Thursday, 21 October 2010

Does the GSLP/Lib Alliance have the Will to Win?

Complacency is one of the enemies of any political party. Go no further than the last UK election in which at one time it looked as if the Conservatives would win and Labour would lose, yet a Conservative/Liberal Coalition was the result. Recent opinions polls point to a GSD loss and a GSLP/Lib win. I have commented in my last blog that it is the electorate that has the final say, whilst the GSD may be losing, for them to lose another party has to win and want to win. If no other party goes for a win then the expected loser,the GSD, can and will win.

How? Very simple the disaffected GSD voter either does not change his allegiance and reluctantly votes GSD again or shifts it to the PDP. This type of result was a constant theme during the AACR era. Over and over again they formed government without receiving 50% or more of the vote. At the last election the GSD got just below 50% of the votes. It was enough to form Government because they got all their candidates elected.

I have been pulled up for saying that the GSLP/Lib Alliance needs to sort out their leadership, slate of candidates and act together in order to win the next election and should not just rely complacently on thier belief that the GSD will lose. I stand by that opinion. I am castigated on the basis that the leadership and slate does not need to be in place until the eve of the election:wrong. An Opposition Party must be a government in waiting. It has to show the electorate that it is capable of forming government, otherwise the electorate will not change its Government.

The leader of a party is a crucial decider for electors. Certainly the GSLP is to be commended for having leadership elections. It is for the GSLP at those elections to make its choice. The situation is that Joe Bossano has said he will step down this coming year, opening up the way for a new leader. Is this wise? The time lapse between the party leadership election and the possible date of a general election is very short. Will it give the electorate time to rally behind a new leader? Of course, GSLP Party rules dictate that a leadership election has to take place but Joe can and should contest that election. If he does he will likely win them. Is he the best person to lead the GSLP into the next election? It is not for me to say but, certainly, the recent opinion polls that favour a GSLP/Libs win have all been held whilst he has been leader. Certainty in its leadership will help the GSLP/Libs win the next election.

The early announcemet of the slate is equally important. It is one method by which an opposition party can show that it is a government in waiting. Each and every potential candidate must show the electorate ability and capability to be a Minister. Gibraltar wants a Government not government by one person. The GSLP/Libs have a golden opportunity to take advantage of this desire and show that they are a team that can govern in cabinet with collective responsibility, not because its leader dictates, but becuase all candidates have participated in the process to come to a policy decision.

Why do I say that the GSLP/Libs have to get their act together? Well, quite simply because it may have the best policies and the best manifesto. It may issue wonderful and lengthy press releases. It may ask hundreds of questions at meetings of Parliament. Electoral politics is not just about that. It is about getting the message across to the electorate. How many people really read such lengthy and complicated press releases? How many people actually get to know about the questions and answers in Parliament? How many people do more than glance at a manifesto? I am sure that I do not have to answer any of these questions. Getting the message across is about short and sharp soundbytes on topics and issues that affect and interest the electorate.

I can hear all the voices at once saying, the incumbent Government has all the advantanges, just look at GBC, they publicise the Government and even allow them Ministerial broadcasts whilst denying the Opposition a right of reply. What do the Opposition do? Bleat about GBC not giving them the right and ask GBC for it: wrong. The Opposition were handed a public relations win/win. It has not used it to best effect.

The issue is not that the opposition has not been given a right of reply, that is only half the issue. The other half, that they should but have not exploited, is the very fact that the GSD were given air time to make a Ministerial Statement at all. On what legal or democratic basis was that permitted by GBC? If it is permissable under the law or rules governing GBC, then it should, surely, only be on the basis that an opposition party has a right of reply. The relevant provision should be changed, if it exists at all. A perfect soundbyte opportunity lost by the GSLP/Libs.

Instead the Opposition decides to shoot itself in the foot. It votes against the new tax legislation proposed by Government and recognized to be the way forward economically for Gibraltar and its finance centre. One justification for this "NO" vote is that the tax law enforcement provisions are too onerous. Well tell that to the GSLP/Lib alliance core voters who are in the main PAYE payers. Do they care? I doubt it, what they want is all self employed and businesses to pay their dues. The GSD Government have got that one right and guess what they have gained from the event, courtesy of the Opposition.

I could go on but I believe I have made my point. What I will finish off on is some self indulgent statistics. This blog, on the basis of word of mouth only and without access to any Gibraltar news media, gets on average 10,000-12,000 hits a month. The Facebook page for this blog has 1600 individual adherents (the GSLP's page just over 800 for the purposes of comparison). Surely there is a lessen to be learnt by all political parties from these statistics? The lesson, simple, the electorate is thirsty for REAL politics. Go on, be brave give it to them ... otherwise democracy in Gibraltar is but a figment of the mind of politicians. A lack of proper party politics and proper choice in Gibraltar defeats the whole democratic process. Go on GSLP/Libs have some courage and give Gibraltar's democracy what it deserves: a credible government in waiting.


  1. I have read it, I will digest it, and sleep on it because it is late. Goodnight LLanito World.

  2. In their heart of hearts Fabian Picardo and Gilbert Licudi are unlikely to want to sacrifice their high earning legal careers to become ministers. Being Opposition MPs is good fun but a full time ministerial portfolio would not make financial sense. The lack of real political activity of these 2 gents suggests that this analysis is true. Charles Bruzon is past retirement age. Except maybe for Dr. Gacia the productivity of the Liberal members of the Alliance is notoriously poor. I agree that the GSLP/ Liberal Alliance has not got the will to win and is basically not fit for government. In the event of a GSD defeat at the next election (which could only happen because of voter tiredness of the GSD's arrogance and not the Alliance's merits) there would be as many gloomy faces among Alliance (particularly GSLP candidates) as in the GSD.

  3. Whilst agreeing with some aspects of your argument in the above opinion. ie Llanitoworld's you seem at times to contradict yourself. Why? You say that "Each and every potential candidate must show the electorate ability and capability to be a Minister." then you go on to say that GBC should not have given the opportunity to have a ministerial statement at all. Well the fact is that this GSD and especially Caruana is allowed to control the board of GBC and the fact that the opposition cannot get a sniff in is precisely what it has to endure. On the one hand you say that the opposition do the following "It may issue wonderful and lengthy press releases. It may ask hundreds of questions at meetings of Parliament." then you say that "Electoral politics is not just about that". It is about getting the message across to the electorate" Well how if the controlled media is precisely that Controlled.Definately not via the most seen and read ie the Comical which depends on Caruana and GBC which also is dependant on Caruana. What the opposition is doing to over come this is to at times issue the Key and have the New People which Caruana has countered by using the seven days which by the way is in every government office counter and distributed free with the funds given by the taxpayer through advertising official notices etc.
    Having said this and what I have said above goes to the heart of a democratic society ie freedom of press and expression and that is why most people in this blog signs as anon I think that this is what we should be discussing. Can someone tell me how a person who wants to stand as a candidate in the next election portray themselves if Caruana controls the medium where most people get there information ie TV or via newspapers. I believe that the GSLP/LIBS are trying also to communicate through this medium ie Blogs facebooks etc. Just as an example look at the GSD website and it has not been altered since 2007. The GSLP/LIBS update their websites at least once a week.
    One positive thing is that your article Robert is creating a debate about the alliance that as you say has a "Golden Opportunity" which means that the GSD are failing. I also believe the fact that the GSLP has elections to choose the candidates is how democracy should be and not the dedocracia of the GSD ie Caruana pointing with his finger who HE wants. Also the GSLP has a leadership ELECTION not selection as the GSD has. All in all I agree that the opposition could be doing more but Caruana has successfully controlled not only the media but has instilled a culture of fear that not many are willing to stick their necks out at least at this stage. I sign Anon due to fear of repercusions in putting my name down. So ole Charles con un par de lo que hacer falta.

  4. To Anon 08.23
    I agree that they are unlikely to want to sacrifice their high earning legal careers to become ministers, but on the other hand you have got to admit that if any of the two or the two for that matter do sacrifice their careers YOU should be voting for them since it would mean that they are following on with principle and conviction on what they believe in which is one thing we are constantly mentioning in this blog including your good self I presume!! By the way how can you say that the the productivity of the Liberal members of the Alliance is notoriously poor. On whose judgement are you basing that assertion. The reality is that even the members of the GSLP have put into parliament the three members of the liberal party in place for their own members which they presented and further most people I talk to who are obviously not GSD inclined don't believe what you say.

  5. Hello anonymous at 12:58

    What you give as a examples of contradictions by me are not contradictions at all. If tyou read my piece holitstically the message in that regard is that the GSLP/lib alliance has to be briefer , more pointed and more precise in the messages thay want to get across precisely to avoid what you say is happening to them in the news media.

    The CM's Ministerial statement does not contradict the contention that each MP needs to project individuality. It actually supports the fact of lack of that and centralisation in the CM. Short messages would get across to the electrorate also.

    The Key, New People and 7 days are all party organs and so not the best form of communication. they tend to be read by partisans of the respective parties and so the message does not reach new ears.

    I accept and agree that the GSLP does much more than any other party to use the internet but again that preaches to the converted. It is important to get the message to those who are not converted in order to enhance the democratic process in Gibraltar.

    I do not subscribe to the view that the established news media is as controlled as you make out. It is a matter of media management and optiomising its potential by brief and pointed messages.

  6. Robert knows how to stir it, I congratulate him!

  7. I know Charles Gomez professionally and have to say that although he may have his faults, as we all do, he is a man of very strong principles. I know that this has made him some enemies and his unwillingness to sell out has often made some people nervous. I certainly do not think that he would fit in with the GSLP.

  8. llanito World....

    I think it is accepted by all of us who use this Blog that you are a very prolific writer, and that you make some very valid points, but by saying "That you do not subscribe to the view that the established media is as controlled as it is made out to be." Are you saying that those who have written about this in the past are lying, exagerating, are paranoid? I realise it is your opinion but should you not find for yourself first hand by asking the members of the opposition? Why don't we ask the users of this Blog to express an opinion, although a great deal of them have already done so.

    If it is not controlled as much as you think then where is the deficit of democracy for the ordinary man in the street?

  9. Anonymous at 21:10

    I am not saying any of the things that you attempt to put in my mouth. Different persons will have different views about the news media because these opinions are based on anecdotal indications that are open to interpretation. The views of the opposition are not decisive of this issue and I do speak to them. Users of the bog are welcome to express their opinion.

    The issue of control of the news media is but one aspect of democracy: the freedom of the press. The democratic deficit that I refer to is that created by a lack of choice at an election by reason of the nature and intent of the candidature.

  10. Dear Llanito World

    Whenever Peter Caruana calls the general election the GSLP/LIBS with Fabian Picardo as leader will win a majority in the House of Parliament.

    As for Charles Gomez and the PDP they remind of the 3 obese ladies that used to preach outside the piazza many years back. What ever they say doesnt matter because it falls on deaf ears.


  11. Llanito World.....22 October 2010 21:19

    The choice that people have at an election is to select a Government for four years. This should be based on what manifesto commitments are made to address the problems that people face in employment, housing, health, education and so on.

    The individual personality is surely not the most important issue, which you seem to suggest by refering to the nature and intent of the candidature.

    On the impartiality of the media a simple and objective test, is, to compare thre last six months of GBC and Chronic coverage of the Government statements with the coverage given to critiques of the Government.

    How many hours a week does Mr.Caruana get on GBC?


  12. Spirit:

    To believe personality has little to do with electability and it is just on policies contained in an election manifesto alone is not to live in the real world. I accept that personality is not the only factor or most important one but nor is the manifesto, more important is communicating the right message and ensuring that the electorate receives it; or do we forget the razzamatazz campaign that preceded the election when the GSLP were first elected?

  13. El Sordo: As it happens I always used to listen to the the 3 obese ladies that used to preach outside the piazza many years back. That is why I have always voted for Fabian and before him Juan Carlos.

  14. llanito world. what a fantastic piece. It is about time someone said the way it is. Bossano is the only one that can win the election and he will take Gib to where it should be. It does no matter about loosing four elections, he sticks with us and is even though he is 72 this does not matter either. There is no need for change in the party and I think he is worried about the Picardo case in England to. What would be good before the election is o have new people in the party like Marilou Guerrero and Derek Desoiza, people that he can rely on.

  15. Noww this is getting good. First we are reminded of the 3 obese ladies of fond memory that used to preach outside the piazza many years back. Then in the same breath someone metions Fabian and Juan Carlos (they were n't part of the trio, were they?)and then Fabian's case in England. To add an element of mystery we hear that we can rely on Derek Desoiza; who pray is he?

  16. Llanito World....

    Do you mean what happend in the Casino Calpe when you spoke out in 1988?


  17. No ... I mean the flags, car stickers etc. etc. but my pronouncement in the Casino Calpe may have helped a little.

  18. "Do you mean what happend in the Casino Calpe when you spoke out in 1988?" this now beyond comedy!

  19. perhaps that guy the union Unite chairman is correct . we need change . but change to what ?
    to something that we all know affected us negatively .

  20. Well, according to Gibcrier Marilou will be standing for election as part of the GSLP Libs line-up but this is as yet unconfirmed. Watch out for the breaking news.

    But Fabian and Gilbert will also be in the line-up because Caruana sees them as a real threat. That's why he referred to them disparagingly in Parliament as "political conmen inbetween their lucrative legal work".

    Joe Garcia of Panorama thinks Caruana might call an early general election to try and catch the GSLP Libs off guard prior to their leadership election. Could well backfire on him and end up with Joe Bossano back as Chief Minister at No. 6.

    Looks like this could be one of the most interesting pre-election campaigns and general elections we've had in years.

  21. The GSLP should not worry about the next election.
    Miliband gone, Morantino gone, Caruana going

  22. Zorongo: Fabian Picardo must explain his involvement in the GP Noble case in UK and the Banco Popular Blueprime affair in Spain now. He must not fall into the trap of allowing these issues to hijack the next General Election because if he does he risks incinerating his political career and burying the GSLP for good. That is exactly what the arch strategists Caruana & Feetham have planned. I feel sorry for the GSLP loyalists who apparently either do not know or understand the implications of Noble and Blueprime. If they really do care about the GSLP they must ask fabian to explain now.

  23. Anon 00:21.
    You are spot on, with those three gone we can look forward to Bossano and Rajoy. No question that Bossanos political and statesman like skills will catapult us to new heights in our socioeconomic evolution. I just can't wait.

  24. I read with interest your remarks and others and it seems to me that Gibraltar is in for another four years of no direction, no new economic activities and worst of all a divide society.

    No wonder people are retiring early and the young if they can leave.We have missed opportunity after opportunity both with this Government and previous.

    We have frustrated change in many areas of our social and political makeup.

    I wish only the best for Gib but I cannot see any of the three parties taking us forward,
    infact one of them might be taking us backwards?

    El tio del capote

  25. Hi El Tio Del Capote:

    Any suggestions on what the various political parties should be doing to redress all the failures that you allude to?

  26. Noble or no noble picardo for chief minister. Whether or not you like it llanito world. Zorongo you might be close to losing your job!

  27. Thank you for your interest, The first thought is all present politicians should resign. they are all fairly useless and none have any ideas.
    They are all tarnished with one thing or another. I can go on but then you know and I am sure you would have to get legal advise to post my further comments.

    El Tio del capote

  28. As far as positive suggestions well where does one start?? A new consitution, a new form of government not this divide and control type.

    Less Government and minister involvement in business, more freedom of speech and access to media, No Seven Days.

    An elected Mayor not puppets of Government but people with limited powers but elected by the public on two year term.

    More shopping centres and premises for cottage industries.

    A massive shift to Tourism as our main employer and income.

    Many more ideas, these are a few that need little explaining

    El Tio del Capote

  29. Zorongo and Anonymous at 13:39

    It is not this blog that decides anything. it is for the electorate to decide. In this regard it is not what I like or do not like that counts. I have expressed opinions about Joe Bosanno leading the party based on factors unconnected with any other potential contender. Others have expressed other opinions. The opinions of others are not necessarily shared by me.

    A Chief Minister is the leader of a party. The leader of a party is elected or democratically selected by his party, not by this blog or any individual commentator in it. It is then for the electorate to decide which party forms Government and consequently who is Chief Minister.

    Freedom of speech allows a party and the electorate to take an informed decision. A democracy that works without full information is deficient. Information works both ways. So far, only one side of the Blueprime and Noble matters has been alluded to by commentators. It is not right that conclusions should be reached on the basis of one side of the story, which is what is in the public domain so far.

    On the other side of the equation, threats by a supporter of Fabian Picardo to Zorongo, whose identity I do not know, that he is close to losing his job for expressing an opinion bring back bad memories of the last GSLP administration. Fortunately the threat does not come from the GSLP itself so carries no weight. Such a threat does nothing for freedom of speech or democracy and certainly does not enhance the electoral chances of anyone it is connected to or it is intended to support, so if you are a supporter think about what you write before commenting.

  30. Zorongau: Anonymous at 13:39's threats gave me a stress headache and I have had to take 2 panadols and a lie down. Thanks LW for your words of encouragement. You are also right that before we come to judgement we will need to know all the facts of Blue Prime and Noble and the 3 obese ladies that used to preach outside the piazza many years back.

  31. Well said LW.
    There really should be an open debate and an informed one on the GP Noble Case and Popular. Is this not somthing that LW can openly discuss? Being a lawyer with such well balanced strong democratic values, are you not the best person with the appropriate medium through which one can have an open debate on this? It borders on scandalous that the press in Gibraltar dies not have the courage to discuss a topic that truly affects all our futures. Another great piece related to this might also be on who really pulls the strings behind the GSLP?

  32. Anonymous 18:16

    It is not a question of debate. What is in the public domain is available to be read by anyone who is interested in the subject. The other side that i refer to is any reply that there might be. The reply is not within my knowledge. This blog is a political commentary not a blog for legal debate.

    I really do not know what you are alluding to when you refer to who is really pulling the strings in the GSLP. Call me naive but if you know something I do not, well here is your medium to say it within the bounds of the law of defamation.

    My question to you is, why do you want someone else, in this case me, to discuss things that you are so obviously more capable of elucidating us on yourself? One condition, however, have the courage to identify yourself as I have done.

  33. LW. I am in no way suggesting that you lecture us on the law. Nevertheless your blog has been the subject of great debate concerning politics in Gibraltar and with particular focus on key players.

    All I would ask is that you consider Picardos ability to be a leader given circumstances, in the same way that you do with Caruanas ability to lead and based on the many pieces you have written in which you question character, arrogance and other such flaws.

    Would it not be equally fair given your very clear concerns and your quest for a more democratic and accountable Gibraltar to raise Picardos questionable ability to act in Gibraltars best interest?

    With regards to my reference to who might be pulling strings, well, I think we may well discover more if you were to accept my request to explore the Picardo cases. As you rightly say, it may very well be that there is nothing there of any substance, in which case your blog would be a super vehicle in the quest for democracy and we may end up with the right leader after all.

    Surely you accept that your blog has become a real source of intelligent debate and like it or not (likely to be the former) you are able to swing and influence political thought. This alone should be enough. That is unless you have other agendas, something which I seriously doubt.

    As to identity, well I have taken note of your comment earlier to a threat made on one the postings and like you it reminded me of the old GSLP days. Enough said.

  34. Anonymous 19:39

    All my commentary about the GSD and the CM have been directly related to political activity and please do not make the mistake of attributing to me comments by readers.

    I have written my political views on the GSLP in this piece and on other occasions. On the GSLP leadership question, for example read, "GSLP Leadership could Win or Lose them the Next election", which I wrote in September.

    I really have no idea what you are alluding to on the issue of pulling strings within the GSLP. Please illuminate us.

    I have no agenda other than to write my opinion and to improve freedom of expression and engender debate by using this magnificent free media, the World Wide Web.

    How great an influence on political opinion this blog is, is not scientifically assessable. All valid opinion influences politics in a democracy. The dearth of opinion in the public domain in Gibraltar may mean that this blog is beginning to be a serious influence. If that is the case it is an indictment on many others, including politicians who are not part of the GSD, and a sorry state of affairs.

  35. LW, I will respect your position on this and will also state that I would in no way or form attribute comments made in this blog to you personally; I want to make that clear.

    We do indeed live in a sorry state of affairs, one in which we are plagued by an opposition with four election losses under the same leader and who has been leader of that party for over four decades. There's a piece for you if there ever was one.

    Given your passion for true democracy you may want to explore why we have had to endure 16 years of mind numbing opposition.

    Even if we were to assume that Gibraltar has not thrived or prospered economically, socially or in any other manner due to Caruana, and if this were the case as some like you have suggested, what on earth are the real policies of the GSLP? I am yet to discover this. And therefore my question to you as someone who is not just seeking a better democracy, but a progressive one; how can you suggest as you have done in this piece that Joe Bossano is the right man for the job? That he should stay if the GSLP are to have a chance of winning the next election.

    The title of your piece is in itself your answer - NO. It has been no for 16 years, take Caruana out of the equation completely and we should be asking ourselves, what on earth have these guys been doing for 16 years? Bring Caruana back into play and the answer becomes attack Caruana, as opposed to creating ideas policies and for the love of god a new fresh leader.

  36. Anonymous 20:51

    Gibraltar has undoubtedly thrived economically, socially and in some other manners in the past 16 years under Caruana. I have acknowledged this. I am happy to acknowledge it again and attribute that success to him. I do not believe that I have suggested otherwise.

    My fear is that in the absence of a greater number of able politicians and a critical, independent, mature and capable news media, it is democracy that suffers and is suffering in Gibraltar.

    I have not suggested that Joe Bossano is the RIGHT man. I have suggested that given the CHOICE that exists within the GSLP, he may be the better choice for that party.

    I fully agree with and endorse the analysis in your final paragraph. Where is democracy going to be found in Gibraltar? It is not just voting every 4 years. The domination of the political scene by Caruana and Bossano and previously Hassan has stifled fledging and not so fledging politicians. I hope I am doing my very little bit to engender some enthusiasm.

  37. Those who bleat on about GP Noble and Blueprime every time Fabian Picardo's name is mentioned on this blog should withhold judgement until the other side of the story has been told.

    Picardo doesnt, in my view, have anything to worry about in relation to these cases. He has obviously been innocently caught up in mischief perpetrated by others, and is clearly, as any simple reading of the material publicly available on this (much less the informed, rigorous analysis those lawyer bloggers amongst us are capable of undertaking) not being accused of any wrong-doing himself.

    It is obvious that in both cases he is doing what is expected of him- assisting the authorities. In the Noble case he is a witness assisting the authorities against the very people who were once his clients. I can read legal cases well enough to know that he is NOT a defendant in that case, nor is he being investigated in connection with the matters complained of.

    Why should anything in this case therefore cast any doubts as to the obvious qualities he possesses?

    I stopped Picardo down Main St one day and asked him about GP Noble, intrigued as i was by the mysterious references to it on this blog. He bought me a coffee and patiently spent 20mins taking me through his version of events.

    I am totally relaxed about his involvement in it.

    It was also interesting to google the name of the judge who delivered the ruling in the GP Noble case. Go it- his name is Justice Peter Smith. Mouths will drop....

    Obviously there is a brief going round that the words GP Noble should be raised every time someone mentions Picardo's name on this blog. This just shows how nervous his political opponents are, knowing as they do that he is a serious candidate for No.6.

    There will be a lot of uncooked egg on some people's faces.

    The Unhappy

  38. Fabian Picardo for Chief Minister, I agree!!!

  39. Unhappy what nonsense. Try and pull the wool over someone else's eyes. On the one hand you say you have read the judgment and there is nothing for Picardo to worry about and on the other you invite people to google the judge's name and try to cast aspertions on him. If there is nothing for Picardo to worry about why try to discredit the judge? It makes no sense. I doubt very much whether Robert would publish my views as to how I feel the noble case and the popular case impact on Picardo but if this where anywhere in the democratic world, Picardo would not survive (politically) even noderate media scrutiny. I welcome a debate on the issue, see who ends up with egg on their faces.

  40. Well if The Unhappy are relaxed about Picardo who are we to disagree. well said. Now all we need is Bossano to give way, which according to LW is not the way to go if the GSLP are to have any chance of getting in.

    Just going back to unhappy's remarks on his coffee in town, he should refer to the following quote from the now so called dubious judge:

    "Justice Lewison said: ‘It is at least arguable that MUFF is a vehicle for fraud and that Mr Morris is the man behind it pulling the strings. I am therefore satisfied that there is a prima facie case of dishonesty against Mr Morris and that MUFF may have been part of a dishonest plan.’

    ‘Where a pension fund invests tens of millions of pounds in a newly incorporated company with no security and only an obscure promise to repay, it would not have taken much thought to have seen that this was an unsuitable investment for the pension fund trustees.’

    In light of the above I would suggest that Picardo invites the whole of Gib to a coffee.

    Mine in this case will need to be a decaf.

  41. Perhaps Picardo can come out and comment himself on these issues not just say there is a GSD motivated campaign to get him. I have never voted GSD but I am concerned. Personally I have more trust for Bossano than him or Licudi any day.

  42. Picardo the best CM for Gibraltar as a whole.

  43. I am not concerned. Those who taint the name of Fabian Picardo and who mention GP Noble or Banco Popular are just GSD supporters including you Llanito World. There is nothing to report about in the Noble case, if so, I am sure someone would have written an article on it.

  44. Anonymous at 10:28

    You are free to think what you do about my supporting the GSD but believe me neither the CM or many in the GSD feel this blog supports them. I give my honest views. Sometime they favour one party other times they favour another part. Read the piece that I have just published. Do you think it will make me popular with the GSD?

    I have not expressed any view about Noble or Banco Popular. I am sure that involved parties will obtain resolution and clarity in the right forum. My point has throughout been a simple point, that irrespective of the rights or wrongs of any particular factors, those considerations should not undermine democratic choice in Gibraltar. It is limited enough as it is.

  45. Anon 24 Oct at 10.28 what planet do you live in? Do a google search (yes the same suggestion you came up with to discredit the High Court judge Sir Peter Smith) under "Banco Popular, Casanova, Picardo" or "GP Noble" and then tell me whether no one has written about it. You mean the chronicle and panorama have not written about it. Its part of the democratic defecit mate.

  46. Ghost says:
    I think we have truly exhausted this one to the full. No one is out to discredit Picardo, but one has to agree that there is a great deal for him to answer to.
    LW, I commend you on yet another interesting piece this morning. Let the games begin on that one. In answer to Anon 10:28, I think that LW is a master at being the devils advocate, but truth be known he does lean to the yellow and blues when pushed.

  47. El Tio Del Capote said..........23October 2010 14:1

    "many more ideas, these are a few that need little explaining".

    You think you are a man full of ideas, but you do not even have the ingenuity of thinking up for yourself a pseudonym that does not belong to somebody else. So much for your ingenious brain.


  48. This blog certainly echoes my long held belief that the GSLP is simply not not guided by brains, notwithstanding the many problems with the current government. It is currently an overconfident BLIND party with little direction. How many of the loyal block vote that the GSLP have to their advantage over the GSD, have ever concerned themselves about policies and manifesto comitments? It usually boils down to "VOTE AL BIGOTE" with little care as to what el bigote represents. So what happens if el bigote goes? Granted the same can be said about the GSD, however, I beleive they have far fewer BLIND voters that the GSLP. This is of course the GSD's greatest problem at the next election because it is these voters who are willing to change sides who will swing it.

    The GSLP lacks direction and is sitting back on its laurels, all too confident of its impending march to power at the next election. Have any of us really considered whether THEY are worthy candidates. Certainly I am not proposing that the GSD should continue unchecked in the same vain it currently is. However, I am steadily veering towards the opinion that a total shake up and refreshing internal restructure in the GSD is what would be best for Gibraltar. I am now very seriously considering joining a party to try and play my part in this shake up.

    Otherwise, what awaits for us is a certain case of the blind leading the blind - and that cannot be good, no matter how inept the current regime might have become.

  49. Unfortunately the lack of genuine contributors to Gibraltar’s path of development and the complacency that is part of our privileged way of life even gets to our political system i.e. a Chief Minister and a bunch of other people who occasionally come together to bore us with the pettiest of statistical questions and hit each other occasionally in the media to justify their existence. No wonder most of our political leaders end up with Narcissistic personality disorders I don’t even blame them we get what we deserve. Let’s be real GSLP, Liberals, GSD one man one rule how do we change politics in Gibraltar let’s debate something we might influence, maybe start a blog on dog poop on our pavements because we’re not getting anywhere with the masters of our political and sadly our social development.