Friday, 24 December 2010

Some Thoughts on Llanito World's First Anniversary

Well on the 21st December Llanito World was one year old and coincidentally this is my 100th blog! I hope readers have found it stimulating, certainly some of the pieces have resulted in lively and heated discussion. I do not expect and have never expected agreement, what I have looked for (and I believe I have found)  is debate.  I have striven for new angles and fresh thoughts on old subjects.  I have tried to be critical of political hypocrisy.  I have attempted honesty and tried to uncover contradictions.  I hope I have had a measure of success in this. 

To those who I have angered, perhaps self examination might be one answer.  There has been no intent on my part at being destructive.  All criticisms and suggestions are aimed at hopefully people becoming more constructive and thus taking our small territory, Gibraltar to a better place, not with my thoughts only but with the comments that these stimulate.  Some have clearly understood this, regrettably others have not.  I trust that some positive thought will lead them to make a New Year's resolution that will help them deal with the Llanito World philosphy next year.  My message is that I will not be frightened or threatended into silence.  I will stop writing this blog voluntarily and only if and when I feel like stopping.

I believe that I have covered a great variety of subjects.  I think that the Andorra issue is more than well publicised now.  That issue should not distract our politicians from the wider issues that affect Gibraltar.  The liklihood is that next year will be an election year.  This means that the political debate has to be widened and deal with issues that go well beyond the eternal Spanish problem.  Let us not forget that it is not our problem.  It is Spain's problem.  We need to live side by side and with Spain; other than for that consideration, it is not for us to find a solution to Spain's quest to recover Gibraltar and achieve what it views as territorial re-integration.

Our politicians should concentrate a little on helping more those who are less fortunate in society.  This government and past governments and those who work in this difficult vocation have done a lot for this group.  I undertand that but I think that Gibraltar's small size should allow and enable the introduction of a more focussed and personalised social services system.  Such an approach would deal with people's circumstances more specifically and in a more tailor made manner.  I speak with no great knowledge, just anecdotal knowledge gained from social and professional interaction with people.  I would welcome the views of those who are more knowledgeable than me on these matters.  I think a society can be measured by how it deals with the less fortunate.  Any improvement in this will reflect well on Gibraltar as a whole.

One issue that is of great concern to me is Gibraltar's energy policy.  It seems settled that received wisdom is that Gibraltar should be self sufficient in its production of electricity.  I have a more radical view, believeing that in a Europe where sharing and integration of electricity grids is becoming more common, Gibraltar could participate in that sharing.  There should exist a contingency plan to cater for any emergency that may arise in the supply.  What is clear is that how Gibraltar's needs for electricity are presently met need improvement and modernisation.  A new power station was promised and has not been forthcoming yet.  Hopefully it soon will be.  The secondary but equally important consideration is the EU requirement that a significant proportion of this power should come from sustainable sources.  This is a challenge that our politicians should not shirk from meeting.  They need to ensure that our technocrats come up with a solution.

Well there you are some bits and pieces on Christmas Eve.  Let the onslaught begin!  Whatever your political beliefs, principles and ideals I wish you all a great and happy Christmas.


  1. Robert,

    Congratulations on your 100th piece and the first anniversary of Llanito World, a much needed "safe-zone" discussion forum for Gibraltar where unfortunately the expression of ideas and opinion is not welcome by Officials.

    Looking forward to the next year which will be interesting with the Upcoming Election. No doubt, discussions will flame up to a whole new level as the Big Thursday approaches lol. Hopefully LL-W will over time contribute to us all becoming more open minded and accepting of the ideas others may have without resorting to suited up insults or derogratory comments. And maybe next year we can all become a tad less party-obsessed and instead focus on defending ideas with good arguments rather than the man behind the idea.

    Congratulations and please keep it up. Gibraltar needs LL-W to continue. Merry Christmas to all on LL-W and May 2011 be filled with happy moments for all - regardless of political affiliations lol.

  2. Pavus: Thanks Robert for allowing me to vent my spleen these past 6 or 7 months. I have written under several pseudonyms and anonymously but because people in Gibraltar take themselves so seriously (SHAME ON YOU!!!!!) my general intention has been to have a bit of fun generally at the expense of others including you; thanks also for being a good sport (although sometimes you have blown a gasket and that has been particularly amusing especially for those who know you well like I do and known what a short fuse you have LOL ROFL). Because of my exalted position in our village society it would have been impossible for me to say 1/100 of the things I wrote under my own name. Like in all small places debate in Gibraltar is normally wooden, humourless, unimaginative, over rehearsed, narrow and insincere. Have a Happy Christmas and ppppppffffffzzzzrrr!!!!!!!!! and ANDORRRRRRAAAAAGHHH!!!!to all LW loyalists.

  3. "I do not expect and have never expected agreement what I have looked for (and I believe I have found) is debate."

    I agree - and that is certainly what we desperately need more of in our House of Parliament.

    Instead of wasting endless hours of civil servants' time (including many hours of overtime costing taxpayers an awful lot of extra money unnecessarily) answering hundreds of pointless statistical questions on behalf of Ministers, we need to have more DEBATE in Parliament.

  4. Pavus

    However anything I have written in reply to any comment may have sounded, I assure you that at no time have I blown a gasket on this blog!

    We should all thank you for your contributions which, from what you write, must of necessity have lifted the debate to a much higher place than where you say it is invariably in a small place like Gibraltar.

    Glad that you have an exalted position ... should I bow?

  5. Pavus says: Pas de quoi et noblesse oblige!!! But yes I have tried to raise the tone of the deabate.I shall try to find time in my busy diary to continue the task although to be honest, at times it has been an uphill struggle.

  6. Pavus

    Please do not strain yourself. I would not want to be the cause of any stress related illness!

  7. Pavus: Mon plaisir cher ami! But I have to get ready for the Christmas Eve dinner so a bientot.

  8. Ghost says:

    Robert it has to be said that you have most certainly created a proactive beast of a blog and one in which we have all enjoyed some interesting thoughts and debate. I have to add that on occasion you have indeed shown signs of throwing a few toys out of your pram....:)

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog and your 100th post.

    I leave you with two quotes, the first is from your very own blog and which in my mind speaks volumes, that being...."I think a society can be measured by how it deals with the less fortunate and any improvement in this will reflect well on Gibraltar as a whole." So true! I have quoted it as I feel that it truly represents what any democracy should aspire to be; I for one believe that Gibraltar is indeed a step ahead of most other economies in this regard and will continue to strive for further accountability without (I hope) running the risk of becoming a nanny state.

    Finally I leave you with a christmas quote by the tonight show host Jay Leno "The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn't for any religious reasons. They just couldn't find three wise men and a virgin." I think it was best suited to the George W days, but still provides a chuckle.


  9. Francis Buttigieg24 December 2010 at 23:37

    To all those that have made a contribution to the debate, thank you.

    To you Robert, a big thank you, you have given us the opportunity to learn some of the intricacies of that which was debated,

    Again, thank you and congratulations.

  10. Francis Buttigieg25 December 2010 at 02:57

    Oh yes,

    Season greetings to all!

  11. Happy birthday LLW!

  12. From one who at times participates in this blog appy crima Y nu jia to all. since its the time of the year when we should forget differences the seasonal greetings is extended even to GSD supporters and Pyschofans y los fanatics del GSLP.
    We hope that next year whch is election year people can be more objective on issues.

    To you Robert you have actually created a very good forum for us to be able to discuss issues and hope that next year even more people participate.

    salud a todos.

  13. To Robert and all those that have made a contribution to the debate, thank you. Some Gibraltarians don’t give a second thought about what’s going to happen to in six months, a years’ time. They are so dismayed with PRC and GSD Ministers unrelenting statements, press releases and the Tripartite talks which has only benefited the Spanish business who are making millions of pounds daily, we employing of 5/6000 Spanish workers whilst Gibraltarians are out of work, small and medium companies and shops closing down, our cost of living continue to rise to meet extra infrastructure demands, rise of water, electricity, rates, taxes, insurance, etc, and ask: what have the Spaniards done to comply with their Tripartite agreement and their so called good will. NADA nothing not even the frontier traffic has eased no red and green lane been established. Spanish goodwill is promises that never ever materialized. So what has PRC and his ministers achieved for the Gib general public? Gibraltarians can only hope for a CHANGE to take place at next year election, but for that to happen whoever intends to be in power must confront the GSD reassurance re GIBRALTAR SPECIAL STATUS, our new imperfect CONSTITUTION and SOVEREIGNTY, those wanting individuals or electoral parties who aspire to govern must do TODAY do what they intend doing at next year election. They must NOW be seen wanting to stop the existing discrimination, subsidisation, anti competition system, direct allocation of land, direct tenders, allow a free press, freedom of speech, expression, and every other rights in our so call new constitution. PROMISE the electorate their desire to make our democratic rights a reality respecting our democratic system not just the written words to be forgotten when in power. NO MORE unsuccessful 3/400 QUESTIONS at question time. Concentrate on a maximum of 20/30 highly sensitive and fundamental questions, The overall transparency of finances system is fundamental for the future of ALL GIBRALTARIANS, accounts, expenditure, figures, audits, commissions paid, private contracts, action taken of the bankrupted COMPANIES DIRECTORS responsible for non payments of PAYE and social insurance stamps, the list is infinite, demand whatever is required BY LAW and take the government to town, if no such actions are taken the UNCONTESTED GSD with a different team of ministers will win the next election who will continue to operate an uncontrolled ungovernable society. To govern prove to the Gibraltarians that you are worth having in government and not in opposition. Deeds speak louder than words. a stitch in time saves lives. It is accepted that we don’t have a crystal ball that lets us see the future but we can have a good idea through the actions of others. 1704 Ps Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

  14. Anon18:55.
    Your desperation is clear and if you supported a party with any type of integrity, freshness, inteligence or even proper checks and balances of which they are bereft of, you might actualy be able to persuade some souls. I am afraid that with a 72 year old leader with 4 election defeats, a pretender and a squad of wingers with little substance, you would not be wise to hold your breath.
    You should also re-think some / most of your statements as they are unfounded and deliver only what the GSLP have been doing for nearly 16 years and which has got them nowhere. You might have thought that after this time a change of direction might be deemed a better approach.

  15. Thank you LLW!!

    You have provided a means to enable people from diverse backgrounds and levels in society to engage and debate accordingly.

    There are those who will dismiss this blog but I for one LOVE IT!! Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing indeed.

    Merry Xmas to ALL! Friend, Foe and EVEN our dear friend Ghost. Hahahha

    Ps- Pavus your remarks reek of a superiority complex. Y despue disen que YO estoy tomate la gente!! LOL



  16. ANON 25 December 2010 21:11 the lad is not far off the mark.

    Change is staring you in the face and as with the GSLP in 1996, when it hits your party the GSD will occupy other less comfortable seats for a very long, long time!

  17. Pavus should be lauded for his honesty and his sense of humour. Alas this blog would have been very tiresome if everyone were to take themselves seriously.

    By the way the word on the street is that either:
    1) Kaelan Joyce is a pseudonym; or
    2) Kaelan has some help in formulating and wording his thoughts.

    Either way i'm not in the least surprised considering the rampant ad hominem attacks there have been in this blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Anonymous said...
    25 December 2010 21:11
    Thank you for your reply but think you have misunderstood my observations.
    As an individual anxious to achieve the best democratic government for our Gibraltar have addressed my observations not only for the present GSLP opposition who could have asked and demanded many pertinent intelligent questions but to all those who have in mind to stand in the next general election as individuals or members of the present or any NEW party. I for one would only vote for those who pledge their trustworthiness and faith to honesty to work for the good of Gibraltar as a whole.
    The overriding significance, obligations, pledge and assurances must be manifested well before the 2011 election by every individual aspiring to become a minister prior to manifesto or asking the electorate for their votes, this could be done having TV live Q &A, live debates, and press interviews as done in democratic countries.
    Over the last 16 years the GSD machine has criticized the failures of the GSLP, THE GSLP have miserably failed to compel the GSD to comply with their electoral manifesto commitment, This type of unconstructive government and opposition is beyond comprehension in any civilised society, what I aspire from responsible members of the electorate are as started in my comment of 18.55.
    Unfounded statements does as a rule occur when full; disclosures are not allowed or prohibited by those in power who have the information.
    Wishing everyone in Gibraltar a healthy and prosperous new year
    PS Robert Vasquez and Charles Gomez could very well have my vote.

  19. Orwell 01:38.

    Pavu’s humorous remarks are very welcomed. I to have participated in such banter, adding comments such as “oh it’s on now, it’s on like donkey Kong” or “this is as obvious as the lack of hair on my Head “to this SAME blog. LOL

    It is the manner in which Pavu’s dismisses everyone’s contributions to the blog, (bar his of course) that I do not like.

    As for Kaelan Joyce being a pseudonym or having “help” to formulate his words. I do not know if I should feel either very flattered or very insulted!! Lololol

    Please do note that this blog has not been my only means of venting. I have recently written to the Chronicle regarding the Angling Campaign issues and in response to Jamie Trinidad’s Andorra statements. Furthermore I had a rather large piece printed in the Panorama this past August (as the Chronicle refused to print it) regarding Paco Oliva’s jibes.

    Even as teenager I was opinionated and driven, having led the Lifeguard strikes (as the official spokesperson) and coming out publicly to highlight the fact that boys cannot repeat GCSE’s but Girls can at their respective Comprehensive’s.

    Just because I don’t LOOK the part does not mean I am not the genuine article.

    I believe people such as yourself question my authenticity because you refuse to accept that I have had the courage\audacity to openly state what I have stated. Whilst being fully aware that there could be repercussions for doing so. This is because unlike others I am willing to stand by my convictions. My great sense of nationalism and LOVE for my people takes preference over all, even my own personal affairs.

    On a final note I will add, this quote by Russell Baker “Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.”

    Never judge a book by its cover Mr. Orwell.



  20. K, I think the reason that there are those who question whether or not you are the true author of your postings is simply because there is (on occasion) great writing. What I find curious is not that u may or may not be K or Kafab, but that as an inteligent person that you seem to be, you can be so narrow minded and unable to accept that although we do not live in Utopia, we do enjoy the freedom and socioeconomic success that you are completely blinded to and to which you prefer to dream up nagativities more akin to a fascist state gone bad.
    You talk about change and gibraltarianism, you refer to spiralling youthful decay, you try and rally us with your nationalistic "viva" chants and tell us that we ought to consider quota systems for non-llanito workers. And finally you and fall into the trap of the Andorra statement in which it seems the GSLP is trying to bank on so desperately. If half of what you believed was true, you might well have those demonstrations and calls for change that you so lovingly call for. Given that the realities are so very different, it seems that yet again you and your party run the risk of showing yourselves up for what you are. My question to you given that I do not judge a book by it's cover is: do you REALLY believe all that you say.

  21. I see that LW has attracted Orwell back to the esteemed body of contributors. Several excellent contributors stopped writing usually when they fell foul of RV's temper but I hope that we can hear more of them to complemant new people like Kaelan.

  22. Anonymous 18:44

    If I did not deem my comments to be accurate and truthful I would never have posted them in the first place.

    Furthermore you portray me as a GSLP fanatic, which I am not. In essence I am apolitical but if I HAD to choose a political stance it would have to be ANTI GSD.

    Please note I never stated “we ought to consider quota systems for non-llanito workers”. It was the other way round. I advocated; set quota limits for the amount of LOCALS that should be employed by private firms. There is a big difference between the two.
    Nor have I called for any type of demonstrations to take place. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth or more accurately strokes in my keyboard. What I HAVE done though is listed the negative vicissitudes that have taken place in Gibraltar since the GSD Government came into power, if this is not to your liking then there is not much I can do.

    As I have stated in the past and will do so once again, perception or misperception (in your case) is a funny thing indeed.

    Ps- Thank you for complimenting my writing style. :)


    K or is it Kafab? hahah ;)

  23. Kafab, so we are all indebted to you for highlighting the neagtives. Funny that, you say you are apolitical, but anti GSD. Can't wait to hear your long list of nagatives on the diabolical abilities of the GSLP to create proper opposition. But not to worry, your other half and great pretender will no doubt show us the way to all those freedoms that we have been denied.

  24. Anonymous 19:08

    Incidentally I am thankful to contributors such as Mr. Orwell, who have enabled me to considerably sharpen my writing skills. I look forward to engaging them in the not so distant future and partaking in the stimulating and intellectually challenging debates that LLW happens to readily provide.

    Anonymous 21:18.

    Firstly let us make it clear that no one is “indebted” to me. I find this comment distasteful at best.

    Secondly, being ANTI GSD means just that and nothing more. I'd rather vote for ANY other party than them (except Mr. Cumming of course). The quotation "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" appropriately describes my current mindset.

    Furthermore after reading your comments I assume you still doubt my identity. Does the thought that I am capable of such postings REALLY seem so farfetched? I find this highly amusing!



  25. Anonymous 21:18 - Typical GSD mentality! To arrogant to fathom that there are individuals out there who are not content with the current government and are not part of the GSLP network.

  26. Orwell criticised this blog for "rampant ad hominem" attacks , he having himself launched on such an attack on Kaelan Joyce. I may not agree with all or any of his views but I admire the very few people who comment in this blog in their own names.

    I actually find it highly distasteful that users of pseudonyms and anonymous commentators should attack these persons rather than their arguments. If you are going to attack someone and not his arguments at least have the guts to do so in your name and openly.

    I have recently discovered a method of editing comments, which I have started to use. I intend to use it to greater effect in the future. I would not need to use it if commentators gave some more thought to their comments. They may hide behind anonymity but I am not anonymous so defamation, insults and plain rudeness will not overcome arguments however bizarre a view they may express.

  27. Let me start of by referring to Llanito Vasquez’s latest comment.

    Unfortunately whilst you may control this blog you still do not have the big brother ability of changing history. May I remind you and all the other readers that the author of this blog was in fact anonymous for a long time. It was me who in fact swayed you to add Robert Vasquez at the end of all comments. So for you to patronize those who choose to write under a pseudonym is hilarious.

    LW, you have also fallen into an ad hominem by attacking those who use pseudonyms as opposed to what they say -we had this exact conversation many months back, it seems you still don’t understand it. Ah well its not as if understanding and analyzing an argument was integral to your profession...Oh wait..

    I however have not committed that fallacy against the Manchurian Candidate a.k.a Kaelan since hearsay cannot be ad hominem. I was merely stating what I had heard.

    Finally I don’t strive for your admiration and so will continue to post as Orwell.

    Re: Kaelan –
    You seem to have an inferiority complex, looks have nothing to do with your intellect.

    As I mentioned before I was only stating what I had heard. I don’t think they question your courage to speak out, I think those that question your identity are those who know you or have had some dealing with you.

    I have not read anything you have written before this article and I don’t doubt you have a sense of humour.

  28. Orwell:

    You are patronising and also disingenuous or, to give you the benefit of the doubt, simply mistaken in your assertions of fact for propagandist ends.

    Yes I did start anonymously but not only did I NOT make personal attacks under the cloak of anonymity but explained the reason for my anonymity early on (see "Who Am I?" 14th February 2010). I always said that I would disclose my identity, irrespective of anything you may have said. I did not disclose it initially, I explained, so as to not have my opinions judged subjectively solely by reason of my identity. I discovered my identity to readers early on, once I had a readership with what I opined was an objective attitude to what I wrote.

    Your cowardice by your continued anonymity is plain for all to see. No, Orwell I do not criticise anonymity. I have criticised those, like you, who anonymously attack persons rather than deal with argument and issues.

    I have no problem at all with anonymous contributors who tackle issues as opposed to, in a cowardly fashion, hiding behind anonymity to attack individuals personally. Hiding behind what, you claim, is repeating what others are saying, as you do, is double anonymity and, in my judgment, even more cowardly. It is no excuse to attack ad hominem and then say that you are repeating what others' say. Let other readers be the judge.

    You again launch into ad hominem attacks that you so criticise. First against me, by criticising me without reason professionally and then, against Kaelan by accusing him of having an inferiority complex. No wonder you wish to remain anonymous! I can only praise your ability for hypocrisy. Come on have the guts to say who you are ...

  29. Orwell 15:13

    "Kaelan you seem to have an inferiority complex"??!?!?

    So much for engaging in stimulating and intellectually challenging debates huh? LOL!!

    It seems that the GSD sycophants are at it again. Surprise Surprise!!

    They opt to launch attacks on my character, rather than produce adequate counter arguments.

    I am starting to see a pattern here guys!

    Can we please be civilized?



  30. Fu Manchu:What sanctimonious garbage Robert. You missed your true vocation; you should have been a junior school teacher! Bad boy, naughty boy! You, to the corner! you are ounished! LOL Calm down dear. The attraction of Llanito World is boisterous debate, don't you realise?

  31. Fu Manchu

    You are right, thank you for reminding me ROFL but I thought I was being boisterously aggressive ... sorry!

  32. Still no one questions whether it was anti gibraltarianism for Joe Bossano to send a squad to Andorra in 93? Or why the sudden change of heart on 06 constitution. It's ok though cause they will deliver more fishing zones and apparently are gauranteeing the Serco jobs which were already secure anyway. Kafab is apolitical too and pigs were flying in formation over rosya bay while a school of dolphins did back flips in Rosia Bay.

  33. Congratulations on LLW's Anniversary. Look forward to it flourishing next year. Totally agree on selective censuring to anonymous writers. Happy New Year to all.

  34. Hypocrisy?! HA! I could have sworn that Pavus was accused of having a superiority complex and yet LW didn't bat an eyelid. Surely i'm being as civilized as Kaelan?

    Surely this favoritism (which can also be described as hypocrisy) can only be detrimental to "Kaelan". Surely I can't be the only one who finds this favoritism slightly odd..especially when one considers the fact that this blog is almost entirely dedicated to anti GSD rants. Perhaps Kafab is in fact an appropriate name or is it Fablan or Kabian?

    Finally you mentioned that I have highlighted your inability to argue as being a professional attack. Have I embarrassed you? Is that why you want to know who I am? Are you professionally embarrassed? You know what the codes of conduct say..

  35. My dear Orwell

    You are out of order but let others judge you, I do not show any incapacity to argue, your view is worthless and clearly shown to be so. As for anti-GSD ranting that is up to each commentator and any GSD supporter has had equal opportunity to comment.

    If the standard of GSD comment is to be measured by your comments, silence is perhaps best advised. Hopefully some other more measured GSD commentator will participate in future.

    Thankfully my professional ability is well known and your anonymous view is worthless and only reflects on you.

    Pavus very aptly defended himself and our exchange was light hearted. Please stop being so ridiculous.

  36. Anonymous 21:53

    "Kafab is apolitical too and pigs were flying in formation over rosya bay while a school of dolphins did back flips in Rosia Bay"


    Dolphins doing back flips in the dolphinarium PLEASE!!!!!

    Your a Freaking Legend!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

    I 've been out 2nite and just checked LLW from my BB and have BURST into Laughter and tears!!!

    Orwell I will need to get back to you 2morrow :)



  37. Orwell I believe to be correct in branding you a coward with ulterior motives.

  38. Eight couples have applied to the European Court of Human Rights to overturn the bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships.

    What about Gibraltar?

  39. Anonymous 21:53

    It is Kaelan and not Kafab. This is getting silly now.

    In relation to your query regarding Joe’s “squad” visiting Andorra in 93 here are my thoughts:

    (1)No one has bothered to reply because it is a stupid question with a simple answer.
    (2)This being that there is a BIG difference between observing the Andorra Model and actually PROPOSING it. Remember the CM proposed it in Seville. I never recall Mr. Bossano doing so, facts are facts.


    You hide behind anonymity and to top it off you state that “someone else told you”. Kien fue la prima de la abuela de tu padre?? Are you for real? LOL

    Never judge a book by its cover means exactly that. They only reason that I assumed my rugged looks had anything to do with YOU questioning the authenticity of my identity. Was because you KEPT questioning it!

    Those who know me will tell you that I am an intelligent individual. If you had ever spoken to me you could never truthfully proclaim such things. Therefore I concluded that you must be questioning my identity because I do not look “the part”.

    Furthermore please note that I stated that Pavus had a superiority complex because amongst his postings were comments such as these “Because of my exalted position in our village society”. My assumptions were well supported unlike yours.

    Ps- I take it I am now seen as a genuine threat right? Nothing other (in my opinion) could explain this blatant attack of character.



  40. I was at a dinner last night and someone mentioned breakfast in Madrid. WOW, the GSLP high flyers are really pushing the bouandries.

  41. Kafab your answer to Andorra and GSLP carries no weight at all and you know it. But hey you are apolitical it should be neither here nor there for u. It's not an attack on you K, probably more on Fab. Don't take it personally.

  42. Anonymous 14:40

    My answer to Andorra & the GSLP carries as much weight as your adamant stance on the CM's “Seville screw up”. :)

    Furthermore the moment you persistently questioned my identity, twisted my every word and then branded me a fascist, it became VERY personal. The fact that you also added the words “inferiority complex” to the mix makes it even more so.

    No wonder you choose to remain anonymous. It is very easy to judge people from the comfort of one’s “bat cave”.

    I am just glad other bloggers see you for what you really are, a spiteful person with no back bone!



  43. Kafab not sure who you refer to, but I only suggested that you carry no weight in any argument you give and in particular your excuses for Bosanos field trip to Andorra, really very weak. Your reply like many previous replies you have given are either cloaked with try hard jokes or jibes with little or no substance at all. I choose to remain anon because your arrogance and the arrogance that surrounds your party frightened the life out of me and a great many more 15 years ago. In 15 years and after four election losses NOTHING has changed and it is your desperation to win at any cost that leads me and many to believe that you are dangerous. Apolitical and all.

  44. Anonymous 21:32

    If my arguments carried "no weight" as you so confidentially state. Why if I may ask, have I been so fiercely pursued and victimised by the GSD sycophants? And WHY have you gone out of your way to attempt and dismiss my comments?

    If in actual fact my postings were merely unsubstantiated jibes as you also state, I very much doubt I would have attracted as many ‘admirers’ as I have.

    On a final note I would like to add that the feeble excuse you provide us with in regard to writing anonymously, does not even merit a response.

    Dangerously yours,

    Kaelan Victor Joyce
    (Who is NOT part of the GSLP NETWORK)

  45. Kafab the apolitical. With admirers too. Your viva chants, must have worked. No one is fiercely pursuing you, (taking yourself too seriously there), you enter debate and you take the punches. I would have thought you of all people would accept that.

  46. I really think that this now brings the anonymous brigades attacks on Kaelan to an end. No more comments on this subject will be published.

  47. Not attacks LW. Simply debate. I appreciate your sentiments in bringing it to a conclusion though.

  48. Ghost says:

    Robert, I hate to say that Orwell makes a point, LW is widely considered to be a blog on which GSLP fans are all able to pull down their pants and enjoy pajas mentales on how disastrous a state of affairs Gibraltar finds itself in, and to which you rarely if ever produce any argument or counter balance (not that it is your duty to do so). The moment that anyone holds anything they say to account, abuse unfolds to levels worthy of a school boy playground.

    The fact that you might not care to admit it is another matter, and to which I personally feel you have played well, intentionally....... and to an entertained audience. In other words, rants, exaggerated perceptions and playful abuse makes the works, to put it another way; so I personally have never flagged it up.

    The reason I do now, is because LW has (of late) attracted a wider audience that are also prepared to post opinions and who are not blinkered in their political approach to Gibraltar. This in my view could take your blog to a different level, which you may or may not wish to entertain. If you are willing to entertain, I think there is an opportunity to really create good media with LW, which is already showing signs of becoming that beast that I have referred to in the past.

    I leave you with this, you once referred to me as a "Marxist-Leninist dialectical propagandist or just plain right wing". Well Robert, actually both! Marx, was ahead of his time, society was not and is not ready to assimilate his philosophy. By right wing I assume you mean capitalist and yes I believe that it works for us now and allows society (through democratic credentials) to begin to hold itself to account.

    Interestingly it will be the system that Marx believed to create social struggles of class (as others had in the past) that brings us ever closer to Marxism or at least a society more accepting of class and aware that our goal is best served when we become a society able and eager to help those less fortunate than us, whilst still accepting that the strength of an economy and the players within it are key to survival and strength. I will not delve further as I do not wish to bore, but my point here is that Gibraltar fairs well in my mind and yours too Robert (I think), regardless of those parliamentary reforms, but it is the understanding and the very nature of how our own society works that can make us better and I will throw this out there although I fear that it may be too strong an issue to have a debate on; that being that Gibraltar politics suffers the inherent misfortune of still (to a point) been driven and fueled wrongly by an opposition party driving its class up the wrong path, for nothing other than its own benefit and therefore doing nothing for progress in our democracy.


  49. Ghost

    That this blog is regarded as such is down to the beholder or reader (lol). I try not to answer everyone and not simply to disavow obviously prejudiced views. I am not party political. If GSD supporters wish to disavow GSLP propagandists so be it. I do try and make the blog interesting, well spotted. I take responsibility for the views that I express not those of others.

    I hope to take the blog on but it is a lot of work on top of my day job that I need to do to earn a crust. In fact i am only here now because I have just finished writing an opinion that I started yesterday morning.

    All the best!

  50. Ghost says:
    I fully appreciate your sentiments Robert. Pleased to hear that you fully intend to take the blog on; there is margin here.
    Buena hasta otra and all the best to you too.