Sunday, 23 October 2011

Glossy Propaganda and Social Issues

This is the week that the GSD governing party published its booklet "Celebrating 15 years of success for Gibraltar". The timing of its publication must raise eyebrows. It is not illegal but its timing certainly smacks of sharp practice. The only person who knows with exactitude the date of the impending General Election is the Chief Minister. It is his party who makes this publication available on the eve of it being called.

Timing it in this manner very adeptly sidesteps the rather archaic rule that any expenditure incurred prior to 30 days before the election does not fall to be calculated within the limits imposed on candidates by the Parliament Act. A reading of section 14(2) is also indicative that, if any expenditure is incurred on materials and services before the prescribed period, then it is not to be taken into account, even if used within the prescribed period (although this depends on the interpretation of the word "expenditure" and "incurred"). This loophole must give the incumbent government from time to time some advantage. 

The content of the GSD booklet says much. It certainly says that an enormous amount of money has been spent on tangible assets. It boasts that "Our economy has tripled in size, the number and quality of jobs has grown very significantly, our income tax rates have fallen dramatically, standards of living and take home pay have risen sharply ... We have invested most heavily in modernising and upgrading the most important things: our health service, our care services, our education and housing". Undoubtedly an impressive past record.

However questions need to be asked as to who has made it possible government or private enterprise? It would, however, be churlish not to recognise all the progress that has been achieved by Gibraltar, whether with or without the intervention of Government. It may be that those readers with specific knowledge of each "achievement" will reveal that all that glistens is not gold. I will leave that to them. It is also true to say that elections are fought and won on policies about the future not just past performance.

I will concentrate in this blog on a specific social issue. The issue that I want to focus on is the issue of housing and its impact on unsocial behaviour. It is an area in which I have anecdotal knowledge only, from reading the English press and watching current affairs programmes on TV for the last 40 odd years. My clear recollection from these sources is that high density housing, which is the only type of housing of general availability in Gibraltar, gives rise to many a social evil. These evils include vandalism and criminality, especially (but not limited to) amongst the youth. There is much comment  in Gibraltar that unsocial behaviour is growing, certainly the Magistrates and Juvenile Courts seem to be increasingly busy.

In many parts of the UK one solution found was to demolish what has come to be known as "sink estates" and to rebuild more "user friendly" housing. In the UK this has often been found to be prohibitively expensive. In Gibraltar, expense aside, space limitations completely preclude this alternative. What I do not know (but it cannot be beyond the wit of man to discover) is what other solutions have been found in the UK where expense has precluded demolition and redevelopment? My belief is that if future governments of Gibraltar do not give this growing social problem attention but simply carry on building high density estates, the day will arrive when the problem will be beyond reasonable and affordable management.

In part some assistance in solving the issue could be found in an educational policy, that does not only encompass academic achievement, but also is empowered to teach moral and social values. Educators will also need to be armed with adequate discipline and disciplinary powers. The carrot alone is not enough, however, there must be a stick and that stick is already sorely missing.

I refer to the need to provide a facility to which the courts can refer juveniles and children for corrective therapy. I am being overly polite, what is needed is an appropriate "boot camp" to send offenders to, so that they can have education and discipline instilled in them. Many suggest the reintroduction of compulsory military service. This is neither permitted nor feasible. It also affects and imposes upon youngsters who are positive and beneficial members of society without need, rhyme or reason.


  1. You make an important point with regard to high-density housing creating social evils. The brand-new Mid-harbour Estate is already being dubbed the 'Los Junquillos' Estate with reports of interior communal walls already defaced, residents urinating in communal areas and half-eaten items being thrown out of the windows and landing on passing cars below etc. There must be some way of instilling pride in those taking up new rental housing so that they conform to reasonable and acceptable behaviour. I really don't know the answer as regards how to achieve this but note your various suggestions above. Let's see what other readers have to say.

  2. Excellent article Robert, a boot camp would be a terrific idea.

    The upwards trend in the number of matters being heard in the Magistrates' and Juvenile Court is genuinely unsettling.

    The Angry Friar

  3. Robert

    I posted this in your previous blog but I thought I'd post it on this one too.

    'The quality of the printing of this booklet is excellent, much better than any local printing company could have done.

    Which begs the next question... how much could this have cost?

    Taking into consideration, its 69 pages, the design of the booklet, multiple photographs on the majority of the pages, full colour, perfect binding and non-standard format, it couldn't have cost anything less than £5 per booklet @ a conservative 15,000 run, that's £75,000. Without adding postage and packing to Gibraltar.

    The Party must be very wealthy to be able to afford a publication like this with the expense of a general election just round the corner.'

    I will also add that I agree with your assessment of the timing of this booklet in order to avoid having to disclose the actual details of this expense to the public.

  4. The GSD booklet published this week was designed by Miura. Its website is at lists its clients, including the Government of Gibraltar.

  5. L.E.F. says,

    The glossy GSD propaganda booklet,its cost, its timing,its contents ,just reinforces my view that change is needed desperately in Gibraltar to break this type of all controlling and manipulative government which we have been accepting as normal.

    The cost of the printing and distribution should be published by the GSD and made public. Also who paid for it. To see if there are any business interests involved.

    The timing makes a whole mockery of our democracy and shows an abuse of power to attain
    an advantage. It insults the majority of us Gibraltarians who long for reform and want a major improvement in our democracy.

    We need good and proper governance. We need actions not words and all the glossy spin and propaganda being dished out.

    A ruling party will always have the advantage of calling the date of the election. But it could all be done more transparently and with more time. We the electorate deserve more respect.

    There is no denying that the GSD has achieved much for the good of Gibraltar but after being
    in power for so long lets analyze and spot the weak spot not mentioned in the glossy mag.

    Up until 2008 our net public debt was just £43 million and the GSD had already been in power since 1996. They achieved much without increasing our debt.

    Since 2008 to now 2011, just 3 years, our net public debt has increased by 174 million and today is £217 million and probably rising.

    This is not being explained in the GSD spin, that we still have many important and vital and costly projects which still have to be constructed which will further increase our debt.

    For me this will be the legacy left by the GSD. That they squandered our money on party political gain.That they are building their party dreams with our childrens and grandchildrens money, who will one day have to pay back all these pharaonic dreams.

    Vote Change

  6. I disagree Robert. Military Service is needed and welcome. Please explain why it is not "permitted" however.

  7. Anonymous at 20:30

    My understanding is that conscription in times of peace is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights but I stand to be corrected.

  8. RV,

    Two pronged article.

    On the one hand you insinuate that the GSD is being clever at quickly publishing their past achievements in a glossy magazine (which I haven't seen yet, believe it or not)to avoid having to disclose as expenses incurred as part of their election campaign. If that is so, we should expect the Election to take place in 30 days time give a week or so more. That should take us to the last week of November.

    My guess is, therefore, that it will be on the 24th of November. December the 1st is just to close to Xmas. Mind you if your logic is incorrect and the GSD have no qualms of disclosing the expense of "glossy" magazines (which frankly I have no objection to) then I would expect the Election to be 17th November......There you go... You heard it first in LW... lol

    You're second point I found more interesting and it is something that should be addressed. Perhaps a Community Centre for that area could well foster a community spirit. Perhaps the setting up of a Community council to oversee he estate could well be another.

  9. How much will our monthly or annual debt loan repayment cost if the Bank base rates went up to say between 1% to 5%


  10. Anon: 20:41

    I am presuming that whatever it is, it would have been set for a fixed term at the lower end.
    Perhaps or maybe not!!!!!!

  11. Re:

    Its CEO is Gibraltarian Javier Garcia....

  12. I cannot understand the logic behind producing this GSD booklet,firstly it sends the message to the electorate that they are worried sick that they are going to loose the election and secondly it portrays an image of a Gibraltar that we all know does not exist.Yes the GSD have done some good things no doubt about that but physical projects will not save a style of government that the people of Gibraltar are tired of.A more objective report,to call it something, would have been more well accepted similar to a Company Annual Report however the basic question is why does a Government of the day need to produce this booklet? Surely the Election Manifesto would have done the same job.A lot of worried people walking around in the GSD camp I fear!.

  13. Generally speaking we are willing to carry on accepting or assuming that what we are told is true, the situation of our debt its frightening to most if not all in Gibraltar could people in the know elaborate on this issue.


  14. RV,

    In one of my rare moments of inspiration lying in my cloister cell I have finally figured out the meaning of life.

    Disciple Douglas gave us an indication when he wrote 42!

    I have gone further. Check this out: 42 divided by 6 (No6) = 7 (7 Days)

    7 Days the newspaper or is it the 7 days of Creation...

    I will lie back now and try to rest...must be due to "election fever"

  15. RV

    Anon 21:28

    I will pray for enlightenment and get back to you..

  16. I think, as I have mentioned in other blogs, the best way to counteract the decline in the social behaviour of our youth, is to give them better tools to deal with growing up in Gib. In other words, education, education, education.

    Parental responsibility is of the utmost importance, however, given that the way parents run their families is a private affair, the government can best influence the youth of today by providing a fuller education. Compulsory lessons, from a very early age, building children's confidence and social skills. Counselling even for those with problematic backgrounds. There are many ways in which these lessons can be taught. These should be schools' priorities, with less emphasis and time spent on academia. What should be the measure of a society's success? I would suggest that the level of contentment of its members is of more importance than the average exam grades. Well-adjusted people will better serve their society.

    Regrettably, some of today's youth are the offspring of the winstonero boys that the GSLP bred during their unfortunate time in government. These are the children (not all of course) born to parents who were involved in the tobacco trade, ie, who had access to fast and easy money, who avoided hard, honest work. What example have they given their children I wonder. I always feared during Bossano's time that the next generation (again some of course) would be prone to lawlessness and anti-social behaviour. Thanks for nothing Bossano.

    It still shocks me that Picardo and Cortes (who criticised Bossano for the fast launch activities ) can stand with him for election. This is just an aside, I won't go on.

    I think the GSD have done well to provide the low-income families with brand new dwellings in a prime location in Gibraltar. What people need to do is appreciate what they have and stop whingeing. Space as we know is limited, so high-rises are to an extent inevitable here. The problem must be addressed from an early stage, at a child's school, as a preventative measure.

    One more aside, if I may with so much bickering and criticism from the GSLP, I am still waiting to hear some praise from them for the achievements of the GSD administration. Their inability to give praise is worrying.

  17. It makes me sick to hear people interpret politics and Gibraltar's situation in general. We live with so many privileges in such a tiny space. The world, and especially Europe, is in great trouble and there is more trouble to come. Why get rid of an extremely capable man and replace him with a whole series of frustrated political wannabes. It is very scary and I wish that common sense will prevail.

  18. Yes Hadrian you are indeed correct!

    We should all just shut up and be grateful! :)

    "Keep trusting" but don't you DARE speak out. :/


  19. I am a proud resident of Mid Habour Views, many private estates homes have been bought with the money made by the Bossano Winston boys and ruthless proffessional. believe me anti-social behaviour exists in the best estates in Gibraltar and beyond, or is it that if you pay hundreds of thousands of pounds you suddenly become socially intergrated... NO way.. we the majority of residents in Government rental estates are hard working people, and honest.. I know of mant crooks that live in wonderful estates and some have pending cases in court !!! I am really happy with my home and if someone has behaved wrongly that applies to any estate. Thanks to this Government I now live in a decent home, with parking, playing areas and why not overlooking the sea !! More than one proffesional has a son with serious anti-social behaviour...

  20. This constant reference to the Winston boys and to the tobacco trade of 16 years ago is a dead duck, I am glad that the GSLP are not referring to the PAG Party , to the fact that Peter Caruana was their election agent etc etc.Let the fast launcehs and Palomos episodes in our history rest in peace , no-one wants to look that far back especially when we are all trying to look into the future with a positive outlook!.It is time for the GSD supporters to use other arguments against Picardo, thus far EVERYTHING they have thrown at him has rebounded back at the GSD with a vengance.

  21. You have missed the point about anti-social behaviour.. what I am saying is that this is ripe everywhere.. my estate, luxury estates and even law firms...or is it that we the needed can be judged but not the rich.. be it from Winston or law... I prefer to see someone piss in a wall than see someone making money out of scams.. I have seen many young lawyers and other proffesionals piss in bars...that a fact !!

  22. Kaelan

    Yes, I agree, we should all shut up and let the government get on with their good work, and be grateful.

  23. GSD cannot spend money on a leaflet but GSLP can do concerts with Taxi, create super expensive websites and so on... if the GSD have the money to do that good for them.... and whoever thinks that the GSLP doesn't have BIG financial supporters lives in space... if not tiem will tell!! I dare to say that the donors are the same...hahaha

  24. Anonymous at 22:48

    Every party should be permitted to spend money the point is making public the source of that money to ensure transparency in government.

  25. anon @ 21:55 that was hilarious! The Winston boys made a lot of money and their children kept Loreto Convent going during the darker days of the late nineties.

    The youth you refer to now are the off-springs of those failed miserably by low-paid jobs, failed miserably by lack of housing available to the disadvantaged and failed miserably by years of mismanagement at social services.

    The scaremongering may be reaching desperate levels but please don't blind yourself to the plight suffered by many who haven't shared in the GSD dream.

  26. Kealan, what I am saying relating to social behaviour is that this is not exclusive to Mid Habour Views.. this has nothing to do with Govt. What I am saying is that their are many types of anti-social behaviour, and I for one think that pissing in a wall is nothing compared to what other wealthier people do with their private parts. If we are going to have a debate on anti-social behaviour or morals ect.. lets have a serious debate, I for one believe that all sorts of people should be together so that we learn from each other,isolating people is not best way to achieve a fair society. Please forget politics for once.

  27. Why are we concentrating on the booklet itself and not it's content. The record of achievement in it is extraordinary.

  28. Sam and I am still waiting for one Government Minister or GSD supporter to show some empathy with the plight of young children whose lives have been destroyed by THIS government. How can you justify placing children in psychiatric wards? KGV patients burning to death whilst in care and children abandoned to fend for themselves in squalid conditions as squatters not to mention the Dr. Giraldi scandal.....This is the off-spring of 15 years of GSD rule, money in abundance for the privileged few and cover up the cracks of the needy and desperate of society by making any allegations 'party-political'. You keep on harking about the Winston Boys when the Government YOU support has flagrantly left these people to rot....Shame on you! This is the here and now...your irrelevant remarks about the past will not change the views of those who are no longer fooled by the same old tired and tedius rhetoric.

  29. education is taught at home, no money will educate your children, it is the values that our chidren live at home that will show in life.

  30. Peter LOL, not The 'Peter' I hope!

    As for the content of the book... aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda!

  31. I thought that you might want to know that the late Muammar Gadaffi's news agency is called "7 Days news" - just a curious point and no hidden message intended in this except maybe some mal aguero. Check in on line.

  32. annon 23.16
    you are right we are on the verge on social unrest and desperately need the socialist to get us out of this social injustice... time is running out, we are running out of money, morals, dignity etc.. Picardp please save us from disaster...

  33. y la mona es Bossano detras de Picardo

  34. anon @ 23:32 now, now not very nice, could you really be The 'Peter' after all? I have to say that your desperation is beginning to smell a little.

    You really hate the fact that Bossano has successfully handed over the reins to Picardo, that the membership has eagerly accepted this transition and that Picardo is taking the GSLP well beyond the reach of the GSD, don't you?

  35. Hadrian 22:47

    How very undemocratic of you, sad really.


  36. Robert, the issue of glossy propaganda is overtaken by the social media,the GSD just do not get it and even if they have it is far too late for them now.As an example compare the effect of their glossy booklet to the effect that a Youtube video on the Gibraltar Airport is having on the community.This satirical contribution to Gibraltar's social media forum has already received over 4000 hits in less than a week, at this rate it is going to be the most popular sketch in Youtube for Gibraltar!.That is the difference between campaigning thru the old avenues of posters/booklets etc and the social media,he who controls the social media will win, look at the arab spring the social media made the difference...long live democracy!.

  37. Looks like Fabian's hit Danny and the GSD as a whole with a palpable counter-attack.

    I suspect the GSD will be hard pressed to defend what can only be seen as the indefensible.

  38. GONHS, GFSA, DAWN, the ESG, and now the Fire Brigade........

    According to the GSD everyone is against them! I though see one common denominator, anyone care to guess which? LOL


  39. It is time for Danny Feetham to save face and declare his intention to resign, he can instead stay on with his master but in opposition he will simply dissapear into oblivion and his slot in advice Danny is vete ahora que puedes!

  40. If all that the GSD supporters can come up with is the infamouse winston trade, to derail the GSLP momentum , it shows a great lacking in political vision and ideas.

    Time for the GIBRALTAR SPRING

    enough is enough

    Rock Ape!

  41. If the booklet marks the 15th anniversary of the GSD 'at the helm of Gibraltar's destiny', surely it should have come out on the 15th anniversary of the 1996 elections, May 16th.

    Had it though pages 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9,18, 19,20, 21,22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 33, 34, 35, 42, 43, 48, 49, 51, 53, 54, 57 and 65 would be missing a few photographs!

  42. Anon@13:16

    I think that Mr Feetham is perfectly capable of running his life without your help.

  43. I belive a conflict of interests arise when the party in POWER uses the same printing company( for propaganda booklets.

    A quote from George Orwells 1984 book "...theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as "the truth" exists. […] The implied objective of this line of thought is a nightmare world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past. If the Leader says of such and such an event, "It never happened"—well, it never happened. If he says that two and two are five—well, two and two are five. This prospect frightens me much more than bombs […]

    They should be providing booklets into the sorry state of our essential sevices.City Fire brigade, Customs, Ambulance service, where morale is at an all time low!!

    Rock Ape!

  44. Absolutely everything that the GSD does now whether it be the opening of the air terminal, the colour brochure or what have you will blow up in their faces. Not because the people are unfair but because the people have now woken up to the cynical way in which they have been treated all these years. Of course the GSD have done many things in 16 years. The question is could it have been done better by others. given that almost every GSD project has been cocked up either in terms of bad planning decisions like Nelsons view or cost (everything else) or quality or delay and yet consultants have received their fees as if everything had gone well I think most people have now realised that it could have been done better. For those who still think the GSD government has been generous to the old etc jsut remember that thay have been generous with you money. It is timwe to give someone else a chance at government. And no I am not a GSLP supporter but i will be voting for them this year.

  45. Genuinely can't believe that a staunch GSD supporter as the outright audacity to claim on the Gib politics FB group that the image of the Gib ambulance being jump-started in Spain featured in the New People last week was staged for the benefit of the GSLP.

    Incredibly insulting to the ambulance crews themselves.

  46. Sam 23rd 21:55
    It's regretable that you have been trapped in a time capsule all these years,and failed to see how our society has evolved,not unlike an other society anywhere else.
    Whatever the causes,it's a phenomenon affecting at least all the European countries we are familiar with,UK in particular.
    We tend to use the UK as our measuring stick and the social deterioration there,which has been a major concern for the last decade,surely can't be attributed to the son's of the winston boys!.............or Bossano for that matter.Not even Caruana.
    There have been subtle and not so subtle changes in our perfect society which have had a ripple effect in ways which have changed our society.
    We have more Gibraltarians married with Spanish and Morrocan nationals.
    We have more divorces and single parents that we've ever had.
    We have more couples buying properties,forcing both parents to work.
    We have sections of our community who have chosen to segregate themselves from the rest of the community.
    We have multi cultural intakes at our schools.
    We have a growing problem with drugs.
    We have a significant increase in juvenile delinquency.
    We have lost all sense of respect for authority.
    We have drug and dicipline problems at our schools.
    We have politicians who don't want to accept the problems and in some cases,the solutions.
    Education,education,education?............lets open our eyes,and be honest.
    Political reforms?....bribary act?......who cares?
    Ask the the teachers,policemen,social workers,ante que se valla todo a la mierda!
    We are simply too small a community to have los buenos y los malos!
    30,000!.........thanks god we are not 30 million!

  47. anon @ 16:29

    I can believe the GSD is willing to rubbish the ambulance situation. Unfortunately they have got to a stage where all they have left to fight with is their arrogance. It is even evident in the attitude of their young members who post in facebook groups and rubbish other people's poor grammar or spelling and refer to those who dare complain or contradict, as ungrateful and unappreciative of the Government's efforts.

    The sooner they go the better, and the sooner these poor kids can be brought down to earth and back to reality.

  48. anon @ 16:29

    I can believe the GSD is willing to rubbish the ambulance situation. Unfortunately they have got to a stage where all they have left to fight with is their arrogance. It is even evident in the attitude of their young members who post in facebook groups and rubbish other people's poor grammar or spelling and refer to those who dare complain or contradict, as ungrateful and unappreciative of the Government's efforts.

    The sooner they go the better, and the sooner these poor kids can be brought down to earth and back to reality

  49. It is unbelievable to see up to what lengths the GSD are willing to go.
    Saturdays Chronicle run an article on the newly formed Young GSD , they were going to carry out an "non political charity event" to raise money for a Cancer charity and GBC open day,
    Whilst I am all in favour of fund raising ; I have and still continue to collect hundreds of pounds for charity;
    I think that this latest stunt is probably the lowest the GSD can go.These youngsters have organised the event in a cheap political gimmick under the GSD umbrella.This Makes me sick.
    By this I don`t want to make believe that ministers in there private capacity should not attend charity events.

    Rock Ape!

  50. Anon@18:09

    Although I do not entirely agree with Sam I must, nevertheless, call you on two of the reasons that you mention as to how our society has evolved, namely:

    1)"We have more Gibraltarians married with Spanish and Morrocan nationals".

    2)"We have multi cultural intakes at our schools".

    On your first point there are many Gibraltarians who have Spanish mothers or grandmothers. There are also many of us who have Spanish grandfathers who took refuge in Gibraltar during the Spanish Civil War or who remained in Gib when the frontier was closed.

    On your second point I can only say that we are a multicultural community. It does include the other ethnic origin that you mention in 1).

    I do agree, however, on the other points that you have made.

  51. Anon 19:51
    A stroll down the new mid harbour estate might enlighten readers on point 1.
    Your right we have always had a muticultural community,but this has not always reflected in our schools,in fact this is still the case,as the Jewish community have their own school at secondary level,and little or no social interaction exists within their peer groups.

    The Morrocans community were rightly allowed to bring their children to Gibraltar a few years back,this increased the schools population and for the first time in education in Gibraltar,the true meaning of teaching muticultural students was revealed.
    All these factors are ripples in a very small pond which contribute to the development of our society some more positive than others.

  52. Have just seen Picardo put Feetham and his thoughts on the bribery act truly in his place,resulta que the law is not law yet and that the GSLP intend to set up an authority to investigate bribery!.I suppose that the Oxford education is really shinning thru...well done Fabian!.

  53. Robert, man its the same tune over and over again; I mean your latest blog. You started campaigning against the GSD too early and from where I'm sitting you are running out of any real substance. The only thing thats sticks is this crusade of reforms which seems to have grabbed Picardo's attention, cause at this stage all he can muster up are reforms for you, me, them amd everybody. This guy is amazing, but nothing without your genius Rob, by the time our noble Fabian hits his first 12 months we are going to have committees and commissions telling us how we should sip a G&T at the Royal Calpe; but its cool cause we can ask him to set up another committee to counter he first one and so forth; the quangos and civil servants are gonna have a field day in the name of democracy, good job Rob.
    But look back to your blog, and straight to your quest to discredit your cousin and any involvement he may have had in the steering of the finance centre and the engine of our economy, I can already hear you saying - but wait, it was all Joe's idea..:) Robert who or what are you trying to Kid? The past 15 years have been and continue to be outstanding in all manner of things, and you have the audacity to ignore it all in favour of a blue eyed boy primed by the very people who very nearly drove us down a cliff in the first place. Had he had the strength of character and leadership to really make changes in the GSLP, we may now all be the better for it, but you Robert, youre a bright guy, surely you can see through all this, are you really that blinded by our realities, that you can honestly dismantle anything good and replace it with something so ridiculously shallow.

  54. Anon 21.43 did he really put feetham in his place. Picardo said the uk bribery act set international standards and that we had very few provisions on corruption and bribery In Gibraltar which were in any event behind the times. The man had not read the Crimes Act which enacts word for word the uk bribery act. The very act he said he would introduce in gibraltar. Now because he has been caught out, he says we need a commission. The uk has no commission! What he is doing is finding excuses for not reading an Act which was passed by Parliament three months ago. Is this the man you want to lead Gibraltar?

  55. Anon 19.44
    Of course it makes sense that it makes you sick that youngsters are doing some good for the community and raising money for charity?! It should not matter what political affiliation you are when it comes to raising money for charity. You should really get your priorities straight and look at the bigger picture – at least we are privileged to have a younger generation who take an initiative, creative and are pro-active enough to volunteer their time to raising money for a good cause rather than how it is in other parts of the world! What harm are these young gsd doing – none! I fully support the younger generation being active what ever the party … so what if they come under the umbrella of the gsd, at least they are giving back to the community, which is what counts! Maybe we should have more of the younger generations following in the footsteps of the YGSD - if it means they will take time into organising more events to help local charities so be it!

  56. Now the Chief Fire Officer denies the statement made by his men,and Netto doesn't want to sue the Panorama,........venga Netto,sort it out in court.
    and Chief,sort your men out!
    Next the collector of customs!
    Robert your a bright guy,al caso a 22:03.....your not like Picardo,Licudi,Bossano,DR J Cortes,DR Garcia,Dr Nobert Borge.
    How can all these DR be so shallow and support the GSLP?
    echame otro G&T pero en una tasa.

  57. Anon 22:38.
    Not the man who doesn't like Calentita.

  58. The Govt Gazette now gives the names of those companies who owe PAYE and other taxes.
    Interesting reading. Perhaps this should be published in the press, so we all know who are getting away with this.

  59. RV,

    I'm up for a G&T, but don't want a commission deciding como hacerlo.

    Don't tell the abbot!

  60. I hate calentita. Eoooooooo. Will Picardo force us to eat it if he becomes cm?

  61. Man, 22:03 sounds awfully familiar. He seems to be demonstrating a reluctance to decentralise power, to give "power to the people" as it were...

    To this observer it’s abundantly clear that Robert has from the word go striven to be an independent voice in the Gibraltar political arena.

    He has raised raised awareness about democratic accountability, about the importance of ensuring those we elect into government do not forget their station and remember that it is they who serve us, and not the other way around. He has been critical of ALL sides, and it is the GSLP who have seemingly adopted the forward thinking policies that he proposed whereas now the GSD have been left wanting.

    Did the GSD really investigate any corruption, like they promised they would do? Did they find anything?

    I for one would rather have a team of strong ministers rather than an autocratic leader who is prone to having tantrums at the drop of a hard-hat.

    Things are good. Do I think they could be better under a different administration? Yes.

  62. Anonymous at 22:03

    Campaigning against the GSD or in favour of what I believe in? All I have done is written my opinions. I have not won or lost the election for anyone. Any party could have and still can adopt my ideas. None of them are earth shattering. All are normal in other European democracies.

    Thank you for your complement. All I can say is that what you term as "my genius" is public for all to copy, adopt or reject ... discredit my cousin ummm do not think so? I am no one to discredit anyone. One discredits oneself.

    I have ignored nothing. I have credited much. I will not stand by and allow any challenge to democracy and that is what I have perceived and experienced, the latter first hand ... sorry I suggest that you ask the GSD to sort themselves out if they want to win the election. I can do nothing about that. All I do is write a blog after all.


  63. Anon 23:12. hombre,the calentita night will become caliente night!...ya sabes menos torta patata y mas torta de aceite.

  64. Anon 22:43 I concur.

    The young GSD is being quite pro-active as of late. Whether such actions are tainted by the fact that an election is looming is quite another matter altogether.

    Furthermore I will reluctantly have to admit that certain members of the YGSD do have some potential. Not all of them are easily led social parasites with brown nosing tendencies (as some may percieve).

    Kudos to the Young GSD for attempting to make Gibraltar a better place, hopefully such actions will be replicated throughout the year and not just before the elections.


  65. I have just read the famous 1987 Airport Agreement on the Liberal web page......Wow! implemented by us now,thanks Peter!
    Si el SIR levantara la cabeza.

  66. Brilliant interview by Steven Neish - really made Picardo squirm with his questions "but isn't it odd that you never mentioned the corruption committee when you issued yoru initial statement on the bribery act two weeks ago" and "isn't it the case that you have been caught out by the minister for justice".

  67. pity he doesn't have the same cojones for your namesake, Peter but then again Fabian wouldn't reduce him to tears or refuse to be interviewed by him or call him names, etc

  68. every day that caruana delays calling an election he pushes more undecided voters into the gslp camp. caruana must be running scared by not calling an election that is what people think.

  69. Robert

    Have I missed something or has Mr Picardo not mentioned a single word about the economy, you know what I mean, creating the stuff that will pay for resourcing the Civil Service, the Commissions, etc etc. Maybe he is thinking of cutting back on other expenditure. If so cut back on what.

    Perhaps when he finishes browsing the Crimes Act he will start on Economics for Dummies.

  70. Anon 23:17.
    Funny you mention a strong team of ministers, surely you can't be taking about the GSLP? All we hear is Picardo talking, where's the team? Or is he seriously suggesting that we accept the squad of OAP's that he has brought out from pastures. At this rate the average age of the party will be in the 60’s – change indeed.
    I don’t think anyone is accusing Robert of not doing a great job in holding the Govt to account, at least he has, which is more that can be said for the opposition who have fine tuned their ability to sit on a fence to levels worthy of a prize. Robert has indeed raised awareness on Parliamentary reforms, not the GSLP. The point being made here is that as per usual the GSLP seem unable to come up with anything by themselves and rather take on ideas and suggestions by popular demand. My question is: does this instill confidence? Or are we witnessing a party and leader that is conveniently prepared to be all things to all men. Good Govt is not about saying yes all the time to all of the people, it’s about knowing when to say no and taking the tough decisions required.
    Today, Gibraltar continues to be the odd man out for all the right reasons, has the GSLP really shown any muscle, integrity and style of leadership to suggest that we are going to benefit from any governance they might offer?
    Interesting that Mr Joyce refers to the YGSD and pleased to see his support of them. More interesting is the fact that the GSD are still able to attract bright young kids, even more interesting is the likelihood that the GSD is likely to field 5 new candidates all under the age of 45.
    Says a great deal that.

  71. RV,

    That final comment, although uttered in jest, is clearly a far more serious question.

    I suspect that the economics is down to JB and that is what, I suspect, the whole issue is all about.

    If we are saying or rather others are saying that its about the economy then surely it will be JB running the show. That will mean that FP will merely be the Government's CEO.

    A bit like Star Trek - Captain Kirk without Spock is simply unimaginable!!

    But you never know: "Live long and prosper"

  72. Have you missed the last 3 years of over spending by this Government?

    The only thing we need to cut back on is over-ambitious investments that cost us double the original estimates and will become a huge drain on resources and maintenance for future generations...

    1. £60m and rising on the airport
    2. £80m on a loan to RBS for the hospital (£50m + £30m interest over the next 20 years)
    3. £15m wasted on a theatre that is now a whole in ground.
    4. £10m on consultancy fees..For what? The land is now contaminated and the tunnel turns up to now be another whole in the ground.
    5. £250k on EACH new public toilet...Holliday's vision (I'd like to see him as proliferate with his own business money)
    6. Airlines that were 'attracted' to the Rock and hailed as investments....doing a runner and owing us hundred of thousand pounds.
    7. The Haymill's and OEM fiascoes that have had to be bailed out at the tax-payer's expense.
    8. The thousands of pounds spent on replacing the NEW windows and doors at Bayview, Cumberland and Nelson's view.
    9. The selling of public properties at a fraction of the price to speculative property developers who are making nice profits as a result.
    10. Millions spent on brand new buses and bus shelters....Spanish tour operators use the free buses for their tour groups....local bus users use the shelters because the buses are too full of tourists to pick them up.

    Economics for Dummies? That book was written by the GSD!

  73. What is all this debate about bribery? Surely it is not just a boring old spat between legal bagles. Is it being suggested that we should be worried with bribery more than with the dozens of other offences in the Crimes Act?

  74. GSD are setting the record straight regarding public debt!

    Go to the website to consider the facts and not the hot air ...

  75. Anon @ 14.17

    Very interesting but still of the opinion that our debt is very high for the size and potential risks with our economy which cannot be compared to other larger more diverse economies, whatever Bossano, Picardo or our current finance minister may say. We also have to take into account recurrent expenditure of current investments and the fact that we still do not have a power station or a sewage plant the expense of which may take us very close if not beyond the limit. This means that all our borrowing potential will have been used up leaving us with little margine for any future necessary projects. As it has been pointed out to this government on numerous occasions, it is not the spending of money but what the money is being spent on that is of fundamental importance. Perhaps you could get the GSD to extend their broadcast further and categorically state or explain what the cost per m2 of each of their projects is, and this way we can gauge whether we are getting value for money!!! for instance Waterport Terraces, Cumberland and Nelsons, the Airport Terminal, Traflagar interchange etc etc. Whilst you are at it perhaps you can also explain why there is a need to mortgage government buildings, if not for financial leverage i.e live now pay later. There is no excuse for wasting money which is what is currently happening!!!!!

  76. Anon 23:17.
    Funny you mention a strong team of ministers, surely you can't be taking about the GSLP? All we hear is Picardo talking, where's the team? Or is he seriously suggesting that we accept the squad of OAP's that he has brought out from pastures. At this rate the average age of the party will be in the 60’s – change indeed.
    I don’t think anyone is accusing Robert of not doing a great job in holding the Govt to account, at least he has, which is more that can be said for the opposition who have fine tuned their ability to sit on a fence to levels worthy of a prize. Robert has indeed raised awareness on Parliamentary reforms, not the GSLP. The point being made here is that as per usual the GSLP seem unable to come up with anything by themselves and rather take on ideas and suggestions by popular demand. My question is: does this instill confidence? Or are we witnessing a party and leader that is conveniently prepared to be all things to all men. Good Govt is not about saying yes all the time to all of the people, it’s about knowing when to say no and taking the tough decisions required.
    Today, Gibraltar continues to be the odd man out for all the right reasons, has the GSLP really shown any muscle, integrity and style of leadership to suggest that we are going to benefit from any governance they might offer?
    Interesting that Mr Joyce refers to the YGSD and pleased to see his support of them. More interesting is the fact that the GSD are still able to attract bright young kids, even more interesting is the likelihood that the GSD is likely to field 5 new candidates all under the age of 45.
    Says a great deal that.

  77. I must admit last nights interview by Stephen Neish on GBC on Picardo was very professional and quite agressive(jounalistically speaking).I wonder why they haven`t got the "cojones" to interview Peter in the same manner.
    Oh yes I remember that Ms Clifton Tucker did once,I don`t think she has interviewed him again.

    Anon 22:43
    I think you have missed the point of my comment.
    I wholeheartedly encourage the youth to carry out charity events ,
    As for "...looking at the bigger picture..." I have done ,hence my comment on political stunt in Charity event, maybe it should be you that should be looking into the bigger picture.
    No further comment into this matter.

    Rock Ape!

  78. 9:29

    I think if you ask any truly independent observer which crop of potential candidates are likely to be better than the other during this electoral term, they would more often not opt for the GSLP’s candidates and their invaluable depth of experience in their respective fields, as well as the respect they have earned within our community as honest, hardworking and genuinely caring individuals.

    They are specifically, in my estimation, Marilou, Dr Borge, Joe Cortes and John Cortes.

    One simply cannot compare a Lianne Azzopardi to a John Cortes. The latter for example has already proven himself to be a serious political contender by comprehensively rebutting PRC’s clumsy and ineffectual attack on his character.

    The GSD’s initiative to introduce younger candidates for the sake of reducing an arbitrary and unimportant age average at the expensive of depth and experience seems like a none-starter. Sure they may well blossom into serious candidates with a lot to offer Gibraltar, but when you place one beside the other at this moment in time…there is simply no comparison, and I mean that with all due respect to the GSD candidates.

    I do not believe in block voting, but a lot of the names I have mentioned above are likely to receive my vote.

  79. Anon 14:17. are you serious!
    You are actually writing your post as if the world was about to come to a grinding halt and our economy was suddenly to shut down. If this were the case, then you would have a fair point, but there is more of a chance that pigs will fly in formation than of this happening. I think therefore we can assume that our continued growth (£1b GDP), our continued budget surplus'(£30m) our continued increase in tax revenues (£30m) and our general confidence (look around you) will somehow see us through the £130m power plant and £30m sewage plant, both of which are PFI's and not included as part of the public debt. It's just a thought, you and the GSLP might just be right and Gib may plunge into the dark ages.

  80. These GSD swipes at the next future Chief Minister just demonstrate how empty the GSD approach is to politics these days ...its just more and more personal attacks on Picardo.The truth of the matter is that the drafting was deficient with ref to bribery and Picardo has shown how to do things.It really feels as if the GSD are in opposition already!!!

  81. I'd rather have Dr John Cortes in charge of the environment than Selwyn, any day.

    I'd rather Dr Borge in charge of the hospital than Isobel, any day.

    I'd rather have Charles Bruzon in charge of housing than Fabian Vinet, any day.

    I'd rather have Joe Cortes, Marilu Guerrero, Costa, Bossano, Garcia, Linares than Netto, Bossino, Montegriffo, Reyes and Holliday any day.

    And I'd rather have Fabian Picardo's 21st century approach to politics than Caruana's autocracy any day too.

    Its not about fitting the profile, age, or looking good on the manifesto photo. Its about experience, knowledge and self-confidence. Its about being able to do a job and take decisions without being told how to do it. Its about having the best person for each ministerial role, able to work alongside his/her colleagues for the people in a fair-minded, responsible way.

    Bright young kids are great for the image but provide very little worldliness and experience and are very easily whipped into shape by their boss.

  82. Paco says in response to Anon 16:20-

    The GSLP deserve great credit for actively listening to the electorate and publishing measured policies in response to issues of public concern. In my opinion, good government also requires a capacity for balanced decisions. Furthermore, the flip side to your position is that the GSLP has been able to attract potential candidates of established heavy weight pedigree whilst the GSD, seemingly, has not.

    The answer to your question, therefore, is that the GSLP’s recent comportment can only serve to instil confidence in any possible future GSLP/Liberal Government.

  83. Anon@18:13

    You should vote GSLP/Libs then :)

    What makes you so sure that they will be able to work alongside each other. They never have been put to the test before.

  84. Anon@16:20

    I agree with you almost entirely. Where I do not agree is when you say:

    "All we hear is Picardo talking, where's the team?"

    When it comes to the management of public money, in other words, the economy, Papa Joe takes the stage.

  85. Has anyone noticed how the GSLP are trying to shield their leader from public scrutiny by trying to brush off valid criticisms of their leader as personal attack? So mr Picardo cocks up on public debt, the GSD are being personal by pointing out that what he said in the podcast is completely inaccurate; mr Picardo cocks up on the bribery act and it's the GSD that is attacking their leader to tarnish his character. I thought democracy was about exposing leaders to public scrutiny?

  86. Robert

    did I imagine a post before referring to the anti-corruption act being back-dated to 1988 and being of interest to a certain minister, or have you removed it after posting?

  87. Just watched Minister Feetham being interviewed by Stephen previous comments have been fully vindicated.....£12million for new premises go a long way.

    Rock Ape!

  88. Am I the only one who thinks that cyclists are the biggest nuisance on the roads?

    If our roads were big enough to accommodate a cycling/motorbike lane well and good but our roads are chockablock with cars, motorbikes weaving and speeding all over the place and we can do without the more cyclists.

    Cyclists slow down traffic.

    Less not more.

  89. ping-pong-pelea-pong
    porque tu dijiste
    porque yo lo dija ante
    porque to lo dijiste despues

    no veo la hora que llegue the day after the elections!

  90. Que paliza se a llevao Picardo en newswatch entre feetham y el PDP. Pero este tio como puede ser chief?

  91. Oh anon 20.39 so what you are saying is that Picardo has come up with his policy about backdating the anti corruption authority to 1988 in order to get at Feetham's family. Joder con el tio y despues dice que no le gusta el personalisation. Pies mira el feetham lo puso en su sitio hoy y a demonstrado tener mas fondo que el.

  92. anon @ 19:35

    neither have the GSD's new team, with half the members being replaced, but at least the GSLP's offerings have background and experience in their fields which is more that what a charity worker, 2 lawyers, an estate agent and an unknown can bring to the table.

    and yes, I will be voting GSLP/Liberals.

  93. Anon at 19.11 said "The GSLP deserve great credit for actively listening to the electorate". The only person the GSLP has been listening to is Robert Vasquez. Everything they have said so far has previously been said by Robert!

  94. Anon at 21.35, if you are right then Picardo is (1) a hypocrite and (2) losing the plot.

  95. Paco says in response to Anon 21:46-

    "Everything they have said so far has previously been said by Robert!"

    And? Does this make any of their actions and policies any less valid? More power to them for actually doing what they are supposed to do which is to listen and then act on behalf of the electorate.

    In my opinion, Robert's blog has been the online straw that broke the camel's back in terms of open discussion of matters. It is common knowledge that a great number of people have contributed to this blog's development and also to those of other available forums online. It appears that the GSLP/Liberals are correctly judging the public mood by making best use of the online media. This improvement in communication can only be good for Gibraltar in future.

    Perhaps, though, you are of the opinion that one should only form policies based on letters published by the Chronicle?

  96. The term 'clutching at straws' comes to mind!

    Anon 21:35 If that is your interpretation of the post and who the minister may be, then so be it. Many times we see in others what exists in ourselves.

    As for ponerlo en su sitio, that depends on how you look at it. Feetham is trying to defend why his idea falls short of Picardo's and whilst he could attempt doing it with substance, its much easier, and expected of him in true GSD fashion, to attack Picardo's idea instead.

    I believe its very brave of Picardo to set this up. The GSD might see it as foolish but could it be because they might see how this could affect anybody in office who abuses his/her power?

    I see in Picardo a genuine desire to bring politics out of the secretive and elitist club it's in now and open it out for all to share. If this means that any possible corruption will be investigated instead of swept under the carpet and ignored, whilst rumours and speculation continue rife in local gossip, then not only might it act a deterrent in the first place but also ensure any wrong-doing is punished and stopped.

    This can only be good for Gibraltar, and both the PDP and the GSD need to find the courage needed to stand up for this instead of rubbishing it and at least show that they are willing and happy to take anti-corruption legislation as far as it is needed to.

  97. Que pena...........non of today's comments have anything to do with the posting.
    Robert please open a section for Peter v Fabian.

  98. Dear Robert,

    I think it is self evident that Mr Picardo made a mistake by jumping on the bribery act bandwagon when that wagon sailed three months ago in parliament whilst he was getting a sun tan!

    I believe he should be man and human enough to stand up and say he made a mistake. If he doesn't, -and we all chastise Mr. Caruana for being arrogant and aloof- Picardo is no different to our current Chief Minister, and that is something we should all take note of before voting for 'change' !!!!

  99. anon at 22:59 is right... que pena that important social issues are ignored and not discussed in order to avoid difficult and uncomfortable questions preferring instead to use this blog for mud-slinging practice and scaremongering tactics.

  100. In a short 24 hours the PDP has shown parts of its mind set which quite frankly sacres me. First the PDP thinks that an open and vigorous war on BRIBERY would scare off investors. I think that the only investors who would run a mile are the ones we do not want to see here i.e. those who could be thinking of giving bribes. Then they want 400 BIKES on our narrow over congested streets. As someone has posted above the Gibi bike idea is whacky and dangerous and a silly pre-election stunt by Mr. HOLLIDAY.

  101. anon@23.26 Panorama is bringing very worrying social issues to the attention of the public and the thanks they get is being called liars by the Minister responsible for these injustices.

  102. Won't be long now for the streets of Spanish and Moroccan towns to be sporting brand new blue bicycles courtesy of the Gibraltar tax-payer.

    We are so generous, its incredible.

  103. Ok, so perhaps Picardo made a mistake. So what it was not in my opinion the biggest mistake in the world and if mistakes is the measuring stick being used for this election then the GSD haven't got a hope in hell!! The bit in Feetham's interview which I was not convinced about is the statement regarding the independence of the RGP. It seems to me that the RGP at the moment does not work efficiently enough, even with the new act drafted by Feetham which will only serve as another smoke screen - just look at the planning laws, they do exist but do they work in practice? like hell it does none of the government jobs go through the planning process! An incident that comes to mind to show how the RGP really works is when the incursion behind GASA occured and the Guardia Civil were allowed to get away with it. Who really made the decision as to what needed to happen next????

  104. Feetham is making less and less sense, he is so desparate that he has now taken to quoting Neish is his Press Releases as some sort of ally who has tried to unnerve Picardo! It really is looking more and more as if the GSD Govt are in opposition already and are just trying to hit the target from a distance without knowing where it is!.
    Instead of trying to score brownie points with his master Feetham should inform the people of Gibraltar what the heck is going on with the latest review of Gib's Tax Laws in Europe, he is the Justice Minister and therefore should inform us if there are any laws out there that could affect Gib as a finanace centre.The Govt need to tell the people what is going on and not refuse to answer questions put to it by the media.So there we have it Caruana in an expensive gibraltar taxpayers paid do stating to all and sundry that Gibraltar is doing great with our new 10% tax law and Europe looking to see if this very law promotes harmful tax competition at the same time (thou no-one in Gib knew about this until todays Chronicle) and then stating that our new Airport was ready for action when everyone here knows it is far from finished and he is desparately trying to finish it so that he can call his election with some sort of annoumcement.
    Feetham is loosing the little respect he had and must know that the people in the streets have lost their fear of openly stating that they will no longer vote for the GSD...the party is over, time for a new approach to governing Gib that reflects the wishes of the people and not the wishes of Caruana.

  105. Robert

    que dices? publication suspended during the elections? I don't know who will explode first, you or us! ;O)

  106. No hombre Robert, the biggest amount of hits will be during the election campaign!Please reconsider.

  107. Robert, you can't suspend publication during the election campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's bound to be the best time for debate and healthy discussion!

  108. Anon@12:12

    Very magnanimous of you to overlook that a lawyer who aspires to Chief Ministership was unaware of Part 24 of the Crimes Act 2011 and then waffles on TV.

    If you want to see an unadulterated pantomime, however, please go to the link below, namely:

    After watching the panto you may want to visit the Public Finance (Borrowing Powers) Act 2008-
    Powers to Borrow, 3.(1).

    How many more clangers does he have up his sleeve?

  109. Robert

    Why are you going to make us all blog-orphans during the elections?


  110. What is going on, a few weeks ago PC goes to speak to the Treasury in London about Gaming information provided on meeeing to us, today we see in the Chronicle (that is usually very pro-Govt) that there could be problems with our new tax regime again no information provided to us, not even to the Chronicle! valiente desastre deja PC detras un gaming industry that could depart, a tax regime that is not as solid as we thought (thou it was fun to have a day off) and a debt for all of us of £500 Million, que se prepare bien Picardo!

  111. Anon@18:37

    According to Mr Picardo the debt is £500.2m but then Mr Bossano and Mr Caruana agree that it is an affordable £217m. Mr Bossano's contention is how it has been spent and not whether it is repayable.

    As far as the gaming industry's permanence is concerned, I must say, you sound as though you wish it left just to prove the GSD over generous
    in their spending and taxation policy.

    With friends like you who needs the Spanish government.

  112. Feetham seems to thinks that the electorate are stupid (too much time hanging out with Caruana possibly).The Police do not give the appearance of being independent otherwise the 4 Spanish Policemen who came GUNS BLAZING into Gib would have been arrested and prosecuted as the law states.Instead it looks as if Caruana, NOT the Police, lets them off.The Police do not give the appearance of being independent and neither in my opinion do the members of the FSC Commission. All of these matters need very careful consideration by the incoming GSLP administration.

    How can an existing judge, to name just one example, be interviewed for a job or promotion by the JSC when the members of the JSC include the AG and lawyers and at the same time as the application is being considered it could happen that that same judge could be sitting in a court of law listening to arguments where the AG or one of those lawyers himself is making an application against another party and asking the judge to rule in his favour???

    I think that the system is wrong, justice must not only be done but be seen to be done. Feetham has to realise that the electorate are seeing that Gib has descended into a style of confrontational politics that exemplifies the GSD philosophy of character assasinations that no-one in Gib wants. At least Picardo is keeping the campaign clean and professional. I do not support either party but what I am seeing from the GSD is pushing me, and many others I am sure, towards the most logical option...the GSLP.

  113. Gibraltar Politics over on Facebook is a disaster waiting to happen.

    As the election heats up further, especially once its called, fanatics from all sides are going to be increasingly tempted to say libelous things about MANY parties.

    Only one moderator to reign things in?

    Its a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  114. Anon 12.12, 16.24 and 21.36 never use 20 words when 2 will suffice. If you want to be a wind bag join the sea scouts and play the bag pipes. Otherwise you will never get very far as a lawyer.

  115. I don't think any self-respecting lawyer could bring themselves to use more than one full-stop, exclamation mark or question mark at the end of a sentence.

    The Angry Friar

  116. Brave of Brian Reyes to write: "The Government did not respond to repeated requests for comments" ('Gib tax regime under Brussels scrutiny' 26.10.11) Sounds like even the Chronic may be losing its fear of Peter Caruana.

  117. the chronic losing fear of caruana... Culatto con c***nes against the GSD on the 'is gibraltar livable' programme... el GGCA agreeing con el GSLP... it looks like the new airport is going to need a pen to keep the pigs that must be flying!