Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Suspension of Blog During Election Campaign - CANCELLED!!

The main reason that I have concluded that it is best to suspend publication during the election campaign is that the primary purpose of this blog has been to stimulate new ideas in the political arena and also some debate. It is pleasing to me that many of the ideas put forward in this blog are now actively in debate in the political arena. Many have also been adopted as policy, primarily by the GSLP/Liberals but all the ideas published in this blog were available for all and any politician or political party to adopt. None were the exclusive domain of one party as against another. 

Publishing during the campaign will involve making partial value judgments on policy statements and policies of one or other party. This will result in acrimonious exchanges between persons who comment. I do not wish to participate in that divisive exercise. I will leave that to those politicians who are fighting the election. I will make one exception to the suspension of this blog, that is reserving my right to comment on any dirty or vicious campaigning, because Gibraltar really does not need that. If that sounds patronising, so be it


  1. Robert

    Is this because you have been told you can swing the electorate from one party to the other?

  2. Anonymous at 22:34

    First, no one has said anything to me.

    Second, I do not think that I have such extensive powers of persuasion :)

  3. Robert, que estas en serio? Dejate de rollo...con quien te presentas?

  4. Anonymous at 23:08

    I will NOT be standing for election. If I were to be, I would not suspend writing the blog ...

  5. Que paliza le a dado cruz hoy a Picardo. Entre este hoy y feetham ayer se lo Han cargado en tabla!

  6. Thank you for all the blogs you have published so far, they have been stimulating and informative to anyone who cares to read them. If you wish to suspend the blog for any reason it is your democratic right to do so. No one person can swing an election, but many people speaking out definitely can, which is why your blog has been seen as much more dangerous than a lone chain letter writer in the press. It has caused debate and raised issues which was sadly lacking in Gibraltar through an iron grip approach to any criticism of this Government. After the elections and assuming we do have a change of Government this blog will continue to be instrumental in keeping public debate in the open and more importantly holding politicians to account.....That is democracy!

  7. The PDP is now unofficially the satelite party of the GSD, Cruz, as usual , has no idea what he is talking about and has jumped on the Feetham bandwagon to try and score some points with Caruana.As he has NO CHANCE of getting into Parliament his views are basically irrelevant and they are just more of the same GSD music.
    What I found laughable last night on GBC was to hear the GSD
    rep, Selwyn Figueras state on various occassions in the Sacarello Debate that he did not know what the party line was on this or that.Wake up (thou its too late ) GSD , how can you subject poor young Selwyn to that grilling knowing that he knows nothing about anything and all his opinions were prefaced with an "In my opiinion" ?.
    Robert closing down thru election campaign would be an affront tp democracy!!!please reconsider.

  8. anon @ 8:59, I agree. I think that keeping this blog going during the elections would mean having to put up with very silly remarks like the one at 00:36 which only serve to keep up the GSD's pretence that they are getting anywhere in this election.

    Now, if they want to comment, they'll have to put their name forward on facebook but as they aren't allowed to, apparently, I suspect they'll all spontaneously combust at some point!

    Good for you Robert as its got to the stage that instead of giving anybody against the GSD anonymity to comment free of reprisals from the GSD, you are giving the GSD itself anonymity to comment free of reprisals from the GSD! LOL

  9. mira por donde, I am going to catch-up on my reading, cross-stitch and Christmas baking!

  10. Thanks Robert for the Blog.It has been great to read and feel the general mood of the electorate.
    To Chici @00.36
    Para que Cruz o Feetham le de una paliza a Picardo ,it should be cara a cara , not in an interview ,donde Picardo cannot answer back,
    What is inreadible is the on going Ambulance saga ,COVERUP included.

    Rock Ape!

  11. What have you heard that we haven't? Why are you already talking about cancelling the blog during the election campaign when the elections haven't been called yet? PLASE don't abandon us yet.....

    Feeling insecure!

  12. The Aznar PP lost the elections because of the bomb the GSD will loose the elections,amogst other things , because of the Ambulances...ironic really that one spends £80 million doing a Hospital but forgets to have perfect ambulance to ferry the patients in, its like buying a beautiful expensive car and forgetting to put petrol in, it just won't work!.What I find very worrying is the GHA correcting and back dating minutes , who is doing this? on whose orders? need for an enquiry on this one!.

  13. TO ROCK APE!
    Porque hay que darle la paliza a picardo cara a cara? If what you say is correct then we can ignore 'any and every paliza' Picardo may give by way of the press, unless HE is cara a cara! SO its a stupid comment to make im sorry!

    Picardo got caught and quite rightly as Cruz said and Feetham said, he didnt have the muscle to simply admit he hadnt dont his homework... Had been humble enough to do so, none of this farce would have spiralled in this way, and he also wouldnt have made these ridiculous new policies for independent commissions bla bla bla which would have cost US money so that picardo would dodge the bullet -which he shot at himself!

    Am sorry, i was about to be swung in GSLP direction, i myself have had enough of the righteous PRC pero para esto, me quedo con el CHief! y eso que no le puedo ver, pero this last chapter in Picardo modus operendai is just too dangerous and risky for GIbraltar!

  14. Yes, please don't leave us alone, you're the only outlet to our real opinions - and a bit like Carl Marx used to say of psychiatrists, (they're) the last person you talk to before you talk to yourself!

  15. Kaelan Joyce said:

    Selwyn Figueras did not comeout well last night on GBC. Furthermore he stated on numerous occasions that he was not speaking on behalf of the GSD. Selwyn's a nice enough guy but what was he doing there then? From my perspective it seemed like he was more concerned about annoying a leader than voicing any opinions as such. Faller and Howitt were particularly impressive and Cortes was sharp and assertive as always. Kudos to GBC for airing something worth watching. :) Ps - RV you seriously closing down the Blog prior to the elections? lol K

  16. anon @ 13:55 its very easy to say anything and sound indignant when all you have is a reporter in front of you who, when he finally asks you a pushy question, and you don't answer but instead go off at a tangent (como buen abagados), he doesn't press you forcefully enough to get a straight answer.

    Both Feetham and Cruz have come out con coraje, questioning Picardo's ability to lead, and yet when Cruz was pressed about whether bonafide investors would indeed welcome such an entity in Gibraltar so that we are seen to be, just as much as we are, clean, he goes on about how Gibraltarians should feel insulted. Sadly he wasn't pressed for a direct answer and allowed to avoid answering the question.

    Today at lunchtime, the Easy Jet guy was told about the Opposition's comment with reference to the increase of flights up to the same level as summer 2009, as they hadn't done so for the last 2 years, and instead of answering that question, he went off to talk about the airport building being a necessity, and yet, he wasn't pressed to answer the question directly either. His avoidance was also allowed.

    Que estamos shalao aqui? Mira como el PDP no sale con coraje con lo de la ambulancia, holding out just in case they can team up with the GSD in a coalition perhaps? Maybe its what they need para que Caruana haga incaje de bolillos con ellos and gobbles them up like he did the labour party!

  17. to anon 13:55
    Lets not forget PRC being caught out in spain advocating for an Andorra solution. now that is serious.......
    If the Picardo Oversight is enough to swing your vote back to the GSD I don`t think you were serious enough to vote GSLP...
    I belive we should read all the manifestos listen to all the debates and look to the future.

    Rock Ape!

  18. Anon@15:42

    Whatever you may say, the fact still remains that Mr Picardo, a lawyer, who aspires to lead as CM appeared to have been unaware of Part 24 of the Crimes Act 2011.


  19. But how can you vote for a leader who tries to cover up a school boy error on the bribery act by committing himself to spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a nonsense! To what extreme will he go he makes another bigger mistake or worse hide mistakes made in the past?

  20. Sorry to see this decision. At least you moderate your blog. Panorama allows any comment and only reacts after a complaint. That is a libel claim waiting to happen because they know their site will be misused by both sides and do nothing about it.

  21. Have you been "leaned" on Robert?
    Who has been threatening you?
    Were threats also responsible for you not standing for election? ...What has Gibraltar come to?!?!?!
    Your loyal readers will come to your assistance, in spirit if not in any other way as we in Gibraltar always are with people who are willing to stick their heads over the parapet and receive a resounding slap in the face.
    You should not feel that you are alone..

  22. Anon 17:14
    venga hombre Fabian had just come back from his honeymooon!
    Ya sabe un poco jet lagged y cansadito.
    What about the Theatre Royal? que va por £15 million?.....for a big hole......oh and the tunel del tiempo!
    Is that guy Cruz the same guy who had never been to Laguna Estate? del pueblo!

  23. Anon@17:23

    Talking about Panorama.

    I browsed the Panorama archive for October 2010 and guess what? There were only 5 press releases by the PDP and only 3 from the GSLP/Libs feebly attacking the GSD Government.

    I find it difficult to understand why the tax payers have been paying for an Opposition for so many years only to see their revival during the advent of an election.

  24. RV,

    I have to say on behalf of BoB that not only has this blog been informative but on occasions very educational. Your insight into certain topics has been largely appreciated not only by your followers but also by those in the political sphere who have found your concerns worthy of note.

    It is regrettable that you should consider suspending this ground breaking, innovative and discursive outlet. It would certainly not be surprising if other blogs spring up following your "temporary closure".

    Yet your temporary closure is all very baffling. Your own reasons, does not match up to the vigorous and often vociferous and controlled outrage that you brought to your blog. Surprisingly you mention in your explanation that you do not want to “participate in that divisive exercise” that will emerge during the election campaign!

    I thought that we were all participating in this exercise anyway, so why the change of heart!

    All this is very strange and the cynic in me suspects that something is on the cards. But the most worrying thought that creeps into my mind is that you are content that LW (and the purpose you had set out) has succeeded where others have failed.

    For that you have to be applauded however to abandon us now in the midst of battle is unforgiveable. What general worth his salt abandons his soldiers to fight the final battle?

    All this is very strange indeed….

    But as you say and are fond of reminding us, this is your blog and free to do what you please. So true, but by doing so you have curtailed a revolution and have stopped progress in motion. You have clearly tired of us, our mindless bickering and simply moved on.

    My evenings will not be the same!!

  25. The opposition has not been able to do anything but look to the next election because we have a government that is not accountable, doesn't answer questions and dismisses everything as a figment of the imagination.

    Does anyone remember when the ombudsman was overwhelmed by complaints of the GHA what the government did? Remove the ombudsman - end of complaints!!!! and now the GHA minister changes minutes of meetings!!

    This government does what it likes, the opposition is powerless.

    Change please.

  26. disciple x, facebook not your scene?

  27. Extra read all about it: Danny F to lead GSD in opposition. Peter C to go back into private practice and demand a knighthood. Joe Holliday to head chamber of commerce again. This is a 100% prediction. The more fool you RV if you do not publish it.

  28. Everybody:

    I have not been "leaned" on .... that is impossible, I assure you.

    I am not standing for election.

    I have given my reason for suspending: it is the true reason!

    It is difficult enough to moderate comments when there is no election it will be even more difficult during the election.

    In light of the reaction that I have had both here and in person I WILL NOT SUSPEND THE BLOG!

    However, I will be brutal moderating party biased comments ... OK?

  29. There you go you have spoken like a true democrat,I have no idea how you are going to keep the peace between the two camps but I certainly wish you the very best of british luck.

  30. te va a volve shalao LOL

  31. For many months there are readers of this blog who support one camp or the other and highlight negatively issues against the opposite camp. Perhaps you last article should be one which asks the readership to spell out what do we expect of the next government. In theory both camps should be saying the same thing.

    Feel free to edit.

  32. I really have no idea what the PDP stand for, all I see is Azzopardi and Cruz rubber stamping all of the GSD attacks on the GSLP why dont they just join the GSD.Now would be a good time to make advances to deparate Peter/Danny as the writing is on the wall and any support they can get now will ensure that the approaching landslide GSLP victory is somewhat cushioned.

  33. The constitution yes, no, yes, vote your conscience ; parliamentary reform Picardo comes out saying he will make it a central tenet of his leadership and he does a u turn; the age of consent the GSLP favour equalisation and then bottle it because they don't want to upset anyone; bribery act Picardo doesnt know what he is talking about and then tries to hide his mistake by committing to spend 100,000s of pounds and tarnish our reputation in the process; public debt picardo doesnt even know what the legal borrowing limits are and misleads gib with podcast. Is this the guy you want as CM?

  34. The reality is that if PRC were more of a people person the GSD would win by a landslide.

  35. Hey what about the allegation by j netto in his press on that J Hernandez was interviewing children in care at GSLP headquarters?

  36. RV,

    Anon 22:10

    Why facebook and in what group?

    My road to Damascus experience:-

    "...and suddenly there shone around me a light of LW, and I fell upon the earth and heard a voice saying unto me, "come follow me"...

    And I did.... Not that I agree with everything that is written or said but what the heck...its entertaining and educational at the same time. and a great platform to be on.

    So...what does Facebook offer????

  37. if the PDP was serious about Government or Opposition, then it would not be ganging up with the GSD against the GSLP/Libs.

    I'll explain... If after 4 election defeats the GSLP/Libs are still going strong, then we can safely assume they are here to stay, as the first, second or even the third party.

    The GSD could be facing an election defeat very soon; how long will they last as the 2nd party before they all get bored and move on? The truth is, we don't know.

    If the PDP want 'in' then their best chance is to out-manoeuvre the GSD. To remain as the third party at this election, but work hard for the next 4 years to steal the second party title from them in four years time, then in Opposition work hard to get into Government at the following election.

    So in 3 elections time, we could be seeing a PDP Government, or not for that matter but it certainly could be possible.

    When I see them siding with the GSD, it makes me think that either they are not realistic enough to see that the GSD is on its way out or they would like to remain on good terms with the GSD.

    This could only be to keep the coalition or merger doors open.

    The PDP has a well-organised Executive who take their roles very seriously and I would hazard a guess that the majority there favour my first scenario but I think the deputy, for certain, and maybe even the leader, have a totaly different agenda to the rest of them and secretly favour the latter.

  38. disciple x, at the time I asked, Robert was still hell-bent on suspending the blog. My question to you merely asked if Facebook was your scene as, failing this blog, you could always join in and comment on facebook.

  39. RV

    Anon 23:51

    Divorced couples have been known to reconcile and remarry...

    In fact the Libs openly and publicly tore up the GSLP manifesto and yet look at them now, completely unseparable (at least in public).

    Politicians are complex beasts and nothing deters them in their quest for power in order to carry out change - hopefully for the public good.

  40. Do I detect the GSLP worried?

  41. I really think that Azzopardi should reconsider the involvement of Cruz in the party.Cruz comes accross as very arrogant and lacks substance whenever he makes a contribution, difficult as it would be Azzopardi would need to surround himself with more humble/sharp/elocuent people if he really wants to get into parliament.
    I cannot see the elections going the coalition way it really is going to be brutal event to the finishing line and as the word in the street is that the GSLP have got it this time round the block vote is again going to rear its ugly head and the only people who are going to vote for the PDP are ex-GSD supporters who just cannot stand the thought of voting for the GSLP.The biggest looser in a PDP lineup is going to be the GSD.

  42. RV,

    Anon 23:55

    We are happy to be a disciples of BoB - Brotherhood of Bloggers - substitute Bloggers for Bob (as in short for Robert) if you so wish :)

    However you still do not divulge what Facebook Group to join?

  43. If the last few polls were anything to go by, the GSLP have very little to worry about.

    speaking of polls, what happened to the 7days poll? was it ever published?

  44. This bribery thing must have really rattled the GSLP from the nature of the counter attack!

  45. disciple x, i meant facebook in general. If however, you want a recommendation for a group, I suggest you do as most people and join them all!

  46. RV,

    The issue of polls continues to crop up in this blog.

    The elusive 7 Days poll even if published is at this stage almost irrelevent. Maybe if it was, it will most probably indicate what most other polls indicated back then. Why the reassurance?

    Carrying out polls every other week is a bit like examining pupils every other week. It does not make the pupils any wiser!

  47. The GSLP is well versed on violent and vitriolic counter attacks, I'm sure that at this stage, they take them easily in their stride.

  48. RV,

    Anon: 00:19

    What groups....join them all? Do they have a competent moderator?

    Political groups or independent groups? Please name me a few.

  49. disciple x, that may be so, but wouldn't you like to know the result and why they haven't published it? Obviously somebody didn't like the result.

  50. Anon 00:32, it's particularly damning because there were so many GSD fanatics here and elsewhere who were attacking the Vox for supposedly withholding "unfavourable" poll results.

    Needless to say, this was not the case (well, they were unfavourable in the eyes of GSD supporters I suppose).

  51. I really do think that the definitive Panorama Poll will predict a landslide victory for the GSLP in the region of 65 or even 70 % sorrry but that is the word in the street.Even if it is wrong by 10% the GSLP get in hands down.

  52. I can't understand what the PDP is doing coming over all luvey-duvey with the GSD - it's like schoolkids! First they're all against the GSD and the awful things they've done, now it's the GSLP/Libs who are the 'bad guys' - and they don't een have a single member in Parliament yet! How can they think they'll attract any votes if nobody can understand what they stand for (other than wanting to get into Parliament attached to the GSD coat tails). Someone who wants the GSD to get back in will vote for them, and anybody who wants the GSLP in will vote for them - in the meantime, anybody who REALLY doesn't want the GSD in is not going to vote for party that is 'cosing' up to them, and, as I said those that don't want the GSLP will vote for the GSD as the two parties are the only real altarnatives. In the meantime, by attaching themselves to the GSD what they are doing is losing the possibility of at least getting someone of the party into the opposition and preparing for the elections 4 years down the road.

  53. Disciple x there are so many groups, it all depends on your personal taste.

    For Political issues, try Gibraltar Politics, Speak Freely and the newly formed Gibraltar Elections 2011.

    For environmental and social issues, try Wake Up Gibraltar, talk about town, gibraltar facebook, gibraltar bus service comments.

    For plotting and planning try the Gibraltar Social Democrats closed group, the stuff leaked out of this one is usually quite incredible!

    Take your pick!

  54. Robert now that you have changed your mind change it again and stand for parliament. Neither big party will have you but after Nicky Cruz horrific performance the PDP desperatly needs someone to lend wieght to Keith. Or you can get the Independents for Reform restarted I am sure that there are dozens of people who would join you and they cannot all be worse than Cruz, Selwyn and Rafael.

  55. RV,

    Anon: 00:32

    Not particularly interested. If the newspaper refuses to divulge the results of the poll (if ever there was one or unless it was botched up) that is up to them.

    If the poll was counted and they have not wanted to publish, "po mas tonto ellos" for having done all that work for nothing.

    As I always say the final one is the real one.

    But lets put it the other way round. Suppose that the GSD won the final election and the 7 Day newspaper then went ahead and published its poll in which it had put the GSD ahead back when it everyone else had put the GSLP ahead, would it then matter or would the cynics scream "mentira"...

    Hence why I am not concerned either way.

  56. Robert, I may have missed it, but did you give us your opinion on the Bribery and Corruption Commission? Do you think it is a bad idea and will have horrific consequences for Gib's reputation?
    Personally, I would be quite reassured to see such an authority in place in a jurisdiction I wanted to do serious business with.It would send the message that such acts will not be tolerated and all business is totally above board.

  57. disciple X, "Suppose that the GSD won the final election"... wishful thinking perhaps?

  58. DiscipleX but that's the whole point of a poll.

    As the dictionary puts it: "An assessment of public opinion obtained by questioning a representative sample."

    If the 7days have polled a representative sample who have deemed the GSD to win, then why hide the figures, unless, that is, because the sample they have polled is not exactly representative, in which case they only cheat themselves.

    If, on the other hand, they have polled a representative sample and its resulted in a GSD loss, not publishing the results only affirms and proves they are nothing more than a party rag, in which case, and in the interests of fairness and transparency, Government should then review its current advertising rules.

  59. Undoubtedly there is only one poll that counts ......the General Elections......

    As for 7days they are not worth the paper they are written on.lets not waste time commenting on it.

    Glad to see you have reconsidered Robert.

    Rock Ape!

  60. Dear Robert, I am pleased that you have cancelled the suspension of Llanito World. Llanito World has brought much needed vigour to our Gibraltarian public information sector which had become sclerotic. It is amusing to see how the poltical elite (young and old)has so far been unable to respond to the free and sometimes unforgiving expression of the public's views. I have often thought that for some reason people attracted to politics think that that the rest of us are simple minded and can be pleased with gimmicks, propaganda and platitudes. LW and similar blogs have caught the polticians off side and the next generation of leaders will have to be much more astute and respectful of the people if they are going to avoid criticism and mockery. LW is a manifestation of the "Gibraltarian Spring".

  61. "Government should then review its current advertising rules".....????

    How naive....

    The 7 Days was put on this earth to do exactly what it is doing- to profligate as much vile on Picardo as even the Chronicle wouldnt publish.

    All well and good if someone in the GSD was putting his/her hand in his/her pocket and financing the organ.

    But if you glance through the 7 Days, you will notice page after page after page of Government advertising.

    So it's not the GSD financing the 7 Days- it's all of us, with our public money. Badly needed public funds being used to finance the weekly anti-Picardo tirade.

    This is probably the most outrageous thing the GSD have done in Government. Seriously.

  62. Que pesao con el 7 days poll. Y el poll del Vox que tardo forever to be published because according to a little birdie it was pro GSD.

  63. Is Picardo the Kinnock of Gib politics about to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory for his party. Remember 1992 and the hapless mistakes?

  64. RV,

    Anon 18:21

    Thank you for its definition. But for the purposes of my argument it is not necessary, however I see the point you are trying to make but I am perplexed by it.

    Rubbishing the 7 Days as a rag magazine for failing to publish the results of a poll may appear unprofessional but surely to deny it advertising rights is taking it slightly to an extreme.

    The corollary of your statement would be that if they published the results, they are entitled to advertising rights and no longer considered a rag mag!

    As I said before if they do not wish to publish the results of the work they have put into it “mas tonto ellos”. My question with all due respect is whether it would make a difference at this moment in time?

  65. RV

    Anon 17:58

    “Wishful thinking perhaps”…. Not at all.

    My wish is that Gibraltar moves forward with whoever the electorate chooses. My concerns are diverse and I have commented on these previously.

    Perhaps a topic worth discussing is what exactly people expect, want and desire rather than lambasting the brave people putting themselves forward to carry them out.

    Just a thought….

  66. RV,

    Just heard the following which I felt I should share:

    "Politicians are really nice guys but sooner or later they will let you down"...

  67. anon @ 19:47, naive indeed lol read my post well and you'll see that we happen to agree!

    If the 7days refuse to publish the results of the poll because they favour a GSD LOSS, then it proves what we all know to be true but is ignored by Government, that it IS a political rag, and the Government, if it was fair, should STOP advertising its notices in it in the same was as it refuses to do so in the New People.

    Disciple X, I suppose that the 7days is so blatantly a rag, that only the party faithful take it seriously so if it printed a negative result for the GSLP, everybody else would say it was rigged. Incredibly though it continues to receive advertising from Government notices, which it most certainly does not merit at all.

  68. When we pay for adverts in the Panorama are we not paying for David Eade, the man who is obsessed with Caruana and Feetham and is retained by the GSLP to vet their press releases from GSLP headquarters?

  69. Peter

    There is simply no comparison. Any independant minded individual knows there is a differene between a party rag (7 Days) and a commercially run newspaper (Panorama) exercising its right of free speech. That a newspaper has a political leaning is not inusual i.e.the Guardian in UK is left leanimg whilst the Telegraph is right leaning. 7 Days is not a newspaper it is a GSD propaganda sheet pure and simple.

  70. Robert

    If you believe that the 7Days is not a newspaper but a GSD propaganda sheet take a look at their archived issues during October 2010.

    There wasn't a single mention, whether positive or negative, of the Opposition in any of the issues. You will find, instead, a series of articles such as you would find in any other local newspaper.

    I can only surmise that the reason that there was no mention of the GSLP/Libs is because it was dormant at that time.

  71. Perhaps they wanted to keep the filth closer to election time?

  72. RV,

    In response to Mr.Gomez...I totally agree.

    Just watched the new movie "The Ides of March" (to do with the election campaign in the US)and it is interesting to note campaign helpers scouring the blogs and forums to check out what is being said...

  73. Nonsense Robert. Joe Garcia led the GNP. His son works for the business and leads the Liberals. Their editorial is vitriolic anti GSD. One of it's lead writers (David Eade) is RETAINED by the GSLP to help with their press releases.

  74. Robert

    I have looked everywhere, not a dicky-bird on the economy from the GSLP/Libs.

    It's the Economy, stupid.

  75. Anon 12:49

    Does the 7 Days publish any letters written by members of the opposition? No.

    Does the Panorama publish any letters written by ANY member of parliament? Yes.

    The fact that the 7 Days is frowned upon by even some of the most fanatical of GSD supporters is very telling.

  76. RV,

    Sitting alone in my monastic room, it has just occurred to me, that this new commission to oversee the bribery and corruption ( perhaps even include thought-crime) back dated to 1988 could be styled the “Ministry of Truth”.

    Now that would be a first!

    But then again that would seem that we would be taking a page out of Blair’s book 1984 and would be sending out alarming signals to the public.

    Chapter 2

    "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened-that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."

    Would they be trying then to whitewash the past?

    No, certainly not …that’s me being a cynic again and I do not want to be that. But the plot thickens when I begin to recall that the central character in the book is called Winston. Now that is coincidence!

    RV, I know this is all heretic hogwash but I just wonder whether 1984 is being played out in 2011 :)

    Please be gentle with

  77. I saw Gerardo when I bought some lottery this week and asked him about the opposition press releases. He said the opposition do not send him any!

  78. RV,


    Could that be a valid explaination? IMHO, no. But that is my opinion. A journalist looks for the information and does not wait for it to fall on his lap.

    Mind you this reminds me of the time when DF (Minister for Justice)was shunned by the opposition at question time. They completely ignored him and no questions were put to him!!...

    Those not attuned to Parliament on the radio/internet will not have noticed or realised this childish ploy.

    ...I hope for the benefit of the electorate at large, that the opposition will have outgrown these silly tactics and finally resort to a more mature approach...The people, at the very least deserve it.

  79. Have just heard that the Gibraltar Airport is being named The Alamo International Airport because it is Caruana's last stand.

  80. I think that Gerardo or whatever his name is better start looking for a real job because the chances of 7 Days surviving without Govt Notices are nil.It really is a disgrace to the GSD that they have gone so far financing a Party Newspaper from the Govt coffers.
    Questions in the formal enquiry that should be called are:
    Who in Govt approved the spending in advertising for this newspaper?
    On what criteria?
    Who benefitted from the Govt cheques paid for the advertising?

    Etc Etc...the incoming GSLP Govt should pass legislation regulating this area of the law because the man in the street is disgusted with the 7 Days story.

  81. Sad thing is that PRC has done many great things but he has been let down by 2 or 3 people close to him. He probably doesn't even realise the poor guy and we cant say it on this blog because although true what we would say is libelleous.

  82. Anon 19:02

    Que Geraldo el Spanish National and 7 Days Editor? Ese?

    Anon 21:12

    The shiny new airport is no joke, it will incidentally give Spain the biggest foothold they have had in our land in over 200 years.


  83. Anon @ 22:27

    Please don't underestimate PRC, he has always
    been and is in full control

  84. Anon at 22.27 is right but is Peter Caruana really so ignorant of the things that everyone knows about but which the threat of libel proceedings if not the law itself stop LW from publishing? In this Peter has shown a monumental lack of judgment which has been the catalyst for his imminent and undignified departure from office. I am no GSD supporter but I think that Peter should talk to Daniel Feetham or even phone Robert Vasquez and confidentially ask what people are saying about his administration. It is too late for Peter to do anything, millions have already been lost and gained but at least he will understand his lack of popularity.

  85. Mr Joyce@01:13

    This is the second time that you refer to Spanish Nationals in derogatory terms. The first time it was edited out by Mr Vasquez as soon as he noticed it.

    The Spanish Government agreed to joint use of an air terminal on land which they have always insisted is theirs. They have admitted the legitimacy of a building on the isthmus. Hardly a foothold on our land.

    I you are worried about the Spanish threat the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act is much more dangerous given that in the UK everyone can make a request for information – there are no restrictions on your age, nationality, or where you live.

    Consider the consequences if a request for information by any agent of the Spanish Government were to be denied.

  86. We are not stupid30 October 2011 at 09:28


  87. Anonymous at 09:25

    You are scaremongering. Even in UK there are national security considerations so the Freedom of Information Act has appropriate safeguards. Even the USA has similar laws and they paranoid about secusity. So please desist from talking so much rubbish.

  88. someone's worried about the freedom of information act!

  89. anon @ 22:27 to say that 'PRC has been let down by by 2 or 3 people close to him' infers he has lost control over what is going on around him.

  90. Robert@09:55

    Under which Harm-based Exemption would you decline a request from an agent of the Spanish Government?

    Prejudice defence or the capability, effectiveness or security of any relevant force?


    Prejudice international relations?

    Neither the USA nor the UK are threatened by a foreign nation that wants to impose its sovereignty over their territories.

    Rubbish? Just tell me the main exemptions that you would include.

  91. The GSD/Caruana record on Spain is terrible, we have, for the first time in over 300 years of british sovereignty:

    LOST PART OF OUR SOVERIEGN WATERS TO SPAIN DUE TO THE EU DIREcTIVE,blame the F & C Office but it was passed during the Caruana watch,

    GRANTED SPAIN A FOOTHOLD IN THE AIRPORT,again negotiated and passed by Caruana,


    It could not be any worse could it? So much for being able to deal with Spain.Then to top it all up Caruana goes to Algeciras to meet the Mayor of Algeciras and therefore reduces his status to that of a Mayor of Gibraltar....Julio Alcantara, our Mayor should have gone to the Games not Gibraltar's Chief Minister or was Zapatero, the King of Morrocco etc all there, I dont think so the meeting in Algeciras was a political stunt that gave us nothing but reduced the Office of the Chief Minister to that of a Mayor of the Campo!.Wake up those of you in Gib who are still sleeping.

  92. Would any of the lawyers who contribute to llanito world be able to tell me whether under the freedom of info Act I can find out a. how much this government has paid to consultants b. what qualifications each of the consultants has c. whether the consultancy contracts went to tender d. who prepared the tenders? e. who prepared the contracts? f. who were the other tenderers and (i) what were their qualifications and (ii) how much did they offer g. the reasons why alternative tenderers for consultancy services were rejected. h. can I see copies of the consultancy agreements to make sure that the interests of the taxpayer was protected? and i. whether the consultancy agreements contained penalty clause to cover the government if the consultants ballsed up j. have a penalty clause been implemented and k. if not why not? l. has the appointmant of tenderers been compliant with EU legislation? m. who was resposible for appointmant of sub-consultants and where sub-consultancy fees were much lower than those charged by the main consultant whar is the difference and had it been justified? n. have consultants been involved in the award of contracts to third parties? o. who costed contract sums? p. on what basis were contracts awarded? q. in how many cases did the lowest tenderer for works not get a contract? r. why not? s. has the performance of consul;tants been independently assessed e.g. by the Principal auditor? t. if not why not? u. Most conttracts have been either grossly delayed or been more expensive, some contarctors eg OEM and Brues have had to be replaced. Has the government launched inquiries to find out who was at fault? v. If not why not? w. If so who carried out the inquiries? x. what did they report....

  93. The fact that we might need have needed an airport of this grand scale is arguably justifiable.

    What is inexcusable in my opinion is the fact that there was a mad rush to complete it before the election at the expense of other projects of comparatively more importance.

  94. anon @ 11:51 not only the airport but the patio chico car park, the mid-harbours housing estate, the roundabout in Queensway, the new forest around that roundabout, devil's tower road, Europa Point, the nursery which needs to move to start off mid-town.

    All this has been part of a mad-rush conducted by this government in the last six months.

    No wonder their 15th anniversary booklet wasn't printed around the 15th anniversary in May, there would have been a lot missing then.

  95. Anon@12:26

    You are absolutely right it's all about swings and roundabouts:)

    What do you mean, though, when you say that a nursery needs to move to start off mid-town.

    Express yourself.

  96. funny you should mention the nursery anon@12:26. I've too have noticed this and asked myself, why the rush and why so many workers needed?

    Is the old NAAFI in Queensway dangerous? or is it, as you state, a case of wanting to move them out as soon as possible so the initial works on the Midtown development can get started before the election is called.

  97. Just a minor issue....anyone realised that the new parking at Ragged Staff gates is always empty?

    My humble opinion is that this area could have been put to better use by using it for mixed purpose i.e. some parking bays and green area.

    Alternatively, the depth of the wall could have been used so create two levels. Bottom parking and top recreational.

    Another point is that the old arsenal has been used for motorcycle parking????!!! This is ridiculous.

  98. 1000 + workers at the airport in a mad rush, working over night to finnish the project in time for the election. There are so many workers they literally stumbling over eachother. No gain for Gibraltar most of the pay checks taken directly over to Spain they don't even buy a sun top in gib.
    Shame on the Govt, what a waste of money, our money

  99. Anon@10:35

    What about the Espejo Publico stunt by the Leader and another member of the opposition. Wake up, remember? February 2009.

    What did we get in return? The final comment by the presenter-Can't the Spanish Government do anything about this.

  100. I see that the GSLP has joined the Christian socialist international.Christianity it would seem is back in vogue and in Gibraltar politics we can now say that we "do religion." Todate only Charles Gomez had come up with a religious dimension to politics and he defines his agenda as Christian democratic. Was it the then latent Christianity of the GSLP that made them vote against the equalisation of the age of consent in 2009? Now that the atheist Joe Bossano who to the best of my knowledge has not had a conversion a la Fidel Castro is no longer leader can we expect more Christian influence in law making when the GSLP get their expected majority?

  101. anon @ 14:02, I think anon @ 14:27 has answered my question but i will 'express' myself anyway.

    The nursery currently housed at the old naafi in queensway (next to the old fleet pavilion) is moving/has moved to the old MOD bowling alley in Commonwealth Carpark (the building south of the Department of Education along Queensway)

    The new premises for the nursery has been refurbished by the Government and over the last few weeks has seen an huge influx in workers to finish the project.

    So what's the rush? Surely the nursery cannot be insisting if the work is been done for them so it leads me to think that the need and hurry lies in wanting them out of where they are, but for what reason? Seeing as the Mid-town development will be going up there, the start of this project can be the only explanation.

  102. Will PRC rush the project adjacent to Bayside school in marina bay road in line with all other projects before anouncing elections? Months have gone by since the last academic year and we still have to put up with all the dust and noise!!!!!.........btw no picture of this in the glossy gsd handout!

  103. A little bird has just informed me that the 7 Days newspaper did not publish the press statement on behalf on the City Fire Brigade firefighters because it was not signed .

    Sr Geraldo ....ya que no hablas el ingles .....a quien quieres enganar????

    Rock Ape!

  104. Anon 09:25

    Derogatory in what way? My comments are there for all to see.

    Furthermore RV has done no such thing.

    Que dise tu? lololol

    Please feel free to enlighten as your comments do perplex.


  105. RV,


    a derogatory remark:

    "tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing; disparaging; depreciatory"

    Note the fact that your comment is there to see does not make it any less derogatory :)

    Just thought I'd make this minor observation.

  106. Thanks Disciple X@13:38 for saving me the trouble.


  107. by the way, chaps, defining the phrase 'a derogatory remark' does not exactly explain what is derogatory about Kaelan's comment 'Que Geraldo el Spanish National and 7 Days Editor?'.

    Is he not a Spanish National? Is he not the editor of the 7 Days?

    Had he said 'el sloppy ese whom we are all expected to believe edits the 7Days despite not being able to read, speak or write in English', then maybe we can reprimand our Kaelan for 'a derogatory remark' at least on the 'sloppy' bit.

    But other than that, referring to a Spanish National as a Spanish National is not exactly derogatory,now is it?

    I suppose its easier to deviate from the issue at hand by using that age-old GSD tactic of ridicule or personally attack when little substance is available for argument.

    Just thought I'd make this minor observation too.

  108. Robert

    I think you ought to get a grip on this sort of Anon@17:48 comment.

    I believe that you understand where we are all coming from, the issue at hand after all is:-

    Suspension of Blog During Election Campaign - CANCELLED!!

    Please explain to this merchant why Mr Joyce's references to Spanish Nationals are derogatory.

  109. Anon@17:48

    He might be your Kaelan but he is certainly not mine.

  110. 'merchant'? hilarious, now please explain why the description 'Spanish National' is derogatory unless you think that being a Spanish National is beneath you.


  111. RV,

    Anon 17:48

    My point was not that K was being derogatory or not. I was simply pointing out that because he said that his comment was there to be seen that it was therefore not derogatory. Illogical in my view.

    My apologies if my point was not too clear but I would suggest that comments are carefully worded so that misunderstandings do not occur :)

    By the way I am a neutral on my own mission.

  112. RV,

    Anon 22:05

    K may not be "yours" but at this rate he may become "our" Minister or relative to Minister...

    JK :)

  113. Disciple X

    Afu, que delica estan la gente lol

    Claro por que el 7 days isn't derogatory at all is it now?

    Just thought I'd make this minor observation :)


  114. RV

    Anon 17:48

    Very clever use of spin to actually say what one did not say in order to say what he purported to say and still stay behind the legal boundary.

    RV, this is amazing stuff....I am so enjoying this I may even miss out on my prayers tonight..

  115. Thank you Anon 17:48 :)

    Anon 22:05 ahora no pelearse eh! Ay Kaelan pa todos :) lololol


  116. Mr Vazquez, Sir, anon @ 22:05 is being derogatory to Kaelan ;O)

  117. RV,


    For the record, I thought your comment may not have been derogatory per se, but your tone and intention left a lot to be desired.

    Pero como eso no vale ...unless someone knows better..

  118. Anon 23:54

    Here here!

    How dare they!

    I feel very offended, or maybe :)


  119. RV,


    No need to be offended nor even think so. You do however discredit yourself by implying so!

  120. Robert , moderate these two ante que se convierta el blog en en patio vecino.
    Lets get serious!

    Rock ape!

  121. Disciple X

    Yes yes :)

    Spot on Rock Ape! Me callo ya :)


  122. Here are some snippets taken from the GSLP 2007 election manifesto. I can't wait for the 2011 version. Notice how Mr Bossano set the Standard Rate of Income Tax at 40% when he meant to say that 40% was the Upper Marginal Rate. He didn't say how much the equalisation of state pension would cost. But then, of course, expanding the economy by 50% in four years is so easy.

    *In government we will pay pensions to men and
    women at age 60.

    *Company Tax Down to 8% by 2011/12

    *The standard rate will be progressively reduced to 18% in July 2011 as follows:
    07/08 - 40%
    08/09 - 30%
    09/10 - 25%
    10/11 - 20%
    11/12 - 18%

    *The economic growth which we project of 50% in four years is, in my estimation, easily attainable.