Monday, 21 December 2009

llanito World Starts to Blog

For a while now I have seen the need for a new forum to let off steam.

Letters to the Gibraltar Chronicle are fine but there is a limit to how much one can abuse of their hospitality and there is so much to write about every day, in this the era of Caruana. Caruana, the man who replaced Bossano with the promise of a Gibraltar free of government centralised in one man. Where has that promise disappeared to?

Certainly as events unfold it becomes more and more obvious that his tentacles are spreading far and wide. Was it too soon to name Sir Joshua Hassan "El Pulpo" or is it just that now we have "El Pulpaso". Time will tell...

Bueno bastante para el primer dia ... si no voy a empesar con el cuento de la buena pipita. Pero this is nada a lo ke is coming soon. Stay tuned in cos its going to be a really good ride from now to the elections.

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