Sunday, 27 March 2011

Is it All Change in the GSLP?

On Friday the public learnt that Joe Bossano, the dominant force in politics, the left wing and in the GSLP, would be stepping down as leader of the GSLP. What is extraordinary is that there has been little or no analysis of the effect this will or may have on politics generally in Gibraltar. I imagine there will be over the next days. My opinion is that it will be a seismic event only if this event is a precursor to political change within the GSLP and not just a change of identity of the leader.

The change of identity of leadership will have some effect in itself, but I believe, also, that much needed more fundamental political change will follow if Fabian Picardo is elected as the leader of the GSLP. If such change does not follow, a unique opportunity for Gibraltar politics will have been missed. It is this challenge that will mark out Fabian as a leader. He will not have much time to implement this change in the GSLP  before the next election. It is a change that he must achieve in order to consolidate the lead that the GSLP have in opinion polls and convert it into a win at the election.

The fact that Joe is bowing out as leader alone has its effect. One would hope, for example, that the GSD will now look to the future by participating in real politics rather than the negative politics of fear that they have wheeled out at every past election. The person that the GSD view as the pariah who allowed (and for some encouraged) the fast launch culture (but who in reality laid the economic foundations on which the GSD government has built Gibraltar's economy) is gone. Let that fear factor, whether you believe it or not, at last stop warping our democracy. Let rational analysis of policies take over from the destructive politics of personality. It is time for our politicians to allow the restricted form of democracy that exists in Gibraltar to work, as best it can, by resorting to proper political argument rather than appealing to the base emotion of fear in people.

Fabian Picardo will have much of the responsibility to ensure that this happens. He has to lay the ground upon which the GSLP will fight the next election. We know what the GSD will fight it on. It has told us in its recent party political broadcasts. The GSD has "given" us, rather than we have paid with our taxes, all the benefits and material assets that we enjoy. However, politics is not in what government's believe they have "given" us.

Politics is more in whether the decisions taken are good or bad decisions. Politics is not in how much tax has been recovered. Politics is in how and whether the right taxes are been levied, which incentivise economic activity, and on how these monies are spent. Politics is not in how an imperfect system is used by those temporarily in power to impose their will on voters. Politics is in how politicians develop and allow the electoral and parliamentary system to evolve and be improved for the benefit of the community.

If Fabian, as I believe and hope he will, takes the GSLP and so the election to political argument, the seismic change that has been presaged by Joe's departure as leader will be achieved. The electorate can and will be given a choice that will deliver real political and democratic change to Gibraltar. It will uncover the lack of ideological politics inherent in the GSD. It will discover the GSD for what it really is, an administration by one person and not a government. It will be indicative that administration will be returned to an accountable Civil Service that will administer Gibraltar under the Rule of Law. This is essential if real democracy is to be returned to Gibraltar. We will see if my hope is fulfilled over the next few months. Gibraltar needs such change.

Will the GSD rise to such a challenge by making changes? It needs to take a deep breath and seriously think about the changed scenario. If it were to do that and re-emphasise many past broken manifesto promises with guarantees that can be believed by the electorate, then it might redeem itself. It would also take politics to where I believe it should be. The improvement in Gibraltar would be palpable and vibrant were my hopes to become a reality. Unfortunately the history of politics in Gibraltar indicates that this will not happen ... oh well I will carry on trying anyway!


  1. The idea of "change" is often overrated. Joe Bossano's retirement is inevitable as it is for us all us but Gibraltar would be a very different place if Joe had not come home in 1972. There are few people around anywhere, not just Gibraltar, of his calibre. Pre- Bossano Gibraltar was essentially a down-at-heel naval base and the colonial mentality demeaned us. We should not forget that pre-1988 the idea that Gibraltar could become a self-sufficient largely autonomous city was a figment of the febrile imagination of a few patriotic, mainly young and inexperienced, Gibraltarians. Now it is a reality and those who once mocked Bossano now reap the benefits of that vision. There is heavy irony in the fact that the current "emperador" Peter Caruana has continued and refined that self-confident llanito first, Bossanist ideology. There are many reasons why both Bossano and Caruana can be criticised but only the meanest minded person could deny the extraordinary value of their legacies. I admire Fabian Picardo's courage in accepting Joe Bossano's succession.

  2. The confirmation that Joe Bossano will not stand as leader of the GSLP at the next election is one of the biggest happenings in Gibraltar politics in years...and as you rightly say, there has been little coverage / discussion on the matter.

    Our local "journos" have a brilliant opportunity here for a "multiple page" analysis in the pages of our "£1 multiple pages now in colour Chronicle". Similarly our brilliant GBC have in this, enough material toput togethe a quality 2hour programme with a look at the highs and lows of Bossano, and a discuassion on the effects that his decision could have on the next General election - and they don't even have to wait for the Thursday de turno to air the programme as they have enough vacant slots in the schedule to air this! Let's hope que the Chron, GBC and others se espabilen un poco!

    Anyway, back to the point. In the last few years, many have tired of the GSDs style of Government. Some, have been able to witness at first hand and suffer at the hands of the GSD GOvernment; others have seen through the cracks of the all perfect GSD cover, and others have found fault in a party led by a single man whose only defence when attacked, is referring to Gibraltar's darkest days which happened 16 years ago! And then, there are many others who rightly feel insulted each time the CM goes on TV and delievers his monologue with little respect for the electorate, and where he more than often directly insults them with patronising comments etc.

    Bossano will now not stand as leader. Things will change. Many a voter has been heard in our pubs and coffee shops that they would like to get rid of a GSD government, but that they didn't trust Bossano. Even miffed GSD hardcores who have woken up to reality have been known to state this. So what know?? Can we expect more people to be actually considering the GSLP as a valid alternative. After all, with Bossano now gone, the anchor has been properly lifted and the GSLP will be allowed to sail into new waters with a new leader who could take the party in new directions. Picardo does not have a massive fan base, but will people give his party a chance? Caruana didn't have many fans backin the day, and in 96 Gibraltar gave him a chance. Will the fact that most of Gibraltar "on the quiet" thinks we need saving from the GSD hep the GSLP? We have toremember that this same feeling of "we need saving" outsted the GSLP and put the GSD in Govt back in 96!

    Hopefully Gibraltar will stop acting like a "Stepford wife" in time for the next election, and together, vote for the best Government. Bossano's departure marks an important change in Gibraltar politics. Hopefully it may even allow for the growth of new parties and the emergence of independents, and local politics will change for the better.

    -A former GSD voter who did not want a Bossano-led GSLP and who now feels he has more options available.

  3. Joe Bossano deserves 100% (a) the Honorary Freedom of the City of Gibraltar (b) being knighted Sir Joe and (c) voted-in under the new leader of the GSLP to finally release Gibraltar from this ironclad rusty rule of Peter Caruana.

    Viva Gibraltar libre, soberana y democratica!

  4. I completely agree with 14:23 and Charles Gomez.

    A change in leadership is exactly what the GSLP needs, especially now that many Gibraltarians are disenchanted with the current administration's style of governing and want a realistic alternative. I'm a former GSD supporter myself, as are many of my friends and family.

    Mr Bossano is a great man who did many positive things for Gibraltar, but his legacy as a leader has been tarnished beyond repair outside out of his dedicated block vote due to a few, but significant, failures made during his last term. I agree that he is no longer fit to be the leader of the GSLP and I am glad that he has acknowledged that his time has passed in that capacity, and that he has therefore decided to voluntarily step down.

    As it has already been mentioned, his standing down will provide a greater incentive for disillusioned and reluctant former GSD supporters to instead vote for the GSLP without worrying about the perceived stigma associated with voting for them with Mr Bossano at the helm.

    Despite the above however, the Panorama poll showed that the majority of Gibraltarians were prepared to vote for the GSLP with Mr Bossano as its leader as opposed to the GSD, but I believe that it will beneficial for Mr Picardo to instead take the reigns this time around. Thankfully Mr Bossano and the GSLP as a whole has recognised this.

    Mr Caruana and the GSD have done many, many great things for Gibraltar. I genuinely wish I could vote for them again, but unfortunately Mr Caruana and the GSDs style of running things (specifically during their last term) has made this difficult and unrealistic. If Mr Caruana were to step down and let another person take his place, I might be more inclined to change my mind. Again, he is a great man, and he was also a great leader but the errors in judgement made during his last electoral term have been too significant and they are indicative of a need for change.

    The fact that he has not lost an election since 1996 (unlike Mr Bossano) and because his doing so would basically amount to an admission of fault (the GSD elite’s worst nightmare) and/or failure I imagine that it is incredibly unlikely that this will come to pass this time around.

    As it stands, many Gibraltarians including myself are fed up of listening to the Government’s 1996 scary bedtime stories and how great we’ve all got it these days.
    Why then are we voting to the contrary? Why are many people for the first time ever after this last electoral term daring to be so vocal and expressive about their dislike for the current administration? They think there needs to be a change, not because things are going well and they feel the need to rock the boat, but because they have genuine gripes.

    Why else would people like me change our mind? Solely as a result of the GSD having been in Government for 16 years? Not in my opinion. It’s naive and foolish to think that may be the case.

  5. I agree 100% with Charles Gomez brief and eloquent assessment of Joe Bossano's contribution to Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians. When the judgement of so many of our fellow citizens is clouded by partisanship and petty animosities we need this sort of clear minded and honest approach. I have not voted for Joe since the fast launches debacle but I recognise his merits.

  6. With Mr Bossano in the line up (as back seat driver in the best of scenerios) what happens if he manages to get more votes than Mr Picardo?

  7. Despite having voted the GSLP out back in 1996, it is sad to see Mr Bossano go, although it is time. Mr Bossano has done a great deal of good for Gibraltar. Despite "el gran patin" in 96, Mr Bossano should also be remembered for the good. And despite everything associated with the fast launches which worked against gibraltar, one cannot argue that mr Bossano is a true Gibraltarian with Gibraltar's best interests athearts - mistakes were made, but that cannot deduct the good that he has done and the passion, energy, time and dedication he has had to all things Gibraltar. I personally wish him the best in his new life, and applaud him for having taken a step down - his departure from the GSLP may be what finally reinvigorates Gibraltar politics and allows Gibraltar to rid of a Government (Or One Man) that they no longer desire and are well past their sell by date.

  8. It is for the reasons that Charles Gomez articulates that I wrote it was Joe who laid the foundations of the economy that the GSD has simply and opportunistically built on ... can anyone think of a truly and exclusively GSD economic initiative?

  9. Anonymous at 18:20

    If Joe gets more votes ,,, no problem ... it is still the LEADER of the party or coalition with a majority in Parliament that will be Chief Minister. If the GSLP/Lib alliance choose Fabian, Fabian will be Chief Minister.

  10. anon @18:20

    In 1996, Peter Montegriffo obtained more votes than Peter Caruana, and yet, spent his one and only term as Deputy.

  11. Anonymous said...
    El Caruana en el WestView kiddies park con su hijo y muje ayer tarde, y hoy en el bus pa la frontera!!!!!

    Hay eleciones round the corner, pero ya!!!

  12. I did not know that Charles Gomez had such a positive appreciation of Joe Bossano and it is good to read what he says. It is also good to remember how it used to be before Bossano, shitty economy second class colonialism and so on. The new generations even Fabian are probably not aware of this. It is important that they should learn the history or else all that remains of politics is the chulleria and the rubbish which so many people now find so boring. Fabian still needs to prove that he is not a nino pijo he does not have the things that made Bossano so important and that is single mindedness and sincerity and most of all what Gomez calls Bossanos vision.

  13. Anon 21:27
    I have been saying for some time that elections are nearer than most anticipate! The latest in my view will be June. My bets go to May though. The GSD will use promises (again) to convince the electorate of all those projects that will be concluded in the near future. It is my view that Mr Caruana will not leave it till the end, as then there will be no turning back when the finalised projects may reveal flaws, with no time to rectify.
    I will count on Mr Picardo to lead our Government for the best.

  14. annon 22:17

    El dia que lo vea a el o el Holiday en Morinsons savre que ya queda poco hahahahaha

  15. Ive a feeling the elections will be sooner rather than later. I still think they will happen before the Sumemr rather than in the autumn.

    GJBS has been approved unlimited overtime and have been instructed to work as many hours as possible on every project they are currently working on for Govt. The guys at GJBS love the overtime pay, but its got to the point where they are so overworked that they are already complaining about never having any time off. I suppose this "unlimited overtime" can only be sustained so long, hence I think the election will be before the Summer recess. Keeping that overtime - in terms of money and manpower availability - until the autumn is very difficult.

  16. Caruana has been shopping at Morrison a few weeks ago. I saw him there.

  17. annon 22:35

    bueno, perhaps now that el GSLP por fin se a descartao, el Carrrrruana might change his mind.
    i reckon que se esta hasiendo kakita con esta movida ya que nunca se creia que se iba a materializar.
    completing all the unfinished projects before calling the next elections is impossible, even for him!!!
    y no vamo a habla del pastizo del MountCaruana y las playas este verano..este no sabe lo que le duele al llanito su playita

  18. annon 22.47

    eleciones casi seguro.....cuando me sonria y me diga adio lo tengo por cierto !!!!!

  19. Caruana, en el bus? LOLOLOLOL that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time

  20. I agree with Anon 27 March 2011 14:25 and Joe Bossano should be honoured before he retires from active politics. We seem to honour many people who have not done as much for Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians, which Bossano did during the most difficult social and economic conditions in his trade union days; in opposition with a wavering government; then in Government; then in opposition keeping Caruana in check; and, perhaps in government again in 2011 with all that experience spanning 40 years!

  21. anon @ 00:25

    I agree but I don't know who would choke first, Peter Caruana awarding the Medallion of honour to Joe Bossano or Joe Bossano receiving it!

    I think Joe is the type who has little time for awards. I also think his preferred reward for over 40 years of service to Gibraltar, is the knowledge it hasn't all been in vain.

  22. When Joe Bossano entered politics he was younger than Fabian is now but there was more fire to him. That fire is still there! Fabian is the product of the more comfortable Gibraltar that Bossano helped to create and comes from the pin stripe suited community of self-regading lawyers. Joe has always been a straight talker but Fabian tends to waffle and pontificate. I do not think that he has Joe's mettle and I worry that Fabian is not suited to rough and tumble with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and after the experiences that we have had with the GSD, Fabian's sectorial links to business interests are something that we should look out for. Still, Fabian could yet surprise us all but I feel safer in the knowledge that if Fabian waltzes into No 6 Joe will be there to keep him in check like Putin does with Medvedev!

  23. Who knows what Fabian is going to be like? one thing is for sure, we are never going to find out unless he is given the chance to prove himself.

    What we do know, is that presently, Gibraltar is run by an emperor practising dedocracia. An emperor who does not even fear his people's reaction to declaring, in Spain, his preference for an Andorra-style arrangement for Gibraltar, who is willing to spend millions and millions of tax-payer's money to ensure he gets his own way, who's arrogance drips from his tongue when he speaks down at the people he represents, who doesn't even allow his own ministers a free reign in their departments, ministers who have been elected by the people just as much as he has, who is oblivious to the needs of the ordinary man/woman on the street until 6 months before an election and who would rather appease the Spaniards with a joint use airport than his people with a badly needed power station.

    Its time for change, with a capital C!

  24. Unfortunately when it comes to Politicians we tend to remember the negative aspects whilst totally forgetting the positives. The corner stones for much of the quality of life that we enjoy today were laid by the GSLP, the two most prominent in my opinion being affordable home ownership for the working class and the chance for all youngsters to continue their education at University level. Compare this to the average family of 25-30 years back when most lived in sub-standard housing and only the very few top elite students were able to continue on to higher education. This is something that the GSD cannot take merit for.

    I seriously doubt that the GSD will have any idea on how to deal with the Opposition now that their meal ticket to victory is no longer in the equation and suspect that the new leader of the Opposition will simply inherit Bossano`s position and all the negative personality politics that the present Govt have become masters at dishing out.

    I`m afraid that your thinking may indeed turn out to be very wishful RV !

  25. Although I recognise the need for a new GSLP leader, I am not comfortable with Fabian at the helm. We all like to think that policies are what matters, but people (esp in Gib) vote for personalities, it is understandable in a community like ours. So the fan base of each party leader, and candidate to a lesser degree, plays an important part in electoral success. So we read people before we decide to like them, listen to them, trust them and eventually vote for them. Does Fabian have the right vision and intentions? I am not sure. He seems to have played a waiting game, trying not to put a foot wrong until the time was right for him to strike. I lack confidence in the guy, and although everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt in life, I fear the power trip of being CM would be just too much for him handle. I do not think I am alone in my these concerns. One word keeps coming to mind - EGO !! Moreover, In Fabian I do not see yet the passion, desire to properly serve the people, altruism,and selflessness required to make a good leader. In Bossano, however, who I never voted for, I still clearly saw all those qualities. In fact, I see more of those qualities in the Liberal leader. Another thing, although the GSLP line-up hasn't been revealed, a new leader will not excuse a wishy washy selection of mediocre and weak candidates. A selection of strong candidates is required if GSLP are to be a viable option. Very strong candidates I may add. Also, as a point of interest for some, I have shared many a Morrisons shopping aisle with Peter Caruana over the past few years. Lets not get petty.

  26. Anonymous at 14:58

    I must assume that your comments about mediocre and weak candidates apply equally to the GSD line up of candidates, or does the Party Leader's qualities mean that he does not need that strength of individual candidature behind him?

  27. Claro por que, Selwyn "I believe" Figueras, and Louis "we shall not give to much power to the people" Montegriffo are extremely credible and "strong" canidates.

    Thank you Anon 14:58 for showing us the light! I shall be enternally grateful....NOT! :) lolololol


  28. anon at 14:58
    you say Bossano had the qualities and yet you didn't vote for him and Picardo hasn't and you won't be voting for him either. There's no winning with you!

    Que verdad que es, you can't please all of the people, all of the time!

  29. Of course, my comments apply to all party line ups. All parties need strong candidates, who should not be voted for on the strength and popularity of the party leader.

    I will be voting for the individual candidates that I consider to be of value to Gibraltar's political stage. I disagree with the party, us and them, system that exists at present. I want the best people to work together for the benefit of all gibraltarians, (and this does not happen with this party system). If they don't want to work together, then surely they do not have Gibraltar's true interests at heart.

    And unfortunately, I very much feel that Fabian as CM, would not be the ideal scenario for Gibraltar. Trust is key and I just don't trust the guy.
    We will have to wait and see what happens.

  30. Some people are choosing to read things into comments that are not there. KJoyce, the comments apply to all parties - common sense would tell you that. Don't be so defensive, I am not saying that people should vote for Caruana even if he has a weak line-up.

  31. I see that Special K is back with his awe inspiring comments. You go K enlighten us on your nationalistic, protectionist strategy that will take Gibraltar to new heights........!

  32. Trust is a big issue in anything, most of all politics. Picardo and Caruana will be your choices in the next election, I do not believe that the CIR will have an effect in it's admirable but inconsequential attempt to convince to vote independently of party. It is a party that delivers vision ideas and unity for strong Govt, so essential to Gi politics.
    Picardo or Caruana? Well if you believe what LW tells you it's gotta be Picardo. It's all about trust.

  33. son to uno chupatinta
    a mi me gusta el plan de Robert a ve si la gente cotton on

  34. Hi,new comer to the blog.Anonymous said that he very much feel that Fabian is not fit to be CM,that he does'nt trust the guy.I'm sure you must have voted for the GSD way back in 1996 for Mr Caruana,and now sixteen years later we can all see how Fu..ed up we are.I think is time for a change before i'ts to late.Mr Vasquez is right when he says that there a democratic deficit in Gibraltar!!!!!

  35. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

    Both Joe and Mr Caruana were the right men for the job when they were first voted into office. They both shared a clear sense of purpose and were decisive in their actions.

    Times have changed again. Gibraltar now needs a leader willing to run things along less divisive party lines. We need someone with the gumption to recognise that Gibraltar will never be all that it can be unless our House is shaken up to allow a more inclusive and accountable style of Government, with the greater public interest paramount. No more contentious, unilateral decisions on £50 million air terminals or £120 million power stations built in inappropriate places without proper public debate, discussion and then a verified approval by the Gibraltar tax payer.

    Gibraltar has matured tremendously over the last 30 years under the auspices of Sir Joshua, Mr Canepa, Joe and then Mr Caruana. Their efforts should therefore garner them great respect from their fellow Gibraltarians, if not always agreement with their less well received policies. Fabian may well be Gibraltar's next leader within the next few months. He may also prove to be a great one if he delivers the reforms that our society direly needs to blossom further. Gibraltar deserves better than the political and social stagnation that we find ourselves mired in.

  36. I think LLW provides a great outlet for much needed political discussion in Gibraltar, and the ideas and vision it provides will in time serve Gibraltar well, I am sure of that. However, with the current 2 horse race we have in Gibraltar I see little chance of there being any real in roads into changing the political system in the short term and whether we like it or not, as soon as the new party comes in and settles into power we are back to the same old situation. RV, I wish you well with your ideas for the future and hope that whatever happens you keep this thing going, so that there is at least some means of keeping real and unsensored open public debate, given the useless free press we have in Gibraltar. I am a great believer that well organised pressure groups can also help to steer policy and by setting out some objectives, which you have already done with great success it may be possible to make Gibraltar a better place, by enlisting supporters to back you up on these ideals. Groups like the ESG, the local fishing enthusiasts and others are proof of this. Perhaps, a pressure group to deal with the current enormous financial debt, freedom of speech without reprisals or the pathetic state of the town planning department may be obvious targets. I understand you cannot have too many of these uprising campaigns or let Gibraltar be run by the mob, but this would be another way to provide the checks and balances Gibraltar so badly needs, albeit on the main core issues which are of fundamental importance to Gibraltar and its people. I would be interested to hear what you think about that.

  37. Why can't Picardo be trusted? Surely he is an upstanding respected member of our community and of the legal community to. He is a senior partner at Gibraltars largest and most reputable law firm, he is about to marry and is a youthful popular character with integrity and our best interests at heart.

  38. anonymous at 20;48

    LLW will continue as long as I have subjects to write about and if you are right and there is no electoral and parliamentary reform that will be a long time. I agree that pressure groups will always be needed but they are not a replacement for systemic checks and balances. They are in addition.

  39. Anonymous at 20:58

    The comment that you refer to has been published on the basis that it refers to political trust not a reflection on his personal or professional character.

  40. watching the news tonight, and over the past few weeks, you'd think the Government knew something the Mayans had missed and the world is in fact ending this summer instead of the predicted 2012!

    Que manera de gastar dinero! Its shocking that so much money is being poured out in such a short space of time, for so many last minute projects. No expense is spared!

    Come on Gibraltar, our debt is sky-high, who is going to pay for all this?

    rents for the new houses at Rooke, at the same price as Edinburgh house, which was handed over 10 years ago, surely prices have gone up a little!
    Civil servants getting an average payrise of 2.6% AND working LESS hours for it. Starting at 8.15am, except for those with children, who will be allowed in later! Are they staying in later too?
    The power station that has rocketed from £50 million to £123 million from last year.
    The airport underpass that has had an extra God-knows-how-many-millions more thrown at it because of bad planning.
    Somebody mentioned GJBS working all hours God sends to finish projects, but at what cost?
    The list is endless!

    I am concerned, that should we suddenly encounter a few problems here and there, that might set off a chain reaction, and our debt become unmanageable, who is going to come to our aid? Not UK, for certain, I think they are giving us kilometres of rope so we are well-able to hang ourselves!
    Will this be Spain's chance to step in and save the day?

    I pity Fabian, he'll have a hell of a mess to deal with, should he get in!

  41. Anon 17:31

    We live in a Gibraltar were our own Government turns a blind eye whilst our OWN people are discriminated against (in both the public and private sectors). Que quiere que haga me kede callao?

    The GSD Government MUST BE reminded that Gibraltar is first and foremost for the Gibraltarians, that they were put there BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, all of them not only the rich ones.

    Please note I have only advocated for one protectionist like policy to be implemented. Furthermore I made it clear that realistically according to EU law it would be impossible to implement. Though I do fail to understand why requesting that 15% of the workforce in each firm in Gibraltar should consist of locals, seems to be so wrong. Please feel free to elaborate.........???

    Back to LLW topic.....

    I do welcome Fabian RV (I have long publicly stated he should run for CM), but shall at the same time mourn Joe's departure.

    Let us note that Bossano (as flawed as he is), in my opinion genuinely cares about our people and our Gibraltar. He would NEVER have in a million years proposed an Andorra type “solution”. Additionally a man as patriotic as he is (and one I incidentally did not vote for 4 years ago) would NEVER have consented to let OUR people be treated like a minority in our own land! Which is exactly what is happening now.

    As for Caruana............hmmmm ???

    None the less one must respect what Caruana has done for Gibraltar and acknowledge that he is indeed a great man. A great man who has done wonders for Gibraltar in terms of financial prosperity and “progression”. What one must contemplate though is the price we will have to pay for such stated prosperity and “progression”.

    It very much seems to me that those who least benefit from our “prosperous economy” in the Monte Carlo like state we currently reside in are those who most should..........THE LOCALS.

    Think of your children and their children after. Vote for change, Vote for nationalism, vote for people who will treat our people like they should be treated!

    Charity starts at home first. Poka cosa ay mas verda que esa!


    El Special K - who in an Era where political correctness has been taken to absurd levels, dares to advocate preferential treatment for his own people in his own land.


  42. Buena K. Tu dilo como li vea. Y es verdad lo que dice Roberto, el Caruana no a echo na, todo lo iso Bossano antes de que Caruana se gasto el dinero.
    Bring back the GSLP YA!!!! It's a dream team Picardo as leader y Bossano advising con the DR y Linares. Que fuerte man.


  44. Only 1 blogger seems to have picked up on the "radical reform" of the civil service. When i heard the news headline i thought, finally, they are cutting out all the dead wood and 'pagas muertas' working in government, and i thought it was a very brave move for the GSD to announce such reforms now. Only when i heard the full story did i realise how naive i was to think that the government would have taken what indeed would have been a very brave step and stream lime the civil service. on the contrary, what we are presented with what is a perfect vote catcher where all the civil servants will now be paid more to work less, to have summer hours even in winter, oh and counters shall be open at lunch time...faltara menos si se van a quitar del medio as soon as you blink. how on earth can such a ridiculous move be justified in this day and age? we want to promote gibraltar as a business centre, oh but we shut at 2.30 in summer and 4.30 in winter. it is simply ridiculous. the government is introducing "family friendly hours" for people who have children under the age of 10. i agree in principle with the idea of flexi time but in reality we will get the majority of people who are supposed to start work at 8.15 turning up to work at 9.15 and they will probably leave at 4.30 anyway (oh and dont forget that at 10.30 se 'escapan' para ir a comprarse el bollo Y AQUI NO PASA NADA. anda que no se nota that elections are round the corner! i wonder what ridiculous proposals await for us next week!! i hope that people can see through this government and vote them out once and for all ITS TIME FOR CHANGE GIBRALTAR - PLEASE BEFORE WE ARE BANKRUPT BY THIS GOVERNMENT

  45. I also think that Bossano is a politician thro and thro and has represented the people of Gibraltar well in any way he has been able to, despite a few slip ups. I wonder whether if the GSD were to loose this election Mr C will continue as leader of the opposition, or will the idea of not being top dog anymore be too much for him to handle???

  46. This Government has messed up Gibraltar BIG TIME.

    Either way we are now F*cked.

    People are so fickle and materialistic that deals such as the Civil Service one will undoubtedly “buy” their votes.

    Are Gibraltarians really that stupid to once again vote for the GSD? I believe they are yes.

    At this rate....

    (1) We will have no beaches.

    (2) Gibraltar will become heavily polluted.

    (3) Most of our people will be forced to work and live abroad. After their jobs have been taken by EU nationals from diverse parts of the world.

    (4) Thousands of houses will be built and alike today many of them will be empty, purchased by individuals who are non locals and only do so for tax related purposes. The concrete jungle will reach its breaking point. Ask yourself how many locals live in Ocean village or Kings wharf etc?

    (5) Gibraltar will concede an inch to Spain and maybe even a mile (or more).

    (6) Our identity as a people will be lost.

    (7) The GSD government will have succeeded and the Gibraltar of today will have ceased to exist.

    In my humble opinion the GSD’s master plan to mould our Gibraltar is well on the way.

    National day was destroyed and unity replaced by apathy. Deluded by visions of grandeur many of our people have lost their great sense of patriotism.

    Kudos to the GSD propaganda machine for achieving the unachievable.

    Gibraltar se va de culo, pero no pasa na as long as we have a HUGE empty airport and our pockets are filled with money.


  47. Anonyomous 28/03/2011 @ 14:58 thinks the problem with Picardo is not his politics but his personality. In short, his allegedly over-inflated ego.

    Does the same Anonymous think Caruana's ego is any smaller, or any less of a problem?

  48. I do not think that Fabian Piccardo has the standing needed of a Chief Minister. He is a good chap but to me he does not come across as serious enough. Meybe in 20 or 30 years when he is more mature.

  49. This blatant and shameful attempt to buy votes will in all likelihood backfire on the GSD for the following reasons.

    Firstly, because there are many other disgruntled institutions that would benefit from such targeted election goodies.

    Secondly, because the Government doesn’t give the people of Gibraltar enough credit in that that the majority of them will be able to recognise and condemn this ‘timely’ ploy for what it really is, a desperate, uncharacteristically and excessively generous attempt by the GSD in an effort to try and plug the holes in its sinking ship (I’m sure many more are sure to follow as the ship is gaining water fast).

    There’s a middle ground between condescendingly dismissing the problems the people of Gibraltar are facing and desperately trying to placate the unruly masses by giving them extraordinary election goodies.

    The current administration has probably now realised now that the house of cards is falling down that they should sought to strike this balance long ago before the 11th hour where such a position would prove to be untenable and insufficient in terms of allowing them to win the forthcoming election.

  50. In reply to Calpetano's question, yes, I do think Caruana's ego is, and has been a problem. Pero ke vamos ir de guatamala a guatapeor! But, having said that, I am not really saying its one over the other, I just advocate a system where the best individuals work together (egos aside) for the greater benefit of the community. The party system, I don't think, makes sufficient use of the talented and capable individuals that offer their knowledge and experience when standing for election. So, I am with RV. We should change a system which fails us, which allows too much power in the hands of one man, be it Caruana, Picardo or Joe Bloggs. The parties thrive on dividing the community, your either with us or against us, and this DOES NOT serve our community well, we all know this. I would like to see greater unity at grass roots level, as this would reflect in our community at every level.

  51. Kaelan,

    Your posts concern me more and more each week. the whole idea of democracy is that you are free to vote for whoever you wish.

    Yet you brand those who may dare to vote for the GSD as stupid! has it occured to you that people have different ideas and view things differently?

    just a thought chap!

  52. Anon 17:24

    Yes you are indeed correct in your assumptions! We are free to vote for whoever we wish!

    Furthermore I do acknowledge that people might have different views to mine.

    BUT, if democracy means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.


  53. Kaelan@21:22

    I am not Gibraltarian, but I call Gibraltar home and I live and work here. Bizarrely it would seem that I care more about Gibraltar than many Gibraltarians do - it seems like a lot of Llanitos take this amazing place for granted sometimes. Admittedly, its not perfect here but one has to take the rough with the smooth hey? I'm not seemingly keeping a Gibraltarian from employment - in fact I have been looking for a suitable assistant for some time and I am keen for that post to go to a local but the trouble is I am yet to find anyone suitable...why is this? I'm not a rich ex-pat either. I am a hard worker with a specialist profession earning much less here than I would in London, and happy to do so because I love Gib and I am proud to contribute positively to 'my' community. I would, if necessary, fight for this land. Conversely, I wouldn't for the UK! Would your 'Nationalism' have me kicked out for not having a red ID? Who exactly would do my job if I had to be imported in the first place?

    I doubt I will attract too much outrage by stating the commonly known fact (uttered by many Gibraltarian employers) that a large number of Gibraltarians simply do not want to work, or feel that much of the available work is beneath them. Could it be a hangover from the past times of easy money and state mollycoddling? Maybe the new generation might have a different attitude. Having said this I also need to state that my Gibraltarian colleagues are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. A further fact is that a huge proportion of the most capable Gibraltarians choose to work in the UK after graduating which leaves a substantial skill vacuum here - it is them looking after number one that opens the door for the likes of me.

    Let me also say something about discrimination - I know my place and we all know how it works around here: Llanitos first, everyone else somewhere in the middle and the Moroccans treated in a despicable manner. I put up with it, but I know why I am not treated equally and it is a price I am willing to pay. I do believe it is right to look after your own countrymen first and foremost and I know that many llanito employers do, which is an admirable quality. Perhaps rather than your 15% proposal (which may, or may not be workable) one could introduce a system where if a person who is resident in Gibraltar is able to do the job then it must be offered to a local resident should get first dibs at it, or does your system extend to apartheid?

    As for housing I agree it is a scandal that prime housing remains empty, but don't forget many Llanitos are 'at it' too and are happy to rent out their property for far in excess of what they are paying for their nice villa in Spain - I don't think Gibraltarians in Government housing don't know how lucky they are!

  54. K has lost it. Este niño es el no va mas. His interpretation of Gibraltar today is comical at best and delusional at worst. K you have absolutely no grasp of our reality at all. For now it's best to assume the comical in your posts as I fear if taken seriously it will only fuel a rage in many Gibraltarians who are proud of Gibraltar and what has been achieved amid a barrage of internal and external, political and social attack on our existence as a prosperous community.

  55. anon @ 01:40 is right, I wonder what madness awaits us next week and beyond!

    No doubt the chronicle & GBC will be first in line to explain it all in detail and in glorious technicolour, just in case any of the Sheep haven't heard.

  56. Anon 17:45

    You raise some valid points.

    The type of Nationalism I adhere to is the Civic (liberal) form. Furthermore if you would have read my article titled "THE NEED FOR NATIONALISM" you would have come across this paragraph:

    “We have long been a multicultural society and in my opinion sovereignty is something that should be bestowed upon those loyal to our land and our people. Those who have made Gibraltar their home and have directly contributed to the success of our economy regardless of race, religion or ethnicity."

    Our nationality cannot be realistically defined by race or ethnicity! No piece of plastic can define this! Therefore in my opinion perons who have lived here for a substantial amount of years should have as many rights as I do.

    Please note that Nationalism if implemented correctly can help people lead meaningful, autonomous lives.

    On a different note I despise the fact that you have found it upon yourself to state that "a large number of Gibraltarians simply do not want to work" and that this “Could be a hangover from the past times of easy money and state mollycoddling” Who are you to make such assumptions? Go on then tell me who you are? How long have you lived her for?

    In my opinion respect is something you earn as is nationality, you cannot expect to come here from another country and instantly be given everything (like they do in the UK). Then whine about how you are providing “specialized” services yet cannot find a suitable assistant. Tell us what is it you do exactly please? Your story seems a tad melodramatic.

    Furthermore you have the audacity to brand MY PEOPLE "unemployable" and "lazy" whilst leeching off our success. Then attempt to sugar coat these comments with statements such as “that my Gibraltarian colleagues are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with”. Didn’t you previously state that “in fact I have been looking for a suitable assistant for some time and I am keen for that post to go to a local but the trouble is I am yet to find anyone suitable” You seem to be contradicting yourself.

    Before you couldn’t find any suitable local workers and now SURPRISE you actually HAVE local work colleagues. Something smells “fishy” to me. Are they “lazy” also?

    We are indeed lucky to live in OUR Gibraltar. This high standard of living is what our fathers and fore fathers fought for. Why should our people be labeled as “spoilt lazy brats” when others fail to mimic such actions?

    Maybe you should have a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself some very interesting questions. Such as....

    (1) Why didn’t MY people ensure we had a good standard of living?

    (2) It is their land should I not assimilate to their ways?

    (3) Should I REALLY be complaining or should I just be grateful to be here?

    (4) Have I earned my right to be called a local?

    I for one care about my people, including those who were not been born here but have earned the right to be called Gibraltarian.

    Incidentally I also happen to care for those who have found the time and humility to assimilate to our ways and are grateful to be part of our community, which you do not seem to be.

    Gibraltar us first and foremost for the Gibraltarians and I AM GLAD to see that others adhere to the same mentality.

    If you don’t like our ways and our mentallity then there’s the door………

    Remember no one is forcing you to live in Gibraltar you have a choice. :)

    From my perspective I do not deem people such as yourself worthy of living in Gibraltar.

    THE CHEEK! How ungrateful and to top it off patronising! Unbelievable!!!


  57. annon 17.45

    as a proud gibraltarian & business owner i cannot disagree with anything you have said.

  58. Sorry for obvious typos guys and poor grammar in some cases, typed in a hurry! lololol


  59. K I really think it's time for you to seek help man. It's like watching a train crash in slow motion.....:)

  60. 17:45. Thank you for writing with sense and honesty. I too am a business owner and fully agree with your sentiments. I am Llanito.

  61. " can anyone think of a truly and exclusively GSD economic initiative?"

    Tu que ta en serio? Are you really suggesting that Gibraltars economic success and prosperity is owed to Joe y Jaimito? Are you chewing on the same sweeties that Special K is on?

    I'm not sure who's more arrogant Cousin Robert or Cousin Peter.

  62. Character is of the utmost importance when deciding who to vote for. If a person has the right intentions to govern with the best interests of the people, their actions and policies will show this.

    Fabian has been under Bossano's wing waiting for his political death hoping to then emerge as Bossano's approved leader. Bossano lived in a very different political era and garnered support for very different reasons to Fabian. Bossano's faithful supporters in today's world might not even have supported Fabian, were it not for the approval of Bossano. Fabian knows this and has played a tactical game for many years.

    We should be able to freely discuss his character, without fear, as the character of the CM, very much determines the way Gibraltar will be lead.

  63. Si claro lo Llanito "Business owners" que van deci.

    I like how you guys "roll".

    Employ 2 non locals for the price of one local. Pay them minimum wages and cash in hand.

    No soy listo ni na.

    100% llanito ..........demientra que yo me fore claro :)

    Our OWN worst enemies thats what we are! SHAMEFUL!


  64. Would be interesting to know how many Spanish workers these "two local business men" employ - on and off the books! Obviously it is safer for them to employ non-locals and do as they please with them, than employ a llanito who knows his rights and is more espabilao to know better than to allow to be abused /exploited in the same way many Spanish and Moroccan workers are!

    Another failing is the Labour INspectors turning a blind eye to many of these situations. You see them every morning parading up and down Main Street past many shops which have "illegal workers" and which everybody knows about, but they do nothing it seems and instead sit across from the premises having a coffee al fresco!

  65. I am a business owner too, and Kaelan and anon @22:43 are wrong to generalise and assume these 2 local business owners are acting so.

    In the same way as not all llanito employees are flojo, not all llanito employers are trajinistas!

  66. Anon 1745h tienes mas cara que un magistrao! Cheeky to come into a Llanito forum and call every single Gibraltarian lazy and unsuitable! Says a lot if you haven't found a "suitable local" to fill the post of assistant! You are calling everyone who is job hunting lazy and unsuitable and I am sure that is not the case! Has any local rejected the offer to take up the post you offer? Perhaps it is the conditions offered that aren't attractive compared to other opportunities available. you know, it could be that, and not that all llanitos are lazy!

    More shocking is that few if any have jumped in to defend the fact that not all Gibraltarians are lazy! There are some, like anywhere else in the world! But we aren't all lazy! Says a lot that few people have come in here and corrected this "geezer" who is "prouder than most Gibraltarians"!

  67. Anon 23:03

    I am Anon 22;43 and I wasn't saying that these TWO specific business owners are doing so. I was merely using the same tactic that they used. They have branded ever Gibraltarian worker lazy which is outrageous, shocking and untrue.

    I DO NOT THINK that all local business owners abiuse the system. there are some and there are some. In the same vein, there are hard working Gibraltarians and there are lazy Gibraltarians. I just find it insulting that someone should brand us all as plain lazy!

  68. Do we really need to defend against rubbish. The vast majority of the staff in my organisation is llanito and very hardworking and loyal, most have been with us all their working lives!

  69. Anon 23:02

    Okay I do apologise for stereotyping in such a manner, but it DOES happen! We all know it does. Do you deny this?


  70. I agree Robert, but it is scandalous for a non-local to come on here (which he is perfectly entitled too), brand us all llanis lazy, get the support of other fellow llanis (which says a lot of the Gibraltar we currently live in and the reasons for many of our problems as we have discussed on many ocassions here on LL-W.

    Its called pride in our Homeand Our People, and it is clear that we are very lacking in this nowadays.

  71. Kaelan, not at all, some employers tend to be less trustworthy that the worst employees you can find, whereas, in the main, Gibraltarian staff are hard-working and loyal. There are exceptions, but that applies to all nationalities.
    I'm sure there are bonafide employers who have been unable to find appropriate staff, but that is the luck of the draw. Like in many other things, being in the right place at the right time, is all that it takes.

    Sometimes, however, when we look for staff at the bottom of the ladder, and intend to remunerate them with peanuts, whatever their nationality, what we get, is usually a monkey! This may explain the discontent with some members of staff.

    But times are hard, however prosperous the Government may bill us to be, and businesses are feeling the recession, however much the Government says it hasn't affected us, and sometimes businesses have to resort to extreme measures to keep afloat.

    anon 22:43 is right about the labour inspectors, who keep clear of certain companies, and instead concentrate on targeting the little fish.

  72. Braveheart says:

    I agree with you Robert, I have worked with plenty non-locals and learnt nothing new from them. There are those 'powerful' employers who love to belittle locals and spend a fortune on those so-called 'experts' who are only experts in negotiating double employment contracts, avoid paying all their dues and look down on us locals. This is a fact and is happening left right and centre, and then it's the small local businesses that are chased around by the authorities for a couple hundred pounds and utility bills increasing by the day!!

    It's about time, we the 100% yanitos, stand up and react against all this before it is too late. It's time for change!! Let's wake up!!

  73. Elections are defintely round the corner - Spring I think!

    In addittion to the Caruana Sightings in local spots frequented by us, the commoners, there has been an increased "use" of his merry band in promotional activities. Fabian Vinet, a stranger to the small screen, was actually allowed to make the announcement and front the "interview" on TV in relation to the new Govt Housing Estate - when the norm in accordance with the last 15 years would have been for PRC to front this. Minister Reyes has been appeared constantly on TV showing how much he enjoyes the new Govt Parks complete with "Excercise" machines for the Elderly(whoever thought of that has little touch with reality and must be someone obsessed with appearances and making things look nice rather than practical!).

    No doubt over the next few days / week we shall see the rest of the GSD Ministers making a comeback to the public arena fronting projects being completed by their Ministry - In all honesty I was going to list their names but have forgotten most of them - only Yvette and Joe Holliday spring to mind....

  74. I think the GSD would have a stronger chance of success at the next elections, were Caruana to step down and let Feetham take over. He shouldn't let the party go down with him.

    Whichever party we all vote for I think we could all give one vote to Robert Vasquez to ensure he is able to influence from the inside. Robert, unlike Fabian and Caruana, I trust.

  75. Braveheart,
    If the biggest culprit in offering expat expertise free accommodation, tax free gratuities & God knows whatelse is the Government itself, then how can we expect them to even start trying to eradicate this!!!
    Paca Garse

  76. Just seen the new toilests on NW LOL

    How much did these cost us? Half a mil?

    They are all very nice - complete with moveable floors that self clean, and the latest tech to increase hygene...vamo ke lo unico ke no hace el State of the Art toilet is wipe u at the end! But can we REALLY afford paying so much for 6 public WCs! it seems crazy when there are more important and urgent projects needed!

    Its spend spend spend with no reason or logic.

    And again, Holliday inaugurating the new WCs! Vinet again on TV with the new Estate...Elections are looming...the Ministers have reappeared on the scene after a long quiet spell!

  77. Inauguran el Govt Estate nuevo, and two days later we hear that 42 NEW LUXURY HOMES will be built at one of our most valuable historical sites!

    Una de cal y otra de arena!

  78. Back to the civil service reform hopefully civil servants nowadays have to have at least a bit of common sense and will not accept the reform in exchange for votes, its pretty clear that they are dangling the carrot before the elections why else would the reform have to be in effect by the 3rd of May accepting a new practice code which will not be completed until 3 months later? Basically vote it in look at all you get and once its sign government will hold the practice code overwriting the general orders until after the elections should they get elected . Then the previously voted in mystery code will be published and all will be f***ked but a selected few of course. Secondly there are only3 government counters in gibraltar which open until 4:30 most close at midday or 2pm from these 3 one of them opens at 8 am and closes at 4.45 yet only these counters which have been worked through lunch until late afternoon since 8am are the only ones not benefiting from the reform why is this ah selected few again and the 13.5% increase on overtime how many non industrial civil servants work overtime? FEW and of those few most will find that overtime will be paid with hours in lieu under the new code exept of course for selected posts only these will benefit from the increase. So hopefully our civil servants wont dive blindly for the carrot and instead question themselves whats the rush in signing something now which wont be completed until three months time most possibly post elections?
    By Anony 9

  79. Would like to add that yes its definately time for change i dont know how the current gov has managed to keep the blind fold on people they keep referring to the tobacco incidents all those years ago when they themselves are allowing this and worse i mean Mr. Britto came out on tv going on about the importance of tourism bla bla bla Devils Tower Road is the new entry point into Gibraltar to they make it more attractive? No they allow cigarette shops to pop up like weeds on this road its exagerrated the amount of them that have opened up lately knowing as we all do how Spanish registered vehicles park anywhere and disrupt traffic to get there cigs and how you can spot them stuffing cars seats and themselves in all the adjoining alleys is embarrasing same goes for the frontier and airport any thing done about this na! On the contrary i remember when the comercial gate was manned 24/7 by customs to prevent the smuggling now theres no need the smuggling that goes on at night is hidden by the multimillion pound airport so ojos que no ven!! Then we go to all those members of the public whom in there days were involved with the blatant smuggling those whose actions the CM reminds as of and uses to frown upon the previous government, well some have tobacco liscences or business so money laundry is frowned upon exept when its used to fund a local business? Come on how many have tried to open up a business without success and come certain people and everything is laid out before them?
    By Anony 9

  80. I've just come from work and was intending to write a post in relation to the propaganda the GSD govt is embarking on. I now see that some people have already caughten on. Anon 13:29 has written a similar post that I would have written. Also in relation to people coming from abraod and taking local jobs I agree that it has been the GSD Govt who have NOT led by example and it seems that they or should I say the chief minister does not trust locals but it is the locals now that is bailing him out of the problems that have been created by people from abroad who have not finished any project that the GSD Govt contracted them to do. YET GJBS a joint venture a GSLP company (Which was heavily criticised by the GSD IN THE PAST is now finishing off ALL GSD Govt projects with most of the Management in GJBS being LLanitos and to boot people who were GSLP supporters and not supported by Caruana! I am convinced that the people of Gibraltar the llanitos are cleverer then what CARUANA thinks they are. Not only has he had to eat humble pie in relation to the projects point I made above but also and more importantly they will not be conned by all the propanga that is and will continue in the next months ahead until the election is called. This is tantamount to political opportunism to leave things that people need and would like done to be done at the last minute in a rush and throwing taxpayers money at everything. One thing the GSD Govt have done which beggers belief is the 7 toilets that GSD,GBC have announced will be in use as from saturday at 50p a go. I presume Paca Garse above will be first to use it!!! Who was the bright spark that decided that we needed these toilets all round GIB??? What I fear is that this GSD Govt in its desperation to get into power will sign and do things which might be detrimental to all after they have left. case in point power station. By the way what is happening at the old boulevard near the leisure centre que estan haciendo come un boquete?

  81. Anon 2104

    Lo del bokete en el Buleva is the prep work for yet another children's park! They too are mushrooming all over Gibraltar. Asi que next week minister Reyes will appear on TV showing us how much he enjoys using the "mock-like" elliptical trainer that anyone who knows the slightest about training will be able to tell you that this is just something that looks like an elliptical machine but does none of the jobs required of one.

    A alguien en No6 le gusto how "chulo" they looked despues de haber visto similar on Spain's costa and they thought it would be a good idea to bring over and No6 agreed to their purchase regardless of use and more importantly cost.

    Same with toilets which quite frankly is shocking! Moveable self-cleaning floors...C'mon...can we afford...really need these?

  82. Please bear with me on this one...

    so, you sold your flat in montagu gardens/harbour views, etc for 4 or 5 times what you paid for it originally, and instead moved to Santa Margarita, Alcaidesa, Sotogrande, etc, with your garden and swimming pool, etc, etc.

    But you had to have a local address so the kids could continue going to school and you could register for the GHA, to vote, and to pay for the kids university fees, so you registered your family as living (in cramped conditions) at you mother-in-law's house in Laguna/humphries/varyl begg, etc.

    Since then, the Government goes all out to eliminate the queues into Spain, so you don't have to sit there for an hour or two everyday, after all, its very inconvenient, and the pool becons, and now... they give you a brand new flat in Rooke, so that your family can live more comfortably!

    No vea, la de pied-a-terre que han regalao esta semana!

  83. Anon 2120 is right

    I personally know 5 families who are in the situation described above! And worse still, many of these families will continue to live across the border and keep the new Govt Gib flat for "conveniant moments". Even worse, they go around town saying this - even in front of Govt officials, and nobody does anything about it. Its all good, the only ones affected are the next 5 families on the Waiting list genuinely living in cramped conitions.

    Y no vamo a hablar de otros anomaliesin relation to the new Estate. Shame no one will do so and spills the beans, out of fear, and others out of not wanting to fall out of favour cos they are rewarded for their silence and "loyalty" a word which has been used bny many on here and which is a million times more dangerous than what many others are trying toportray by Kaelan's non-extreme nationalism, which is a trait which every nation has if you are a proud countryman!

  84. hahahahaha!!!
    elections round the corner...seguro.....Vinet eshandole la mano a la gente en el tercentenary hall.
    the same minister that has rarely been available during this last term in office to meet people with genuine problems.
    mind you, one could always bump into him at Sacarello's

  85. anonymous said:
    Anonymous 21.31
    If what you say is true, then shame on those 5 families and even more shame on the government officials who know about it. Just disgusting!
    Would you tell us what the anomalies are?
    I am glad you feel the same way about Kaelan's position. I am proud to be a Gibraltarian. It is obviously not politically correct to think like this. But then I do not belong to the nouveau riche or the hoi polloi of Gibraltar society. Shame on them!

  86. Anon 2207

    Im Anon 2131

    Unfortunately I cannot talk about the "anomalies". I also referred to them as something else but RV-LLW rightly edited the word and changed it to "anomalies".

    And about Kaelan's thing - I am all against extreme nationalism - I agree it is dangerous. I don't think that K is an extreme nationalist...only a proud Gibraltarian with a real concern for all things local. Im sure those who are trying to paint a different pic of K are the "elite" who have never experienced the hardships of the real world in gib!

    We have to remember that the Government of Gibraltar is voted BY and FORR tyhe people ogf Gibraltar. Everyone is welcome here, especially with EU law, but we have to remember this is our home. Algunos parecen que se las quieren dar de ser mas inlges que el ingles y seguir the same as in the UK - look where extreme PC has landed the UK!

    Regarding Ks argument: I was an unemployed Gibraltarian not too long ago. Qualified, not a young pup, quite a bit of experience in a number of fields etc. Anyway, I applied for an advertised position (private sector - non local company) and got as far as receiving an invitation to interview - plus a positive letter highlighting positive aspects of my CV and experience. A few days later, my interview gets cancelled because "recruitment has been put on hold". This being our lil Gibraltar, a local, working for the company contacted me on the quiet and told me my interview had been cancelled because they realised I was a local, something they hadn't realised when they invited me to interview. A few weeks later the post was filled by a lesser qualifed European flown here for the job who barely spoke English or Spanish (a requirement as per the advertised vacancy).

    Y que hace uno - unfortunately ignore it and move on. There's little you can do! I know of many other locals who have had similar happening to them. But of course, the elite will never experience this, and they will always call us "commoners" liars for coming up with true stories which destroy the ideallic gibraltar they like to fantasise about!

  87. annon 22.21
    i pride myself in having an ear on the ground and my finger on the pulse on local shennanigans, pero me deja elao!!!
    i have followed closely what Kaelan has been saying all along, but your first hand account has really highlighted your plight and that of others.
    surely Government must be aware of this noh?
    if they are not, they will be now. ya se lo dira un pajarito o otro!
    they must take action and investigate these incidents without delay, even if the are branded as "nationalistic".

  88. Anon @ 21.31

    You suggest that "the only ones affected are the next 5 families on the list". This is not strictly correct. As tax payers we are all affected because in effect we are funding the life styles of people who basically want a second home.. in Spain. The Govt should be looking at providing social housing for people who cannot afford to buy, not subsidising life styles but I can`t see this happening any time soon. Wouldn`t prove popular.

  89. Last year, over 200 flats were allocated to the elderly in Albert Risso House, most of them vacating Government flats in the process, and allowing Government to pass these on to those next on the list. This makes sense, as most of these elderly persons had flats beyond their present needs, flats which Government could put to better use instead.

    The Rooke estate (which by the way looks like its been built to a better standard than Nelson's View or Cumberland!) should have been sold as a low-cost housing Estate, ensuring a fast return on the Government's investment, with priority given to present tenants of Government Housing or those on the Housing Waiting List, just like Montagu Gardens and Harbour Views were originally marketed.

    This way it would have been a win-win situation for the taxpayer.

  90. its deja vu . i know of one such case .

    family used to live in westside 1 .

    sold and went to live in santa margarita .

    registered as living with in-laws here in gib .

    thay get allocated a flat at the new rooke estate where they will be moving in soon .

    now they are selling the house in spain for 300 grand , in euros .

    i have my daughter her boyfriend and grandduaghter , my wife and son , living with me in a 3 bedroom government flat .

    tell you one thing what exactly is a slap in the face ?

  91. I think that the issue of balance, fair governance and perspective is important for Gibraltar's ongoing development. Robert's most recent proposal regarding a Committee of backbenchers would likely be most useful in this regard.

    It is important that Gibraltar not lose its intrinsic character for the sake of short term profit. This is as true of our landscape as well as the people who make up our society. I am ashamed of the type of environment that our children will grow up knowing, with concrete blocks everywhere and hardly any natural coast line left. Whilst it is no doubt important to service the needs and expectations of newcomers to Gib, many associated with the online gaming or banking industries, it is of paramount importance that Gibraltarians are not sidelined in our own land.

    This will only be achieved if we are clear about where we are headed as a people and how we are going to go about it. Today’s Panorama article regarding our economy hit the nail on the head. Much of the malaise affecting the home grown private sector is being masked by the influx of readies brought by the success of the new online industries (long may they stay and contribute to the local economy). In the meantime, despite the continuing poor financial conditions, the public sector has now been guaranteed annual wage increases for the next few years. This deliberate policy decision, with obvious electoral overtones, is fuelling inequalities between us.

    Just how serious are we as a people in running our own affairs responsibly and prudently? On current evidence, I’d say “not particularly”. It regrettably is therefore no surprise that our society and formerly beautiful land is suffering. Poor decisions such as not making the Rooke housing estate one for first time home buyers, OEM fiascos, not stamping out abuse of our housing and schooling systems and the inappropriate location of the contentious £120 million power station do not help.

  92. has anyone realised how minute the bedrooms in the new rooke estate are? the flats are simply ridiculous, govenment propaganda at its best, but in fact not really fit for purpose. open your eyes gibraltar!!

  93. Filomena De Retrete: If there were any proper planning in Gibraltar Paca Garse who wrote above at 15.28 would have ben asked to inaugurate the new pay toilets. Did Joe holliday actually try them out? He should have done at least for a little Jimmy Riddle and then told the fawning GBC and Chronicle journos how it felt.

  94. I personally don`t blame people who have after all been allowed to take advantage of the Govt`s turning a blind eye to what is essentially abuse within housing. In all fairness some steps were taken some years back to clamp down on the practice of selling up your Westside home to buy in Spain and then registering on the housing list, although my understanding was that part of the contract conditions to buy originally at Westside was that you could not subsequently register on the housing list so not quite sure how people got around this.

    While this step tackled people selling up and making a tidy profit, it has obviously had no effect on council flat tennants who have bought homes in Spain or for that matter people who have had the financial means to buy low cost housing but have preffered to wait for the Rooke housing estate whilst planning to buy a second home in Spain as one such case that I know of.

    People are entirely entitled to spend their money as they wish but what cannot be right is that the rest of us are expected to fund homes here in Gib so that these people can afford a second home in Spain.

    Something very wrong here.

  95. anon @ 9:54

    i agree, y bendita sea su alma, el que lo haiga podio hacer, but not at my expense!

    paco and anon @23:49 are right, this should have been an opportunity for 1st time home buyers, and not for rental purposes.

    Next time Governement feels it needs a little extra cash, they'll offer the tenants the opportunity to buy these flats for peanuts, just like they've done with the other housing estates!

  96. 08:04

    To fawning journos :

    "It felt like a million dollars"
    (of taxpayer's money...)

    These 'complicated' toilets are going to have a high cost of ownership. The 50p had better go into maintaining them, else they'll all be sporting 'out of order' signs six days of the week in no time at all!

    If we needed them at all, we could have got something a bit more rudimentary and functional with fewer of the complicated 'tardis' elements.

    Just a thought - does anyone know what would happen if one were to be spending 50p and there happened to be one of our infrequent power cuts? Would one be stuck there 'for the duration' so to speak, or would the door spring open revealing one's seated self to surprised passers by?

  97. anon @11:17

    I believe its the latter! This toilet is built and designed for a 1st world country, and being the 4th most prosperous country, in the world, you'd think we'd qualify!

    one other thing, are we not contravening some European equality law by charging 50p to locals and 1 euro to foreigners?

  98. Thanks Peeps :)

    It is good to see other proud Gibraltarians posting on LLW, whilst knowing that by doing so they also be branded Nationalistic.


  99. Anon@11:48
    Its simple its 1 euro so that they get a little bit more out of the matuteros why else would two of this expensive toilet be placed so close together? They only have the runway between them surely the new airport will also have public toilets so that would make three in the area, this way they make stuffing the packets of cigarettes down there clothes a bit more comfortable its a guranteed investment lol as anony 9 mentioned earlier why are so many cigarette shops being allowed to ooen in the area? They have been licenced one would think gibraltar only has tobacco to offer come on the first thing you see on entering the border are matueros/ as hiding behind cars and parked bikes waiting foe the spanish shift to change its also the last impression you take wether youre driving or flying out so if all this acceptable why should it be facilitated with pay loos lol

  100. anon @ 19:11

    I wonder how much profit a matutera/o makes on each carton of cigarettes. It can't be more than a few euros, surely so I very much doubt s/he is going to squander a whole euro on our toilets, when the airport ones will be free of charge!

    Ni pa eso van a sirvi!

  101. Hi i'm the new comer... Comment 29 March 17:45 on foreign worker. Although i feel a truly gibraltarian "LLANITO ASTA EL HUESO"like most of us our,i invite you to log into!!!!Gibraltar-cunts corner!!!I's a webside.There you will see how some foreign people think of Gibraltar and us Gibraltarians.On the other hand we have Mr PRC.Spending thousands and thousands of pounds every year on the gibraltar day in London,for foreigners who just don't give a shit about us.!!!It's a sad,sad situation.Enough is enough we have to get rid of this man before it's to late!!!!!

  102. Lol youre right ni pa eso! Y el gasto de luz they are reducing unnecessary lighting all ober the world and we adorn our public toilets like xmas trees i dunno about the rest but the one and winston churchill for sure:) It funny they are trying to make the civil servants sign so that all the new entries have no gov pension ( thats why there are so many vacant gov jobs waiting to be filled) as theres no money but there is enough for an airport which is not only ridiculous in size but by no means will it be finished intime ( though ya an puesto el parche they no longer say by spring now its june ( technically spring) but wont be operative until september and the spanish side is going to build cheap housing instead of te spanish clearence section lol theres also enough dosh for the tunnel and devils tower project i wont even go into the fact that health and saftey has been scraped in order to get this done in time but the tunnel have u seen it its a multi million trench! Actually barely a
    trench, lighthouse project the same advertising up since the last elections now comes the rush, the power station the world is going green lets recycle and at the same time plant a polluting power station in the middle of the south district why not afterall the asbestos ridden debris mount has been sitting next to catalan bay and eastern beach for years! Talk about beachs ready for easter what a joke what as they where ready for summer last year? Last summer easternbeach sand stained your feet like cement there were iron rods found popping out of the shore lucky no one dived into them and remember the escavators between the beach umbrellas at the begining of the beach yes ready as a disguised health hazard,the tunnel leading to europa point same
    no ventilation no emergency phones or water supply if theres an accident
    halfway through and you make it out of the vehicle you die of fume
    inhalation, cliftop house is another one where the ones giving planing
    permission on LSD at the time?as for the family friendly hours they will be E U legislation in a couple of years maybe signing this takes away the rights of civil servants when more attractive hours are implemented by the EU, as for family friendly if that really were an intention school would open earlier, there would be appropiate school bus service to cater for all or creche facilities at the departments but no why spent the money on the people lets hand it over to spanish building companies !

  103. Do not worry Anon @21.59 "Gibraltar-cunts corner!!!" Sir the inly c*nts the poor people who wrote "Gibraltar-cunts corner" they are just envious of us.

  104. matuteras/os make 3 euros profit from each carton just fyi

  105. anon @22:29
    the list is endless, and Government hasn't learned from the mistakes and successes of the past. In a world where the state is looking to provide without spending beyond their means, (just look at UK and all their cutbacks) Rooke, for example should have been low/cost, very affordable housing for those on the housing list or current tenants of Government housing. Montagu Gardens & Harbour views proved Gibraltarians were willing to buy their homes, and take some responsibility for their futures.
    Instead, as a last-ditch attempt to convince the electorate that they care about the average Gibraltarian, they produce this estate, which has not only cost the taxpayer a lot of money to build, but will continue to cost the taxpayer a lot more, in the maintenance and upkeep of it, whilst the rest of us home-owners pay for our plumbers, electricians, etc!


  106. It's a pity that the discussion has reached an all time low... basically from being a forum for educated and sensible people to discuss important issues, it has turned out to become nothing more than a "patio de vecinos"... a very typical Gibraltarian flaw..
    People, please grow up and stop beating your own drums as to how good a Llanito is etc...
    I am a Gibraltarian and on occasions i am ashamed to be refered to as a Llanito due to the uncultured manner in which many of my fellow countrymen comport themselves in business, work, social and personal circles. Lets face it, many cannot speak english properly and the spanish is simply apalling!! yet the "llanito" thinks himself the centre of the universe and that the whole world must revolve around them.
    Know can we go back to some serious discussions and lets leave all this "I am a proud Llanito" and "Llanitos first, second and last" nonsense aside...

  107. Do you know what you are Damian?

    A Hilly Billy !!

    You mate are shamed of your roots.

    Ashamed of being Llanito? You may have had a good education thanks to the sweat and tears of those who came before you. Those who fought in the unions to get parity for the workers, manual and white collar workers, who in turn spent their money to make business men richer, as fresh money was injected into the economy.

    Some of you have conveniently forgotten where you you came from, now you own a house and you may have a good job and good for you if your English and Spanish is now better than those men who fought for the things you enjoy.

    I as a LLanita feel ashamed of people like you
    and at the same time I pity you, for a man who forgets his roots and is ashamed of his fellow countrymen for the way they dress or their accent is worth nothing.

    And please do not tell me that I do not know your roots for if you are a real Gibraltarian "LLanito" all you have is to look up the book the Gibraltarian to know where most of us came from.


  108. wow Damian, tu ere ma mejon ke to nosotros, no? ke chulo ere ;O)

  109. tu que esta tomate??? te kree mejo ke nadie porke ere ma educated que nosotro los les educated?
    vete a cagarla. tu sabe porke? porke el voto tuyo e igua de importante y tiene el mihmo efecto ke el nuestro !!!
    meno verguenza y ma respeto por el projimo pisha

  110. Damian, I am a proud Llanita, first, second and last. Give me a Patio Vecina anyday & you can keep your arrogant attitude!

    Anon @22:59 is right. Your vote is just as important as mine and as the next person's, uncultured or otherwise

    Its people like you we should be ashamed off!

  111. damien

    how can you talk down on people like so? surely, whilst being educated to the highest of levels you were also shown basic manners & respect towards others irrespective of colour,intelligence or creed.
    everybody is entitled to air their opinion, no matter how "shuhmo" it may be!


  112. ArmChairPolitian2 April 2011 at 09:45

    If Joe Bossano was interested in the best position for the GSLP he would have resigned when he lost the last election, this would have allowed a new leadership structure to be formed, developed and acquire a reputation before this now imminent election. His departure will only serve to allow for a mature GSD to assure of continuity, and with the number of projects on the go, we best have some continuity.

    With regards to Mr Picardo, he has been picky on too many occasions on minor issues, he should have stood above the parapet and allow others to fight the battles whilst he focused on the War; he has acquired too many scars in these battles. I would like to see Mr Liquid take the leadership of the GSLP. This would inject a fresh image and then should be followed with a full rebranding of the party. Mr Bossano should remain as the figure head as did our good friend Manuel Fraga Iribarne with the PP; he remained as life chairman, retained loyalty and Aznar at he helm. The best of both worlds!!

    For all intent and purposes I am a believer that Gib is too small, we have 28000 armchair Politians but very few who are willing, able, competent and most importantly honest to be members of our parliament. Attempting to increase the number of individuals in the parliament would be an even bigger task.

  113. To Armchair Politician: 2 April 2011 0:95

    You have either been sitting on that armchair for too short a while or you have learned nothing about politics during the time you have been sitting on that armchair.

    If Joe Bossano had left the leadership of the party when you said he should have the GSLP would have disappeared as the rest of the political parties that have come and gone during our modern history.

    Joe Bossano with his impeccable logic and his strength for doing what is best for his party has seen fit to go now making sure that the party that he created will withstand his departure.

    I would suggest Armchair Politician that you either curl up in your "mantita" and snooze or stand straight in your armchair and really understand what is going on around you.


  114. armchair politician (and the rest of the GSD supporters), it is up to the members of the GSLP to decide who leads the GSLP. This is done democratically with leadership elections. If you have any suggestions for the Leadership, I suggest you join the GSLP and take it from there.

    Should you not take this offer up, perhaps you should concentrate on who leads the GSD at the next GSD democratic leadership election. Oops sorry, i forgot, you can't can you, you don't have any of those!

    That might explain your frustration then and your need to try and dictate to the other parties, where yours dosen't deliver!

  115. anon 18.03

    all hail Peter!!

  116. No wonder many employers prefer to employ foreign workers in favour of locals. If Gibraltarians showed the same level of commitment and pride towards their work ethics as they do over their nationalistic feelings, then we wouldn't have a problem with the recruitment of foreign workers over locals!!

    By the way.. the only Hilly Billys are the "shumos" and "llanito brothers" out there "que se dan trompasos en el pecho" yet come the weekend are off the Spain to buy at el Mercadona and have thier tapitas!! They tend to sound like charectars out off Deliverance!

    Your nationalistic attitudes will do nothing in ensuring a secure future for Gibraltar. This type of thinking will only isolate us from the much needed foreign investment and business.

  117. Also to those who think that I don't know what my roots are, I am well aware of these and proud of my own personal heritage. Parity was not achieved by the mere fact that we were "llanitos" but through hard work to show our colonial overlords that we had what it took to be up their amongst the best of them. This was thirty years ago and today's generation expects and demands that they are owed employment, parity, houses etc! Well, they are wrong. Nobody owes us anything. In today's economy the rule is that the best candidate for the job and who will give their most for the business. From personal experience, I can say that I have worked my way up the ladder thanks to my efforts. I have always called a spade a spade and I have always defended my Gibraltarian heritage to a "foreign" employer even coming short of ending up in blows. In the same token, I have first handedly seen llanitos behave in a "I am owed a job" manner only to have a very short employment. From personal experience, many llanitos have come in expecting to start work at 0900 and not at 0800, lunch at 1300 on the dot and finish at 1700 on the dot. They also demand that they be allowed to pop out mid morning to run their own personal errands...
    As I said, employers don't owe you anything...they employ you in return for your services and they expect best value for money, just as any customer would expect this from a service or goods supplier. In my company we employ a wide range of different nationalities and nothing would please me more than to see a much higher proportion of Gibraltarians occupying key posts and for Gibraltarians to have a much bigger presense. Unfortunately when it comes to going the extra mile and staying late, being called up in the middle of the night, work weekends many are not willing to do it! A good 80% of Gibraltarians that I have worked with me have been "clock watchers". What I have achieved is through my own personal efforts, by working hard and going well beyond my actual role and then in return being in a strong position to negociate better salary, bonuses, promotions etc. I am not owed anything and I do not owe anything to my employer.. it is just simple business, nothing more nothing less ( a bye product of my efforts is that i have been able to show that a Gibraltarian is much better at his job than a foreigner!).
    If the vast mayority of llanitos start changing their outlook in life, then Gibraltar would have a better pool of local talented workforce.
    In today's world strong nationalism, if not carefully controlled and kept in check can turn to facism, racism, etc...
    As I mentioned in my previous blog... Gibraltar depends in all these foreign workers, investment, business etc. If Gibraltar starts to take a strong nationalistic view, where would that leave the finance and gaming sector?? I would rather have 400 unemployed Gibraltarians today with a strong foreign work force than 5000 unemployed Gibraltarians when all these foreign companies decide to go to Malta, Cyprus, BVI etc due to our strong local sentiments and our enourmous self pride!

  118. Damian....

    Here in our Gibraltar a Hilly Billy is somebody who thinks that he is more than he really is, that is his perception of reality.

    I called you a Hilly Billy and I am not a Llanito brother or a Llanita sister but a Llanita mother. I work outside my home, at home and look after my four children.

    Parity wass achieved by sweat, tears and nearly blood. (A mi abuelo le dieron palos algunos policemen) later when parity was achieved the police force got some of the biggest increases in the parity deal.

    Those who fought the hardest were the less well paid. They achieved it by sticking together, tenacity and fighting for the same aim.

    Their hard work, being good at their job, going in to work (cuando sonaba la sirena) coming out ( cuando sonaba la sirena)being good and loyal subjects achieved for them nothing.

    You, who are so cultured have not only forgotten your roots but also your history.

    I was disgusted to read your words that you felt ashamed of some of us Llanitos because of the way we spoke english and spanish, and that you were appalled!!!!

    I am appalled that somebody young like you should have ( una mente tan cerrada)

    I really have only gone into those words which struck me when browsing your post. Unfortunately, I do really work hard and do not have time to go through all your post.


  119. damien

    what makes you think that foreign = excellence??

    i am sure that your despicable generalisation of the local workforce can be equally applied to foreign workers.

    you un-nationalistic sentiments, heavily promoted by the current regime, is going to be Gibraltar's downfall.

    un poco de amor propio pisha!

    Paca Garse

  120. damian, I answered you post before as a proud llanita.
    Its great you've worked hard, etc, I have too. However, I believe good work ethics is not particular to Nationality but to character, upbringing and basic personal values.
    I work with non-Gibraltarians and Gibraltarians, some who live by the clock and wouldn't do a single thing for free, and others who would go the extra mile anyday. Nationality, experience or position in the company have no bearing at all, its all down to the way each individual thinks and acts.

    In your original post, you state you are 'ashamed to be refered to as a Llanito due to the uncultured manner in which many of my fellow countrymen comport themselves in business, work, social and personal circles.'... give me one Nationality, any one, where some of its people are not uncultured, where they are all educated to the highest degree, and not one of them, skives, cheats, breaks the law, or comports themselves in a manner that could cause you similar embarrassment. The truth is, there are all sorts everywhere, not just here. Perhaps as we are fewer, familiarity can have had a bearing on your negative experiences.

    You also state 'Lets face it, many cannot speak english properly and the spanish is simply apalling!!'. Now, that is the saddest part of your post. Perhaps you have been blessed with intelligence, a good education, a supportive family to encourage you and a strong will and desire to succeed, many however, are not so lucky. Many have had no encouragement or support throughout their childhood, few opportunities, are less able and perhaps, are content with a low-paid job, and aspire to nothing more. Don't put them down too soon though, your society needs them too, it can't all be about the captains at the top!

    Don't be too ashamed of your fellow Gibraltarians Damian, because however wonderful you may think yourself to be, ultimately a Gibraltarian is what you are, nothing more, nothing less!

  121. Proud llanita

    I agree with much of your post but we do need to recognise that like other nations around the world we have our fair share of people who are - for want of a better phrase - not motivated enough to better their employment proespects. We also need to recognise that within this group there will be, again as else where, a proportion who believe that life owes them something and that employers locally should be offering them jobs based on nationality and not on ability. These people need to wake up and realise that we no longer live in a closed frontier scenario and employers now have a wider pool from which to employ.

    Life is what we as individuals make of it and we all have the ability to better our prospects with hard work and common sense.

  122. Proud llanita: you have summed up my sentiments beautifully...
    Many thanks for seeing what I am conveying.

    Paca Garse: Ten quidado de no Ca Garte.. :)
    I do not support the current regime, so you can sleep easier at night..

    Llanita Mother: Thanks for your complement in thinking that I am so young... you have made my day... Also cuando a tu abuelo le dieron palos a lo mejor le dieron a mi padre tambien cuando estaba con el!

    Anon 00.05: I am sure that any person of any nationality will not be very proud of their "skives, cheats" and those who "breaks the law"... who in their right mind would be proud of that?

    Thank You everybody for your comments.

  123. Damian,

    You miss my point completely. Its not about being proud of these low-lifes, its about accepting they are part of every society and not run-down the 'vast majority of Gibraltarians', because there are those who don't work as hard as they should or could.

    Anon @10:02
    The frontier opened far too many years ago, for the present generation of Gibraltarian workers to know what it was like then.
    Of course, we have 'a proportion who believe that life owes them something', why would we be different? Ask David Cameron how hard he's working to get rid of as many as he can from his lot who believe life owes them something!

    But many are encouraged to adopt this attitude. Take Government's offer to the Civil service, for example. Instead of equalling the public sector with the private sector, they are offered amongst other things, a 2.6% pay rise on average per year and even more flexible hours to compliment summer hours. Employees don't feel the need to prove themselves if they know they are going to get a pay rise for certain anyway for the 4 years. Instead they can sit back and enjoy the ride, and if new entrants now don't get a free pension similar to theirs, bueno, mala suerte, compa!
    Private sector employers have a tough act to follow if they want to compete!
    Last week, also saw the brand new houses at Rooke being handed over. These houses should have been sold to those on the housing list and present Government stock tenants, to encourage people to look after themselves and not be a burden on society. Instead, we cannot blame those who have sat back and waited for this to fall on their laps. This way, if something breaks down, Government will fix it, and if we can't pay the rent, we get rent-relief!

    These are but 2 examples of how we cannot only blame the individual, but also need to take into consideration the messages he is receiving from the Powers that be!

    a proud Llanita

  124. Proud Llanita

    It seems that we agree on many a topic and I couldn`t agree more with you on your comments above.

    As I mentioned previously I don`t blame the individuals for taking advantage of what they are basically being allowed to do with housing for instance. But this then begs the question is Govt interested in providing fair and just poilicies that provides council housing for those that really need it because they genuinely cannot afford elsewhere, or is the govt more interested in not rocking the boat in the interest of votes ??

  125. Damian.......

    Inspite of your linguistic abilities (according to you) you have missed the point completely. I am glad, I made your day by saying you are young, I still maintain that you are young, younger than you want to make me believe. If by any chance I am mistaken which I doubt, let me quote for you a saying used by our neighbours. "mejor permanecer callado y parecer tonto que abrir la boca y disipar las dudas"


  126. Damian, in the interest of votes, the Government would bring out the maracas and dance the Macarena! lolol

  127. Sorry... should be "Torito Guapo..."