Friday, 2 December 2011

Here Ends this Blog

I consider that I have written about all that I wished to see happen in democracy and politics in Gibraltar for the present. I was a very early user of the World Wide Web for political purposes in the exercise of the right to freedom of speech. It cost me my position on the Financial Services Commission. There are now several Facebook sites dedicated to free political discussion, which provide the important venue for the voice of people to be heard and heeded. 

The recently published Manifestos of each of the GSD, GSLP/Liberal Alliance and the PDP contain in varying degrees political reforms that I have been advocating. This is good to see. I believe that, today, democratic politics in Gibraltar is in a better place than it was before this blog started. I hope that the manifesto promises are not cynical promises to be broken. 

Political parties should by now realise that voters will punish them for broken promises by exercising their rights to freedom of speech on the World Wide Web. The party that is elected into Government on the 8th December 2011 should remember that, as should all opposition parties who aspire to govern. The face of politics in Gibraltar and elsewhere is changed for ever.

I wish all the parties contesting this election the best of fortune. I urge them always to remember that they are each the servants of the people of Gibraltar. I pray that, in varying degrees depending on their respective roles, all will serve Gibraltar with the ambition of taking the collective that is Gibraltar always to a better place. Improvement is constantly available and possible. I pray that whoever is elected will put any bitterness and aggression that there may have been in the past behind them. I pray that whoever forms government will look positively to the future and govern to the best of its ability within the parameters permitted in a democracy and by the Rule of Law.

Finally, I will now quietly write the book that this blog has become. It may never be published but it will keep me out of mischief for several months. I thank all the readers and contributors to this blog. I never expected to get many readers. I wrote much of it to get my own thoughts off my chest for therapeutic reasons :) little expecting that I would average 1000 hits a day. I trust that I have provided a beneficial service to Gibraltar, although, some may not think so, I believe that I have. Thank you all readers, without you this blog would have been a sterile exercise.

However, for the next few days I will be giving my views on the election campaign on so see you all there. 


  1. Thank you Robert for your informative and well written blog, long live democracy and as for parliamentary reform BRING IT ON!!!!

  2. Robert,congratulations again, your Blog has once again made in into the local Press,see back page on GBC Area Poll matter.
    Do you really feel empowered to just disconnect what has developed into the fifth column in the Politics of Gibraltar?.
    My advice keep in going until after the Elections then change the format if you wish,for now you are the only credible source of alternative politics that Gibraltar has it would be a shame to see it go.
    Thanks for all the time you have put in for the sake of Gibraltar whatever decision you take.
    The GSD Activists are really going to miss you because I am told ,by one of them,that they have instructions (FROM ABOVE) to check and refute all anti-GSD comments in your blog within the hour!.

  3. Hope to see you back again in some form or manner in the not too distant future RV. Thanks for having what it takes to stand up and voice what a lot of us wanted to but dared not!

  4. Thanks for the blog Robert.

    The Angry Friar

  5. Sad to see you go. I have enjoyed your blog from the very first one you published and have learned so much about politics from you. When you retire from law, you should consider teaching local politics to our youth in the comprehensives.
    Good luck with the book, I look forward to reading it one day.

  6. I agree Robert hold on for 7 DAYS more, pardon the pun!

  7. An Omnibus says:

    I echo all the above comments. Thank you Robert for providing us with a real alternative in political analysis. It was much needed.

    May I also express my admiration to those handful of contributors who have had the guts to post using their real names and not anonymously. It sadly reflects a situation that we still very much live in a small society fearful of speaking out freely for fear of personal retribution from those in authority.

    A message to the winners of the forthcoming election - failure to deliver on your promises to carry out wideranging parliamentary and electoral reform is not an option.

    Like many others I too hope that you will continue to spearhead the campaign to hold those responsible to account.

  8. It was great when it started
    but towards the end Robert, I think you lost some of your impartiality and judgment. No doubt to some extent because you became a commentator playing in the game itself.
    Good luck with your book.
    Take a well earned rest and chill a bit.
    There are more important things in life than Gibraltar politics.

  9. Very sad to hear you're calling it a day - the end of an era! But PLEASE don't abandon us till after election day, you seem to be the only one with your blog that maintains any sort of reality check on the madness that is going around! Cannot believe some of the stupidity that is being propagated - the last one that I've heard about is someone on Facebook saying that they have overheard young people 'lancha' shopping for what they want their fathers' to get them once the GSLP is in - please! Who do they think they are kidding, and, more to the point, who do they think has been 'trafficking' the of thousands of boxes of tobacco that go across to Spain in much bigger, more sophisticated, fastter launches than the old 'lanchas'of before?

  10. So sorry to see you go, but thank you for giving us this space to vent our feelings on! Everybody talking about the GBC reporting Panorama and Area polls in same breath - but did anyone read the TINY reporting of the poll in the Chronicle, with the same space given to OUR newspapers' poll as to the Spanish one - how pathetic and immature is that! Actually, 'desperate' is probably a better word.

  11. Roberto por favor no nos deje sin voz these next few critical days que I love it every time one of the blog stories breaks in the local media.
    Hang on in there for SIX MORE DAYS Gib needs you and you owe it to your readers mate!

  12. Panorama ya ni de credito por tu input habla con Garcia hombre que Gib should know how the Democratic process has emanated from here.

  13. Just had A fanatic GSD character tell me "Que nos cargamos el Blog de Vazquez Vite?" how petty can these guys get!.

  14. Robert
    No doubt people will continue to post on your comments page for some time to come.
    Perhaps if you are throwing in the pen you might consider (at some point) retaining your moderation role and redirecting this blog to some sort of forum.
    Your moderation has allowed at least some level of intelligent debate - by comparison to the Facebook Group - which is simply appalling.
    It would be a shame to lose that, although one appreciates that even moderation will take a substantial amount of commitment from you.
    All the best.

  15. £15k buenas son2 December 2011 at 15:30

    Will you get the FSC job back? Or do you think that the way in which FSC appointments are made is repugnant to the principles which you have so valiantly espoused in Llanito w?

  16. £15k Buenas son :)

    No, I do not think getting my positon on the FSC back is on the cards ...

  17. Robert very sad to see the blog go.

    I would like to thank you for giving me a voice. :)


  18. Why don't you Head the Commsission of Inquiry for the Incoming GSLP Government? That should be a really ineteresting post.

  19. Robert

    I suppose Disciple X will have to find himself another drinking partner somewhere else :)

    à la bonne vôtre :)

  20. Reading this blog over the last few months has reminded me that written words are going to be misunderstood. But there would be more misunderstanding without words. As many democracies around the world cry out for open government we should all be grateful that we are not living in some African dictatorship where thousands are literally dieing to have the type of democracy we complain about.

    Can there really be such a thing as open government? Would anything ever get done? Certainly we have to prevent instances where ministers do the wrong things for the wrong reasons. We all know of instances in every administration over the last 40 years where family and friends have been favoured. On the other hand it seems that the opposition's time honoured job is to rubbish everything that the government does.

    Is there justification for certain decisions being taken behind closed doors. The recent revelation that east side bunkering was only mooted as a bargaining chip springs to mind.

  21. Anon 16:42 MUST be Louis Montegriffo!

    "Can there really be such a thing as open government? Would anything ever get done?"

    Not much power should be given to the people's huh?

    Naughty naughty boy hahah

  22. Robert,
    Thanks for taking the time to keep this blog alive,I know that your contributions have had a significant impact on what is now offerd and debated by all political parties.
    I shall indeed miss logging at different times of the day to read the comments,and add my comments also.It would be really interesting to have published a list of all your followers...I bet top brains would be on the list,and more than a few surprises.
    I wish you luck with your book,and hope that whoever wins the election has the sense to tap into your knowlege and experience wisely.
    best of luck

  23. In closing Robert, well done for acting as the undisputed Champion of Democracy thru your Blog.I do not really support any Party, astounding as that may sound, but I feel the desire for Change in the Street.I think it will be very close but People Power will succeed and the bourgeoise of Gibraltar is going to end with a bloody nose because the People(who are the majority) are for Change.
    Final Result:
    GSD 47%
    GSLP 50%
    All the best...willcheck out that tv site!.

  24. Robert,
    You have been a breath of fresh air to blogging on Gib Politics.
    I believe that you could have held on until the 8th December....the 9th would have been an unecessary flow of we are the winners you are losers type of comments,not worthy of your time.
    If ,as I hope we have a more open and transparent goverment ,a new goverment that respects everyones political allegiance without reprisals,I will reveal my true identity.

    thanks again Robert,
    Can`t wait to read your book.

    Rock Ape!

    PS:- Would have liked to meet Disciple X over a bottle of Pago De Los Capellanes 2004

  25. RV,

    What can I say?

    I think I came late into the fold, thinking at the time, that this blog would be another useless exercise and rather pointless. However over the last year I have found myself more and more “addicted” to LW, looking forward to my evenings with BoB (Brotherhood of Bloggers) where I could unwind and relax whilst tapping away furiously on my keyboard whenever I wanted to make my point. So much so, that my Sunday evening was becoming somewhat special to me sat in front of my screen with my glass of wine at hand and in the company of my “virtual friends” (including my virtual drinking partner) in your own “virtual soiree” that you had created for us…..

    I once heard that a blog was mere graffiti with punctuation marks. How wrong! This blog has been a lot more. I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of your followers when I say that this blog has not only provided us with the platform to have our voices heard (albeit anonymously for some of us) but equally important it has been an education.

    Unfortunately as we neared the election date, and as you well predicted, your blog became the virtual battleground you were at pains to avoid. But such is the nature of elections! The spin and counter spin was creating a web of misinformation that it was finally becoming too difficult to address.

    Anyhow as we bid our farewells, our hope, as you rightly point out, is that we behave responsibly and maturely and that whoever gets into power on the 8th will work for all Gibraltarians and for our little rock we call home.

    There is, I’m afraid, little else that I can say. My wish would have been that you continue to write and us to comment but as they say, “all good things must come to an end”. I am hopeful, therefore that this finale brings about a new dawn for Gibraltar politics and for serious blogging.

    Adieu mon ami et mes amis....

  26. Anon@17:45

    Rock Ape!

    As Disciple X's appointed Drinking Partner I can assure you that he will not be impressed by your choice of the liquid that you are inviting him to imbibe.

    If it is the Reserva that you have in mind let me share the highlight of my tasting notes dated February 2009:-

    "it has an uplifting perfume of pain grille, scorched earth, violets...etc".

    I hope you take this comment in the spirit that it was intended.

  27. Llanito World has torn a hole in the fabric of arrogant complacency in Gibraltarian politics. From the performances of some candidates for election it seems that pomposity has not yet been banished but the days of the old puffed up political elite in all parties are drawing to an end and that in part is thanks to your strident criticisms and the sometimes very witty and sharp contributions of your readers. I will miss your precious blog a little bit!

  28. To quote the last edition of The News of the World "Thank You and Goodbye".

  29. One last contribution of note.

    Is it true than one of the GSLP election agents is the owner of KOALA? The same company that hardly has any Gibraltarians employed.

  30. Robert- You have undoubtedly proved that the Blackberry is mightier than the sword. Well done for raising the bar for what our politicians and local media should aspire to. It is no exagerration to say that your blog has redefined politics in Gibraltar. Take a bow before you leave and thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas :).

  31. Robert thanks for giving us the opportunity to air our views.
    On another matter, I am convinced that you should have stood for election as an independent.
    Thanks again Robert.

  32. Quill
    Robert thank you for having enlightened us with your blog and for opening our eyes to issues that others have merely preferred to ignore for convenience sake and even hide. You have dared go where not even the professional journalists should have gone, as is their duty to do so, shame on the Gibraltar Chronicle and GBC and to the rest, all credit to you. I trust that this will not be goodbye but merely au revoir and hasta pronto.

  33. Robert,you have brought an objective light to where there was only darkness!
    All power to the net.
    you have given us all the courage to have a new voice.
    id ask you to reconsider your decision to quit,now,more than ever,do we need an impartial,objective narrative on all things political in gib!...

    A book is an excellent idea!,but as you know..." There aint nothing like the real thing baby"

    regards A very gratefull man in the street!

  34. Devils Advocate..

    Robert, llanito world was a great blog and it will certainly be missed.

    I am sure there are loads of commennts which never made it into the blog that are of extreme interest. Perks from having devoted so much time to this blog which perhaps one day you will share.

    There was an interesting comment mentioned earlier regarding the teaching of local politics to the youth. This is something I think you should consider seriously; your insight into the topic would be of great value for future students/politicians.


  35. I am surprised and disappointed at your decision to discontinue this blog, Robert. I think it is a mistake that you should review.

    In April last year, very tellingly you write "How many of you are happy that newspapers and GBC provide sufficient editorial, commentary and analysis on current affairs in Gibraltar?" Do you think things have - or will - change in the short to medium term?

    You added: "This indicates a hunger for informed opinion, commentary and analysis (not that everyone will agree with all that is written here) that is not being stated by the established news media.

    One of the reasons this blogger started blogging was frustration felt at the lack of editorial, comment and analysis in the news media generally." I submit that very little has changed in this respect.

    I have enjoyed fully your observations and the somewhat frenetic debate that followed each Blog. Who now will be questioning decisions, lack of progress on policies, stimulating debate - the local media, (dare I say it) Opposition (whoever that may be) politicians? Again, I think not.

    You have carved out a role for yourself, intentionally or otherwise. Don't give up now, just as notice is being taken of what is voiced here.

    Thanks anyway.

  36. Thank you Robert for your informative and well written blog,you created a serious,worth while political platform, its been fruitful to my political knowledge.

    Die besten Wünsche mein Freund
    seig heil

  37. If the GSLP win the elections this blog must be restarted !

  38. 世界で最古のパフォーミングミュQC ージシャンは、"死去
    広く世界最古で演奏と GSD みなさウクレレプレーヤービルタピアは、歳で金曜日に死 FSC 亡した。 £15,000世界で最古のパフォーミングミュージシャンは、"死去 "Change"
    広く世界最古で演奏 7 days とみなさウクレレプレーヤービルタピアは、、103歳で金曜日に死亡した。& fruity returns :)

  39. Robert,

    I will miss this veru much.I thinkthis blog has touched some peoples hearts and minds.

    God bless you!


  40. Robert, congratulations on your Blog, you’ve delved in a deep and investigative manner into local politics as no one has had the courage to do before you. I take my hat off to you and wish you good luck and every success for the future. It’s people like yourself that make the difference and Gibraltar would be too much of a political sterile place without the likes of Robert. Hope to see you back after the 8th.

  41. Tyrone Duarte says:


    To your enduring credit you have challenged folly, arrogance and hypocrisy head on.

    It is thanks to you that I plucked up the courage to comment using my own name, both on your blog and on Twitter. Friends have urged me to moderate my comments, but I do not really see the point of living life in fear and awe of those who should be serving the people.

    Politicians expect an unhealthy degree of deferrence in Gibraltar, and many are prepared to go along in the hope that patronage and largesse will be bestowed upon them. Sadly I cannot see any of this changing, but why should the rest of us be expected to go along with it?

    I think the next internet venture should be a satirical page in the vein of Private Eye, now that would make me chuckle! Just imagine their reaction if they actually got lampooned every week, and lord knows the bastards deserve it!

    Si Dios quiere te vere en el Royal Calpe.


    Ty Duarte

  42. Whoever gets elected we must have the likes of you and this blog to keep them in check.The opposition whoever that may be will not
    question what you will question.

    I can say that you have made the two main political parties come out with political reform. Esa te la tiene que puntar tu. So in all manifestos there is a bit of Robert Vasquez's statement.

    Well done!

  43. respect to you Robret. I agree with Ty Duarte that the battle to put the arrogant hypocrites in their place has now begun. Let us wipe off their silly smiles which we can see in all 3 parties posters. I was also very touched by Hiro Xito's warm analysis of your motives. What will you be doing now? How can we keep in touch?

  44. Before you switch the lights out I would like to share a quote from an article in Vox on line just before the 2007 Election:
    "The political parties are falling over each other to make promises. Not one of them has bothered to explain to you where the money is going to come from to pay for pensions now and in the future, rental housing and general ongoing expenditure. Peter Caruana recklessly bases his economic model on income from on-line gaming (an industry in decline) and Joe Bossano keeps his cards close to his chest as if engaged in a game of poker...If elected I will promote a cross-party policy think tank including the trades unions, employers bodies and international expertise to ensure that Gibraltar's assets are exploited in a measured way to ensure long term prosperity...."
    4 years later nothing has changed. God save Gibraltar!

  45. Dear All

    I am truly grateful for all your comments and support. As I say, I believe that, for now, I have finished the campaign for change that I set myself. Change does not only come about from those who are elected into Parliament. They are our servants who also have the responsibility of having to assess the needs of the collective and not just of each individual. My issue since I came back to Gibraltar as a lawyer in 1976 has been to achieve more democratic and better government for Gibraltar.

    I took a decision early on that the best way was not direct involvement in party politics but an active involvement in any way that was available to me to advance that cause. The internet gave me the final weapon that I needed. I have used it, i believe to good effect. Others are now using it.

    As I say career politicians have nowhere to hide now. They break manifesto promises at there peril. All parties have promised democratic reforms. They have 4 years to implement them otherwise they face another election. If no one else takes up the campaign should they fail to deliver I certainly will, whatever position I may or may not hold in the future. I am used to resigning in pursuit of my principles ... some of our senior politicians need to learn humility y de tener verguensa... be careful I might be back :)

    Thank you all, without support nothing could have been achieved or will be possible in the future ... the reforms are not yet law ...

  46. Robert

    Thank you Robert, you are unique in the Gibraltar political context, a virtue that is and will be temporarily missed by all those who believe in democracy.

    I say 'temporarily' because I believe that, sooner or later, you will be back.

    I do not think that you will be able to help yourself.

    In the meantime I shall have to find another irritant :)


  47. Roberto que el Peter Caruana is already blaimg you, the Small Boat Owners, the Civil Service, the Firemen, the Teachers, the Marrache Fiasco and the Airport for his defeat.Have you got a job for him at your offices porque me dicen que el Fabian Vinet who is setting up on his own will NOT employ him!

  48. The sea of political change initiated in this blogg is unstoppeable and, a blue print for the democratic change gibraltar desperately needs. Robert has more than ten individuals at his disposal to put forward the strongest team of social democrats and technicians that has ever been seen in town. They are ready to serve if the current lot fuck it up. Be sure readers that this is true!

  49. L.E.F. says,

    All good things unfortunately come to an end, and this maxim also applies to LlanitoWorld.

    What will not end or be extinguished is the light and hope you have brought to Gibraltar politics in your pursuit for a fairer and more equal society for all of us. I applaud your worthy efforts .

    Your fight for parliamentary reform and more accountability, has brought these topics to the forefront of these elections, and will advance the way we govern ourselves regardless of who forms government.

    You have opened that door for the good of all us Gibraltarians, even at personal cost. You have been criticized by GSD,GSLP,PDP. It would have been easier to give up but through your perseverance and example , by standing up and being counted in what you believe in ,we have been able to inform ourselves and debate freely, even if still anonymously. Thank you.

    Thank you,Robert for the great contribution LlanitoWorld has brought to my understanding on many topics and the many informed opinions shared by many . I will surely miss your informative and thought provoking posts and the comments of my fellow bloggers. Some have been classics. Thanks all.

    We are all one people. Llanitos first and foremost. Let us not forget that. Let us unite as one ,and lets embrace this new government to be, as winners. Let Gibraltar be the winner and let no one party or one person be more than what is right or what is wrong. Of what we deserve as a minimum to be our own people.

    Good Luck Robert,Good Luck Gibraltar

  50. Urging change for two years, but in the end it looks like the GSLP/Libs have fluffed it. There will be no change.

    Has Llanito World shup up shop because, in the end RV, it is the electorate, not PRC, that has let you down? The ultimate frustration.

    RV you have over the last two years criticised the GSLP/libs many times on their own issues. You should blame them, not the electorate. No other party would have squandered a landslide, and taken itself to where we are today - a nail biting result / photo finish.

    I predict that LW will be reborn if the GSLP/Libs win....hopefully for a final crow, and not to lament the broken promises.

  51. Thought you'd give us your 'Sunday special' as the last nibble before the elections - feel very disappointed not to have a REAL blog as a goodbye! "Go ahead, make my day" we'd love your final, final insight!

  52. Cmon RV-LW, you HAVE to give us one final piece before you depart the world of blogginh! PLEASE! :-) Maybe one after the Results are in on Friday morning???

    Take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to Gibraltarian Society and reinvigorating the process, heightening interest and encouraging critical thought, openess, discussion and overall, democracy!

    Hope that you reconsider and come back soon! gibraltar clearly still needs your blog in view that the local media leaves a lot to be desired for.

    Congrats and thanks. Many of us who have had close "encounters" ceased to feel alone when you started this blog.

    Long live democracy - real democracy, and may it soon return to our Rock.

  53. Having just seen the 'Chronic' this morning I am amazed that they have the gaul to call themselves the 'Independent' daily - who are they kidding! The newspaper reads like a GSD manifesto with attacks on the GSLP left right and centre! Come on, how is this possible two days before an election - Robert, you're still our only point of outlet for our frustration.

  54. I agree Caruana in his desperation is using the Chronic,the AREA the 7 Days and the the spanish workers to further his case, how come the Spanish are all out to get the GSD in again? read the Panorama today revelations that Caruana was in on the Joint-Sovereignty, no wonder he was willing to recommend the Andorra Solution, the GSD Policy is to accomodate Spain and give them a foothold in our land.....EVERYONE if the GSD get in we are in danger!

  55. Yes, the Panorama article should have sent alarm bells ringing - has Caruana really stitched us up with a deal behind our backs? If this is true, and at some point it will come out if it is, I think he is in for BIG problems with the population irrespective of if he gets back in or not.

  56. Dear Robert

    I have never commented on llanitoworld before, either as an anonymous or otherwise (despite many mischievious, although I have read many of your blogs. I have not always agreed with what you have said, but in most instances we have been on the same page.

    I want to write now, on the cusp of the general election, to thank you for the thought provoking articles, the criticism (which has always been constructive) and the fact that you have really created a blogging culture in Gibraltar.

    I am sorry to see the demise of llanitoworld. If I am able to form government on Friday morning I hope never to give you cause to have to take up your keyboard again. Should you do so, I will read you with the respect you merit as a senior member of the bar with a strong democratic compass.

    Godspeed llanitoworld.

    Warm regards from a friend,


  57. I wonder if Caruana will post a blog now that Fabian has openly done so.Somehow I think that tu primito is too arrogant to write in your blog as he believes you do not exist and if you do you should not be spoken to as a GSLP instigator!.
    One thing is for sure between the Andorra Fiasco and the Hain revelations on Joint-Sovereignty today the GSD have a hidden agenda with Spain and we should ensure that the GSLP get in with a big majority to send a clear message to Spain.

  58. WOW - The GSD is fast losing the little support it had until now with the Joint Sovereignty Revelations!

    Anyone know why the scheduled GBC debate is not on air now?

  59. El silent majority no es tonto y tiene MUY buena memoria.
    Nobody with more than one cell brain will ever forget the GSLP's disastrous end with rioting and Gibraltar's international reputation down the gutter.
    Bossano and his cronies are still in control. Never forget !

  60. Anon 07:32- Oh for goodness sake! If all you ever do is dwell on the past then Gibraltar will never get anywhere. At this stage in their lives, it is inevitable that people such as Mr Caruana, Mr Bossano, Mr Picardo, Mr Feetham and others will have picked up political baggage. Get over it! This election is about the future of the people of Gibraltar and not the tittle tattle of years gone by!

    Have a look at the party manifestos, the issues of the day and those individuals with the skills most likely to deliver on the promises that benefit Gibraltar the most. Your vote may well be tempered by past events but our collective decision should primarily be guided by what needs to happen as from Friday. Let's all use our democratic right to vote maturely and responsibly to deliver a Parliament that befits Gibraltar.

  61. If looking at the past is what this election is about, why not look at past GSD manifestos and their legacy of broken promises. Their new manifestos reads mostly like a 'trust me now, THIS time I'll keep my promises, PROMISE!' rather than anything substantial or new. How can they derate the GSLP for what they say they can think they can achieve when all they have produced is another list of more major projects (most of which were promised and not delivered on last time round) that will take us fusrther into debt. Come on produce something positive and tell us HOW these necessary projects for our infrastructure are going to be financed!


  63. Congatulations everyone for making the democratic process of Gibraltar function.It is now time to heal wounds and unite for the benefit of Gibraltar.
    Robert your blog had A HEALTHY effect on the election results denying this is an unreal proposition.

  64. I agree, congrats Robert for having propelled political discussion to a new level in Gibraltar.

    Great speeches from ALL THREE leaders. Hopefully they will ALL go beyond their speeches and will genuinely work together for a better Gibraltar. I really look fwd to the day when inter-party small time bickering and malice ends and is replaced by constructive criticism and even inter-party collaborations when the need arises.

  65. The election result speeches by Fabian Picardo, Peter Caruana and Keith Azopardi this morning demonstrate the sheer quality of those Gibraltarian leaders. All who stood for election are to be praised for their patriotism and sense of public duty. If all those men and women can put aside any remaining petty rivalries and dedicate themselves to the noble endeavour of promoting Gibraltarian interests our future success is assured.

  66. This has been without doubt one of the most hard fought and close contested elections one can remember.
    I concur with Charles Gomez comment and hopefully this new dawn will bring with it the change in electoral reform that Gibraltar really needs.
    I am confident that Fabian will rise to the occasion he will be steadfast in his beliefs and steer Gibraltar in the right direction,his firm determination to provide Gibraltar with a more open ,clear and transarent government is something that I am sure he will deliver.

    Robert , I now belive that keeping my anonimity is no longer required so I will have no problem in revealing my pseudonym Rock ape!

    I also expect others to follow Disciple X love to meet for a coffee.

    Thanking you once again for this great blog.

    Jason Mesilio

  67. Jason@19:15

    Jason you Rock Ape you :)

    The fact that it has been such a hard fought election and that the turnout has been so high augers well for the future of the country that we all love and feel so passionate about.

    The fact that the past exchange of opinions has been made available by Robert and so regularly contributed by us is a further endorsement of our collective commitment to good governance.

    Finally, as Disciple X's appointed drinking partner, I doubt whether the offer of a coffee will entice him :)

  68. RV I know who Disciple X is or mejon dicho I know who they are :)


  69. It turns put that half the population were not keen on change.
    No landslide victory......
    Having said that I must admit that I found Fabian Picardo's victory speech promising.He's a nice bloke.

  70. Forensic audits anyone?

  71. I wish FB the best,if he is not guided up the wrong path and the bad attitudes of "others", he will be here to stay for a long long time.I personally think he has the qualities of a very good politician and the potential of becoming one of the best CM gib has ever had.

  72. LWRV, in your 1998 paper 'A legal framework for a new EU status' you suggested that Gibraltar "could be given what could be a modern status that might be termed 'Special Administrative Territory of the EU' " within the framework of the International Trusteeship system that is provided for by Article 75 of the UN Charter. Would you consider amending in light of recent developments in the EU?

    The GSLP Libs are committed to setting up a Commission on Democratic and Political Reform (p. 11 of manifesto) and an Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Authority (p. 12). Who better than LWRV to chair either - or both. Would you consider?

  73. RV,

    With your kind permission - my final thoughts.

    Congratulations are in order. I suspect that your endeavours to oust the GSD from Government finally paid off. It would also seem that the PDP also succeeded in debilitating the GSD vote by retaining that elusive margin (supposedly by ex-GSD followers) that would have, theoretically, returned the GSD to Government. I wonder, now, whether their “raison d’etre” has also finally come to an ignominious albeit successful end.

    It would also seem a real shame that KA should at this point (as intimated during his speech) have to consider his political future when he has so much to offer. It has to be said that KA gave the impression of a crushed and lonely man who was not only disappointed with his Party’s results but who looked disconsolate and dejected as he looked across the dais to his Party members. He was, it seems, signalling The End. An end to a Party that nonetheless fought an honourable fight but one that he knew they would never win.

    Upon further reflection, I think this Party is a non starter and KA’s mammoth effort to continue to pull along a Party which lacks plausible and charismatic individuals would be utter madness unless of course he wishes to remain on the political sidelines for longer. The idiom, “flogging a dead horse”, just simply springs to mind!

    As regards the GSD, their efforts were simply not good enough. Having failed to crush the continuous scaremongering of opposing parties with greater vigour, they finally succumbed to a better organised Party whose well oiled election machinery was better at identifying perceived weak spots and making the best “noise” at exploiting these. From a “spinning” point of view - Congratulations to them!

    However, despite their failings, the GSD was almost a whisker away from being re-elected. That should be seen as a minor concern by the new governing Party, given the barrage of information or misinformation (depending on your inclination) that they unleashed on the electorate. The fact that the GSLP, which boasts first and foremost of being a family and which has “naturally” grown over the last fifteen years, should have (given their increased loyalty) won by a greater margin. Surprisingly that was not the case!

    The winner in this election, IMHO, has undoubtedly been Dr. Joseph Garcia. Like him or loathe him, agree with him or not, this man has demonstrated the perseverance of a saint. Despite his vocal shortcomings (not meant as an insult) he has demonstrated a dogged determination and courage that begets admiration of the highest order. Well done to him!

    When the dust settles and politics is once again confined regrettably to the realms of Parliament it would be worthwhile to acknowledge the vast impact and the invaluable use that the Internet played in this election. Long may it continue!

    Finally I would like to echo Mr. Charles Gomez’s comments. The final speeches were truly moving. It also certainly demonstrated the “sheer quality” of the leaders that we currently have. However, in stark contrast to our admiration for these three men, the one lingering comment that will stay with me, at least for the next four years, was Mr. Gomez’s comment on GBC where he alluded to the “surreal” expenditure bonanza surrounding this campaign! (Enough said).

    As regards exposing or revealing my identity, I would prefer not. Others may have chosen to deliberately remove their “masks” but strangely enough, I have grown to cherish my anonymity despite the various accusations that have been levelled at those wishing to remain so.

    Finally (yet again) I would also like to thank Rock Ape for the coffee invitation. Perhaps on some other occasion I will take up your gracious offer. That being the case, mine will be an expresso!

  74. I understand that the forensic audits will be announced in early January and that Fabian intends to show that he is a man of his word.

  75. Los Spanish are already starting on Fabian in La Razon on line

  76. Disciple X

    My ' ... endeavours to oust the GSD ..." You attribute too much to the power of my words. I have simply called things as I saw them in exercise of my rights.

    I thank you for your intelligent and thought provoking contributions throughout. I respect your wish to remain anonymous but confess to being very very curious ...

    Hasta la vista and if I know you I hpe we enjoy a beer or two together again in the future :)

  77. Disciple X..Do you by any chance happen to have your "expressos" (really espressos) at the Star Bar on weekday mornings??? ;-)

  78. Im really looking forward to the publication of the COMPLETE UNCENSORED King Report on the GBC...the GSLP promised they would publish it within their first month in Government...

  79. Disciple X, yes, Keith has finally realised that starting a third party is a waste of time - until such time as one of the two major parties implodes and goes the way of the AACR, which isn't likely to happen for a while. But PRC sowed the seeds of his own defeat by insisting on merging the GSD with Labour despite fierce opposition from within his Executive, resulting in the departure of Keith and Nick and Joe Holliday threatening to resign at the time if Danny was made Deputy Leader instead of him. Now Joe, Keith and Nick are all gone pero entre Peter y Danny se cargaron al partido, paving the way for the GSD's electoral defeat on 9.12.11.

  80. During the election campaign PRC finally admitted: "We didn't get everything right". Would he like to list the items he didn't get right or shall we do it for him? Try Regional Airlines, Fly Gibraltar, Madrid Office, Madrid air routes including Air Andalus, Theatre Royal, Rosia Tanks, bus routes, 'ghost' InvestGibraltar website, Rosia Cottages, Gibibikes and new toilets, rush to try and finish air terminal, ... The list goes on. Far too many expensive mistakes, Peter. Everyone around you was privately saying you had lost the plot but no-one dared to tell you, not even your closest advisers. Too late now.

  81. The PDP have way too many expats and people no one can relate to.

    They need more candidates people can relate to. More GIBO GIBOS if that makes any sense lol

  82. Robert won't you consider coming back???

    Local Media merely "report" on news adn politics - yours was the only dource of analysis!

    Today the Ministerial portfolios have been issued and GBC has limited to reporting on them. It would be great to have a LLW style analysis - the background each Minster has and skills they can contribute to his/her portfolio etc.

    Please consider coming back!

  83. Venga Robert que we are putting gib straight between us, keep going if only so that we can help our little gibraltar become an even better place, by the way, have you applied to become a QC because it looks as if the JSC has finally had it and you should have been appointed a Silk many years ago!.Aplica (even out of time) que now you have a good chance.

  84. no creo que Robert will want to rock the boat so soon :)

  85. I can't wait for the 7 Days to come out! Robert how about moving on now that everyone has had enough of politics and start by tackling the real issues of the "untouchable" organisations such as the Financial Services Commission? I think you should write a piece on the FSC and allow all of us to present our views on this austere and completely out of touch organisation which we are paying for.
    We could then move onto the Judicial Services Commission who have just received a Knock out blow by the Registrar!.

  86. Anon@ 10 is talking rubbish. Daniel Feetham polled higher than Joe Holliday and thousands more than Keith and Nick put together so he cannot be blamed for the GSD defeat. Top marks though to Charles Gomez's for his devastating election night analysis on GBC when he accused all the parties of ignoring economic realities and conducting a surrealistic campaign of "bloating" the public sector at the expense of private business. I hope that Fabian has the intelligence of bringing Charles into any think tanks or consultative bodies that the new government might be thinking of setting up.

  87. If Feetham had not stood for election the defeat would have been a heavy one. The gsd come back started the day it became clear he would stand and the gsd begun to cut distances.

  88. Azopardi has been using the Feetham for years but the reality is that he left the gsd because caruana would not step aside and now he has cost the gsd the election.

  89. I will have to agree with Xurreal 18:26

    Feetham was one of the GSD's most voted candidates and should not be blamed for their narrow defeat.

    If you want to look at why the GSD lost look no further than Caruana. A man can make many enemies after 16 years at Gibratar's helm.

    And if you wish to look past Caruana have a good look at the voting poll pecking order, I believe the statistics can very much speak for themselves.


  90. The GSD narrowed the gap when the GSLP\Liberals announced their lineup.
    Holliday and De Auga have been castigated by their own GSD supporters.
    I just hope the GSD supporters;half of our polulation accept the democratic process and results as the GSLP had to when they lost in 2007.
    What we cannot do is to allow this election to have negative devisive consequences on our society.It cannot be us and them situation,particulary amonst the youth,the residue of the election results is still very active in the youth forums.It is the responsibilty of every party to moderate the debate.

  91. Let's hope that fast launches and contrabandistas are kept under control as pledged by Fabian Picardo.
    Rumour has it that they were celebrating with dreams of Gibraltar becoming what it was during the last years of the Bossano regime.........

  92. Indeed stats very much speak for themselves.
    Half the population did NOT want change.

  93. Half the population wanted change in 2007!!!

  94. Porfavor cut the C--p con lo de las lanchas, that was a GSD instigated misinformation line that didn't work.Look forward to a better and fairer Gibraltar where our Chief Minister is a humble gentleman who is there for everyone not just for the Yacht Club and other cronies as Caruana was. Wake Up smell the coffee and realise that Gibraltar is a free democratic nation again.

  95. And even less wanted to "keep trusting" hahahaha

  96. Life of the Ocean Waves13 December 2011 at 11:13

    I was for many years an exporter on fast sea going vessels and I assure Anon @ 07.43 that my associates and I have now moved on to other pursuits more in keeping with Gibraltar's dignified position in the World Stage. Far from celebrating the defeat of the GSD and the ejection from Parliament of two of its long standing ministers we are bitterly disappointed. The Hon Joe Holliday has been a pillar of strength and support to the new economic model and his inelegant defenestration is a calamity.

  97. Brown Cow said…

    The GSLP nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of a gaping victory – by messing up the first opportunity to demonstrate change (candidate selection), by failing to properly shake the spectre of Bossano, by failing to adequately explain the logic of their plans for massive economic growth that is to pay for a manifesto of goodies.

    The GSD ran a predominantly negative campaign but one can hardly say that it didn’t work – it nearly did. Perhaps if they themselves had been willing to pay attention to the palpable and legitimate cries for increased transparency they might still be in power. In the end they were not willing and/or able to see what the GSLP and everyone else could – that Change is an ongoing story that didn’t start or finish in 1996.

    Ironically, it was the same unexplained spending, the promises to different and relatively small groups of individuals and interests that won it for the GSLP and not their far more attractive forward thinking less expensive policies – I guarantee you a job, I guarantee you a doubled salary, employment for all, housing for all, bridging loans repaid, lifts to your basement parking.

    Now we have a new administration and with it an inevitable breath of fresh air which is always welcome. I wish them all the best, but the community of Llanito World should remain vigilant and hold our new Government properly to account. Whilst I do find the idea of guaranteed jobs economically and socially revolting, it is not my biggest concern about this Government. My biggest concern is, somewhat ironically given their own use of the issue during the campaign, - debt.

    My opinion is that in the course of this year our new Chief Minister has not been honest on the issue of debt – by giving the distinct impression that the GSD administration had burdened Gibraltar with a debt that was far too high and deploying this for political ends, but failing to commit himself to the logical corollary of that - cutting real (that is NET) debt. Indeed failing to ever explain the apparent contradiction between Bossano saying “nobody is complaining about whether the debt is too high or not” line and his own line. I say this not to look backwards – but to look forwards.

    Will we see the reverse of that slight of hand deployed again in years to come by an administration that has funded an ambitious manifesto with debt without generating the promised 65% growth? I hope that this administration will have the balls to NOT deliver manifesto commitments in the absence of growth, rather than aiming for short term political success funded by debt.

    And on that, rather un-merry note, a very merry Christmas to all readers, and congratulations to the GSLP/Libs. A win is a win 

  98. Disappointed that the GSLP has decided to keep the Speaker of the House. I would have thought a more robust speaker was needed.

  99. RV for Speaker of the house!


  100. I suppose Fabian dosen't want to fix something which aint broken by keeping buddy holly on as Speaker thou he is ,I believe , a GSD supporter.

  101. Robert, your a beast. Hearing of the elections, I decided to check the blog out after months off. Well done and look forward to reading the blog when you are ready... or rather, when the time comes for it. As far as pressure groups go, you are more than that and really glad you do what you do. I think you have inspired much greater involvement in an otherwise apathetic population. Looking forward to reading your book and possibly checking out the editorial cartoons- think Gerald Scarf!

  102. Xurreal said, "Anon@ 10 is talking rubbish. Daniel Feetham polled higher than Joe Holliday and thousands more than Keith and Nick put together so he cannot be blamed for the GSD defeat". Not "rubbish" at all. Not in the slightest. If Danny hadn't persuaded Peter to force the merger on a skeptical GSD in 2005, Keith and Nick would not have left the party. In the long run the PDP's 4% cost the GSD the election in 2011 (and nearly did so in 2007 too). Yes, Keith asked Peter to set a timetable for a handover of the leadership but was not asking Peter to stand down there and then, merely to fix the timetable to enable succession planning, unlike Danny who demanded that Joe Bossano hand him the GSLP leadership the moment Danny returned to Gib after working in Manchester for many years. Was never going to happen, was it.


    9 JUNE 2012