Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Reply to False Propaganda from Picardo and Isola

It has come to my attention that Fabian Picardo and Albert Isola have taken to selectively quoting from my writings in this blog to discredit me.  I make no apology for what I have written in the past, which writings were relevant at the time of writing.  What I do take objection to is that they should quote me selectively and out of context.  To do this is to give a false and propagandist twist to views and opinions expressed by me; views that were relevant at particular junctures in time and in context and many that remain relevant at this election. 

It is also cowardly to make these comments at rallies and events at which I am not present to give a reply but should I expect more from these two individuals?  I do not think so.   They act, as usual, in a cowardly manner to give a wrong picture by selectively quoting: it is par for the course from a party that believes more in spin and lies than reality.

At that time, 2010 and 2011, I was an independent thinker and writer giving my independent opinions on many issues: a member of no party trying to promote independents to have a say in politics in Gibraltar.  This was a personal crusade that did not succeed.  The main theme running through many of my writings was the need for open, transparent and fair government in Gibraltar and more democracy.  An opinion that I still stand by and which the GSD espouses at this election campaign. 

I continue to be an independent and radical thinker on the subject of open, transparent and fair government and my desire to achieve better democracy.  I will work tirelessly to achieve my objective on these fronts.  The only change is that I will do so within the GSD party.  Doing so does not mean I cannot or will not achieve my objective, shared by the GSD, to give Gibraltar more open, transparent and fair government with greater democracy.  The GSD manifesto includes important policies on this front that will take Gibraltar far.  My involvement in the GSD simply gives the achievement of these objectives greater credibility, not least, because those who know mw know that it has been my passion for 40 years.

Let us see what the GSLP promised in its 2011 Manifesto.  They promised:

"more inclusive less divisive and positive style of government". 

"We will return government to the people"

"to ensure that Ministers are servants of the people"

"a government is not elected to 'reign' over citizens"

"We do not believe that one man should be the government"

We are ..."committed to a root and branch reform of the way our democracy works ... such reform must be designed to give people a greater voice in the way government and parliament function."

We will ... "promote free speech amongst all citizens."

Well, I would ask all those who are said at the Chamber of Commerce dinner to have laughed when Picardo selectively quoted my writings out of context whether the GSLP promises have been achieved and whether the failure of the GSLP to deliver on these manifesto promise is one to be critical of the GSLP about.

All the GSLP have done is to tinker around the edges without making any fundamental changes to deliver what the GSLP promised in its 201 manifesto.  More meetings of Parliament, yes, but meetings at which lies are told and important questions are not answered, mostly on the important subject of public finances and the use of savers' money. 

I ask the members of the Chamber of Commerce whether their businesses function within a fair system, where some have access to secret loans from Credit Finance Company Limited and others do not, in a secret system where not even the method of application for a loan is known? Fair competition, indeed!

The election on Thursday is about different visions.  A vision of prudence, fairness, openness, transparency and greater democracy that is espoused by the GSD or the profligacy and opaqueness of the GSLP that will not take Gibraltar to the good place that it should be. 

The choice is simple, continue to endanger our economic stability and so our political stability with a GSLP government for short term gain and long term pain, or seek prudence with the GSD to ensure our continued political independence and economic stability for the good of ourselves and future generations.  It is about whether you want a dangerous power station in the wrong location that will be there for decades or a safe power station in the right place.  It is about a stadium in the wrong place or in the right place and many more issues.  It is about taking the right decision now or a decision that will lead to the wrong decisions that will remain with us for decades. 

It is no laughing matter!

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