Sunday, 14 February 2010

Who am I?

There is only one reason that this blogger wishes to remain anonymous for the present. It is certainly not fear that if the identity becomes public there may be retribution and recrimination. This blogger has written openly in the past expressing by far more controversial views in the Gibraltar press.

The reason these blogs are not attributed is in the hope and belief that they will be read objectively without the subjective influences that, in Gibraltar, often overwhelm and prejudice views expressed if and when the writer is identified. In Gibraltar we all think we know everyone and that knowledge, and the prejudices attached to that knowledge, often influence the interpretation attached to anything written by anyone.

The identity of this blogger will be made public on some future date at a time when, hopefully, the subjectivity that will result will be greatly reduced or eliminated... and please do not believe any rumour you might hear as to the identity of whom it might be that is writing this blog. It could be more than one person ...


  1. It doesn't matter who or what you are. What matters is the bright spark you had in starting this blog and encouraging some kind of debate, which this Opposition is totally incapable of delivering in spite of Gibraltar's democratic, political and social decline and the long list of etc, etc, ect y ect.

  2. Thank you ... please carry on contributing your comments but think of adopting a pseudonym so that people will know what comments are yours.