Thursday, 21 January 2010

GSLP/Libs Continued Folly on the Airport.

Why are the GSLP/Libs undermining Gibraltar's case on sovereignty? In an attempt to make local political capital in their quest for votes and power they give to Spain arguments that they could and would not use against Gibraltar. This a a bad addiction that they do not seem able to overcome.

Why do they say “It would be totally unacceptable to have a building on the Spanish side which is called the “north terminal” or worse still “La Linea airport” and in the same breath, by restating the obvious, bring into doubt that the airport is ‘Gibraltar airport’ and built on British soil. Even worse that “It is obvious that Spanish politicians are under the impression that what has been described here as expanded use of Gibraltar airport is actually some form of joint use."

In the same way as anything built on Gibraltar can and will be called whatever Gibraltar decides, cannot Spain call whatever they build on their own sovereign territory anything that they want? The only answer to this is of course they can. Whatever semantics Spain uses to describe their building cannot affect the sovereignty arguments that Gibraltar has. What the GSLP/Libs do by raising the issue is to cast into doubt that which is undoubted. This is emphatically made worse by even suggesting that anything that has or is being done can be "joint use" of the airport.

The GSLP/Libs should be more mature than to cast doubt on matters upon which there is no doubt. Gibraltar's position on the airport and, indeed, on all the territory that is Gibraltar is quite clear. What Spain does on its own sovereign territory can and does not have any effect or impact on Gibraltar's position.

The GSLP/Libs should be less selfish in their quest for electoral success and seek to defend and not undermine Gibraltar for their own and no one else's benefit. Mr Bossano opportunism has got you nowhere. It is only real politics and policies that will get you somewhere. You have been in politics long enough to know this.

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  1. You are right. However a rider. As long as the departure lounge boards indicate flight departures to Gibralar and not to La Linea, I couldn't care less firstly because I just don't care about La Linea's pride etc. and secondly because the Spain will do and can do whatever it wishes (without any consideration for Gibraltar). Any concept of respect etc is alien to them. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing! Spain's unlimate aim is the destruction of Gibraltar and the Gibraltarian identity. If Spain could achieve this today, it would.