simply accept official press releases as gospel truths. We are naturally free to agree or disagree with LW's analyses.

    Of course, should you still find the blog "dull and boring" could always leave...;)

  60. To the anonymous poster who commented on "Pedrito Caruana". 14 years is indeed a long time isnt it? in 14 years people seem to have forgotten what it was like under Mr Bossanos leadership!
    Would Gibraltar be where it is today had we spent the last 14 years under Boassano? can anyone with their hand on heart say it would!?? i doubt it. whether we like it or not Caruana has cleaned up our image internationally and at the same time given us a stable economy, and thats a fact.

  61. Here Here Maravilla, couldn't have put it better myself!

  62. I agree with El Maravilla and Paisano BUT when a politician becomes bigger than those who elect him the time has come to change him as a reminder that It is the people who govern not any single individual.

    I would imagine that Mr Bosanno has had time to reflect on what he did, reflect on the achievements of the GSD and has new blood with new ideas and perspectives on politics. What happened happened and will not be repeated.

    Also we should not sin by forgetting who laid the foundations for today's Gibraltar on which Peter Caruana has built his edifice. The real question is would Peter Caruana have achieved what he has achieved if he had taken over from Sir Joshua Hassan's Gibraltar? I doubt it, without Bossano's intervening years during which, to be fair, so much was achieved, including massive economic growth, it is doubtful that Peter Caruana would be where he is. Essentially he has continued with Bossano's economic plan but got rid of the fast launch problem, whilst the tobacco trade merrily carries on in higher quantities than ever (albeit in a less obvious manner), which can be verified by the tax received by the government from this source.

  63. i note your points Llanito World, but heres another FACT..

    the tobacco trade isnt the only matter which has continued in a less obvious manner under the present Government. Nepotism for example was a predominant feature of Mr Bossano's government, the phenomenon still occurs these days but also to a less obvious extent. and at the end of the day, isnt that the secret to good government, to not get caught red handed?

  64. Llanito World, many thanks for your opinions which I respect but do not share.

    What I do not understand is why Mr Bossano's wrongdoings are focussed on the "fast launch problem"? What about the betrayal of the Gibraltarian community evidenced by the "Kvaerner tapes" saga? What about the Europort fiasco??

    I am beginning to take on board your view that Gibraltar needs a change, but a change should always be for the better. If nothing better is to be achieved then the status quo should remain. We must strive for improvement and not change for the sake of it!!

  65. Mr. El Maravilla, isn't that called corruption? A much more insidious crime, sir?

  66. Honney Bee says...

    "...and at the end of the day, isnt that the secret to good government, to not get caught red handed?..."

    Sorry ... El Maravilla .. don`t agree with this. In a place the size of Gib it`s extremely difficult to have your finger in the pie, so to speak, and keep it under wraps.

    Another poster earlier on mentioned the situation regarding Harbour Views and how the Govt has consistently made light of the gslp`s failures. What the govt did not do, however, was to also lay some blame at the developers door, who by the way has gone on to do extremely well in the ensuing years.

  67. I am the Anonymous contributor who is dissatisied with this blog: In answer to suggestions that I should "leave": As a rule, I do find this blog dull and pedantic (with rare "flashes in the pan"). But since the Blogissimo has megalomanically appropriated the noble title "Llanito" I think it my patriotic duty to try to chivvy it up a bit in case a foreigner might chance to see it and think that all Llanitos are tedious and repetitive dullards.

  68. Hi El Maravilla:

    Tobacco occurs to a greater economic degree today than ever. I thought the GSD promised to get rid of the trade as a whole not to HIDE it and use the income to help in their economic MIRACLE!

    The Kaverner tapes involved Bossano only not the GSLP and it occurred AFTER he was in power.

    What you refer to as the Europort fiasco was not a fiasco at all. It cost Gibraltar NOTHING. It is there and LO and BEHOLD the GSD have used it for a hospital having acquired it CHEAP!

    When a Chief Minister becomes bigger than the electorate a change can only be for the better. That is where Gibraltar is with the present administration and the recent Chronic poll shows that clearly. Wait for a PANORAMA poll that will confirm this in my view ... but I may have to eat my words ... we will see.

  69. Paisano, one more thing, so long as the electorate makes its feelings known it is not the politicians that will rule it is the people of Gibraltar so change alone does serve the purpose of establishing democracy and marking a standard that politicians need to reach.

  70. There is a simple way that you can make this blog more interesting: make your own comments more interesting.

    You could also start your own blog, which, from your comment, I am sure can make more interesting than this one. Its easy just go to and follow the instructions. Once you have done it let me known. I will help you get it off the ground by posting a link to it here.

    I am sorry that you do not find this blog interesting. You have a democratic choice. you can stay or go.

    The word "Llanito" in the title is descriptive of the word "World". This means that it describes that this blog is ABOUT Gibraltar centric matters.

  71. Perhaps "El Maravilla" can answer the previous question:

    Mr. El Maravilla, isn't that called corruption? A much more insidious crime, sir?

    As for the dissatisfied anonymous:

    (a) Dull and pedantic are the debates in the House of Assembly led by the Government- so do your duty and liven them up there with your input or are surplus here.

    (b)Worry about what foreigners might think about how we deal with minorities, within a minority, e.g. Morocca workers and gays and our respect for human rights, the concrete jungle that Gibraltar has become and the benefits to some, delays on housing projects for locals, huge public debts not pursued costing the economy an estimated £5 million according to the Chamber of commerce. And, crucially, how those affected feel (a very Christian concept).

    (c) And if there is one individual who has "megalomanically appropriated [a] noble title" in Gibraltar, it is Peter Caruana and not LLanito World!

    Get lost and let us debate in peace to our heart's content - we've had enough of individuals like you in Gibraltar (I am happy to give my name and perhaps we can meet and settle matters as men used to do!!!).

    A proud Llanito like LLanito World, as many others in this blog and in Gibraltar who will stand up and be counted this time round...BEWARE THE COWARDS!

  72. Ahh corruption i hear you you seriously believe these or any Government ministers are squeaky clean??
    Look at last set of GSLP ministers to be in power. where are they now, and in particular a couple of them!?

    yet again, i rest my case.

  73. Anon 27 Apr 11.42 You mentioned the 11th Minister with more power than all the others!

    Anon 27 Apr 21.32 and 28 Apr 21.15

    You want a more fun person than our 'Blogissimo'? This is supposed to be a serious political debate.

    Anon 27 Apr 22.38

    The £191.5 m public debt I cited was as at end-Mar 2009 (audited). Probably much higher now as we'll find out (unaudited) in Parliament in an hour's time.

    Independent Thinker

    You're not the other Nigel by any chance?


    I agree that this blog is much better than any of the 'controlled media'. I think we need to make sure it keeps going for the sake of democracy and I don't agree that our Blogissimo should be replaced (at present). Let's see how he performs over the next four years before we decide whether to replace him.

    Llanito World

    Congratulations. Your blog about the media was reproduced in Panorama in its entirety this week. Let's hope other media pick up your blog too.

  74. It's incredible how brave everyone is to speak out when they can hide behind annonimity... have the courage of your convictions and stand up and be counted...what are you scared of?

  75. Why does El Maravilla equate only previous GSLP ministers with "corruption"? (I use the word "corruption" in speech marks as I would expect anyone making such an accusation to be able to back it up with irrefutable proof, of course).

    Surely, if, as he appears to insinuate, NONE of our politicians are "squeaky clean", then that would logically include those of the blue and yellow persuasion too.

    Do two wrongs make a right?

    On the nepotism point, if I am reading right, nepotism is only a bad thing when:
    (1) It's done by the GSLP.
    (2) You get caught.

    But not when:
    (1) It's done by the GSD.
    (2) You hide nepotism under a smokescreen of due process, but eventually get caught anyway.

    That kind of one-sided logic by El Maravilla is rather less than maravilloso.

  76. Hi Grammarian:

    Because I pre-empted that the attacK of anonymity was round the corner because commentors who seem to have a GSD prejudice do not answer the substance of anyhting said, I decided last night to publish who i was!

    FIND IT!

  77. Thank you for publishing your name but it wasn't really necessary. My comments about annonimity were direct more at those who are making comments and allegations (e.g. paisano,and maravilla) rather than you.

  78. Sir Julius Pons29 April 2010 at 18:14

    Llanito World,

    You removed your mask of anonymity when you decided to explain that the reason for creating this blog was that "you had 3 letters published in the Chronic in a matter of 3 or 4 months and you did not feel that you should abuse of the letters page further"!

  79. Your Anonymous contributor @23.08 responds to my dissatisfaction with this Blog by challenging me to a fight. The despicable nature of the man is that without knowing whether I might be a young person or a pensioner or even a woman he should threaten me with violence. I am a firm believer that the pen and the key board are mightier than the sword and will decline his sad invitation to brawl. I insist that this blog needs to improve its act. Constantly harping back to the issues of the last election or even the smuggling crisis and the Kvaerner tapes without confronting the issues which loom over Gibraltar today is just not good enough. Those real issues include OEM, Banco Popular, current tender procedures (not those of 15 years ago), patronage and nepotism, social decline and the dictatorship of political correctness. LW and his groupies and other assorted nutcases cannot complain about the local media if they are just as supine on this Blog.

  80. Hi Grammarian:

    Noted and thank you but perhaps you could start the trend by disclosing who you are.

    Sir Julius Pons ... I agree but for those who did not make the deduction ... or who I had not told.

    To the last Anonymous: I also disagree with violence but on the other hand your criticism of the blog is surely unjustified. You may be able to criticise some commentators, not the blogs themselves none of which harp back to the past, but the nature of free speech is that commentators can say what they please within legal boundaries... why don't you disclose who you are?

    LW has no groupies ... he does not know who the persons posting comments are! LW is dealing with issues that concern Gibraltar today.

    Your description of of people who comment here as "nutcases" can be criticised on the same ground as your complaint about the threat of violence. I suggest you up the intellectual content of your own comments so that they do not fall foul of your own criticism of others.

  81. I have absolutely no problem in disclosing who I am and will phone you tomorrow at high noon(what is your phone number?)but if this Blog is to maintain any vestige of topicality it is important that people should be free to shield behind anonymity. As far as I can remember so far only Juilo Pons and the Gomez twins have written under their own names but if everyone thought that they had to reveal their identities this Blog would wither away (even more).

  82. To the last Anonymous:

    Each one to his own. So long as I can express my views I am happy so if the followers whither away, so be it, but obviously I prefer to have readers.

    As to phoning me ... you know who I am so you can easily find me.

  83. My dear LW, sir, I think that you will find that it is "wither" without an "h." But seriously what about the issues: "OEM, Banco Popular, current tender procedures (not those of 15 years ago), patronage and nepotism, social decline....". Or are we condemned to hear only inanities uttered in hysterical tones?

  84. To the last anonymous:

    Thank you for correcting my typos, I am sincerely grateful. On your other issues why don't you start?

    What you raise is not what I want to write about. I want to write about political commentary. You are welcome to have your say on anything subject to the laws of defamation.

  85. I recommend "spell check". Anyway, if by "political commentary" you mean making fuzzy staments and general moaning noises because you are scared of being sued for libel if you start telling it how it is, you are as bad as the printed media. You are, of course free to be like because we all know the type of reprisals that you will face if you unfurl the standard of TRUTH but then cannot complain about the press.

  86. To the last anonymous for the last time:

    You have become a bore ... so carry on but your comments will be moderated out unless you start commenting on matter of substance.


  87. Honney Bee says..

    LW... I was wondering when you would be showing the "last anon" the front door. It is after all YOUR blog which entitles you to write on whatever takes your fancy.

    Looking forward to your articles on town planning and minority groups.

  88. Thank you Honey Bee, its just that I am a patient man and like to give people a chance!

    Minority groups: this weekend;

    Town planning: I need a little more time.

    Thanks for your support.

  89. To Anonymous: 29 April 2010 18:44

    Proof of the political spin masters that you, and the GSD, have become:

    (a) You do not answer to choose to side-step each and every one of those 5 paragraphs

    (b)You deflect substance by suggesting you could be a woman, young person or even a pensioner. Say what you are so that we do not wrongly assume something you might not be!

    (c) You show absolute ignorance and singular prejudice. Where is the reference to any kind of violence? You must be a man, and a silly one for that matter, to think and affirm publicly that men only settle their differences with fist fights.

    I agree with Llanito my own words: GET LOST!

    Thank you "El Maravilla" for responding so frankly.

  90. Calpetano

    Nepotism is wrong... period.... end of.

    my point is that in the GSLP era it was predominant, and blatant. my point is that by some miraculous coincidence the GSLP ministers of the day profited from being in power, they abused their positions. look at them today, with their big houses and thriving businesses. i would like to speak out, but doing so would mean that LLanito World would no doubt not publish my comments.

    to the anonymous poster who is complaining of harping back to old issues. the reason we are harping back ot old issues is beacuse the people involved in those issues are still present today!

    i recall once hearing of a dcotrine of ministerial responsibility, sadly i have never seen it in practice!

  91. Plato's Philosopher Rulers:

    I agree with Llanito World that change is necessary and due (the word certainly seems fashionable these days). It is evident that many current political party members are lacking in quiescence (translated into the Llanito dialect: ''tan empitau''). Therefore, the question begs: Who will step up to the plate and how can the right 'change' occur?

    It is interesting to read one blogger's suggestion (Gibcrier) of Gib being run by a committee (comprising Montegriffo, Vasquez, Pinna, Welsh and Levy- equipaso) however I am not buying into the excuse that it won't pass under the constitution. Where there is a will there is a way and nothing is stopping this elite of forming a party- but themselves of course (and their decision not to do so is respected).

    It is also interesting to read Llanito World's opening Plato quote that ''the price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men''. Llanito World should be praised for raising awareness and promoting discussion outside the bias of The Gibraltar chronicle (that is, what Sky News is for David Cameron) however all must concede that awareness without action doesn't cut it. Although, awareness can make action happen and it is noted that this could be the intention.

    As an observation I have noticed that the blog lacks a solution based focus. Perhaps one could concentrate on pragmatic ways of raising issues to voters and more importantly, getting the The Gibraltarian community; possibly the laziest, self interested, free loading, self-righteous melting pot ever to be amalgamated into a makeshift nation, involved. After all, blogs only get read by so many.

    In a population as small and socially inward as Gibraltar, finding or developing the right person/s to lead, act and motivate will be harder. At the same time, changing something that is not working should, in practice be easier.

    In closing, if Plato's ''philosopher rulers'' won't, then who will, and how will the will of the people be exercised?

  92. Plato says:

    Compah, I congratulate you on this excellent, indeed most excellent post. You have summarised the issue so well that this post deserves to be a 'pinup' on our desks. You quite rightly leave out the details which have already been commented on by many bloggers , and focus on the 'last common denominator'. I obviously refer to old fashioned maths and not the new style maths!

  93. Gaucho

    I have a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm at the thought that Gibraltar could be run by the list of people ("the equipaso") referred to in this blog. I had a major stand up argument this morning at the Golf Course with a guy who used to be my friend but said that the people mentioned in the list were not a breath of fresh air but a gust of stale wind coming from the lower end. Do not be discouraged but be careful that you do not end up like the PDP which didn't present a full slate. I suggest others should be approached including Georgie Bassadone, James Gaggero, the guy who manages Morrisons (whose name I cannot remember but seems like a succesful business man) and one of the chaps who run Latinos and Douglas Villalta.

  94. Estimated public debt £311m !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!