Sunday, 4 July 2010

Extreme Demagoguery?

The GSD 2007 election manifesto proudly boasts "We will remain committed to open, transparent, fair and good government."  

It is instructive to see how two members of the GSLP/Lib Opposition view the reality of how Gibraltar is presently governed.  Irrespective that one must consider that they are both in Opposition, I would invite the reader to keep, at the forefront of his/her mind, his/her own knowledge and experiences, when judging the truth and accuracy of what each of these Members of Parliament say.  I quote, without any commentary of my own, from their respective Budget 2010 Addresses in Parliament last week.

First Fabian Picardo:
""Mr Speaker, I do not believe we should be calling each other names in this House, although our debate should be robust and tough. If someone cannot stand the heat they should not get into politics. I confess that I was nonetheless surprised when I was first elected to this House with the amount of meaningless insults that the honourable gentleman hurled at members on this side of the house during the course of his reply on this annual debate. I did not see the value of the endless invective hurled at us whilst the substance of the arguments we raised on policy issues went unanswered. Perhaps that is a good place to quote just one more of the gems left to us by Joshua Gabay who, when referring to the Chief Minister's repeated rubbishing of the Opposition’s political contributions, said that "Regrettably the technique institutionalised in this House by the Chief Minister and pandered to by some but not all of his Ministers, is to substitute logic by denigration and clarity by vilification."

I have joined the political dots and I see what the Honourable gentleman is doing and the exact nature of his political style.  The current Chief Minister clearly is a believer in the principle that attack is the best form of defence... He actually told the Hon Mr Bruzon that to survive in politics you need “mala leche”. Well, that may be what he needed to survive in public school and he is simply exporting the principle to our politics.  So I owe the honourable member an apology. I now understand what I have not understood before about his politics. Every time he hurls an insult he is attacking only to defend.  Therefore, as attack for him is the best form of defence, we must see such insults as he hurls, attacking us in reply to our contributions, as recognition that we have pushed him into having to defend himself. So, having been the butt of a massive attack in his reply in this debate in the past seven years, it dawns on me that I should not have been bored by the lack of substance, but mightily flattered at the Honourable gentleman's extreme compliment. Each insult, each side-swipe and each attempted denigration is a massive recognition of political punches soundly landed on the honourable gentleman's political torso.  Each apparently disrespectful, sneering, jeering remark purportedly ridiculing our contributions is a massive badge of political honour.

And then, perhaps even more apparent, is the fact that when the honourable gentleman hurls an apparent compliment across the floor, what he is doing is actually tell us that we have failed to land a punch.  So, let me apologise to the Parliament and to all those who diligently tune in to hear our debates on these estimates. I should never have decried the Honourable gentleman's replies for being full of insults, invective and failing to address the substance of the arguments we present. I should actually have recognised earlier that every insult is a back-handed compliment and every compliment is pithy ridicule and an indication of failure. So foul and fair a discourse I have not heard before. But that is the GSD way, always "say the opposite of what you mean". And therefore Mr Speaker, I want to formally thank the Honourable gentleman for what at first appeared to be a character assassination of us that he has undertaken in this debate of us at least in each of the years that I have been in the House. I am truly grateful for the recognition inherent in each insult, in each distortion and in each twisted reflection of my contribution to each years’ debate. I had not realised just how hard our rhetoric had hit. Thank you. The attempted "hatchet jobs" of years past were no more and no less than a political doffing of the hat for a job well done, and I was not astute enough to see through the bluster and recognise it. I am so sorry. I shall very much look forward to at least the same level of recognition and the same number of inverted, back-handed compliments again this year disguised as insults and accusations of ignorance. So please, Mr Speaker, I pray the honourable gentleman does not in his reply feel he can address the substance of our interventions, lest we are left to feel that we have not raised issues sufficiently serious that he might not need to avoid them. I really had not realised that the honourable gentleman's mind was quite this complex; but I have seen the light, and I sincerely am now looking forward to the insults, not out of some misplaced masochistic glee, but out of genuine political realisation: the harder he insults, the more damage he has suffered and the more he and his satellites needs to obscure through insult and distortion. What sophistry on the part of the honourable gentleman.

And next Neil Costa:
"A leader, by the way Mr Speaker, who views himself as infallible in his arguments – one only has to observe his outbursts on behalf of his own Ministers when he does not even let them reply to our supplementary questions or at times even questions of their own areas of responsibility. And this uninterrupted pathology is further evidenced in the seeming inability of the GSD to refrain from replying to any statement whatsoever the Opposition makes whether they accept the facts or otherwise. And the pathology Mr Speaker lies in an inexorable political reflex to wish at all costs and at whatever cost to control public opinion.

… This obsessive compulsive disorder to reply to every pronouncement of the Opposition Mr Speaker throws into sharp focus that the GSD is losing its grip not just on its erstwhile political stranglehold of Gibraltar’s public opinion but on reality itself. Surely Mr Speaker it is a cardinal political rule, not to keep a political issue alive that does not favour you and which you cannot but accept as true; but so clinically anxious have the GSD become Mr Speaker that their fear of losing government overcomes them and gets the better of them spouting out diatribe from all angles in the hope that their legendary and notorious mud-slinging will obscure and bury the truth.

… the GSD does our democratic traditions, our public debate and our Parliamentary dignity no good at all to continue their personal attacks on the Opposition. (It is small wonder Mr Speaker that there are not more people willing to throw their hat into the ring.) It is one thing to attack our policy statements and quite another to go for the jugular against an Opposition member personally. … The litany of insults, the disrespectful and poisonous tone and tenor of all of the press releases as it relates to Opposition members is a method of conducting politics that Gibraltar wants to be shot of and is not something that we will perpetuate once we sit where they sit Mr Speaker, which thankfully will be very soon.

Well, what do you think?


  1. Robert
    Would you consider numbering the comments so that when someone refers to a particular comment it can do so by refering to the number.

  2. Sorry, I am afraid the technology does not allow me to number the comments.

  3. Maybe PC has met his match at long last? Messrs Picardo and Costa should be commended for applying the rule "two wrongs don't make a right"! Well done guys, una bofeta sin mano!!

  4. There's really a lot to comment on here, I will for now just comment on the opening statement, and that which were meant to be the Foundations of the GSD Govt;

    "open and transparent government"
    Yet in 14 years of GSD Government, we have seen a Government who alarmingly now REFUSES to answer questions in Parliament. A government who will decide for us without public consultation on sensitive issues (remember the whole Apes Culling thing where the CM said they would decide what to do without asking the community??)

    We have a Chief Minister who rarely gives a Live Interview on Local TV / radio. Instead he prefers a pre-recorded "promo spot" where he sets out the "questions" to be "asked" and chooses the jounralist who will be doing this. Also, these recordings for broadcast are done so showing a very unprofessional CM where he is just seen lounging in his chair and adopting Defensive Body language whilst he rants on for 8-12 minutes. The only thing missing to cherry the whole performance is his feet up on the desk!

    An Open and transparent Government which has failed to Introduce Chief Minister's Questions or similar on Public Television to allow the electorate to ask the questions they deem necessary. Similarly his non-participation in any TV Debate other than those leading up to an election.

    About "fair government" - lately all we see are GSD leeches already retired from their professions and enjoying good pension pay outs, securing top jobs paying rocket high salaries in Government affiliated companies, agencies and entities. Why pay retired persons already enjoying mammoth sized pensions instead of allowing others to go up the career ladder and at the same time opening new opportunities for our very qualified graduates at the bottom of the ladder so that in time they too can progressively climb up??

    About "Good government" They started off good, but have now become a One-Man Team so the word Government should be ommited from their manifesto. The Good Government has mismanagaed NUMEROUS major projects, The Theatre Royal fiasco, the housing schees and construction of these, the £50M + Airport terminal and associated works, abandonment of projects which require urgent attention, neglecting parts of our community and not addressing their needs. A "good Government" that remains anchored in the past and fails to evolve alongside the community it is working for, and despite its community evolving like any other community in the world to accept for example, gay and lesbian rights, our Twice blessed by the Pope Chief Minister decides to spend loads of cash arguing aginst basic human rights...

    The list is endless. too much to discuss really. Ive actually gotten bored and been overcome by a feeling of sadness. Think Ill stop for now and grab a beer!

  5. In my humble opinion the answer to PC's irrational behaviour in the HOA is simple.

    He is NOT and never really has been a Politician! Meetings of the HOA are therefore not really political, but rather an opportunity to 'prosecute' those who dare to express an alternative view.

    A Lawyers brief is to zealously defend his client (even if the client is a real shit!) and this is amazingly the sad excuse for REAL debate that we have seen for the last 14 years.

    Opposition members are treated with genuine disdain and disrespect and I ask myself if democracy is really being served by this style of politics? The answer is obvious!

    The undeniable FACT that PC will often not allow his own colleagues to answer Opposition questions is lamentable. It speaks volumes of the 'dictatorial'style of Government we have had since 1996, and a measure of just how obsessed the current CM is with controlling everything.

    Most of our electorate will, I am sure,have at some time or other watched PMQ's on SKY. The debate is always lively and interesting with both sides scoring hits. Real politics!

    A very sharp contrast to the sterile machinations of our HOA where any attempt at getting to the root of our problems is steam-rollered flat at the earliest possible opportunity!!

    Time for change?....oh please yes!!....Max

  6. How come no one has commented on the Government becoming the major share holder in the mid-town project? I am floored! Could the developer(s) not get any financing? Why should we have to pay for the developer to make any money that has to be made - and presumably cover the costs already incurred in the project - and we be left to pick up the tab? Doesn't any one have a right to express an opinion when tens of millions of our money are being thrown around to swell the coffers of those closest to 'Himself'? Please, Robert, give us some insight. A small voice crying for help!!

  7. Dear Bloggers

    It is regretable to see the lack of political credibility of the GSLP / LIBS Alliance. They add nothing and only distort (albeit without success) the true financial picture. Creating and bringing about concern, fear and alarm without cause. One such example being the Community Care payments.

    It must also be said that our Dear Leader governs by consent and not as your bloggers suggest by dictatorial measures. Gibraltar has not seen more open governmment that under the present administration and it thanks to the open style of governing of Peter Caruana.

    In particular both Fabian Picardo and Neil Costa who share a passion for power even it means distorting the true issues just to make cheap political capital at the expense of the truth. Shame on you both.

    A Loyal Supporter

  8. Loyal Supporter,

    How sad that despite our comments and remarks aimed at you and your idolising of your "Dear Leader", you say nothing about this. Instead you just rant on with the task set out to you of PRing for the GSD.

    Also, I won't tire of saying this to you - you really lack of independent thought! Are you that simple??

    I also note from your style of writing that you must be an "older" person; in your references to "your bloggers" etc. I LOL at this reference and similar which you make LOL and ROFL. You are obviously new to the WWW so I will translate- LOL=Laugh Out Loud and ROFL=Roll On The Floor Laughing LOL LOL LOL

    If you sincerely think we have an Open Government, I would be grateful if you could explain to me, as I seem to be mistaken in my own formulated opinion of the contrary, how an Open Government Refuses to answer questions in parliament??

    Many thanks

    P.S Maybe you should adopt a nick for your online comments. "A Loyal Supporter" has negative connotations. Maybe you could cvall yourself Topacio??? Just a suggestion!

  9. Anonymous 20.22

    You obviously have been well trained by your Dear Leader and follow in his footsteps by rubbishing those that go against the party line.

    I for one take your comments as a compliment and view them as your absolute inability to defend your position!
    I for one am not ashamed at airing my views in this so called democracy, albeit with a pseudonym ,for i am afraid of the repercussions my freedom of speech may bring.

  10. Llanita from Gibraltar says...

    'A Loyal Supporter', it must be hard for you to live in a democracy, although I suspect your open adoration of this government ensures those around you refrain from speaking against it. This may lead you to believe that everybody agrees with you. I can assure you, this is not the case, after all, at the last election, the GSD scraped through by a mere 600 votes.

    The truth is, Mr Caruana, and by implication, this Govenrment, is very vindictive and will strike against dissent and that is why most of us have to resort to comment anonymously. So much for 'open, fair, transparent and good government'!

    I see you comment anonymously too, why? you cannot be scared being such a loyal supporter. Perhaps you need to hide your identity for a different reason. Could you even be the Man himself, resorting to self-glorification in an attempt to appear popular?

    so, 'Loyal supporter', shame on you for your patronising manner and for assuming the rest of us are wrong just because we happen to disagree with this week's GSD propaganda message, you are so 'loyally' repeating.

    Like I've said previously, we have our own mind here, get used to it!

  11. Sadly we get what the majority of the electorate wants. Therefore one could extrapolate from this that the incumbent government is but a mere reflection of what the majority want. So, if we are disgusted, ashamed, enraged, bored, frustrated, discouraged as I am, of the way we are politically represented, OUT WITH THIS LOT.
    Dignity must be restored in our parliament.
    By the way, many are of the opinion that a maximum of a 8 year limit should be introduced for any CM to remain in office. I for one am all for it.
    (Thought): this blog may be a good way (or tool) for the GSD of gauging the sentiments of the electorate.
    My dear Robert, ¿no será esto una forma indirecta (aunque esta sea coincidentemente) de asistir al actual gobierno a mejor prepararse para las próximas elecciones?

  12. Don't they call Kim Jong Il the "Dear Leader" in North Korea?

    Let's hope the blogger calling himself "Loyal Supporter" is being tongue-in-cheek.

    Otherwise - be worried. Be very, very worried.

  13. Dear Bloggers

    Through your replies I can detect a lack of knowledge on the true definition of open government. Open government is the governing doctrine which holds that the business of government and state administration should be opened at all levels to effective public scrutiny and oversight. In its broadest construction it opposes reason of state public interest considerations, which have tended to legitimise extensive administration secrecy. In Gibraltar the origins of open government can be dated to May 1996, the birth of civil society with the election of the GSD.
    You may recall or choose to ignore the days of Joe Bossano as Chief Minister where he would often fail to answer questions in the House of Assembly by the then leader of the opposition, Peter Caruana. It may be convenient for you narrow minded Bloggers to forget the Gibraltar in 1996 when the GSLP administration would punish those who spoke ill of the Government of the day. Didn’t we teach them a lesson in 1996?

    Repent before it is too late.

    A loyal supporter

  14. What a nutter!

    I honestly think he / she is goofing with us all. Unless the loyal supporter was dropped on his / her head from a height by the stork prior to being delivered....

  15. Anonymous at 22:39

    Talk about conspiracy theories ... WOW!

  16. loyal supporter 23.07

    are you now resorting to threats: "repent before it is too late"?
    Late for what, to democratically express my views in this blog? stop pontificating, put your reading glasses on and start reading the writing on the wall.
    No, we are not narrow minded, we just don't agree with your Dear Leader's style of government. Accept it cos you ain't gonna change it

  17. Why do you think the government gets asked so many boring questions on statistics? Because they refuse to answer questions, so the opposition has to ask round about questions and then work the figures themselves.

    Loyal Supporter.........

    I think you need help.

  18. llanita from Gibraltar says...

    loyal supporter - your style has changed somewhat from one comment to the other.

    Could there be more than one person commenting as 'a loyal supporter'?

    Perhaps the first comment was posted by a real loyal supporter only to be replaced by a more qualified, learned supporter for the second comment.

    Fabian Picardo must be right, the more you insult the more you prove you are losing the plot - call your friends 'loyal supporter', you're going to need them because we will not be silenced, nor will we repent!

  19. The way that Caruana insults with so mala leche and hatred the members of the opposition and anybody who dares question him, and then you see him so pious at church events, seeing the pope etc. Does this not remind you of the far right in Spain (Fraga, Rajoy and co)

  20. If 'loyal supporter'is truly representative of the average GSD voter then I think that none of us here have anything to worry about!!

    I hear rational and reasoned arguments from the non-GSD camp and a load of bollocks from PC's number one fan!!

    "Repent before it is too late"...What is that supposed to mean??? If I was PC I would be seriously worried now. The only GSD supporter prepared to defend him here appears to be nuttier than a fruit cake!!!....Max

  21. Anon

    Agree that too many statistical questions are asked in Parliament. Waste of time and taxpayers' money paying many hours of overtime - including weekends - to the armies of civil servants that compile the answers. This could be avoided by Govt publishing many many more stats on the Govt website in the interest of transparency and open government.

    Other Anon said "many are of the opinion that a maximum of a 8 year limit should be introduced for any CM to remain in office. I for one am all for it". That is the stated policy of the PDP and was also pledged by the Labour Party in 2003.

    If not eight years then, at the very least, there should be elections to the party leadership.

  22. Honney Bee says...

    Loyal Supporter

    Your `repent before it`s too late` comment is disturbing in the extreme and reminds me of a documentary I recently saw on the infamous Waco Branch Davidians. I sincerely hope (for Gibraltar`s sake)that its just a wind up.

    Not only is it disturbing, it is also the antithesis of a free thinking democratic society.

    As for the `true definintion of open government` - a visit to your nearest opticians would be beneficial.. you obviously can`t see the wood for the trees...

  23. To our beloved 'loyal supporter'

    Don't you or your chief palomo have any better things to do than ponder on the past?

    Lets look forward once and for all and stop reminding us what happened in 1990 or 1995!!!

    What does your chief offer our children and grand-children?....That is my question to you dovish lot!!

    That is what true Gibraltarians should be looking at when deciding our next Government.

    We owe this to all those who fought to achieve our identity and get rid of those who wish to erode it gradually.

    I stand to be corrected


  24. Be brave, go on, be honest; publica esto and win me over.
    I would not like to think that I may have hit a note.

    Sadly we get what the majority of the electorate wants. Therefore one could extrapolate from this that the incumbent government is but a mere reflection of what the majority want. So, if we are disgusted, ashamed, enraged, bored, frustrated, discouraged as I am, of the way we are politically represented, OUT WITH THIS LOT.
    Dignity must be restored in our parliament.
    By the way, many are of the opinion that a maximum of a 8 year limit should be introduced for any CM to remain in office. I for one am all for it.
    (Thought): this blog may be a good way (or tool) for the GSD of gauging the sentiments of the electorate.
    My dear Robert, ¿no será esto una forma indirecta (aunque esta sea coincidentemente) de asistir al actual gobierno a mejor prepararse para las próximas elecciones?

  25. The talk about town today is that various GSD hardcore activists are writing here as "Loyal Supporter". Someone already pointed out the different styles in the writing style of the posts under this name so it seems this may well be true.

    Also, the point it seems is to do positive PRing for the GSD and try to gain "floaters" and encourage them to get back in line with the dying GSD.

    If the latter is true, don't think that their messages will achieve what they set out to. All they do is alienate people even more with comments such as "Dear Leader", "Loyal Supporter" and "Repent before it is too late"!!! I wish to live in a Democratic territory not an imitation of francoist Spain or Mediterranean-style Cuba!

  26. Sick to the Teeth6 July 2010 at 15:45

    The new media director, a masterstroke or has PC now totally lost the plot. A question of "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer", perhaps? The jury is out...

  27. Dear LW

    I posted a comment last night. Amongest other things asking how it was that you came to blog such large extracts of the opposition member speeches.
    Are you going to post that comment?
    best regards
    Another Anon

  28. Hi All:

    There seems to be a slight pr0blem so today's comments do not seem to be appearing ... hopefully this will resolve itself shortly, as otherwise I really do not know how to resolve it.

  29. Thoughts on the below. The GSLP are always banging on about how the GSD is a Government for the rich not the poor. Would the GSLP reverse the below?

    (8) In order to make Gibraltar attractive to high earners to set up their
    businesses here, the rate of tax at high income levels will peak at 29%
    up to £353,000 of income, and then decline to 20%, 10% as follows:-
    - The first £25,000 at 20%
    - £25,001 to £353,000 at 29%
    - £353,001 to £704,800 at 20%
    - From £704,801 to £1 million at 10%
    - Excess above £1 million at 5%.
    The effective rate of tax on £1 million income is thus 20% with any excess at

  30. I do not know how you can quote from Picardo and retain a strait face. Recent events have shown his judgment is completely and utterly non-existent and so is his credibility. If we lived in the UK he would not survive politics one week. No wonder his leader says he wants to stay on in order to prevent his successor from committing any acts of madness.

  31. Sick to the teeth..

    Perhaps he has gone for the best man for the job. Personally I think it shows magnanimity and an ability on the part of Caruana to choose people on merit.

  32. An old timer says

    New Media Director Golt.
    Caruana is a desperate man, Golt well he knows what he is, the going rate at one time was 30 pieces of silver now some £100000 p.a
    I am 64 years old and I thought I had seen almost everything in local politics. How wrong I am.
    How low can people get, que verguenza if they have any

  33. Just saw the CaruanaWatch Headlines! Clive Golt appointed Govt's new media Director??? Que se cuece?????? Hadn't caruana done his utmost to ensure Golt never worked as a jounralist again??? Im truly shocked, and sorry if IM too sceptical pero esto me huele a garlic!

  34. Dear Bloggers

    There is only one Loyal Supporter and that is me. Clive Golt our new media director. Well we all knew that he would sell himself for 12 silver pieces.

    A Loyal Supporter

  35. Absolutely gobsmacked with the new Media director appointment.

    I would have thought it more of an impossibility than Braveheart holding a Spanish passport. And that is saying something.

  36. Llanita from Gibraltar says...

    PC employing CG as media director - loyal supporter and friends, do you still doubt PC is losing the plot?

    whatever next? Robert Vasquez for Mayor? (although that would be a much better choice than the next two we have lined up, that's for sure!)

    PC va a termina como Nero!

    Perhaps the madness has begun!

  37. Appointing Golt as new media Director is surely a Desperate attempt to come across to the masses as something he is not!

    Does caruana think we in Gibraltar are stupid?? are we now to believe that he considers Golt the best option. Whilst a perfect follow up to Cantos and the perfect man for the job, we all know the story between the two men.

    This si Caruana trying to counteract recent criticisms and the likes. The worst is that in doing so he treats us all like idiots! At least it seems he thinks that of us all!

    Golt is a win-win situation. Appointed by Caudillo, and the GSLP in their congratulatory messgae have already cofirmed they would keep him on if they enter government.

    Caruana is DESPERATE!

    BTW, whatever happened to the ex-Gib Reg Guy who just a couple of weeks ago was appointed as the guy responsible for Media????

  38. RV surely a whole blog on the Media Director position is called for LOL

  39. Hi Anonymous at 13:27:

    For the second time! Talk about conspiracy theories ... WOW!

  40. Anonymous at 17:05:

    I have published extracts from Fabian Picardo and Neil Costa's Budget Address because it is my blog and I publish what I like ... and, for legal reason, so as to get exactly what was said in Parliament.

  41. Unlike another recent appointment, Clive Golt's seems to have been made purely on ability and professionalism.

    Me alegro por ti have had to put up with a load of shit and bad times for the last 14 years so you deserve a break!

    You know who I am so hopefully will appreciate I am being totally sincere.

    Timing is perfect as with a bit of luck you will only have to put up with PC for a year!!!!!....Max

  42. How can anyone say CG has sold himself. What did the GSLP ever give him to refuse the job. He lost his employment with GBC to stand for election with the GSLP and some of you people would deny him that. It really is sickening and shows you are a bunch of fanatics with little humanity for anyone other than your blind support for your great leader. The same great leader who has lost four elections in a row and clings on in the hope that natural wastage will turn the political cycle in his favour. Just for your comments on CG you deserve to stay in opposition.

  43. Golt new media director?

    Thought I had seen everything after Feetham turned to the dark side.

    Bueno there is always a sequel to a good film ......Anakin II: Esto huele a garlic....o Anakin II: 'Repent before it is too late'

    Como decia mi abuelo...Better debajo tierra que kneeling all your life!!

    Anyway good luck to Clive


  44. Yo pensaba que lo había visto todo...

    I was wrong!

    Para mí, CG ha quedado a la altura del betún.

    Sorry Clive, pero, uno se siente como si ya no quedara un mínimo de calidad o dignidad humana.

  45. Clive Golt's appointment is the best news I have heard in years. Clive is an excellent TV journalist but he is also a Jonah who lost the GSLP the 1996 election. He is bound to do the same for the GSD. LOL.

  46. Brown Cow said...

    LW - In comments in a recent Blog you suggested that you were thinking about not allowing comments unless people had identified themselves to you.

    I don't think you should go down that route. You have created a nice focal point for debate. The majority of people appear to be posting honest opinions - even if they are not always correct. Although your editing ability on blogspot seems a little crude (the whole post or nothing) it appears to be generally working. I think small town politics require a little anonimity. If it works don't try to fix it.

    SOmetime ago I suggested that you expand the scope of this blog and invite others to participate by contributing articles. I think you should consider that (perhaps those people should have to identify themselves to you).

    Perhaps you should also consider getting some help on the technical side so you can activate other blog features...

    Meanwhile...well done for sparking the debate.

  47. They are both in good company Garcia tore up the GSLP manifesto in the leaders debate in 1996 and by 1998 he stood in a bye election with them. Picardo was a liberal from 1992 to 2002 and then joined the GSLP. The liberals/GNP fought two elections against the GSLP. So don't criticise Clive for accepting a job! when politicians shift sides at the drop of a hat.

  48. Anon 08.42...Your comments about CG are a little unfair.He did not lose the GSLP the 1996 election, but was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    I still remember CG giving the GSD's golden boy Peter M a pasting in one of the '96 TV election debates...don't you?

    Also he won't lose the GSD the next election as all the signs are that they are quite capable of doing that themselves!!....Max

  49. But does anybody know what happened with the ex Regiment guy who took the capacity just a couple of weeks ago?

  50. Anon 13.47...Maybe PC's Mrs objected to him having a GF!!!!!!!!!!....Max

  51. Mark A, Independent Commentator9 July 2010 at 10:53

    Several posters above have asked what "the Gib Reg guy" is doing. In addition to Private Secretary to the CM, his job description was officially announced as follows:

    "Gareth Flower works directly to the Chief Minister as his Press Secretary procuring and organising his media appointments and PR engagements both at home and abroad. He is the Government spokesman in reply to questions from the media and is responsible for the issue of press releases and Government notices. Overall, his responsibilities encompass the positive projection of Gibraltar’s image internationally. He functions as Co-ordinator on behalf of the Chief Minister with entities in Spain. In addition, Mr Flower is the Information manager for the Government Website."

    Ask me another question.