Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) Vision, Values and Aims.

Individuality within a Caring Society

Each of us lives as individuals within society, as such, we are interdependent. For that to work, we must acceptpersonal responsibilitfor our well being and for making a future for ourselves, within a fair, caring and ordered society.   Within that society the GSD believes those who cant - and those who can, who fall on hard-times – must be helped.  

We stand for a fair, ordered and caring society where individual responsibility matters.

The GSD will work to improve our society for the benefit of all and not just the few, by standing for individual rights, social justice, strong values and decency. We believe these rights and values flow from a sense of responsibility, a strong community, equal opportunity and equal rights.  Unjust elements within our society must be tackled

This vision hinges on clear policiesachievable within our financial means in a British Gibraltar.    

We would:

Recognise the right of individuals to live within the law, as freely and unfettered by government intervention as possible, while protecting the common good;


Enhance democratic, open and accountable government and administration with consultation, reforms and measured decentralisation;


Manage public funds, all funds used for public endsand public spending prudently, openly and transparently;


Stimulate economic growth by both encouraging private investment and by supporting workers’ movements and the trade unions;


Only invest public moneys in commercial enterprises that are essential, and not in a way that discourages, interferes or competes with private enterprise; 


Improve public services in all fields, including health care, elderly care, child care, and housing; 


Assist the less privileged through social services and, where right and possible, with reasonable financial help, without encouraging a culture of reliance;


Develop education, training and skills, and increase opportunities for economic diversification; 


Support good sports, leisure, arts and culturefacilities and an enhanced historical awareness as an expression of our unique national identity;


Place the environment at the core of our thinking;


Advance self-determination;


Deal with discrimination and prejudice, for any reason inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, race or skin colour, disability or religion, by promoting diversity and taking personal responsibility for our place in society; and


Encourage a stable, peaceful and law abiding communityin part, by raising awareness of civic responsibility and addressing the growing culture of entitlement.

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