Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Economy and the Public Debt - An Explanation of Another CIR Core Principle

On the economy there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Gibraltar’s economy functions on the basis of well-known and established sectors.  These are, in essence, the port, tourism (including retail outlets), the finance and services sector and gaming.  Continued free flow of people across the border is a centrally important factor to sustain and achieve growth in the economy. The MOD is less and less important and less and less reliance should be placed on that source of revenue.

The Coalition for Reform recognises and accepts that both Parliament and the government play a crucial role in facilitating the legislative and administrative climate and environment to facilitate the growth of each sector.  The Coalition for Reform will continue the policies of previous administrations from time immemorial to sustain these sectors and to ensure growth.

The Coalition for Reform will ensure that the legislative, fiscal and regulatory environment remains an incentive for doing business in and from Gibraltar.  This will include a review of existing restrictive legislation, for example the repeal of the Trade Licensing Act, to encourage a freer and more entrepreneurial environment to do business.  The Coalition for Reform will encourage a reasonable balance between the needs of business and environmental considerations.

The Coalition for Reform recognise that all government revenues are received and must be applied for the benefit of citizens, as it best considers subject to systems in and out of parliament that allow for criticism and ensure accountability.  The Coalition for Reform will continue the funding of health services, government and low cost housing, public spaces, traffic solutions, sports, leisure and culture, education and training, heritage, law, order and civil protection, social services, social security and pensions.

The Coalition for Reform will prioritise various aspects of this expenditure:

a.      Assisting the needy, disadvantaged, impaired and the disabled by providing more focussed and tailor-made solutions to cater for specific situations of specific persons.  This will be achieved by creating a less rigid and more discretion based social services and social security system without taking away the incentive from those who can help themselves from helping themselves.

b.      Encouraging and promoting efficiency and savings.

c.      Employing more astute and incisive methods and systems to choose government contractors and suppliers.  The Coalition for Reform recognises that, often, the cheapest contractors and suppliers are often not the best option.  The cheapest often result, in the medium or longer term, to be the more expensive choice. 

The Coalition for Reform will cut out capital expenditure on grandiose non-essential schemes that result in the taxpayer incurring increased recurring annual expenditure.  Expensive and grandiose capital expenditure projects can lumber the citizens with substantially increased annual expenditure for years and years to the detriment of expenditure on more needed and deserving causes.

It is essential that expenditure be trimmed down.  Government borrowings are ballooning to unacceptably large sums.  When measured per capita the amounts owed by government on behalf of each individual is scarily high.  The consequences of a default are frightening both from what the UK can impose (the Turks & Caicos Islands example being the extreme) or, worse, how it can weaken Gibraltar in the face of the claim of sovereignty by Spain.

The Coalition for Reform would urge the employment of experts to undertake an in depth study of future long-term liabilities that will fall on government to assess affordability.  The experts would be asked to advise on steps that should or must be taken over time to avoid mortgaging future generations with the liabilities of today’s generations.


  1. Dear Robert

    I hear Joe Bossano claiming that Gibraltar Debt currently stands at over 180 million pounds. That is to say, 900 million gdp, 446 million gross debt minus 266 million cash reserves that leaves us with a net debt of 180 million pounds. What are your views and would you agree to reduce this amount?

    A conerned person

  2. I believe that as measured against GDP the loan is well within internationally accepted levels. Even if it increases, as has been forecast and publicly stated by the Chief Minister that it will, on that measure it is manageable. i do not consider that to be the only measure nor the appropriate measure for Gibraltar. A more appropriate measure is the amount owed per capita which against the gross amount equals approximately £13,000 for each man, woman and child. This is too much! It needs to be paid down.

    Further to talk of the net debt is deceptive because one cannot double count the unused amount as "reserves" and also to reduce the debt. If it is "reserves" it is not available to reduce the debt. It is "reserves" against known contingencies and to maintain cash flow. If they are not attributed reserves then it is more worrying because then the double counting is more palpable.

    We are also too dependent on external unknowns i.e. tax and gambling laws of other jurisdictions and vulnerable to Spain to owe so much. I prefer the more cautious borrowing pattern followed by Joe Bossano and the GSLP during his terms in power, although on occasions he was too conservative ... so caution but not quite as much as under the GSLP administration.

    I believe we should be paying off some of the public debt but at present forecasts are that it will increase. The other issue is that we have to fund a £100,000,000 power station. It seems difficult to see how this will be funded without increasing debt, either on or off balance sheet. Also the figures that you mention do not include any "off balance sheet borrowings" , for example the new hospital. I seem to remember press reports that innovative financing was put in place for this.

  3. Having read 23.43
    Ask are Government savings in Securities bonds etc safe?


  4. In order to minimize cost and risk over the medium to long run, government should ensure that their policies and operations are consistent with the development of an efficient government securities market.

  5. Transparency and Accountability

    Is there a Code of Practices on Transparency in Monetary and Financial Policiesin Gib:

    Declaration of Principles (MFP Transparency Code), the case for transparency in debt management operations is based on two main premises: first, their effectiveness can be strengthened if the goals and instruments of policy are known to the public (financial markets) and if the authorities can make a credible commitment to meeting them; second, transparency can enhance good governance through greater accountability.


  6. £100,000,000 for a new power station? tanto? what possessed Government to build the new airport first instead?
    By all means build a new airport but not at the expense of a new power station.
    Perhaps we should invest in a game of 'Sim City' for the chief minister!

  7. Dear Robert of Little Faith,

    How dare you ask where we are going to find the money to pay for the new power station. Have you not even bothered to read our manifesto from 2007?

    "The developers (of the Eastside project) will pay at least a further £70 million. The Government will use this money towards the cost of building Gibraltar’s new Power Station, new Rental Housing Estate
    and new roads."

    You see? Sorted

    Next question.

  8. Anon 09:05,

    You do yourself and your party no favours by referring to the GSD manifesto with regards to the building of Gibraltar's new power station.

    Turn to page 33 of that document, there has been a categorical failure on the GSD's part to deliver on at least a third of the issues set out on that page alone of the manifesto.

    "They think it's all over..."

  9. surely anon 103 9.05 was being sarcastic noh??

  10. To anon 09:05 you must be either jesting or being sarcastic!! whichever it is you mention the east side project. Do you mean that area in the east side of Gibraltar which has been called Mount Caruana which is currently contaminated?? And by the by what eastside project?? As I understand it this project will not see the light of day anyway. So by your and the GSD's logic the power station might take a while to be done and is not a priority and we can carry on building projects and the power for them we will have to, what share!!!???? or can it be the policy of the GSD to link up with the Spanish grid since it will be a must to do so cos of constant power cuts.
    It may be that we will have to get into further debt if we have to continue hiring skid generators as we are currently doing at a very high cost (Currently atapprox to £30,000 per week) and f**king up more the environment.
    Where is this in Mr Britto's environment plan??!!

    So what is the solution? Lets attack Robert and make him the scapegoat NEXT QUESTION.
    Why should we vote for such incompetence????

  11. Dear Bloggers-of-Little-Faith,

    Why should I waste my precious time thumbing all the way through to page 33 of our manifesto? Don't you know that there are projects to finish, overtime to be earned, rush jobs to complete? All you need do is turn to page 4 of said manifesto for a list of our main commitments. And don't go saying we haven't completed them. I think you will find that our so called commitments were, in the main, so open ended and general that it would be hard to argue that we had failed on anything.

    Sorted. Next question.

  12. Robert,

    Would you know whether the Gibraltar Government is currently rated by Moody's,
    S & P's or Fitch's?
    Would it be something that the CIR would be willing to consider.?
    Surely if our finances are as strong as we are lead to believe, then a positive rating from a creditable agency would allow us to borrow money more efficiently and cost effectively!

  13. Money 00.21

    Important points to consider on Gibraltar saving bonds

    In UK banks bonds rank above ordinary shares and some other types of security, remember your capital and coupons are not protected and in the event of the company becoming insolvent, you may not get back all or part of your investment.
    Bonds do not benefit from the same level of protection as a cash deposit and are not covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

  14. ANNON 13.20
    (can it be the policy of the GSD to link up with the Spanish grid since it will be a must to do so cos of constant power cuts.)


  15. Next question
    If you think the potential developers are going to pay the 70m then why haven't they paid already, think some years have gone by...... Forget it, they won't pay, build etc.... So how on earth are we going to fund the power station...... We cannot.

  16. Can anyone tell me if what I was told today is true, that Montague Gardens (Westside one) is being refurbised at the TAXPAYERS expense??

  17. Just watched Selwyn Figeuras Party political broadcast.
    Couldn't stop laughing :) Especially the part were he is up the rock saying "I Believe, I Believe" I thought he was about to sing the song, I Believe I Can Fly and jump of the rock:)

  18. I only caught Selwyn's 'I believe bit' at the very end. What was the rest of it about? Can anybody bring us up to speed?

  19. HAHA Dear Bloggers-of-Little- Humor

    Please note that anon 09:05 (aka anon 18:09) is mocking the GSD and the 2007 GSD Manifesto.

    P.S. Mr. Vasquez good entry

  20. 10 March 2011 13:20

    Four generators at £30.000 per week = £1.560.000 pa and no doubt the contractor cost will increment to over 2 million pounds with unforeseen extras.
    We as tax payers must be aware if these generators are new or second hand, KW output, brand make, fuel used, cost involved, if used as standby generators or fully operational, citizens have to know to evaluate what seems to an extremely high cost contract and understand why our government did not buy the 4 generators required.
    Money talks

  21. Generators
    Peter Richard Caruana QC chief Minister has said on many occasions that we are one of the best economies in the world but cannot afford to buy 4 Generator?
    This was not mentioned in Mr. Ernest Britto’s environment plan or TV interview?
    1. Why did government not buy the 4 generators?
    2. When did government decide to buy the 4 generators?
    3. Did the buying of the generators go out to tender?
    4. Who tendered and rental weekly monthly price quoted?
    5. If it did not go to tender WHY NOT?
    6. Who decided on the contractor and why?
    7. Who bought the generators?
    8. What was the cost of the generators?
    9. Who long does the government envisage the hiring to last?
    10. Is the contract indefinite or for X years?
    Perhaps bloggers could answer some of the points raised above; this kind of questions should be asked on everything government suspiciously does

  22. Description of corrupt governments.

    Is one that extends unlawful jurisdiction over the people it is supposed to protect?

    A corrupt government is one that legislates beyond its rightful power by erecting laws that do injury to liberty, justice, and individual rights.

    A corrupt government believes that might makes right, and that its mission is to curtail freedom, regulate every aspect of personal and financial affairs, and tax the populace into submission while falsely claiming it is acting in their best interest.

    Often people think that government corruption involves certain government employees (or elected officials) breaking the law taking bribes, or wrongfully issuing special favours to select individuals or cliques to promote their own career. To an extent, this is government corruption, but such activity only scratches the surface. It represents a small fraction of the real corruption going on.

    The most egregious corruption originates right in plain view in the halls of legislature. It happens routinely now; it's just that most people don't recognize it.

  23. Anonymous at 21:57

    Fantastic ... you have totally preempted my next blog! Now I have to put my thinking cap on ... SPOT ON!

  24. Selwyn(Is this guy seriously :) a potential GSD candidate in the next elections :)) in his party political broadcast says he believes the new airport terminal (powered by candles) is the most IMPORTANT project for GIB'S Future!
    Selwyn have you ever played SIM CITY, if you haven't, I suggest you DO!
    Hint- Don't try building a city without without 1st building a power station:)
    PS- If you get the hang of the game,I suggest you take it to the GSD party HQ and teach the Chief and all his puppets how to play it. After all it's obvious none of them have ever played it before:)

  25. Backhand 21;43
    Maybe some of the GSD supporters in this blog can answer them.
    Or maybe we can get our very hard working reporters at GBC and the chroni to find out and tell us!

  26. Just saw Selwyn, why does the GSD convert a PARTY political broadcast into a GOVERNMENT propaganda outburst and why does the GSD boast of how it spends taxpayers' money rather than defend the decisions it takes to spend that money?

    It really is bad ...

  27. Just saw Selwyn's broadcast. I think he was very very poor. He tries to justify the over spend on unnecessary projects and he has failed miserably. The opposition must be "Laughing all the way to the bank" sort of speak.
    If this is the quality of candidates that the GSD can present then even if by any remote chance should they win it will be a joke to see him as a minister.
    Then I will join you Robert in advocating a move from the party politics to independents because it will then prove that we will see a one man show ie the Chief Minister ruling from Convent Place and Selwyn and the others being civil servants in there departments and not allowed them to take any discussions and earning nearly £80,000 a year.

  28. Just watched the party political broadcast... genuinely one of the worst I have ever seen.

    It's funny, because just this morning I happened to read over both the 2007 GSD and GSLP manifestos, and whilst the GSD's was a very slick, eye-catching and well presented piece of party propaganda, the GSLP's was comparably amateurish and tacky in my opinion.

    This party broadcast created a similar negative impression; it cast the GSD in a gaudy and farcical light.

    I'm not going to place all of the blame on Selwyn's shoulders for this failure (I think that it mainly falls upon the production team that put it together) but his shaky and unconvincing delivery certainly didn't help.

    I imagine and would hope that if he’s considering a serious and long career in politics that his delivery will improve with both time and experience.

  29. Let's assume Selwyn last night was selling cars rather than his GSD candidature. Would you walk into his garage on the back of his TV performance?

  30. The GSD political broadcast last night was really really bad. Probably the worse I have ever seen. I even felt bad for poor Selwyn.

    Goodluck to the GSD they are going to need it!!


  31. I was not impressed by the GSD party political propaganda crap that I saw last night. I know and like Selwyn and although this clip did not do him justice, I was far from convinced by his performance. Surely his acting skills came into better use than any political instinct he may have.

    In itself the broadcast was inadequate in that it only boasted about how the Government has spent our money. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can spend. But to spend wisely and with all our interests properly served as a community is another thing.

    To be frank, I am fed up with the way we get talked down to by our Government. They clearly do not treat us as their equals. Where was the offer of free information from Selwyn? Give us explanations, data, knowledge. Don't keep all of that to yourselves and instead pose around in front of different building sites around Gib (which probably cost more than they could and should have!) and show us where our (and our childrens') money has gone and how well you have spent it!! We know, we can see for ourselves and don't need reminding.

    I will vote for individuals who CARE about Gibraltar over and above their personal ambitions!! There seem to be very few such individuals around

    Less gloss and more honesty please - you are not auditioning for the X-factor!!!!!.

  32. Anonymous said.....

    It was just like the Sound of Music. All great and wonderful and everyone so so happy at the worderful things shown and promised. Wonderful. Produced and Directed by the GSD

  33. To anon 10:01
    NO, Why? because his selling does not convince anyone.
    Miraba muy falso. And anyway the product is a shambles. If one has a good product and the salesman is good then people will buy straight away.If the product is bad then the salesman has to be excellent. In this case the product is terrible and the salesman is not convincing.
    I wonder what Peter Caruana thought of his performance? Will Selwyn now get a phone slung at him!! or will he be reprimanded for the atrocious performance?
    I have spoken to a number of people this morning who are non political and do not necessarily belong to any particular party and they were not convinced with him because he did not seem genuine.
    Le paso mas o meno a Isobel con los broadcasts que ella hiso.
    The problem they have is that they have to justify all the things that Caruana has unilaterally decided to do ie Theatre Royal Air Terminal, Toilets all round Gib, etc or project he has not done Power Station, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc. Therefore they all find it difficult to convince people that there is a vision, policy, or even need for the things that Caruana has done or omitted to do.

  34. Robert
    Topics in your blog have been extremely useful to understand many issues regarding good governance and democracy in general. Unfortunately, it has now become a polical tool particulary by the GSLP to to hit at everything the GSD has achieved, I appreciate you cannot control this. Que pena........many people are now getting tired of this typical attitude and are simply not viewing your blog, what any democracy needs is opinion with substance not just insulting.... Bueno just a thought.....

  35. Good Lord - the GSD are criticised predominantly in the comments relating to one blog and suddenly there is an apparent noticeable decrease of interest in Llanito World. This is the case notwithstading that in past comments, the GSLP has been the party mostly attacked. Annonymous at 18:54, please stay at GSD Party HQ and insult other people's intelligence, as no one here has bought that cheap attempt at reverse psychology.

  36. Anon 18:54, the GSD are taking their ball and going home?

  37. anon @ 18.54

    21,839 is not 'many'? how many more do you want?

    I suppose its very inconsiderate of us who don't support the GSD, to speak out and voice our opinions.

    I suggest you switch to reading the 7 days instead... you'll love it!

  38. annon 18.54

    se lo a disho al tishe ya??

  39. Anon 18:54

    I totally agree with you. I used to contribute more to the blog, but since I noticed an increase in useless and malicious comments which contribute nothing to constructive arguments and opinion sharing I have become bored of the same.

    It is a pity as this blog is the perfect tool to make issues, constructive opinions and grass root politics available for everyone to read and elaborate upon.

    The special Ks should keep quiet. I must say...que miedo me da con sus ideas de nationalism. I must say i am not against nationalism, but when combined with the idea that setting quotas in employment seems correct...this is scary reckless thinking.

    Gracias a dios for the european charter of human rights that seeks to promote balanced and sustainable development and ensures free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, and the freedom of establishment.

  40. To those anonymous commentators who are trying to undermine this blog by suggesting that it includes insults please be aware that I do as good a job as possible to moderate. I have had equal strong language used against me personally by undoubtedly GSD supporters that is the way it is.

    I believe it is just a good attempt and campaign to undermine the popularity of this blog, why don't you just use it to reply with substantive arguments rather than bleating. GSD can equally use this blog to sell its policies ... do it!

  41. anon 18.54 & 20.00

    you are either both one in the same or in cahoots!!! so much for the GSLP hijacking the blog noh???
    welcome to democracy & thank you Robert for providing us with this essential platform

  42. When all else fails, bring out the “Special K” remarks!

  43. ya sabe Kaelan, 'keep quiet', que tienen hasta miedo ya!

    Gracias a Dios for Democracy, where everybody is entitled to freely express their opinions without fear of oppression.

    Robert, its taken you over a year, but i think you have finally managed to set the cat among the pigeons in the GSD literati!

  44. Anon 20:00

    Do I really need to go into the Set quota thing again???

    I am well aware that my set quota theory would be impossible to implement due to EU legislation. I was merely expressing an opinion. Due to Gibraltar’s unique situation and obvious size limitations (limited size, limited capacity) I am genuinely concerned with the rather substantial influx of people seeking employment in Gibraltar as of late. Especially so, when it is taken into account that many local University graduates are working in bars or at pizza hut.

    I do wonder WHY you think that advocating that 15% of the workforce in every firm in Gibraltar should consist of locals to be SO WRONG. It seems you have a hidden agenda of some sort.

    Furthermore a certain member of the GSD executive (which has been mentioned in this blog before) has in the past publicly "put-down" my nationalistic "rants" before.
    I guess when you are earning over 60 grand a year (£60 000) it is rather easy to dismiss my “theories” and my adherence to measures that will give our people preferential treatment in our land, as utter diatribe.

    "Special" K

  45. Anon

    "Would you know whether the Gibraltar Government is currently rated by Moody's, S & P's or Fitch's?"

    It isn't.

    "Would it be something that the CIR would be willing to consider?"

    Don't think they should. Costs an awful lot of money and there is downside as well as upside: you can get downgraded as has happened to our neighbour, Spain, this week.

    You mentioned 'CIR' but I note that the 'I' has been discarded in the latest press release. It's now the 'Coalition for Reform' and no longer the 'Coalition of Independents for Reform'.

    Is the CR already acting more like a party than a grouping of independents?

  46. Given the extraordinary substance, deep political thought and the numerous well thought out and impressive ideas from so many who have expressed their democratic right to critique the GSD broadcast last night, I think that Gibraltar is at the brink of a break through. There is no question that the prospect of a coalition between the GSLP and CIR is imminent. I think a further push from bloggers will no doubt bring the GSD to their knees.

  47. Anonymous at 21:42

    Good try but absolutely no! I have said I would stand alone as an independent if necessary.

  48. I do believe the GSD are already on their knees... in prayer, pleading for the world to be rid of such vociferous rabble!

  49. Gianni,
    Musho tankyu for the clarification.
    Mindful of the benefits & pitfalls, I still think that the former would far outweigh the latter. It would certainly make it more difficult for any administrations from being able to borrow excessively.
    The more checks and balances we impose on ourselves the better.

  50. But Robert there is such commonality between you and your GSLP bloggers. Surely you have to consider it in the best interests of Gib. What a force it would make!
    I agree with anon 22:47 the GSD must be shaking in their boots. The GSLP just need a little beef in them and Red Rob is just that ticket. Maybe Fabian can jump in here, I have no doubt that he and Joe are all for the reforms you speak of andcwhich the GSD have not acted on regardless of their own commitment.
    Fabian where are you?

  51. Wow! Red Rob, Fab Fabian, The Dr, Big (little) Joe, El Leon Linares and maybe bring in Chirpy Charlie to flank and you have the makings of a dream team, game over for the GSD. There's no way that they could possibly come back from that.

  52. The 5 stages of grief and bereavement are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

    Looks like the GSD bloggers have reached stage 3!

  53. "The 5 stages of grief and bereavement are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance." this is brilliant!

    Grief - after 1 election loss.

    Bereavement - settles after 4

    Denial - manifested by a party leader unwilling to let go.

    Depression - settles with reality

    Acceptance - clearly taking it's time.

  54. I don't suppose we could stop being tribal and get back to issues?

  55. Interesting to note that not one GSD supporter has made an effort to defend last night's political broadcast.

    Keep up the name calling though, you must be doing your party proud!

  56. ooops, back to stage 2!

    Robert, you're right, recess is over, its time to get back to the issues... The Economy!

    Gianni dosen't think the Gibraltar Government should be rated by Moody's, S & P's or Fitch's, do you?

  57. Of course - The Dr says it's time for change.

    Quick one for you Robert, are you positive about anything in Gib or are you of the GSLP opinion that nothing is what it seems and we are over pitching and any aspirations of further growth are unrealistic ?

  58. Coincidentally a Gibraltar childhood friend of mine is one of the bosses of Fitch. I will ask him for his view and also what it would cost, as someone has said it is very expensive. Ratings are for borrowings. It seems a little pointless inasmuch as Gibraltar seems to be able to borrow without a rating and investors keep investing in GOG debentures but let me ask my friend.

  59. Anonymous at 22:42

    Of course I am positive as I say in my piece Gibraltar can continue being successful with its port, tourism, finance and service centre and gaming so long as we retain the right environment. I just believe that we need to have a more conservative borrowing policy and spend as we earn and spend more wisely. Also long term contingent liabilities have to be managed.

  60. Anon 22:40 say the Economy. Well it ain't looking good according to Joe our economic guru. But there is still a plan afoot and I an assured that his magic will see us in good shape shortly after the election win by the GSLP. Of course this plan will take into account low taxes, tens of thousands of pounds promised to pensioners and freebies galore to all. Es un genio el tio. We don't need fitch, we got Joe.

  61. LW @ 22:48. You should explain this optimism to the GSLP, cause according to them los vamo al pique. Last time that happened was..............

  62. Anonymous at 22:49

    I thought it was the GSD who gave it all away before the last election and are preparing to give away the company tax windfall (following the change of law) to give away more before the next election ... why pay back borrowings when it needs to convince voters with giveaways?

  63. Imagine that, the GSD giving it all away at the last election. There was no competition with the GSLP, had they won, half the OAPs in Gib would have been driving Ferrari's.

  64. Your sweeping generalisation of GSLP supporters is unrealistic 22:42 :)

    Some of us do believe that some things are what they seem to be, for example:

    The theatre royal project IS a gigantic money sinkhole.

    Putting the facetiousness to one side, the GSD’s administration of government has been great for Gibraltar in many ways. However, it is my opinion that in the last electoral term the party has lost its way and has placed an emphasis on the wrong projects, and has continually carried out work in a poorly prioritised manner.

    Whether you choose to believe it or not, I am a former GSD supporter who has grown tired of being fed the same old condescending government stance with regards to the problems Gibraltar is currently facing, and I agree with what the GSLP has had to say with regards to the majority of issues they have recently raised.

  65. talk about giveaways Robert,
    There's hot talk on the grapevine about lowering personal taxation. Mid to high teens available to all the masses I am told.

  66. Anonymous at 22:51

    The GSLP can come to its own conclusions and policies without my help.

  67. party politics aside, can somebody explain to me why the new power station has not been built when it was promised by this Government in the election manifesto with which it was voted in, and yet we have a new airport, or we will have before the next election is announced, when that was not even mentioned in that manifesto?

  68. New power plant has already been signed for and tender given contractors agreed. Delay is driven by numerous reasons, first it's a power plant for a community of 30,000 which is unheard of anywhere in the modern world and which requires substantial planning, secondly there was no ideal location and once the best site had been identified it became subject to legal challenge from residents in the area, thirdly public opinion was important to consider and given John Cortes views on alternative energy and other opinions it was decided everything required exploring, all bar the GSLP commitment of having a carbon free Gibraltar - that was deemed not worthy of consideration as it is completely unrealistic.
    By comparison the airport was a simpler operation, hence why it's ahead.
    Something tells me though that anon 23:36 will refuse to bieve this and Red Rob will no doubt jump in and give his impartial opinion....:)

  69. Anonymous at 09;44

    Really? Well I am sure everything you say is true but it is odd that we have had no fanfare about this from the Government. Contrast the fanfare over the opening of the yet unfinished, in fact not even 30% finished, court complex. More about that tomorrow!

    Assuming all you say is accurate, Gibraltar needed a new power station back in 1990 when the GSLP were in power and resorted to OESCO as a temporary solution. That was 21 years ago. You really expect me to believe that the reasons that you attribute delay to are truthful? They are only truthful if you ignore earlier years and years of delay! NOT GOOD ENOUGH is what I say!

  70. anon 9.44

    I am impressed at your level of knowledge! you must either be Caruana's right hand man or a Government minister yourself.

    Ahora please, dejame que levante la pierna y deje la bola de pasa!!

  71. Dear Robert,

    Why are you standing for election? What good will it do the Gibraltar people to have a man that doesn't actually want to be in Government other than for your personal ego? If you and a party actually offered something significant then great but instead you have ask some like minded people to meet in a pub and have a chat to see if you could get some hotch potch political thing going on.

    It is an insult to Gibraltarians to think that you can could represent our people, with such an anarchistic attitude towards local politics.

    I read your blogs and find them interesting from someone I considered a neutral. You no longer are a neutral and therefore compromised your neutrality.

    I suggest you withdraw from your preposterous idea and focus your energy into the maintenance of this forum, which until recently was one of the few places that allowed to post their opinions objectively.

    Put your ego aside and leave your wishy washy politics to the politicians that have serious intentions about politics in Gib.

    To not do so will continue to make you the laughing stock of our community.


  72. If the GSLP knew that we could have been carbon neutral by 2012, then I am sure they would have started the works in 1990 and we would have had a power station & been carbon neutral years ago !

  73. anon at 9.44am

    Do you honestly think I can believe anything you say when you treat my simple and honest question with such an arrogant and patronising attitude?

    Your answer, demonstrates how much of an empty promise this power station was. No planning had certainly gone into it, if nobody foresaw a problem with the residents of the area, and with the GONHS.

    I did start my question with 'party politics aside', and I meant it honestly. I have the right to know why something as important as a power station, which is obviously badly needed, hasn't been built yet, despite it being promised in the Government's manifesto. I also have the right to ask why an airport was built instead. You see, I am an average Gibraltarian, and unlike you, have no inside information about such matters, so I have to ask. However, I do have an interest in my home town. I am a tax-payer and I am entitled to ask, and to know, why such decisions are taken.

    More importantly, I have a vote, and, when the time comes, I will exercise this vote, and give it the 10 candidates of my choice.

    Now do you honestly think, after the elitist manner in which you have answered me, I am going to give it to somebody similar to what you may represent?

    I think, perhaps, you have just cost your party a vote!

    And before you say I wasn't going to vote for you in the first place, be careful, you might be making the mistake of assuming wrongly for the second time today.

  74. Anon 13:11. You read too much into my reply to you. It is what it is. I expected this type if attitude and no I was not being elitist, arrogant or anything other than truthful in my opinion as to reasons why the power plant is not ready. Your question "politics aside" was crying out for the classic predetermined political response common in this blog and which I have not given, Roberts reply is more akin to what you are after.
    as to who you vote for, that's entirely up to you. Good luck with it.

  75. Robert, I genuinely wasn't aware that the courts were not even being 30% completed.

    Talk about deceptiveness!

  76. I can't believe what anon 12:33 has posted.

    What planet does this person live in? Can Gibraltarian’s REALLY be this damn ignorant???

    Do you not understand what Robert is fighting for? This has nothing to do with his personal ego RV is pushing for reforms that will do our society in general a WHOLE lot of good.

    Even the 2 major parties have conceded that RV makes very valid points. Except for one certain GSD executive member who believes that "we should not give too much power to the people".

    In my humble opinion Robert's cause is a noble one and any person with half a brain would instantly come to this conclusion.


  77. "Put your ego aside and leave your wishy washy politics to the politicians that have serious intentions about politics in Gib."

    The funniest thing I have read all week.

    In my estimation, a lot of politicians have no serious intentions beyond not rocking the boat too much in order to still be able to pick up their fat salary for having done very little except having filled up a tiny square box in a manifesto (not taking into consideration their token appearances at different institutions around Gibraltar throughout the electoral term).

    It seems that for once the GSD has become the focus of the majority of negative attention on the blog (after a genuinely poor political broadcast, for which there has been no defence from any supporters of the GSD), and unsurprisingly, Llanitoworld is now branded as being unbiased and in need of greater moderation.


    It seems that what the GSD elite doesn’t like is that through this blog there’s a forum through which Gibraltarians can express their thoughts regarding the failings of our current government without any fear of any unjust repercussions, or any negative stigma being attached to your name from those in positions of power who may be sympathetic to a greater extent than others to the GSD cause.

    Perhaps Robert is considered a laughing stock to some, but to myself and many of my friends and family he and his cause, and his refusal to have his running of the blog be controlled in any way by any undue external influence, are all greatly respected. Some of them are admittedly reluctant and very unlikely to ever vote for him because of the block vote mentality that has been ingrained into the majority of our people, but they most definitely do not consider Robert to be a laughing stock.

  78. Anonymous at 12:33

    I have been sufficiently "neutral". not that I agree with that terminology in politics as I will explain below, to publish your comment. I am sufficiently "neutral" to take your criticism on board and consider it but it is annoying to be addresses as "Dear Robert" and described as "... the laughing stock of our community" by someone who does not have the courage to identify him or herself, especially when expressing such partial and biased views in such strong terms.

    I will reply to your various assertions and hope that in that way will demonstrate that I should not be considered the "laughing stock" of any community, especially simply because I wish to exercise my constitutional and democratic right to stand for election. On the basis of this argument all politicians worldwide must have at one stage been the laughing stock of their own community, including in Gibraltar Sir Bob Peliza, Sir Joshua Hassan, Joe Bosanno and Peter Caruana. Your argument is simply banal.

    Who says that I do not want to be in government? What I say is that there is no need to be in Government to achieve democratic change. My ambition is to make Gibraltar more democratic. My democratic agenda is not revolutionary. It replicates what is the norm in all Western democracies. It repeats what the GSD has promised it would do and failed to deliver. The PDP has a similar philosophy albeit that they wish to achieve it by different (and in my view deficient) means. You describe this as "anarchistic"? Please explain.

    I did not ask like minded individuals to meet in a pub. I was asked to organise a reunion for Llanito World and ALL were invited. I had GSD, GSLP and PDP supporters and members present and they were very welcome.

    My views are and have never been "neutral". There is no "neutrality" in politics. There are subjective opinions or party led opinions. My standing for election on the basis of my opinions as expressed in this blog does not undermine that one iota. I continue to hold the same opinions and will spread them further by standing for election. People still express their views in this blog.

    Anyway thank you, I will give your views some serious thought once you explain them a little better and more understandably. One little piece of advice, don't disclose your identity, we might both become laughing stocks of different sectors of our community.


  79. I am a GSD supporter, I choose to (on occassion) follow LW and Red Rob and find his blogs of interest. I do not agree with all principles nor do I believe that his steering of the issues I do agree with, are best delivered via political means. By entering politics, the very nature and power of impartialism to politics is removed.

    Regardless as a GSD supporter I commend LW for highlighting reforms that the GSD had initially outlined and pledged in their last manifesto. I still believe that this intent is there.

    What I find extraordinary is the fact that a great many bloggers of whom are GSLP supporters choose to accuse anyone with a different opinion to theirs as pathetic, fanatical, arrogant, you name it it's there. What strikes me as quite ridiculous is that these GSLP fans choose to side with Robert which is fine, but conveniently or otherwise fail to realize that the platform on which CIR fights is on an issue which the GSLP have said nothing if and an issue which gas in fact been spearheaded by the GSD in the first place.

    This is yet another example of the classic I'll sit on the fence politics from the GSLP.

    If I was a propagandist like Robert, I would say you fine people are backing the wrong horse.

  80. It`s more than evident that anon @ 12.33 has not grasped what Llanito World is all about and is probably of the variety that believes elections once every 4 years is as far as democracy goes. Well I`ve got news for him/her .. we`ve got a lot of catching up to do and the fact that you`re not aware of this speaks volumes.

    I would suggest that in your own personal interest please heed RV`s advice and don`t disclose your identity precisely for the reasons he states.

  81. Anon 16:12

    Your arguments carry substance, somewhat, maybe, kinda.

    I can't talk on behalf of the GSLP supporters but it does seem to me that they adhere to "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of mentality


  82. To my knowledge, the only time the GSD's presence on LW has been said to be pathetic has been in response to the Anon poster who claimed that the blog has become biased and in need of greater moderation. This again, was after there had been many comments in this blog entry setting out how they felt Selwyn's political broadcast was a genuinely poor piece of party propaganda, in respect of which again there has still been no defence from any GSD supporters.

    The arrogance of some GSD supporters is there for all to see, what immediately comes to mind for example is how in other blog pieces where the Panorama Poll was discussed and there was a failure to provide any explanation as to why there has been a diminished amount of support for the GSD, aside from the fact they have been in power for 16 years. The fanatical behaviour of a few certain anon contributors when this question was put to them, choosing to instead advocate the ways in which they believe Gibraltar in its entirety has prospered as opposed to answering the question that was put to them can only be described as being one thing: fanatical.

    Yes, there are GSLP contributors who could perhaps be described in the same way, but the fact remains that when a GSD contributor with substance (such as Ghost, who unfortunately seems to have stopped posting on the blog, at least under his pseudonym if he does indeed still post) raised certain issues which held merit and made sense, they were acknowledged as such.

  83. Anon 16:30. Very good. Good answer but still going round in circles on the "why poll" debate. You really ought not let that bother you it us what it is. On Selwyns PPB, I personally though it was strong and to the point. Not easy to defend 16 years, regardless of the continous growth, prosperity and security we enjoy. The GSLP hardly make it a worthy contest though. I am sure Ghost will be flattered by your comments..:)

  84. An Omnibus says

    To Anon 12:33:

    In the past I have voted GSLP and GSD in the hope that our two-party political system would deliver real change and democracy. Instead what we have ended up with is a situation where the electorate is treated with contempt and left in the cold between elections, and every four years called upon to choose between the least worst option.

    Do you really believe that is a healthy situation for our democracy ? We need new blood, not "yes-people" like Selwyn or Isobella.

    Are you against anyone having the desire and will to contribute to change what we have, or should we all just stay nice and quiet, keep a low profile and not rock the boat too much in the hope that one day - maybe just one day - we might get the magic call from Peter the Almighty to stand along side him once every four years ? Is that what our budding politicians should aspire to, a four-year joy ride as a part-time minister saying "yes Chief Minister ?"

    Is this your idea of democracy ? "Wishy-washy politics" is what we have now and our so-called politicians are milking the taxpayer cow at our expense with their fat salaries.

    We need to break the mould, otherwise if we continue like this we will end up with more apathy and record low turnouts at future elections.

    Finally, are we all going to be labelled "Red" for daring to speaking out and offering an alternative? I am beginning to think that some in the political yacht club establishment are starting to get a bit twitchy about the possibility of the Reform movement gathering momentum.

  85. so let me get this right...

    when Robert was just a blogger highlighting issues, todo estaba bien. There were some who dared to question but that was ok, as those were branded as GSLP supporters spoiling it by jumping on the bandwagon.

    Then Robert decides to put his money where his mouth is, gives up the FSC, por que tiene mas verguenza que muchos, and announces he will take his ideas to the electorate in the hope of changing the system so that politics in Gibraltar enters a new dimension and Politicians become more accountable, transparent, accessible, etc (the list is endless)and all of a sudden, ya la cosa no esta bien.

    Robert is now the laughing stock of the whole community and there is confusion as to how those that dare to question, who are obviously GSLP supporters (may God have mercy on their souls), are also able to agree with Robert.

    I don't understand it, honestly.

    Some of these GSD supporters who have appeared over the last few days, are shocked that they are being branded as elitist and patronising. Don't they realise this attitude comes through, between the lines of what they write?

    The impression I get is that dissent among the minions is fine but when we dare to write in, with what must be lies and scandal, its just not on, Robert must be a Communist, and should be ridiculed, and our poor attempts at participation in these blogs, must be penned by Joe Bossano himself!

  86. Christ Robert, given the content of some of your crew here, we are likely seeing the beginning of a revolution or uprising. Anyone who is GSD is a yes man now and calling you Red Rob which was my doing (in jest Im sure you loved it) is tantamount to accusing you of being a communist which by your own admittance you gave tendencies to, or have had.
    There's no winning with these characters, I don't suppose that one could possibly accuse anyone who has supported the GSLP and it's 42 year leader now as yes men.
    Young fresh blood indeed.

  87. K 21:31

    I agree with you that university graduates are not finding the employment that they intended...but should this problem not be attributable to the DOE who does not advise people on what career paths to take? At least they have a job...go to la linea see how many graduates can get a job even if it is in Pizza Hut. Are they not good enough to make Pizza? Is that not the job of a Spaniard? This is the problem in Gib we always want the executive jobs and think we are better than being a waiter, builder etc. WRONG!! That is where the grass-root problem of our economy lies...if more people would be willing to carry out jobs thats our spanish counterparts do (waiters, builders etc) then more money would stay in our economy.

    15%!!!! can you imagine "los brathas laying bricks for JBS...or serving tables at a restaurant...or doing the plumbing" they dont want that. The only problem with this is our attitude towards employment.

    Furthermore, my salary is irrelevant to this issue, again you are assuming and not thinking. When it comes to employment, you have to think as an employer (high taxes, social insurance etc). If a person who is not Gibraltarian is going to do the job better than a local que te aparese con la cara larga y sin ganas de trabaja then you employ that person and this comes from a person who is of the thinking that whatever i buy (food, furniture, clothes etc) i buy here.

    Anon 12:33

    I am insulted by your comment.

    Those who attended the gathering at the Royal Calpe Pub did so to listen to Robert and find out what his intentions are.

    Just by being present at the gathering does no mean that I am like minded or support him but rather shows that there are people, like me that do care, want things done properly and will not shy away from seeking change and new ideas.

  88. Anon 20:09

    The DOE (Department of Education) is run by the Government. In essence it is the Government. Who should be held liable then for this lack of such stated “advice?” Please feel free to enlighten me as I am perplexed by such comments. I believe that the current Government administration should ensure that each of its departments runs efficiently and provides adequate information. Or should it not?

    Furthermore the only problem in regards to “attitude” here is your seemingly blind adherence to the misconception “que lo llanito son flojo”. Every time I hear this “me pongo de muy mala leche”. Obviously there will be lazy individuals everywhere but how can people stereotype in such a manner? How can they put down their own people with such ease? I guess we REALLY are own worst enemies.

    We have qualified local individuals with experience stuck in dead end jobs because their positions have been advertised abroad and been taken by non locals. The GHA (check their website out) even advertises their vacancies in a manner that would have you believe Gibraltar is some sort of holiday resort! And I quote....

    “Gibraltar, a British dependency on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula is just over 2 hours away (flying time) from the UK. Gibraltar is located within walking distance from the Spanish mainland, a six hour drive will get you to Portugal, while a short ferry ride away the African continent awaits.”

    Add to this the fact that they then get their accommodation paid for, tax reimbursed etc and you tell me if this seems fair? The other day I had a qualified physiotherapist deliver me a PIZZA!! Additionally a friend of mine is a radiographer and her job position is currently taken up by a non local. These people deserve these jobs furthermore the Government via OUR money has invested in these individuals (paid for education etc) yet their capital investment will never see a return.

    You tell me what is the point in getting educated if you then end up waiting tables or delivering pizza? This IS happening now!

    The problem seems to lie with people like you that believe the “perfect Gibraltar” propaganda ploy that the current Government feeds us on a daily basis. Open your eyes! Our own people are getting treated like second hand citizens in their OWN land. We need to think of our children and their children after. Not just the here and now!

    Think of the millions of pounds of debt they will have to pay off because of OUR apathetic attitude.

    On a different note it is good to see that you alike I purchase your goods in Gibraltar.

    I will concede there is a need for foreign labour. Many Gibraltarians just do not have the relevant skill sets and experience required to do certain jobs, when this is the case then YES by all means so be it! But unfortunately I am aware of many instances when there is not the case. This is our land and I believe OUR people should be given preferential treatment in it.

    Ps - How much you earn has A LOT to do "with it" as money CORRUPTS. People tend to think with their pockets and not their hearts these days, driven by greed and deluded by visions of grandeur (in my humble opinion that is).


  89. L.E.F. says

    In laymans terms,

    31 March 2009 our debt was.

    Net Public Debt £61.9 miliion
    Gross Public Debt £191.5 million

    On the 31 March 2010 our debt shot up to.

    Net Public Debt £139.1 million
    Gross Public Debt £446 million

    On the 31 March 2011 Mr Caruana has forecast our debt to be.

    Net Bublic Debt £180 million
    Gross Public Debt ?

    From March 2010 to March 2011 our interest payment on the £446 million debt will be a whopping £17.76 million.

    Also in 2 years our NPD has shot up by £120 million. Are we going crazy or what.

    Is this not money down the drain when we are supposed to be so financially well off.

    Lets vote for real change. Lets see past GSD OR GSD propaganda. This is the future of our children we are mortgaging for pharaonic dreams.

  90. L.E.F

    Perhaps you can explain to me something that has me intrigued. If we have been running a budget surplus or so many years where is the cash? Spent on all the projects or what?

  91. L.E.F says

    From March 2010 to March 2011 Mr Caruana will have spent £150 million on projects.

    That is why even though we have had budget surpluses we are getting deeper and deeper into debt.

    The Governmnt is spending more than is coming in to our coffers.

    Some projects are essential but many will not generate the return that the expenditure requires. On the contrary most will incur further running costs on the tax payer.

    Mr Caruana is clever in that spending on capital projects he elevates the true figure of employment rates. This in turn generates more tax and a feeling of activity.

    The question is what happens if we do not have surplus but deficit?

    What happens when interests rise ?

    What happens when all these works are finished, do we just continue adding debt to finance new projects ?

    What will happen when our children are up to their necks in debt ?

    History teaches us that in good times we are supposed to build our reserves for a rainy day.

    Here we won't even have for the umbrella.

    Govrnments have to spend and the GSD have done well in the past . Unfortunately they seem to have lost their heads and are willing to take us down the road to ruin for party political gain.

    Unfortunately GSLP also put party politics ahead of our collective wellbeing.

  92. Anon 23:01 Maybe if we walk out on the street we might get run over by a bus.

  93. In a few days time the GSLP will hold their party conference when Joe Bossano will we suppose, stand down as party leader.

    Will Fabian Picardo become the party leader and leader of the opposition?

  94. A basic rule of liberty is that you may do as you please so long as it doesn’t displease anyone else. So, wear yellow; but don’t try to force me to do the same. These kinds of questions are not, and should not be, political. Democracy is often conflated with freedom, but one sees in this kind of equation that liberty and democracy are difficult bedfellows. It may be your express desire that I do not write this article, and you may find many more people who will back you up than I can find to support me. Will that make a democratic vote on the matter valid? Will it be a good advert for freedom if I am not permitted to publish it? Of course not.

  95. Right now in the home of democracies like US, UK, Western Europe, there is a constant erosion of the liberty and privacy of individuals.
    There is occurring the democratic way, people or their representatives are voting to take away or limit liberties in the name of fear of terrorism.
    Big business knows everything about each individual based on their use of credit cards. Advertising is turning the young generation into clones in terms of what they eat, wear, and drive.

    When liberty is eroded, democracy becomes volatile, and it turns into autocracy.

    Remember HITLER and many DICTATORS came to power in democratic elections. We who live in democratic societies have to guard against the erosion of individual liberties and privacy, if we wish to continue living in a democratic society. Liberty, freedom of speech and association, that are enjoyed by every segment of the society, are the only paths to real democracy. Let s not forget it.

  96. 16:42, the poll issue doesn't bother me as such, I just think it's odd that no GSD supporter on LW has provided an explanation as to why there has been a decrease in support for the GSD as reflected by the poll, aside from the aforementioned 16 years in power issue.

    A few friends of mine (GSD supporters) have since discussed the matter with me, and put forward their own opinions as to why they think this has been the case. They also agree with me on the fact that it is arrogant and naive to maintain the belief that the decrease in support can only be attributed to the length of time that the GSD has been in power.

    I have always stated that (fortunately) most of the GSD supporters that I know and interact with on a daily basis aren't arrogant individuals. It seems it's just the vocal minority (the GSD "elite") that manages to tarnish the party image in this way, with their stubborn refusal to make any concession or admission of fault in a debate.

  97. Following a comment on LW I see that VOX is back on line. Who is behind it? There is very little new content in it since it restarted in January but it is taking and anti-GSD approach again. Is it backed by the GSLP or is UNO (a.k.a. Charlie G) back on his old hobby horse? If the latter does it mean that the New Democracy idea is back or will a CG directed VOX support the Coalition of Independents for Reform? WE NEED TO KNOW!!!

  98. Good morning all. LEF 23.01- I agree with the gist of your financial argument.

    Successful management of any economy in the long term requires shrewd, prudent and balanced decision making that is not overly influenced by electoral cycles. Witness the decision in the UK to grant the Bank of England autonomy from No 11 Downing St and so cushioning the UK economy somewhat from political manipulation for electoral advantage.

    As we all know in Gib, our economy is steered by the CM of the day. During good times, little attention is usually paid to those decisions with major financial implications down the line. A pertinent example is that of the current dire straits the USA now finds itself in, saddled with billions of debt racked up during previous decades of excess. A good local example, amongst others, is that of the automatic annual wage increases in our public sector despite continuing harder operating conditions in the private sector. This is unsustainable.

    I thought that the most illuminating segment in Thursday's GSD broadcast was the assertion that the airport project was controversial because of the expenditure involved (I thought that Mr Figueras did a decent job in front of the camera in his first party political broadcast. One may not agree with his views but good for him for standing up and articulating them). In my view, the airport project is not controversial because of the expenditure per se; it is controversial because it is perceived to not rank at all highly on the list of Gibraltar's priorities and is therefore a poor investment. This project reflects on the blind faith that presently has to accompany any decisions made by the CM of the day; we all currently have to hope that the correct ones are made on our behalf. That the new airport was decided upon behind the closed doors of the Cordoba process has also not helped at all.

    I therefore ask: is it responsible behaviour for Gibraltar to allow just one individual to have the final say over all of our financial affairs without any moderation of decisions taken? Business conditions can and do change. This is independent of the political aspirations of any party or individual but Gibraltar Plc has to carry on doing business for the benefit of everybody.

    Your suggestion, Robert, of using experts to assess long term liabilities and the affordability of projects makes good sense to me. Projects like the new airport may be well intended but such expenditure by a territory as small as Gib needs to be thoroughly assessed as to its long term viability, productivity and necessity. Might I also suggest that projects with projected capital expenditure above a certain level to be subject to approval by Parliament before going ahead? This would allow for improved scrutiny of projects to help screen out potential problems before they occurred. It would also improve the accountability and transparency of such decisions.

  99. Anon @ 09.00: The GSLP needs to smarten its propaganda machine. I have just read this week's New People and nearly split my sides when I read the word "armario" (closet) written "almario" in a Tio del Capote article. If the GSLP spinmasters cannot spell what hope is there for the party, with such a high population of graduates ignorance is not as marketable in Gibraltarian politics as it used to be when El Tio was first published. I do not think that ChALI G is involved in the new Vox online but if he is I am sure that he is not going to support Fab & Co.

  100. It's okay. That's why we now have El Instituto de Cervantes. To put right what was Spanishly wrong!

  101. L.E.F. says,

    I agree with Paco that investments exceeding a certain amount should be approved in Parliament before the project and expenditure is decided behind closed doors by the majority government.

    Even though the majority government could still easily pass the legislation needed for
    the project to go ahead , at least the issue would be discussed in Parliament before any major investment is approved.

    This is what we deserve in our supposed democracy. An exchange of views. An exchange of ideas . Accountability. This is our money and we are entitled to know if it is being well spent.

    Worse still was the fait accompli that was presented to us by just one person . The Cordoba Agreement .

    One person, again behind closed doors , signs on behalf of present and future generations of Gibraltarians , what has not been debated or discussed in Parliament.

    In my opinion the Cordoba Agreement should have been put out to the people via a referendum. The people should have been informed before anything was signed.

    What we got instead is a Leader who has placed his political reputation on the line ,nailed his colours to the mast and is willing to spend away like mad , just to prove that his Cordoba Agreement was the best thing to ever happen to Gibraltar.

    I would also suggest no Gibraltar government has the power to sign a political treaty or agreement with Spain before it has been debated and approved in Parliament.

    We are all mere mortals and as such we all make mistakes. Yes even our leader Mr Caruana errs. I know its hard for the GSD faithful to admit but it happens to all of us.

    Sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we have an off day.

    I hope for our sake that Mr Caruana had an enlightened day and that he was at his very best when he signed Cordoba, because it is looking more by the day that we have been taken for a ride and bad decisions have been taken.

    A strong Government does not mean pushing legislation and passing reform without consultation.

    A strong Government only needs to convince through logic and merit .By being accountable and open . Through reason.

  102. Dulcineda: Sorry but if you are going to write an article in Spanish you need to be competent in it otherwise you run the risk of making an fat arse of yourself. The same applies to Llanito. Almario is not a word in Spanish or in Llanito (unless you are one of those ingnoramuses who believes that llanito is merely spanish badly spoken and poorly written). I agree with anon at 12.03 the GSLP seems to have more than its fair share of poorly educated people in high places including The Tio Del Capote!

  103. so now the GSLP cannot be in politics because they spelt a word wrong in spanish lol, and here I was, thinking it was all about policies, silly me!

    L.E.F. and Paco, I agree, too many decisions taken, and too much money spent without a mandate from the People.

    At least some people are serious about our future on this blog!

  104. anons@ 13.28 & 12.03

    It's a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word!" -- Andrew Jackson

    "Correct spelling, indeed, is one of the arts that are far more esteemed by schoolma'ams than by practical men, neck-deep in the heat and agony of the world." -- Henry Louis Mencken, The American Language

    "I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way." -- Mark Twain

    by the way, you obviously don't read the chronicle, do you? That's usually riddled with spelling mistakes. Maybe that's why sales have plummeted lately, and it has nothing to do with the price increase, after all!

  105. Anon 13 March 2011 13.28 - GENOCIDEDUCATIONLESS

    and four dat reason, it folo, gibralta has bin and is bin gobernated bye de GSD in de way it haz and dese less well 'educated' have no place hear or role to play other dan to cloroform to the whims and orders of de so-called 'educated' local classless or, else dey can go to Spain or more Spinlandia?

    Perslaps if you look back in your gudda family history, you could fall off de toppa of your high Rocking chair. Truly up yours!

  106. Great to see such a reaction on the question of spelling, se a almao, there is fire in the GLSP still! El Tio del Capote should get back into the Almario which must be where he came out of. Also interesting is the GSLP's sheep on shoulder attitude: Bossano, Licudi, Garcia, Picardo, Linares, Costa and Bruzon are all graduates so they pip the GSD to the post here - not all GSD MPs are graduates. invered snobbery (or snobelly if you are the old fool in the Capote.

  107. Como se nota cuando duele, cuando El Tío del Capote le da al GSD con el mango, dentro o fuere del armario, en su dolorido cielito político, con o sin faltas de ortografía, y os mete la vergonzosa y grande verdad todos los días un poquito.

  108. anon at 13.34

    how true lol, I suppose its a sign of weakness to shoot the messenger when we don't like the message!


  110. Saw the GSD PPB – I think the production of it could have been better but then again one realises that we are in Gibraltar and things here happen a certain way and anything slightly innovative and out of the norm is simply seen as impossible to do. Therefore taking this into consideration it was OK.
    I think the guy spoke genuinely, and believes that much good has been done by the current government. At least he gets up there and says what he believes and does not hide behind a computer screen or a ghost writer…
    There are always going to be things that governments could have done better and get criticised for, that’s the job of the opposition. Regardless of who wins the next elections it would be great if the people of Gibraltar voted for who they thought would be of most benefit to Gibraltar as a whole, and not just because they have always followed one party or the other.

  111. Not a fan of El tio del Capote but...when he says "hasta que punto puede llegar el cascarrabias para tratar de cargarse a todo el que se le cuce, sea por que luchan por sus derechos or por que no estan dispuestos a aguantar esta media dictadura implantada por ese gobierno decandente" how much can we disagree personally or collectively with this statement?

  112. To parity and beyond!
    It has been a good week for public servants, but were they not already onto a winner before this further improvement to their conditions of employment. What about us less fortunate souls who are trying to get employment, and are neither accountants or in the gambling industry. I for one feel left out in the cold.