Friday, 9 October 2015

My Involvement in Frontline Politics with the GSD

My Involvement in Frontline Politics with the GSD
I believe that the time has come to revive my blog Llanito World, so here goes my first blog in nearly 4 years! I guess some are asking why I am involving myself in frontline politics and why with the GSD?
The answer is actually terribly simple, I have always supported the vision of the GSD and I have always voted GSD save for a mistaken split vote at the 2011 election.  I share the vision of the GSD and despite believing that the GSLP had changed its spot prior to the 2011 election (hence my splitting my vote) I have seen and experienced the truthfulness of the old saying “a leopard never changes its spots”! Los enchufes siguen y se ponen peor and “they overspend and we pay”! 
The GSD may not have performed in the past to the full level that I may have expected, as shown by my criticisms in this blog, but they did perform.  They did it with a large element of sobriety, honesty and trust that is fast disappearing once again: that saddens me as a lover of Gibraltar.
I have campaigned for better government and enhanced democracy in Gibraltar all my life.  Regrettably only very small steps have been taken in the past to achieve this objective.  I have learnt to look forward, however, and today the GSD have given me a platform to achieve my ambition for Gibraltar.  I have decided to take that platform both for reasons of giving of myself to public service but also because my personal circumstances permit me to do it now. I do it, also, because Sir Peter Caruana’s GSD ensured in the 2006 Constitution that the desire to enlarge Parliament and change the electoral system could be achieved.  I thank Sir Peter and his foresight for that!
The influence that I have had recently in formulating GSD policy on the issue of enhanced democracy and good government will become obvious once the GSD unveils its policies and publishes its Manifesto for the imminent election.  I will emphasise that the choice at this election is a choice of visions and not a choice between two parties.   The vision of the GSD is one of democracy, fairness, openness, transparency and accountability, including accountability in public finances where there is much to be concerned about.  All this is to be achieved by systemic changes and reforms and not by idle promises; systemic changes proposed by the GSD that will be made clear in our manifesto and as the election campaign develops.  The GSLP promised this change in its 2011 manifesto but, other than tinkering on the edges, it has failed to make any meaningful difference.
I thank Danny Feetham, a much and unfairly maligned individual, for listening to me and allowing me to influence policy in the GSD on enhanced democracy and good governance.  Democracy in Gibraltar would have suffered an enormous set back without the indefatigable efforts of Danny Feetham to continue the responsibilities of the Opposition: government without opposition is not democracy.  Gibraltar owes him a debt of gratitude for that.  He has a team around him now that is a real squad.  It is a team that supports him: you will be voting for that team and not Danny Feetham alone.  Believe me, the candidates in the GSD team and I and are independent thinkers that will not be taken to where they do not want to go by any leader of any party!  I think that, in my case, I have proven that in my writings on this blog!
Ok bring on the criticism and questions ... I love it but I love Gibraltar more!

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