Thursday, 19 November 2015


Last night at the GFSB Picardo accosted me in bullying terms because I had dared air the issue of corruption in general terms and without pointing the finger at anyone or any group of people.  Well Picardo I have no fear of airing a subject that is so much in the public interest that it is talked about in whispers on a daily basis. 

I will talk and write about it especially when you try to bully me into not doing so. A tactic that I fail to understand why you adopt when the corruption issue features in your own party's manifesto in 2011.  You have committed to establish an anti-corruption commission. Surely you would not have made this commitment involving cost if you did not feel there is corruption in Gibraltar?

It is an issue that in the public interest needs to be debated and needs to be brought out in the open. It is not a subject that I have aired now because you have been in government. It is a subject that I wrote about in 2011. Indeed, I put forward the idea of an anti-corruption body then in the blog that I wrote in 2011 on that subject.  It was because I wrote about it that you made your manifesto commitment and then singularly failed to implement it. 

So yes, Picardo, I will say it over and over again: there is corruption in Gibraltar that needs to be stopped and you agree with me. However the right atmosphere needs to be created by having appropriate legislation to protect those who make reports that would lead to investigations, the collection of evidence and then the necessary convictions and punishment.

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